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Old 03-Apr-24, 01:09
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Default Re: Did you ever get sat on / restrained by a non-family member adult when you were y

When I was 18 I got restrained by an 38 year old woman who was a working college of my mom this time.
She held me in a figure four headscissor which I was not able to get off anymore.
This time I was still a very lanky teenage guy and experienced the first time how merciless adault female legs can be.
She didnít choke me but held that tight on my neck that moving with her was hurting to me. Regardless I tried to get out for maybe one hour while she was making fun of me.
Finally when I begged her to let me out she said that she wonít release before I jerked off first that she can see it while holding me.
I felt embarrassed to open my pants in front of her so I kept on fighting even longer.
She said again that she wonít let me home if I didnít do what she wants.
Since it was later evening and her tight hold was hurting and more and more uncomfortable to be in, I finally did what she asked for. even it felt very humiliating as a teenage guy to expose myself that way in front of her twice my age this time. And I was just glad that she finally released me with her legs.
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Old 21-Apr-24, 02:03
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Default Re: Did you ever get sat on / restrained by a non-family member adult when you were y

When I was younger, I can't recall what age. Maybe around 10 or 12. I was a little short for my age, but very sporty. One day my aunty wanted to sit on the couch while I was visiting her. I decided to be cheeky and told her I wouldn't move, she also had a good sense of humour so she said, no problem and sat on me. My aunty was a big women. I remember struggling to move her, and struggling to breath. But I wasn't scared, I was excited. I tried to play the same game with her a few more times that visit (a week or two), and each time she played along. Nothing sexual, I think she just thought it was funny to see me struggle to get out.

Around the same age, I had 2 other experiences also. I was playing hide and seek with my cousins. When one of my cousins found me hiding under a bed, I asked her for help to get out. I could have done it by myself but it was pretty tight. Instead of helping me, she started shoving her feet and toes in my face and mouth. Then she quickly turned and farted at my face. And ran off laughing. I wasn't really stuck but I kept telling her to stop because my hands were stuck. The whole ordeal probably only lasted 10 seconds Max.

One other time, the same cousin, and her sister, who was 1 year younger then me caught me in a game of cops and robbers. I told them I would never tell them my secrets. So they tied me to a chair. And tickled and wedgied me for a few minutes.

Keep in mind, none of this was sexual in nature. Just fooling around. Though, all of these experiences did leave a lasting impression and grew to be things I enjoyed. Except for the tickling. I still hate being tickled.
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Old 21-Apr-24, 23:09
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Default Re: Did you ever get sat on / restrained by a non-family member adult when you were y

I was restrained by 2 9th grade girls in 11th grade once.

One of the school bullies picked on a friend of mine by taking his project and ripping it up. This was a major project that would have determined if my friend failed the course or passed. I was pissed and decided I was going to beat the crap out of this guy and did not care who would see.

To keep me out of trouble, these girls tried to talk sense into me. I refused to listen and tried to push past them. I am not sure what the hold they did is, but each one grabbed an arm in a way where they snaked their arms over my shoulder, under my armpit and cranked on my shoulder pretty hard. I could not move at all. They picked me up together and carried me to a different room. If I tried to break out, they cranked on my shoulders. My legs were unrestrained so I tried to power through by walking to try to drag them anyways, but both girls combined with this position had the advantage and I was not moving anywhere.
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Old 22-Apr-24, 03:24
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Default Re: Did you ever get sat on / restrained by a non-family member adult when you were y

did any of the teachers judo?
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