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Default resolve doubts

I would like to propose some nice stories. Your comments will help me understand if this type of writing can be interesting and enjoyable. My language is Italian and these translations were done with Google translate, so have mercy and if they are really pathetic, can someone help me with the translations?


Resolve doubts

Ilaria and I were at my house watching TV.* We had been dating for about a month and things were starting to get serious.* She was beautiful, nice, affectionate and she had many other qualities that I appreciated.* She had all the makings of being the woman of my dreams, but there was still one thing I needed to find out.* Was she stronger than me?

She definitely had an amazing body.* Firm thighs, defined calves, broad shoulders, thick arms, impressive breasts and a flat stomach.* She weighs more than me despite being slightly shorter, but there is no trace of cellulite on her.* Everything made me think that under the soft feminine skin, she hid powerful muscles.

When we went for a run in the park, I was the one who asked for a break and she never asked for my help moving the furniture when she was vacuuming.

We were sitting on the sofa and I really wanted to clarify my doubt.* I grabbed the remote and changed to the sports channel.

"What are you doing?"* She asked, amazed.

"I don't feel like watching that stupid series!"* I replied, jokingly.

Ilaria moved towards me and I brought the remote control closer to my chest, holding it in my hands.* She grabbed my forearms and started pulling towards her.* My fingers remained frozen, but my whole body rose and fell from the couch.

As soon as she let go, I turned around, throwing myself face down on the pillows.* She grabbed me from behind, pushing her huge breasts onto my head and her legs around my ass.

"Do you give up?"* She asked.

I was immobilized, but I didn't want her to stop.* "The remote control is still in my possession!"* I said.

Ilaria snorted playfully.* She wrapped her hands around my wrists, put one foot on the ground and stood up, forcing me to follow her.* We found ourselves in a romantic embrace from behind, but with my feet dangling.

She shook me good and then she let my feet go back to the ground.* I was stunned.* She tripped me and made me fall backwards, accompanying my descent with one hand.

Once I was lying on the ground, she sat on my stomach and grabbed my wrists.* I tried to fight her, but she quickly separated my arms, bringing them to the sides of my head.* I was helpless again and was about to lose my treasure.

“If I can't have it, no one will have it!”* I exclaimed stoically.* With a quick flick of my wrist, I slid the remote under the couch.* Ilaria released my wrists and began to move above me.

I immediately wrapped my arms around her belly and my legs around her knees.* I intertwined my ankles and pushed hard.* She slipped and fell on top of me.

"Eh eh eh!"* I laughed, a little choked.

Ilaria had her arms free, so she took off her shirt and bra and raised herself on her elbows.* Her tits were an inch from my face.* She started swinging them and hit my cheek with one of them.

"OUCH!"* I complained, jokingly.

She repeated this operation a few more times, continuing to slap me with her tits.* After a while my face really started to hurt.* I waited for the right moment and grabbed her nipple with my mouth.* I started sucking hard.

She moaned with pleasure and lowered her chest onto my face.* Her squeezed tit was as big as my face.

Even though I was completely overwhelmed, I thought I had her immobilized.

“So you think you trapped me?”* she asked.

I nodded my head at her, rubbing my nose in her tit with pleasure.

Then Ilaria's thighs started to flex.* My ankles were intertwined behind her, but even so I couldn't hold her.* She slowly spread her legs further and further.* My adductors were burning, and to keep my ankles from falling apart, I moved my grip higher.* My thighs were now around her pelvis and she had no chance to open them.

Finally having her legs and arms free, Ilaria began to get up.* She put her hands and knees on the floor and pushed herself up.* I felt the muscles in her back harden.* I obviously remained attached to her, with my ankles intertwined over her ass and her nipple in my mouth.

“You really don't want to give up, do you?”* She asked, patiently.

I moved my head left and right.

Ilaria then brought her right hand behind my neck, supporting my weight with only 3 limbs.* She started pressing my face against her big tit, preventing me from breathing.* I tried to turn her head, but she wouldn't let me.* I started sucking her nipple harder, but only got louder moans of pleasure from her.* After a couple of minutes of no air, I started patting her back with my hand.

"Do you give up?"* She asked again.

I nodded my head, trying not to pass out.* Ilaria lowered my head and I released her nipple, inhaling as much air as I could.* I breathed deeply for about thirty seconds, then looked up.* Ilaria was looking at me with patient eyes.

“I think you should come down!”* She said kindly.

I realized that I was still suspended from the ground, clinging to the body of that splendid 4-legged Amazon.* Instead of obeying her, I started rubbing my penis against her shorts.* Feeling my erection, she smiled and stood up with her torso.

After a quick movement, Ilaria found herself on her knees, sitting on her heels, while I sat on her thighs.* My ankles were still intertwined behind her back, so I moved my hands to the back of her neck.* We were with our eyes at the same height.* Really romantic.

Ilaria took off my t-shirt and then pointed with her face to my shorts.* I looked at her confused, as if to say I wouldn't come down to help her.* She snorted patiently again and then grabbed the back of my ass and pulled hard.* Her powerful fingers tore the fabric into 2 parts.* The same fate befell my underwear.* I decided to be magnanimous and took off my socks myself, still hanging on.

After having completely undressed me, Ilaria began to stand up.* She put her hands behind my back and pulled herself up, like a mother with her child.

“Can you hold yourself?”* She asked politely.

"If I get tired, I'll warn you!"* I replied, willfully ignoring the fact that she had been supporting me for several minutes.

Ilaria removed her hands from my back and began to take off her shorts, then her panties and finally her socks.* I tried to unbalance her, stretching out my arms and moving with my back, but she resisted and looked at me with stern eyes.* I smiled innocently.

Now that we were both finally naked, she moved her hands back to the back of my back and slid me lower.* She spread her legs and made my erect penis slide into her vagina.* I started to push, but I didn't have much strength in that position.* I could only rely on my arms clinging to the back of her neck, so Ilaria placed her hands on my ass and started moving me up and down.

Since she was doing pretty much everything, I decided to cooperate and started sucking her nipple which was right in front of my nose.* Her moans filled the room.

After 5 continuous minutes, I exploded inside her.* I trembled with pleasure from her and pressed myself tightly to her chest, burying my head in her breast.

I was very proud of my performance and when my orgasm was over, I let go satisfied.* Ilaria looked at me sternly, keeping my helpless body resting on her open thighs and in her arms.

"Still?"* She asked me.

"I am tired!"* I replied smiling.

"STILL!"* She commanded me demandingly.

I trembled in fear.* "Force me!"* I told her bravely.

Ilaria let me fall to the ground.* I hit my back on the floor and looked at her in amazement.* She lowered herself onto me and grabbed my wrists with her hands, opening them easily.* I immediately closed my legs, but she stuck her enameled feet between my calves and started to force.* In a short time she spread me wide and began to move her pubis up and down on my penis.* I became hard again.

At this point she tried to insert it, but I masterfully avoided her, moving my pelvis left and right.* Impatient, Ilaria brought my wrists over my head and grabbed them both with one hand.* I immediately tried to separate them, but she squeezed harder and it hurt.
Now that she had a free hand she grabbed my penis.* She maneuvered it a little, making me docile and then she slipped it inside her.

I was completely in possession of her.

She started moving quickly and I couldn't help but enjoy it.

"I'm raping you! Try to stop me!"* She said playfully.

I had no desire to stop her, but even if I tried, I couldn't.

She brought her breast closer to my face and with her free hand pushed my head onto her nipple.* I started sucking it vehemently.* We continued like this for several minutes and then her orgasm finally came.* She began to tremble violently as her vaginal muscles contracted forcefully.* I felt my cock being squeezed and was afraid my circulation would stop.

When Ilaria calmed down, she collapsed on top of me.* She was heavy.

"Are you leaving me like that?"* I begged her.

“Can't you do it yourself?”* She replied, without raising her head.

I tried to free my wrists, but even so relaxed, she managed to keep me pinned.

Having noticed my helplessness, Ilaria stood up on all fours above me.* She began to rotate, crawling, until her vagina was in front of my face.* I felt her arms slide under my lower back and then I was quickly lifted up.

Ilaria stood up, hugging me upside down.* She started sucking my cock and I started licking her pussy.* With my free hands I could caress her powerful buttocks or feel the strength of her thighs.* After a few minutes I came again.

Ilaria waited patiently for my sperm to finish inside her mouth and then swallowed.

She gently lowered me to the floor and then she collapsed sitting on the couch.

"Shall we see a movie?"* She asked, happily satisfied.

"I can't get the remote control. Can you help me?"* I replied, looking up at her.

Ilaria rolled her eyes and then stood up.* She hooked her fingers under one side of the couch and lifted it a few inches.

"I still can't get there!"* I said.

She lifted him a little more.

"Just a little more..." I insisted.

Ilaria snorted and lifted her furniture until it was almost vertical.* She moved her head and looked down.

Long on the floor, next to her beautiful feminine feet, was me.* I had a bratty smile and the remote control clutched to my chest, between my intertwined fingers.

My doubts were resolved.* Ilaria was stronger than me.
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