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Default Breaking in a friend

Alex wore a pale blue loose fitting top with three quarter length tight black yoga pants. I had often wondered how good she would look under her clothes. All I had to do was win the match to find out, and I was supremely confident given her inexperience. We were both members of the same fighting league, but I had already had nearly a dozen matches, (7 against my mentor, 5 defeats and two wins) whereas Alex was brand new, fresh from our mutual trainer, Karen. I didn't know if I should be flattered or annoyed that Karen had matched her with me for her first fight.
Alex and I had been friends for several years anyway, making this little bout just that little more exciting for me.

We talked about the rules. Always important to establish the ground rules before a sexfight, that way, nobody does anything the other doesn’t want, and it stays ultimately enjoyable. I decided to let Alex choose the rules since it would be her first time with a guy. Karen would have given her some ideas anyway. She decided on a “submissions only” match. With my weight advantage it would be too easy for me to pin her with deadweight. No striking, for the same reason. It would be a best of five submissions to give her a little time to ease into the fighting. Anything would go for the winner.

‘Anything?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ She said with a grin, ‘It’s a sexfight right? The winner gets to fuck the loser.’

It was so weird to hear her say these sort of things, especially after we had been nothing more than friends for so long. She seemed cool enough with the prospect of getting fucked and I got the impression she had her own ideas if she won, and it probably involved my tongue being stuck between her legs. No bondage allowed. That was a bit of a bummer. Alex looked ripe for a good elbow tie and it would stop her struggling quite effectively, but she wasn’t quite comfortable with that yet, so I didn’t mind.

After a few more minutes we made our way into the rear lounge to start. The floor space was plenty large enough and Alex had laid down a few sheets over the carpet to prevent any nasty carpet burns. All the blinds were drawn giving the room a warm glow through the fabric and as a last act, she made sure all the doors were locked so we would not be disturbed.

We went to our knees. Another stipulation to even things out between us. She really was quite slight and I was certain of a quick 3-0 victory, so much so I could already feel myself getting hard at the prospect of getting my end away with her. I should have been a little less arrogant.

We shuffled towards each other. Reaching out we locked hands and started to wrestle our arms. As expected, I was the stronger and started to push her back, moving forward, intending to bend her over backwards and get on top. Alex however, sprang a surprise. Suddenly gripping me, she threw herself back and drew my torso between her legs, snapping them tight around my abs and locking her ankles to the rear. I grunted and tried to release her hands but she kept hold, dragging me to the floor between her legs as she started to crank on the pressure. I was so surprised by the speed of her attack, that I lost concentration as she rolled onto her side, dragging me with her. I wrenched my hands free and started to push against her thighs. Alex reached up and grabbed me around the head, pulling be down and making me turn between her legs. Now with her thighs across my stomach, she cranked on the pressure again. My abs felt like they were in a vice as I found myself struggling to breath. Alex leaned back on her elbows and grimaced as she squeezed as hard as she could, keeping me on my back between her legs. In total shock, I tapped frantically on her leg to signal my submission.

Alex released me and pushed me away with her foot. ‘Ha!’ she exclaimed raising her arms like she had won the whole match. I clutched at my torso and heaved in a few deep breaths.

‘Fuck me!’ I exclaimed as air returned to my lungs.

‘Oh I will!’ she replied with a giggle.

We shared a laugh as we got back to our knees and faced off again.

Alex threw herself at me this time. There was no pretence of a lock-up or strategy as she almost jumped on top of me, forcing me back to the ground. We rolled around on the floor for several minutes, each trying to get position over the other, wrapping arms around each other and trying to push each other down. I was amazed as how strong she was. Those arms and legs were full of energy and she seemed to stay cool, even on the occasions I almost caught her in a good hold.

After a few minutes I found myself on my stomach with Alex straddling my back. She was finally starting to breath heavy and I sensed a good chance to buck her off. Planting my right arm on the floor I intended to push up and throw her off, after all, she was pretty light, but she reacted quickly, reaching down and grabbing my wrist. Before I could react, she pulled my arm around behind to the small of my back and pushed me hard in the right shoulder with her free hand. She was going for a hammerlock!

He left arm was partially trapped under my weight and within a second, Alex had my arm twisted up behind me, forcing my wrist up towards the middle of my back. I grunted and squirmed but she used her other hand to accelerate the hold, forcing my right arm into a tight hammerlock. I yelped as the pain shot through my shoulder and started thrashing around, trying to break my arm free. Alex kept her cool and continued to crank the hold, making my shoulder and elbow burn with the strain. ‘Fuck!’ I exclaimed, realising that she had me again. She laughed through her heavy breaths.

‘Ok I give!’ I winced as she pushed again. I was 2-0 down against a complete newbie!

Alex released me and returned to her knees, waiting for the next fall. I took a little longer to get back to the start position. In my mind I was really worried. How the fuck was she doing this? Was she just lucky or was I bad all of a sudden. The chance of fucking one of my best friends was fading fast unless I pulled my finger out and started fighting like I wanted to win.

Alex’s face was flushed red with effort. Leaning forward as she sat on her knees she smiled at me, ‘This is great.’ She said, ‘You ok?’

‘’Beginners luck Alex.’ I replied, and assured her I was fine to continue after doing a few rotations of my arm.

We started again, but finally I could see a glimmer of light. Alex was tired. She had expended so much effort on the floor and she hadn’t fully caught her breath. Now it was my turn to be aggressive.

Batting her arm away I grabbed her around the head, forcing her down into a headlock. Her struggled were weak as I dragged her onto all fours and tightened the hold. Alex clawed at my arms, trying to get her head free but I was already changing position. Quickly slipping behind her I released the headlock and slipped Alex into a full nelson. Locking my fingers behind her neck I pulled her to her feet, squeezing my arms together tight and forcing her arms up over her head whilst forcing her head down towards her chest. Alex whimpered and started to struggle. She was so light I kept lifting her off her feet in the nelson, leaving her toes dangling a few centimeters from the floor.

‘Got you Alex!’ I laughed in her ear.

I held her tight in the nelson until she stopped struggling. Her groaning and twisting stopped after a few minutes and she hung limp in my arms, and I lowered her back to ground from her tiptoes. I walked her around the room. I loved to humiliate my female opponents like this on the rare occasion I go the chance, forcing them to walk with me wherever I went. Alex initially refused to walk, but she was so light I simply lifted her again in the nelson and carried her around. She began hissing in pain as she dangled in my arms. After walking a few steps suspended, I allowed her feet to touch the ground, ‘Going to walk nicely?’ I asked.

‘Yeah.’ She winced.

Now I had my fun for about five minutes. Keeping Alex tightly locked up and walking around the living room, pausing in front of the large mirror and forcing her to look at herself trapped in the hold. Alex struggled again so I lifted her off her feet once more. Hissing air through her teeth I held her up for a few seconds before allowing her back to the floor, taking the pressure off her neck and arms just a little. She understood not to struggle, and cooperated where I led her to move. I was deliberate in keeping her moving around in this hold, tiring her out slowly as she resisted the pain and submission. I knew that since going 2-0 down I would need to wear her out, and this was just as good a way to do it. Alex groaned periodically as I held her like a rag doll in my arms, leaning forwards and sideways, laughing as I kept her locked in and helpless.

‘This is fun huh?’ I laughed, pressing down hard on her neck. Alex balled her fists and groaned until I eased up. I leaned left and right, pulling her with me as I went, showing her that I was in control. She made no further efforts to struggle, staying quiet and obviously hoping I would eventually get bored.
I held her in the nelson for nearly ten minutes, until I was satisfied she was beaten and humiliated. Now I decided it was time for the submission. Jerking quickly, I spun around, falling to my knees and bringing Alex to the floor with me. I applied more pressure to her neck and forced her onto her stomach where I mounted her back, keeping her arms nelsoned over her head throughout. Seated on her lower back I began to pull her upper body back, arching her back in a full-nelson camel clutch combo. Alex grunted and tried to struggle again, but she was too weak at this point. Unable to free herself she clenched her fists over her head and awaited the inevitable. I applied the pressure slowly as I felt her body shudder with each breath. I had her locked up tight with absolutely no way out so I could afford to take my time, drawing it out and weakening her as much as possible. I knew that Karen would have taught her this move, or something like it, but I didn’t want her to panic now that she was caught in it during a real match. Her back bowed steadily and her heavy breathing became a painful panting. She was obviously hurting.

I paused and held her still for a few seconds. Her panting became interspersed with little whimpers.

‘Submit Alex?’ I said.

Alex did not reply, unclenching her right fist over her head and sticking her middle finger up. I laughed at the gesture and resumed bending her back.
Now the whimpers became yelps and pained groans as she flailed her arms uselessly.

‘Come on Alex!’ I demanded, flexing her back up and down gently, easing her into the pain zone before letting her back out again for a few seconds. I felt her feet kicking against the floor as I bowed her painfully. She was stubborn, resisting to the last and trying to pull herself forwards against my arms. I held her tight, squeezing her arms together over her head and levering her back again, this time not allowing her any respite.

‘Fuuckkkk!’ she hissed, gasping for air.

‘Say you give Alex or I’ll make you touch your toes!’ I said.

‘FUCK, OK, I GIVE!’ she screamed after a few more seconds of bending. I carefully lowered her back to the floor and unlocked the nelson. Now it was her turn to lie still and catch her senses while I rubbed her back gently before getting back to my knees and waited for the next round.

Alex looked really tired now as she faced me again. The struggle in the nelson had taken a lot of the fight out of her and she seemed to realise it. She was sweating, her fringe getting stuck to her forehead as she gasped to refill her lungs. Still, she was 2-1 ahead, and I wasn’t going to let up. Alex rolled onto her back and sat up, leaning forwards to flex her spine back in the opposite direction to the epic bending it had just received.

‘Fuck me!’ she whispered as she rolled back onto her knees.

‘I intend to.’ I grinned, repeating her own line back to her from the end of the first fall.

Hands on hips Alex smiled at the comment.

The next fall took literally one minute. Alex lurched towards me, trying to get an arm around my head but she was so tired she almost fell past me. Slipping sideways I wrapped an arm around her stomach and got behind her again. Obviously in fear of another nelson, Alex kept her arms down, trying to pry my left hand from her waist. I struck quickly, snaking my right arm around her neck into a chokehold. Alex’s arms went up instinctively to try and pull my arm away from her neck as she gurgled. Using my now free left hand I turned the choke into a sleeper and fell backwards, pulling Alex on top of me between my legs, which I wrapped around her body, locking my ankles between her legs. Alex pushed against the floor with her feet, rolling left and right, trying to get some momentum to help her out of the sleeper. I unlocked my ankles and pressed hard against the inside of her thighs, forcing her legs apart, preventing her from rolling. I bridged beneath her, pushing her stomach up into the air and making movement more awkward as she pulled at my arm around her throat.

Alex squirmed like a snake, wriggling desperately. After a few more seconds I tightened up the sleeper and started to squeeze. Gurgling and choking sounds intensified as I felt a few flecks of spittle escape her open mouth onto my legs. She continued struggling, her body stiffening as I cranked the pressure up on her neck and throat to the sound of wheezing and bubbling. I could just see us reflecting of the glass patio door, Alex’s face was going red as seconds passed without her being able to breath. After another couple of seconds, I felt Alex tap her submission on my forearm and I released the pressure immediately. Releasing the hold, I pushed her off me. 2-2, and I knew I was going to get the win, if I could just maintain my concentration a little longer.

Alex leaned back against the sofa and rubbed her neck, giving me a thumps up to show that she was ok as the fiery red colour drained from her cheeks.
‘How close?’ I asked, wondering how much longer she would have lasted before passing out.

‘It was going black.’ She replied, coughing a little as she got her first words out.

‘You ok?’ I asked, worried I had wrenched her neck a little too much.

‘Yeah I’m ok, should have tapped out earlier.’ She replied. ‘Just wanted to give it a go.’

‘I’m the same.’ I agreed, ‘like to try and get out of holds, even if it’s impossible.’

We agreed to take a water break, even though this would give her time to get her breath back and make the last fall a little more competitive, I wanted the last fall to start even.

‘2-2 Alex.’ I chided, reminding her that she had been 2-0 up.
‘Still one to go boy.’ She smiled, taking a swig of water.

‘Yeah, one more, then that pussy of yours gets stuffed!’

‘Nah. One more and I’m tying your face to my pussy lips.’

I didn’t know what I liked the sound of more!
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