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Old 30-Dec-16, 03:23
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Default Re: Long Term arrangements instead of Sessions?

Has anyone ever made a long term arrangement of any sort with a session wrestler or something similar?

The Angela Salvagno thread and the mention of the website "seeking arrangement" got me thinking about this. [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

Now, Arrangements, I just want to add, "sugar daddy / sugar baby", not everyone's cup of tea and some people might even find it offensive, but if you take a step back an arrangement isn't all that different than a session. Kyla Luciano (I think, based on posts I read in her Yahoo group) used to stay at a guys house in exchange for sessions (I'm guessing he had a big house with an extra couple rooms). I'm not sure how well that arrangement worked cause I remember reading about her giving him a 10 hour session one day in exchange for all the rent she owed him but never traded for.

I never had an arrangement so much, but I made friends with a Dom once and she gave me free trampling anytime I wanted, which was great, and I took her to moves and dinner (she was a cheap date, Au Bon Pan was fancy to her, born in a poor neighborhood outside of Cambridge) but she she got in a fight with the lady who ran nutcracker and she left her dom job, I ended up paying her rent for a few months, which, even though she was great, she wasn't a GF (no sex), she was actually gay, but she was fun to hang out with, but paying her rent got expensive and I think she knew that, she moved back to Boston and her mom after a few months of being out of work.

I've had a couple doms/wrestlers who've figured out that they could get me to take them to expensive dinners or shows and give me a little something in return, but I've never found that to be worth it. The return has been too small, and going out, then going home, there's not a big venue for domination in public, though, one time, I had a great trampling session in Carl Schurz Park near Gracie Mansion, but on average, expensive dating, little in return. After I lost my job and spending big bucks was out, but my Mom was in a nursing home after a hospitalization and I was apt sitting, I found that one of those ladies had a taste for fine food, and all it took was a couple of center cut fillet mingons and some salad and side dishes and I could get her to come over for dinner, conversation and some trampling or other domination, and that actually worked out for both of us. It worked great, at least, when I had the apt. When my Mom came home, then it stopped working.

I tried once to make an arrangement with a lady where I'd pay her to take classes at Gracie's, and she'd give me wrestles in exchange, but that never really panned out. She didn't stay in the city and we didn't have a locaiton in mind and our schedules were difficult. I don't regret it, I met her at Pandora's box in NYC and we had a great session and I fell for her, got her e-mail and met her in starbucks, exchanged a few e-mails, gave her some money, which I never got a wrestle for, but her interest and trying to make it work, and meeting me and discussing the whole thing, it was lots of fun, even if I paid for but never got the 2nd session. I can see why some might think that's a cheat, but I only remember her fondly, so I have no problems with it. Sometimes the anticipation is as good as the session, so that one was fine.

OK . . . my posts are much too long, so . . . sorry.

And, footnote, I'm sure nobody here wants to hear from the billionaire who has a private masseuse a private swimming pool and 2 or 3 lady wrestlers always on call, so . . . no braggers please, but I think arrangements can be mutually beneficial and I've had, mixed results in my attempts, but I think they can work for both parties, if property set up.

Also, footnote, arrangement doesn't mean prostitution or fin-dom, it can just be a different way to pay for sessions. Trading skills for example. I know a doctor who does that, he has an arrangement with a restaurant where, whenever an employee has a health problem the employee gets a free doctor visit and the doctor gets free meals at the restaurant every so often. It works out for both parties.

Has anyone else tried this / made arrangements instead of sessions? Just curious.

Added after 8 minutes:

I thought I'd copy your post from the other thread here.

Originally Posted by musclead [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
@[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]: Yes enlighten us!

Seriously, there is at least a dozen bodybuilders / fitness competitors / wrestlers from all over the world on Seeking Arrangement. Competing is very time consuming and expensive (dieting / training / traveling expenses) so it is normal that some are seeking the «Sugar Daddy sponsor/friend/lover» route!

There is the beautiful [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] in Georgia and the powerful and amazing [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] who's located in California. Both are offering session wrestling through b270.

All ladies on Seeking Arrangement are seeking «financial support», but for some they need more «qualities» from their SD.

There is different financial requirements ... some are «practical» (up to 3000$ per month), substantial (up to 10 000$ per month) and some are negotiable!

Some ladies are even married but are allowed to look for a SD.

So yes it might be worthwhile to start a thread on the subject!
$3000 a month is way over my budget, but, that's probably a more traditional type of arrangement, and I get it. I get wanting to help a lady compete and maybe win a body building or ju jitsu or title in something else.

Anything from exchanging massage or fixing up their house or cooking/catering in exchange for sessions, to helping with their rent, to full out sponsoring and thousands per month, all welcome.

Anyone got stories?

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Old 30-Dec-16, 03:28
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Default Re: Long Term arrangements instead of Sessions?

Thanks for starting this thread @licencetokill and sharing your own experience ... I never though of swap type arrangements so it's really an interesting way to go!
-Muscle Admirer
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Old 30-Dec-16, 09:15
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Default Re: Long Term arrangements instead of Sessions?

In exchange for helping out two girls with their AdultWork profiles and occasionally helping them with a few other things, I get very low cost facesitting and sex sessions which works well.
In the U.K. there was a recent murder trial. A wealthy property developer made an arrangement with a prostitute, giving her a house to live in and between £7000-£10000 a month ($9000-$12000). She threatened to blackmail him, so he killed her. Was found guilty a week ago & sentenced to life...
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Old 30-Dec-16, 09:22
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Default Re: Long Term arrangements instead of Sessions?

Coincidentally I've been on SA for a month or so and already have a vanilla ongoing arrangement with a girl 26 years my junior. This is proving to be a blast, and I'm becoming very fond of her. Amongst several other girls I've been chatting with and plan to meet is one who lives nearby and happens to lift weights and do martial arts. When I mentioned my jiu jitsu experience to her she basically challenged me to wrestle. I asked if she was joking. She said no. She clearly wants to lose though, and I'm happy to oblige.

I think guys looking to be dominated are going to find it hard on sites like Seeking Arrangement as this will be a turn-off for your average SB. A lot of these girls have daddy issues (my experience) and are looking for mentor/daddy figures to provide them with their needs. This isn't limited to cash btw-- it might simply be new experiences, or a desire to be sexually dominated by an older more experienced male, or a combination of factors.
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Old 01-Jul-18, 19:01
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Default Re: Long Term arrangements instead of Sessions?

"Arrangements" might work out well.
The only thing that occurs to me is, whatever consideration there is besides or in addition to cash, should probably be treated as income and tax paid on it. Otherwise, one might get in trouble.
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