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Default The First Time I Ever Wrestled With a Girl

This story isn't fiction. When I was about 12 years old I
Out in our backyard play wrestling with Jean who was one of our neighbors. She was younger than me , probably 10-11. We were just pushing each other around trying to make each other fall on the ground. Jean was smaller than me but she was a definate tomboy and pretty strong for her size. She sort of tackled me and I fell on the ground. I started to get up and I was on my hands and knees when suddenly it wasn't play anymore. I never noticed that Jean was standing right over my head. If I had looked down I would have seen she had one foot on each side of my head. I lifted my head which went between her legs all the way up to her thighs. She simply stepped inward with both feet and I found myself locked in a standing headscissors. I had wrestled lots of guys and been in some painful holds but not like this. She had me just right with her thighs right on my temples. The pain was excrutiating right from the start and it actually paralyzed me. I was actually afraid to move a muscle because she might put even more pressure on to prevent me from escaping. I don't think sbe realized how much she was hurting me. I think she just wanted to make sure I didn't go anywhere until she found some people to humiliate me in front of. She kept me in that hold for a long time and neither of us said a word but I did groan a few times which made her laugh. At that point I think her legs were the only things holding me up. All the strength had drained out of me and I was truly under her complete control. Then our friend Tracy and her younger brother and sister came out of their house and were on their front lawn. From where they were, they couldn't really see us very well. I'll tell you , for a girl her age she knew alot about humiliation. She tightened the hold making me let out a loud cry of pain. She said "Yell to those guys and tell them to come over here" I absolutely dreaded the embarrasment (I think that's spelled wrong) and laughter but I did indeed yell to them something like "Tracy, come over here!" She yelled back "Why?" "I almost screamed "Look at what Jean is doing to me. Come on!" All three walked over but couldn't really tell what was happening. Jean said " Come over here and see how I've got him!" So they all came around front and saw what was really going on. Jean said " Look he can't do anything!" Jesus , did she have that right. The name calling and laugter began but I was in too much pain to care. Then Jean said " Let's see what he does I turn him around and with small steps she began turning in a circle. I had to try to crawl fast enough to keep up with her turning or my neck would bend painfully. I was in no condition to crawl at all , and the combination of the incredible pain on my temples and the bending of my neck was too much. I shouted out "Ok Ok I give I give !! and she spread her legs and my whole body just fell on the ground. I just laid there for a minute or two and when I sat up no one noticed. It5 was in the past. So, the first time I wrestled a girl (at 12 years old!), she put me in a standing headscissors and seemingly with a dominatrix's knowledge of how best to humiliate me. To this dayI truly believe that her hold is the most painful , totally paralyzing and frightening hold I've ever been in
. I still remember how it felt to have temples crushed continuosly for close to 10 minutes. She kept me in that hold for a long time. So that was the very fiirst time I wrestled a girl , she won by submission with a hold that involved squeezing my head between her thighs , made me completely helpless and I had just reached puberty. So, it's no surprise I turned out like I did. I think you know what I mean.
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Default Re: The First Time I Ever Wrestled With a Girl

The first time Id ever wrestled with a girl was kind of similar to that. I think I was 12 at the time and she was 11 or 12 and she was a year or 2 younger. I was a pretty small kid at that age and she was probably close to my size if not a little smaller. I was at the park with 2 kids from my class and we were joking around with 2 younger girls from the neighborhood. The girl kept on chasing us and wed run away. After a while I thought it would be funny if I didnt run away and see what she was going to do. She ended up grabbing me and within seconds I realized I messed up because she was definitely stronger than me and I had no shot getting away, so I did what any other boy would do to save face and quit struggling immediately and made it seem like I was letting her hold on to me. She then proceeded to knee me in the groin and pin me to the ground for a few minutes. I was embarrassed but I did a good job at faking it. Everyone thought I was just playing along but I couldnt have stopped her if Id wanted to. Although I hit a significant growth spurt after that I never tried messing around with her like that again, that whole situation is funny thinking back on though.
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