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Default Double Trouble

“Helen, I have a problem. Problem with my boyfriend.” complained Olga, my best friend.
“And I warned you. All guys are nothing but trouble!” I grinned maliciously.
The friend sighed, but did not answer. Although since I found out that I like girls, our relationship with Olga remained friendly only formally. Is it possible to be friends with the girl you want to sleep with? The question is philosophical.
“How did he annoy you this time? Did I forget to congratulate your mother on her birthday?” - I asked.
“It’s worse. We had radically different views on basic things.” Olga sighed.
“Which ones?”
“Such as a wedding! I wanted to wear a beautiful dress with a pink bow to our wedding!” And he... is a scoundrel! Scoundrel! Scoundrel!” - Olga exclaimed hotly.
“Did he speak out against the pink bow? Sick bastard!” — I was indignant.
“But he didn’t want to get married at all,” Olga said with difficulty and burst into tears.
I hugged her for moral support, feeling an involuntary thrill from touching her tall and slender figure. Eh, if I weren’t a whole head shorter and twice as thick, perhaps I would have had a chance to achieve Olga’s favor. Yes, I have large breasts, unlike Olga’s “zero” breasts, but for girls this is apparently not enough.
“I have a feeling that Oscar doesn’t love me! What should I do?!” — my friend continued to sob, wetting my neck with tears.
“Break up with him!” — I advised with all sincerity.
“I can’t… I love him... I want a family and children, but he is only interested in sex.” - Olga whined.
“So why are you dating him?” - I did not understand.
“I hope to get pregnant. But everything is in vain.” - Olga admitted quietly.
“So what's the problem? Make him cum in you - and that’s it, it’s in the bag!” – I was surprised.
“It’s not easy,” Olga whined. – “He never loses his head. Always puts on a condom and stops before climax.”
“Secretly remove the condom from him and just don’t let him to pull out.”
“How is that?” - my friend didn’t understand.
“We have to teach you everything,” I said with superiority. – “Imagine that you are him. And then you do this...”
I pushed my friend lightly so that she fell onto the bed. Wasting no time, I lay on top of her, grabbed her hands and pressed them to the bed, and entwined her legs with mine.
“Let me go!” - Olga demanded.
“You see, he can’t escape. Try to free yourself!” I explained, moving my pelvis.
Olga twitched, but to no avail - I held her tightly.
“You see, he won't escape. Or you can do it like this...” - I said, without stopping the movements of my pelvis.
Olga and me turned over so that I was under her. I immediately wrapped my legs around her hips and locked my hands on her back. Olga tried to free herself, but again she failed.
“That’s it. You are a woman, you are the most perfect creation of nature. You can achieve anything.” - I said edifyingly.
Olga squinted her eyes to the side and suddenly began to struggle with redoubled force. But I, intoxicated by the closeness of her lips and the contact of our tits, did not want to let her go.
“Oscar...” Olga whispered.
I turned my head. Oscar was indeed standing at the door - a tall, handsome man with impressive muscles and an equally impressive bank account.
“Please continue. Don't pay attention to me.” - he said with a grin.
I let go of Olga, and she jumped to the side with the grace of a cat. And she blushed, either from shame or from anger.
“How did you get here?” - she whispered. “I wasn’t expecting you today.”
“I found a free hour and a half,” Oscar smiled dazzlingly. – “And I decided to spend them with you. It’s a pity that I arrived too early, without waiting for the most interesting...”
“Nothing interesting will happen,” I cut off and headed for the exit. – “I will not bother you.”
“Wait,” Oscar caught up with me outside the exit door and grabbed my hand. – “Helen, what are you doing this evening?”
“I’m going to a sex shop,” I muttered and tried to pull my hand away. In vain! The bastard was stronger.
“Then perhaps you’ll join us?” - Oscar purred and tried to hug me. – “I’ll persuade Olga.”
“Back off!” — I hit him in the solar plexus with my elbow, so he released me and stepped back.
“I’ll fuck you anyway,” Oscar promised, narrowing his eyes. “I swear by my dad's company.”
I showed him an indecent gesture and hastened to retreat before he tried to carry out his threats.

* * *

“How did it go?” — I asked Olga the next day.
“Disgusting,” she sighed. — “Oscar is so much stronger that I couldn’t hold him. But he understood everything and fucked me exclusively in the ass as punishment. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but the chances are now less than small! Today is my last day of ovulation!”
“He invited me to join you yesterday,” I muttered. – “Here's a male!”
“Listen...” Olga drawled, looking at me with a new expression on her face. – “Or maybe you’ll really join? And you will help him hold on!”
“How can you restrain someone like that?” I shuddered, remembering his iron grip. – “Only handcuffs can hold such a bull... But stop! This is an idea!”
I reached into my purse and pulled out four pairs of handcuffs, lined with soft fur.
“You got a job in the police, or what?” — Olga widened her eyes.
“I didn’t know which ones to choose, so I took different ones to try,” I admitted. –“Let's see.”
I extended the chain on the handcuffs as much as possible, it turned out to be about half a meter. I adjusted the rings to approximately the size of Oscar's hands (slightly smaller) and feet (larger). And she fastened the Handcuffs at one end to each of the legs of the bed, leaving the other ends free.
“You’re about the same height,” I said. – “Lie down, let's try it on.”
Olga lay down on the bed, and I adjusted the length of the chain so that my arms and legs could be moved within no more than ten centimeters.
“Perfect,” I breathed, admiring the prostrate body of my friend, who looked helpless and incredibly sexy. - “Just like that, fasten his arms and legs, and do whatever you want with him.”
“And if I can’t…” Olga sniffed. – “He's strong as a bull!”
- A girl is smarter than a bull! — I said edifyingly, and, unable to resist, ran my hand along her thigh.
Olga tried to pull away. But then, biting her lip, she moved her hip in my direction.
“Help me,” she asked in a hoarse voice. – “Help me, and I will do whatever you want for you.”
- Indeed? — I purred, smoothly moving my hand to where entry for ordinary friends is prohibited. – “Is that all?”
“I swear!” - Olga promised.
“Well then, don’t complain,” the fingers finally found her clitoris, causing Olga to let out a muffled moan.
And at that moment the front door slammed.
“It's Oscar!” — Olga opened her eyes wide. – “Release me. Quicker!”
When Oscar entered the room, all traces of what had happened were removed - the handcuffs, still fastened to the legs of the bed, were hidden under the mattress and were waiting for their victim.
“Oh, and you’re here, Helen,” Oscar narrowed his eyes, looking at me angrily. – “It’s very lucky that I met you. Because suddenly it turned out that my dad knows your boss. So, if you don’t want to get fired from work, do what I say!”
“What?” — I jumped up, clenching my fists. – “You won't dare!”
“As dare as I dare,” Oscar crossed his arms over his chest. – “And you don’t need to sparkle your eyes! I, you obstinate goat, want to fuck you. And the more you resist, the more I want. That's it.”
“Okay...” I muttered. – “You win. Do what you want.”
Oscar smiled smugly and moved towards me with the gait of a well-fed predator. He came up and, with a masterly gesture, grabbed me below the back. Then he planted a greedy kiss on his lips.
“Yes, he’s a rapist!” - the thought flashed. – “He likes forced sex!”
“Olga, go for a walk,” Oscar ordered, looking sideways at his friend.
“Can I stay?” - she timidly asked. – “I'll take a look...”
“No, it’s better to take part,” Oscar tried to unbutton my jeans, but he couldn’t. – “Come on, come up to her and undress her!”
Oscar sat down on the bed in the proud pose of the owner. And Olga approached me and unbuttoned my jeans in one motion. And pulled them down.
“Cool panties!” - Oscar admired. – “With hearts! My mom has the same ones.”
I wanted to answer something sharp and angry, but then Olga began to pull off my T-shirt, and quietly whispered in my ear “shut up.”
“Helen, don't sleep!” - Oscar ordered. – “You undress her too.”
I shrugged my shoulders and with a few deft movements left Olga completely without clothes. She had amazing breasts - with small nipples, no bigger than her little fingernail, that looked incredibly sexy.
“Wow!” - Oscar admired when my bra finally fell to the ground. — Is this 36DD?
“38DD” I answered.
“Okay,” Oscar began to undress. – “Now caress each other.”
Olga's fingers penetrated my vagina. They moved a little, getting used to it, and began to slide back and forth, causing me to groan with pleasure.
“Class!” — Oscar remained in only the condom and lay down on the bed. – “Come on, bitches, please me. Especially you, Helen.”
“Now, now...” I muttered angrily.
I approached Oscar, not expecting a catch, and kissed his lips. At the same time, she grabbed his right hand and dragged it to the corner of the bed, noting out of the corner of her eye that Olga was doing the same with his left hand.
The clicks of the handcuffs sounded almost simultaneously.
“What's happening?” - Oscar was indignant, twitching his arms and legs, but unable to free himself.
“Don’t twitch,” I advised him, sitting down on his legs and giving Olga the opportunity to fasten the hundcuffs on them too. – “It's too late to twitch.”
“What would you like?” - Oscar looked from me to Olga in horror, and his erect penis completely shrank. – “Do you need ransom? Dad will pay whatever you say!”
“He’ll pay, where will he go,” Olga said angrily. – “Will share part of his fortune with me. Because I will do THIS!”
Olga removes the condom from Oscar and pressed her lips to his penis. With a dick in her mouth, she threw a piercing look at Oscar with her blue eyes. And she began to move her head up and down, gradually increasing the pace.
“Girls...” Oscar muttered, shuddering from the waves of pleasure running through his body. “If you wanted to get it, then you didn’t have to tie me up.”
“This is not what we want to get,” Olga stopped sucking and abruptly and quickly sat down on his erect penis. – “And here it is.”
“No!” - Oscar frantically moved his arms and legs, but achieved nothing.
“Yes!” — Olga moved her pelvis, releasing the first short moan of pleasure. “Now you’re not going anywhere. Your sperm will be mine.”
“Help...” Oscar tried to scream, but I covered his mouth with my palm.
Olga rode on his penis and moaned briefly and abruptly. These were not the sweeping, smooth movements of a cowgirl, designed to obtain and give pleasure. No, these were small but frequent leaps designed to make the man cum faster. Oscar twitched with his whole body, trying to free himself, and a couple of times his penis jumped out of the trap - but Olga’s impatient fingers hid it back.
“Fix... him...” Olga moaned, not stopping jumping.
There was only one way for this. I turned around to face Olga and carefully sat down on Oscar’s face, which had lost all its arrogance.
Olga bit her lip. It was clear that she was tired, jumping was not easy for her, but she was not going to give up. Olga's vagina slid up and down the captive penis, tightly grasping it and not giving it a single chance to escape. I took Olga’s hands and put them on my shoulders - and she, feeling the fulcrum, increased the pace. Juice flowed from her womb and left wet trails on Oscar's shaved pubis. And Oscar himself, whose mouth was completely in the power of my vagina, was frantically trying to inhale some air, which made me feel sweet pleasure spreading in waves throughout my body.
“YESSS!...” Olga let out a triumphant groan, bending, and probably would have collapsed to the ground if I had not embraced her.
“It turned out...” Olga looked at me with blurred eyes, her graceful body, covered in cold sweat, trembled.
I couldn’t resist and pressed my lips to hers. And it was the most beautiful kiss of my life. But Olga suddenly pulled away.
“Oh, it’s leaking,” she sobbed, and pulled out Oscar’s penis, which had lost its elasticity, around the base of which a small lake of sperm had accumulated. And she began to collect this sperm with her fingers and shove it into her vagina. I finally got off his face and began to dance, stretching my stiff legs.
“You won’t get away with this,” muttered the angry and disheveled Oscar. But at the same time, his gaze could not tear himself away from my charms, swaying in time with my movements.
“It’ll do, it’ll do, daddy,” - Olga lie down next to him and proprietiously put her leg on his chest. - “I’ll call you that from now on so that you get used to it. And your dad will soon have a grandson. And if you attack this grandson, you’re finished.”
“Okay, Olga, I won’t touch you,” Oscar muttered and looked at me. – “But you, Helen, will not live!”
“We’ll see about that,” I said and knelt down next to his penis. – “Looks like you're leaving me no choice.”
I took his penis with my lips, caressed it with my tongue - and it began to tense and grow.
“Your firstborn will inherit most of your fortune,” Olga continued to reason. – “First, we need a house... although no, it’s better not just a house, but a palace! Somewhere far from civilization, where there is clean air and good ecology...”
The penis finally hardened enough, and I, taking a deep breath, sat on top of Oscar, launching his reproductive instrument inside me.
“No!” - Olga and Oscar howled in unison.
But Oscar only twitched helplessly in his bonds.
“I won’t cum a second time!” - he said.
“We’ll see,” - I answered calmly, rotating my pelvis and pushing myself deeper onto the penis.
“How dare you!” - Olga rushed at me with her fists and tried to push me away.
Naive! Within a second I twisted her hand behind her back.
“I thought you were a lesbian,” Olga shouted through tears.
“For the sake of money, you can sign up to be a straight girl,” I snorted. – “Although you gave me a good idea...”
I turned Olga around with her back down, grabbed her by the waist and brought her womb to my lips.
“Let me go!” - Olga tried to kick, but she had no chance to escape my grip. And I finally did what I had long dreamed of. I gently ran my tongue over her labia, which opened towards me like a flower.
“Have you dreamed of seeing girls doing this?” — I asked the quiet Oscar, looking at us with all his eyes. – “Look more carefully. I know it turns you guys on.”
And I felt that Oscar’s penis tensed, becoming like stone. And I increased the pace of my movements. And my tongue finally reached Olga’s clitoris, hiding in the folds, and her cries of anger were replaced by moans of pleasure.
Olga kicked her legs and flailed her arms, but she couldn’t do anything.
“The more you resist, the more I want!” - I told them both. – “I don’t even know which of you is better?”
Oscar did not stop twitching his hands in vain attempts to free himself, and tensed like a string so as not to give me what he had already given to my friend.
“Relax, fool,” I advised him. “I still won’t let you go until you cum. So don't hold back if you want to break free.”
I again pressed my lips and tongue to Olga’s clitoris, and my friend could not stand it, moaned and thrashed in a strong orgasm. And Oscar couldn’t bear it anymore. It was as if a bottle of champagne had opened inside me. Sperm flowed inside me, fertilizing the egg and giving rise to a new life.
“Well, that’s all,” I said cheerfully, letting go of my friend and getting to my feet. — “Happy stay. Oh yes, I almost forgot!”
I took my phone, leaned my bare chest against Oscar and took a bunch of photos and even shot a short video.
“This is in case there are doubts about paternity,” I explained. And she unfastened the handcuffs on Oscar's hands and feet.
It was as if he had been waiting for this moment. He jumped to his feet and rushed at me. But he looked tired, and his legs were staggering. On the contrary, I was filled with energy. Therefore, Oscar received a couple of blows and flopped back onto the bed.
“You bastard,” Olga got up from the bed and came up to me.
“Why is this?” - I was surprised. – “I helped you, as I promised. And in return you promised me anything. What's wrong?”
“You’re a bastard, because this was my first orgasm in my life,” Olga said and pressed a long kiss to my lips. – “Why did you hide for so long that this is so cool?”
And our lips touched again.

* * *

Two years have passed. Our sons learned to walk, and a whole staff of nannies, hired by a happy grandfather, followed on their heels. However, the castle was spacious enough that all the servants could fit in it without difficulty. Olga and Oscar got married, but I was satisfied with the compensation from his dad. They are quite happily married because once a month they come to my bedroom and Olga and I make love under the light of the full moon. And Oscar admires us. And everyone is fine.

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