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Old 15-Aug-20, 22:31
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Default Debut of Ruby Rage with Kami Kyller and Jade Indica

Ok! Back to new stuff. I stopped posting here for a while but Iím trying to get back to it. One thing Iím doing now is trying to do more match sets. Essentially each match that happened in the shoot as the energy from one challenge tends to flow into the next.

This is the 4th such set Iíve released and it stars Kami Kyller, Miss Jade Indica, myself and it served as quite a ferocious debut for new wrestler Ruby Rage! Camera duties for the night were split between myself and the lovely Rowan Rad.


Kami Kyller vs Ruby Rage

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Part 1 of 4: Debut of Ruby Rage

Introducing Ruby Rage, a New York based wrestling afficionado with a pure passion for good sweaty grappling fun. Ruby has some years of BJJ training under her belt as well as a boundless enthusiasm.

Today she will need every once of will power as it will be none other than Kami Kyller welcoming her to the mats!

Kami is also trained in BJJ and enjoys a size advantage over Ruby. Sheís not one to let off the pressure even for a second. The tenacity is strong in this one.

This is a great match that has lots of action and skilled attacks on both sides. One of them starts to take a lead and can be seen starting to tease her opponent as she starts to take control of the match.

In the end thereís a clear winner in falls and both are left spent and glowing from the mutual wrestle-high they just mutually generated together.

These two had never met before this match and became fast bonded friends after this experience together.

Who wins?

Ruby Rage 5í2 135 lbs
Kami Kyller 5í5 165 lbs

Ruby & Kamiís double team vs Hanz

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Part 2 of 4: Debut of Ruby Rage

After bonding in their first wrestle together, Kami Kyller and Ruby Ruby put their new forged friendship to immediate use in a two on one challenge against none other than myself.

Iíve had a few 2 on 1 challenges before and I have even won a couple. However both of these women have training so victory for me was looking like a hard reach.

Kamiís excitement was palpable as Iím usually able to give her a hard time on the mats and it was written all over her face that she was eager to just smash me.

For Ruby this would be the first time weíve ever made physical contact on the mats and she was definitely enthusiastic to tangle up tight.

The match was like an onslaught with Kami roughly trying to twist me to submission while Ruby used her thick strong thighs to lock up with my legs and keep them trapped in a struggle with hers.

Both were relentless but I was determined to fight the good fight and try to pull an impressive upset. See who succeeded!

Kami 5í5 165 lbs
Ruby 5í2 135 lbs
Hanz 6í1 185 lbs

Jade Indica vs Ruby Rage - Erotic Oil Wrestle

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Part 3 of 4: Debut of Ruby Rage

Ruby Rage enjoys the close body contact that wrestling can provide; so much so that it turns her on. In this sensual oil struggle Ruby finds herself in a sensual squeeze down with sensual seductress Miss Jade Indica.

Jade is very confident both on body and in mind. Her plan is to meet every ounce of Rubyís erotic energy and use it as fuel to overwhelm and turn it against the newcomer.

The energy between these two is electric as the slip, squeeze and slide against each other. Tribbing and kissing is frequent as both give themselves over to the pleasure. As the match goes on one of them appears to gain the control she was after and tribs her way to an eagerly embraced orgasm.

Who comes on top in this seductress duel?

Jade Indica 5í2 128 lbs
Ruby Rage 5í2 135 lbs

SexWrestle - Jade & Ruby vs Hanz

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Part 4 of 4: Debut of Ruby Rage

This was a surprise. It wasnít certain what this match was going to be until the very last minute. But after their sensual connection on the mats in the previous match Jade and Ruby decided they wanted to challenge me to a 2 on 1 SexWrestle!

The bet was to see if I could last the full 30 minutes while Ruby and Jade didnít have to hold anything back at all. This was not a challenge for the feint of heart as just one of these girls alone presents a near impossible to last against Sexfighting challenge.

From minute 1 this match is hot. Jade and Ruby continue their sensual connection as well competing with each other to be the biggest sexual threat on the mats.

Some of the creative positions we end up in are devastatingly erotic like nothing ever felt before.

The sheer seductive force of Miss Jade Indica combined with the passionate eroticism of Ruby Rage; what chance could you possibly stand?

Jade 5í2 128 lbs
Ruby 5í2 135 lbs
Hanz 6í1 185 lbs
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Old 16-Aug-20, 04:38
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Default Re: Hanz VanDerKillís Battle Theatre

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