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Default Fighting Tina Armstrong

* Please note that this is a commission piece. If you are interested in me writing a story for you, PM me.

Today felt like a dream come true for me. Today was the day I'd get to step in the ring with the woman that's been my wet dream for many years since her debut, and today I get an excuse to get up and close with this incredible female specimen. I entered a raffle where a lucky winner gets to have a friendly wrestling match with the famous Tina Armstrong, and when the results were announced I couldn't believe my luck! A chubby 5'7, 190 pound nobody is about to get familiar with a 5'9, 145 pound goddess, I felt grateful I was even about to breathe same air as her! I'm standing in the middle of the ring with my wrestling trunks and shoes, in front of a capacity crowd, all of whom are clearly not there for me, and are impatiently chanting Tina Armstrong's name.

Their impatience is quelled when the arena speakers play out Tina's theme, with the announcer belting out:
"Ladies and gentlemen!" The crowd cheer loudly as Tina Armstrong comes into eye view. I'm awestruck at the very presence of the girl from my dreams. My eyes were met with a divine treat, as she came out with a red bikini bra that showed off her incredible cleavage and grapefruit breasts. She wore black minishorts that accentuated Tina's fantastic legs and ass, wearing red and black wrestling shoes to complete the look. She steps over the ropes and gives a flick of her golden blonde hair, and starts walking towards me.

"Heyy you're the winner of the raffle." said Tina with a warm and friendly smile. "Ben right?"
"I..I....I..." I start to stammer and slur my words in front of this beauty. I'm completely overwhelmed by how gorgeous she looks in real life. I glance down meekly, completely flustered and blushing red. She gently grabs my hand and looks down to my eyes and gives me a warm smile, saying:
"Don't worry Ben. I'm going to take good care of you. Let's have a good clean match, and I promise I won't really hurt you." She gets closer and I couldn't help but glance down and take a peek at the Mount Everest of cleavage that was her wonderful tits, and I could almost feel myself popping a stiffy. I'm not sure if she noticed, but she let go of my hands and signalled for the match to start, her back to me.

I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she was walking around the ring, posing for the fans before the match begins. I was so mesmerized by her jiggling butt that I couldn't help but walk over there, and I smack it as hard as I can! Tina yelps out a cute 'EEP!', and turns towards me with rage in her eyes. I couldn't help it really, but instead of fear I felt a sly grin creep up my mouth. I get to be this up close with THE Tina Armstrong, and in such a physical match such as this one, one can't help but get touchy feely, I thought. She started to walk closer, and I didn't want to feel the repercussions, and I lunged at her, taking her down with a spear. She was completely stunned, and I instantly go on top of her and mount her with a pin, grabbing her breasts.
"Get your fucking hands off my breasts you pervert!" she yells out. She tries to push me off, but since I outweigh her by 45 pounds, I'm able to keep her mostly in place, which I use not to win the match, but mainly to keep my firm grip on her tits. She's able to slightly wriggle out her legs though, and she attempts to wrap them around my midsection. I move my body up slightly and try and get her shoulders pinned to the mat, but she expertly managed to get her long legs around my neck. I'm in a position where she's bent her legs in an angle, but my hands are still roughly grabbing her soft tits.
"GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF MY BOOBS YOU FAT FUCK!" she shouts louder this time. She starts squeezing her legs, and I wish I could see myself now. I get to feel her legs and her tits at the same time, I'm a lucky man! I start to feel a lot less lucky though, with each passing second getting harder to breathe as she adds more pressure, I needed to do something about this. Since the match had just started, I had enough energy and strength to lift her up high and lift her to my shoulders, and get ready to powerbomb her back first on the mat. She expertly counters that by throwing her legs forward, flipping herself and me over as I land harshly on my back, and she lands on my neck. She's executed a perfect Frankensteiner, which warrants loud applause and cheers from the crowd.

She's gotten me momentarily trapped in a schoolgirl pin in the meantime, and I try and push her off with my arms. She grabs them both before I'm able to do so, and moves her crotch up my neck, touching her chin now. I had no time to be aroused however, and I try to shift myself off her with my strength. I started to get incredibly frustrated at how effortless she kept me pinned, despite her being 45 pounds lighter than me. I foolishly lash out my anger at her.
"Get...off...me...cow tits!" I groan out, her body weight starting to make things uncomfortable on my neck, as she starts using her powerful pelvis bone to slowly choke me out.
"Oh you're a fat pervert AND you talk shit too? You're gunna regret what you just said" She lets go off my right arm, and expertly changed he r pin into an armbar submission. She lays on her back and starts cranking my wrist painfully upwards, causing hyper extension of my shoulder and elbow. I shriek out in pain as the crowd loudly cheer at how expertly and quickly she's turned the match around. She makes things worse by having her heel and pushing down on my adam's apple, and my shrieks start to sound more like croaks.
"Squeal for me little piggy, nice and loud for the crowd to hear". Tina starts to then crank up the armbar and make it even more painful for my arm, and I've successfully squealed in agony like she wanted. I couldn't take the pain anymore, and feared she would break my arm, so I tapped on the mat furiously and audibly for her and everyone to see that I've given up. She smirks as she ignores the tap completely, and while she doesn't increase the pressure anymore, she's not letting go.
"PPpleasee Misss Tina, Ppllleeease I give" I croak out.
"I don't care. You're a chubby little shit who needs to be taught a lesson in humility." says Tina, as she starts to crank on my wrist again. My pleas and begging get louder as she's removed her heel from my throat, allowing me to scream louder than I've ever thought I could scream.
"Oink for me little piggy. Oink and I may let you go." I wasn't sure what she meant by this, but since she's started to really pull on my wrist and my arm was threatening to break, I threw away my pride as a man, and did as Miss Tina commanded.
"OINK OINK, OINK OINK, PLEASE MISS TINA, OINK OINK!" I could hear audible laughter from most of the crowd, and glanced to my side to see that Tina was giggling as well.

She finally let up and released her hold, and I roll over to my stomach, clutching my arm. I became upset at the thought that I had lost so soon, and I start to get up, on my hands and knees, feeling very defeated by the outcome. Tina's behind me though, and grabs onto my waist, and to my fear, she starts deadlifting me in a show of pure strength. Myself and the crowd knows what's coming, as I see my feet off the floor and try to wriggle out of her waist hold, when she seductively whispers in my ear.
"Brace yourself wimp, I'm about to take you for a ride." Without hesitation, she falls backwards while lifting me up while bridging her back and legs, slamming me down to the mat shoulder and upper back first. The crowd cheer in delight as Tina's delivered a throw known as the German suplex. I yelp out in pain as my upper back and shoulders feel the impact, and despite the mats in the ring I surely could not take such a move again, I thought. To my fear though, she unbridges her legs and rolls herself over, her hands still locked to my waist. To my horror, she lifts me again and does the same move again, landing harshly on my upper back and shoulders again, while still not letting go of my waist. The crowd is cheering even louder, as she's picked me up again for the third time. She briefly keeps me off my feet, and lets out a smug smirk as she whispers to my ears again:
"Last stop now, hope you enjoyed your ride!" she lifts me even higher this time around, and finally lets go as she throws me further, a devastating German suplex where I've landed hard on the back of my head this time, momentarily concussing me.

The crowd is loud with applause as I roll on my stomach again, I'm completely dazed but I can see Tina going to the top rope and showing off a double bicep pose for the crowd, and they react with even louder cheers. She walks back to me with a swagger of confidence, and drags me by my feet to the center of the ring. She looks down at me and waits for my head and vision to recover, before grabbing my legs and lifting them up.She bends one of my legs so that my shin is behind the knee of my straight leg, and she places the ankle of my straight leg in their armpit. With the same arm, she reaches around my ankle and through the opening formed by my legs, and she locks her hands together.
"I'm about to break your stubby legs now wimp. Try not to cry about it, it is YOUR fault you're in this mess after all." After she's done talking she proceeds to squat and lean back, completing her Texas cloverleaf hold. She smiled with sadistic glee as she compresses my legs, flexes my spine, and stretches my abdomen. I shriek in agony and immediately tap out, resulting in an eruption of cheers from the crowd. I've tapped out twice now, and have long since lost the match. She did not care in the slightest about my submission though, and squatted down lower, compressing my legs even more.
"Beg me not to break your stubby legs wimp" she replies.
"PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY STUBBY LEGS MISS TINA, I BEG OF YOU!" I shout out, as the audience audibly snicker. She flashes a smirk, and says:
"Tell everyone here you're a gross, fat creep, who deserves what he's getting".
"Then if you agree that you deserve this, why shouldn't I break your legs?" She replies, squatting down even further now.

She mercifully let go of her hold and got up, releasing my legs and allowing me to roll over to my back to clutch on my hurting legs. I thought that what I said last had convinced her to let me go and end the match, but I saw that she had other plans. She wrapped up my head with her legs and lay on top of me, locking in a deadly reverse headscissors. I yell out in pain as she's gotten her steel thighs between my chubby cheeks, and tenses her legs to start crushing my head inbetween them.
"I haven't even BEGUN to hurt you, you fat fucking shit!" she snarls out, tightening her scissors even more, as my head is squished like mush inbetween her incredible legs. To my amazement, I notice she's not even crossed her legs, meaning she was not squeezing with her full strength at all. I needed to get the fuck out of here before she really starts squeezing, I thought, and I try using my other hand that's not been touched yet, to try and pry her legs off me, which proved to be utterly futile.
My mind starts to drift, trying to keep myself from thinking about the pain, and I see the position I'm in. My head is inbetween her juicy thighs that i've admired from afar, a magnificent view of her world class ass, and my erect penis now under Tina's globes of heaven. My control over this situation let to me having no control of what was to come, and I prematurely ejaculated on my trunks. Tina eases up on the pressure, but still has me in her reverse headscissors, and she clearly notices that I've creamed myself. I hear her laughing loudly, and to my embarrassment, she shouts out:
"Hey, looks like our Benny here had a little accident!" The crowd erupts in hysterical laughter, with Tina looking back and flashing out a cheeky grin.
"I'm flattered that you love being between my legs so much. I'm sure this isn't what you had in mind when you thought of getting between a girl's legs, but.." She sends down a jolt of power to her legs, quickly tensing up her thighs without warning. I scream in pain and tap out with my healthy arm, and she lets up a bit, still keeping me trapped.
"It seems like you love my legs all the same though, you must be one of those masochistic perverts, right?" I open my mouth for a reply, which is quickly silenced by another jolt of pain that lasts around 3 seconds this time, as she giggles in amusement at my pain and embarrassment. She continues to quickly tense and relax her legs over and over, keeping me from being knocked out, but forced to feel the same crushing pain over and over, as Tina looks back and sadistically laughs at my predicament.

In what felt like an age, she finally let up and released me from her leg prison. My legs were aching, my left arm in pain, and my head feeling very dizzy. I was in no position or had any mental willpower to prevent what was to happen next, as she picked up my 190 pound body effortlessly, and draped me over her toned shoulders in a fireman's carry.
"Is this turning you on Benny? Since you're a masochistic pig, I'd figure you like this". She has one of her arms keeping my upper body stable, with another arm keeping my lower body stable also. My penis starts to throb a bit and stands at attention in awe at her powerful hold on me, poking at her shoulders. She notices this and beams a large smile.
"Aww you're making be blush Benny!" She walks around the ring to show how effortlessly she's keeping me in the fireman's carry lift, and I almost feel like I'm clothes being worn by a model on the runway. The crowd is pointing and laughing in amusement at my expense.
"Hey everyone!" shouts Tina, addressing the crowd. "Are we all having fun?!"
The crowd respond in loud and excited cheers. Tina smiles as she looks around the crowd.
"Everyone, I want you all to count with me while I do my squats, nice and loud please!" Tina squats down without breaking a sweat, using me as if I was one of her heavier gym bars.
"ONE!" the crowd chants
"TWO!" the crowd chants, just as loud as the first time, as Tina completes her second squat.
"THREE!" Tina's completed her third squat this time, still no sweat pouring out from, despite me outweighing her by 45 pounds. My boner was still poking harshly at her shoulders as she smiled at her complete and utter dominance over me.
"FOUR" she's squatted 45 pounds above her own weight 4 times now, with incredible ease.
"FIVE" "SIX", the count keeps steadily increasing, the crowd and myself impressed at how powerful she truly is.
"TWENTY" the count goes up to, and as if on queue, she stops and briefly whispers to my ears.
"Sorry for this Ben, I'm gunna have to give them a good show, don't hold this against me". And with that she executes a throw known as the Death Valley Driver Bomb, where she throws me off her shoulders and drives my head into the mat, as the crowd hears a sickening thud. My head feels the full impact, and I'm almost concussed yet again. I faintly hear the loud cheering from the crowd, completely unconcerned with the thought that she could permanently do damage to my brain.

I gripped at my head and rolled into a fetal position this time, my head was completely spinning, and I needed to get my brain back to form again, especially since Tina Armstrong was walking towards my defeated body again. She grabbed my hair harshly, and got me on my knees. She got me in a frontal facelock, tucking my face underneath her armpit, facing the floor. I was too dazed to even fight back, as she grips at my trunks and gets my upright, my head still trapped in her facelock. What came next was truly stunning, as she still grabbed my trunks, draped one of my arms over her shoulders, and lifted my body vertically high, essentially in a vertical suplex hold. I started to realize what was happening and was completely paralyzed with fear at the thought that she was going to drop me down on my back, or worse, on my head again.
However, what came next shocked the crowd, as all including me were gasping in awe at what was happening. She brings one arm down, completely holding me upside down in the air with one arm. I look in sheer terror at her pretty blue eyes, as she looks at me with sheer amusement.
"Are you impressed Benjy? Is it exciting you knowing that I'm carrying a 190 pound fatty with one strong arm? I bet it is, since I can still see your little boner from way down here." The crowd is pointing and laughing at my erection, which almost seems like its waving back seeing as it's pointing at them.
She whispers only for me to hear again, saying "Ben, I may be going overboard with teaching you a lesson, but I really want to let the people in the crowd know that it's not cool to grope an unsuspecting woman. And plus, this is a paying crowd, so I've gotta let the people see my moves."
This alarms me greatly, as I've realized what usually comes after this position. I realized too late, as she falls on her back, driving my vertical head down to the mat, as the back of my head crumples and lands harshly on the mat.
The thud my head makes was washed out by the crowd chanting "BRAINBUSTER!!" the name of the move I've seen Tina Armstrong do to her opponents, was now brutally used on me, and clearly, it's not as fun taking it as it watching.

The crowd is cheering and clapping harder like never before, as Tina is going to the top rope to pose some more to entertain the crowd. I start to think that maybe Tina has not done anything else yet because she's giving me a chance to clear my head and recover from the head trauma I've been getting for this entire match. I would have hoped Tina was finished with the match completely, and she might have been, had it not been for the crowd clearly chanting "FINISH HIM! FINISH HIM! FINISH HIM!".
My head was still not really there yet, but I could still hear the crowd calling for Tina's finisher. I really hoped that she would feel sorry for me and spare me, but yet again, I see this powerful beauty walk towards my fallen body again. She lifts me up on my feet for what is hopefully the last time, wraps up my own arms around me like a straight jacket, and tucks her head underneath my legs. She powerfully hoists me up on her shoulders, gripping my arms to ensure I can't move them. The crowd is cheering as she's supporting me in an electric chair position, too groggy to even try and get out, and if I tried I would have fallen off her anyway, which defeats the point of fighting back in the first place.
"Ladies and gentlemen! I hope you've all had a good time today, and thanks for coming to see me!" said Tina, addressing the crowd again. "I'm really sorry that I ended up facing such a weakling, but since he's a lecherous pervert too I needed to show him a lesson. For all the women in the crowd, if you see a guy trying to physically assert himself on you, don't be afraid to whip out the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex on him too!" The women in the crowd make themselves known and cheer louder than they have done, and I was wondering how comical it would be if all the women picked up every single man and slammed them down with a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex, as I quietly resigned myself to my fate, and hoped that I would not receive permanent brain damage from this. After holding me for long enough, she finishes her speech and bridges her back, slamming me down to the mat back and shoulder first, luckily taking the brunt of the impact. The back of my head stilled got knocked though, and that along with all the other times Tina dropped me on the back of my head meant that I was slowly fading now, my head taking as much blunt trauma as it possibly could.

The Tina I know and adore is not an evil bitch though, and mercifully put her foot down on my chest, and the crowd counted "1!2!3!". My last few moments of being conscious was watching Tina pose to the crowd and show off her sexy muscles, before she bent down towards my sleepy face, blowing me a kiss, saying "Nice fight hun. That was fun."

The rest of my day was not kind, as I was carted away from the ring on a stretcher. I luckily had no lasting damage or injuries from Tina, just some very sore legs, an arm that hurts to move, and a killer headache. I was released from the hospital the next day without any issues, and I figured I would go onto my social media because I was worried about something. My guess was completely correct, and all I could see were fan videos and pictures of me getting absolutely destroyed in the fight. My face was visible and I could see clearly that it was me, and it would explain why I was getting a flood of messages from people I knew. I was embarrassed because strangers and people I know can clearly see how much of a wimp I was, but what was particularly humiliating were the pictures of the fight, where Tina's picked up my unconscious body in a cradle hold and is posing in the crowd area. All of this started to really make me feel emasculated as a whole, and I'm not sure if the 'fight' I had with Tina was a mistake, but I couldn't also helped but admit that my fascination for her only increased. I came to a logical realization.
I wanted to be dominated by her again.

Edit- Attached is how Tina Armstrong looks like

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Default Re: Fighting Tina Armstrong

*Please note that this is a commission piece. If you are interested in me writing a story for you, PM me.

It's been 5 months since I was last here, and 2 weeks since I posted my challenge online. I'm standing in the same ring where I was utterly humiliated in defeat, surrounded by the same crowd that witnessed my domination and cheered for it. The noise of the arena erupts as the scantily dressed Tina makes her way through the ropes. She looked just as heavenly as before, and seeing her up close again starts to make him nervous, in more ways than one. Her outfit was similar to what she had worn previously, only this time she donned a black bikini bra that did a very poor job in concealing her alluring breasts.

Tina walks straight towards with me an arrogant smile.
"Lost some weight, little piggy?" she remarks. I look down at my stomach.
That's right, I lost all that extra weight I've been carrying, what the hell am I worried about?
I look up at her and force a smile in an attempt to aggravate her, she sees right through me and returns that by blowing me a kiss.
I need to focus, can't let her get to me. I've been training for this, I'm surely faster than her this time around, I just need to create some openings and launch a clean counterattack.

Tina gets to her corner and poses to the fans, getting them all riled up again. I go to my corner and stretch, I'll show her what I've learned when the bell rings.
As soon as I hear it, I slowly move to the center of the ring, purposefully leaving myself open. Tina takes the bait and goes for a clothesline, and much to the surprise of the crowd I'm easily able to duck that.

The ring presence of Tina is truly frightening, as she quickly tries to grab hold of my waist, no doubt to hit me with a nasty German suplex again. Even Tina's shocked by what I pull off next.

I execute a flawless backwards roll under Tina's legs, which I am able to now do because I'm smaller and more nimble. She leaves herself completely open when she turns around to face me, and I take full advantage with a dropkick, successfully landing it on her chin. She falls back as catches the ropes, breaking her fall. I look at Tina and see that her arrogant smile had finally worn off, and her eyes are looking at me with scorn.
This was the reaction I was dreaming of. I'm finally going to take down Tina Armstrong and have my revenge.

"Learned some new tricks, have we Ben?" says Tina, standing upright again. "It's too bad you're about as threatening as a little fly".
Be calm, she's just trying to throw me off my game.
"We'll see who's hurting after the match" I say, dropping my guard down.
I fold my arms to make it clear that I don't see her as a threat, in the hopes that she will angrily charge at me and make an error.

Tina flicks her lovely blonde hair and gazes at me with amusement. It didn't work.
"I probably can't catch you, you've gotten faster recently. However.." Tina cuts herself off and curls both her biceps for an intimidating double bicep pose.
"But are you stronger than me though?" she says, to which the audience responds with a resounding "NO!!"

I gawk at her toned and tense arms, and gulp as I glance down at my lankier arms. I'm very likely to lose the strength game, so I try my best to ignore this fact and try and think of a way to control the flow of the conversation again. Before I can begin to speak however, Tina quickly cuts me off.
"What's the matter, are you not man enough to prove me otherwise?"

The audience bursts into laughter after the comment she made, and I cannot even get a word edgewise to speak my case. Large sections of the crowd are calling me chicken, a few of them are audibly shouting that I'm a spineless wimp. I cannot even reject her challenge at this point, as she's already gotten close to me and locks her hands with mine. She looks down in my eyes and and flashes a smirk. She bends down closer and whispers into my ear.
"Caught you now, little rat".

I push in vain as I'm not at all able to budge her. She lets out a giggle as she pushes back, and forces me all the way back to the corner of the ring. She watches with great amusement at my futile attempts to push her away, and I'm left with no room to wriggle away.
"Aww, is that all you have, my little trapped worm?" whispers Tina, pushing herself onto me more. She strategically presses her large, soft breasts on my chest, and moves her muscular leg up my crotch.
My mind is completely overwhelmed by Tina Armstrong. What little resistance I had against her body is flying out the window at the moment. I can feel myself slipping further and further.

Without warning, she hooks both hands around my head and brings up both legs on my waist. She quickly shifts her weight downwards and falls backwards to the mat, pushing up with her legs and forcing me to flip forwards. She flips me over with such ease and because I am much lighter, I flip an extra while longer airborne and land square on my face.
Tina's executed a picture-perfect monkey flip, and the crowd erupts into applause.

I'm clutching my face, I'm very concerned that I might have broken something after that fall. Tina spares no thought of how badly I had taken the bump and drags my feet and brings me to the center of the ring, and rolls me face up. She grasps my leg then turns 360 degrees over my leg, twisting it inward. I begin to scream and try and drag my body to the ropes.
"Aww, I'm not done yet hun" says Tina, flashing a wink at me.

I fear for the worst, as she grasps my other free leg and crosses it with my trapped leg. She falls to the mat and applies tremendous pressure on my legs with her own.
I've been caught in Tina Armstrong's famous figure 4, and it hurts way more than I previously predicted. My knees are about to give in, and my shins are in incredible pain.

I tap out almost immediately, begging for her to stop.
"Not yet hun, I'm gunna make extra sure you can't run around the ring anymore".
She cranks up the pressure, leaving me in a blubbering mess.
"PLEASE MISS TINA, I GIVE, NO MORE!" I scream my submission loud enough so that everyone in the crowd can acknowledge my defeat, but Tina looks back at me with a sadistic smile and continues to inflict serious pain with her figure four.

It took a while before she got bored, and finally released me. She left me reeling in agony as she went and posed to the crowd on the top turnbuckle. The crowd was eating up her every pose, whereas I couldn't even muster up the will to stand. I didn't even get the option soon enough when the cruel Tina grabs my leg and rolls me on my stomach.

She flashes a wide grin as she places my leg in between her meaty thighs, lies her gorgeous body down on my back, and locks a muscular arm around my scrawny neck. She smirks as she pulls back, stretching my back, neck and knee.

Tina's got me in an excruciating STF, her steel bicep is large enough that she's literally choking me with one arm, while not even squeezing much. I tap out immediately and croak out pleas of mercy. She giggles as she roughly grabs hold of my hair with her other hand, and brings my head up closer to her mouth. She whispers sensually to me:
"Aww, you're in decent shape but you're still way too weak".
My Adam's apple is being thoroughly crushed and I can't properly respond, so I only continue to tap even more desperately.

"You poor thing" whispers Tina. "It will be over soon enough, I just need to give the people a show though, they are paying customers after all".
She releases me of her hold when she sees that I'm just about to fade out, and stands above my prone body. Tina brings me up and fits my head in between her thighs, and gets me in position for another one of her devastating maneuvers.

Tina effortlessly lifts me up to her shoulders, and brutally slams me down to the mat back-first. The crowd is elated and cheering after the sheer display of destruction they just saw, as I'm left squirming in pain after that devastating powerbomb. My back took the full impact of that move, and I'm not even left with a moment to catch some much needed breath as she picks me up and drapes me over her right shoulder.

Impressively she climbs on the top rope, while still keeping me on her shoulder, making sure not to drop me.
"What do you think, guys?" shouts Tina, addressing the crowd. "Has our Benji gotten any better since he's gotten all small?"
The crowd responds with a heartily "NO!"
"I agree, I think little Benji is actually much easier for me to carry now" responds Tina, giving my exposed butt a light smack.

The crowd laughs as I'm too dazed to wriggle out of this position, even though I'm physically capable of getting out. My mind is drawing up a blank as Tina takes this opportunity to parade my disoriented body around the ring.
"Everyone, who's ready to see the Emerald Flowsion?" shouts Tina again.
The crowd responds with loud cheers, and I finally sense the serious danger I'm in.
It's far too late though, as she wraps her left arm around my neck, and right arm around my torso. She goes down while dropping me vertically downwards, driving my neck and shoulders down harshly to the mat.

The crowd's cheers fill the room, as I'm knocked almost unconscious. Tina does not even check to see my condition as she drags me to the center of the ring with my feet. She signals to the crowd and waves her finger around, and the crowd's cheers escalate since they understand what's coming next.
Tina takes my legs up under her arms, and pivots. She spins around, lifting me off the mat as the crowd begins to count the amount of spins.

The crowd continues as I start to get increasingly dizzy. I lost count after the 10th swing, as my mind swirls further and further. Without warning, she releases me, sending me flying across the other side of the ring. I suppose should be thankful that she didn't toss me out of the ring, because Tina was easily capable of doing so with her strength and my smaller weight.
I had not broken anything so far, but I could easily tell that the match wasn't over for me yet.

She walks over to my stunned body, and scoops me up and lifts me into a cradle.
"You poor widdle baby" cooes Tina. "I can do whatever I want with you, can't I?"
The crowd bursts into laughter at the sight of me being so easily manhandled and humiliated. She chuckles as she rocks me around her with her cradle lift, much to the amusement of the cackling crowd. I've never felt more ashamed in my life, but I'd sooner deal with this instead of Tina inflicting more pain on me.

"You're very cute, but you're not putting up much of a fight" says Tina, looking down at my delirious face with a smile. "Maybe this ought to do the trick".
She brings down her face closer, and forces her lips onto mine. The crowd is entertained with how Tina's having her way with me physically and sexually.

My mind is getting clearer and I'm starting to feel less groggy, as I realize just what Tina's actually doing to me. Once she broke away from the kiss, I react almost on instinct and I hit her with a forearm directed at her face. She winces in pain as she drops me, loudly cursing in front of myself and the crowd.

Tina looks down at me with seething rage, and I quickly follow up with an effective uppercut, catching her jaw. She staggers backwards as I start running the ropes for one final move. I use the momentum from the ropes and charge at her, leaping with my knee that's aimed for her jaw. Tina reveals a smirk as she brings up her left arm and hits me with a clean clothesline while I'm airborne. I flip over and land on my unprotected face, as the crowd erupts into loud cheers again.

As I'm rolling on the floor clutching my face, I see the fearsome Tina tower over me, as she viciously grabs my hair and forces me up on my feet.
"Is that all the offense you could muster up, little man?" spits Tina, as I cringe in pain.
"You're pathetic" she says, as she brings up her beautiful right leg, and gives me a harsh kick to my stomach, sending me flying to the corner. The back of my head collides with the turnbuckle as I fall down, lying in the corner of the ring.

Tina turns to the crowd and riles them up even further, the arena is electric and the crowd is loving every minute of this. She looks at my position and her smile widens even more, and I could tell she had some sort of twisted idea in mind.
"Who wants to see me stinkface this loser?" shouts Tina, addressing the crowd. They cheer in unison and Tina signals for the move as she gives her gorgeous butt a light slap.
I'm too dazed to even move, my legs are refusing to react. Looking at Tina's fantastic ass makes me second-guess if I should even move away in the first place.

Tina flashes me a sexy wink, and walks over towards my laying body. She turns around as my vision is completely focused on her large, beautiful ass. Tina brings down her buttocks and wastes little time in rubbing it all over my face. My 5 senses were completely overwhelmed by Tina's minishorts, and I could faintly hear the crowd wailing with laughter.

It's completely slipped my mind that I'm in the middle of a match, surrounded by people who are recording and enjoying my humiliation. My muffled pleas directed at Tina had gone completely unheard, and I finally attempt to push her ass away from my face.
Tina giggles as she rubs her buttocks around my face even further, as I lament on my inability to push her away because my strength needed to recover. She keeps up this emasculating display of domination, to the point where I'm getting more and more frustrated.

Tina breaks the move suddenly and walks over to her corner, leaving me to seethe with rage. She glances over at me, giggling with amusement as I slowly get up on my feet, supported by the ropes.
"You haven't had enough yet, babe? You don't look so good" asks Tina with mock concern. I do a very poor job of hiding my embarrassment and anger, Tina only responds with an arrogant smirk.
I've only got one move left. I need to make this count and knock her out clean. If I lose after taking a humiliating move like that, I'll never hear the end of it.

I lunge at her in desperation, but Tina easily reads it and runs towards me, jumping up in the air. It's too late for me to stop as I see her spinning around, thrusting her pelvis backwards, her buttocks colliding with my face as I fall back to the mat. The back of my head lands on the mat once again, and Tina's explosive hip attack knocks me nearly unconscious. Tina mercifully puts a foot on my chest, and gestures for the crowd to count the fall.

The crowd stops counting as she brings up her sexy foot, and mercilessly stomps on my chest and abdomen repeatedly. I'm brought back to harsh reality as I cry out in pain, and I desperately try and guard. Tina doesn't let up and stomps on any unprotected part of my body. I curl into a ball and try and cover up my face and stomach, and it also hides the fact that I'm visibly tearing up at the point.

Tina gets a glimpse at my face, and begins cracking up.
"Aww, little wimpy Ben is crying!" shouts Tina, which gets the audience also howling with laughter. She halted her stomping, but now I was deeply hurt at how everyone in this arena was treating me.
Tina goes to the corner, and from the corner of my eye I can see Tina pulling her bra down slightly and giving me a look at her giant grapefruits. I can hear whistling from the crowd. Tina blows me a kiss and turns around, and I only got even more aroused as I saw her pull her shorts down, flashing her round, voluptuous ass.

"Is this more to your liking, little Benji" says Tina in a seductive tone, licking her perky lips. I couldn't help but gawk at Tina's incredible, shapely ass. Tina snickered as I got on all fours, completely entranced by her booty.
"If you manage to pin me, this body's all yours, little Ben" cooes Tina in a seductive tone.
My brain is telling me not to get up, this is only going to end in disaster. My body went on autopilot however, and I quickly shot up, not doing a great job of hiding my erection or my leer.

I move towards her, and in a flash she quickly sprints at me, and hits me with a vicious spear. The crowds erupts into applause as she tackles me in an instant, sending the back of my head crashing down to the mat.
Tina immediately mounts me and reaches for both of my hands, pinning them and my shoulders down on the mat. She has an evil grin on her face, staring down at me as if I was her captured prey.
"You want my body that badly little Benji? Be careful what you ask for."

I can barely register what's going on, as she brings down her gigantic breasts, smothering my entire head. She lays her full body weight down on me, and I'm unable to push her off because my arms are pinned and my weight and size is now considerably smaller than the physical specimen on top of me.
I lament on my choice in getting leaner after my previous defeat, and wished I had built up more muscle. Tina uses her weight and strength advantage to its fullest, smothering the energy out of me. A part of me is really turned on by this position, but another part of me is starting to get really frightened by just how little control I had.

What little pride I had left after this emphatic beatdown had vanished as I began fighting for my very life. I try to wriggle away, but she only pushes down her incredibly muscular body further, squishing me as if I was a mere bug. I cannot shift my head as Tina's globes are keeping it in place, cruelly robbing me of any oxygen. My muffled screams are getting more desperate, and I didn't even know if my struggles were even registering to my tormentress.

My mind is racing and I'm internally panicking at the prospect of dying slowly under Tina's gorgeous breasts. It's quite a way to go, but I'm far too young to be so easily snuffed out like this. I grow weaker and weaker, as my fears of being unable to stop Tina are becoming reality. Oh fuck, I'm actually blacking out.
As I'm about to lose consciousness, Tina gets her deadly body off my spent body, and stands over me with the biggest grin I've ever seen from her.

I can feel Tina lifting me off my feet and wrapping up my own arms around me like a strait jacket again, tucking her head underneath my legs. She powerfully hoists me up on her shoulders, gripping my arms again to ensure I can't move them. She's got me in a dangerous electric chair position again, and the crowd's cheers for her finisher are the loudest it's ever gotten today.

"How's it going up there, little guy?" says Tina, holding me aloft, marching around the ring to give the crowd a show. I'm too groggy to form a response, as she spends little effort keeping my lighter body up on her shoulders, keeping me in the electric chair position.
"I think our little Ben can't take much more of this, what do you think I should do guys?" asks Tina.
"FINISH HIM!" shouts the crowd. Tina looks up at my battered and weakened state, and beams a proud smile.
"Sweet dreams hun" says Tina, seemingly addressing me. "Have nice dreams about me, kay?"

Tina bridges her back, slamming me down to the mat back and shoulder first. The back of my head took some of the impact, and all the blunt force trauma my head had accumulated had finally reached its breaking point. I was slowly fading as she finally places her pretty foot on my chest again for the pin.

The crowd's resounding applause and cheer echoes across the arena, and the last thing I see is the beautiful Tina blowing me a kiss. I think she tried to tell me something, but I was out before I had heard anything.

I later heard I was stretchered out of the arena again. I decided not to read any related articles on the internet, and kept my messages unopened. I didn't want this to be real. It's going to take a while for me to get used to the fact that Tina Armstrong whooped my ass yet again, my weight loss had only helped to grow the strength gap.

I'm not even close to Tina's level, and that will never, ever change.

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