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Post Jason Pinaster's stories

This is an excerpt from Wrestling, Lusty Lee Log 19, a story I published to Amazon a few years back. But I’ve expanded it slightly to ensure that it’s a complete story (Beginning/Middle/End).

Who knew that being a female private investigator would require so many talents?! My latest task required ferreting information from Sarah Boulton, the owner of the Sexy B Wrestling, gym. To gain her confidence, I’d have to convince her that I was into fetish wrestling.

Last night, I’d spent an hour at the gym with Eric, my lanky redheaded assistant, brushing up on basic grappling techniques. Thankfully I’d wrestled in high school.

Sarah had responded to my message and I met her the next morning. In person, she was a friendly and attractive blonde, a few inches taller than me and a few years younger. I estimated 5 foot eight inches tall and 26 years old. She was skinny with defined muscles, but no boobs or butt. Today she was wearing a light blue one-piece exercise top over grey yoga pants. All in all, she was pretty and effervescent, even with her thin-lipped smile.

SB Wrestling’s premises were clean, but smelled faintly of sweat. There was a front office with a small desk and a flat screen television. As soon as I arrived, Sarah took me on a tour. The square ring was slightly smaller than standard size, but with the usual canvas mat and three ropes surrounding the wrestling surface. There was a room with mats on the floor, corner to corner, and three feet up the walls. The kicker was the mock apartment with real furniture. Almost everything was padded and there were no sharp corners, but it was done unobtrusively so you’d feel that it was a real apartment room. At the back were change rooms, each with a shower and each with a rack of clothes.

Back at the front desk, Sarah explained the club’s rules. “There are two levels, casual and members. Casual wrestlers pay by the hour, must remain clothed and are strictly restricted with respect to the type of touching which is allowed. Of course, everything must be consensual.”

“And members?” I asked.

She smiled. “Members have more leeway. What did you have in mind?”

“I heard you have bikini wrestling?”

She nodded and activated the television. “This is the basic bikini wrestle.” Two bikini-clad women were in the ring circling each other. Then the one in the white bikini took her opponent to the mat. Sarah, dressed in referee’s stripes, watched in the background. “Some of our patrons prefer to go topless, even nude. Usually there’s an agreement as to how much force each wrestler is permitted to apply.” On the television, there was a scramble and white bikini ended up on the bottom.

“Do you wrestle?”

Sarah nodded. “Quite often, it depends what the customers want.”

“And casual customers?”

“Casual customers must use soft force only. Pinning is allowed, but no submission holds, no striking, and no sexual touching.”

At that moment, the outside door opened and a petite Asian woman came in. “Miss Boulton?” she asked.

Sarah stepped forward and extended her hand, “MayLin?”

MayLin smiled, “Yes. We spoke yesterday. Bikini wrestling.” She held up a small athletic bag.

“I can be ready in a few minutes. I was just finishing up with Ms. Brandt.”

“Lee,” I corrected.

MayLin looked back and forth between us. “Maybe I should wrestle with Lee.”

Sarah looked first at MayLin, then at me. “It would let you get first hand experience of our facility.”

I started to nod. “But I don’t have a bikini,” I remembered.

Sarah smiled, “We have extras. I can lend you.”

By the time I exited from the dressing room, MayLin was already in the ring. She was wearing a tiny string bikini. On her butt, it was more thong than bikini. The material was thin and shiny and black.

MayLin held the ropes open to help me climb into the ring. One of the ropes pulled back on her bikini top and I caught a clear view of a hard dark nipple. When I looked up, she was smiling at me. The ropes were a smooth nylon weave, pleasant to the touch and held taut by the turnbuckles at each corner.

Once in the ring, MayLin indicated that I should pirouette to allow her to inspect me and what I was wearing. Sarah had outfitted me in a sleek metallic gold bikini. It was also a string bikini, but, unlike MayLin’s, it fully covered my glutes. The mat beneath my feet was canvas, though smoothed from much use, and well padded.

MayLin and I circled each other in the ring, sizing each other up. But Sarah stepped in between us. She had replaced her light blue top with one having white and black vertical stripes. Where the blue top had separated her buttocks, this one cupped them.

“Remember the rules,” Sarah reminded us. “No slapping, choking, submission holds or removing or touching under bikinis.” She reached behind my head and grabbed the ponytail into which I’d bound my curly brown hair. “And no hair pulling.”

“And the winner?” MayLin wanted to know.

Sarah looked back and forth between us. “You have agreed that the winner gets to feel up the loser on the outside of her bikini.”

We each nodded.

Sarah stepped back and we began to circle each other again. MayLin was lean, lithe and quick. My advantages were height and weight.

As soon as Sarah circled around behind me. MayLin made her move. She feinted right and before I could recover my position, she had circled around my back. Her hands were immediately all over the front of my bikini. Before I could shout out the flagrant rule violation, I discovered that her touch was soft and sensuous. MayLin made a show of trying to wrestle me to the mat, but when I defended the attempt and tried to grab her arm, she pulled back.

I was breathing hard, both from the exertion and from the pleasure of her touch, but MayLin was still fresh. She continued to circle me. I turned to keep her in front of me, but my steps were small, conserving energy. As soon as she had maneuvered Sarah behind me again, she reached up to her bikini top and flashed her tits at me. She may have had small breasts, but her nipples were puckered and hard.

Before I could recover, MayLin shot in again. Both hands squeezed my breasts, found my nipples and gave a gentle twist. That was all it took to disorient me and she managed to trip me down to the mat.

MayLin landed on top of me and immediately grabbed both of my wrists in an effort to pin me. This was a bad move as this spread her weight too thinly. I pulled my arms up which unbalanced her and easily rolled her over onto her back.

I was about to pin her when MayLin’s leg rubbing up and down my crotch finally clued me into her real game. She wasn’t trying to pin me. Her game was to cop as many feels as she could before she either lost the bout or Sarah disqualified her.

“You little bitch,” I whispered.

“You like it,” she teased back, matching my whisper.

I pulled myself up and grabbed both of her legs. She tried to wrench her legs free, but my grip was firm. I dragged her around the ring until the shiny material of her bikini had formed a pronounced cameltoe around and into her sex. Nice!

I moved forward to pin her but I was too slow and she scooted up and around. MayLin kicked out my lead leg and I fell onto my back. She flopped across my chest, rubbing back and forth across my breasts. That and the effects of pulling her around the ring had loosened her bikini top. When I bucked my hips up, she fell across my face and I sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth.

Sarah pounded the mat. “Wardrobe malfunction!” she shouted. “Fighters to their corners.”

MayLin locked her eyes on mine as she fumbled with tying her top tight, making sure I was getting a good look. She adjusted her bikini bottom, almost caressing herself.

Sarah looked back and forth between us. MayLin and I smiled at her. Sarah shrugged, motioned us to the center of the ring and shouted, “Fight!”

MayLin shot in straightaway. But she stumbled and I pinned her against one of the turnbuckles. I placed a leg in between hers and rubbed up and down the front of her crotch. She was hot—really hot!—against my leg. Her hands were all over my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples.

I pulled the small Asian forward, threw her onto the mat and jumped on top. Her right arm ended up pinned between our bodies. I pressed her shoulder to the mat. Sarah hit the canvas once, but MayLin pushed up, escaping defeat for the moment.

Between our bodies MayLin’s right hand took the initiative, her fingers working themselves under my bikini and into my pussy hair! I pinned her shoulders again and Sarah pounded the canvas. If I could keep Sarah preoccupied, MayLin’s fingers would be free to do their work unhindered! Sarah hit the canvas again while MayLin’s delicate fingers caressed my pussy.

I lifted my weight slightly, and MayLin managed to buck her shoulders off the mat. Her fingers spread my juices all over my pussy lips and slipped inside so quickly that my legs turned to jelly. Sarah hit the mat twice and MayLin just managed to buck her shoulders up in time.

Below, she wiggled her fingers inside and rotated my clit with her thumb. Bang! Bang! Bang! thundered Sarah’s hand on the canvas. MayLin’s fingers had felt so good, I’d forgotten to lift myself up. Sarah had to help me off MayLin. Otherwise the diminutive Asian woman might have been squished flat!

Sarah held my right hand above my head. “Winner by pin, the lovely Lee Brandt!”

MayLin was still sucking air into her lungs when I led her to the middle of one of the sides of the ring. I wrapped her arms and wrists around the top rope, then stepped back to admire my prey. Sarah stood to my left, watching with rapt attention.

“You wouldn’t dare,” hissed MayLin.

“You little bitch,” I hissed back. “I would so dare!”

MayLin turned to Sarah. “Miss Boulton, you can’t let her—”

“You both agreed,” Sarah reminded her.

I extended my arms in front of me as far as they would go and wiggled my fingers. I took a step forward and my fingers were an inch from MayLin’s bikini top. A bikini top through which her nipples strained to burst through. She could easily unwrap her arms but she made no move to do so.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she repeated. “If you—”

I gripped each nipple and gave the hard little buttons firm twist.

“Ow!” gasped MayLin.

“No pain allowed,” remonstrated Sarah. But she made no move to interfere.

I let go of MayLin’s nipples and danced my fingers down her belly. She tensed and writhed with the tickle.

When my fingers touched the top of her bikini, MayLin made a show of pulling back. “Don’t you dare,” she pleaded.

With my hands, I indicated that she should spread her legs.

“Don’t,” she begged.

I motioned again with my hands and this time she spread her legs.

I rubbed lightly over the surface of her bikini. Even through the material, I could feel the heat underneath. Her knees buckled momentarily and her left arm came loose from the rope around which I had wrapped it. I helped MayLin wrap her arm back around the rope then pressed my hand between her legs, stroking my fingers back and forth as they rose up her thighs. When I reached the bottom of her bikini, I pressed a finger into the middle of the thin material and felt it slide between her pussy lips. MayLin moaned, then bit her lip as my finger moved up and down the soft material. She shut her eyes and moaned again when my finger continued its caresses.

I glanced over at Sarah. Her face was flushed, her eyes were locked on the finger stroking up and down the front of MayLin’s bikini and the smile on her lips advertised obvious enjoyment.

There was dampness on my finger. I stepped sideways to block Sarah’s view of my hand and slipped my fingers under the top of MayLin’s bikini and whispered, “Now it’s time for some sushi.”

“No,” moaned MayLin as my fingers danced over her hairless pubic area and down her delicate soft pussy lips.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sarah move around in front of MayLin. I withdrew my hand from inside and resumed stroking the front of the Asian woman’s bikini.

“MayLin, are you alright?” asked Sarah.

MayLin nodded but her eyes remained shut.

The phone at the front desk rang and Sarah left to answer it.

I slipped my hand under the shiny black bikini and spread my fingers, two down each side of MayLin’s vulva and one in the middle lifting her bikini away from her sex. At the bottom of her vulva, I pressed my middle finger just inside her vaginal opening. Then I softly dragged my freshly lubricated finger up her pussy lips, lightly grazing her clit before I withdrew it out the top of her bikini.

MayLin’s eyes rocketed open. “You can’t stop now!” she complained.

“You begged me to stop.” I made a show of smelling her sushi scent, then licked it off my finger. “Now beg me to finish you.”

“Yes, please!” she nodded. “Hurry, before she comes back!”

I could feel the triumphant smile on my lips connect with the lips engorging under my golden bikini. I stepped into MayLin, inserting my right leg between her legs. As I rubbed up and down the front of her crotch, I could feel MayLin’s right leg angle towards my sex. We tribbed together, pussy to pussy, adding each other’s heat to the other. Her hands gripped the rope tightly. I unloosened the strings holding her top and slid my hands underneath, caressing her breasts. A deep moan sounded from within MayLin’s throat.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

I stepped back and thrust my hand down the front of her bikini. She was soaking, so I withdrew my hand and pressed her bikini into her sex to absorb her excess moisture. Then my hand was back inside. I caressed up and down her pussy lips, more firmly now, and her breathing became sporadic. Two fingers inside her cunt made her breathing stop altogether.

“Breathe!” I commanded, holding my fingers still.

When she drew a deep breath, I curled the fingers inside her cunt until I found her sweet spot. Then I used my other hand to pull up on her pussy lips and gently caress her clit. She was taking short shallow breaths punctuated by moans.

I heard Sarah finishing up her call and concentrated on MayLin’s g-spot, curling and uncurling my fingers for maximum contact. Sarah’s handset clicked into the cradle. MayLin’s cunt contracted in pulsing waves.

“Fuck!” she shouted.

“Softer,” I whispered.

“Fuck!” she whispered back, barely louder than the screams from inside her pussy.

Sarah was approaching, but from behind MayLin. The Asian’s orgasm finished just as Sarah climbed into the ring. I withdrew my hand and stepped back.

Sarah stopped short, looking back and forth between the thoroughly disheveled MayLin and my flushed body. The expression on her face was somewhere between rebuke and congratulation.

Just as MayLin left for the showers, a large white male entered through the front door. He was wearing a well-tailored business suit that accentuated his broad shoulders and minimized his belly. When he extended his hand a gold bracelet jangled and a large diamond ring flashed.

“Hi, Bret,” greeted Sarah, shaking his hand. What’re you looking for today?”

“Full contact on the mat.” His smile was warm, sensual. He was balding, but there were only flecks of grey mixed in with his black hair.

“Okay, I can be ready in ten minutes,” she responded.

Bret angled his head towards me, “What about her?”

They both looked up and down my flushed skin and gold bikini. Sarah raised her eyebrows. I nodded back towards both of them.

Sarah shrugged. “Very well, Lee Brandt, I hereby make you an honorary member of the SB Wrestling Club.”

Bret entered one change rooms and Sarah and I the other. MayLin was just coming out of the shower. Her nude body was a jewel. When she saw us looking at her, she did a slow pirouette. A jewel from every angle.

At the back, Sarah selected a white spandex exercise outfit. “This is his favorite,” advised Sarah. It was the same construction as a one-piece bathing suit, though the only thing that would ‘cover’ my butt would be a thin strand of material between my round glutes. If the outfit had been any lighter, it would have floated on air.

I quickly stripped out of my bikini and pulled on the white exercise outfit. The spandex hugged my curves. Sarah inspected me up and down, pausing at my engorged nipples and the wisps of my pubic hair that were clearly visible through the almost diaphanous fabric.

“Bret is okay,” she said. “If he is hurting you, just say ‘Ow!’ and he’ll back off. Let him know what you like and he’ll oblige. If you want to throw him or reverse position or put him in a hold, just make it obvious what you’re trying to do and he’ll almost always make it easy for you.”

“What does he like?”

“He likes to feel me up, and for me to resist.”

“Are there any rules?”

“If he wins, he gets to fuck you.”

“Doesn’t he usually win?”

Sarah shook her head. “He only beat me once. Depending on my mood, I jerk him off or make him jerk me off.”

“Or both?”

She smiled. Or both.”

“How do I win?”

“Get him in a hold and demand that he ‘give’. If he says “give”, you’ve won.”

Back in the reception area, Bret had stripped down to his underwear. A bulge advertised the availability of his manhood under the stretchy green material. We smiled at each other. Michael Rayburn, my lover and boss, knew that my current assignment required all sorts of sexual shenanigans, but the deal I’d made was that I’d keep any sex, especially with men, to the bare minimum. Since wrestling Brett was necessary to gain Sarah’s trust, I was free to have all the fun I wanted!

As we moved to the mats, I heard MayLin ask, “How much is a membership?”

As soon as we got onto the mats, Bret grabbed me in a bear hug. He was strong! I tried to wriggle free, but all that accomplished was to rub my nipples against his chest. After a few moments, he gently laid me onto the mat.

I took the opening to grab his cock and gently stroked it through his briefs. Bret was going to go down! But Bret had other ideas. Beefy hands grabbed each of my wrists and held them over my head. Quickly he transferred both wrists to his left hand and used his right to fondle my breasts sending tingles all the way down to my toes. Then he put his hand atop my sex. I crossed my legs and all he could touch was my pubic bone. He tried to pry my legs apart but I held them tight together. Somehow I managed to get my wrists free, but all I could do was push ineffectively against his arm.

Then Bret lifted one of his legs and placed it between mine. He pressed down between my legs gradually forcing them to part.

And then his beefy hand and beefy fingers had full access to every part of my sex. I could feel his heat through the sheer spandex. Every muscle in my body relaxed. If he wanted me, I was his! My legs flopped apart and he climbed on top of me, dry humping his hard cock against my sex. I was warm and wet, hungering to have him inside!

Bret lifted himself up to push his briefs down. And then I remembered Michael. My boyfriend would not like this. I tried to pull away. By rights I shouldn’t have succeeded. But Sarah had been right; if I wanted to do something, he’d let me. I was on my side facing him.

I grabbed his cock. The fabric on his briefs was modal—the best fabric ever invented, soft as silk, but stretchy and just a little slippery. He played with my tits and I stroked him. He was hot, just about to come.

But he scooted down and put his head between my legs. His tongue pressed against the spandex and he slurped my juices through the thin fabric. He held us close, side by side. Now I was the one ready to come!

It took every ounce of my control to turn on my back and scoot away. He was on his back but I ended up on all fours facing his knees. I scampered up and over his torso and sat on his face. He tried to lick my pussy, but his tongue wasn’t quite in the right position.

“Give!” I demanded. I couldn’t see behind me, but all he’d have to do was to rock his hips back and forth and I’d go flying.

But he shook his head, rubbing his nose against my sex. Pleasure shot into my pussy and up my spine. I stifled a moan, moved slightly forward and clamped my legs tighter against his cheeks. “Give!” I repeated.

He shook his head again. Thankfully this time his nose wasn’t pressed against my pussy. And he was having trouble breathing. “Give!” I commanded, mashing myself into his face.

This time he nodded. That I felt on my pussy!

I lifted myself up slightly. “Give!”

“Give,” he conceded.

I swept around to face down his torso and planted my sex once more over his face. Everything was smooth except the bulge beneath his briefs. I bent forward and stroked his cock with both hands, letting his mouth and tongue pleasure my pussy—not so much that I’d lose control but enough to turn him on.

My hands wrapped around his cock through the fabric of his briefs, his worship of my pussy, our exertions were all too much for Bret and with a few short strokes he spurted inside his briefs. I used his come as lubricant and continued stroking his cock until it began to soften.

I was sweaty after my double bouts, so I had a shower before I dressed back into my red pleated skirt, white blouse and the red jacket that matched the skirt. The jacket and skirt were linen, light to the touch.

Sarah was back at the front desk.

“Thank you for making me an honorary member,” I told her.

“Thank you for helping out with Bret. I hope you’ll let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you.”

“Funny you should mention that.”

Her eyes crawled halfway up her forehead.

I slid a photo across the desk. “Do you know this man?”

An hour later she’d told me exactly who my target was and where to find him. I decided that I could expense the one year gym membership she’d managed to wrangle out of me.

Jason Pinaster copyright 2017
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Default Sex Wrestler

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Default Sex Wrestler is free for the next 3 days!

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I hope you enjoy this story, leave a review and have a look at my other published stories.


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Post New Title from Jason Pinaster and a Coupon

Hi all: I am pleased to announce that Squeezed: A Mixed Wrestling Story is now available for purchase where you buy your ebooks including at:
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“Skeet, I want you to wrestle Jax."

Seven short words, but they spoke volumes. Skeet was my name. Jax was a blonde fireball with a reputation for voracious appetites. Yes, those kind of appetites. The person speaking was the owner of the fetish wrestling gym where Jax was a member. As if I needed confirmation that fighting Jax would be a step up in difficulty, Sarah handed me a set of videos of her past bouts and told me to study them. Several days later I told Sarah I was ready. She raised an eyebrow but scheduled the match nonetheless.

As expected, Jax started fast and furious. We began standing and I had to chase her around the edge of the mats. She was glorious to watch—rippling thigh muscles, glutes clenching and releasing, feet always in the right position. As she moved, her pecs undulated beneath her breasts, letting her perfect mounds subtly slip and slide beneath her bikini. But best of all, every time Jax’s ankles crossed over, her bikini bottom accentuated the way her heavenly hips sloped into a perfect pelvis before rising up to the provocative prominence of her pubic bone.

My plan was to tire her out and get her aroused before submitting her the first time. Then I’d get her more tired and more aroused with each subsequent round. I’d win the first two rounds and then let her win the rest. On the other hand, maybe we’d have to see about the fifth round...

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