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Default Andrea and Katie's Challenge

Andrea and Katie's Challenge

This story takes place roughly 3 years after the infamous "I Quit" match which can be found here.... [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] At the time, Katie and Andrea were 17 and I was 19. This was the first time I had wrestled the two of them together since the "I quit" match. Apologies on the time line in the story, it's tough to recall exactly what happened at what time but i know for certain the entire sequence was around a 3 hour time frame. Enjoy!

It was a beautiful summer day, one that I wouldn't soon forget. I was on vacation from my first year of college and visiting my best friend. We were hanging by the pool with his sister Andrea and her friend Katie. Watching the two of them in their bikinis drudged up memories of the beatings I used to endure and I couldn't help but imagine it happening again. Eventually my friend had to head out for a 3 hour work shift and I told him I'd wait at his house and we could go out after. Once he left, I was alone in the pool with Andrea and Katie.

Andrea was wearing a red and black floral bikini top with matching booty short bottoms and I was pleased to see how well she had developed. She was probably around 140lbs now as her legs had gotten more muscular from soccer and the bottoms did little to contain her plump ass. As good as she looked it was nothing compared to Katie who was wearing a tiny teal bikini. It was tough not to stare at her tanned six pack abs. She was still quite thin, probably 110lbs or so and she was even more beautiful than I remembered her.

So the girls get out of the pool and wrap themselves up in their towels. Not long after that I joined them and decided to see if I could get the ball rolling.

"Do you guys remember wrestling me a couple years ago?" I asked, ready to gauge their response. Katie immediately started laughing.

"You mean that time your nose ended up in Andrea's ass?!?" she exclaimed in an excited giggle. So they DID remember.

"Ummm yea that time" I answered awkwardly.

"I used to kick your ass a lot." Andrea added with a smile. "It was fun"

"Well that's a bit of an exaggeration." I lied. "I was just a dumb kid back then. You couldn't possibly pull that off again."

The two girls exchanged surprised glances and then turned back towards me.

"You want to bet?" Andrea asked with that familiar mischievous grin spreading across her face.

"Bet? Bet what?" I inquired as my heart started to race.

"My brother will be home around 9:30. If we can make you submit before then, we get to do whatever we want to you until he gets home." Andrea said. I was instantly excited at the prospect. It was still only about 6:00 and her brother's work shift had just started. That gave me a good 3 hours to relive some of the very childhood memories that made me obsessed with mixed wrestling in the first place. I tried to play it cool though.

"And if I win?" I calmly asked. The girls burst out laughing.

"Oh J, I hadn't even considered that!" Andrea exclaimed. "I'm so sure that won't happen that I'll go crazy with it. You don't even have to make us submit to win, just survive. If you can make it to 9:30 without submitting you win."

"Ok that seems challenging but fair. (Fair?!? Far from it but how could I pass it up!) But you still haven't said what I get if, errr WHEN I win." I said. Andrea sighed and contemplated some options in her head.

"I got it! I'm so sure we won't lose that if you somehow survive this beating me and Katie will run around the block naked!" Andrea suggested. Katie's face wasn't so thrilled.

"Uh uh... No way am I going to do that." Katie stated firmly.

"Well, then you better make sure you don't lose because I accept that challenge!" I announced. Katie was extremely defensive at the idea so Andrea tried to reason.

"Think about it. It's 2 against 1. I can get him to tap out after like 2 minutes in a headscissor!" Andrea bragged.

"I'd like to see you try." I challenged.

"Oh you will... You definitely will." Andrea commented before adding "come on Katie, this will be easy."

So the two of them went inside and I followed. We went to the notorious workout room where our last encounter took place. The memory of being so helpless flashed through my mind and as usual I began to question my earlier bravado. I heard the door close behind me and my eagerness turned to nervousness. The girls were heavier now and probably much stronger. I clearly hadn't given too much thought to the challenge. 3 plus hours of taking on 2 girls? Even if I went 120% I'd still eventually be overpowered but at the time none of that mattered to me. The only thing I cared about was reliving my childhood with these two. It's funny the way my brain sometimes works...

Once we were all in the room and the rules were reiterated it was time to begin. Katie, still a bit timid stayed behind Andrea as I considered how to start. I decided to try to frustrate them. I circled them and each time Andrea tried to engage, I'd back away. After a few minutes of cat and mouse, I began taunting them.

"I could just avoid you for the next 3 hours. Then before you know it, the whole neighborhood is going to see you naked!" I stated.

"Dream on." Andrea spat back as she rushed me. I side stepped her and saw my opportunity. I snatched Katie and got behind her, pulling both of her arms behind her back.

"Hey let go!" Katie shouted as she struggled against me. I was trying to use Katie as a shield between myself and Andrea. It was getting the results I wanted as Andrea was becoming quite frustrated.

"Tick tock!" I taunted as Andrea kept failing to grab me or free Katie. It never occurred to me that Katie could escape on her own and what happened next took me completely by surprise. Katie lifted her foot and slammed it down directly on my toes.

"YOW!" I shouted in pain releasing her. Katie quickly spun and directed her knee straight up and into my groin. "UGHHHH" I groaned as I crumpled into a heap onto the floor. I was clutching between my legs as Andrea approached and stood over me.

"Remember this one?" She asked and then landed a heavy butt drop onto my side.

"UGH!" I grunted in pain from the impact. She lingered in this position for a bit as I wiggled beneath her. Then she forced my shoulders down so I was flat on my back before standing back over me. She landed another butt drop, this time high onto my chest. Even with me bracing, the pressure was still enough to hurt considerably.

"Oh what's wrong? Did I get heavier?" Andrea asked as I grimaced underneath her.

"Heavier? Uh, I barely noticed." I lied. I had definitely noticed but I didn't want her to focus on squashing me. If she knew how much it affected me, I could be in for a long night.

"You didn't? Well I am... See?" She said and lifted up before crashing back down again. This time I did little to hide my pain. I coughed loudly while Andrea sat on my chest just as I had shown her all those years ago. She was using most of her weight with her legs kicked out wide. The problem was she was no longer a petite little girl anymore and her weight was less manageable. If she was, I probably would have remained content in this position. Instead I knew I ran the risk of being worn down before even an hour had passed. So I rolled my shoulder up and threw Andrea off of me. I was free for mere seconds before I had Katie straddling my side, trapping my right arm between me and the floor while my left was stuck between my side and Katie's straddle.

"Uh oh J... Looks like you bit off more than you can chew." I heard Andrea comment as she inched her crotch towards my face. I struggled mightily against Katie but couldn't free my arms as Andrea snaked her creamy thighs around my head.

"No... No... NO!" I tried to protest but was cutoff by Andrea's bottoms covering my mouth. She placed one hand behind my head yanking it tightly in there. Then I felt her powerful thighs squeeze.

"MMMMPHHHHHHH!!!!" I shouted into her crotch as I felt just how much stronger she had gotten. I wiggled my arms under Katie but it was no use. We were maybe 20 minutes in and I was already in an inescapable position.

"What's that? Are you already quitting on us J?" Andrea taunted as she eased up a bit and backed away just enough for me to answer.

"Never!" I shouted "Didn't you say I wouldn't last 2 minutes like this?" I added.

"If I wanted to, I could make you quit right now!" She threatened with an evil look on her face. The angry look morphed to a smile before adding "but where's the fun in that?"

She then re-assumed her position and I was back in her crotch. I was still wiggling my arms but Katie made sure to keep them down so I started trying to turn my body. I managed to get flat on my back but my head was now twisted awkwardly to the side, still trapped in Andrea's head scissors. I thought this position would ease my pain but it just made escape even harder. The only thing that saved me from it was Andrea's desire to push my limits. She loosened her grip on me and bent her knees. She rolled sideways, tucking her lower legs behind my back then slid them behind my head. When the motion was completed, my head was propped up under her crossed ankles, with my face squashed directly under her. She was essentially sitting Indian style on my face except my head was still trapped between her legs. I was now being squeezed, squashed and smothered, much to the two girls' delight. As usual I protested but all the girls heard were muffled pleas.

"Oh he's in trouble now!" Katie remarked as Andrea tightened her squeeze on my skull. I could do nothing to resist and Andrea didn't look like she intended on letting me go. With her hands on her hips she looked down at me, a smug grin on her face. There was no sneaking out of this one and I didn't know how much longer I could last. My head pounded and my lungs ached but that typical conflict in emotion was going on in my brain. As much as I was trapped, I didn't want to be let go... That is until things started to go dark. My eyelids became very heavy and I couldn't keep them open. I was rewarded by a rush of fresh air. Andrea crawled off of me as I gasped trying to catch my breath. Katie made sure to keep my arms pinned as Andrea got to her feet.

I realized it was now just Katie on top now so I went for an escape. I braced my arms and pushed upwards. I managed to lift her off just enough to force her forward as I slid out from under her however the numbers game caught me again. Just as I was clearing Katie, Andrea crashed onto my stomach. With air pressing out of my lips Katie caught herself falling forward and sat back, her teal bottoms coming down hard onto my face. Her knees were bent directly over my head as she sat up straight. The combination of getting squashed and then immediately smothered made the facesit unbearable. I groaned in discomfort as the girls had a good laugh at the noises I was making. Desperately needing to inhale I tried to push Katie's ass off of me with my now free hands.

"Don't you touch her!" Andrea ordered as she clutched my wrists away from her friend. Katie was completely covering my face as I struggled against Andrea's grip but at this point it was clear I couldn't handle both of them. I just wasn't strong enough to throw the two teens and the reality of the situation started to set in. I was completely at their mercy and on this day, they didn't seem willing to show me any.

"MMMMPPPPPHHHHH!!!" I tried to plead for release but was getting no response. I began stomping my feet in desperation and wiggling my head as much as Katie would allow but I just couldn't find even one morsel of air. My struggles slowed as the light headedness started to sink in.

"Uh oh, looks like we're losing him." Andrea remarked nonchalantly causing Katie to rise. I inhaled the fresh air deeply with Andrea still gripping my wrists and straddling my stomach.

"Give up yet J?" She asked as I struggled to keep her from pinning my wrists down.

"Not a chance" I responded and started to push upwards. I managed to sit up causing Andrea to fall back a bit. Before I could press any advantage, the teen had wrapped her legs around my midsection and squeezed.

"UGHHHH" I groaned while Andrea struggled to leverage me down. I fought to remain upright but Katie inserted herself into the tussle by pushing us sideways. With us both on our sides now Andrea reared back and cinched in her rib crushing body scissor even tighter. With her still holding my wrists I could do nothing to ease the pressure.

"You want to give up now?" Andrea asked.

"UGHHH... Noooooo" I squeezed out only to see Katie's tanned legs come into view. Her ankles locked in front of me as she applied a back headscissor.

"Howabout now?" Andrea asked with a huge smile, unable to contain her glee as I endured this double scissor hold. I still wasn't ready to admit defeat though.

"You're... Not .... Strong... Enough" I eked out between breaths, half expecting to be punished further for my smart mouth.

"Grab his hands" Andrea ordered her partner. Once Katie had me, Andrea released her scissor and got to her feet. She then rolled us onto our backs and straddled my lap.

"Not strong enough huh?" Andrea asked before unleashing a punch to my gut as Katie applied squeeze of her own.

"UGHHH" I grunted unable to protect myself as Katie reared back with another squeeze. She wasn't as strong as Andrea but she was holding her own.

"You sure about that?" Andrea taunted before landing another punch. I didn't answer which led to another punch and another.

"You know... We could just do this until my brother comes home." Andrea remarked still attacking my exposed midsection. Now I had no clue what time it was nor how much longer I had but I was determined to last the time limit. Knowing full well I couldn't keep taking these wide open shots I had to get out of this predicament.

"If you do, you're going to lose." I bluffed before continuing "and besides, you were bragging about YOUR headscissor. Looks like you'd rather your friend do the dirty work!"

My remarks were answered with another punch to my gut. "Let him go" she instructed her partner before adding "I guess I should just end this now"

Katie released me but Andrea stayed straddling my waist. I knew she was going for a headscissor so before she could advance I rolled sideways causing her to topple over. She was quick to lock in a body scissor but I still forced her to her back. She tried to slap me but I caught her wrist and forced it to the ground. I then did the same with her other hand. She tried squeezing harder but I was determined to stay on top. I had her pinned but had no way to escape the body scissor. As I tried to figure out what to do next, Katie straddled my back. Clutching underneath my chin she began to pull upwards on my head.

"Yowwww!!!" I moaned as my neck was unexpectedly yanked backwards but I did not want to release Andrea's wrists.

"Let go of me!" Andrea yelled as Katie continued to pull. I tried to keep my position but the stress on my neck became too much so I let go of Andrea's wrists and grabbed for Katie's hands. I tried to wrench her off but couldn't. All of a sudden Andrea uncrossed her legs causing Katie and I to tumble backwards. She landed in a seated position but I wasn't so lucky. My head struck the ground rather hard. I looked up and the room was spinning but I also knew I didn't have time to rest. I rolled to my side to try to prop myself up but saw Andrea's legs closing in around me. Seconds later I was locked in a front headscissor with my chin pressed tightly against her crotch. She reared back and cinched the hold tighter, further contorting my aching neck.

"AAAARRGGGHHHH!" I shouted through gritted teeth as the power was almost too much to handle.

"I told you Katie, two minutes of this and he'll be begging to be let go." Andrea said as she squeezed the life out of me.

"You'll... Have to... Do... Better... Than that..." I said through heavy breaths. My tormentors were not amused.

"Don't think I can? Watch me" Andrea said as she proceeded to swivel her hips rolling to her back while pulling me onto my belly. She then swung one way slamming her legs to the ground. She then alternated, slamming her legs the other way. She repeated the motion numerous times as if I was just a rag doll. Each time she did this my head was jarred awkwardly. My neck was aching and my head was pounding from this thrashing. Finally she settled on her back with me exhausted on my belly. My hands rested on her thighs as she looked into my eyes.

"You ready to give up yet?" She asked me. I was too tired and sore to give her a direct answer. I just laid there sucking wind staring up at her.

"You really want to play this game? Fine then. Katie grab his feet." Andrea said. Katie obliged but wasn't exactly sure where this was going.

"Now pick them up and pull. Let's see if we can make him taller!" Andrea suggested a bit too excited for my liking.

"No ... Katie stop... stop... STOP! OWWWWW" I shouted as I thought my head was going to be ripped off. Katie cruelly yanked at my feet while Andrea's vice like grip held my head in place.

"OK OK I GIVE UP!!! YOU WIN! YOU WIN!!!" I screamed as loud as I could slapping on Andrea's thighs. Katie released me but Andrea maintained her headscissor.

"See? I told you he wouldn't last in my headscissor." Andrea said to her partner before unleashing another brutal squeeze.

"OWWWW I SAID I GIVE UP! LET ME GO!" I pleaded but Andrea held me there.

"I heard you J but my brother still won't be home for another hour or so. Since we won we get to do whatever we want to you until he comes home and right now, I want to keep doing this!" She taunted as she again tightened her squeeze on me. My hands weakly pulled at her thighs but my resistance barely registered to her. My pulls turned into desperate tap outs against her thigh.

"What are you trying to tell me J?" She asked as she rubbed her victory (among other things) in my face. Unable to speak, I tapped her thigh again hoping to be released.

"Ohhh I get it. You want Katie to sit there! Is that why you're tapping my thigh?" She asked knowing full well why I was tapping. I shook my head 'no' but she didn't let up. I watched helplessly as Katie slowly sat down on Andrea's thigh, ratcheting up the pressure on my head and neck tenfold. Still unable to speak I kicked and slapped the ground desperately needing release. The pressure was so extreme that it took mere seconds before I expected to pass out. The girls luckily must have noticed and released me completely.

As I laid there trying to catch my breath I couldn't believe what I had gone through nor how much longer I would have to endure it. What seemed like such a good idea had turned into something way more intense than I imagined... And it was about to get worse.

"You know the rules J. We get to do anything and you're not allowed to fight back." Andrea reiterated as she stepped into a straddle over me. Before I could respond, I was cutoff by a butt drop.

"Hahaha! This should be fun! Katie you have a turn!" Andrea instructed. So Katie straddled behind her partner and landed a butt drop of her own to my stomach.

"OOOFFFF" the air pressed out of my lungs while the two teen girls sat atop me. Andrea bent down and hooked her fingers into my cheeks.

"Remember how much you liked this move?" Andrea said before yanking roughly both ways.

"YOWWWWW!!!" I screamed like crazy wiggling wildly beneath the two girls but unable to unseat either one. My arms were trapped under them and I couldn't do anything to stop this agonizing torture.

"Ouch that looks like it hurts!" Katie remarked as Andrea sadistically pulled on my cheeks. Tears began flowing down my face as I couldn't bear the pain.

"Awwww poor baby crying now? You want me to stop?" Andrea taunted as I nodded frantically. My pleas were answered and she released her grip. She rubbed her saliva soaked fingers on my cheeks to dry them. She then stood up and landed another butt drop and ordered Katie to do another one too. The girls began trading off. One would stay seated while the other dropped on me. Each drop weakened me further while seemingly giving the girls even more energy to continue the onslaught. After several drops had landed the two girls stayed seated atop my battered frame.

"Ok... Let's try one together" Andrea suggested.

"Please don't!" I begged from underneath but was answered with a firm slap to the face.

"We get to do what we want!" Andrea shouted angrily before adding the threat of another headscissor. At this point I was entirely conflicted. I didn't really know which situation would be worse for me so I shut my mouth and remained still. The two girls stood up before counting down 3...2....1... BOOM!

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I coughed and sputtered uncontrollably. My wind was completely gone as the two girls giggled atop me. I choked and tried to inhale but was unsuccessful. I couldn't even vocalize my despair as I strained to breathe under the two teen girls.

"Stop moving J! You have to let us do what we want!" Andrea scolded as I writhed beneath the two. I obeyed and tried to remain still as they continued sitting on me. The time is fuzzy but it seemed like they kept me pinned like this for a good 10 minutes. They then began whispering to each other and I sensed another devious plot forming. When they finished their chat, the two girls lifted up and I was thankful to have their weight off my chest.

The girls circled me now but I didn't dare move. Andrea kicked my right arm straight out and stepped on my wrist.

"Keep your arms here" She instructed as Katie did the same thing to my left arm. I grimaced a bit but didn't want to give them any more satisfaction of seeing me in pain.

"We don't have much time left J so listen carefully. Me and Katie are going to sit on your face and you're not going to move. Understand?" She asked as she stepped harder on my wrist.

"Owwww ok ok I won't move" I answered, unsure of if I'd actually be able to manage the request.

"Ok good. Just so you know, if you do move, we'll make it much worse for you." Andrea said with a touch of cruelty in her voice. I simply nodded my response and the girls stepped off of my wrists. Andrea walked toward my feet and kicked my legs apart.

"Remember no moving" she said as she stepped over my waist. She then dropped suddenly onto my stomach.

"OOF!" I reacted slightly but tried to keep my limbs where she had ordered them. My efforts did not go unnoticed.

"Good job J, now hold still for Katie." She said and I watched as Katie stepped over my face. I looked up at the slim tan beauty and remembered that my situation wasn't SO bad. I stared up in anticipation as the teen squatted onto my face. She waited, perched in her squat, smothering me roughly in her bikini bottoms. I looked up at Katie as she maintained her stance and saw Andrea peaking over her shoulder at my squashed face. Oxygen was running short but I didn't dare move. I was determined to stick with the devil I knew as opposed to angering them further and bringing out some other form of torture. However, that determination could only last so long and I had no idea how long Katie planned on sitting this way. It wasn't much longer before my body needed air. Survival instincts kicked in and I quickly moved my hands under Katie's bottom and tossed her aside.

"Hey! What did I tell you?!?" Andrea yelled as I heaved desperately.

"I'm ... sorry... " I said between heavy breaths but my apology meant nothing. Andrea stood up and punished me with another butt drop onto my chest.

"Hands down!" She ordered as she slid forward onto my face. She kicked her legs out wide, allowing her full weight onto my face. Her floral bikini shorts mashed hard on my nose. I again was in a battle of wills but Andrea was heavier than her partner and I still hadn't fully recovered from Katie's smother. I began begging for air into Andrea's crotch.

"MMMPHHH! Mmph! Mmph!" I pleaded but Andrea just sat there, arms crossed staring down at my eyes. Soon I found myself shoving her off of my face despite the consequences.

"Oh no you don't!" Andrea shouted and stood over me poised for another butt drop. "We told you not to move but you just won't listen!" She yelled and dropped down brutally onto my chest. She rose up and landed another and another until finally she stayed seated on my chest.

"Ok I think he's learned. Katie go ahead and sit on him again. This time you can face the other way, really squash him good." She suggested as Katie stood over my face. She lowered to her knees and hovered over my face. She looked over her shoulder and down at me before saying "make sure you get a good breath!" She then dropped completely covering my face, much to both girls' delight. I again played their game and tried to remain motionless but it became very difficult. This time when I went to throw Katie off, Andrea clutched my hands away.

"I told you to keep your hands down! You just wait til it's my turn. I have something real special planned for you." Andrea said as I struggled to free from her grip. I was fading under Katie's ass and squirmed wildly but could not unseat her.

"Ok Katie maybe you should get up, we don't want to kill him before my finishing move." Andrea said, releasing my hands. Katie lifted up and I inhaled the fresh air deeply grateful to still be conscious. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 8:45. My friend's shift would be over soon as would this torture. As I caught my breath, Andrea spun around and sat reverse style kneeling astride my chest.

"I'm feeling generous J so catch your breath while you can because my finisher is coming next. It's almost all over." She said as she wiggled back a bit closer to my face.

"And you aren't allowed to resist it either!" she added as she now settled back onto my throat. Katie sat over my head, probably wanting to get a front row seat for what they had planned.

"Are you ready?" Andrea asked looking down at me over her shoulder. I nodded and was shocked when Andrea pulled her bottoms down just enough so that her butt cheeks spilled over her waist band.

"No no not that!" I pleaded and disobeyed the orders to remain still. I turned my head away and braced my hands under her.

"He's not going to listen Katie! Grab his hands!" She ordered and soon my arms were stretched straight overhead but I didn't dare turn my head upwards.

"Try all you want but your nose is going up my asshole just like the last time!" Andrea yelled but I still refused to allow it. Katie realized my defiance and knelt on top of my hands to keep them pinned. She then grabbed my cheeks and forced my head upwards. I watched in horror as Andrea lowered her bare ass downward. I braced for the smother but she stopped a mere inches over my nose.

"Pretty soon you won't be able to breathe at all, so get as much air as you can now." She teased as Katie giggled in the background. Andrea then lowered another inch allowing my nose to enter her crack but not enough to smother.

"Go ahead, breathe while you can!" Andrea taunted some more as she now used her hand to cover my mouth. Katie burst out laughing.

"The only way he can breathe is by smelling your ass!" Katie exclaimed as I grimaced beneath my tormentor. She was absolutely right. I don't want to say it was a bad smell but it was far from pleasant. I was entirely embarrassed by the predicament with beautiful Katie laughing as I breathed her best friend's ass.

"You better hope I don't fart" Andrea dead panned as I kept inhaling. The humiliation was growing to be too much but there was no escape. I hoped she was just kidding with that remark and was quite happy when she let go of my mouth.

"Ok ready for my finisher?" She asked.

"Andrea don't ..." Was all I could get out before she dropped down.

"Don't care!" Andrea exclaimed and the two girls laughed hysterically as my face was swallowed. My nose went right where Andrea directed it as she settled atop of me. Katie then released my face while making sure to keep my arms stretched overhead.

"What's wrong J? I thought you didn't want to smell my butt anymore!" Andrea teased. She was technically right but by this point it didn't matter what they were doing. I was utterly humiliated as I continued to suffocate in Andrea's bare bottom.

"This is even better than the last time!" Katie exclaimed before shouting "Squash him more!" Andrea obliged by bouncing on my face. Each bounce seemed to hit harder than the last but at least I was able to sneak some air. When the bouncing stopped I was thrust back into the warm darkness of Andrea's ass.

"Well J how do you like my finishing move? Pretty good right?" Andrea teased me some more.

"MMMPHHHH!" I shouted hoping for release.

"I don't think he likes it" Katie remarked.

"That's the point!" Andrea exclaimed. I began to kick my legs wildly, desperate for air. To my surprise, Andrea lifted up. Of course it was mere centimeters, but I was thankful for the air anyways.

"OK J, time is almost up but we have one more surprise for you." Andrea said. I didn't respond.

"Remember the first time Katie and I beat you up?" She asked. I hesitated, not sure exactly what she meant. Of course I remembered but which time was she referring to?

"You'll ... have to be... more specific" I answered between breaths.

"Oh you remember... The time we did this!" She said and sat back down.

"Come on Katie, sit on my lap." Andrea told her partner. I felt Katie release my hands and got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew what was coming but was powerless to resist. I braced my hands under Andrea and pleaded into her ass but was greeted by an enormous increase in pressure on my already squashed face. Katie was now sitting on Andrea's lap and their combined weight was too much to handle.

"MMMPPPHHH!" I shouted some more as I flailed and kicked hopelessly.

"Hahaha I knew you'd remember!" Andrea exclaimed excitedly as she grabbed my hands away from her bottom. What little defense I had mounted was taken away and I was pushed to my absolute breaking point. As bad as the beating had been, this was by far the worst of it. I couldn't breathe and my nose was pressed deep into Andrea's asshole. The combination of pain and humiliation was driving me insane and I could only hope they'd grow tired of me.

As I laid there, panic began to sink in. Would her brother come home and see this? Was I going to die with my nose clamped in a teenager's asshole? How could Katie ever take me seriously after this? Millions of thoughts ran through my mind and none of them gave me hope of escape. The only thing I could do was wait.

Eventually the pressure eased as Katie lifted up. A few seconds after that I felt Andrea's ass cheeks peel off of my face and I struggled to catch my breath. Nothing was said and really there was nothing to say. I had just gotten my ass handed to me by two 17 year old girls.

They left me lying in a heap and strode out of the workout room giggling to each other as I massaged my sore and squashed face. I stayed there until my friend arrived home shortly after. He saw me still laying in the same spot his sister had left me.

"Dude what happened? Andrea said you guys had a lot of fun while I was at work. What are you doing in here?" He asked.

I responded the only way I knew how
"It's a long story"
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Thumbs up Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

You did again Jericho great job. Katie seems to have gotten better too, even though she did not have the weight, she seemed more into the beating than last time. It really is amazing how good your memory is but than again I guess how can you forget something like this that happens to you. I personally want to thank you for bringing this story out, I really enjoyed the whole thing. How many times have you bumped into the girls after your last beatdown have you kept in touch with Andrea's brother. Thanks again for these great stories
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

nice 4th part, how tall where the 3 of u??
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

It is tough to recall these encounters and I will admit to taking some liberties to make it more of a cohesive story. Every move I've written has definitely happened but I doubt I have the sequence accurate so I kind of hit the main points I remember then just sort of connect the dots. Some of the dialogue I do remember word for word but there are other quotes I throw in there to make things more interesting.

As for her brother, we're still friends but not as close. I have no clue if he ever knew the extent to which I enjoyed my matches with his sister. After this story I had one more encounter with Andrea and Katie but by this point they were older and seemed less interested. When they got to college they became focused on other things. I did try to coax Andrea into another match around that time and she was very resistant. It was almost like she figured out that I actually liked it and that ruined it for her lol

And their heights? At the time I was probably 5' 6" with Andrea an inch or 2 shorter than me. Katie was probably taller than me by an inch or 2.
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

I can't wait to read part 5! Your stories are awesome!
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

wow I wish she actually farted that woulda been great. Excellent story though I loved it, and loved the 3 prior to this one!
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

I love long stories, this was so cleverly written, it felt like I could see what was happening, whilst reading all about it as it unfold.
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

Originally Posted by sablebomb [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I love long stories, this was so cleverly written, it felt like I could see what was happening, whilst reading all about it as it unfold.

Thanks! I consider that pretty high praise. For whatever reason, this installment didn't seem to get as popular as my previous stories. Don't really understand why as it seems pretty similar. Same girls, mostly the same holds. It's probably not as brutal as "The I Quit Match" but I think it still holds up just as well. Would be interested to know which stories people liked best...
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

As I mentioned, so cleverly written, that I felt compelled to re-read it 3 times & picked up so many great ideas too for my own. I like a story that has depth, doesn't mean they all have to be in that manner. However we all have our own tastes. But when someone puts so much depth into putting a story together, you can feel the build up & get a feel for what the author is trying to do in telling his story. I also like the back story leading to this fight, thought that was a major tick for me, so you get to kind of feel whether the girls were better or worse then the previous time & what they had in store this time around. So many pluses & again well done, you should be rapt with the job you did.
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Default Re: Andrea and Katie's Challenge

I have loved this story from start to finish. The way you have built the characters of Andrea and Katie has been amazing. I did like how they got more dominant and risque as they became more mature. Man, I have wished that it was me on the receiving end of their attentions. Katie seemed to get sexier and sexier and Andrea's attitude made her damned attractive, too. As for the action, I am a huge fan of sexy girls like them facesitting to emphasise their win. I have to admit that I prefer it as the humiliating consequence of losing the wrestling match, but I could not imagine the stories being any better.

Thank you so much for writing them for us, mate.
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butt drops, facesitting, headscissors, teens

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