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Default Forbidden Combat club (wrestling, strapon, femdom)

Hi All.
A long story, i make chapters.
Nice to hear feedback


Forbidden Combat club Pin & Fuck Wrestling club a part of the show!

some charactors:
Diamond vixen - me
Karen- founder of the club
Tiger Lil - female club fighter
Jenny the Blitz - 12 pounds of muscle heavier than I, fit aerobics instructor, won over diamond
Robert- Meets diamond vixen for second time
Larry - my husband
Amazoniac - mountain of a woman, big muscular blonde with very large strap-on
Fairy Mammoth - She has huge powerful thighs and only men take her on. She has a ridged strap-on
Dangerous Dane - male club fighter
Lisa the Hellcat - gave Larry his first loss

I stepped up on the big mat in the old warehouse. The place was packed with people, and I knew I was the centre of
attention now. This was my first of two matches tonight at this wrestling club. The matches was the ultimate
surrender-type, where you strip your opponent and the winner get to fuck the loser.
This first bout was me against a new girl, Jenny the Blitz!

Part One --------- Background ------------------
You may want to hear little about the background of this first

The girl vs. girl matches ends in sex, and lot's of people brand us as lesbians, but they are far from right.
Bi-sexual maybe. I can't wait for my Husband to get his penis into me when we get home from a show. That usually
happens in a hot relaxing bath. When I wrestle with men and end up having sex with them, it is not with the morals
of a lesbian. I prefer men, but enjoy females also.

So, getting together with our opponents meant that we did not go in the ring cold towards each other. Of the mat
all girls here are friends and have good times together. But the action on the mat was fierce and tough and we
ring-girls have become very skillfull wrestlers, knowing every dirty trick in the book to use on the mat. And we
knew our sexy fight and bodies tantalize the audience so that they go home and fuck their partners. At first the
audience was mostly men, but over time more and more females was watching our show, and they enjoy it as much as
the men, if not even more. There is no doubt the female audience is louder and more aggressive then the more
passive male audience, female have often their friends with them and shouting out loud the fights go out, urging
us to humiliate the loser and so on, while the men often visiting the club alone, and are not so vocal.
And the sexual submissions at the end of the bout, there the winner get to victoryfuck and humiliate the weak
loser, is a reward both to the winner and the audience.
And that is the way it should be. It's what brings the people flocking to see us. That’s why we fighters earn big
box. And the founder of the club, Karen, earns even more money.
When Larry, my husband, wrestles with girls here he knows that it is going to end in sex with that woman. And
whether he is the victor or the loser he has to be prepared to put on a show for the crown, just as the Gladiators
did in the Roman arenas. Even if he had won most of he's matches, he know that if he lose, he had to take the
winning woman’s strap-on hard up the ass. Even if the audience really love when a male loses and especially the
female crowd goes wild then a ring girls defeats a male and get to victoryfuck him, it can be both painful and
humiliating for the male.
Although, I know my Larry does not mind losing. And it does not mean he's cheating on me, course we both know the
rules of the game.

The ring was in a huge old warehouse, that Karen had restored and built 3 practice rings, a gym, a bar and the
main ring, which was lowered down so all the audience and bar, could get a good view of the action.

The ring itself was on the boarded floor with a sorbo rubber sheet which is covered with a heavy polystyrene six
foot square sheet.

The rules? There wasn't any except standing up with your opponent isn't allowed. Punching and kicking isn't
allowed, but almost anything else goes. The wrestling match goes on in 10 minutes or until one wrestler get
her/his opponent to submit tree times. If there isn't three submission within 10 minutes, the wrestler with most
submission, pins or points wins. There is always a referee on the mat keeping the counts.

The wrestling match is on our knees or on the mat.
Fleeing out of the ring is classed as a win for the person who remains in the ring. The loser has to go back in
and take her/his punishment.
When the fight is over a winner is declared and the humiliation round begins, there the winner gets to fuck the
loser, most female using a strap-on cock and the audience really love this. Saying all that, if you are here in
the club mat as we were today, anything goes, and the loser has to be prepared for anything the winner wants! And
if it was a fight female against men, there is no way telling if the female or the man to be pinned and fucked to
completion at the end, and the crowed loved it.

The humiliation round is a paramount attraction for the crowds to these shows and they are really awaiting to see
who going to loose tonight.

The crowd often call out for the loser to be and gagged in the humiliation round. A woman in the audience
sometimes provides her knickers for the gag. I think some of the women must wear their knickers 24/7, as they are
rancid with female fuck juices.

As the matches are advertised on the net, people come from far and wide paying hundreds of dollars for ring side
seats. When the club started, it was almost only men in the crowd, but females who have come here spread the word
and the females in the audience has increased steady and the last month there has actually been a female majority
in the audience also, and founder Karen is very pleased by this. And quite often recently, when there is more
females present, there is as much fucking going on in the audience and behind the bar as there is in the ring.
Karen, the club owner and boss, is a big fan of strap-on sex and pegging, and the club audience can now buy or
borrow a large variety of strapons and dildos from the bar, and it's very common usual that girls and couples
buys some of this, after their viewing the hot show.

Most people who goes to our shows wants to have sex afterwards, and female want it as much as the guys do. I know
that to be true because I have been to club Wrestling shows as a member of the audience.

I was fucked twice at the last show I went to with Larry. A married couple who lived next door to us and who I
invited to the wrestling club, was so horny after seeing the action on the mat, they wanted to give me the double.
But I wasn't in the mood to take them both on together, so the wife went for a walk while I did it with her
Then she came back, the aggressive wife fucked me even harder with her new strapon she had bought in the bar. She
was really heating up, and then Larry showed up, she said she wanted his cock inside her. I said it was OK, and as
the show as over and we all had to go out in the parking lot and Larry fucked a woman in the back of her car and
when he was done he was in turn fucked by her strapon in return. Larry really does love dildo up his ass and I
heard how she told him he was an even bigger slut than his wife as the neighbour woman pounded him. The car was
shaking from the action inside the car, and it was fun to see there were many more cars on the parking lot doing
the same.

The last year the club had put up the matches on the net, and this has caused the income for the club has
exploded as the money from pay-per-view has been higher than any expectation, and it's still rising rapidly.
This has made club founder Karen a very rich woman, and the payment for the fighters has also gone up.

The matches Larry and I go, we usually earn 4,000 dollars for a win and 1 000 dollars if we lose, sometimes more,
if there is a special evening. As we go matches every weekend, we have quickly gotten rich from this, especially
as we have kept our old jobs. Some of the better girls do this professionally now, earning more than 20 000
dollars a month. The money involved means also the fights are now more serious and professional, and the club
professional girls trained seriously now.

The internet spreads customs all over the world at the speed of light, and the club website has made this
sexfights very popular all aver the world. Both Larry and I have lots if international fans, and some wealthy fans
have paid our travel to come over and have a show for them or even meet us in a sexfight.
We have travelled to Britain, America, Mexico and Japan to meet fans like this. We are booked to go to Germany
next. In Japan, the guys where very small and slim and I think won 5 matches in one day, without much trouble at
all and it was great fun. I put on my strap-on and fuck their cute little loser butt afterwards, and in some cases
I did this in front of their amazed wife!

Wherever we go, our fans have been very respectful to both of us, boosting our confidence then they telling us how
much they admire us, how fantastic we look, how hot bodies we have and so on. And all our fans surely love to see
the winner of the match dominate their pray with strap-on or cock.

Larry and I were both fucked when we did an American show. We where invited at a fans house out in nowhere. Whey
where native Americans and the guy was pretty big. I had a match with him, and was losing. Before the match was
over he had stripped me and began to fuck me on the mat. Then Larry came over to stop him, he was broken off by
two pretty large young native woman, who grabbed him and manage to pin him down.
At least I was taken on the mat. Larry was held over a chair. The two girls had him pinned and used their
strapons on him, one on his mouth and one up the ass. Larry had no chance against their combined power. They cheer
out in victory as they fucked us both hard. But they paid us good so we didn't complain much.

I often train with Larry, and we had done some matches against each other in front of fans. He has won all this
matches, but they where always fun, erotic and competitive and I knew I was closing in on him. I think i have more discipline in the training, and Larry don't like training in gym much.
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Default Re: Forbidden Combat club (wrestling, strapon, femdom)

Nice reading, deepkick! Thanks. Would like more details Does it have a second part?
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Default Re: Part2-first match Vixen vs The Blitz

Yes, and it comes here ;-)

----------Tonights matches---------------------------

I was booked for two fights tonight. The fist was against Jenny and the second against a guy, Robert.

----------------- First match- Diamond vixen vs. Jenny the Blitz---------

Getting back to the bout with Jenny.
This first bout was against a new girl, Jenny the Blitz!
She was 12 pounds of muscle heavier than I was. You know the type, built like a fit aerobics instructor, with
large strong tights and fit upper body.

As all wrestling bouts here do, we started on our hands and knees, facing each other. My bikinis are especially
made with Velcro fastenings, so it is easier to rip off, in fact my opponent had borrowed a knickers and bra set
off me. We had discussed strategy and had practiced ripping the panties and bras off each other to give good
effect. Even if this girl, Jenny the Blitz, was new and it was her first match, she had studied almost very match
on the wrestling league on the net, and had practice in the clubs practice-mats during the last two weeks a lot.
She was very exited to join this club, and physically she was ahead on most members already, as she train regularly
for many years, and with her athletic background. I knew she's gonna be a tough opponent even if this was her first
Before the whistle for the, 'Off'' Jenny and I had snarled and spat at each other like alley cats. The referee
said "Go!", and we came for each other, locking hands.

Damn, she was strong, and pushed me back! But I knew a lot of moves and fell back and threw my legs around her
midsection. She wasn't prepared and I manage to threw her to the side and made a grab for her knickers and narrowly
missed them. That had the crowd ranting, 'Rip them, off!'
She tried to escape my legs, but I got them around her throat instead and grabbed her arm in an arm bar. It just
took a few seconds before she had to submit and, damn Im good, I was in the lead with 1-0.

We faced off again, and she seemed to have learnt her lesson and stayed away from my strong legs. She pushed me
around on the mat and managed to get me in a side headlock after a while. I could not get loose from her strong
hold and when she got one hand free, the audience sheered when she managed to strip both my bra and my bikini
bottom off me. She had me pinned and I had to submit.

The result was 1-1 and we faced off again. I tried to be more offensive, but she was both strong and quick and
dominated the match now. She managed to get behind me and locked my arms behind my back. Damn, here I go again,
losing track! She got me down on my belly and even if I tried everything I could, she stayed on top of me.
She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, 'Youre going down! Bitch! I want to fuck you good now!'
I wheezed back, 'Then you have to beat me first!'
- I don't think that will be a trouble right now!" She grinned, and put her hands under my chin and bends by
upper body backwards until I screamed out my submission.

Damn, she was in the lead 2-1 and as the fight began again she was very aggressive, attacking me on the mat like a
predator it's pray. I tried to defend myself, but she was damn strong and found myself in one hold after another
as we rolled around the mat. She got behind be and I felt how her fingers fond their way into my wet pussy and I
could not stop them. I lay there panting as she continued her sexual attack awhile, hearing the crowd cheering her
on in frenzy.
The crowd were on their feet now shouting for a, 'Pin and fuck!'

Suddenly Jenny slammed me on my back and sat her wet cunt down onto my mouth, holding me down for the count of
ten. I felt, rather than saw her waving her strong arms above her head in victory! Her big firm thighs were too
tight to my ears for me to hear the referee's count, or the cheers and calls from the crowd.

The referee declared Jenny the winner with 3-1 and Jenny just sat on my face awhile, enjoying her victory and
waved and flexed her arms to the fans in the crowd. Her biceps where not much bigger than mine, but very cut and
impressive, and it was no wonder she had been so strong with muscles like that.

The crowd bayed for my pussy to be fucked and Mary came forward and allowed Jenny to step into her strap on which
had been fetched from the dressing-room. Jenny told me she was hot and horny from beating me up and could not wait
to fuck me!
She ordered me on all four, and in the centre of the ring, Jenny gave me a good fucking, as the wild audience was
going crazy. It felt good and she knew how to use it as if it and I suspected she had done it before. She screwed
me hard and fast until I cried out that I was cumming!
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Default Re: Forbidden Combat club Second match - Larry vs. Anne the Amazoniac

----------- Second match - Larry vs. Anne the Amazoniac---------

I hurried to take a shower, so I could get back to see Larrys match against Anne the Amazoniac.

My husband Larry has two fuck bouts tonight too. He has still more wins than losses here at the fight club, but I
was a bit worried for him tonight. Two years ago when we joined Karens little fight club, the club had just
started then, Larry won all his matches.
But the female fighters have taken this wrestling very seriously, especially now when there is more money as
stake. Karen had opened a gym and practice wresting rings here in the old warehouse, and some of the girls where
training here almost daily. Many girls have increased both their skill and strength quickly and about a year ago
Larry lost his first match against a female here at the wrestling club. He had met Lisa "the hellcat" once before
and won, but it was almost a year before. He had seen some of the smaller guy lose to the girls, bud didn't think
he was in danger to lose a fair match to a girl as he was a pretty big adult male. I still remembered how surprised
and shocked he looked as Lisa pinned him for the last time and he understand he had lost the match.
And I also remembered how he couldnt meet my eyes as Lisa "the hellcat" drilled him hard with her strapon all over the mat. I remembered how I felt bad for him, but was also at the same time unbelievable turned on by watching Lisa
fucking and manhandling my husband like this and I could not explain why.

When I told him after the match that I thought it was so hot and I wanted him even more now, he was relieved and
said he had been afraid I would think it was disgusting that he, her husband, was humiliated on the mat like this.
I told him to never worry about that again, and we had great sex when we got home.

But as I told you, the female in this wrestling club had closed in him, and the other guys, and their lead in
strength and muscles, and during the last month he had lost about as many matches as he won. And I was a little
worried about him tonight, as he was going to take on two girls who here both big and strong.

The first one, he has to take a dive against, was a mountain of a woman by the name of Amazoniac. She has
straight blonde hair, a stern face, was taller than Larry, big boned, and you could see she had spent a lot of time
in the gym lately, as her muscles popped up as she fixed her hair. She has a very painful looking, very large
black strap-on and love to fuck losers. I love to watch her fucking her losers before. To see the look on their
faces when her big dildo first goes into their assholes and how aggressive she is when she victoryfuck her poor
victim. I said to Larry he can beat this bitch, but inside I know it will be very hard for him to win against this
mean and strong woman, who is a machine on the mat.

Anne has just gone up against other female before, and she had almost destroyed them on her matches before this.
This was her first match against a male, and many members was curious what would happen when a woman like her met
a guy. She was big and strong, but would it be enough to beat an experienced male like Larry.

Larry looked abit worried when Anne the Amazoniac stepped into the ring. He had always had the weight advantage
against his opponent here, but here was a female opponent who was two feet taller then him and at least 30 pounds
heavier. And to make things worse, she hade very solid upper arms and legs, heavy training in the gym have gave her
impressive and solid muscles. She flexed her arm to him to intimidate him, and smiled at him with an evil smile.
Her face wasn't ugly, but looked very stern and strict.
Larry had black boxers, while Anne had pink bikini.
The referee said go!!, and the match was on.
Even if Larry had lost matches here on the club before, the matches has always been close, with good and
competitive action, where both fighters getting holds on each others. I had hoped Larrys technique would help him
against this big woman, but boy, was I wrong!
From start to end, Ann dominated this match completely. She quickly managed to get his boxers off him, and then
pushed around his naked body on the mat as she pleased, getting him in one hold after another and Larry was
helpless to stop this aggressive strong woman.
The crowd loved it, and many women stood up and cheered her on. There was a group of five young collage girls in
front of me, who was in frenzy about the clear female dominance over a male on the mat, and said they had never,
seen anything like it before.
It looked so strange to me, as his smaller body looked so weak and helpless compared to hers when she got his
naked body pinned in one hold after another. Anne enjoyed herself as much as the crowd did, and began to stroke
and feel up Larrys pinned body as she pinned him.
She had him on his belly and slapped his butt hard before he rolled away from her.
"Finger him like a cunt" One of the girls in front of me shouted!
Anne looked up and seems to like the idea, as next time she pinned Larry her left hand got down between his legs
and fingers began to press against his butthole. Larrys manage to wriggle his body away from her and you could see
irritation in Annes face as she didn't succeed penetrating him with his fingers.
The match took a new turn now, when Anne attacked Larry intense now, but not to pin him this time, but to finger
him. It wasn't so easy for her, as Larry manage to wiggle out of her hold.
" You fucking boycunt. You think your little cute butt can escape me, but I will catch you sooner or later" Anne
told him.
But it just took a minute or so before she got him on a hold with her legs around his chest and pinned one arm
also, and she could bend up his one leg with her right arm and her left arm fund his now very exposed butt.
Her index finger pressed slowly inside him and soon she was finger him, and he was moaning slowly
" Nooo, please stop , Nooo." She used moist from her own pussy on her fingers and pushed two fingers inside him
and began to pump them inside and out.
" Ha, this was fun, you sound just like the female slut I have done it to!" Ann said ant continued to finger his
"I surrender" Larry screamed out and the referee interrupted.
"You have to let him go, Anne leads 2-0 in submissions"

Anne looked pissed as she was forced to let her pray go, now when she and such an excellent hold on him. The
collage-girls booed in front of me, thinking the referee was destroying the fun.

As the match began again, she quickly attacked him and swung him around and got him in a full nelson from behind
and forced him down on the mat again, on his belly with her on top of her.

"Now you have pissed me off and that means you will suffer more in the humiliation round!" Anne hissed to him from
She began to thrust her hips against his butt again, and the crowd cheered her on. She was dryhumping Larrys butt,
and he could not do a thing to stop her, and was in pain from her pounding. "Damn, Larry," I thought." Just say
submit and the humiliation will end."
When then let go of her full nelson, twisted back his arm on his back and where holding them with on arm. Then her
other hand quickly found its way to his butt again and she began to finger his exposed butt again.
" Damn, this is a massacre. She is controlling him with just one arm. It's soo cool!" I heard the girls said in
front of me.
At the same time I heard Larry screaming out his third submission and the match was over.
Ann got up and Karen raised her arm and declared her victory over Larry with 3-0. Ann then almost runs over to her
ringside and got her strap-on. She quickly and expertly fastened the straps around her waist and seemed to be very
impatient to get to the victory fucking of her defeated man.
She looked very impressive and intimidating with the very large black strap-on on her powerful female body. She
approached poor Larry again and forced him down on the mat, and the young girl gang in front of me was going wild.
Ann pushed him down on all four and positions herself behind him. She began to press the big dildo inside his male
ass and Larry began to whimper and complaining about it was too big for him. But Ann just leans forward and covered
his mouth with one hand and continued to slowly force her large dildo inside him. When it was halfway inside she
pulled back and forced it back again with great power until she had buried it all the way, and her pelvis was
pressing against his buttocks. Larry screamed, but was muffled by her hand covering his mouth.
" - Good boy, see I knew you could take it. Now let the fun begins." She laughed at him and began to thrust her
strapon in and out of him. She increased her pace and was soon fucking him like a peace of meat on the mat, and
Anns aggressive horny groans soon drowned the whining sounds from Larry. His body was shaking from her attack.
Damn, she was a mean bitch, but I was at the same time very fascinated by the view of this big muscular woman
fucking up my husband.
Larry was now laying flat on his belly and Ann continued to drill him hard, pressing his head against the mat with
one hand and fucking his pinned ass like a beast. Soon she was screaming out her orgasm and pulled out and just lay
on top of him, patting him a little on the head, before getting up and waving for the ecstatic crowd and her fans.

Larry just lay there a while, before getting up on shaky legs
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Default Re: Forbidden Combat club - Summer finds a pray

----------- after the match - Summer finds a pray ---------

"- Damn this was the hottest match I ever seen here." One of the girls in front of me told her four girlfriends.
They all agreed and chatted elated about the match and the humiliation round. The girl was in her early twenties
and had a ponytail. She looked around and notice an alone man who was sitting a few meters from me. The guy was
around 50 years old, had a casual t-shirt and chinos, and I have seen him many times on the club before, he
seemed to be very shy, observing things closely at the club but I never seen him hook up with anyone here. She
smiled at him and approached him.
"- Hi there, my name is Summer, thats your name?"
The older male looked up surprised at her " - Ehh, m-my name is George."
" Did you like the match? " She asked, observing him closely.
" Ehh, yes, it was very interesting." He said
" - Yes, it was sooo cool, didn't you think? I got soo hot watching it. " Summer said and suddenly put her hand on
his crotch feeling him up. The old man stiffened up.
" - Hey, Girls. It looks like the old men here is rock hard from watching a strong female kicking a mans butt and
fucking him hard with a strap-on afterwards. Is it so? Do you like watching weak men getting fucked in the ass by
a superior girl?
" - Ehh, I don't know." George stammer
"- Ohh, don't be shy here, old man. You get turned on by watching loser men get fucked up the ass by a woman,
don't you?" Summer insisted
" - Eh , yes, I guess so." George stammers.
" - Oh, that's great, I was hoping you would say that! And what do you think of me? Do you think Im hot? Do you
think I have a good looking body?" Summer smiled flirty and leaned to him. He blushed and looked over her young
body, she had low-cut jeans that fit her body perfect, and a yellow tank top who revealed her solid arms and pretty
big boobs.
" Yes, mam. You are a very fine looking young woman." George said
" My, you are so sweet, George. I think you are very cute also, George. Since Ive started to watch this mixed
sexfights here, I have always wondered of I could take down an average size adult man. I know I don't have muscles
like Ann the amazoniac here, but Im no weakling. After the first time here, watching the hot and strong girl
winning on the mat, me and my friends was so amazed that we all joined a gym the day after. I've been training
a lot the last two month, and Im already feeling the difference, I feel stronger. And you seem to be about
average size, and I would love to test my strength against you. Do you think you are stronger than me?" Summer
"- Well, I dont think I would have a chance against woman like Amazoniac, but a young woman like you I think I
could handle. I'm stronger than most people think. " George said confident, and when he studied her he didn't see
much more than two young big boobs and a cute girly face and body.
" - OK, I take that as a challenge. Why don't we armwrestle to find out who's really strongest."

They sat down and placed their right arm in front of each other and their hands grabbed each other. Summers four
friends was very interested now and sat around them, shouting for their friend. I had also a good view from where
I sat, and was watching them closely. George had mixed feelings before the match began.
Even if he was turned on by watching men lose these sexfights in the club, he didn't want to embarrassed himself by
losing to this cocky young woman, who only looked to be 20 y old. He was pretty thin, but had always been very
strong for his size and had been proud of his strength and cut muscles before then he was younger. The last years
he had loosen his shape a little, mostly watching TV and computer, but he was sure he was still sure he was pretty

"Ok, young girl, are you ready to feel the power from a real man?" He said to her cocky.
" _ Im ready whenever you are." Summer said.
Her friend said GO!, and the match was on. Summer immediately got Georges hand back one third before he managed to
stop her. George was surprised by her strength and tried to get beck her hand to neutral position. They both
struggled a little, and George now saw muscles on the girls arm what wasn't visible before. A friend of her took
photos of their match with her camera. Damn, I can't loose to this young girl, George thought to himself, and
tried to increase his power, but he couldn't get out of his weak position. Suddenly she increased her pressure
and began to move his arm to the table.
" - Well, old man. Where is the power from the real man? Or is a real girl too strong for you? " She teased, and
smiled big as she pushed him all the way to the table!

"- YES!! I KNEW IT! I knew I could take him. This is soo cool, I won, I kicked his ass, and I overpowered him!" Summer
beamed with joy and celebrated her victory.
" - How did it feel to be beaten by a 21 y old girl." One of her friends asked him
" Ohh, it wasn't a fair match. She quick started and got an unfair advantage she could use to win. " George make
excuses for himself.
" Hey, I heard that, George. I didn't know you were such a lousy loser. Why dont we make it best of three, so there
will be no doubt was the winner and loser here! And to make it more fun, the loser has to take his shirt off!
And you can start the match if you want to."
" - Ok, thats sounds fair. Be prepared to show me your boobs after the match." George said and they sat down me
position again.
"- Yes George, you can start whenever you want now, I promise you I wont start first this time. Show me what you
George stared into the eyes of the cocky cute girl, and began to push hard. She strained a little just in the
beginning, but then she controlled herself and seemed to easily hold off his attack. He gave all he had but she
just held him off, their arms where not moving an inch!!
" Is that all you got, old man?? Most of my girlfriend can push harder than that!" She teased him, and smiling
with indulgence over his effort.
She then suddenly got on the offensive, and in one smooth motion she pushed his straining arm down on the table
again, and he was helpless to stop the obviously stronger girl.
" see, I won again. Now pull off your shirt." Summer commanded him. He was shocked and humbled by her convincing
victory, and could not believe this girly young woman could be so strong. But he admits his defeat and began to pull
off his shirt, exposing his bare chest. Summer took his t-shirt and moved in closer on him and began to caress his
chest and upper arms.
" Look at his narrow and flabby chest and thin arms. Not much muscles there. He is a real couch potato. No wonder
Summer beat him. " One of summer friend said.
" Oh, I think his body are very cute, even if there arent muscles! " Summer said continue to feel him up.
" Bull! I have muscles, look here." George felt insulted and put up his arm and flexed. His arm wasn't very big,
and had lost a little muscle tonus the last few years, but there was still a very visible bicep on his upper arm.
Summer felt it with her hand and then put up her arm besides his and compared them. Summers arms didn't look very
muscular when relaxed, but now when she flexed he could see a firm and round muscle in her upper arm. He was
stunned when he realized that her muscle was probably harder, and now when she held it close to his, he could see
it had more size than his also.
" Your biceps is cute, but here are some real guns!" Summer said.
" - Wow, Summer. You own him so good, girl! His arms are much smaller than yours, Summer. Hey, wait a little! Pose
for me a little more. I want to have this on picture!!" Her friend said and took pictures of summer flexing in
front of bare-chested George, who swallowed his pride and made the same muscle poses as Summer, even if he
obviously was outgunned. " - Great, these pictures will great. " The friend said and continued to take pics of her
friend when she fascinated compared her bigger arm muscles in several poses next to the older male.

I smiled at the scene, and was intrigued how exited all four girls seemed, they looked like flees swarming around a
sugar cube, chatting and giggling around the exposed man.

I had to go and prepare for my next match, nut on my way to the dressing room I heard one of the girls was going to
the bar to bar and buy some strapon for Summer, and I almost started to feel sorry for the alone old guy.

Summer then turned to George with a funny smile on her face.

"- Here, George, I want you to feel something here." Summer said and grabbed his hand and guided it to her crotch.
He resisted her a little, but she was resolute and firm and pressed his hand against her crotch. I could see his
surprised face when he felt the bulge in her jeans.
" Do you recognise what it is, old man? " Summer said and giggled.
" E-eh, yes. I know what it is. I think you have a strapon dildo under your pants!"
Summer laughed out loud " That's correct you funny old man. And I want you to suck it for me! You know losers in
this club have to suck dildo, dont you?"
" - I guess so.." He mumbled
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Default Re: Forbidden Combat club (wrestling, strapon, femdom)

----------- Third match - Diamond vixen vs. Robert the Rod ---------
I was in the dressing-room again, preparing for my next match with Robert the Rod. I was pissed by the humiliating
loss by the newcomer Jenny the Blitz, and really didn't want to lose twice tonight.
I have met him and lost once before, and it was very painful taking his giant prick up the ass. But it was almost
a year ago, and he isn't much bigger than me, and the match was pretty close. I
had done a lot of practice in the gym and hope I can give him a better match today, and maybe even turn the tables
on him.

The bout with Robert was a free for all where the winner asks the audience what they should do with the loser. If
I win I am sure they will call for me to fuck the guy with a strap-on, and I smiled at the thought.
If I lose, I surely get his large cock up my tight ass again, and I really hurt when guys are as big as Robert.
The female crowd love to see a big dangling cock and most of the male wrestlers in the fuck-bouts are chosen for
their cock size rather than there wrestling skills. And most male wrestlers here are about the same size as the
women here, to get the matches more exciting, close and skilful wrestling.

Janet the Black panther was also in the dressing room and asked my who I was up against
'Robert the Rod? He is a push over if you maul his balls. Don't hesitate, Vixen.' She told me

'I don't know, Janet. That man is a psycho case. He has the biggest prick I have ever seen, and I don't want to be
on the losing end of that monster.

"Oh, don't worry, I think you will nail him this time. Girls rule here tonight, did you see how Lisa the Hellcat
won over Tim the ranger tonight! She has now beaten all the guys except Frank and Leroy. Thats really amazing. And
that woman, Anne amazoniac is just mean. I hope you can keep the girls winning streak here tonight, by fucking up
the Rod also. God knows he needs a good fucking from a woman.

I laughed at her " - OK, Ill see what I can do."

The girl were there waiting to help me on with my fox fur cape and fox-head hood. It had cost me 2,000 US dollars,
made to measure, but the notoriety it had brought me had been worth it. That with my foxy tricks in the ring of
course! As usual the girls were tapping me up for the fight.

As with all fuck-bouts, I was naked under my cape. Same as Robert the Rod would be under his. We stripped our
capes off in the ring after we were introduced by the referee. I loved the crowds response when they saw me naked,
the whistles, the cat calls and the many lewd calls. They all turned me on and made me hot and horny. I was proud
of my body, both curvy and strong, and loved how I could tease men with it. I made a few lewd gestures of my own
this whipped up the young and the old randy males plus a few ardent lesbians.

The women in the audience screamed when the Robert removed his horned hat and fur trappings to reveal his monster
cock which he was brandishing to all four corners and at me. I felt my asshole muscles tighten up painfully, as I
remembered how he had seriously fucked me up last time. He was about my length and size. He was smaller than Larry,
my husband, but he was meaner in some way. His head, chest and his bollocks was a mass of red hair. Thick and
unkempt where ever it grew. It hid my target, his balls. I want to get them in my fists soon.

A guy in the crowd was chanting, 'Fuck her! Fuck her cunt! "
Then came a woman's scream, 'Bite his balls off, Vixen! Fuck his red asshole! Give it to him good, Vixen!"

They loved it! It was like they wanted the fucking to start right away. In a way, I did too. I really wanted so
see the smug smile on Roberts face disappear as I penetrated his little butt with my strapon. It would be so
great. I felt how my juices flowed again just from thinking about it.

There was no sign of Larry. He may not recovered from the brutal loss against amazoniac, but it was the very first
time he had not attended one of my fights. It made me nervous.
Too late the referee cautioned us and blew his whistle We dropped down to hands and knees on the mat and the
whistle blew again and I darted under the Dane and made a grab for his balls. He evaded my clutches by springing
up onto straight legs and fastening steel claws onto my nipples and squeezing them hard. He hurt me and I screamed
at him in anger and grabbed him and turned him around and on his back like a rag doll.

I tried to throw myself on top of him but he hit me hard with his knee between my legs and belly, and I rolled over in pain. It wasn't allowed to kick, punch or use knee,
but the referee said it was no foul and it was me who had threw me on his knee. Damn him, Robert is playing dirty as always. Before I could recompose myself,
he was behind me and I felt how his left fingers was pushing inside my pussy was he hold me with his other arm.
I knew this hold was hard to break, as he had pinned me twice like this in our last match.
"- Are you ready to lose again?" I heard him pant in my ear.
I got angry by his foul play, and threw myself back at him. He managed to hold me but I could feel how he had trouble to hold me, and I tried the same move again. To my surprise I could break free this time and I could hear Robert cursing
"- What the fuck!" and I guess he was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to break one of his special pinning hold.

I quickly threw myself on him again and we started to roll around the mat, both struggling fiercely to get on top. It was pretty close, but he wasn't as strong as I remembered, or if it was me who had gotten stronger since last time. Anyway, after a while, I managed to control the match more and more and stayed on top of him longer and longer before he could throw me off. I got on top of him again, and this time I could not wait to get revenge on his knee before, and quickly I busted his balls with my right knee. The referee didn't seem to have notice it, but he was temporarily stunned with pain and I could roll him over on his belly. I quickly got on top of him and my left hand got between his legs and found his sore big balls, and grabbed them firmly. Robert gasped out loud and wiggled his body from side to side, and trying to pull my hands off his ball with his left hand. But he had no leverage, and he just coursed more pain on his ball when he tried to pull my hand away. I smiled at his weak efforts, and played with him a little before laying myself on top of him, pushing his body firmly down the mat, while still holding his ball with my left hand. My right arm got around his throat and I was now pinning him to the mat and he could not move his body. It was easy for me to maintain this hold on him, and I could tease him, kissing him on the neck and so on.
I could hear how he muttered, "- You damn bitch." But it didn't take long before he understood his hopeless position and shouted out his submission.
"- First submission to Diamond vixen. Both fighters up on your knees!" Karen the referee said.

I got up and was very pleased with myself. The first pin was the most important. I had been afraid of his dirty tactics, but now I felt I could handle them and give him back with his own medicine. Physically I felt at least as strong as him, and I was both quicker and more skilled than him on the mat, and it made me feel very confident. Robert got up more slowly, and I could see he was angry.
" -You going to pay for that, and it gonna be painful for you!" He hissed at me.
" -You think so? but I think you have to work on your mat skill first, otherwise you and your ass is gonna get punished by the Vixen in the last round." I said a smiled at him.

He grunted and threw himself at me, his hand attacking my boobs again. This time I could grab both his wrist and he struggle to free them from my firm hold. He was frustrated when hid didn't manage to break free his arm and I could move in so we was standing chest to chest with me still controlling his hands and arms with mine, holding them wide out. We struggled a little before I could push him back and he fell on his back with me over him, straddling his chest, and pinning his wrist on the mat above his head. I moved forward so I was sitting at his face and could release my grip on his arms as I now pinned his arms with my legs. He twisted under me, tried to flip me over, but didn't manage. I poked him a little in his pinned face, before reaching back with my hand and grabbing his large cock, and squeezing it tightly. He gasped out in pain and frustration, and I really enjoyed looking down at his pinned face under me, thinking how cocky and arrogant he had been towards me before. I began to jerk his cock hard, and I smiled when I could feel how it began to grow in my hand.
"- No, no, stop it. Stop it, I submit, I SUBMIT!!!" Robert screamed under me. I heard the female crowd cheer and I waved for them, this was going easier than I hoped for before, and I was a little surprised by my fast win.

"- Second submission to Diamond vixen and the score is now 2-0 to Vixen. You have to let him go now, Vixen!" Karen the referee said to me with a sharp tone. "- Oh, sorry." I said and got to my feet, letting Robert up.

I was pretty confident of winning the match now, and smiled as we circled each other for the next round. I must have relaxed a little too much, course he managed to get me down and on top. But I managed to push him off me pretty easy. The fight continued a few minutes on the mat, we both rolling around, trying hold on each others. I found myself enjoying the wrestling, how skilful, how tight it was, how I could feel his male body struggling against mine, how I could rub myself against his very large cock as we rolled around the mat, and I didn't go for a quick pin. He thought he was close to win in the beginning, but soon his began to run out of steam, and I could control him again. After a while I put my legs around his neck and forced him so submit as I began to squeeze them thigh.

" - And we have suuuuubmission!!! " The referee shouted out. " - The match is over, Diamond vixen have taken a brutal revenge on Robert the rod, winning 3-0. This was a free to all match, there Vixen have to ask the audience that she should do the loser in the humiliation round!!! Do we have any suggestions?" Karen the referee asked the crowd.

There where a lot of noise from the crowd, it was hard to hear what everybody was saying. But you could hear a chanting clearly, and when I looked up I could see it was the younger girls sitting in front of me before, except Sunny, chanting again and again
Another very loud female voice shouted " Gag and fuck, gag and fuck. gag and fuck." and I was I saw it was a big black woman, who looked very excited, shouting with her impressive voice.

"- So, so. it looks like the crowd had chosen to let Vixen gag Robert and then victoryfuck him with a strap-on. Let it be so. Here is your strapon, Diamond Vixen." Karen said and handled me my favourite strapon, a black smooth dildo.
" - And do we have something to gag him with?" Karen asked the audience, and smiled as she saw how the big black woman was waving with her large panties.
" - I think this will do good. Thanks." Karen said to the black woman and gave it to me. I smiled as I felt how they where damp by cuntjuices.
I put on my strapon, and walked forward to Robert, who was waiting for me with on all four and his head hanging down. I grabbed his hair and jerked it upwards and pressed in the large wet panties in his mouth, ignoring his muffling objections. I then got behind him and began to press my strapon against his exposed butthole. I was going to be great to be able to turn the table on him this time, showing this arrogant guy who's was the boss. After a little fumbling, it went inside him, and I firmly pushed it all the way inside him with one thrust. He jerked and tried to cry out, the panties almost fell out. I stopped this by leaning forward and held my right hand over his mouth, keeping the black woman's panties in place, and muffling his cries, as I began to thrust into him with a quick pace. The female crowd love to see his big semi erect cock dangling under him as I continued to fuck him from behind. I could see how one cute looking guy in the audience hade stepped close to the mat and was taking pictures of us wit his camera. I smiled for him, slapping Roberts's buttocks and I continued to drill him, and the guy took many pictures. I loved to use the arrogant guy like this, and I could rub my clit against the dildo knob every time I thrust into him and it didn't take long for me to climax, screaming out my orgasm as I thrust into him harder than ever. I held on a minute or so, before pulling out my dildo and pushed his exhausted body down on the mat. I waved for the fans in the crowd, posing a little over my beaten foe. The cute guy asked me to flex my arms and I did so, even if I hadn't cut muscles like other fighters, he seamed very pleased. When I looked up I could also see the cocky young Summer on the right side of the ring. She had strapped a dildo outside her low-cut jeans, and was holding the shy old man by the hair and forcing him to suck her dildo, while she was looking at my action at the mat. She was looking like she had the time of her life. I was feeling great fucking him in the mat in front of the great audience, but it didn't take long before Karen lead us off the mat, so she began to prepare for the next match.
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Default Re: Forbidden Combat club (wrestling, strapon, femdom)

----------- Fourth match - Larry the sergeant vs. Fairy Mammoth ---------

The second opponent for Larry tonight was against a woman by the name of Fairy Mammoth. She has huge powerful
thighs and had only gone matches against men, winning her last two, over Kane the stick and Jose the Mexican,
convincingly. She had curly dark big hair, a curvy body with big boobs and butt. She didn't look very athletic,
but looks can be deceiving and she had a very solid body and I had seen her a lot at the gym lately lifting heavy.
She has a ridged strap-on which can be painful to take up already well fucked ass. I'm afraid that Larry, on the
way home tonight, is going to stink of cunt juices and have a very sore butt.

They stepped up inside the ring waving and posing for the crowd. They were about the same length, but fairy was clearly heavier than him. But she had a few pounds fat on her body, so it maybe wasn't impossible for my Larry to beat her. Karen said go!!, and the match was on. They tugged and pushed each others, feeling each others up. I cheered for him, "Take her down, Larry!" I shouted. He seemed to take me on the words, and managed to push her down, getting a top of her as she fell on her back. She quickly got her massive tights around his midsection and began to squeeze. My husband screamed out in pain and surprise, as the big woman's scissor hurt him. He let go of his hold of her and tried to wiggle out, but her scissor hold on him was tight like a vice. He struggled to get out but her scissor hurt too much and when she locked one of his arms also he quickly submit.

He was shocked by the power of those thighs and the next round he did everything he could to avoid them. The next two rounds was a little more close, but as soon as she got her big rock hard legs around his body or neck it was just matter of time before he had so submit as he just couldn't break it. I now understand why she got the name man-eater, seeing her big curvy body controlling my husband more slim body, it looked almost like her legs devour him.

Karen declared Fairy Mammoth winner of the match and the big proud woman strapped on her infamous ridged dildo, and made my husband suck it before victoryfucking him hard on the mat. He was screaming out in pain at first, but as she continued his screaming was replaced by gentler moans. I knew I should be feeling sorry for him, or feeling jealous, and almost felt a little ashamed by how hot I got again by watching my husband treated like that on the mat.
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Default Re: Forbidden Combat club home action

----------- I and Larry get some action at home, after the fight night ---------

When we drove home after the fight night the feeling in the car was a little strange. Before Larry won all his
matches and I lost most of mine. Over the last months he had lost a few, but was still a much greater and stronger
wrestler than I was. But some of the new female wrestlers was strong like hell, and I could feel how he was a
little uncomfortable about the fact that he have lost both his matches and I made a surprise win against the Rod.
" - You may have to join me more often in the club-gym, so it doesn't have to be only me to bring in the money
from the fight nights." I tried to tease him.
" - Ohh, drop it. You don't have to rub it in. These two women are the strongest woman in the club. Neither you or
I have a chance against them. But I still kick the "normal" club girls ass anytime, to you don't have to worry
about my shape." Larry said in an irritated voice.
" - I was just teasing you, honey. You do better next time. But I feel a little sorry for your cock, which didn't
find a pussy to fuck in two matches. I can't wait to get home and feel it inside me. You know how horny I get
after fight nights." I said and rubbing his thigh as he was driving.
" - Thanks for the offer, but I feeling really spent and my ass is still sore. I think be both have to rest
a little when we get home." Larry responded and pushed away my hand.
I felt rejected but I was sure I could get Larry to change his mind about it as we got home, as I was dying for a
fuck. I knew I have a bigger sexual drive than Larry, and wanted sex daily while he wanted it just a few times a
week. I usually solved it with my toys to get me off myself. But we always had good sex after the fight-nights and
I wanted to continue that fine tradition.

When we got inside I quickly change clothes and went to the living room to Larry in just a loose t-shirt, no jeans
or panties on. He tried to get passed me, but I blocked his way. I began to rub his body and feeling up his cock
through his pants. He was still limp, but I knew I could get him alive soon.
Larry pushed me away again. " - NO, honey! Not tonight. I told you I am too tired."
I looked at him surprised. He has never turned me down like this before.
" - Oh, baby, don't you think Im hot?" I said slyly and began to kiss him on the lips.
He broke off the kiss and pushed me back again, and told me " Of course youre hot, but I told you Im to tired
tonight. Another day maybe."
Suddenly I screamed out in frustration and anger " - Maybe!!! Maybe?? You fucking prick." I told him and attacked
him. I got him in a side headlock and threw him down on the mat. Larry was taken by surprise and before he knew it
I had him pinned to the carpet in a headlock.
" - Have you become a total pussy? Have fairy mammoth fucking the male out of you? Am I suppose to fuck you
instead because you have become a fucking loser? Is it so? " I was yelling at him.
I could see how his surprised face turned into anger and I could feel how he moved around and broke my headlock
and throw me around and pinned me to the carpet. He was furious and could overpower me easily.
" - Now listen carefully you crazy count. I am the man in this house, on in this house to will always be me
fucking you, is that clear??? You may be getting funny ideas from watching me lose to amazoniac or winning against
weak ass Robert in the club. You will never get as strong as Amazoniac and Robert is much weaker and smaller than
Good for you, you won against Robert, but that doesn't mean you can take on me! Do you understand??" Larry said
angry, pinning me on my back on the carpet.
" - OK, Robert. I understand. You are too strong and manly for me." I told him and rubbed my body against his.
" - Yes, thats true. And you will not speak so disrespectful to me again?" I could feel how he had a hardon now.
" - No, Robert. You're the best." I told him. I manage to get a hand free and found his cock, pulling out his
" - Now, please fuck me, Robert." I pleaded. Robert buried his cock all the way inside me and began to fuck me
harder than he had done in a long time, still with some anger in him.
He made me respond " You're the best, Robert." every time he asked me "who's the best?" while fucking me. He
fucked me until both came.
I enjoyed the fucking, and found it funny how I have tricked him into it.
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Default Re: Forbidden Combat club (wrestling, strapon, femdom)

----------- Clubs official weightlifting video 2 ---------

Next week it was the shooting of the Clubs official weightlifting video 2. Due some request from our webmembers,
the club have recorded a video of all club fighters posing, flexing muscles and trying to do their max in
The first video was shot and it became a unexpected hit on the net, with loads of pay-per-view-downloads and
good money for the club.
It was almost a year ago and it was now time for a sequel, Clubs official weightlifting video , year 2.
The result of the first year strength test was:

1. 95 - Frank the Muscleman
2. 80 - Leroy the Pimp
3. 73 - Tim the ranger
4. 70 - Dangerous Dane -
5. 67 - Larry the sergant - my husband
6. 66 - Lisa the Hellcat - gave Larry his first loss
7. 65 - Tiger Lil -
8. 60 - Robert the rod- who I beat last week!
9. 60 - The dragonlily
10. 58 - Jose the mexican
11. 58 - Janet the Black panther
12. 56 - Sarah the stable girl
13. 55 - Kane the stick
14. 55 - Diamond vixen - me
15. 52 - Alissa the cheerleader
16. 50 - Hiro the Firefly
17. 48 - Min the steel butterfly
18. 38 - Donna the model
I was number 14 with 55 kg and Larry, my husband was no:5 with 67 kg. A year ago there wasn't any female beating
Larrys score, but both Larry and I knew some of the new girls would beat him and probably girls like Lisa the
Hellcat also. There were 7 newcomers into the club, and the club fighters were now 25 instead of 18 last year.
I was a bit curious about my progress. I had been training regularly in the clubgym, only in nautilus-machines and
had no idea if I had increased my benchpress, but I felt stronger.
Larry had joined me sometimes at the clubgym, but said he didn't like the machines and preferred to train at home,
with some dumbbell and pushups, but mostly running.
Anyway, all 25 club fighters was gathered and chatted loudly as the test began. Karen, the club president, said the
order of lifting would be same as the rank last time, and the seven newcomers would be out last.
Frank the muscleman began. He flexed his impressive muscles and benched 95 kg max, same as last time.
Leroy the Pimp was second out. He nailed 75 but missed 80, his max last time. He ended on 78. He complained about
his wrists.
Tim the ranger was next, he increased from 73 to 75 and was pleased afterwards.
Dangerous Dane was next and was down 2 kg from last time, to 68.
Larry was up next, I could see he was a little nervous. He had told me he had a bad stomach and felt a little
dried up, and was worried this would affect his lifting negative. I did a little posing in front of the camera,
flexing his muscles, before getting on the bench. Larry ended up in 65, down 2 kg. He was a little disappointed,
but told me it was because he was a little sick and he would normally take 68-70 kg.
Lisa the hellcat was next, she had given Larry his first loss and we knew she had been working out like hell, and
the result was clearly visible as she was flexing and posing before her lifting. But everybody was nevertheless
surprised when she manage to lift 76 kg, + 10 kg since last time. She hasn't just passed Larry in strength, but
Dane and Tim also.
Tiger Lil was next, she did 70 kg, up 5kg, and also passing Larry. Next was Robert. I watched carefully, knowing I
had beating him and fucking him recently. He stopped at 60 kg, same as last time. The Dragonlilly was next, the
hot and curvy tattooed asian. She made 64 kg, and I was surprise how close the result of Larry she was now, she
seemed so girly and feminine.
Jose the mexican told us he had only training with his tequila, and was pretty pleased to remain on 58 kg. Janet
the Black panther had lifted the same as Jose last time, but her black body looked stronger now and she increased
an impressive 7 kg to 65kg. She was pleased afterwards and flexed again for Jose who impressed felt up her young
black female arms. Sarah the stable girl told us she hadn't time to the gym as much as she wanted, but had
yet increased from 56 to 62. I guess stable work gives effect also, she said and smiled to the camera, showing off
her solid arm. Kane the stick was next. He showed off his long and skinny body, and flexed his defined and lean
thin muscles. To his own surprise he was one of the member favourites, and many woman here loved his slim body, and
during fightnight there have almost being fighting among the girls who was going up against Kane. I knew how the
bigger female fighters loved to dominate his slim and flexible male body. I had sometimes thought of it myself but
wasn't sure I could take him in a fight, we lifted same last time. Anyway, he increased from 55 to 57 today. I
noticed this and hoped I would do better.

It was me next. Larry wished me good luck. It was fun to pose and flex for the camera. Even if I don't had muscles
like the bigger girls, I now felt like I had muscles to show at least, and happily showed off them for the fans.
I then manage to get my previous max 55 pretty easy. It was a real confidence boost, and I manage to do 60 kg
also, before stopping at 62 kg!! It was up 7 kg since last time!! I was soo proud of myself and Larry told me he
was really impressed by my progress. I was so exited and, let me see, how was I doing on the rank?
I could see I had passed both Robert, Jose and Kane!!! Damn, I had passed three guys on the chart. I had already
met and beat Robert, and I was now observing Jose and Kane, thinking of how I couldn't wait to meet them on the
mat and have my way with them. It was a little new feeling for me. The first year I had enjoyed the matches even
of I have always been on the losing side almost every time against the guys. It was only little Hiro I had a
chance against during the first year. But suddenly there I have increased both my skill and strength and I now
suddenly felt how I could beat quite a few of the male clubfighters fair and square. And I had surprised myself
with how much I enjoyed winning matches now. Winning a match and victoryfuck the loser was so much greater feeling
than taking it after losing. The feelings of having a guy submit to me on the mat and get to completely dominate
him sexually afterwards as an empowering feeling I could not get enough of. This was the main reason why I have
training so intensive the last month, even if the economic part also made a difference.

The lifting continue, Alissa the cheerleader increased from 52 to 57, Hiro the firefly increased to 52, Min the
butterfly from 48 to 54, passing Hiro. Donna the model went from 38 to 43, increasing her weak stats a little.

Then the 7 new fighters have to step up. Chris the truckdriver was a little older guy, 48 y old with full beard. I
could see he was pretty skinny when he flexed his arms, but was still surprised he just lifted 59 kg. Hmm, 3 kg
less than I, interesting... Ben the rockstar was next, 31y old cool guy, with long black hair and tattooed body. He
maxed 63 kg, not much more than me. Next was Brendan the skater, a 19 y old guy who lost his first match here
after betting with his girlfriend , Jessica the brat, who would win a fuckfight here. The match between the
teenagers was one of the most intense and close ever on the clubmat, as both fighters was very close in both size
and skill, and neither of them wanted to give up. After a long and brutal match Brendan finally gave up and the
brat won 3-2 and punished his skater ass hard with her strap-on in front of his chocked skater friends, who
couldn't believe how this spoiled girl could win the fight.
Brendan lifted 55 and Jessica the brat lifted 56 kg, and I was pretty pleased to see how I was ahead of them both.
Fairy Mammoth was next and there was impressed mumbling in the room as the powerful yet feminine girl lifted 75
kg. Jenny the blitz flexed her ripped muscles before lifting 72 kg, before Anne the Amazoniac stepped up and
chocked everybody by lifting 90kg. Larry told me he wasn't surprised at all, course he had felt how strong Anne
was, but there was a big fuzz about how Anne was outlifting everybody except Frank the muscleman.

Now when everybody was done Karen put up the new chart and rank:
Year 2

1. 95 - 95 Frank the Muscleman
2. 90 - - Anne the Amazoniac (new)
3. 78 - 80 Leroy the Pimp
4. 76 - 66 Lisa the Hellcat -
5. 75 - - Fairy Mammoth (new)
6. 75 - 73 Tim the ranger
7. 72 - - Jenny the Blitz - (new)
8. 70 - 65 Tiger Lil
9. 68 - 70 Dangerous Dane
10. 65 - 67 Larry the sergant - my husband
11. 65 - 58 Janet the Black panther
12. 64 - 60 The dragonlily
13. 63 - - Ben the rockstar (new)- 31y old, long black hair, tattooed,
14. 62 - 56 Sarah the stable girl
15. 62 - 55 Diamond vixen - me
16. 60 - 60 Robert the rod-
17. 59 - - Chris the truckdriver-(new) 48 y old, beard, pretty skinny
18. 58 - 58 Jose the mexican
19. 57 - 55 Kane the stick
20. 57 - 52 Alissa the cheerleader
21. 56 - - Jessica the brat - (new) 18 y o feisty and arrogant
22. 55 - - Brendan the skater-(new) 19 y old teen guy
23. 52 - 50 Hiro the Firefly
24. 54 - 48 Min the steel butterfly
25. 43 - 38 Donna the model
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Some nice pictures on this topic, forbidden sexwrestling club
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