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Exclamation Burglar'ing Gone Wrong - Femdom Story

In another parallel world somewhere out there in the great infinite timelines, Mars flunked out of high school- all his boxing days became a waste, with no rewarded scholarships for college. Thus, Mars became a burglar who breaks into people's homes and steals their valuable objects. Specifically, he likes to rob women's houses and resell their used sensual attire. He had been on a hot streak recently and felt invincible. However, this morning he opened up a fortune cookie that carried a peculiar warning, "Today is a bad day to commit a crime, and your luck will run out today.~"

What the hell type of specific fortune was that, Mars thinks to himself, must be a coincidence, it's not like there's some crazy god like creature out to get me~ haha. Later that night, despite the oddly specific relevant fortune, Mars proceeds to break into a wealthy house he was tipped off to, where he finds a short looking woman changing in front of a mirror in her bedroom. She's dressed in a white robe with her black hair done up in a ponytail, yellow cat like contacts in her eyes, and a pair of black cat ears on her head. She looks so dumb with those cat girl ears, what's that term the otaku use for this crap again. Cozpay? Copay? Cosplay, ahh that's sounds right. Well, who cares anyways, she looks stupid with them on her head and I'm gonna take a nice little stroll in her house while she changes and who knows... I might get lucky and swipe the clothes she had on before the robe. With a silent chuckle to himself, Mars starts searching around sneakily, trying to find the most valuable items in the house, but the girl suddenly appears behind him, still in her cosplay outfit and a pair of fluffy cat paws on her hands, "Excuse me, who the hell are you".

Mars starts to turns to face her, but before he can finish, the girl rushes at him with a flying knee aimed at his lower back. He staggers forward from the impact of her blow and collapses to the ground in pain.

"What the hell is your problem bitch?" He yells out at the girl, who ignores him and instead yells out herself, "SNOWBRIGHT HELP ME!"

Mars tries to stand back up, but the girl's petite frame quickly dashes at him and delivers a flying knee to the face, knocking him down once again. The girl continues to yell out for help, and soon another young girl appears in the room, dressed in a similar cosplay as the first, but in white instead.

"Midnight! What are you yelling about this late at night, did you have a bad dream? Wait, haha, why are you cosplaying this late at night fufufu~" Snowbright teases her twin sister, oblivious to the intruder slowly crawling away from them in a desperate attempt to escape.

"What? Snowbright, you're one to talk! What are THOSE brah?!" Midnight yells back, pointing at the white cosplay cat ears that Snowbright is wearing on her head and thus the sisters started arguing as Mars, thankfully for the distraction from what appeared to be good luck with this other weirdo girl's appearance, continued to try to crawl back to his break-in entrance.

"Fuck does my back hurt" Mars grumbled as he saw the broken window in site and tried to lift himself off the ground, but suddenly he felt a pair of soft, fluffy, cat paws wrap around his ankles and drag him backwards. "Fuck oh fuck oh fuck NO, I'm so close, let me GOO you freaks!" Mars yelled as he looked behind him and saw a white cosplay cat paw on one ankle and a black cat paw on his other dragging him back inside Midnight's room. The twins, whose argument had been put on pause after grumbling heard from the other room had snapped Midnight out of it, were now staring down at him, their expressions mischievous and smug as they stared down at their captured prey.

"Well, well, well... Looks like we caught ourselves a little mouse, sister~"

"Indeed Snowbright, I tried to tell you! We've caught a mouse in our house~"

The twins' eyes lit up with glee and excitement, they couldn't believe their luck, they had been so bored and restless the past few weeks with nothing exciting happening in their lives, and here came a burglar who was now stuck in their grasp!

"Now... What are we going to do with this little mouse~?"

"Hmm, let's see...-"

Usually, having two girls look at Mars with a ferocious grin turned Mars on, but instead Mars felt nothing but fear and regret as he tried kicking out of the grasp the twins had on him. He cursed himself for not having brought a gun or knife with him, as he thought it would just be two young college girls that he could take on physically if need be, but whatever the black haired one had done to his back had really put him out of commission.

"Jus-just call the police and turn me in! I-I don't want any trouble" He said almost pleading them to do it.

"Oh-ho-ho, no trouble huh? Maybe you should have thought of that before breaking into our house~"

"And you're a burglar! That's a serious offense! You could be put away for years if we decide to press charges, but nonetheless we are but merciful twins... isn't that right Snowbright?"

"Yes, very so much. Burglar? What burglar? All we have is a little mouse caught in our trap"

Mars started to sweat as the two sisters started talking, their faces still full of glee and mischief as they talked about what was going to happen to him next.

"What- what are you planning on doing to me?"

"We haven't decided yet"

"But maybe we could start with..." and the twins started whispering to themselves with giggles here and there as they occasionally broke their whispers to eye their prey up and down.

"Maybe we should have you lick our paws, as an apology for the intrusion~"

"Yeah! Yeah, we should, we should do that"

Mars started to shake his head furiously, "No no no, no way, I'm not participating in your guys little anime-furry-whatever you want to call it fetishes. I'm not licking your toy play cosplay paw socks" he rebuked as he struggled even harder to break free of their grip, but the twins were stronger with the burglar was still recovering from back pain.

"Well, we'll have to punish you if you don't. Meow~"

"We have a lot of ways to punish you if you're not cooperative. Meow~"

"But if you are, you will be rewarded, right sis. Meow?~"

"That's right. Meow~ You lick our paws, and we will reward you. Maybe, we'll even give you mercy. Meow~"

Mars's heart skipped a beat, and he stopped struggling. Yes, he cringed and was pissed they were now purposely saying meow to get under his skin and wanted to beat the crap out of them. Yes, it would be humiliating to have to become submissive to these two otaku freaks and lick their gross plastic paw socks, but if there was a chance they'd let him go scot-free without calling the cops, he had to take it. He also decided he'd never ignore another fortune cookie warning again.

With an audible gulp Mars accepted. "O-okay, I-I'll do it" Mars stuttered.

The twins smiled in unison, their glee evident.

"Good boy, meow"

"Now then, get to licking and oh, just so you don't get any smart ass ideas about trying to escape..." Snowbright said with a mischievous grin while fidgeting with something underneath her robe.

"Oh Snowbright, you're a genius meow~" Midnight exclaimed while Mars' eyes widened in panic as Snowbright had pulled off her pantsu from under her robe and now was binding Mars's legs together with it.

"Wha-what the hell, I didn't agree to this" Mars said as the snow white haired girl tied his ankles together.

"You agreed to lick our paws"

"That was before I knew you'd tie me up"

"Meow, well we can't have you trying to run away, can we"

He tried wiggling his body with inertia in one last attempt to escape again, but quickly ran out of stamina and resigned himself to his fate as Snowbright finished her pantsu bondage with a smug grin on her face.

"Well, now that that's taken care of, we're going to start with the paw licking. Lick our paw" Midnight commanded with her front paws on her hips as the black haired girl dangled her rear 'paw' in front of Mars' face with an expecting expression.

"I'll have you know, this is humiliating"

"Is it? Good. We're not here to entertain your ego, meow"

"Yeah meow~ should have thought of that before breaking into our house dumb mouse. Now get licking, we're waiting"

The two girls grinned in unison as they watched Mars glare daggers at them before giving a heavy sigh and leaning forward towards Midnight's feet, his tongue extended as his eyes locked onto her 'toy' paws.

He licked at the fake plastic pink material, and immediately recoiled in disgust, the taste was terrible, and it was a horrible texture on his tongue. He tried to stop the disgusted look from crossing his face, but the twins noticed, fueling their amusement as they giggled at him and started rubbing their feet on his head, "Aww, does the little mouse have a sensitive tongue~?"

"I can see why you'd hate it meow~"

"It's not meant for tasting meow"

"It's a tool of degradation, to humiliate meow~"

Mars glared up at them, not bothering to hide his distaste for the paws nor his annoyance at their constant self-inserting "meow" crap, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't enjoying the sensation of the two girls rubbing their feet on his head "Yeah yeah, I get it, I get it alright. Can we speed this up a bit. Black hair girl I'm done cleaning your paws, white hair hurry up and show me yours already"

Midnight's face flushed red and she glared at Mars, who was now sitting on the floor of her room, bound by his ankles and with his head being massaged and rubbed by their feet.

"Hey! Who do you think you're meow-wering to, dumb mouse! Show some respect to us or you'll meowgret it!" she yelled at him, stamping her foot on his head for emphasis as she glared down at the burglar with her arms folded and a pouty look on her face.

"Respect? You're a pair of cosplay freakos who are tying up a man and having him lick your 'paws', I think I'm being pretty damn respectful here"

Midnight's pouty look turned to an angry one as she stamped her foot once again on his head, "Don't meow-worry, you'll learn your meow-wplace. Snowbright, I think I've had enough of this mouse for one night. Sorry you didn't get your paws attended to yet, but can we go ahead and show this mouse his meowrcy" she grinned evilly at her twin sister who nodded with a knowing grin back.

Mars, not noticing the malcontent grins shared between the twins, sighed inwardly with relief as Midnight started to undo her sister's pantsu bindings from his legs while Snowbright held one of his legs in each hand. Finally it seemed this nightmare was coming to an end, they were giving him mercy and he didn't even have to lick the white bitch's plastic paw feet, maybe his luck wasn't out after all he thought to himself obliviously happy in the moment.

As Midnight finished removing the pantsu, she hopped to the side revealing a smirking Snowbright to Mars, who then raised her paw foot in the air and brought it down with lightning speed into his unprotected crotch, "This is for meow-wandering into our house without permission. Enjoy your mercy mouse!"

Mars screamed in agony, "OWW! YOU LIARS- you FREA-" but he was cut off as the familiar horrible texture of plastic paw found it's way inside his mouth as Midnight shoved her foot forcefully deep within eliciting gagging from Mars as he began to choke on the new threat.

Snowbright continued to strike his manhood with her foot, each time getting a muffled grunt or a scream from the burglar as he felt the pain intensify and his balls ache from the blows. After a minute or so of this, Mars' view of the filly black panties from underneath Midnight's robes started to get blurry not only from tears but also from the lack of oxygen.

Midnight was grinning at him, her foot still deep in his mouth as she watched him struggle, "Meow-worry little mouse, we're almost done playing with our food" she laughed as she pulled her foot out of his mouth, allowing the burglar to grasp for air.

Mars gasped and wheezed for breath as he looked up, "You... bastards..." he started, "You'll pay for that... you won't... get away with this!"

Snowbright just laughed at him and shook her head, "I think you meow-get that you're the one who mouse'd their way into our territory uninvited".

Midnight giggled and nodded, "You're a little mouse, a meow-wanderer, and meow-well... it's not very polite to enter the domain of others without permission, right sis?"

"Exactly, and now that we've had our fun with you, we have to show you what fate falls upon mice who step their rodent feet into our house. Midnight, go fetch our tails"

The black haired girl nodded with a grin and stepped away from the burglar, walking over her nearby closet. Mars started to get up, "No fuck this shi-", but was interrupted by Snowbright stomping on his groin again with one foot and then his chest with her other, causing him to cough in surprise and fall back down to the ground pinned at the mercy of Snowbright.

"Sit. And stay. Enjoy the view even, bet it's the first time you've seen a pussy in real life huh. That's a good little mouse, you'll be a very obedient pet if you know what's good for you, meow" she purred seductively while leaning more weight onto her back sole that currently was crushing his cock.

Midnight re-entered the room with two large tails, one black which was now already connected to her black lacy pantsu that Mars had gotten a glimpse of earlier and one white tail which she handed off to Snowbright along with her white pantsu that was used earlier as bindings.

"Alright mousey, you've been a good boy so far, now let's have you enjoy your final reward~" Midnight giggled as she switched positions with her twin so that Snowbright could slip on her white pantsu and tail.

Mars was too focused on the infinite seeming pain coming from his family jewels to even contemplate why the twins went out of their way to attach neko cosplay tails to their rears, but it was probably for the best that he didn't know the true "mercy" that the twins had planned for him from the start.

"Alright sis, you ready for the finale~" Midnight chimed excitedly as Snowbright finished putting on her white tail.

"Oh yes~ it's time for mousey's meworcy time!" Snowbright cheered as she sauntered over to stand just behind Mars and plopped herself on the ground just above his head. Then she grabbed him by the hair and forced his head to lay on her bare thighs- giving him a view of Snowbright's mischievous grin peaking out from above her two mounds of flesh that protruded from her body. While Mars momentarily forgot his peril, his sight lost in the valley's of his tormentor and his touch warmed by the pillow like comfort of his tormentor's thighs, Snowbright sneakily started to wrap her tail around Mars' neck like rope.

His moment of bliss was short lived, as Snowbright finished the fluffy noose around his neck and began to pull with a giggle. Mars's face paled as the realization hit him and he grasped at the tail being wound around his neck with desperation to tear it off, "Wha- what are you-" but before he could finish his sentence, Midnight's foot slammed into his groin again, sending a fresh wave of agonizing pain through his lower half, causing him to yelp and momentarily release the tail out of instinct to protect his balls from further damage. Consequently, giving Snowbright enough time to finish her tail noose around his neck and pull it taut, causing his head to be yanked back, forcing his face to lay flush with her thighs.

Mars' hands shot back and forth between his crotch and his neck as the twin's assaulted him from both sides, but no matter where his hands were, his attempts to stop his torment from continuing were futile.

"What the hell you guys, sto- stop it. I can can't breathe. Se-seriously." he managed to gasp out between his gasps and wheezes as the twins giggled, enjoying every last moment of their little mousey flail about and struggle to survive.

"Meow, what a silly mouse. Did you think that we'd let you actually leave after you've broken into our house. Meowrcy and meogiveness aren't the same thingy dumb mousey" Midnight giggled, her eyes glinting with sadistic pleasure.

"Meow that's right! Our mercy, I mean our meowrcy is like a mousey trap just for you. My body was the cheese that kept you in and my tail's the trap that will snuff you out" Snowbright added with an equally sinister grin.

"You... you... bastards. This is... not... funny. I'm... going to kill you. I'll kill... all of you..." Mars said between gasps and wheezes as his vision started to go dark, his body going numb as his lungs screamed for oxygen, begging for air that would not come.

"Oh, meowally. You think you'll get a chance to hurt us. That's meow-dorable. Mousey, we hate to break it to ya, but you aren't meow-eaving this spot until you're dead," Snowbright replied coldheartedly.

Mars' eyes widened and he tried to scream for help, but Midnight anticipating this, shoved her 'paw' sock adorned foot back into his mouth silencing his last glimmer of hope.

"Sweet dreams babymouseie" She teased sweetly while Snowbright exerted one last burst of energy into the noose and with that, Mars' consciousness faded and he went limp as his body went numb and foam started to drip out his mouth.

The twins celebrated, their glee evident as the unconscious body of the burglar was laid on his back on the floor of their home.

"Well, he won't be a problem anymore. I think it's safe to call the authorities now." Snowbright said to her twin sister.

Midnight, whose foot was still shoved into the mouth of the unconscious Mars, looked back at her sister and nodded, "That's the best plan, but damn it's a shame. He looks kinda cute, and I can't help but feel a strange pull to him. Oh well, it might just be my sleep deprived brain making up things".

"Ha, probably. He did break into our house after all, and now he's passed out on the floor. It would make anyone's brain go funny" Snowbright laughed back.

Midnight sighed and removed her foot from Mars' mouth, as Snowbright opened her thighs apart letting his head thud onto the ground.

"Well, I'm not sure what the police are going to do with him, but I don't care as long as he stays asleep. I think we've been through enough for one night. Let's get him out of the living room, he's starting to smell and I'm sure we've had enough fun for the evening"

"Meow, yeah. I agree. Let's just drag him to the guest bedroom and be done with it."

The twins stood up, their bodies glistening in sweat, and started dragging the unconscious burglar to the guest bedroom, their cat tails swaying behind them.

The police would arrive minutes later to find a man wearing only boxers with a visible bulge, his limbs each tied to a corner of the bedpost with cat themed cosplay clothing, and whiskers drawn on his face with sharpie with a sticky note left atop the bulge saying "Disposal Request~ With much meow~ Midnight & Snowbright <3".

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Default Re: Burglar'ing Gone Wrong - Femdom Story

Great story, joined your DA
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Default Re: Burglar'ing Gone Wrong - Femdom Story

Originally Posted by snow_presto [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Great story, joined your DA
Thank you, glad you liked it!
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