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Default Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wrestling, muscle compare)

Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wretling, muscle compare)
deepkick version

A little about us, My name is eric, a 28y old construction designer with a wellpaid job. I had e long relationship with a woman named Lydia for 5 years. I year ago i bought us an big nice house, with a big garden and pool, with a nice gymroom and so on. After just a few weeks after morning into the house, she left me after a fight about me spending too much time at work. I didn't care too much course our relationship had been bad for a while. She was very conservative about sex, and didn't seems to have a sexdrive at all, and during the last year we had sex about once a month. She seems to care most about my money, and spend lots of my money on her shopping.
Anyway, about 6 months ago I met Jenny, who was 25y old and a fulltime law degree student. She was almost Lydias opposite, fun, outgoing, forward, sporty, not so material and knew that she wanted. The chemestry worked fine and after just two months dating, she moved into my house and been living here since then.
I knew she and her girlfrinds had some wild past, but i thought it was just cool.
Jenny was always very loving against me, especially in front of others, and i loved that.

We were happily entwined in a romantic embrace looking forward to a long weekend. We were still basking in the novelty of a new relationship, relishing each newfound discovery. Invariably, we discussed sex. Both of us had healthy sexual appetites and wanted to genuinely please one another. I had made a promise that I wouldn't hold anything back and I decided to keep that promise.

"You know we have spent a lot of time discussing my fantasies but no time at all talking about yours...." She waited for a reply with raised eyebrows.

I cleared my throat and rubbed my chin stalling for time because I was debating just how honest I should be.

"Honey, stop spacing out and talk to me." She pleasantly implored.

"What would you like to know?" I finally replied.

"Well for starters what's your fantasy?" She asked.

"I have fantasies like a lot of guys, you know." I answered evasively.

"I know - like two women at the same time?" She smiled.

"Well yes (I nodded), then there is one fantasy that really gets me going. It's kinda wild, I bet you won't expect it from me, do you really want to know." Like I didn't already know the answer.

"Hell yeah I want to know." She stated with piqued curiosity.

Throwing caution to the wind I said simply, " My fantasy is to be fucked."

There was a moment of silence, she had a confused look on her face; she was trying to understand what I said. I could tell it didn't quite register yet.

"You mean (she paused cautiously) ... fucked, as in fucked in the ass?" She asked.

"Yep," was my only response.

"Wow, that is sooooo fucking hot, I would love to see you bent over taking a big cock up the ass. You know I can make that happen." She said enthusiastically.

"Oh no honey, I'm not gay or going in that direction." I said defensively.

"Stupid, I know your not, but that doesn't mean you can't experiment does it? After all I've done a few women in my time and I'm not a lesbian." She said.

"No really, I don't ever do it with a guy." My resolve was strong on that issue.

"I can still make your fantasy come true. I can fuck your ass probably just as good as any guy can. You know I've used a strapon before and I don't mean to brag but I bet I could fuck your brains out." She smiled so sweetly, but there was a mischievous look in her eyes.

"Y-y-you want to do that?" I stammered out. A wave of passion swept over my body in hot rolling waves and my cheeks where blushing now.

"Hell yeah, I'll fuck you good baby. So what do you say, you want your sweet girlfriend to fuck your ass?" She whispered in my ear seductively.

"Hell yeah" I said. I didn't know what I was committing myself to.

She said, "No time like the present. (She got up, walked to her closet and pulled out a large box) I'm going to go get ready. When I bet back YOU better be ready (she went to the bathroom)."

I was dumbfounded I didn't know what to expect. I just sat there marvelling at how quickly things happened. One minute I am confessing my deepest fantasy and the next I find myself at the very edge of making it really happen. She never stopped to amaze me! I was quite excited at what was coming next. I started to disrobe.

Moments later, the bathroom door opened and my mouth fell open but I was speechless. She was standing there naked expect for a large black cock strapped to her.
Her solid naked body looked strong and sexy at the same time and I loved that. She had big firm boobs and her athletic background had made her legs strong looking and her belly firm and flat. I really loved her strong and feminine body and she knew it.
She could tell I was mesmerized by the contrast of her girlish figure and the pendulous appendage dangling between her legs. She gave that black cock few pumps with her hand and asked me, "Do you like?"

She walked up to me, placed her hand on my shoulder pushing me down on my knees. "I think you know what to do." She guided it toward my lips. I had never sucked cock before but I took to it like a seasoned whore. I let all my inhibitions melt away replaced by blinding lust.

I was slobbering all over that black dildo, stretching my mouth in obscene ways to accommodate as much as I could. I surprised myself by suppressing my gag reflex and slipping most of it down my throat.

I heard her say, "Oh my god, look at you suck dick."

She waited until I made another attempt at deep throating, then she grabbed the back of my head and forced me further down. I tried to pull back but she used both of her strong hands and applied more pressure saying, "Come on baby suck my cock. You're over half way -- come on, take it all."

I surrendered to the moment and let myself be used like a fuck toy. More and more slid down my throat until finally my forehead touched her firm belly. I looked up into her eyes and she hissed, "Oh yeah, you fucking whore. You look so cute with my dildo in your mouth. I never thought you could take it soo good! You really love to suck my cock don't you? "

I nodded completely unaware that I had accomplished quite a feat by deep throating the entire length. She looked very pleased by the view of me taking her whole dildo down my throat.

"I can see your throat bulging with my big dick, you must be a natural born cocksucker." She withdrew the entire length out of my throat and mouth. Strings of salvia still connected us together as my jaw readjusted to a normal position.

"I've never ..." is all I said weakly.

"Well, take my word for it you're a natural. The girls who have tried to suck my big black dildo could not take it half as good as you. With talent like that it's a waste to let it go unused. (she paused a moment thinking to herself) Come here my boy-slut!" She said in a confident voice.

I leaned closer and she cock slapped me across the face playfully with her dildo leaving smears of saliva on both sides of my face. "Now back to sucking my dick." She demanded.

I did as I was told giving her the best blowjob i could, while she continued to give me compliments about how good i was "Ohhh, god, you look so cute. Ohh, yeas, do it better. I love the look of you deepthroating my big black cock. How can you be so good, tell me?" She said.

Without warning she stopped face fucking me and pulled me up on my feet and towards the bed. "Time to fuck." She stated with eagerness.

"Honey careful, be easy on me this is my first time, Ok?" I said in a worried tone.

She said, "Don't worry baby, I'll be gentle I promise (she giggled). I'll start off slow and easy (she paused and looked kindly into my eyes) but we'll end up fast and hard, I'll use you like a piece of meat (she said harshly, smacking my ass hard)."

"Ouch." I exclaimed. She manoeuvred me aggressively around and pushed me down onto the bed on my back with my ass near the edge. I was surprised by her aggressiveness and was now both a bit nervous and turned on by her now dominant way over me. She was standing up holding my legs, balancing them on her shoulders, guiding her big black dildo toward my virginal hole.

"I want to see the look on you face when I shove my cock up your ass." She said seriously.

I felt the pressure of her cock trying to gain entry; it was slippery with copious amounts of my spit. My ass slowly and painfully expanded just enough for the head to slip in. My eyes bulged out and I yelped, "Ouch, oh baby that hurts please."

She relented just long enough to reassure me, "Sshh, sssh, baby, just relax. Youíre doing fine, baby." She cooed. Listening to the sound of her voice and the new feeling of being taken like a girl started to have a profound effect on me.

"Oh, Oh, Oh" I couldn't help myself. I started to moan like a cheap whore as the pain in my ass subsided causing me to pant and groan like a rutting animal.

"There's my slut, I knew you would come out and play. You sound like a real boyslut now!" She smiled at me and started to feed me more and more asking, "Is that too much baby or not enough?"

"Oh yeah, ohh god, ohh god!" was my only answer until she shoved it in balls deep. I let out a loud moan that announced my total submission. I couldn't belive she had pressed the thing all inside of me already and my body has shaking alittle from pain and excitement. True to her word, she started out slow and easy like a courteous lover, letting me get use to the feel of being on the receiving end. The pain had faded away now and i was panting under her as she thrusted her dildo in and out of my butt.

Her pace started to quicken and her thrusting became more powerful. She was fucking me harder and faster as our bodies made a familiar sound of slap, Slap, SLAP. Each thrust was punctuated by the sound of our bodies smacking together as her black dildo went all the way inside me now.

I started to encourage her, "Yeah baby, that's it you are the best, fuck me, fuck my ass hard."

"You dirty little slut. You're my little bitch. I cant believe how easy this was. Now that I know how much your ass likes being fed cock I promise to feed it regularly." She promised with a mean smile.

She leaned forward now and i was surprised how powerful she felt as she continued to thrust her girlcock inside me hard. My hands wandered around her hot body as she fucked me, and as I was feeling her up I could feel her solid muscles in her back and in her upper arms, as i rubbed them submissively. I had lost all composure having never felt so vulnerable, weak and submissive as my girlfriend continued to fuck me in this dominant position.
She looked at me with an victorious expression on her face.
" You like this, don't you! You are not so though now, are you? This is so great, i have always felt that the dominant role in bed is much more fun, but i have never gotten the chance to do a guy like this before. Your little butt is making me so horny baby! Yeah baby, just take it!"
The sound of our bodies slapping together was obscene it reminded me of a porno movie, but with me as the starlet. Our bodies sounded out a primal rhythm, slap, Slap, SLAP. She stopped long enough to roll me over onto my hands and knees.

"Here it comes baby!" she announced spearing me with her cock. She gripped my hips tightly and began to slam into my ass even harder than before, and it went much deeper in this position. Each thrust sent waves of pleasure shooting through my body.

"Ohhh, please!! Ooooh! " I yelled out in surprise and pleasure of how quickly she had buried her cock inside me again.
"Look at that ass, you sure can take a lot of cock. You're a real slut aren't you?" She spanked me emphasizing her point. I couldn't respond my body was being used as a meat puppet and (much to my surprise) I enjoyed it, all I could do was moan. Damn, i didn't knew she was so agressive, it scared me a little, but at the same time tured me on like crazy. I could not belive it was my own girlfriend who was fucking me like this.

"You are my own boyslut now, aren't you? I fuck you better than you fuck me, don't I?" She said out loud. My only response was more moaning like a whore.

She stopped her aggressive thrusting and slowly withdrew from my tortured hole, asking, "Would you like me to fuck you some more, you slut? Tell me, would you like your girlfriend to fuck you some more? With my (she tapped my ass with her cock) big (tap) fat (tap) cock (tap) shoved up your ass?"

"Oooh baby please." I said, backing my ass up searching for the source of my newfound pleasure.

She rubbed the head around my enlarged hole teasing me. She was enticing me, "Are you really sure?"
"Please honey, please...." My voice trailed off.

She grabbed my hair and pulled back. "It's a deal then. I'll fuck that cute little ass of yours! I promise that you will not forget this, me making you my bitch." She drove her cock deep inside me.

"Aaaah." I clutched the sheets.

"See you're ready for my cock now. I've loosened up that hole good. It slips in easy now." She slammed into me grinding her hips against me trying to force even more inside me. I was almost afraid of the force she used now, and her holding my hair made me feel even more vulnerable and helpless under her aggressive and strong female body. Her body was attacking me i my body just surrendered sexually to her brutal assult.

Even though I hadn't even touched my dick I felt an orgasm coming on. "Oh baby, I'm coming ah ah ah!" I blurted out.

She rotated her hips against me twisting and twirling the huge thing inside me. As she did this, it had the remarkable effect of hitting my g-spot causing me to come harder than I had my entire life. My whole body shook with such intensity that my arms and legs were quivering for hours afterwards. It felt a bit humiliating how my girlfriend could controlled my sexuality and body like this, like she was in total control of my body and when i came.

I collapsed forward onto the bed with her on my back. Breathing hard I said, "Oh god that was good. I can't believe it. You are a fucking machine! I never felt anything like it before!"

"The pleasure was all mine. I told you I could fuck your brains out, didn't i? And there is plenty more where that came from." She promised, continuing to grind against me. My body was twitching involuntarily every time it hit my prostrate.
"God, i love when you look so submissive. I almost forgot how much I love to dominate cute guys in bed. You look so cute right now, fucked, spent and still my dildo up your butt!"

She stopped her grinding and withdrew quickly from my ass. My ass felt chilly as she removed herself.


"Hey stay there, don't move an inch. I want to capture the moment. I've stretched your ass out really good, and you just look so hot laying there, you won't believe it. I just must have a picture of my newly breaked porno boyslut" She giggled as reached over to the nightstand for her cell and took several pictures of my ass from different angles.

"A job well done if I say so myself." She looked down at me lying in bed and started to send a text message. She read aloud as she typed, " Look at my handiwork, I fucked Ericís virgin butt with my black dildo, and he loved it. He came like a noisy slut when I fucked him! Interested?"

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked

"Oh, nothing baby. Just a message to Michelle." She answered

"You shouldnít tell her that! " I said a bit angry.
" Oh, you know i and Michelle always talk about everything we do, especially sex. She is curious about you also. You should be thankful of her, it was her recommendation than made me go out with you. It no big deal anyway, girl talk you know." She answered innocently then curled up in bed with me, and we cuddling together.

She asked me, "So did you like it? Me fucking you? Was it as good as you had fantasized about?"

"Yes of course I did. Actually it was better than i had hoped for. You are so great Jenny." I said but I was a little embarrassed about Michelle knowing all about us.

She smiled at me as she laid beside me and her hand was feeling up my chest and arm slowly.
" I love you make fantasies come true, especially hot one like this one. When you fantasize about being fucked are you a dirty eager whore or are you a reluctant sissy that needs to be forced?" She questioned.

She never stopped surprise me by her blunt and dirty language, but i liked it. I was not sure how wise it was to answer this honest, and i hesitated a little. But after what she had done to me it felt like all defensive walls between us has been removed and I didn't had to be shy of any of my fantasies anymore.
My answer was, "Well, in my fantasies Iím most often reluctant and needs to be forced!" I said shyly.

"Heheh! Good, i was actually hoping for you to say that. I also have a fantasy about forcing a reluctant guy to have sex. I had this fantasy since i was a schoolgirl and chased a smaller guy in my class. Do you think I can force you, Eric?"
"What do you mean?"
"Do you think I can physically force you to have sex? Do you think I am stronger than you? I'm quite strong for a girl, you know!"
"I don't know, we have never tested strength against each other. But I don't think you're stronger than me. I know you're strong, but I think I am a little stronger."
"Are you sure? I still workout regularly, and all exercise you do, is running sometimes. And we are about same size, youíre a little taller but we are about same weight. And i have always been strong. Here, feel my arm muscle!" She said and flexed it hard for me. I was surprised to see a firm well rounded bicep pop up from her before soft arm.
I reached forward and squeezed it. She had never flexed in front of me before and i was amazed how hard and solid her arm felt. She saw the admiration in my eyes and smiled at me as she flexed both her arm for me now.
" You like what you see, don't you?"
" Well, i am impressed, your arms looks great. You may be stronger than i thought!" I said.
" (Giggle) And you like to feel them up also, don't you? I felt it before in bed also, how you like to squeeze my muscles in bed. You think my muscle are sexy, don't you , you little slut?" She said smiling confident.
" Yes, they look very sexy, and so do you!" I said and saw how she beamed with joy as she head my confession.
" It's funny. I got muscle from my swimming-training when i was younger. My first boyfriend never liked them, and broke up with me becourse i had bigger muscle than him. Ever since then, i had always tried to hide my muscle when along boyfriends, afraid to scare them away. And I had to stop working you with weights a few times becourse i put on muscle so easily. It's so great you like my muscle. You know, i love to feel strong! And it was such an power rush to fuck you from behind, i never felt so strong before." She said and flexad in front of me again. She she made a mean face at she same time at me, and suddenly my cute and feminine girlfriend looked both strong and intimidating.
" Still think you so mush stronger than me? You know, you're quite skinny for a guy." She said teasing me.
" I'm not that skinny, and i'm pretty strong for my size." I said defensivly.
" Take it easy, i didn't mean it in a negative way. You know i prefer slim guy, and i love your slim body. C'mon, show me how strong you are. Flex your muscle for me." She ordered me.
I felt a bit unconfortable, still naked and a bit exhausted from her drilling, but sat up on my knees beside her and flexed my arm. I was i bit smaller than i remembered, but still you could clearly see the defined bicep muscle. She felt it with her hand and smiled.
"That's not so bad!" She said.
She flexed her arm next to it and i saw how she compared them. My muscle was more cut but her arm looked more solid and had maybe more size. She looked pretty pleased with what she saw.
" Seems to be pretty close there. Well, you had a fantasy about you are unwilling to be fucked and needs to be forced. Why don't we try that right away? " She said with a mischievous look in her eyes.
"What do you mean?"
" I mean like I attack you and tries to fuck you against your will, and you do everything you can to stop me. Like an ultimate surrender match where the loser gets fucked!" She said looking at me closely
I hesitated a little, this was going forward a little too fast now. " Ehh, like an wrestling match between us?"
" Yes, like an wrestling match without any rules, and loser get fucked!" She said excited
" But we must have some rules, like no hitting or kicking." I said a bit worried
" Ok, no hitting, kicking, scraching, is that OK?"
" OK, but I don't think my cock is ready right now, so me fucking you can be difficault." I stammered.
" All right no truble. We could have a sexfight and if you win i must clean the house for the next week, and if i win can fuck your weak loser ass, is that OK?"
" ehh, i guess thats ok." I said, wondered what i had gotten myself into.
" Great! Lets get it on right away!"
She took my hand and pulled me up from the bed.

The Match
" Come, we can have our little match in here." She said and guided me to our gymroom. We had a spare room in our house, where we had put some gym equipment and the room had soft gymmats on the floor. She moved the equipment to the walls and turned to me. It felt strange to stand there naked in front of her, while she where still waring her black strapon proudly.

" I'm gonna kick your ass and bury this thing in your slutty ass until you beg me to stop. You are not man enough to stop me, are you?" She taunted me
" You wish! I'm stronger than you think. You better get prepared to clean the house instead! " I muttered, but felt nevous. I never had any physical competition against a girlfriend like this before, and i thought i should win this, but i wasn't sure.
" You are cocky right now, but not so cocky when i fuck your loser ass!" She said and attacked me.
I stopped her and We grabbed each others arms, and she pushed and pulled me agressivly around the room. Neither of us had much wrestling expirence and we didn't had any special tactics in the fight, we just tried to take our opponent down on the mat.
She was the more aggresive one and managed to push me backwards. I tried to stop her but it was like her legs where stronger than mine and she continued to push me around and i had to change tactics to try to evade her and trip her. She suddenly got one arm around my back and with a grunt and with impressive power she managed to throw me to the mat with her on top of me. I struggled to get away from her and managed to roll around on the mat. We struggle now on the mat, rolling around uncontrolled, and i managed to get on top of her and quickly grabbed her hands trying to pin them over her head in a schoolgirl pin. I sat on top of her and struggled to pin her arm to the mat, and our hands where shaking from the effort. I was surprised how strong she was and i just couldn't get her hands down, even if i had some leverage. She saw this and smiled. She suddenly managed to get one hand free, grabbed my other arm with it and twisted and pulled. I lost balance and she quickly rolled us around so our positions now was reversed, with her sitting on my belly. She also grabbed my hands like i had done to her before, and slammed them down the mat with a thud. I tried to raise and resist the grip like she had done, but only manage to lift them up a few centimeters, before she forced them back to the mat and pinned them firmly. I tried to to raise them again, but was shocked when i realized even if i used all power i had, i now couln't move them at all. She had me helplessly pinned now in her her schoolgirl pin, and it looked like she just realize it as she gave me a big smile, and said teasingly:
" Ohh, poor baby. It seem like my little slut are caught after all. Is your girlfriend too strong for you? You can't escape now, can you?"
" Damn, your'e really strong!" I said as i continued to struggle to get free from her. I could not belived she had pinned me, and i had to get out quickly.
" You damn sure i am, and now i'm gonna fuck our weak little ass like a peace of meat. Do you still think you can stop me from putting my girlcock up your butt?"
I just muffled under her and tried to escape from her hold with no luck.
" Oh, you look so cute when you struggle down there. You know, all your struggles only make me more horny, when your body rubbing against me as you do your cute little struggling. Now i really wanna fuck your brains out."

She slide her body down towards my feet and tried to get her legs between mine to spread them. But she lose grip of my arms, and i got free from her hold. She tried to push me down, but i managed to wiggle free and got up on my feet again.
She jumped to her feet and looked pissed.
" You fucking slut, you cant escape me." She said and rushed at me.
She pushed me around the mat and i could just try to defend myself. I was surprised and a bit scared of her aggressivnes now. She pushed me towards the wall and soon i was pressed with my back against the wall and her shoulder pressing my chest so hard so i could not move from her body. She had me pinned against the wall for a while, obvious enjoying my furtile effort to push her away from me. She had one arm free and used it to feel up my nude pinned body. Her hand found her way to my butt and bagan to grope it possessivly. She giggled as my whole body jerked as i tried to escape her groping hand. Her hand continued the assult and began to push a finger up my butt. But she had to move her body to reach enough to fingerfuck me and i managed to get an arm free and remover her arm from my butt.
Our arms struggled, she seemed to get fustrated, and moved her body around. She was quick and put on a side headlock on me before i knew what happend and forced me down on the mat.
She immediately tried to get behind me and push her girl cock aginst my ass, but i saw that and managed to get away. We rolled around the mat, and she was dominating our little sexfight totally now, i just couldn't stop her feminine but strong body from putting me in one hold after another. Her goal was now not only to pin me but also to fuck me. I could now feel that she tried to put her girl-dick inside me all the time, but even if she dominated me physicly, in wasn't easy for her to penetrate me, as i was quick and managed to move away as soon as she was close to succeed.
She bagan to be fustrated, and after a while i was sitting on my butt and she was sitting behind, choking my throat from behind with her arms. I couldn't get loose from her hold and she could hold me like this from behind without much effort from her. She held me like this for a while, and we both where catching our breaths, it was mush more exhausting to wrestle than you can think. I now began to think, even if i don't win the fight, i can surely stop her from raping me in the fight. It seems pretty easy to avoid her from entering my butt.
" See, i told you so. You will never be able to get that thing inside my by force. I'm just too quick for you!" i said to her.
" I woulnd't be so cocky if i was you, especially since i just have mopped the mat with our weak body. And you seems to get weaker and weaker all the time, and i just feel stronger and stronger. I promise i'm gonna rape your little manpussy soon, and you will not be so tough then." She almost whispered in my ear.
After she had rested her body a while, she suddenly threw my body to the left side and got her left arm around my head and her rigt arm she reached around my right leg from behind and frapped my right leg under the knee with her right arm. She pushed up my right leg toward my chest, i tried to resist but she managed to lock her hands under my body and now i was trapped in some strange hold where i suddenly couln't move much at all, and she had folded my body in a strange way and i had not much leverage to fight back.
Damn, i knew i was in truble now. Her arms where locked and controlled my body now, and i could feel how she reposition herself and realized how exposed my butt was as her girldick now poked dangoures close to my butt. I tried tro struggle and wiggle again, but she had me firmly pinned in her strong arms and soon her dildo found it's way to my butthole. I could feel how that big black dildo was pressing against my hole and even if i tried to evade it.
" I got go pinned really good now, you cant stop me from raping your unwilling little cute ass now!" She whispered victoriously and i felt the pressure of her slippery cock as she slownly managed to pressed it all the way upp my butt again.
My eyes bulged out and I yelped "Ohhh, please!! Ooooh! Don't!! Ohhh !!" as Jenny started to thrust her dildo in and out of my pinned body.

" Oh Eric, now you sound like an reluctant little pussy, you just make me horny by these sounds. You are a weak loser, and weak loser guys always get fucked by strong girls. You lost our little match and now you have to pay the price!" She said aggressivly, as she continue to fuck my pinned ass.
She had a little truble to penetrate me deep from the position she had me in, so after a few minutes, she slowly released her firm hold ahe had me within her arms, and while her dildo still inside me, she carefully pushed me down, flat om my stomach. She straddled my nude body and began to thrust her girldick in and out of me again.
I was surprised she could fuck me so simple in whis position, but it was now easy for her to get her black dildo all the way out of me and the force it back inside my butt with brutal force. She was fucking me deeper and harder now and i made squirming noises under her.

" oh, your so easy to fuck. I didn't think it would be so easy to overpower and fuck you up the ass. Ohh, this is soo great.You're all mine now, and i can do whatever i want with you, baby." She said satified and bended over me hso her whole body was atop of mine, while she continued to humping her dildo in and out of me like crazy.
"who, the best. Awnser me, my weak little baby! Whoīs the best?!" She cooed, now with her face close to my ear from behind.
" You are Jenny, you are the best!" I puffed out, trembling under her ruthless sexual attack.
" Thats right! And i won your fight fair and square, didn't i??" She cooed in my ear.
" Yes, you did."
" And who is the stronger? Say it!" She said aggresivly
" You are the stronger! Ohh " I said submissivly
" That's my baby" She cooed and started to hump my ass even harder than before, drilling her balck dildo all the way in in every thrust, and i could feel how wet she was now, and it sounded slap, slap, slap, as her body thrusted against my body in a strady rhythm. Soon, her body increased her pace and i could feel how her whole body was shaking above me.
" Ohh, god baby. Ohhhh yeaaaaah." She screamed out and buried her dildo inside me as she stopped fucking me and was catching her breath again.
We just layed still a few minutes.
" My god, that was one of the most intense orgasm i've ever had. My whole body rubbed yours, my dildo rubbed my clit and the great powerrush of overpower and outfuck my boyfriend. God i'm still horny!! Lets see if i can make you came twice also!" She said suddenly and began to rub my body again, still laying atop of my back.
" Please, Jenny. I'm spent now. You wasitng your time if you try to meke me come. My body and cock is exhusted. I can't take anymore of this. " I said desperatly.
" Ohh, let's see about that. I think i can take your little seed by force. YOu can try to stop me if you can." She confident and sneaked around one arm around my throat from behind in a chokehold and pulled my body allitle to the side, so her left arm could reach my limp cock. Her dildo was still buried inside my butt.
" No!" i said and put up my right arm and tried to break her chokehold around my throat, and my left arm found her left arm and tried to stop her from caressing my cock.
But i had very bad leverage, and her both her arm felt so strong and powerful as i tried to push them away in vain. I cold not belive how my cute girlfriend could be so strong, or was it me who was weak? To add to my humiliation, had her strokes on my cock quickly made it rockhard again, and she was jerking it off possesivly now.
" No, no." Is moaned, but now, without thinking of it, my hands was rubbing her arms instead of fighting them, and i was feeling up her soft but solid and strong armmuscles. She noticed and flexed her right arm around my throat, and i was just feeling it up submissivly with my right hand. It was so humiliating what she was doing to me, but at she same time her strengh and aggressivness it turned me on like hell. She was quicken up her pace, jerking my dick off, and soon bo body started to shake and my cock started to squirt. At this moment she started to thrust her girlcock in and out again. She controlled both my cock and ass i came. I couldn't belive it, and i screamed out as a came like never before squirting all over the gymmat.
She removed her cock from my ass and let go of her hold of me and got up on her feet. I just lay panting on the mat, totally spent and my whole body felt like jelly.

" See, i told you i could take you by force! Didn't I?" She said victoriously.

After the match:
I lay there a while, catching by breath. Jenny walked around, removing her strapon, fixing her long hair.
Then she took my hand and helped me up on my feet.
She looked at me
" Are you OK? You said you wanted to be a reluctant sissy who needs to be forced, and i managed to do that pretty good, didn't i? "
" Ehh, yes, you sertinly did." i said shyly.
" How do you feel? I hope i didn't take it too far? I may got a little carried away when i get horny." She said suddenly sounding worried for me.
" Well, it WAS very humiliating getting both manhandled and fucked by my own girlfriend, but at the same time it was a big turn-on."
" It's so great to hear that, becourse it was a big turn-on for me also. " She said, patting my butt playfully.
" And you don't have a truble with your strong girlfriend is stronger than you? " She ask me.
" Even if it's a little embarrasing, it's also very cool and certinly a turn-on for me." i awsered her honest.
" Good, becourse i prefer being dominant and on top in bed, and has always liked the thought of beeing stronger then guys."
We finished he gym-room and she took my hand and we walked back to our bedroom. It was a new and strange feeling, we was both naked and she was holding my hand firmly. I looked at her body, it looked very solid and feminine, nad it was hard to see how it could overpower my body so totally it had done. But i knew our relationship had changed tonight, and she was now the dominant. She looked at me and smiled, as she was thinking the same, and i felt how i was blushing. I was a little nevous what this change in power would mean and lead to, but my cock certinly love it.

We felt to sleep in spoon position, with me inside. Now, after the match, it felt both submissive and confortable to sleep like this, with her girly curvy body almost engulfing mine.
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Default Re: Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wrestling, muscle compare)

I definitely could've done without the dildo lancings but overall, this was very well-written. And you're right, revealing your fantasies can definitely lead to more.....but only if your lady is open-minded and receptive to those fantasies to begin with.

Because if she isn't, then foolishly entrusting her with your secrets will be a lot less like entering a paradise of sexual intimacy and closeness and a lot more like scooping fire onto your lap. You're gonna get burned. Badly.
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Default Re: Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wrestling, muscle compare)

That was amazing! Loving how he got raped by a strap on
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Default Re: Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wrestling, muscle compare)

Originally Posted by ghostshadow [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I definitely could've done without the dildo lancings but overall, this was very well-written. And you're right, revealing your fantasies can definitely lead to more.....but only if your lady is open-minded and receptive to those fantasies to begin with.

Because if she isn't, then foolishly entrusting her with your secrets will be a lot less like entering a paradise of sexual intimacy and closeness and a lot more like scooping fire onto your lap. You're gonna get burned. Badly.
Burned literally (your asshole, that is), figuratively, or both? Lol
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Default Re: Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wrestling, muscle compare)

[QUOTE=schatten_PhD;192944]Burned literally (your asshole, that is), figuratively, or both? Lol[/QUave

Great story hope u continue , would love to read were you wrestle Michelle who is a bit smaller and a bit stronger than Jenny maybe stat off with some AW
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Default Re: Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wrestling, muscle compare)

tek kelimeyle muhteşem bir hikaye.gŁÁlŁ kadın strapon ve tecavŁz harika bayıldım
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Default Re: Revealing fantasies can lead to more (pegging, wrestling, muscle compare)

One of the best and most intense stories I have ever read! You have a wonderful way of writing. It's like being there!
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