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Default Tina's story

Tina had been a professional dom for 3 years since she turned 18 and honestly, they were the best days of her life. Even though she only did it for the extra income to supplement her studies, she really enjoyed it. Now at 22, on her college graduation, she remembers those days when she'd get paid enough to pay a month's rent for doing something she loved. Even now, she does her best to make sure that whomever she dates is someone either into being dominated or is fine with her dominating someone else. But, now, considering the employment market, she was considering giving up her career ambitions and switching full time to being a dominatrix.

Reminiscing about the good old days, she started to think about Billy. Her introduction to the world of sexual domination happened through him. He was her next door neighbor. Same age as her, they essentially grew up together. They were best friends growing up. He was always a timid guy and a nerd, while she was the school beauty. This meant that he got picked on a lot by the school bullies and she always defended him. So, beating up people, who were some times older and larger than her was just a natural thing for her. Her parents had ensured that she had enrolled in self defense classes at an early age. After having found that interesting, she went on to join Taekwondo, Karate, Judo and Jujitsu lessons on her own, going so far as reaching nationals by the age of 13. At 16, she had started mma. She would return from classes around 8 on weekends and since both her and Billy's parents were always out on the weekends, she would go straight to Billy's house instead, still in her workout clothes and shower there. She already had a key to the place, and would just let herself in. On one such weekend, she entered his room and happened to walk-in on Billy doing something most guys going through puberty do. It would not have been a big deal since he's walked in on her doing the same a few times as well and they always laughed it off. But, it was the content he was watching for assistance that got her interested instead. So far, she had always kept quiet about her discovery that she liked to see guys in pain. She always thought that it would get her in trouble. She would often watch femdom porn videos in the secrecy of her bedroom. The only problem with those was that, most of them were more focused on the woman rather than the man. They were from a male point of view. She always fantasized what it would be like to kick a man in the balls while ordering him to stand up straight or sit on his face and smother him while ordering him to not move. She almost envied the actresses who could do such things to men. Discovering that Billy, her childhood friend was interested in it, almost made her happy.

With a little hesitation in her voice, she broached the subject to Billy who had immediately put away his package and straightened himself while closing the windows on his PC.
Tina: Billy, would you like me to do that to you?
Billy: STOP Stop stop stop! Stop right there! Let's never talk about this. Just like I kept it secret when I walked in on you helping yourself to a carrot from our garden mmph...

Before Billy completed his statement, Tina had rushed across the room and covered his mouth with her hand.
Tina: Shhh!!! Don't say that out loud! You promised never to talk about it!
Billy: Just like that, we will never talk about this as well! Besides, this would be cheating! You have a boyfriend remember?
Tina: Yeah, but, it's not like we are having sex. It's like you get to be my practice dummy for my workout. I always enjoyed beating up guys and embarrassing them. Knowing my best friend has the same fetish is like a dream come true! Also, professional dominatrices make $1000 per session! It's like getting paid reaaally well for a hobby! I always planned to do that to pay my way through college. This will be like work experience! I promise, we won't let anyone know. We'll only do it when it's just us! Even if somebody were to find out, we can simply say you were helping me practice mma! Pleeeeeease! Please! I'll even give you my comic book collection! Pleaase!

It wasn't like Billy did not want to do it. Seeing her in her workout clothes, covered in sweat, her ample cleavage showing with the sports bra, he definitely wanted to do it. He always had a crush on her, but he always considered himself far inferior to her. Of course, no one could compete against him in grades. Having received scholarship and a sponsorship to Stanford, he had proven his intellectual superiority. But, all of that hard work was just to make himself believe he could deserve her. By the time, he had worked up the courage to ask her, she already had a boyfriend. Now, this thing might further drive his chances into the ground. But, he could never hold out against her pleading. He always gave in at the end. That was true the other way around too. She always gave in if he asked for anything. In her case though, Billy rarely asked for anything. So, when he did, she would go to any lengths to fulfill it. Such was their relationship.

After a little consideration, Billy gave in with a sigh while Tina jumped in excitement.

Billy: Alright. But, not in the face.
Tina: Ok! But, you gotta take it. Alright! No defense!
Billy: This is gonna hurt.
Tina: Obviously! Now, stand up straight!

He did as he told. She squared up. Her pose mimicking a boxer's. Seeing that, he to put his arms up.

Tina: No. Your arms to the side. Remember? No defense?
As Billy obeyed, and his arms went down, he suddenly felt a fist in his stomach which knocked the wind out of him. She had stepped in and punched him full force. As he was about to fall, she held him up by his shoulders.

T: No falling!
B: But, it hurts!
T: Should we stop? We can if you don't like it.
B: Nah. It's fine.
T: Then should I keep going even if you fall?
Billy had still not caught his breath after the punch and could only respond with a thumbs up.
T: Ok! Get ready. Stand up straight, chest out and hands behind your back, legs wide.

Tina waited until Billy complied, then her left leg connected to the right side of his stomach. This time, though he was pushed by the force of it, he had braced for impact and kept standing.
T: Impressive!
The next second, her received another kick to the left side of his stomach which knocked the wind out of him. But, he still hadn't fallen. But, before he could catch his breath, Tina had stepped in close, her face a few inches away from his, her skin glistening with sweat. Sadly, he could only enjoy that sight for less than a second when her fists connected in rapid succession to his stomach. Winded, he was going to fall, when she held him up and started kneeing him in the stomach. Unable to take it anymore, his hands desperately covered his stomach and his screams rang out.

T: SHHHH!!!!
As she said that, she covered his face with her hands desperately trying to silence him. After a few seconds, Billy managed to keep calm and hold in his screams.
T: We need to do something about your hands and your screams.

After a few seconds, an idea struck her. Recalling the porn videos she saw, the men were mostly naked, with their hands tied behind their backs and gagged with the woman's underwear or a ball gag. Using her underwear to gag him might be a bit much, so she quickly got rid of that idea. But, still decided to get him naked and tie him up. As a substitute for the gag, she decided to use the tried and tested duct tape.
T: Can I do whatever I like to you? Please?
B: I already agreed. So, what the hell. You can do as you please.
T: Good! Wait for me. And get naked by the time I get back.
Leaving the confused Billy in his room, she rushed out to the garage where she grabbed a bunch of rope and some duct tape and returned. Billy was still confused and hadn't moved from his spot. A big question mark writ on his face. Seeing that Tina decided to help him along a bit.
T: Come on. Hurry up! It's not like I haven't seen you naked before!
She urged him on, but he still hesitated. Even though they both had caught accidental glimpses of each other before, this time, it would be deliberate. Besides, it seems like he's the only one who's gonna be naked. Before Billy could collect his thoughts, she had dropped the rope and tape on the bed and had started trying to pull of his clothes while Billy protested with all his might.
T: You agreed I could do anything I wanted!
Saying so, Tina tackled him to the bed. He could feel her breasts on his chest and his juvenile junk was now on full mast. But, there were more pressing concerns. In a moment, his full mast would be on full display to his best friend. But, Tina had other plans. She had straddled him, facing his legs and fully aware of his erection, she pulled down his shorts and then his underpants, while he desperately tried to pull them back up. She would pull his hands away and try to pin them under her legs and continue, but, he managed to get his hand free and desperately tried to hide his raging boner. Seeing that, Tina felt a little sorry for him and gave up on getting him naked.
T: Alright, I won't strip you naked. But, at the very least, let me tie you up.

Billy breathed a sigh of relief as she let go of his pants and he pulled them up.

B: Ok. But, promise me you won't try to do that again?
T: I swear to you that I won't. Not until you give me permission to.
B: Good.
T: Now, close your mouth.
Billy obeyed and Tina taped his mouth shut.
T: We'll hold off on the tying up business for now as well. I wanna try some moves I saw in a video once.
Saying so, she turned him onto his chest and sat on his back. She grabbed his arms and pulled them back as she moved forward, locking his arms with her thighs. Then she put her hands under his chin and started pulling back. His muffled screams could immediately be heard.
T: This camel clutch. Billy, try to hold on as long as you can. Tap out when you can't take it anymore.
It only took a few seconds for Billy to tap out. Tina let go of his arms, turned around and grabbed his legs. Hooking them under her underarms, she started lowering herself down onto his back.
T: This is a boston crab.
As she said that, Billy tapped out. The pain in his back was unbearable. But, Tina instead simply turned him over, straddled his hips. She could feel his boner on her butt. But, she did not mind. It was a bit arousing, thinking of the effect it had on him. Billy was fully aware of her buttocks sitting on his crotch. He was incredibly turned on and embarrassed. But, it did not seem to matter to her as she gave the next order.
T: Keep your hands to your sides.
Billy obeyed and was rewarded with a punch to his stomach. His muffled groan made her chuckle. Seeing her enjoy his suffering was strangely a turn on for him as did his best to keep his hands to his sides. His torso was sore from the punches at the beginning, and this one did not help. But, Tina kept on going. She kept on punching him until he finally couldn't take anymore and tried to stop her.

T: No. No defending yourself.

With that, she turned around and while moving his hands above his head, she sat on his chest, facing his legs. He could almost kiss her butt if he wanted to. But, he immediately killed off that thought. The next second, the punching resumed and he tried to defend himself again.
T: Ok. Stop that.

Saying so, she stood up and jumped onto his stomach. She then proceeded to stomp on his belly with one feet on his chest. After about 9 kicks, Billy reached his limits and stopped her kick as she fell back on to the bed. Billy immediately took off the tape.
B: T, let's stop. That's it. I am done for now.
T: For now? Like, can we do it again later?
B: Sure. Next time.
T: Did you like it as much as I did?
B: Not sure. Everything hurts too much.
T: Can we do something more next time?
B: Sure.
T: How about we watch porn while I use bodyscissors on you?

The rest of that evening was spent with Tina's legs wrapped around Billy's torso while they watched porn and Tina asking him if they could do some particular thing they saw on him next time.
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