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Default Re: Femdom Stories of mine

Story Name: Tennis Court Humiliation
Author: Femdomologist

The following is my diary entry for 11/13/09, based on some fact but mostly on my sick imagination. This morning I had a tennis date with Tina, the sexy little Texan with the great bod. I wanted to play tennis with her mainly so I could check out her incredibly sleek legs and athletic butt dancing across the court. I figured I would be banging her later in the day.

We got to the public court about 11:30 ready to play, but all four courts were being used. Not only that, but two women were waiting already for the next free court. Seeing that they were broads, I figured that when the next court was free I would just cut in. What were they gonna do, shoot me? I checked them out. One of them was a nice looking blonde in her early 20’s wearing a white sleeveless top and a pleated skirt. She had her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, real collegiate like. The other bitch was probably her mother in her late 40’s. They were real white bread kinda folks, probably just got out of Sunday church. It sorta made me sick. This nice blonde, who was really sleek, actually kinda buff, was gonna play tennis with ‘Mother’ instead of putting out for some guy. What a shame. They were so all American, they would probably say something like “Tsk, Tsk, how rude!” when I cut in front of them.

So I sat down and started working on the matter at hand, namely setting the stage to get into Tina’s shorts. I bullshitted her for a few minutes and then a court opened. The born again mother-daughter team started to get up slowly but I grabbed Tina and moved in front of them and got there first. Tina said something about them being here first, but I told her that that was their problem. We were gonna play some tennis and then play something else later.

Suddenly, I hear this real sweet clear voice “Excuse me, sir, I believe we were waiting first.” It was the young blonde. She had one of these real nice voices with perfect diction. I figured I would shut her up fast.

“Are you crazy? I was here with my woman first. You don’t know what’s going on” I shouted as gruffly as I could and stared at her. The blonde stared back at me and gave me this really weird look, a blend of outrage and defiance. It was sort of a turn on, I had to admit. Then ‘Mother” went over and said something to her, and she turned away. I just laughed. Whoever said the meek shall inherit the earth was nuts, I thought, as the two of them sauntered back to their seats.

So, my deed done, I start playing with Tina. She wasn’t bad, and actually won the first game before the people next to us left and the wimpy mother and daughter took the court next to us. I gotta admit, the blonde daughter was quite a hot number. She had these nicely defined arms, nice breasts poking through her soft white shirt, and the greatest tight legs coming out from under the white pleated skirt. She must have been a gymnast or cheerleader or something. What a waste, I thought. Some church going prep school grad was gonna get that great bod someday and not know what to do with it. She was not a bad tennis player, either, with good strong strokes and great form. She looked sorta graceful as well as strong. NOT a bad package, I thought. What a waste.

Her mother couldn’t play for shit, though, and her backhand shot kept coming onto our court, upsetting my rhythm with Tina. The third time she hit the ball onto my court, as Tina was about to win the second game, I picked up the old ladies ball and snapped it back right at her and shouted “Keep the fucking ball away from me.” I guess I snapped it too hard because it bounced up from the ground and hit her in the side of the head. Man, her reaction time sucked.

“Mother!!!” I heard the hot young daughter say. “Are you okay??” They both went to the net and I could feel the young blonde’s hot blue eyes on me. Tough. What the hell is she doing on the court with that old relic, ruining my date with Tina the Texan.

Then, it got worse. A few minutes later I hear the old bag groan and then her RACQUET comes flying into my court. She couldn’t even hold onto the damm racquet. This was too much. I went over to the damm thing and kicked it against the fence and told the old lady in no uncertain terms that she had no business even being on the court. The old thing stood there for awhile, not knowing what to do, whether to go get the racquet or what. I turned to continue my game with Tina, but she was just standing at the net sort of staring at me like I was nuts or something. Then, I notice out of the corner of my eye that the hot blonde was coming towards me. Well, I wasn’t gonna take any shit from her.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” My words seemed to go right through her, and she just continued to walk towards me, the blue eyes seemed to be almost measuring me.

“Are you capable of apologizing?” she said.

Yeah right. Like I’m gonna apologize to these two rejects from the Brady Bunch. I told her to get the fuck out of my face.

“Do you know the first thing about civilized behavior?” she asked again, ignoring my request for her to bug off. By this time she was only about 4 feet away from me. I gave her the finger.

Suddenly, she says “Okay, lets go” and she gets into this weird kung-fu stance.

“Karen!” I heard the old lady scream, don’t!”

I didn’t know what the old lady was talking about. Don’t what? Don’t make me laugh, that’s about all this junior leaguer was capable of doing to me.

Suddenly she lunged towards me like she was gonna hit me or something, so I decided I would push her away.

Well, I don’t remember much about what happened next. I remember that she grabbed my arm and started twisting it in the most painful way. I had to sort of contort to keep my arm from breaking and I must have slipped or something and wound up in the floor. It was sort of embarrassing, because the girl was standing and I was lying on the ground holding my arm. To make matters worse, Tina the Texan was standing watching the whole thing from the net, her mouth open but no sound coming out.

I got to my feet and the blonde looked at me and said “You ready to apologize now?”

I looked at her again like she was nuts. She looked at me and turned sideways, like she was gonna leave or something, but she backed around quickly and jammed her elbow into my chest. I felt all the air leave and I was gasping. Then she spins around completely and manages to smack me in the mouth with the back of her hand while I was still gasping for air. It was all happening so fast. Now I was sort of dizzy from the blows and the lack of air and I just sorta stood there with my hands down, just for a second. The girl gives me this little half smile and then spins around again, but this time as she came around I could see that she was not gonna hit me with her fist but that she was gonna try to give me one of those fancy karate kicks.

The very second that I began to raise my hands to block, I felt her sneaker hit my face just to the left of my nose. It felt like a Mike Tyson punch. I went down in a heap and could hear nothing except Tina crying “Stop it, please! You’re hurting him.”

The blonde ignored her. “You’re sorta slow” she said, standing right over me. “I can use you for target practice. We can do this all day.”

To make matters worse, now I can faintly hear a bunch of clapping and cheering and I noticed that these teenagers who had been shooting hoops now stopped and were watching with rapt attention as this young athletic blonde was kicking my butt at will. I couldn’t let this go on. I was gonna get up and put everything into one punch and splatter her all over the court. I got up as fast as I could and looked at her. She still looked all business, but there was the faintest hint of a smirk as if she was really getting off on this — so far.

I had done some boxing in college, and I figured that if I led with a feint left jab to confuse her and then came in with a right cross, then I would be the one laughing and looking down at her. I through the jab and missed as expected but what I didn’t expect was that the cross, instead of putting her lights out, caught nothing but air. She had almost magical reflexes. I tried several more punches, but she managed to dance away from all of them. It was really frustrating. She seemed to know what I was going to do before I did it. If I could just hit her once! But she was so fast she could evade everything. What she didn’t dance away from she managed to block with this weird circular blocking motion that I just couldn’t get through.

Suddenly, she leaned into me and started unleashing a flurry of incredibly fast punches on her own. I tried in vain to block at least one of them but it seemed that she always managed to get them in just seconds ahead of my blocks. Her blows were not as powerful as a guys, but they were very precise and they all seemed to land with surpassing force in sensitive areas, causing great pain.

Now she was openly taunting me. My arms were battered and tired. I had given up on being able to tag her, she was just too fast. I focused on being able to block at least one of her blows, which were coming in regularly, hitting me with force in the most painful places. Finally, a right uppercut caught me in the chin and I went down. The basketball players went nuts, screaming “He’s down! She knocked him out!!! She kicked his ass good!!!”

It had been one of the most painful experiences of my life. Still unable to breathe regularly, I was beginning to realize that I was hurting from head to toe. I had had enough. I just hoped that she had, too. I lay there on my stomach, not knowing what would happen next, but knowing that it would be whatever she wanted to happen next.

As I lay there, I heard her say “Oh darn, my shoelace is untied!” I couldn’t believe it, I was broken into pieces and she was complaining about her shoelace.

“Oh well..” she said. And then I felt the sole of her sneaker press down on the side of my face. She lowered down onto one knee and started to tie her shoelace. The bitch was using my face to rest her foot as she tied her shoelace!

I thought about trying to get up, but all I could think about was the incredibly painful way that she had just flailed away at me. I couldn’t go through that again, and she was barely breathing hard.

The basketball kids were laughing hysterically. Tina was sobbing occasional “Please stops” and the old lady was just watching with this sort of real proud look seeing what her little girl had done to her tormentor. The blonde took her time tying her shoelace on my face.

Then she got up, but I didn’t move. Hopefully, my humiliation was over. She had kicked my butt with ease and humiliated me in front of my date and an audience of cheering teenagers. But there was more, and I was unable to do anything except go along.

“Now,” she said “now that that’s over with, we still have some unfinished business to attend to. My mother’s racquet seems to be lying against the fence, where you, um, kicked it. I could get it, but then you wouldn’t learn your lesson! Get on your hands and knees and crawl over there!”

I couldn’t believe that this sweet pure young blonde was gonna make me crawl across the tennis court on my hands and knees. I thought about refusing, but I was afraid that she would continue my painful beating. Trying to ignore all the bystanders, I began to crawl over to the racquet.

Suddenly, I hear her say “I better go along to, to make sure you do this right” and then, believe it or not, I feel her climb up on my back, and she starts to ride me like I’m her pony or something.

The basketball kids went wild. I could tell that the blonde was eating it up by this point. She was actually waving her fist and yelling ‘giddiup” as I crawled towards the racquet. After what seemed like miles, I finally got there.

“Now, put it in your mouth and lets go bring it back to my Mother” I heard her say from up above. I couldn’t believe it. She was gonna ride me clear across the tennis court with a racquet in my mouth. She must have sensed that I was thinking about resisting because she suddenly dug into the sides of my chest with her strong tight legs. The pain was unbearable, coming as it was after the relentless pounding she had given me. Her ability to cause me pain was unquestionable, and her little reminder served to reinforce the sense of futility I had in resisting her. I picked the racquet up and gripped it in my mouth and began crawling over to the Mother with the daughter on my back riding me like I was some type of beast of burden.

When I was 4 feet away from the mother I looked up and saw that she had this really proud smile on her face.

“All those years of karate really paid off, Karen! That was very impressive. A short time ago he was trying to intimidate us, and now you have reduced him down to the animal that he is! I am so proud of you!”

Karen leaned over and said to me “Drop the racquet by my Mother’s feet and then kiss them, you animal.” She then dug the heel of her sneaker directly into my groin. She could cause pain from any direction. I didn’t want to risk any more pain. I put down the racquet and kissed each of the mother’s feet individually.

The older woman smiled at me and told me to look up at her. Gone was the proud peaceful smile she had been exhibiting endlessly before. In its place was an incredibly stern face that showed no pity for the humiliated person who had just been forced to kiss her tennis sneakers. “What do you think of my family’s power now?” she said, ” Do you see how stupid you were for being disrespectful to us? Tell me how stupid you are.”

The daughter dug the other heal into my now swollen balls. “My Mother gave you an order! Don’t make her wait!”

“Yes, Maam, I am stupid.” I managed to babble.

The daughter finally got off me, turned to the mother and said “He doesn’t have the intelligence to apologize. I’m gonna let him slither off. Go, get out of our sight, idiot!”

I got up and walked slowly back to where Tina was sobbing, having witnessed my humiliation. We started to walk off together. Tina kept saying “Don’t say anything, don’t say anything”

Then I heard the young blonde, my conqueror yell “RUN! I wanna see you run out of here.”

I turned and looked at her, and sure enough she was walking towards me steadily. All I could think of was the pain of being kicked in the face and then pounded away at me. I started to run away, with Tina forced to follow. All I could here was the jeering of the basketball kids. I turned around one last time and saw the mother whom I had been tormenting hugging proudly her fit young daughter who had the skill to reduce me to being her animal.
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