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Post The Challenge

The Challenge

Part 1 - Leg Wrestling

It was a Saturday night and I invited three of my friends over to play some games and have some drinks. As the night went on we ended up fooling around and doing some different physical challenges against each other for fun.

Stuff like who can stay in a handstand position the longest, who can do a one arm-pushup, etc. My name is Devin and I consider myself a pretty strong guy so I was killing all the challenges.

I’m 5’10, 23 years old, and have some muscle from playing soccer/going to the gym about twice a week. My friend Tyler, who is 5’9 and the same age as me but doesn’t work out nearly as much, was struggling with some of the challenges but the two girls that were with us were doing even worse.

Somebody eventually brought up leg wrestling and the girls convinced Tyler and I to leg wrestle each other first. The actual name of the game is Indian leg wrestling and it’s kind of like a competition to see who’s legs are stronger.

You play by lying down side by side facing opposite of each other and wrapping your arm around the other person's arm. You then countdown and throw one leg up to overpower the other person's leg, trying to flip them backward.

I knew Tyler didn’t have much of a chance against me since I played soccer most of my life and Tyler doesn’t do much working out. It seemed like a fun idea regardless so we did it anyway. We both laid down, locked arms, and waited for the girls to count us down. “3, 2, 1 GO”

I flung my leg up and quickly pushed his leg as hard as I could. He flipped over and laid there for a minute before muttering, “dammit.” I stood up and cockily bragged, “that was too easy.”

Next up it was the girls' turn where we had Clara going against Sophia. Clara was 5’ 2, 22 years old, and on the skinnier side with dark brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. She was wearing a pink shirt and had on gray yoga pants.

Sophia was around 5’5, 21 years old, and had wavy brown hair with blonde highlights. Her legs were the thickest out of all of ours and she had a nice body to compliment them. Her boobs were also big but she was wearing a grey sweatshirt that concealed them and black leggings.

We all had a feeling that Sophia would win because she was also a soccer player and her thighs massively outsized Clara's. They both laid on the floor and locked arms. Tyler and I then proceeded to count down for them. “3,2,1 Go!”

The match was over before it even began. Sofia flung Clara's leg backward, immediately flipping her over. We all laughed at the outcome and at how one-sided it was until Clara finally asked, “Okay who’s going next.”

It was quiet for a minute until Sophia finally turned and looked right at me with her big brown eyes. “I want to face Devin.” she said with a smirk on her face.

“Oooooooooooo” the other two hummed, hyping up her challenge. “Alright, another easy win for me I guess.” I accepted her challenge.

“Yeah okay, get on the floor and let's do this” She demanded with a devious smile. Sophia was always a bit tomboyish and also very competitive which I learned from playing pick-up soccer games with her.

I was happy she challenged me because she was truly a stunning girl and it allowed me to make some physical contact with her. It would also give me a chance to show her how strong I was.

We laid down next to each other and wrapped our arms around each other. “Ready?” Tyler asked. We both said yes. “3,2,1, GO!!” We threw our legs up and they came crashing into each other.

As I pushed I felt myself starting to lift off the ground and at that point, I knew it was over. Once your body starts to lift there’s no way of coming back. She flipped me and I heard our friends cheer from the couch.

“Ayyyyy, thank you, thank you” she bowed to the audience on the couch. “You got lucky” I quickly spit out. “Or maybe I’m just stronger than you,” she said smiling, taunting me.

“Yeah okay,” I said sarcastically as I stood up and sat back down on the couch. I was a little upset that I lost but I convinced myself that it was luck, plus it was kind of hot that she won.

Tyler and Clara decided to face off against each other as sort of a losers bracket but it wasn't too exciting. Tyler made quick work of Clara and was able to beat flip her over easily since she was so small. After their match, I immediately proposed for a rematch against Sophia.

“If you want to lose again,” she said. I was convinced that the first match was a fluke and that I just needed a quicker start this time around. We both laid on the floor again and got into position. I eagerly awaited the countdown and for the chance to rub the win in Sophia's face just as she had done to me. “3,2,1, Go!” Tyler shouted.

I tried jolting my leg up and smashing it down on hers as quick as possible but our legs clashed in the middle. Once again, I was no match for her thigh and I found myself tumbling backwards.

Sofia sat up and asked “Any excuses this time?” as she fixed her hair and smiled. “You’re cheating.” I replied half-jokingly but half-serious. There was no way this younger girl was actually beating me.

“CHEATING?! Care to explain how I was cheating.” She asked, “I don’t know, you just were.” I said as I shamefully stood back up.

“Someone’s a sore loser.” She said, which irritated me. “Let me have a go at her,” Tyler said to me and sat down on the floor next to Sofia.

I watched as Tyler suffered the same fate I had the previous two times. He was flipped over instantaneously and after their match, I decided to give it a third try.

“Let's go again, last time and then we’ll call it a night.” I said to her. She playfully rolled her eyes and responded with, “Ugh, fine” as if it was a waste of her time.

Tyler got up and sat back on the couch next to Clara and I laid down next to Sophia. My competitive nature was coming out and I wanted nothing more than to wipe the stupid grin off of Sophia's face. Tyler gave us the countdown, “3,2,1 GO!”

I swung my leg up and pushed hers in one fast motion and I finally watched as I saw her ass lift off the ground and flip over. I had finally won and it felt fantastic.

“And on that note, I retire,” I said before letting Sophia get a word in about what just happened. She was visibly annoyed and said, “No way, I won twice and you only one once, let's go again.”

I shook my head, “Nope, I think I’m done for the night. Feels good going out with a win.” I had no idea how I had won but I was savoring the moment and rubbing it in as much as I could.

“What a little bitch” she said and stood back up. I shrugged and smiled at her. It was late so we settled down and played video games for the remainder of the night until it was time for everybody to go home.

Clara and Sophia left together and Tyler left last. I went to sleep that night thinking about Sophia and how a girl was able to overpower me. Part of me was annoyed that I let her beat me, but the other part of me found her incredibly sexy and wanting to do it again.

The next day Sophia and I started texting each other more than we normally did before our leg wrestling match. We were discussing something off-topic until I made a joke and she tried telling me to shut up in which I responded by teasing her some more.

The messages:

Sophia: Shuttup

Me: You still mad about losing that last match to me, huh?

Sophia: You still lost two out of three times so I don’t see how you could be bragging. I’m still stronger than you.

Me: Alright just because your legs MAY be stronger than mine doesn’t mean you’re stronger than me.

Sophia: Mmmmmm, I think it does

Me: I would clearly beat you in a fight if it came down to it.

Sophia: I would KO you if we ever got into a fight

Me: In your dreams

Sophia: You’d be the one dreaming once I put you to sleep

Me: but you can’t knock me out.

Sophia: Oh but I can

Me: and how are you gonna go about doing that?

Sophia: I have my ways

Me: Don’t know what that means but okay haha

Sophia: Oh you’ll see. Hey, are you free this Friday??

Me: Yeah why what's up?

Sophia: Would you want to maybe hang out at my place?

Me: “Yeah I’m down!”

Sophia: Alright, I’ll see you then

Part 2 coming soon

Below is an Image of two people indian leg wrestling so you can get a better idea of what it looks like
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Default Re: The Challenge

Cant wait for their wrestling match
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Post Re: The Challenge

Part 2 - The Scissors

The days went by and Sophia and I continued texting throughout the week. It was still unclear to me whether we were in a “talking” stage or if she wanted to remain just friends.

We mostly just had casual conversations about our life with a few hints of flirting now and then. Today was Friday though so I assumed I would have more answers after we hung out.

Once I got off work I hurried home and took a quick shower. I threw on a t-shirt and a pair of Adidas shorts. She had sent me her address earlier so I hopped in the car and started driving towards her house.

I found it interesting that she’s been over my house several times since my house is pretty much the hang-out spot, but I’ve never actually been to hers before.

I could feel myself getting more nervous and excited as I approached her house. The possibilities of what could happen tonight were seemingly endless. After a 15 minute drive, I finally pulled up to her house and texted her that I was outside.

As I was getting out of my car I heard the door swing open and Sophia was standing there to greet me. What a sight it was to behold.

She had on a pair of clear eyeglasses and her hair was in a messy ponytail. She was wearing a grey tank top and a Nike sports bra that was fighting to keep her boobs contained. She was also wearing black shorts that revealed her thunder thighs.

“Hey!” I said gleefully as I walked up to the front door. She rarely ever wore such revealing clothes so it was a delightful surprise to see her like this.

“What's up! Come on in, I was just playing some Mario Kart.” She greeted me back. I entered her house and she took me downstairs to a room that had a couch, a couple of bean bags, a small yoga area, and a TV.

She sat down on the couch, looked at me, and said “You tryna race?”

“Oh I’ll destroy you in this game,” I responded.

“Alright Mr. cockypants, grab the controller next to the TV and get in here.” I grabbed the controller and sat down on the floor against the couch.

We both chose our characters and then started the race. I noticed that Sophia wasn’t actually that great at Mario Kart so I taunted her whenever I saw her make a mistake.

I was dominating most of the races coming close to first place every time and I could see her getting visibly frustrated. Then, in the middle of one of our races, I heard her start to shift around behind me but I was focused on keeping first place.

I assumed that she was just sitting up to focus more on the game. It wasn’t until I felt her put both of her legs on the sides of me when I began to question what she was up to.

“Hey, what are you doi-“ I began to ask before her thighs clamped together on my head and her ankles locked on to each other.

It wasn’t too painful but it was certainly distracting. I continued to try to play under the pressure but I could progressively feel her legs start to squeeze harder and the pain became increasingly unbearable.

I couldn’t focus any longer and let go of my controller to try to pry her legs apart. I tried grabbing at her thighs but they wouldn’t budge so I grabbed at her ankles but those wouldn’t come apart either.

I then watched on the screen as she crossed the finish line and ended up coming in first place.

“I won!” she yelled joyfully. She released the pressure and dropped her ankles but kept her thighs around my head.

“What the hell was that??” I questioned her, still processing what just happened.

“You just suck” she answered as she grabbed my hair.

“Is that the only way you can win? If you cheat?!” I said. She lightly tugged my hair back so that I was now looking up at her.

“Hey, remember when you said that I couldn’t knock you out” she smiled.

“Yeaaah, why?” I answered as I watched Sophia take off her glasses and put them on a table beside the couch. She looked back down at me with her beautiful brown eyes and asked, “you still don’t think I can?”

There was a short pause as I took a moment to admire her perfect smile and boobs. “Probably not, I just don’t think you’re strong enough,” I answered, trying to egg her on.

“Hmmm,” she looked up while tapping her chin to make it look like she was thinking. “Let’s find out!”

She immediately smashed her thighs onto my ears and locked her ankles together once again. This time it was more painful than before and I had no time to prepare for it. I grabbed her thighs and desperately tried to pull them apart.

I had never noticed how big her thighs were before but I’ve never actually been this close to them. I could also feel the muscle she had in them, squeezing against my jaw. She leaned forward to get a look at my face and in doing so, rested her fleshy boobs on the top of my head. (Picture 1 from bottom of this post)

I looked up and saw Sophia smiling down at me as if she wasn’t even exerting any energy into the scissors.

“Oh my god, you’re soooo red” she laughed. “If you tap out, I’ll let you go.”

I refused to admit defeat to her, despite the pain. She didn’t know it, but the scissors weren’t in a position that could knock me out. It was only extremely painful.

She leaned back and increased the pressure even more. I felt like I had to get out unless my jaw was going to break. I tried standing up but she used her scissorshold to pull me down onto the couch with her.

“Where do you think you’re going” she teased. She let go of the hold and brought her right leg in. She grabbed my hair again to pull back my head and snuck her calf underneath my chin. She then used her left leg to lock her right leg in place.

Now she was in a position to potentially choke me and knock me out but she wasn’t applying any pressure yet. She wanted to tease me a bit more first.

“I'm kinda beating you up right now,” she said looking down at me.

“Wait till I get out of this.” I threatened back at her.

“The only way you’re getting out is if you tap out," she said back.

I brought my hands up to her calf and tried slipping my finger between her calf and my neck to create some separation. “I won’t tap out,” I said as I pulled.

“Alright, guess I’ll just put you out then!” she replied and began to squeeze. The sudden lack of oxygen made me panic and caused me to flail my arms around. It felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my sockets. (Picture 2)

She was really going to make me pass out! The only thing more embarrassing than tapping out would be actually passing out. My body instinctively slapped her thigh several times as I attempted to tap out.

She finally relieved the pressure from her calf and I gasped for air. She sat up and looked down at me. I knew exactly what was about to come.

“Awwww, did little baby tap out” she cooed and laughed. I took a second to get my breath and listened as she gloated on top of me.

“I told you I could knock you out, you were about to go to sleep! You should’ve seen your face!”

I had conflicted feelings about what had just happened. On one hand, I found it incredibly hot. I could spend all day between this beautiful girls thighs. On the otherhand, I was slightly annoyed at how much gloating she was doing when anybody could’ve done what she did.

“You cheated.” I said to her.

Sophia rolled her eyes. “Here we go again with this.”

“It’s easy to get someone in a chokeho-,” I explained before I was interrupted by the cloth of her sports bra smashed into my face.

“Shuuuuttttt uppp,” Sophia groaned.

I continued to try to explain myself underneath her boob but everything I said was muffled. She waited until I stopped before she leaned back and took her boob off my face.

“You were saying?” she asked with a smile on her face. I attempted to continue but the second my mouth opened she shoved her boob back in my face.

“Don’t care!” she exclaimed. I was loving every second of this but I was still persistent in getting my point across.

As she sat back up I continued to explain, hoping she would put her boob in my face again but she didn’t this time and allowed me to finish.

“Like I was saying, anybody can get put in a chokehold if they aren’t paying attention. You didn’t do anything special.” I explained.

“I could do it to you even if you were paying attention though,” she replied, “Just admit that you lost!”

“If my hands weren’t full and I wasn’t focused on Mario Kart you would’ve never gotten me in that position,” I responded.

She finally released me from her legs and let me sit up. I rubbed my jaw and waited for her to say something.

“How about we wrestle then?” she asked.

It was exactly what I wanted to hear. “If you want to,” I responded, trying to hide my excitement. This would finally give me a chance to put her in place.

“Of course I want to, that way when I beat you I don’t have to hear you’re excuses anymore.” She slyly replied.

“You’re talking a lot of shit for someone that’s about to get submitted,” I shittalked back to her.

She got up and walked toward the stairs. “I’m gonna go change really quick, if you want to run away now would be your last chance,” she joked.

I laughed and asked ,“What's wrong with what you’re wearing now?”

“Nothing, I just don’t want to rip these shorts,” she answered with a devious look on her face.

She walked up the stairs and I eagerly waited on the couch.

Part 3 coming soon
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Default Re: The Challenge

Here’s hoping Sophia kicks Devin’s ass and has some sexy ways of knocking him out...
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Default Re: The Challenge

Part 3 - The Match Round 1

I heard Sofia coming back down the stairs and I couldn't believe my eyes. All she had on was a pink Nike sports bra and white underwear.

I stared in awe at her body as she reached the bottom of the steps.

“What do you think?” she said to me.

“You’re wrestling in that?!” I asked.

“Well yeah, that’s not a problem right?”

“Of course not,” I said as I admired her body.

The sports bra could barely contain her plump boobs and the underwear revealed her cute ass and large thighs. I couldn’t help but think what a lucky guy I was to be in this position.

She walked over to the small yoga area she had set up and waved me over.

“So what are the rules, first one to tap loses?” I asked as I got up and joined her on the mats.

“Sounds good to me,” she responded, “want to make it best of three?”

I nodded and then took my shirt off to match her uniform.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” She smiled as she looked me up and down.

I was thinking the same thing. Not only would I put her in her place but I would get to fondle her boobs while doing it.

“Ready?”, she interrupted my train of thought.

“You know it”, I responded.

She took a funny wrestling pose and bounced up and down.

It was apparent that she had no idea what she was doing but then again, neither did I. The only experience I had wrestling was wrestling friends for fun in which I usually won.

I had never wrestled with a girl before though so this was a delightful new experience for me that I thought would be easy.

We circled each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

I decided to take initiative and leaped in, tackling her onto the mats. As I was doing this she quickly pulled guard and wrapped her legs around my lower body.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her warm breasts to try and suffocate me. (Picture 1)

I was surprised by her speed and the immediate use of her boobs. I wanted to keep my face in-between her boobs for longer but I knew it wasn’t a good position for me if I wanted to win.

She started squeezing her legs into my sides and I felt the pain immediately.

It wasn’t painful enough for me to tap out however and I was able to turn my head to the side to avoid being smothered by her cleavage.

My first thought was to try to get my head away from her breasts so I tried to sneak away by moving my head toward her stomach.

She must've noticed me inching further down because she quickly threw her leg over my shoulder and caught me in a triangle chokehold. (Picture 2)

I was surprised she even knew about this this hold, let alone know how to apply it.

I grasped at her thigh to try to free myself but it wouldn’t budge. My whole head felt like it was being constricted by a python and I was slowly losing oxygen

“Aw, you’re turning red again”, she said as she fought to keep her legs together and to keep my arm in the right position.

I peeked up and saw her boobs being mushed together but I had to stay focused. I couldn't afford to get distracted now.

I tried tossing and turning but it was to no prevail. I couldn’t believe the predicament I had gotten myself into. I couldn’t lose this quickly or I would never hear the end of it from her.

Her positioning of my arm wasn't perfect and I saw an opportunity to break free.

I fought to get my hand free from her and yanked it out from in between her leg but as soon as I got it out both of her thighs clenched up on the sides of my head. It’s like she was always one step ahead of me.

“Ah, ah, ah, where do you think you’re going”’ she teased.

Her large thighs squeezed me and I found myself in a familiar position to when I was on the couch.

Her powerful legs rolled me over so that she was now sitting on top of me with my chin in her crotch. She held my hands and squeezed her thighs around my neck so that I couldn’t breathe. (Picture 3)

I couldn't manage to get in a single sliver of air. All I could do was look up and admire her large mounds and big brown eyes looking down at me while I lost oxygen.

I felt myself losing consciousness and had no time to think. I freed my hand and frantically slapped the side of her thigh until she let go.

I tapped out.

She slid down and stayed perched on top of my chest as I tried to regain myself.

“So what happened there? That didn’t last very long.”, she said as she sat on me.

I couldn’t bear to look at her out of embarrassment but I could still feel her staring down at me.

“I thought you said I wouldn’t be able to do that to you? What happened big man?” she continued to tease.

“I’ll give you that one but don’t expect round two to go the same way. I’ll actually try now,” I replied, trying to play it off.

I didn’t expect her to be able to get her thighs around me so easily but now I knew what to expect in the next round. I just had to avoid her thighs and try to use my upper body strength to my advantage.

“Yeah, yeah, you just got beat up by a girl.” she said as she got off of me.

I sat up and rubbed my neck. "How did you know how to do a triangle chokehold?" I asked, wondering if she was playing me and was actually some kind of secret Jiu Jitsu champion.

"I saw it in a UFC fight once and wanted to try it, I can't believe it really worked" she laughed ,"You're face looked like it was about to explode!"

"So you did just get lucky." I responded trying to hide my embarrassment.

I stood back up and prepared myself for the next round...........
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Default Re: The Challenge

post approved
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Default Re: The Challenge

You’re a lucky man! Cant wait for the next installment. How did you get her to agree to the pictures?
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Default Re: The Challenge

How did u get the pictures great story
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Default Re: The Challenge

Originally Posted by Womanhandled [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
You’re a lucky man! Cant wait for the next installment. How did you get her to agree to the pictures?
the pictures are Mikaela. the first two are from Reality Girls ([Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] and maybe .... [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] or [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]). the final three are from Femwin ([Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register])

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Default Re: The Challenge

What ever happen to femwin again great story
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challenge, facesitting, headscissors, mixed wresting, smother

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