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Default The Neighborhood Pet

The Neighborhood Pet

Kyle and John were great neighborhood friends. They grew out three houses apartment and shared birthday’s that were only two months apart. They just finished their seventh grade and were looking towards 8th grade in the fall with high school on the horizon. The neighborhood was a nice upper middle-class neighborhood with most houses having two stories and two garages. The ages of the families and kids were all aligned as it was a relativity newly built community. It was well known around the neighborhood that Kyle and John were best friends; They did everything together and seemed to be brothers. The group of neighborhood kids consisted of the same ages as Kyle and John, and some older high schoolers as well.

Kyle was known as the flirty ladies’ man. With his Justin Beiber like look as a skinny build with a new smile. He has the light brown hair with bright eyes and several light rows of freckles around his nose and upper cheeks. He was always the joker, a pretty good athlete at about 150 lbs, and easy going. Many girls of the neighborhood had a large crush on him. John was the quieter one of the two. Being a bright redhead and a slightly skinner and smaller build at about 140lbs. he was known for his quietness, but likeability once he began chatting. John had a slightly rounder face with a short red hair cute. His face was covered with freckles that spawned to his chest, arms, legs, and all over.

The change started once the older girls began walking the neighbor more. It was summer and much of the neighborhood became lively. It was very frequent to see friends passing by. It was almost 5pm on a warm summer day as Kyle was walking down the block to John’s house. He walked by three junior high school girls, all part of the lacrosse team. This causes all of them to have a larger, stronger build than John as all of them stood at least 5 inches taller and weighed approximately 20-30 lbs more. There were two blondes and a brunette. All of them Kyle recognized from high school, but never know their names. The sense was likewise as all the girls kept looking at Kyle as they passed each other on the sidewalk.

“He’s cute, he would be a good fit” one of the girls said as they all looked and smiled at Kyle. Kyle awkwardly smiled back as he was shocked by the sudden comment. One of the girls shouted ‘see you around’ as he slowly walked passed them to John’s house.

“Do you know who they are?” Kyle asked John as they sat in his basement playing John’s Xbox. John’s basement was a great hangout spot with two couches, a comfy carpet, and typically, many pillows all over. “I’m not too sure,” John replied. “I’ve seen them in high school with the football team, but I don’t know any of them personally.”

The sense that these older girls could be interested in Kyle created a sense of interest for him. He was always attracted to athletic girls and all three of them fit his mold. He wondered if he would be able to see them again…

About one week later, Kyle found himself walking down the street once again to John’s house for another video games session. He did not forget his interaction with the girls and hoped that he would see them again really soon to find out their interest. As fate would have it, a pink Volkswagen convertible pulled up next to him as he slowly walked down the street.

“Hey,” the blonde girl driving the car shouted at Kyle. Surprised by the sight and quickness of the situation, Kyle shouted back “Hey!”. The girl beckoned him to walk over to the car as he slowly obliged and went over to the window.
“Do I know you? You look so familiar” – the girl asked.
“No, I don’t believe so, I live right there,” Kyle pointed to his house. “But I think I’ve seen you around!”
“Yes, that’s right! My name is Sara,” She said with a smile. “I live a block away, but a few friends live in the neighborhood so I’m always around with them!”
“Yeah, I’ve seen you around!” Kyle mentioned, starting to get more comfortable with this conversation. “I think I saw you all the other day.”
“Yes, that was us! We thought you were super cute!” Sara said with a big smile. Kyle blushed at this comment and smiled. “On that thought, want to grab something to eat?”
Kyle was shocked at this invite and immediately got in the car. They road over to the local burger joint and sat outside on the picnic table. Sitting face to face, they chatted about their families, school, relationships, friends, lifestyle. It was then that Sara mentioned her boyfriend broke up with her as he was one year older and heading out to the college. Because of that – she will have a lot of freedom this summer and hope to spend most of it with her girlfriends.
“I think we should start hanging out more.” Sara mentioned. Shocked by this sudden interest in him, Kyle responded, “absolutely, I’d like that.”
“Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Justin Bieber?” Sara mentioned.
“I’ve heard that before,” Kyle replied with a chuckle. He always found this comment from many people to be a good opening so someone to admit that he was cute, and he always fished for those complements to come.
“Well you definitely have more freckles around your nose, but overall you look like him at a first glance. It’s cute.” Sara mentioned as she took her final sips of her soda. “So, what do you have going on the rest of the day?”
Knowing that he and John could play video games anytime, Kyle eagerly replied, “I have nothing planned.”

Sara cracked a small smile across her face with a mysterious look. “I have to train this afternoon, but since Jake left me this summer, I have no one to train with. Do you mind helping me out?”
Train? For what – Kyle had no idea, but he wanted to keep spending time with her.
“Sure, I can help you”
“You sure? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable?” Sara said surprised.
“Why would I be uncomfortable?”
“Sometimes, I train hard and my partner can’t take it.”
Knowing her athletic background and assuming it was a lifting session or stretching, Kyle confidently mentioned, “Sure, I think I can take it.”

Kyle was in shock and happy as he was being driven back to Sara’s house in her car. Here he was, with a beautiful girl that was three years older than him and excited to hang out with her. He was looking forward to building a relationship that he was confident to help her train in any way she asked…

Sara’s basement was a typical middle-class basement equipped with a large couch facing a TV, all on a thick carpeted floor. A treadmill and several dumbbells were located in the back corner on a matt and the rest of the basement had cubbies and shelves for different types of household items.

“Make yourself at home” Sara said as she went upstairs to get changed. Kyle rested on the couch on his phone, filtering through social media as he waited for her to return. About five minutes later, Sara came down in a tight, athletic outfit. A small white shirt that hugged tightly around her body, short shorts that outlined a muscular butt and thighs.
“I think I’m ready to start, but a few stretches first!” Sara said excitingly as she began to do some quick stretches. To match the style and to pretend like he knew what he was doing, Kyle stood up and began stretching. He looked back at her, ready to start but not knowing how to, “okay so what would you like me to do?” Kyle had in his mind that she would be doing stretches or weird workouts and he’d be her spotter. As he was sizably smaller with only toned muscles that were not anywhere near as long as Sara’s, Kyle nervously was ready.

Sara smiled at him – “First I need to get you down.”
“Get me down? Like to the ground?”
“Yes!” Sara said, “How else could we begin?”.
“Ohh okay, so how do we start?” Kyle said surprised and he slowly walked closer to her. Upon his last step where he was approximately 2 feet from Sara, she put her hand on his shoulder, “much like this!” and kicked her leg out begin him and pushed his shoulder back. Kyle immediately fell on his back with a thump and looked up at her. Sara stood there, but her foot on his stomach and flexed her biceps in a joking manner, “I’m stronger than I look.”
“I can see that,” Kyle joked looking up at her, just catching his breath, not sure how to handle his next move. He laid there, with his arms wide open to his body with her foot on his stomach, “what would you like me to do now?”
Sara looked down at him and smiled, the same smile she has been showing him all day. She moved her foot off his stomach and directly on the ground next to him, “the next move is mine!” As soon as those words exited her mouth, Sara bent her knees and immediately sat her butt down on Kyle’s stomach. Her weight instantly made Kyle release the air within his lungs.
“Ohhh that was a good move,” Kyle nervously said. Here he laid with this beautiful girl sitting on his stomach, smiling down with him. He had no idea how to handle the situation or what to say. All he wanted to do was keep her happy and keep the compliments coming.
“You think so?” Sara said as she began bouncing up and down on his stomach, looking down at him.
“Y…e….s” Kyle mentioned as the bouncing forced each letter out with force.

“Well what do you think about this?” Sara mentioned and she placed her hands on his chest and shifted her body up his chest until her butt was sitting on her upper chest, her thighs placed tight around his face, tightly framing and squeezing his cheeks, with her crotch pressed against the bottom of his chin. It was a perfect schoolgirl pin as his arms were laying outside, with his biceps being crushed by the weight of her legs (killing them with pain). He felt very uncomfortable and ‘packed’ in there. Kyle has never been sat on like this and with the weight of this older girl, it was definitely a struggle to breath. The weight of her butt on his neck kept squishing and limiting his oxygen flow with each passing second. Her could barely hear her speak as her thighs squished his ears and his eyes became slits with the pressure of her legs squished his face. He could feel her heartbeat within his chin with every beat.

“W..ell….this is a good move,” Kyle squeezed out, his eyes now closed as it was more comfortable than fighting his squeezed face to keep them open, “You definitely have some strong legs.”
Sara laughed at this comment and looked down at his face which was beginning to turn red with the limited oxygen flow and her thighs squeezing the sides of his head, “thank you, I work on them a lot.” Sara looked down at her victim, squeezing tightly and quietly; Kyle’s eyes were closed, with a noticeably uncomfortable and painful look at his face. Sara grabbed both of his wrists that were outstretched and put each on the outside of the thighs crushing Kyle’s head – with that move, she gave on large squeeze – “how does this feel?”

With his cheeks bulging due to the pressure of the thigh squeeze, Kyle barely opened the small slits of his eyes and looked up at her who was staring down at his. His cheeks were beginning to get tight and the bottom of his chin was beginning to get sore from the pressure of her crotch. With this new squeeze, speaking with almost impossible – “like my head is about to pop!”
Sara looked up and laughed at this comment; She then slightly released her thighs tight grip, so his face returned to normal. The pressure of her sitting on his upper chest and neck forced his breathing to be limited, but he was grateful for the thigh release.
“pwhhh thank you,” Kyle said. Still trying to make sense of this position he is in while showing Sara it’s not too hard for him.
“Well I don’t want your head to pop!” Sara said with a smile, looking down at him. He was still trying to catch his breath as the redness from his cheeks were beginning to fade. “I like this position, it’s very comfy!” She began bouncing her butt slightly on his neck.
“…I…appreciate…that,” Kyle replied with a slight smile and the bouncing forcing the words to come out with a huff. He was getting more curious by the moment on why she was still sitting on him this tightly. “You definitely are good at…whatever this is.”
Sara laughed and smiled at this, looking down at him, “this is my favorite position! It helps me train my legs!” With this comment, Sara then shifted her body further up Kyle, so her crotch was sitting on his chin, barely touching his mouth. She tightened her legs around his framed face and bulged his cheeks again. Kyle immediately shut his eyes and just took the pain. His lips, cheeks, eyes, were all squished and the pressure per on his throat and chin now made it more painful than ever. His squished face became a collection of small wrinkles of white and red skin.

“It’s fish face!” Sara said as she patted the top of his light brown hair and laughing.
Kyle attempted to speak but was unable to form the words. With his attempts of speaking, his chin and throat vibrated the crotch and butt of Sara. She was obviously enjoying being the dominator and the feeling of the vibrations on her butt. He kept his eyes closed as he patiently waited for the pressure to be released. Sara simply stared down at the victim, undoubtedly turned on by the torment. Kyle tried a few more times to speak but was unsuccessful. Sara very slightly loosened her thighs on his face which made some color return and Kyle able to open back his eyes.

“No more fish face” Sara said playfully.
“…fish face,” Kyle said confused. He was more interested in getting his oxygen back and ultimately get up, but Sara being an older, stronger, and more skilled person – moving or getting her off him with his strength was not an option.
“Yes – your face looks like a fish when I squish them,” Sara said as she squeezed her thighs tightly three times in a playful but also painful move. Each squeeze tightened Kyle’s face and then released.
“I guess that is a compliment,” Kyle mentioned as his breathing was being more restricted due to her weight by the moment.
“For sure it is!” Sara mentioned. “I like how your freckles disappear when you have a fish face!”
“I’m sure because my whole face turns red at that time,” Kyle plainly advised. At this point, he was more interested in getting out of this position. He was tired of not being able to breathe properly and his arms were no fire from the pressure.
“Yes! Absolutely.”
“So, when can I get up?” Kyle hopefully asked
“Oh, I thought you would never ask! I need to practice my leg squeezes, so I need you down there for the time being,” Sara smiled down at him as she began squeezing his head.
“How long does….it…usually last,” Kyle tried to get out as the pressure began pushing on his head.
“However long it takes,” Sara said with a smile.

The remaining 45 minutes, they stayed in that very position with Sara squeezing and releasing Kyle’s head every few minutes. Sara was having a great time, practicing her leg moves as Kyle was trying his best to remain tough and keep calm during this time. After a while of the practice, Sara finally rested her legs and moved back, sitting on Kyle’s chest. She reached in her back pocket and got her phone to read some of the missed messages. Kyle took this time to take some deep breathes, for what he could having her sitting on his chest and bent his arms, so his hands rested on her thighs that were just grazing the sides of his face. His face was red, his chin was sore, his arms were throbbing, but somehow, we still wanted to be sure Sara was happy with what happened.

“So, our first session was a success, I’d say,” Sara said, and she looked down and put her phone in the back pocket.
“If you are happy with it, I am as well,” Kyle smiled up at her, just hoping she’d get off at this time. He’d be in this position for an hour and was ready to get up.
“Your freckles are back!” Sara said. “The Bieber face with the freckles. So cute.” Sara said as she placed her hand on his cheek that was back with color. He faces was still stuck looking up directly at her as he cracked a small smile.
“Thank you,” Kyle said, smiling back as if the entire ordeal was worth it. “Am I allowed to get up now?”
Sara looked down at him thinking, “yes, I guess this was good for our first time. You are just such as comfy seat!”
“First time?” Kyle said as he voiced strained due to the weight on his chest. He could feel her thighs slowly tighten.
“Yes, I thought you were going to be my practice partner,” Sara said weakly, smiling down at him.
“Sure, it’s just….do you have to sit on me the entire time,” Kyle asked innocently staring up at her, hoping his cuteness would fork out the answer he was hoping for.
“Of course, I do,” Sara said as she squeezed his head again with her thighs, not as tight as before. She then released, “But maybe I won’t go as tough.” She smiled down at him and he smiled up.
“Ohhh…okay, as long as we….”
“I’m free tomorrow morning! Want to do it again?” Sara claimed as she bounced playfully on his chest.
In between bounces, Kyle made out the words “Sure…but…what…about breakfast?”
“Right!” Sara yelled. “We can have breakfast together…. then pinning!” She began bouncing again.
“Okay…that…works….” Kyle squeezed out, hoping it would stop. “Maybe we can….
“Well let’s finish with a bang and look towards tomorrow,” Sara said. With that, she moved back forward in a perfect forward schoolboy pin on his face. Kyle grunted as he was forced back into position, with her crotch on his mouth, her butt on his skinny neck, and now his wrists buried under her knees.
“This again?” Kyle squeezed out, his voice weakly coming from just outside her tight draws. “I thought we finished this.”
“Yes…maybe a few more minutes of fun until we see each other tomorrow – I like you!” Sara said. Kyle loved hearing that but was troubled with wanting her to like him and wanting to get out of this position. His free fingers wiggled from being pinned under her knees, almost like a small wave, “I like you too.”
Sara smiled down at him, “great! I am excited to have a summer throne!”

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Default The Neighborhood Pet. Part II.

“Finish your eggs!” Sara mentioned to Kyle. They were sitting in a local dinner and enjoying a breakfast together. They had been there for almost an hour, chatting and enjoying the meal. They didn’t chat about the practice to come or what the reasoning for yesterday’s session was. Kyle was enjoying his time with her and did not want anything to stop that….even if that means he had to suck up the pain.
“Just about done here,” Kyle said as he wiped his mouth and sat back, “sooo full.”
“Me too,” Sara said. “I have all my energy ready for some good sessions today.”
The thought of that statement made Kyle uneasy, “like yesterday?” Kyle was hoping to hear anything to make sure that it wouldn’t be like yesterday.
Sara gave him a smile, “something like that…but more fun.”

Walking down to Sara’s basement, Kyle began to feel uneasy. He wondered how he would handle breathing and when he would see the light of day again without being sat on. Sara was already changed into a very tight athletic outfit. Once they got to the bottom of the stairs, Sara looked directly at Kyle – “so are you ready?”

“Can we use the couch?” Kyle asked innocently. “I feel that would be easier on my head when you sit on me.”
“Sorry…. no. I can’t do all my moves if you’re on the couch! We have to do it on the floor,” Sara said sternly. Kyle was disappointed and tried to negotiate further.
“I guess the throne can’t make the rules.”
“Absolutely – the queen makes them,” Sarah flexed her muscles. She then pointed to the floor in an effort to have Kyle lay down. With a large huff and mental preparation, Kyle sat down and laid on his back, awaiting his faith. Sara walked right over to him, stood over his chest – “ready for today?”
“As ready as I can be,” Kyle plainly replied, preparing for the weight.
To his satisfaction, Sara got down gently on her knees, then sat down directly on his chin. He was surprised on his high up she was to begin and was ready to take on.
“I figured we start higher today,” Sara said as she shimmed her bottom up so his mouth was snug in between the V of her thighs and crotch. She began squeezing, Kyle shut his eyes and prepped for the ‘practice’.

About 30 minutes went by with no talking and the typical squeezing and releasing. Kyle kept his eyes shut for most of it while Sara spent her time looking down on him (giggling), bouncing, squeezing, and moving to keep him engaged. Without the strength and oxygen to unseat her, he laid there claiming his fate as she happily used his face as her seat. She moved backwards and set on his chest, staring directly down at him.
“Having fun today”
“Loads,” Kyle responded. His face was getting its color back and his freckles were coming into their color. “I can see you like this as a hobby.”
“Of course!” Sara said as she comfortably kept her position, looking down at him. “But now we have to change the position a little. It’s time for balancing.”
“Balancing?” Kyle asked in a more scared manner. “How does this work?”
Sara looked down at him, staring at his face and blurted out – “it’s all about your ability but there are requirements. We have to turn you over.”
Puzzled, Kyle responded, knowing that he does not have the strength to fight her, “well that’s impossible right now.”
Sara looked down, playfully wanting him to keep talking to stay in this position, “Is that right? So I have all the power now?”
Kyle chuckled a little and started coughing as a result of the weight strain of on his chest, “y..es..I guess so.”
“Great, now let’s turn you over,” Sara said. At that moment, she turned him over quite easily onto his stomach as she sits on the lower torso on his back. She then took a pair of handcuffs out of her back pocket, clipped them onto his hands behind his back, and then turned him back over. With his wrists locked, behind his back, he now laid there more than ever unable to move. Sara shifted her weight back into a tight schoolgirl pin with her crotch a mere millimeter away from his mouth to the point where he could smell her through the small panty line of her pants. She tightens her thighs around his face and squished him into his famous fish face with the disappearing freckles. She squeezed harder than ever before as Kyle released a loud noise in pain.
“Pl..ease..,” Kyle mumbled out, unable to hear – only hearing the heartbeat of Sara on his neck and the pressure of her thighs crushing his face.
“Sorry Kyle!” I thought one last time before we try something different. With that she released her hold on and swiveled her body around to face his feet. She rested her butt down on his upper chest, looking towards his feet. She placed her hands and his stomach, “Now it’s time for balancing practice.”
“What’s balancing practice?” Kyle asked weakly. He was beginning to get used to being her seat as he just stared directly at her butt which was right in his face, a few inches from his next.
“It’s a hands-free move that allows me to work on my buttock!” Sara then slapped her butt in his face.
“So wha..,” at that time, Sara used her hands to spread each butt cheek so the tight strap slide directly into her crack. She then shimmed up and placed her butt directly on Kyle’s face. She shimmed tightly to feel that his small nose was directly within her crack as if it was one with her butt. She smiled slightly as she felt Kyle mumbling and attempting to speak. His legs started to move in an effort to obtain some type of leverage. Sara then lifted her legs and rested them directly on Kyle’s lower torso, causing all her weight to be placed directly on his head that was under her butt. The oxygen was completely cut off and the back of his head was throbbing in pain from the weight. Sara strongly balanced herself on his face as he attempted to move her face by moving his face from side to side. Sara began to tighten her butt then release, tighten then release, causing immense pain on Kyle’s face and his to squirm more. This process continued for the next 15 minutes with Sara lifting herself to give Kyle a few seconds of fresh air, only to lower herself immediately back onto his face. After the balancing act was done, she swiveled herself around and sat back down on his chest. She moved up into her favorite tight schoolgirl pin – much to Kyle’s happiness he could breathe…a little better, but still was not out of the woods yet. He laid there, motionless, doing heavy breathing as his face was beat red, sticky, and completely sore. His freckles were again washed out from the color of his face and he kept his eyes closed. Sara just stared back down at him, enjoying his breathing under her and watching the color come back to his face.
“You took that like a champ!” Sara said excitedly.
“I’m happy to hear it,” Kyle slowly said, each time with a deep breath.
“You have a panty line!”
“A what?” Kyle asked as he wiped his face just barely by how we can use his arm.
“A panty line!” Sara said as she put her finger on an impeded line from her panty on the top of his forehead that ran from the top, in between his eyes, down his nose, and to his chin. “That’s where the main drag was!” Kyle was still trying to attempt to regain his breath. At this point, he was ready to get out of the situation, but being weaker, he was at the mercy of Sara.
“Such a cute line. Such a cute face,” Sara said looking down. She slowly moved slightly higher and clamped her thighs tightly around his face for enjoyment. “Ready to see that fish face.”
Kyle grunted in pain and annoyance. He remained quiet as for the next 20 minutes, Sara tightly squeezed his head on and off for her enjoyment.
“Can I ask you something,” Kyle barely squeaked out. His fish face was making it hard for the mouth to form words as Sara did not budge or seem to care about moving.
“Of course.”
“Why do you do this?” Kyle asked.
“Do what?” Sara said as she bounced and tightened her thigh squeeze.
“Sit on me like this? You’ve been on top of me for over an hour!” Kyle said. He was hoping he could obtain some type of clarity as to why Sara kept doing this to him.
“I told you, I need to train!” Sara said as she tightened the schoolgirl pin. Kyle felt a vibrate on his upper chest as her phone began ringing.
“I think you’re getting a call,” he plainly said. Sara laughed and looked down at the phone and started texting. Kyle was beginning to wonder, now that it was only around 11am how long he would be stuck in his position.
Sara finished her text and looked back down, “so what are we doing today?” Kyle looked up at this question, wondering what to say. The small slits of his eyes stared at her through his puffed cheeks, “what are you thinking?”
“Well...,” Sara said, “I’d like to get lunch soon. Want to go with me?”
The thought of spending time with Sara where she was not sitting on him made Kyle extremely happy, “sure!”
“Okay great,” Sara said, continuing to look down and not move off of his neck. “But we have some time before, let’s practice.”
Unfortunately for Kyle, he was helpless and had to take what was coming….at least she’s been paying for their meals.
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Default The Neighborhood Pet. Part iii

Part III.

It was a summer Saturday morning. The sun recently rose, the weather was warming up, breakfast was just finished, and Kyle was once again trapped in a high schoolgirl pin from Sara. It has been about an hour and Kyle had already accepted his fate of the odds – there was no talking out of this, there was no forcing a way out – he had to stay put and take it. Sara was enjoying her high pin, just resting her crotch on his lower pin. The fish face was on - with his freckles disappeared due to the pressure, his cheeks puffed out, and the pain in his head being tremendous. It was the basement carpet that started to feel harder and harder. It had been six days since their initial meeting and approximately over 10 hours of face sitting and schoolboy pinning. Kyle still did not know how to feel about an older high school girl consistently pinning him down, apparently for her own enjoyment. It has been a daily occurrence and they became closer each time. Kyle tried his best to chat during their sessions and as the beautiful girl pinned him, he learned more about her family, life, friends, hobbies.
“And that’s when we won the championship for the school,” Sara said, looking down at her seat and she loosened the tightness of her thighs.
“I remember hearing about that,” Kyle forcibly said through the pressure of his squished face. “I can feel your legs gained some muscle this week.”
“Absolutely,” Sara said as she tightened them, causing Kyle is close his eyes and grunt in pain, “and it’s thanks to you!”
“My pleasure,” he barely was able to speak. “Any chance I can get up? I need to use the bathroom.”
“What!? No,” Sara said, and she leaned back and patted his stomach through his short. “I’m just getting into my comfy position. Can you hold it?”
“hmmm…I…can, but,” Kyle said. At that point, Sara moved quickly up his face and sat her butt directly on his mouth! His nose, mouth, lower face disappeared under her thick butt and the only visible sight were his two tiny eyes sticking out in between the two large thighs framing his face.
“I like this position so much more,” I can look directly into your eyes. Sara said as she lifted one of his eyelids in a playful manner, “We can stay here for a while.”
Kyle grunted in pain as she began to squish his face again, in a severe way. Sitting so high up on his face made his head literally seem like a small pillow in between her thick thighs and his small face and forehead sticking out. He closed his eyes and continued to take the pain.

“Sara!” Julia yelled as she walked down the steps. “You’re already doing that to him!” Julia was one of the girls that Kyle saw that day. She seemed to be one of the three gals that hung out on the street. She was slightly larger than the other two girls. She was a rougher girl around the edges as she never really had a boyfriend, but always was much like a Tom boy to the neighborhood kids.
“Gurl you have no idea,” Sara said back. She then looked down at the small slits of Kyle’s eyes sticking out. Kyle was trying desperately to see the person he could barely hear due to the pressure of her thighs. The schoolgirl pin made him unable to move his face and see. Sara slide slightly back to sit on his throat, releasing the heavy pressure from his face.
“Hi Kyle!” Julia said as she walked over and looked down in at his face in between Sara’s legs. “He does look like Justin Bieber!”
“I know, and he’s been a perfect seat,” Sara said as she bounced up and down on his skinny neck. He released a huff each time.
“It’s…. nice…to…meet…you…,” Kyle desperately said in between bounces.
“When do I get a turn?” Julia excitingly. At this question, Kyle’s heart dropped. There was no way that this girl who he barely knew would sit on him too. Right? Both of them would surely crush him, not to mention the additional weight of Julia.
“Now!” Sara said. “Take the back!”
“What!?,” Kyle said. He placed both his hands on Sara’s thighs that were slowly becoming tighter around his face. “This may be too much. How can I…. handle….it…”
The pressure of the squeeze was beginning to get to Kyle and causing him unable to speak again. In the meantime, Julia excitedly got down on her knees and crawled over. Facing Sara’s back, Julia sat directly on Kyle’s stomach. With Sara schoolgirl pinning his face and Julia sitting on his stomach, Kyle was suffocating. The breathing was nearly impossible, and he was getting scared of passing out. The squeeze was tightened to create a fish face on him while Julia began bouncing on him.
“He is really bouncy!” Julia said as she was slowly going up and down on his stomach.
“Wait til you try this spot,” Sara said, turning her head slightly to face her friend behind her. “I feel each heartbeat of his threw my butt. How you are doing down there Kyle!”
Kyle was struggling. His face being buried in Sara’s crotch was one thing, but the weight of Julia made it almost unbearable, “I need to get up.”
“No, you can take it,” Sara looking down at him and patting the top of his head. With that, Sara moved even further up to completely cover his mouth with her crotch. Her legs shimmed up to almost fully surround his small head. The only visible signs of a face were the crooked nose, pressed directly into her crotch, and the squinting eyes directly above it. His forehead and short hair stuck out in an effect almost as if he was just a small doll being straddled. He was begging to breath and needed air, the only pleading that was available was through his eyes. His nose was snuggled, directly pressing against her crotch, perfect to get a whiff of Sara with her breath. They stayed in this position, all three of them, for about 40 minutes. Not only was this almost impossible for Kyle to stay alive, but it was insanely boring. Yes, he loved girls sitting on him, but with this pressure and position, he was over it…the third time he was in the position. He slowly closed his eyes and just took the fact that the girls, who were now chatting while sitting on him, where not getting up anytime soon.

“I think he fell asleep!” Sara claimed as she looked down at Kyle. The limited visuals of his face included his nose, which was now slightly red from the pressure and outlined several of the freckles on and around it. Sara then clamped her fingers on the nose, causing his eyes to open and to take a deep breath to open.
“Hey sleepy head!” We just wanted to be sure you didn’t die on us. They both laughed at this.
“Thanks,” Kyle barely blurted out. “It helped pass the time.”
“Well since we are going to be doing a lot of this this summer, we should find ways for us all to pass the time so it’s fun for everyone!” Sara said excitingly as she began bouncing on his face. At this point, his face was numb to the pain.
“Doing this a lot?” Kyle said in a defeated way.
“Yes!” Sara said. “I need to train, and Julia needs to train….so we need to use our throne as much as possible.”
Kyle grunted and closed his squinted eyes at this notion, “But again do we have to sit on me the…”
“Yes Kyle!” Sara interrupted.
“Or if he has any friends, they can always join too!” Julia said as she began bouncing, causing more pain to poo Kyle.
At this note, Kyle thought of John…..in a selfish thought….he may have found a way to make these sessions easier for him.
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Default Re: The Neighborhood Pet. Part I.

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Default Re: The Neighborhood Pet. Part iii

Such a great story, thank you!
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Default The Neighborhood Pet. Part IV.

Part IV.

“And how does this feel?”
“Like I can’t hear anything,” Kyle responded through his ‘fish face’ squeezed head. It has been over an hour since Sara placed him in their usually schoolgirl pin as she sits on his throat with her crotch a mere millimeter from her mouth and her thighs tightly frame Kyle’s face, squeezing his cheeks together. The smell of her forced through her tight athletic panties pressed against his mouth and nose. The athletic girl sat straight up, slightly loosening her squeeze on Kyle’s head, “well how’s this now?”
Kyle released a large gasp and closed his eyes as the color came back to his face, “much better…but I know what’s coming.” He tightly closed his face, in preparation for the typical multiple tight squeezes. The back of his head is now numb from being pinned for over an hour, his throat and neck twitching in pain, and his chest killing him from the weight of her on his upper chest.
“Relax, Kyle, I’m taking a break,” Sara said as she grabbed her phone from her usual back pocket spot. Kyle attempted to wipe his eyes, but her knees of his wrists eliminated from being so, we tried wiggling and moving, but Sara didn’t acknowledge or budge as she texted on her phone.
“A three second break?” Kyle said from the bottom of the schoolgirl pin, between her thighs, staring directly up at her with the outline of her thighs that framed his head in his visual.
Sara laughed and looked down at him while still texting, “no no, I have to concentrate on this text, it’s about later!”
“If it’ll take a while, can I get up for a little?” Kyle said, looking up at her hoping for mercy.
“Absolutely not,” Sara said while putting her phone down beside them on the floor. They were in her basement and the same carpet that Kyle hated as it was brutal on the back of his head after being sat on for a while. It has been over two weeks since Sara first pinned Kyle and he was used to getting sat on by her or Julia every day. “I won’t have anywhere to sit!”
Kyle chucked harshly at this as her weight always constricted his breathing, though he was slowly getting used to it. He felt her thighs tighten around his face, his cheeks swelled up, and his eyes slightly became harder to open. He was sweating in his face and on his neck and chest where she has been sitting but has been unable to get air to them for obvious reasons. Moving his eyes to the right side, towards her couch, in an attempt to show her, “There’s a couch over there though.”
“No there’s not,” Sara responded, tightening her thigh grip. “I had it moved since we’ve been down here.”
“What?” Kyle said while moving his eyes again, the only thing he can move. “It’s right there.”
“Do you see it?” Sara playfully asked.
“No,” Kyle said as Sara tightened her grip to a harsh fish face. He closed his eyes as the pressure built. “I can’t see anything.”
“Exactly,” Sara said, “I can see it and it’s not there.”
“I can’t hear you,” Kyle mumbled. His cheeks bulging due to the pressure. “I was…”
Sara tightened her grip on his face again then released her grip so Kyle could hear her again. He released some big gulps of air and continued to look up as Sara said, “Wait, we have like 20 minutes until we have to leave!”
“What time is it,” Kyle barely was able to ask.
Sara looked at her phone, “5:27pm, we told them we’d meet them at 6pm and it takes 10 minutes to get there.” She looked back down at him, “I think we have some time.”
“John is always late,” Kyle said from the bottom of Sara’s crotch. “I bet we can be 5-10 mins late.”
“Oh, you are happy to stay down there,” Sara said as she tightened her grip harder than before “What’s my strength like today.”
Through the pressure and squished face, Kyle responded, looking directly up, “stronger than yesterday.”


“And how long have you two been friends,” Sara asked looking directly at John. Sara and Julia sat opposite Kyle and John at the local ice cream shop. They had been sitting at the picnic table for approximately an hour, introducing John to Sara and Julia for the first time. Things had been going smoothly in the conversation; John felt very much like Kyle did when Sara began speaking to him. As an 8th grader, going into high school, and having a junior girl speaking to him…interested in him…wanting to get to know him, was very attractive to him. The fact that his best friend, Kyle, had been ‘getting to know’ Sara for the last 2+ weeks made him even more comfortable.

It was an 80-degree summer day as the shadow began to get slightly longer. The heat made the day a little sticky with humidity and all four of them walked over to the ice cream store, which was about one mile from their neighborhood.

“Basically, all of our lives,” John said confidently. “We’ve been friends since kids.”
Julia looked directly at John, staring at his smaller big than her. As Julia was not fat, but not skinny, she had a larger athletic build. She had muscles all over her body, but hard an overall bigger build. John was the mere opposite with skinny arms, legs, and torso. She was approximately 15/20 pounds heavier and though his smaller frame was cute. His bright red hair and round face that was covered with red freckles made her think of one of her earlier boyfriends.
“Sara and I are close, but we didn’t meet until cheerleading,” Julia said as she put her arm around Sara’s body in a hug, “She’s my gal!”
“Yup, sisters for life,” Sara said confidently, eating the few last scoops of her ice cream, “What are you guys up to later?”
Kyle looked down, knowing where that question leads to. Kyle and John were incredibly close and spent almost every other day together. Kyle knew that he never truly had anything planned, except hanging with John which he can do anytime. The time with Sara, he truly enjoyed getting to know her and spending time with her but didn’t enjoy the pin downs or helping her ‘practice’ anymore. As much as he liked the idea of a good-looking high school girl sitting on him, the fact that she had 100% of the power and he had to lay than however long she wanted to keep sitting, made him hate the position.
Unfortunately for Kyle, John answered right away, not realizing what he was getting them into, “We aren’t doing anything. What are you doing?”
Julia and Sara smiled at each other; Both of them had the same thought but knew the key of things going well and successfully would mean getting John to Sara’s house, but knowing what to expect.
Sara mentioned while looking directly at Kyle, “We are just practicing tonight, do you both want to help?”
Before Kyle had the option to answer, John immediately answered, “Sure, absolutely.”
Kyle immediately looked at John, sitting next to him, “You have no idea what you agreed to!” He looked down and began shaking his head.
John was very puzzled, looking from Kyle to the two girls, “What’s wrong?”
Sara smiled at John, while putting her hand playfully on Kyle’s head, “Ohhh, Kyle doesn’t like all the helpful positions. Sometimes, he ends up with his face sat on.”
John immediately looked at Kyle, “face sat on?” Kyle looked up and half smirked, not sure whether to be proud that at he is 2 months away from being a freshman in high school and having these ‘practices’ with an attractive junior in his high school.
“Things happen,” Kyle jokingly said looking at Sara.
Sara laughed, placing her hand on Kyle’s cheek, “I can make these freckles disappear.”
Incredibly confused, Kyle looked at Julia and Sara, “I’m missing something here.”
Sara and Julia both laughed as Kyle chuckled along with them. Kyle put his head on his hand and looked at both girls, ready to leave upon command. Sara looked at Kyle, “We will show you.”

After an awkward group laugh and a few more minutes, all four of them walked back to the neighborhood and into Sara’s house. Sara’s parents were rarely how in the summer as life at the Jersey shore always was active and there were things to do. All four of them went down into the basement.
“Okay,” Sara said as she and Julia began looking at their clothes. Each one of them had sweat stairs under their arms and boobs with a slight beating on their foreheads. The heat of the summer night was definitely causing their bodies to be hot, but the coolness of the basement helped. “In preparation for helping Julia, John go into the bathroom and come out when we say so.”
Right on command, John walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Both the girls then smiled at Kyle, who gulped and looked at them both, “Each girl gets one of us?” He asked very weakly.
“Of course,” Sara said as she and Julia began walking over to him. “But to warm up, we need your help.”
With that, Julia walked over to Kyle, and quickly but lightly put him into a headlock. She got down on her knees, carrying the much smaller boy down to the ground with her, resting his back on the ground, “Easy down, Kyle” she stated.
“I would have gone down if you asked,” said Kyle into the armpit of Julia and then as he laid on his back. Julia climbed onto him into a high schoolgirl pin. As a larger girl than Sara, the pain of Julia pinning Kyle was excruciating more than Sara. Julia climbed up to his head, tightly framed her thighs around his head and rested her crotch onto of his chin. His face immediately becoming squished, cheeks bulging, eyes closing, unable to hear. The difference with Julia pinning him then Sara is that Julia, having slight forms of ‘meat’ on his legs, her skin covers more of his actual face. He feels more engulfed and unable to see. Thankfully, Julia didn’t squeeze much, just sat down there, looking down at him, amused by the torment.
“Sara did this to me for a while today,” Kyle squished out through his bulging cheeks. “Can’t I get a break?” He hoped that they would do this to Kyle so maybe he could get a rare night off.
“I’m not Sara,” Julia said with a crooked smile. She then tightened her grip of her thighs, squeezing his head harshly, much harsher than where Sara immediately squeezes. Kyle grunted in pain, he put his hands on her knees, but she pinned then and placed then under her knees, putting her hands on her hips. Kyle kept grunting every few seconds until she released, and he let out, for what he could, a gasp.
“Don’t kill him yet,” Sara said as she texted on her phone. She walked over to him and sat immediately on Kyle’s stomach, not straddling, but having her legs straight off to the friend. The fact that her butt was immediately on top of his stomach and not straddling made her sit harsher for Kyle. They stayed in this position for another 5 minutes, with Julia squeezing Kyle’s head; Quickly his head was beat red, sweating from the heat prospering from her thigh skin his face, his freckles where gone, and he barely had any energy to fight.
“Come on in John,” Julia called from her position of using Kyle’s face as a seat. Immediately as the John opened the door, he sees the sight from a direct view; The top of his best friend’s head, seeing just the eyes and part of the noise wedged under the crotch of Julia who straddled his face and throat, while Sara sat on his stomach texting on her phone.
“What’s going on!?! Can he breathe in there,” Kyle said running over to Julia and looking down at Kyle’s face. Kyle were eyes looking up at John, through his bulging cheeks as Julia sat comfortably in her spot.
“He can breathe down there,” Julia said as she shook her hips, causing Kyle’s head to move. “Can’t you”
Looking up at her and John staring down, Kyle barely responded into Julia’s crotch, “yes.”
“You see his freckles are gone,” Julia said to John, poking at Kyle’s nose and cheeks, pushed up against her crotch.
“Yea…,” John said back to her.
“Yours are going to be gone too,” Julia said as she smiled and looked up at John. The redhead blushed and leaned back at this comment, not sure what to say.
“Mine are a lot darker, they don’t fade like that,” John said while touching his face.
Julia immediately got off Kyle’s face and neck, as he immediately gulped for air. He sat up slightly, putting his elbows on the carpet to sit up a little. Julia was walking directly to John, “challenge accepted.”
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Default Re: The Neighborhood Pet

Loved this, are you planning to continue it?
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Default The Neighborhood Pet. Part V.

Part V.

“He’s so much more comfortable that Kyle!” Julia jokingly said as she sat in a high schoolgirl pin position on. At this remark, she wiggled her hips and looked directly down at John’s ‘fish face’ snugged in between her thighs that are tightly. “I love the fish face!”
“He does look cute in there,” Sara said as she peered over Julia’s shoulders. Sara just finished going to the bathroom and was preparing to ‘train’ with John who sat helplessly on the couch, watching the torment of his best friend under a much larger girl. He thought that there was no way for John to breath; The only sign of life was a wiggle of wrinkles on his forehead that stuck out a mere millimeter from her crotch, or the small flexing of a few fingers that lied pinned under her knees. A small groin or attempt to speak with heard throughout the position as it was approximately 10 minutes since Julia got off Kyle and went to John. There was a part of Kyle that felt very upset at the predicament he ultimately put his friend in, but thankful that knowing at least one of the girls will be occupied.
“You know the drill, Kyle,” Sara said lightly as she stretched. “Lay right down next to Julia.”
Looking a little confused and hesitant Kyle responded, “right down next to them?”
“Of course,” Sara happily said. “I want a good view of both our seats as I chat with my bestie!”
“I love it, right here,” Julia said as she patted the floor next to where she sat tightly on John’s face and looked down at him. “You miss your friend?”
John’s crushed eyes peeking through his bulging cheeks opened lightly as Julia sat a few inches back to his mouth would be out from under her panties. She kept her squeeze tight as all his red freckles disappeared and his face looked like pale. He tightly nodded his face is a desperate agreement, the skin pealing from the sweat of Julia’s thighs.
“Can he get some air or something?” Kyle said as he crotched down and laid on his back.
“He’s fine,” Julia said with a smile, looking down at her seat as he grunted in pain.
“He looks a litte….,” as Kyle was looking towards Julia and John while laying down on his back, Sara immediately jumped on his chest and scooted immediately, placing him in a tight schoolgirl pin that eliminated his changes of seeing his friend.
“He’s fine Kyle, haha,” Sara said as she slowly shifted her weight to lift her knees to have Kyle’s wrist pinned under them as her thighs framed his face; A common position for him this summer. “I still have to do my training!”
“Great,” Kyle squeaked out from the bottom of Sara’s crotch. “This again….”
“Yes,” Sara said excitedly. “Now what was my record last time?”
“Which one,” Kyle defeatedly said as he tried shifting his position to make himself more comfort but was unable to.
“My prepop record!”
“Ummmm,” Kyle said as Sara tightened her grip, bulging his cheeks and creating his fish face, “I think 5 mins or so. But can we please….” He was interrupted by the sudden tightness of the thighs as Sara began counting and giggling. Kyle could feel her heart beat while his face was sandwiched in between her thighs. She suddenly began squeezing her thighs as tightly as she could, peering down at the helpless, squished face of Kyle.
Peering over while stilled mounted on John’s face, Julia remarked, “his head looks like it’s going to pop!” The two girls giggled at this comment. Julia wiggled her big butt, forcing face’s struggling face to move along with the movement.
“Should I start counting, or should you?” Sara said as she continued to stare downward at Kyle’s painfilled face. Kyle responded as much as he could; He started sweating and his sweat starting to drench his face and Sara’s thighs.
“I will,” Sara said happily, continuing to squeeze the life out of Kyle. “One, two, three.”
As Sara began focusing on Kyle and the counting, John’s hands started to wiggle from underneath’s Julia’s knees that kept him pinned. There was a low muffling coming from his mouth that rested directly under her crotch, bordering and pressing on his nose, “I didn’t forget about you down there,” Julia said. She then released her hold on Kyle and sat back on his chest in a loose schoolgirl pin. John immediately gasped at this, raising his head (as much as he could with Julia heavily on his chest), breathing deeply in and out.
“Jesus! I thought I was gonna pass out!” John said when gathering his breath, still not able to have a completely full breath as Julia comfortability sat on him.
“I would never want to do that,” she mysteriously said to him, while smiling at Sara who was still counting and squeezing the life out of Kyle. Julia looked down at the struggling Kyle and placed her hand on his face. “I can get use to this! Your freckles are coming back.”
“Jeez, get use to what,” John struggled to ask as the color started to fill his freckled red headed face. “This isn’t that comfortable for me.” He tried shifting his body but was completely unsuccessful due to the weight of Julia.
“Well, not all thrones enjoy it at first,” Julia said as she began bouncing up and down on his chest. “I think this can be our new thing….I always am looking for a comfortable seat.”
“Can I just….,” John attempted to ask but was cut off.
“Oh no, I’m not going anywhere. You are too comfortable to get off of,” Julia said as she placed her hands behind her on his stomach for extra support. Meanwhile, Sara was almost passed two minutes, with Kyle muttering what he could, trying to convince her to stop.
“Can we please stop now?” Kyle said as best as he could.
“No! We just started! Plus, John joined us for the first time, we need to give him a good session,” Sara responded.
“But I’m not him, why do you have to stay sitting on me like this,” he said in-between the squeezes.

“Because it’s fun and good practice!” Sara said as she tightened her grip and shimmed up to cover his mouth with her crotch while keeping the firm hold, she looked over to Julia, “Well it looks like we both found our summer seats!”
“Did you say something, I can’t hear anything,” John said from the thighs of Julia.
“It’s nothing you need to hear,” Julia said smiling down. At that moment, she lifted his arms over his head and shifted her body up further so he large bottom was covering his entire head. All that was available was the spikey red hair peeking out from her pussy. He started muttering, but only created vibrations under Julia who comfortability sat and smiled, “oh yeah, I can get use to this.”
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Default Re: The Neighborhood Pet

Just uploaded part 5
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Default Re: The Neighborhood Pet

Please provide all feedback on the story.
I will keep going as much as I can.

This written story is based on true stories/memories from my childhood. Some items have been embellished.
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