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Default Never Let You Go

Eddie was back in his hometown, making love to his high school sweetheart, Tori, in the same house he’d snuck into as a teenager after her parents had fallen asleep. She lived alone in the house now, her parents having passed away years earlier, so Eddie didn’t panic like he had when he was a teenager at the way the mattress creaked loudly beneath them. With Tori’s arms wrapped around him and her breathless sighs with each thrust of his hips, he felt like he was eighteen all over again.

He and Tori were both nearly thirty years old, now – closer to being middle-aged than teenaged – but tonight they were fucking like high schoolers. They still knew how to turn each other on and how to drive each other wild, and Eddie was amazed at how they’d picked up right where they’d left off over ten years ago.

He’d said goodbye for the last time before leaving for college, neither of them realizing they wouldn’t see each other again until their high school’s ten-year reunion. That memory of her standing broken-hearted in the parking lot as he got on the bus for college had haunted him his entire first semester. He’d gotten onto the bus without turning around, ignoring her pleading sobs. He’d glanced out the window once as the bus pulled away and watched her yell after him one last time;

“You said you’d never let me go!”

She’d been right; he had said that. He’d said a lot of things to her, and he liked to think he meant them at the time. Tori was his first love, and while their relationship had been doomed from the start, it had also been passionate, tumultuous, exciting, and – ultimately – unsustainable. They were too different as people, and while he couldn’t wait to get out of their small town, she wanted to settle down where their roots were.

Eddie tried not to think about those painful memories now. He knew he could have brought her with him or come back to visit even after his parents had moved, but the truth was he’d been worried that Tori would hold him back. As he made new friends and moved into social circles he’d never dreamed of, he knew Tori could never be a part of the life he was creating.
While she’d never be marriage material for Eddie, she would remain his fondest sexual experience even after he’d married someone else. His wife was a good woman from a sophisticated family and has a fine partner with her own career goals and ambitions, but she could never hold a candle to Tori in the bedroom. Eddie was reminded of that now, mid-intercourse with Tori, as she wrapped her legs around him the way his wife refused to do, her nails digging into his back with a primal passion that his wife never seemed to have in the bedroom anymore.

His penis tingled with the sensation of an impending orgasm, but Eddie didn’t want this experience to end yet. He slowed his hips, but Tori clutched him tighter.

“Don’t slow down,” she said, moving her hips faster against him and squeezing him between her soft thighs.

Eddie smiled, giving in to her demands and thrusting inside of her with greater passion now to match her movement. They moaned together, their bodies moving in synch like a finely crafted machine that brought them both to orgasm simultaneously. Their hips pressed into each other at climax, their bodies shuddering and spasming as their hips slowed the motion.

With his entire body tingling as he laid on top of her, her arms and legs still wrapped tight around him, he wondered if he’d made a mistake leaving her behind ten years ago.

He caught his breath, recalling all these similar moments of post-orgasm cuddling with her. His wife would have already been pushing him away so she could clean herself, but Tori still wanted him inside of her as long as possible, just as she always had.

If their relationship had only been between the sheets, he imagined they would have lasted forever. With her lithe body pressed into his and her firm breasts mashed into his chest, it was easy to forget about all the reasons he’d left her.

Memories of her going down him in the car as he drove them home from the movies were vivid recollections, while it was harder to recall the way she’d threatened to murder his female cousin because Tori perceived any woman around him as a threat. He reminisced about the way Tori would text him naked pictures of herself during his workday to keep him excited for her, but he had a harder time remembering when she’d smashed his windshield while he was at work because she’d seen him talking to a female coworker.
Eddie recalled those moments now, and in his post-orgasm clarity he worried Tori still had those same psychotic tendencies.

He gasped as he slid his sensitive penis from her, but Tori’s legs remained tight around his waist.

She smiled up at him, her green eyes gleaming in the low light. Her red hair had spilled all around her heart-shaped face. While Eddie’s wife had cut her hair to a practical length, Tori’s fiery locks remained long and untamed. Besides some lines around her eyes, she looked almost exactly the same as she had in high school.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she giggled, and before Eddie could answer she swung her legs to the side, pushing him onto his back before she rolled on top of him.

Eddie laughed. He couldn’t remember the last time his wife had taken the initiative with him the way Tori was now. He gazed up at her as she reached between her curvy thighs and took his limp penis in her hands.

“I don’t know if I can go another round,” he said, his voice breaking as she gently stroked his penis.

“Then just lay there and let me have my way with you,” she whispered back.
Between the way she expertly stroked his cock, rubbing the still-sensitive head gently along the red hairs covering her pussy, and the way her firm breasts looked hanging down towards his chest, Eddie felt himself growing erect again.

“Okay. One more time,” he moaned, taking her hips in his hands and feeling the taught muscles beneath her smooth, creamy skin.

She lowered herself slowly onto him, her wet pussy perfectly enveloping his stiff cock.

Eddie held onto her thin waist as she slowly moved her hips back and forth, pulling him deeper inside of her. They moaned together as she got him fully erect, then she pulled his hands up to her breasts as she began to passionately ride him.

Eddie thrust his hips to match her movements, his hands cupping her full, firm breasts. He noted how they didn’t sag the way his wife’s did and lamented the toll that having kids had taken on his wife’s body. Tori had never been married, and never had children. Where his wife’s body was soft and supple, Tori’s was toned and fit.

Tori rode him with such passion and intensity that Eddie reveled in the view, knowing he would use this memory to pleasure himself every time his wife was too tired for sex, or otherwise ignored his advances. In no time at all he felt the telltale signs of another orgasm. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had orgasms back-to-back like this.

He climaxed inside of her with a loud moan, grateful as she slowed her hips to match his fervent thrusts. His body tingled all the way from his toes to his fingertips, and waves of pleasure spread across him with each slow pump of his hips as he emptied himself into her.

Tori slowly rose her hips before lowering them again, seeming to milk every drop from him before she leaned forward. Eddie felt her breasts fall onto his chest as she laid down on him, the top of her head resting under his chin in what seemed to be a perfect fit just as it always had during high school. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling the damp perspiration on her back.

“That was amazing,” he gasped.

Tori nuzzled her head into his chest. “Next time will be even better.”

Eddie laughed. As much as the idea of another round of lovemaking excited him, he doubted he was physically up for it. He’d gotten what he’d come here for – hooking up with Tori again and getting the same kind of sex he’d had as a younger man. Now he needed to get out before Tori became emotional again and did any of the crazy things she’d done as a teen that drove him away.

He gasped as his limp penis slipped from her pussy. Tori began to slowly grind her hips into his, searching for his cock to try and make him erect again.

“I can’t,” he said.

“Yes you can,” she cooed.

Eddie grabbed her perfectly round ass, feeling her glute muscles flex and relax in his hands. Meanwhile she murmured with pleasure, her hot breath tickling his neck.

He had half a mind to let her try and get him hard again, but his post-orgasm clarity won this time. He clenched her hips to stop her.

“I have to go,” he said gently.

She surprised him by grabbing his wrists and pulling his hands off her. She had his hands pinned to the bed on either side of his head before he could react. Her breasts swayed as she leaned over him, his wrists clenched in her vicelike grip.

“You’re not going anywhere,” she said. There was an edge to her voice that Eddie picked up on even as she tried for a flirty tone. The edge reminded him of the Tori he’d broken up with; the one who wouldn’t accept any answer she didn’t like.

She leaned forward, and he felt her lips against his ear as she whispered; “I’ve waited too long to have you back.”

He shuddered with pleasure as he felt her lips graze against his ear, then down to his neck. She gently kissed his neck, and he flinched as he felt her teeth against his skin.

He moved his head to block her. “Careful,” he said.

“What the matter? Afraid your wife’s gonna see any bite marks I leave?”

Eddie felt his stomach drop. He hadn’t worn his wedding band and hadn’t told Tori anything about his wife or family. He’d had her blocked on social media ever since he left town, so he hadn’t thought she’d know anything about them.

She saw his expression and laughed. “She doesn’t matter anymore. You’re mine, now,” she said as she tried to bite his neck again.

“Stop!” he said, keeping his head tucked to his shoulder to block her mouth. He tried to pull his hands free from her grip, but she clenched her fingers tighter. He saw the definition of her triceps and shoulders highlighted in the bedroom’s low light and realized she was stronger now than she had been in high school.

Meanwhile he had been in good shape as a teenager, but years of office work and a lack of time to exercise had made his body soft, flab forming over his midsection.

Despite their disparate fitness levels, he didn’t think she could be stronger than him. He was larger than her, and besides that he was a still a man, and she was a woman.

Panic set in as he tried to push her off him but couldn’t budge her. When he tried to pull his wrists free, she kept them held tight, her arms locked in position so that no matter how hard he strained to free himself she kept him held tight.

Held prisoner.

“Tori, come on!” Eddie said in what he realized was a plea as he tried to use his strength to push her off him.

Tori laughed as he managed to push her hands up a few inches, only for her to reposition herself on top of him and shove his hands back to the mattress. He tried again, and the next time he couldn’t even push her hands an inch before she pushed him right back to the bed.

“What’s the matter? Can’t get up?” she teased him with a giggle that made him blush with shameful humiliation as he realized he couldn’t free himself from her strong grip.

He’d been so busy focusing on freeing his arms that he hadn’t even realized she’d wrapped her legs around his, and now she hooked her feet behind his calves and spread her legs apart, pulling his open in her grapevine hold.
Eddie yelled out in pain, the insides of his thighs burning as the muscles felt ready to tear once she pulled his feet apart.

“Ow! Stop!” he cried.

Tori laughed back. “Oh, I’m sorry, does that hurt?”

Eddie tried to pull his legs from hers, but with the way she had them spread open he couldn’t bend his knees to get any leverage, and when he tried to press against her, she spread her legs to pull his open further, sending fresh pain up his inner thighs that made him wince.

Eddie felt like he was in a torture rack. While her soft body was pressed down onto his, he could feel the corded muscles of her legs wrapped around his, and her hands felt strong as steel gripping his wrists.

Meanwhile Tori stared down at him, a victorious grin on her face and a sadistic gleam in her green eyes as her nose nearly touched his. “I told you, you’re not going anywhere.” Her expression became more serious, the playful smile gone as she continued; “I’ll never let you go.”

The words struck Eddie like a slap across the face. He remembered all the times he’d said it to her throughout their relationship, and how she threw it in his face when he broke up with her, culminating in that rainy day where he screamed at the bus as it drove him away from her; “You said you’d never let me go!”

The memory drove Eddie to try again to free himself, but it was hopeless. Tori was ready for him, and she didn’t even seem to struggle to hold him still. She laughed at his feeble attempts to break free, secure in her superior position and strength.

“That blonde bitch you married made you weak,” she said, repositioning her body to keep him pinned beneath her.

“Don’t talk about her!” Eddie yelled back.

Tori smirked. “What are you gonna do about it?”

Eddie did his best to pull free to no avail. His wrists ached, and he felt bruises on his legs where her shins dug into them as she kept his legs spread apart. All he was doing was wearing himself out.

Tori laughed scornfully down at him, her voice dripping with contempt as she spoke. “Please tell me this isn’t the best you can do.”

Eddie struggled harder. He was humiliated at the way Tori mocked him, and panic was setting in as he realized his crazy ex-girlfriend may be stronger than him. What if he couldn’t break free from her? How would he explain it to his wife if Tori used this opportunity to leave a hickey or some other mark on him?

He gasped for breath, exhausted. “Okay, I give,” he said, knowing he was helpless to free himself while she had him pinned like this. “Now let me up.”

She shook her head. “I didn’t say I’d let you go.”

“What the hell is this?” he asked, frustrated. “Are you mad I broke up with you in high school? Jesus, Tori, that was ten years ago!”

Tori responded by spreading her legs, pulling his apart and making him yell out in pain as he felt his inner thighs strain to their breaking point.

“Stop! Please!” he screamed.

Tori let him suffer a moment before relenting. She kept her legs entwined with his but stopped short of spreading them to their breaking point.

“You said you’d love me forever!” Tori hissed. “That I was the only one for you!”

“We were high schoolers, Tori! Idiot teenagers with no idea how the world worked yet!”

Tori was unmoved by his logic. She kept her grip tight on him, his legs still caught in her grapevine hold. “I told you I would love you forever. You, and only you,” she said.

“You expect me to believe you haven’t loved anyone else since –”

“I kept my promise!” she shouted so loud she practically screamed it in his face.

Eddie was stung, but he knew she meant it. He’d had to block her on social media shortly after he moved away due to how obsessive she’d become trying to locate him, but he had created burner accounts to keep track of her. He never saw her post about any relationships with another guy. It was one of the reasons he’d come back for his high school reunion – he knew she was single.

Tori smiled, her personality flickering back to the sweet, sensual vixen he’d fallen in love with. “It doesn’t matter what happened anymore. All that matters is you’re back with me, now.” She kissed him passionately on the mouth, her tongue caressing his.

Eddie let her kiss him, too frightened of her reaction if he tried to stop her.

She kissed his cheek and ran her lips over his ear as she whispered; “We can finally be together forever.”

Eddie gritted his teeth. He wanted to fight back again, but she kept him held tight and he was too winded from his last attempt to think he could free himself now. He had to be patient and wait for her to relax her hold on him before making his move.

He felt her weight shift to her knees and her hips as she relaxed her legs. He gasped with relief as the pressure eased on his aching calf muscles and her weight pressed down on his body instead.

She pressed her hips over his, her pubic hairs tickling his limp cock as she ran herself back and forth over him. “Now stop fighting and let me do you again, lover,” she moaned before pressing her lips to his.

At first Eddie was too focused on the feeling of her body rubbing against his, and way she kissed him, to realize she had relaxed her grip on one of his wrists. She kept his other wrist held tight. He expected to feel her free hand on his body, but she was instead reaching behind the bed.

Eddie seized the opportunity to move. He brought his free hand up to push against her body while at the same time he rocked his hips in that direction to force her onto her back as he rolled over on top of her.

He felt her try to keep momentum going and roll him onto his back again, but he spread his knees to keep his balance and stay on top of her. While she kept one of his wrists held tight, he grabbed for her throat with his free hand.

Rather than look shocked or afraid, though, Tori was unflustered by Eddie’s move. She smiled up at him, her green eyes gleaming wickedly. “Nice try,” she purred as she brought her free hand up to block him.

Her hand moved so fast that at first Eddie didn’t see the chord of black rope she held. It had been fashioned into a loop which she slipped over his wrist as he grabbed her throat. He never squeezed her neck, too distracted at how she’d just lassoed his hand, so he was unable to resist when she yanked the rope up and the loop tightened over his wrist.

“What the hell?” he managed as she pulled his hand towards his face. With another quick motion she unspooled more of the seemingly endless length of black rope and looped it around his neck. When she pulled tight his hand was tied to his neck.

“Did your wife never try bondage with you?” she said with a laugh as she watched him frantically pull his wrist, not realizing with every pull he was tightening the rope.

Eddie ripped his hand from her grip, pulling at the rope even as it cinched tighter around his neck and other wrist. He was grateful that it was a soft rope without any bristly chords to cut into his skin, and realized it was made for bondage. He knew she had it ready for him, preparing to use it on him this whole time.

He had gotten his fingers under the rope around his neck when he felt Tori’s thighs clamp shut on either side of his waist as she wrapped her legs around him. She’d locked her ankles together before he could react, and he gasped in pain as he felt her leg muscles flex. For a moment he forgot about the black rope wrapped around his neck as he tried to pry her smooth, toned thighs apart before she crushed him to death between them.

Tori laughed at his struggles, allowing him to desperately grip her legs as she continued to apply more pressure. “I told you already that you weren’t escaping me this time,” she said as she yanked the rope around his neck, bending him backwards and forcing him to grab for the rope instead of her legs.

Eddie couldn’t breathe. He hardly registered it when she rotated her legs to flip him onto his back on the bed, keeping his neck secured with the rope. At first, he tried to undo the rope while at the same time he pried at her thighs before he realized the rope was just distracting him; it was her legs that were keeping him from breathing. His fingers slipped off her smooth skin, her pale legs taunting him with their power as he was continuously constricted between them. In his desperation he punched her leg, his knuckles thudding on the tense muscle.

Tori snatched his wrist as he pulled back to punch her again, easily keeping his arm secure. “That’s enough of that, Eddie.”

“Tori. Please. Stop,” he gasped with his remaining breath, his heartbeat thundering in his ears and stars clouding his vision as he ran out of oxygen.
He had a sudden realization that this must be what an animal felt like when a python had it wrapped tight.

Tori suddenly relaxed her legs. Eddie nearly wept with joy as he felt the pressure ease off his waist, his aching ribs immediately swelling as he tried to catch his breath. His head was spinning, his vision still blurred, but he felt Tori open her legs and pull them from around him.

He was catching his breath, moaning with pain each time his strained ribs moved. He was too dazed to resist when Tori rolled him onto his stomach and sat on his butt.

“What are you doing?” he mumbled weakly as she unwrapped the rope from around his wrist. He felt her push his head into the mattress with one hand while she pulled his hands behind his back.

“Whatever I want,” she said happily. “I think I’ve proven by now that I’m stronger than you, and I can hurt you pretty badly if I want to.”

Eddie fumed, the humiliation of his defeat stinging almost as badly as the physical pain he felt from her legs. “You’re not stronger than me.”

Tori laughed. “Then why are you the one with his face in the mattress?” She pinched his cheek as if his defiance was adorable.

He felt her release his head as she held his hands behind his back. She had her fingers dug into pressure points on his wrist, so when he tried to resist, she pinched his joints to send pain shooting up his arms. His mind was racing, but he knew she had him at her mercy right now.

All he kept thinking about was how he was going to ensure that his wife didn’t find out about anything that had happened tonight.

“You should be grateful,” Tori said. “I broke a guy’s ribs in my jiu-jitsu class once. I had to learn how to control my power or else I would have broken yours, too.”

“Since when do you take jiu-jitsu?” Eddie asked. He shouldn’t have been surprised, given how easily she’d just outwrestled him.

“Since you left me,” she responded. As humiliating as it was, he couldn’t help but allow her to position his arms so both elbows were bent, with his hands up behind his back. He felt her pull the rope from around his neck as she looped it around his wrists and forearms in what seemed to be some complicated pattern.

“After you left, I made plans to get you back. At first, I thought I could just force you to come home with me. I even showed up at your fancy little college once with handcuffs and my dad’s gun.”

“Are you fucking serious?” He tentatively tried to pull his arms apart, but they were tied tight. He felt a lump in his throat as he realized he was hopelessly bound until she chose to release him.

“Would I lie about that?” she said as she looped the rope from his arms up around his neck. “I was in a really bad place when you left, and I just wanted you back no matter what. I knew, though, that if all I had was a gun to keep you here, you’d eventually escape.”

She pulled the rope under him, and he was again glad she’d chosen a soft rope that didn’t scratch against his naked skin as she looped it around him. He squirmed, realizing his arms were bound tight and that with the rope connected to his neck and around his body he couldn’t even move his arms to try and leverage them and break the rope.

Panic set in for him. “Tori, please…” he whimpered.

She ignored him, continuing her story as she tied a knot behind him. “I knew I had to be stronger so I could keep you here, and that the only way you’d stay is if I could make you submit to me completely. So I started going to the gym and taking martial arts classes. Then I found some tutorials on Shibari online that taught me how to tie these ropes so that you couldn’t break free.”

She finished her knot and tapped his shoulders, inviting him to try and break free.

Eddie thrashed against his rope bindings, but he was wrapped up tight. With his arms tied together behind his back, and the rope wrapped around his neck and his torso, he couldn’t move at all.

He went from wondering how he was going to explain this to his wife, to wondering if he’d ever see her again.

“The funniest part is I couldn’t figure out how to abduct you from your house without getting caught. I started following you to work to see if I could take you there, but there’d be too many witnesses. I was losing hope,” she said, running her hands over his bare legs. “Then a few weeks ago you DM’d me looking to hook up while you were back in town for the reunion, and I knew it was fate. After all that time, you came to me.”

Eddie could have screamed at his stupidity. He cursed every night he spent sexually frustrated, remembering all the good times with Tori without considering what a psychotic bitch she was. If only he’d remembered why he left instead of recalling all the fond memories in the bedroom, he wouldn’t be her captive now.

Tori rolled him onto his back.

“Tori! Let me go! Please! I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I just—” Eddie begged before she slapped him hard across the face.

“No more lies,” Tori said. “We have a long way to go before I believe anything you say again.”

She pulled his shoulders to sit him up, then pulled his legs until he was on the edge of the bed. She gently touched his cheek, as if in apology for striking him. “But we’ll get there, baby,” she cooed. “I know we will.”

Tears streamed down Eddie’s face. “Jesus Christ, Tori, you can’t keep me prisoner like this!” he pleaded with her.

Tori laughed. “I can, and I am,” she said, pulling him to his feet.
Now that they were standing across from each other their size differential was on full display again, and Eddie was just humiliated all that much more at how he stood taller than her, and was larger than her, but she had still defeated and tied him up.

She squatted down before him and put her shoulder into his stomach as she wrapped her arms around his legs. She stood up, lifting him off the ground, and Eddie fell forward over her shoulder. He was worried he’d tumble right over and hit his head on the ground, but she kept him held tight and carried him over her shoulder. He was in awe of how strong she was as he felt a humiliating sense of helplessness at being carried like this, his face inches away from her perfect ass and the dimples in her lower back above each muscled cheek.

Tori slapped his naked ass, laughing at the way he squirmed against her shoulder.

“Let me go. Please. I’m begging you!” he whimpered as she carried him out of her room. He kicked his legs petulantly, the feeble resistance drawing more laughter as she kept him held tight against her.

“I begged you not to leave me. Did you listen?” she said as carried him down the dark, narrow hallway in her house.

Eddie grew dizzy as he hung upside down over her shoulder. He could see her muscled ass flexing with each step she took, her sculpted legs seeming to be carved from marble as her pale skin stood out in the darkness.

He thought of rolling himself off her shoulder, but could feel her strong arm wrapped around his legs, pressing them against her breasts as she carried him. He worried that even if he could roll off her shoulder, he’d just hurt himself in the fall. It made him even more humiliated to know he was relying on her now to keep him safe.

She opened a door and entered, flipping on the lights. As she carried him inside Eddie could see foam tiles along every wall, their rounded points seeming to poke at the room’s cramped space.

Tori suddenly flung him forward, and he had a momentary panic before he landed on a soft mattress. She had him by the legs before he could think to scoot away from her, and she clamped a handcuff over one ankle before he could react.

“Tori, don’t!” he pleaded with her, realizing the handcuff was fastened to a metal loop in the bedframe. He wanted to kick her with his free leg as one final – albeit futile – act of defiance, but she had that leg cuffed to the bedpost before he could lash out. He kicked his legs, confirming they were bound securely to the bedframe.

He sat up, still pulling helplessly at the rope binding his arms, as Tori straddled him. She wrapped her arms around his body, holding him to her. He gazed around the room, realizing the walls and ceiling were covered in those same foam tiles. Besides the bed, the only other things in the room were what looked to be a torture rack made of two metal bars welded into an X shape, with leather cuffs at the end of each bar, and what looked like a padded sawhorse with cuffs at each leg.

It was a prison cell. Or a torture chamber.

“Help me!” he screamed as loud as he could, realizing how pathetic it was to be pleading for help like this but knowing his only hope was to have a neighbor hear him and call the police.

Tori laughed. “Scream all you want. This room’s been soundproofed. But if you get really irritating, I can always put a ball gag on you. Now be quiet.”

Eddie stopped screaming. Tears trickled down his cheeks. He hoped this was all some joke, that Tori would start laughing now about how bad she’d gotten him. Instead she held him to her, stroking his hair as she gazed into his eyes.

“You’re mine again, Eddie. And this time I’ll never let you go,” she said.

As she kissed his lips, reaching between his legs to stroke his cock, Eddie knew she meant it.
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Default Re: Never Let You Go

What a fun story!
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Default Re: Never Let You Go

That was a very nice and well written story. Made me think of the term "Yandere" you see in Japanese comics.
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Default Re: Never Let You Go

Thank you! I’ve read some manga featuring a yandere and am (obviously) a fan of the concept. This story was inspired by an ex girlfriend who was thankfully not as extreme as a yandere girl, but who was crazy both in and out of the bedroom.
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Default Re: Never Let You Go

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