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Default Tina Armstrong: The curious case of Mad Brix

The crowd went wild as the impact from gorgeous Tina Armstrong's brilliant frog splash shook the ring. She snickered as she saw the knocked out man beneath her, his large muscular body limp with his head cocked to one side.

She covered him, hooking his leg as the ref rushed in for a three count.

There was rapturous applause from the crowd as The Magnificent Torro lay motionless on the mat.

"Count em' out ref!," She screamed as the referee slid in gracefully for the 3 count.

"1...2..." Before he got to three, Torro somehow found the stamina to kick out. Tina sighed as she argued with the ref.

"That was 3 jackass!," She said as she slapped her ass mockingly towards his face.

Pulling Torro up to his feet by his mask, Tina sent him running into the ropes. He rebounded and as the momentum sent him running towards the center of the ring, Tina nearly took his head off with a devastating clothesline.

Torro's large body cartwheeled in the air before landing back first on the unforgiving ring, shaking it violently on impact. Tina flexed and kissed her bicep before hooking his leg for another pin.

"1...2..." The ref counted before Torro mustered up his strength and kicked out again.

Tina shook her head in disbelief, she sat on her knees, her hands around her waist. Her teardrop chest heaved as she took a deep breath before getting up.

She stood him up again, before flooring him with another hard clothesline. This time Torro landed on his face and even harder than the last impact.

The ref rushed in anticipating a cover before realizing Tina was still standing with wicked grin on her face.

Tina grabbed Torro's mask and brought him to his feet. She punched him hard in the gut doubling him over and stuck his head between her legs. Wrapping both of her arms around his waist, she picked him up and sat him on her shoulders. Tina jumped in the air, spreading her legs mid-air and grabbing Torro's briefs and hoiking him up above her head.

Tina's shapely behind slammed against the mat and she laughed when she saw Torro's body punch a hole through the ring. His body tore through all the way to the ground, making a gigantic hole in there center.

"Holy Shit!" The crowd chanted as they witnessed the impact of a brutal Tina-bomb. It was a modified sit down power bomb that could knock out a horse.

Tina sat there and eyed Torro with a sinister grin, licking her lips as she saw his body lie motionless beneath the ring.

For one reason or the other, Torro had pissed off Tina enough that she decided to prolong his agony just a little more. She tore off his mask to reveal a young face. She grabbed Torro's black hair and dragged him out of the hole before throwing him out of the ring through the ropes.

Tina jumped down behind him to see him just lay there, motionless and limp, pleased at her craft.

She stood him up and smashed his head into the steel steps with such brutal impact that the noise echoed throughout the arena.

Tina laughed and picked him up by his hair and punched him in the guts, doubling him over. She got him up to her shoulders for a power bomb and smashed him back first onto the steel steps. Torro's body bounced off from the impact and landed some feet away. He lay broken and limp.

Tina shook her head and looked disappointed before she threw him back in the ring.

"Stay down!," Tina whispered to a barely conscious Torro before the ref came in from the three-count.

"1..." screamed everyone in the crowd as they counted along with the ref.

"2..." The screams grew louder.

"3!" shouted everyone together as the ref called for the bell.


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Tina walked around the ring slowly, a little out of breath as she tossed her blonde hair around with a deadpan expression on her face. She wasn't feeling particularly good about this victory. Her thoughts were soon drowned out by more applause.

As she walked back to the locker room ignoring a million fans that screamed for her, a man in the audience eyed Tina intently. He wore an immaculate formal suit, even in the sea of people clamoring for Tina, he still stood out due to how tall he was. His bald, black head shining in the blinding house lights.

He had a smile on his face that slowly turned into a wicked grin. They would meet soon.

Backstage wrestlers made way for Tina as she walked through the locker rooms. Tina could feel eyes staring a hole into her skull. Some of those eyes were filled with anger, some with lust and yet some more with jealousy.

For the last four years, she had watched them train, pushing themselves harder to beat her in a match. They had tried and they had failed. The former DOA winner had wiped the floor with them, there was not a single man she hadn't beaten conclusively. They had barely managed to lay a hand on her, Tina's strength and mobility had outdone them all.

She opened the door to her room and gave them all a silent, cold stare a split second before closing it. It sent shivers down every man's spine. Tina closed the door and laughed hard.

"Enjoying yourself!?," a voice behind her spoke as Tina flipped around instinctively at ready in a fight stance.

The large man sitting on the chair laughed as his deep voice echoed through the room.

"And just who the fuck are you?," Tina said, her hands wrapped around her waist.

"Please..." said the large man as he got up off the chair and walked towards Tina.

"Call me Mad Brix!"

He held out his large hand for a handshake and smiled when Tina just stood there, her arms crossed to her chest.

"Understandable..." He said withdrawing his hand.

"Why don't I tell you why I'm here..."

"Listening..." Tina quipped, checking out her fingernails with a smug face.

Brix smiled.

"I happen to represent the interest of some clients that would very much like us to fight," He said in a deep voice.

The large man removed his coat and shirt, showing off his huge, almost comically puff chest. His large hands were cut like stone, large and muscular. He had a smug look on his face, almost expecting to see a shocked expression on Tina's but was disappointed to see an unassuming grin.

Tina surveyed the man from top to bottom. His large muscular body now in full view. She walked a slow circle around him, eyeing him from head to toe.

"Not bad..." Tina said with a mock grin.

"You look like you can give me a workout. With the sad opponents that I have had to fight recently, you could be a decent challenge," Tina smiled and winked at Brix, surprising him.

He took a moment to regain his composure but his face soon had a sinister grin.

"Trust me! I can give you more than a little workout!," Brix curled his biceps and kissed them as Tina raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Tell you what, you're on big boy! What are your rules?," Tina quipped crossing her arms over her chest.

"You would have me set the rules?," Brix smiled, licking his lips at thought of her body in his hands.

"Wouldn't have it any other way!," Tina quipped.

Brix laughed at her comment.

"Fine, then have it your way! Here are my rules..." a sinister grin flashed across Brix's face as Tina and Brix stood eyeing each other.

"There are none!"

"Agreed! When do you want to start?," Tina said taking a fighting stance.

"So eager to be destroyed?," Brix slammed his fist into his open hand.

"The faster I am done with you, the faster you are outta here, I reckon!," Tina smiled.

Brix's face went red with anger as he stormed towards her. They met face-to-face, their foreheads touching, neither moving an inch.

With a loud laugh, Brix backed away and spoke.

"After I beat you, I am going to parade you around the ring and make you my little sex toy!" He screamed.

Tina didn't move an inch, she just stood there and laughed.

"That easy to get under your skin, huh?..." Her hands cupped Brix's balls as he jumped back in shock.

"I don't know about you parading me around the ring but I am DEFINITELY going to make you MY sex toy!"

Brix swatted her hand away in anger and moved back, fuming like there was smoke coming out of his nose. Tina's laugh echoed around the room as she saw his face.

"Tomorrow night after the crowd is gone, expect a little visit!," Brix said as he stormed off.

"Where do you think you are going?," Tina said stopping Brix in his tracks. She walked up behind him and ran a finger over his back.

"I haven't said yes yet..." Tina's hands now maneuvered around his chest as Brix moaned and smiled.

"So you are scared?," He said with a raised eyebrow.

"Of you?, please..." Her response sent anger racing through Brix's veins.

"I just want to make it clear that I have my own little stipulation..." Her hands now massaged his large bulge as Brix threw his head back with a smile.

"If I win..." Tina whispered in his ear as her hands drove Brix crazy with pleasure.

"I want to know who you're employers are..."

Brix pulled away from her and stood speechless for a second, his eyes racing across the ground, his tiny brain working overtime to consider multiple possibilities. Tina saw a look of genuine fear in his eyes.

"A-Alright...IF you beat me, then I'll tell you..." Brix started stammering but pulled himself back together and got that smug grin on his face back.

"Do we have a deal?," He said holding out his hand. Tina and Brix shook on it.

The Magnificent Torro wasn't feeling as magnificent after the beating he had taken at Tina's hands. She had completely dominated him. He smiled at the fact that he did at least get her to respect him enough to not hold back but he was wondering if the bravado was worth it, even for a fan such as he was. Torro had decided to visit the sauna to soothe over some of his rough bumps. He was half-asleep, lying back with his hands outstretched along the sauna bench.

The sound of footsteps shook him out of his daze. He looked at the entrance to see a familiar figure walking in, shocked to realize who it was. It was her, Tina Armstrong.

She stood there as the smoke from the sauna twirled around her, Tina's hot body wrapped in nothing but a towel.

"T-Tina...," stammered Torro visibly going red in the face.

"G-Great match out there..." He said awkwardly smiling.

"Wish I could say the same for you!," Tina quipped.

Torro looked away from her embarrassed. He looked at the ground, awkwardly peeking sideways when possible to see what Tina was doing. He watched as she walked towards him and audibly gulped as she stood right alongside.

"Is that seat taken?," Tina smiled and laughed when she saw Torro looking around like an idiot to make sure she was talking to him.

"T-This one?..." he said pointing to the empty space next to him.

Tina smiled and moved closer as Torro felt his bulge tighten up. She kissed him deeply and Torro's bulge now had a mind of its own. It broke free from its constraints, springing up to full attention sending Torro's minuscule towel flying away.

"No you silly..." She whispered in his ear.

"This one!," Tina grabbed Torro's rock hard bulge and slowly guided it into her vagina as she sat down on top of him. Torro thought he died and went to heaven.


They made love for hours and afterward Torro lay completely exhausted on the sauna bench as Tina's hands explored each part of his body. She kissed him on the cheek and got up to leave till Torro grabbed her hand. Tina looked back at him with rage in her eyes as he quickly let go and backed away.

"I-I thought you could stay a while...you know we can get to know each other!," Torro stammered.

Tina laughed at his ridiculous notion.

"Look here pal! We fought, I kicked your ass and then we fucked...that's how it goes and that's all she wrote!"

Tina tapped a finger on his forehead playfully and began to walk away again.

"R-Really?..." Torro stammered, "I-I thought we had a connection here!"

Tina laughed at his face.

"You and every other loser who's lucky enough to step inside the ring with me..." Tina spoke, crossing her arms around her chest.

"We all have a simple connection..." Tina smiled.

"I beat all of you, fuck and then throw you away..." Tina ran her fingers along his face.

"Now be a good boy and stop bothering me again!"

Tina turned around to walk away again. She could see Torro building up the courage, his mouth trying to find some words. Tina sighed as she waited with a "this is boring" face for his inevitable interruption.

"Is that why they are all so afraid of you?..." Torro spoke with a little bit more confidence this time.

"The Great Tina Armstrong...controlling everyone through fear and dread?," Torro had to find real courage to speak those words.

"Fear?..." Tina turned around and walked towards him.

"Fear is just a byproduct of respect...the respect I gain..." Tina said as she moved her face closer to his.

"By grinding you all to dust!"

Torro sat back on his seat laughing like a madman and it was Tina's turn to step back in surprise.

"Is that what you think?..." Torro said in between bouts of laughter, it was pissing Tina off.

"That people respect you?," He said still laughing like a madman.

"You are more lost than I thought you were...See Tina, the people here loathe you, hate you and you know what for?," Torro worked up tremendous amount of courage to stare Tina in the eye.

"Because of the fear you put in them!"

Those words hit Tina harder than they should have. She stared surprised at the young Torro.

"To them, you are a vile conqueror! Tenacious and cruel, manipulating others to get what you want. You are nothing but an invader, you came here to this dead-end wrestling company where you knew there would be no match for you. For you, this is simply a vacation...a brief hiatus before you hunt for the next big fix."

Torro's words had him nearly out of his breath and very, very scared.

"We are not people to you...we are passing moments in time," Torro carefully chose his words.

"How can anyone respect you?," Torro began to move back a little.

"When you can't even respect yourself?"

The time it took for Torro's body to be picked up and smashed behind him was instantaneous. He could barely distinguish between what happened when his ass was on the bench and his back smashed against the wall behind him. All he heard was a loud noise and all he knew at that instant was that he was in the hands of a very, very pissed off woman.

Torro watched as Tina stood there, the dull tube lights above illuminating her body and bathing it in soft blue. She stood with her feet apart, her left hand wrapped in a fist and her right arm outstretched, her palms wrapped around the soft tissue of Torro's throat.

He watched as she turned her face slowly, her burning eyes coming into contact with his. With a loud yell, Tina sent a fist hurtling towards his face. It was then that Tina saw what Torro had meant.

She watched the look of utter horror on his face, driven not by respect but by fear. She changed the direction of her punch and redirected it to crash into the wall beside him. Torro watched as Tina's fist landed inches from his face and cracked a hole in the wall.

He slumped to the floor as she let him go, staring at him with malicious intent. Torro audibly gulped and put his hands up in fear as Tina looked down on him cowering in one corner.

She grunted and turned around walking to the exit and slamming the door shut behind her.

Torro just lay there with his eyes still open in shock. He sat there for a while, staring at the ground before he started laughing like a mad man.

That night, the look of fear on Torro's face haunted Tina's dreams. She lay in bed, thinking about what Torro had said. He was right. She had been out of the game for way too long, DOA had happened years ago. Tina had been jumping from one wrestling promotion to the next, hunting for her next big fix - a worthy opponent!

She realized that she had been satiating herself on a steady stable of wrestlers who would have no chance against her. What she needed to do was head out there and find hard men herself and fight them. She had become lazy waiting for the answers to come to her, instead of going to them.

For now however, the prospect of the fight against Brix had her excited. It had been a while since she had seen a man of his size. It was going to be to a good challenge! The thought of tussling with a hard man, pitting her strength against his drove her wild. She sat up and got dressed with a smile. Tina was going to pay a little visit to her biggest fan.

It was late at night when Torro opened the door to his apartment sheepishly. Soon, his jaw hit the floor at the sight of Tina Armstrong standing nude in his doorway. She smiled and jumped on him, closing the apartment door behind her.


The last customer left as Tina's car pulled up in the promotion's driveway. She had tipped a guard to keep the side entrance open at night. There was no one in the arena, just the ring and empty chairs. She closed the door of her car and walked towards the side entrance, her boots echoing through the empty parking lot.

She had decided to go classic for the evening.

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Tina was stopped in her tracks by a loud noise from her left. She looked around to see what it was. Unfortunately for her the real attack was coming from behind her and it had almost reached its target.

Pain shot through her body as a knee collided with the soft tissue of her crotch. She closed her eyes and sprang her head upward, her arms moving involuntarily to guard her privates. Mad Brix had made his move.

Before she could even think up some sort of defense, Brix grabbed her by the hair and sent her face fist into the bonnet of nearby car. Tina's body sprawled across the face of the bonnet like water spilling on the floor. She felt Brix grabbing her shorts from behind and ripping them off, admiring the sight of her bare ass.

He pulled her by her legs and stood them on the ground, spreading them apart, pinning Tina's upper body on the chassis of the car, his palm resting on the side of her face. Brix kneed her hard in the crotch again before grabbing her hair and standing her straight.

"Did you really think I would let you get the first hit in?," He growled as Brix punched her hard in the stomach.

He grabbed Tina's head and stuck it between his legs. Brix wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up to a seated position on his shoulders.

He power bombed her through the car's windshield and watched as the glass bent, taking the shape of Tina's body before it gave away and cracked into a thousand little pieces. Tina's body slammed against the front seats, the small of her back smacking hard against the gear shift in the middle.

She cried out in pain and watched as Brix tore open the driver's door and grabbed her legs. With one hard pull, Tina found her body propelled out of the car like a bullet shot from a gun. She slid on the hard concrete as the hard surface opened small cuts all over her body. She slid to a stop some feet from the car.

Brix saw Tina laid out on the ground, breathing hard and laughed.

"The mighty Tina Armstrong!..." He gloated as he watched struggle Tina to her knees. "Is that all you got?"

Brix sent the very tip of his hard boot crashing into the core of Tina's toned stomach and watched as she fell over to her back. The cries of her pain echoing through the parking lot.

"I really thought you would be a challenge..." He wrapped his hand around her throat as Tina choked and laughed.

"But you turned out to be exactly like the rest..." Brix lifted Tina's body up by her throat till her feet dangled in the air and slammed her back first into a concrete pillar.

"You are feeble..." He said as he punched her hard in the stomach with his free hand.

"And wea..." Brix stopped mid-word and fell to his knees in pain as Tina caught his fist in mid-stride and sent the tip of her boot crashing into his balls.

She took a moment to steady herself and recover. Brix sprang up to his feet, ignoring the pain in his balls and rushed towards Tina with a fist targeted at her face. Tina simply laughed stepped to the side and watched as Brix's hand crashed into the concrete pillar behind her.

He yelped and pulled his hand away before he was shut up by a kick to the side of his head that had his body crash to the floor like discarded meat.

Tina laughed and walked a circle around the big man. Slowly, she unleashed a torrent of kicks and punches.

"What was that..."

A punch connected to Brix's nose, bloodying it.

"you were saying..."

A hard stomp connected with his chest, winding Brix.

"about me..."

A punch connected on Brix's jaw, almost breaking it.


Tina screamed as she slammed her boot into Brix's groin with tremendous impact and laughed as he squirmed around holding on dearly to his privates.

Tina laughed at his sight and walked toward him with evil intent in her eyes. She saw Brix had made it to his knees and sent a kick hurtling towards his abs. Tina's boot connected in his stomach with a dull thud and flipped him over to his back.

Tina stomped him a couple of times more before she threw him into the door of the side entrance. Brix's body broke through door and rolled to a stop in a long hallway filled with ring props leading up to the entrance ramp. She smiled and grabbed a traffic cone, fixing it on Brix's head and laughing as he stumbled into a wall and fell, unable to see where he was going.

As Tina walked towards him, Brix removed the cone from his head and sent it crashing into Tina's crotch. As she fell to her knees, Brix sprang up and punched her hard on the face drawing a little blood from the side of her lips.

He grabbed her hair and smashed her back into a large item container. Brix grabbed Tina's shirt and ripped it off, licking his lips at the sight of her beautiful orbs. He unloaded hard punches into her belly and tits.

"Oh things that I am going to do to you," Brix laughed maniacally as a punch connected deep into Tina's toned stomach.


A punch connected to the side of Tina's stomach.

"am going to..."

A punch flattened her left breast inciting a yelp of pain.

"tear you..."

A knee connected with Tina's kidneys.


Brix sent a hard knee crashing into Tina's crotch with such tremendous impact that it lifted her legs off the ground. While her body was mid-air, Brix grabbed Tina by the throat and choke slammed her hard into the concrete floor.

He laughed at the sight of Tina sprawled out on the floor, almost out of it. Brix grabbed her hair and stood her straight again before sending her face first into a fire extinguisher on the wall nearby, bloodying Tina's nose.

With a loud yell, Tina grabbed the extinguisher off the wall and threw it at Brix, connecting with his teeth. The blow knocked several of them out as Brix grabbed at his mouth, his tongue feeling around for the missing teeth and his mouth dripping blood.

She grabbed Brix by his bald head and sent him face first into the wall. Brix slumped to his knees, holding his head as pain rushed though his body. There was no relief for him however, as Tina smashed a knee into the back of his skull, sending his forehead crashing into the floor with such tremendous impact that it left a small crater in its wake.

Desperate, Brix connected with a mule kick to Tina's crotch that stopped the warrior in her tracks. As Tina stood clutching her privates, Brix attacked with a hard punch to her face that bruised her left cheek. Tina blocked a knee to her abs and returned fire with a hard punch that bruised Brix's cheek.

She grabbed his bald head and ran toward the wall in front of her with him in tow. Tina ran up the wall and flipped over in the air, smashing both knees into Brix's back, pinning him chest first on the wall. She grabbed his tights and tore them apart, leaving Brix's large bulge dangling in full view.

"Not bad!" Tina said with a devilish grin before her knee crashed into his balls.

Tina laughed at the sight of the giant man on his knees clutching his balls in agony.

"Give it up, Brix!," Tina said fixing her hair.

"Make it easy on yourself!"

"Never!," He cried and ran towards her, surprising her with a shoulder tackle. Brix smashed the small of Tina's back on the steel security rails meant to keep the crowd in check. Tina responded with hard elbows to his back that floored him.

Thinking fast, Brix tripped her and watched as her body awkwardly flipped over to the floor and Tina landed on the top of her head.

She had barely made it to her knees when the impact of a chair shot on her back echoed through the arena. Tina screamed in agony as Brix laid in with another chair shot, then another and then one more before finally flipping Tina over to her back, laughing as she rolled around clutching her back in pain.

Another chair shot echoed through the arena, this time the cold steel of the chair connected with Tina's chest, instantly reddening her beautiful orbs. She blocked another chair shot and kicked Brix away from her. The large man stumbled backward, unsteady at his feet and he could do nothing as Tina kipped up and landed a chair shot of her own.

The steel rebound against Brix's thick skull as he just stood there, space eyed and his arms limp at his side. Tina positioned his large bulge between the opening of the chair and snapped it shut with a loud thud. Tears filled his eyes as pain shot through Brix's body. The only thought in his mind right now was if his penis was broken.

Unable to move due to his pain, Tina shortsighted Brix with another chair shot, this time to the back of his skull sending him crumpling to the floor. Brix grabbed the back of his bald head and writhed around on the ground as Tina kicked him and punched all over.

Desperate he grabbed another chair and threw it at Tina's face, sending her stumbling back. Tina found herself unsteady and watched as Brix sprung to his feet and jumped up into the air. He connected with a hard flying punch to her face that set her body off into a spiraling cartwheel before she landed face first on the floor, almost out of it.

Brix grabbed her by the hair and threw her over the security railings. Tina's back crashed into the edge of the apron before she slumped ass first to the floor. Filled with rage, Brix grabbed Tina from behind, his large arms wrapping around her waist. He spread her legs and sent two hard knees into her crotch before lifting her up in the air and sending her crotch first into the tip of his knee for a savage atomic drop.

As Tina screamed in pain, she found herself lifted from behind again but this time there was a sinister smile on Brix's face. He threw Tina's body crotch first into one of the steel ring posts and laughed as Tina's eyes went wide with pain, her mouth open and unable to express it through any known scream.

Brix sent a hard kick into the small of Tina's back and laughed as she fell back hard onto the steel steps. Her body unfurled like paper over the three steps before finally coming to rest on the floor. Tina lay on her back, spread eagle when Brix mounted her chest lodging his aching bulge between her tits as he began laying down hell upon her face.

Blood and sweat filled the air as Brix punched her face with malicious intent, knocking her head back and forth, side to side. When he was done, he had manged to bruise another cheek purple. He slowly got up and took a few deep breaths. He spit out some blood from his mouth and grabbed Tina's hair to stand her up again.

"Like I said..."

Tina yelled in pain as Brix grabbed a handful of her pussy and squeezed hard.

"You are FEEBLE..." He frothed as Brix used his other arm to grab a handful of her hair. He lifted Tina up over the top of his head by her crotch and hair.

"AND WEAK!" He yelled as he threw her into the ring.

Tina's back landed with a dull thud on the hard ring mat, driving the wind out of her. She lay there, her eyes struggling to stay open. Her legs were spread and her arms lay limp on either side. Tina wasn't sure how much energy she had left in her.

"Come on..." She willed herself, struggling to make her body move. Tina could hear Brix climb up the steel steps on his way to the ring.

"One more exchange...and his ass is mine..."

Brix stepped through the ropes and into the ring. He rebound off the ropes and landed on Tina's bare chest with a hard elbow, sending stinging pain rushing though Tina's body.

"Come on..." She told herself as she felt Brix's feet stomp her stomach.

"One more go...come on...don't fail me now..." She spoke to her body as Brix chopped her hard on the chest.

"I did not practice all those hours, win two DOA tournaments..." Tina spoke to herself Brix stomped a mud hole in her.

"To get beaten by some..." Brix spread her legs.

"no name...lame ass motherfucker..." Brix dropped a knee into her crotch.

"AT THE FAG END OF NOWHERE!," Tina screamed as she grabbed Brix's foot and twisted his ankle.

Brix fell to the mat crying in pain as he thrashed his arms around. Tina laughed and slowly flipped herself over. She got up to her knees as Brix slowly swallowed the pain and began to get up. Both of them looked at each other and crawled towards each other on their knees. They exchanged punches till Tina finally began to wear Brix down and he fell back to the mat.

He lay there breathing hard, spread eagle on his back as Tina straddled his chest. Tina let out primal yell and began punching him in the face, again and again till it was a bloody mess. She fell back to the mat, exhausted as the both of them lay on their backs.

They lay there looking up at the ceiling, unable to move due to exhaustion. Suddenly, Brix began to laugh, surprising Tina.

"A hell of a workout...eh..?," He said in between bouts of laughter. Tina stared at him for a while before she slowly began to laugh herself.

"I'd say! Look at the wonders it did for my body!," Tina said pointing at her battered body as Brix laughed.

"So I guess..." Brix said in a somber tone.

"This is where one of us goes to sleep..." He completed and looked over at Tina as their eyes locked with each other.

"Yeah..." She said softly. Tina had already seen his hand moving to his tights. She knew he was reaching for something in there.

With a loud yell, Brix put on a brass knuckle on one of his hands and straddled Tina's chest. He was surprised to see her laugh. He was even more surprised when she blocked his attempted punch and flipped him over on top of her till her nipples brushed against Brix's back.

Tina grabbed him in a sleeper hold, her muscular arms wrapping around his throat. She coiled her legs around his waist, trapping him in a body scissor/sleeper hold combo.

"No...this can't happen..." Brix protested as Tina poured on the pressure.

"This must not happen!...listen to me...please..."

Brix thrashed his arms around the ring.

"I CANNOT LOOSE!," He screamed as Tina increased the pressure.

"PLEASE STOP..." He pleaded.

Tina poured on the pressure. Right as he was about to pass out, Brix whispered something in Tina's ear that shocked her cold.

"If I loose...they kill him...they kill my brother!"
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Default Re: Tina Armstrong: The curious case of Mad Brix

"Shit! Now what?," gulped Tina Armstrong. Mad Brix had already passed out.

Loud slaps echoed through the empty arena as Tina tried to bludgeon Mad Brix awake, it wasn't working. She eventually gave up and sat on her knees, her nude body covered in sweat and her palms cupping the sides of her shapely waist.

"What did he mean kill his brother?"

Lost in thought, Tina failed to see a shadow move behind her. Her assailant was almost upon her.

"Yo! Torro!," Yelled Machismo Star as he nearly broke the door down to his apartment, his hard fists banging against the weak wood. Machismo was a new recruit and had struck a rapport with young Torro early. They were both men with something to prove in this new company.

He stood there wearing a loose t-shirt and sweat pants but as was customary for a Lucha, never went anywhere without his golden mask. It had an insignia of a phoenix on the front.

"Callate la boca! I am coming Machismo and you are paying if you break my door again"

Torro hurried out sure that his friend would possibly smash through the door, if he didn't open it soon.

"What is it?," He said angrily, looking at his friend.

"Culo vago! Is this how you greet a friend?," Torro protested as Machismo smothered him with a big hug, a little too close for his comfort.

Tina grunted in pain as large hands wrapped around her body from behind, hard wrists locking themselves between her chest and large black forearms crushing her breasts. She squealed still on her knees, throwing her head up as pain rocked her body but her attacker was only getting started.

His large knee crashed into her back and slammed her face into the mat. As she lay there writhing in pain, the large man began stomping her body. His size 11 boots left their dirt-filled imprints all over her chest and stomach as his feet brutalized her.

"What do you want Machismo?," Torro said annoyed as his friend refused to let go of the hug.

"What do I want? Mierda tonta! Have you forgotten?"
"About what?," Torro exclaimed, genuinely thinking if there was something he had to do.
"Idiota! You promised you would help out with the fiesta, let's go already and get started!"

"Crap!," Torro thought as the realization struck him, Machismo was right. He tried to think of a way to weasel out of it.

"Dying grandmother? No. Dying mother? That's just wrong. Ill uncle? He would make me run all day if he found out!" Torro thought, running through his usual line of excuses. He had used them all so much that he couldn't think of a way to escape this.

"Fine...," He said sighing and residing himself to his fate.

"Let's go!"

Tina cried in pain as the large black man's boot crashed into her crotch. His muscular arms were flexed with muscle as his palms wrapped around Tina's ankles and spread her legs apart. He stomped her crotch hard and without abandon, enjoying her cries of pain as he destroyed her.

Tina's body was now beyond breaking point, she had gone through hell against Mad Brix and somehow come out on top, she wasn't sure she had anything left in reserve anymore. Whoever he was, this large man's attack had come out of nowhere.

She howled in agony as he moved on to her stomach, his feet stomping a mudhole into her body as she lay there taking it pinned on the mat. Tina threw her head back and cried in pain as she felt herself being pulled up to her feet by her nipples. His fingers twisted them without mercy as he slowly pulled Tina to her feet.

"So what do you think?," Torro looked at Machismo as he stood next to his new car. He had gotten quite the deal for it used and was mighty proud of his purchase. Machismo had also decked it out with a paintjob only a mother would love.

Torro shook his head and sighed loudly before he sat in and Machismo beamed in the driver's seat. They fought for the control of the stereo for a while before they began an argument about Los Daniels and Elfonia, making several points in a heated debate about which band had the better songs before they stopped talking to each other and stared angrily at the road like little children.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Machismo finally spoke putting on his signature smile.

"You heard about that stupid bitch Tina?," Machismo saw Torro's immediately spring towards him with shock.

"What about her?"
"You know how she beat you in that match? The guys in the back didn't like that, they hired a guy to take her out"
"What do you mean take her out?"
"Beat the shit out of her, looks like the boys finally had enough, all those beatings she has put on them over the last couple of years finally got to their head and you were the trigger"

Those words cut like knives in his heart as Torro realized that Tina may be suffering right now. He didn't know why he felt that way, Tina had beaten him and used him but he still felt remorse that he had been somehow involved in her pain. A sinking feeling formed at the pit of his stomach.

Machismo watched as Torro's face grew cold, his eyes staring straight ahead.

"What's the matter? I thought you would be happy, that bitch made a mockery out of you and humiliated you..."
"She also fucked me twice after that"
"SHE WHAT?," It was now Machismo's turn to be shocked.
"I dunno, she came around after the fight and kinda used me as a sex toy...hard to tell..."

Machismo immediately checked his friends forehead, making sure he wasn't running a fever. He was sure Torro had lost his mind. Had he gone insane?

"Torro, you are not making any sense, what did she do to you my friend?"

This thing called love, I just can't handle it
This thing called love, I must get round to it

Machismo slammed on the breaks as Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" started playing on the radio. The men stared at the radio for a while, watching the small waveforms on the LCD screen dancing in tune with the song before they slowly turned and stared at each other, not saying a word.

"Oh no, no, no....no...no...NO!," Machismo shook his head sideways viciously as he spoke.
"Yes...yes...yes!," Torro said beaming as a large smile cut across his face.
"MALDITA SEA!" screamed Machismo in anger as he slammed his foot on the accelerator and floored it to the arena.

Blood and sweat flew threw the air as Tina's face was hammered by Torque Thomson's large black fists. He was an ex-convict who turned to a life of underground fighting for a stable paycheck. He particularly cherished hits such as this one, cocky young women like Tina who had earned the ire of every wrestler within an organization.

He smashed another fist deep into her belly before chopping her hard on the breasts, reddening them on impact and leaving his handprints all over. Her pain was turning him on and he only wanted to inflict more.

Tina screamed as a fist crashed into her left breast before another left a mark on her right. Tyrone alternated between the two, using them as punching bags. Tina's back rested flush against the top turnbuckle and her arms hovered limp in the air over the top rope. Her legs were spread to either side of the second rope making the selection of Torque's next target quite easy.

His fist buried deep into her crotch as Tina cried in pain. Torque began raining hard knees and punches unchecked before capping it off with a running goal kick that sent Tina's body went flying out of the ring.

"Stop!," Mad Brix's voice echoed through the arena as he slowly gained consciousness.

"Torque, I thought you had been captured...What are you doing here?"

Torque laughed as he saw his big brother limp to his feet.

"Finally up, Big Brother? I must say watching Tina make you her bitch was entertaining, you did your job well!"

That's when it him, his own brother had used him to get to Tina but why?

"Torque, whatever you are doing...just stop and let's go back home!"

Torque's large voice boomed across the arena. His laughter echoing through its halls.

"Tell me, has this worthless bitch's beating robbed you off your senses? These no-good wrestlers kept getting their asses kicked by her and wanted her to teach a lesson. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it alone, so I used you to weaken her up a bit!"

"What!? This is not our way Torque!"

"To hell with you and your heritage! Where was it when you left me to fend for myself when I was just a kid?" Torque screamed back to Brix as he jumped out of the ring. He made his way over to Tina's body, lying spread eagle on the concrete floor. She lay there looking up at the ceiling, her chest heaving as she took heavy breaths.

Brix's eyes went wide as he watched Torque stomp her hard in the stomach, her arms and legs shooting up in the air from the impact. He grabbed a handful of her hair and violently yanked her up to her feet. He sent her forehead crashing into the steel post before sending it into the steel steps and finally on a table by ringside taking glee in watching Tina's head bounce like tennis ball each time.

"Stop Torque!," Brix said as he stopped his brother's hand in mid-air. He had been aiming to send a fist into her stomach.

"This is not our way brother! We earn our victories! Not like this!"

Torque stumbled back as Brix hit him in the jaw with a hard fist. Still standing groggily on her feet, Tina shook her head to clear the cobwebs but it wasn't working. She stood there, swaying back and forth like a drunk woman as the two brothers fought around her.

"Shit! Looks like I finally got my ass handed to me, come on Tina...snap out of it!" She spoke to herself, egging herself on to recover as she saw the two giant men rolling on the ground. She hoped Brix would come out on top but Tina knew he was winded as well and that sleeper hold she put on him would do him no favors.

Machismo's car swerved into the parking lot as he pulled the handbrakes to keep it from skidding sideways into the wall. Toro and him got out and ran towards the ring.

"You do realize everyone is going to hate us for this?," Machismo said as he panted alongside his best friend.

Torro knew what he meant, everyone in the locker room was going to ostracize them for helping Tina but he would worry about that later, right now he had to get to her.

Tina watched as Mad Brix fell and Torque stood over his body with a sinister grin on his face. His head slowly turned and his eyes now fixated on Tina. She was still on her feet, still unsteady and swaying trying to find her footing. She had managed to pick up a steel pipe from under the ring however, hiding it behind her back.

With a primal cry he rushed her, looking to lay down even more hurt on her body. He was stopped dead in his tracks by the steel pipe crashing into the side of his skull, sending his body slumping to the floor. He felt the blood rush down the side of his ear, shocked at what he was seeing.

"You Little Bitch!," He screamed as he tackled her back to the apron, the small of Tina's back smacking against the edge of the unforgiving material. She threw her head up in pain before sending down even more strikes by the steel pipe into Torque's back reducing him to his knees.

Tina smashed the pipe across his face cutting open a huge gash on his left cheek before bringing the pipe down on the top of his head. She hit him again before smashing him across the chest. Torque fell to the floor breathing hard and rolling around, bringing his hand up to to protect against Tina's strikes which now landed everywhere on his body.

Throwing the pipe away, Tina spread his legs and went to work on his groin, stomping and punching with gleeful abandon as tears of pain ran down Torque's eyes.

"Not fun when you are on the receiving end, is it?," Tina quipped and laid into him with more punches and kicks between his legs. Tina grabbed him by his nipples and picked him up to his feet. She twisted them with a primal scream as Torque yelled out in pain begging her to stop.

"STOP! PLEASE! I GIVE!," screamed Torque but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Toque slumped to his knees as Tina kicked him hard on the side of the head.

"NO MORE PLEASE!," He pleaded as Tina grabbed his hair. Tina began punching him in the face, one of her fists bloodied his nose, another shut his left eye and yet another shut his right. Another brutal punch broke his nose while yet another broke his jaw.

His body fell to the floor, bloody and beaten, his face a mess. Tina stood there panting, not sure how she got out of that in one piece. Just then Torro and Machismo burst through the door of the arena.

Torro watched Tina's shocked face and smiled before his eyes went wide in terror. Tina watched him and slowly turned around, every wrestler in the arena now rushed towards her, 10 or 12 big men wanting nothing better than pound her into the ground.

"You got to be fucking kidding me!," Tina exclaimed as a punch crashed into her chin and floored her. Soon the men were upon her, stomping and punching her body all over as she lay on the ground writhing in pain. Machismo and Torro looked at each other and nodded, their hands grabbing a chair each as they rushed towards the fight.

Torro cleared his flank by waving the chair in an arc, forcing every wrestler to move back, while Machismo did the same on his side. Torro picked Tina up in his arms as Machismo kept everyone away. Once Torro had Tina, both of them ran with all the wrestlers chasing them. Tina looked up at Torro, her body cradled into his arms, she smiled as she saw the look of concern on Torro's face before she slowly passed out.

They burst out into the parking lot, Machismo once again watching his friends back as Torro carefully lay Tina's body in the backseat before jumping up in front. Machismo quickly got into the passenger's side just as the entire locker room burst through the parking lot door.

They swatted away hands that grabbed at Tina in the backseat before Torro floored the accelerator and the car raced away. All the men stood there, huffing and panting, their palms on their knees as they watched the three of them get away.

"You think we can ask for a refund?," One of them quipped before being swatted in the back of the head.

It was late at night as Tina woke from her slumber, she found herself nude and on Torro's bed. She looked around to see Torro sleeping on a chair next to the bed and smiled. She got up off the bed and slowly made her way towards him with a lick of her lips.

Torro was startled as he felt something touch him, he looked down to see Tina on her knees, slowly caressing his thighs. Her hands gradually making their inward, her fingers eventually stroking his rock hard erection over his trunk. With one pull, she yanked them off, letting his erection spring out proud.

He moaned as Tina slowly lifted his legs and closed it around her head, forcing herself into a head scissor before her tongue went to work on his cock. Placing his hand on the back of her head, Torro began sliding his member in and out of her mouth, slowly picking the pace and bringing it to feverish pitch before unloading into her mouth with a final deep thrust. Tina choked and gagged, swallowing every last drop.
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