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Default Re: Why do women fight through scissors and men don't???

Originally Posted by fvsfforever [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
More and more I think this is a fantasy site. I'm a female versus female fan and I'll see great matches where the women work their way out of and/or are able to power out of scissors.

Any competitive FvsF match where it is not about BJJ there are scissors applied and pressure, and seldom is a scissors a finishing move (over & over). But against men, they have no chance and tapping as soon as the pressure applied.

But all we hear here, is women going at 40% power to submit bigger stronger males in a scissor hold.

What am I missing?
Are you talking about headscissors or bodyscissors?

Anyway videos made by fetish producers are usually fake or at least semi-scripted and this apply to both FvF and FvM matches.

People who watch FvF matches usually want to see a good, back and forth tussle where both girls place each other in erotic holds and they struggle to get out, that's why a girl is likely to not squeeze very hard or to let the opponent escape on purpose.
On the other hand people who watch MvF usually enjoy to see the woman destroying the man, thefore it's more likely to see a man tap out without trying his best to fight back.

If we are talking about headscissors, they are pretty hard to catch a resisting opponent with but if you manage to fully lock one it's extremely hard to escape regardless of your gender or size and you will pass out in a few seconds.
Watch for example this girl choking a much bigger woman out with an headscissor in a real life competition:

If you see girls breaking free from headscissors is either because the hold was not fully locked yet or because the other girl let her escape on purpose.

Bodyscissors on the other hand are not very effective holds, and they may or may not elicit a tap out depending on how strong the legs of the person applying the holds are, how large and robustly built the person receiving the hold is, how high his pain threshold is and how motivated he is to endure the pain or risk injuries.

I was bodyscissored by Antscha once and I felt like my ribs were truly going to break but I'm a rather skinny 140 lbs guy, I can easily imagine a large man not even being bothered by it.
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