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Old 30-Jun-22, 03:23
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Default GF farting during 69

My Girlfriend and I really love doing the 69 position. It's a common position for us to end up in during foreplay because she loves having control and enjoys being on top. I love having my face pressed up on her butt because it's very firm and muscular but also soft and squishy. Before eating her out I usually like to kiss around her cheeks and suck on them a little.

One time she decided to do something that was absolutely wild to me and I will never forget it. A few months ago we were alone at her sister's place and while spending the night, we were making out in my girl's bed room. One thing led to another and we striped down and she got on top of me in the north south position. I started to kiss her ass cheeks and started to eat her out, starting slowly. She was jerking me off and proceeded to blow me. Everything was going as usual when suddenly out of nowhere she stopped sucking and started to press her ass down my face. I thought nothing of it and shoved my face further in because we both like when my face is far up her butt. (its a domination thing). It was pitch dark for me when suddenly I felt this massive burst of air and a rancid smell clouded my nostrils. She just dropped a massive fart on my face.

I tried to scream but her weight was resting on my head, limiting my ability to do anything let alone speak. She is about 10kg heavier than me and a lot of it is muscle. I was stuck and trapped in her stench for a few seconds until she slightly elevated her ass off of me. I got really mad and told her to get off. She dropped her butt on my head and told me that she can do whatever she wants since I can't move her.

I asked if she can go to the bathroom but she said that wasn't necessary. She asked if I wanted another fart and I said "no please". She said okay and grabbed my dick. Her ass was elevated over my head and I can see her asshole flexing. I knew another fart was coming and told to "stop with this shit". The second fart was silent but I still felt the puff of air on my face and then an absolutely horrible smell. After that I told her I was not in the mood to continue and for her to get off.

She did not take kindly to me ordering her because she is a control freak, who always feels the need to put me in my place as she is physically stronger and is a key dynamic of our relationship. She just stayed still and asked me "how her farts smell"? Knowing that she isn't going to listen I tried to roll off to my stomach so least my face isn't on her stinky butt. She defended this attempt by putting me in a head-scissor. Her legs are absolutely massive and incredibly strong. She is a consistent weightlifter and wrestler, so she is dangerous with this move. I tapped in a few seconds as the pressure generated by her legs is enough to literally kill me. She kept me locked it and I was basically a prisoner until she would decide to let me go. She would squeeze for short bursts to make my breathing a lot more difficult. I would go from not being able to breathe at all to just being pinned under her strong body. When it got boring for her, she gave me the option of passing out from the head-scissor or getting farted on.

I chose to get farted on due to being afraid of passing out, which she was not bluffing about doing as I've been knocked out by her in wrestling matches. She let go of the scissor and just rested her butt on my face like before, in the 69 position. She started to jerk me off and I waited for her to fart. At that moment I knew that regardless of what is happening, if her butt is on my face and she is holding my dick. I'm guaranteed to have a boner. Shortly after a few strokes I see her asshole flex and I prepare for the fart and hold my breath to not smell it. She pressed down my face with her butt and farted again, but this one being smaller and not as smelly. She demanded that I eat her ass or else she would not let me finish. I begged to have her not force me because it was really smelly. I was pleading for my life and saying "I don't want to do it, please don't make me" over and over in a panic.

She must have felt a little bad and didn't force me to eat her ass. The thing is that I usually do it and worship her ass and asshole quite a bit during foreplay. But this time was way different. She was done farting as I think she didn't have anymore left but never told me. She just told me to eat her out. I can tell she enjoyed the situation as she was really wet when I was going down on her. She came within a few minutes and sat on my face with her full weight as she was enjoying the orgasm. I was glad she came but having her smelly ass on my face was staring to make me lightheaded. But I think that was also from the head-scissors and her body laying on me for so long.

Afterwards, she started to suck my dick while sitting on my face. She asked me to sniff her ass knowing it was still very stinky. I was so horny from the blowjob that I enjoyed going along with it. I was taking deep sniffs and when I was closer to cumming, I shoved my face into her asshole to get a big whiff of her 'scent'. She swallowed my cum after I busted my load in her mouth. She asked how I felt "cumming to her farts". I know she was teasing me but I responded with "Oh my God, that was amazing". She laughed and gave a little twerk before getting off of me.
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