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Old 15-Jul-18, 14:44
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Post Making choking fetish safer

Hi everybody,

Recently I've been wondering about what really happens when you are choked/strangled or just suffocated by scissorholds, hand choking, or extense time of handsmothering...etc. I'm really interested in what exactly happens in the body with all the techniques in order to make safer this fetish when practiced.


I guess in this case the point is just not to be smothered more than a minute or something like that because air choking I guess is more dangerous when applied, but in a certain way is easier to keep under control because of the time.

Choking with hands/feet or scissorholds

In this case I think that if the pressure is oriented to the middle neck compressing the carotid and veins, the pass out comes within 10 seconds or so. If the pressure is in the upper part it cuts the air flow more than the blood flow I guess.

But I've also read about tha pressure in the vagus nerve could be dangerous in a certain way.

Any considerations do you keep in mind when choked out?

Is there somebody who has medical knowledge about this topic?
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Old 15-Jul-18, 20:44
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Default Re: Making choking fetish safer

Thread approved
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Old 27-Jul-18, 21:50
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Default Re: Making choking fetish safer

Never tried but would like to try even I know I would be scared as fuck.
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Old 28-Jul-18, 00:18
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Default Re: Making choking fetish safer

Well, don't kid yourself. In a biological sense you are taking extreme action to overcome the body's number one survival priority, to maintain alert consciousness. So it's not a minor event, and you should never convince yourself it's a risk free deal.

That said, studies have been done in a law enforcement setting and concluded that carotid restraint holds present minimal risks of serious injury absent a very unusual victim (pregnant, elderly, juvenile, or down's syndrome). Anecdotally, people get choked out to unconsciousness all the time in various training and competition settings, without any lasting effects. But there is surely some small percent of the population where the effects could be more serious due to unusual physiology or some other medical condition, known or unknown.

I would not mess around with unconsciousness due to lack of air. When you read about people who died experimenting with choking, it is inevitably people doing this or untrained people trying to do carotid holds that end up as air chokes. It is too easy to do lasting damage to the airway, and especially hard to play around with this alone in a way that does not lead to you unconscious and still without a clear airway.

-Guy who has choked out dozens of people and been choked out dozens of times.

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