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Default Staci Goes Single (mixed boxing)

Staci Goes Single
A story inspired by SuperDeadlyHamsterAttack
By Stone

Scott was out for a few days after spraining his ankle training. In the interim, Staci took on a singles match against a guy she had had a bad experience with at the gym where she trains. Darrius was also into erotic boxing and had talked shit about a little white girl who had been too afraid to fight with the big boys. Darrius was six feet; dark skinned and had heard from Carol, an opponent he frequently mixed it up with in the ring, about the adventures of Scott and Staci. He had scoffed that the basic white girl was just getting put up against scrubs and couldn't handle a real challenge. An infuriated Staci had Carol arrange the match for the following day.

Scott tried to talk his girlfriend out of the contest, saying she was in over her head but the blonde couldn't be reasoned with. "I'll show him who's basic," she mumbled as she climbed the steps to enter the ring. She had forgone her ring gear, fighting topless in just her pink trunks while Scott sat up in the bleachers watching with his ankle wrapped. Darrius wore white silk trunks with red trim and came out defensively once Carol clicked the remote which played the electronic chime of the ring bell.

Staci was easy to goad as she peppered Darrius with jabs that he easily blocked, asking if he was all talk. Darrius took a few body blows, which barely glanced off his washboard abs, while the blonde backed him up into the ropes. To Scott it was obvious Darrius was just feeling out Staci's style; letting her tire out. After the one minute mark, Staci, who was sweating profusely from swinging hooks and ineffective body blows, tried going low.

Darrius had kept a shit eating grin on his face the entire time while Staci's swears had staggered as she fought to catch her breath. When she went for the nut shot, Darrius calmly swatted away the blonde's glove and rocked a left hook that spun Staci like a top. Pinballing off the ropes, she nearly feinted into the corner as her eyes were glassy from the unexpected force of Darrius's blow. The black boxer stepped in; Staci swung out of reflex, which Darrius easily ducked under and buried his white glove into her breadbasket.

Scott winced as he watched his girlfriend dry heave before a one-two combo to the head almost put Staci out on her feet. Rather unfortunately, Darrius caught the dizzy blonde and draped Staci's arms back over the top ropes where he began using her body as a heavy bag. Staci's groans got weaker and weaker as Darrius pummeled the girl's soft tummy and breasts. Whenever she appeared to droop, Darrius would catch Staci in a clinch.

"It's gonna feel so good watchin' your man's face when I tear that pussy up," he whispered in her ear. "Gonna have you beggin' for more of this dick after I make you my bitch," Darrius chuckled, enraging Staci. Seeming to stir a comeback, she roared as Darrius backed up again; trying to avoid the endless haymakers that the blonde swung until, about midway across the ring, Darrius stepped forward and snapped Staci's head back with a short uppercut.

Scott watched his girlfriend fall to the mat, hoping she would just stay down, as Darrius slid the blonde's pink trunks down exposing her smoothly shaven pussy. He let Carol begin to count while kneeling over Staci, using the thumb of his boxing glove to tease her clit. He leaned over, sucking on her reddened tits, as Staci was somehow able to fight off the count and the orgasm.

Carol asked the blonde if she wanted to continue; despite a body riddled with purple bruises she nodded yes. It appeared that Darrius wasn't playing and backed Staci up with a series of short jabs; Scott glad his girlfriend was finally playing defensively. But the seasoned fighter had no trouble getting a body shot that dropped Staci to her knees.

With the wind knocked out of her, Darrius pulled the blonde's face against his white trunks; asking if she was ready to swallow his big black snake. Scott watched with his fists clenched in anger as Staci's mouth opened and closed, trying to catch her breath, while Darrius rubbed the outline of his night stick along the blonde's face.

Scott was shocked when he watched Staci close her eyes, taking the head of her opponent's cock in her mouth; sucking his off through his trunks. "Ahh, yea that's it bitch, show me how much you love it," Darrius sighed. Scott assumed his girlfriend was trying to wear her opponent out with a quick BJ but he sat in shock as he watched Staci sit there as Darrius pulled down the waistband of his trunks, exposing his ten inch long coal black member.

Scott was flabbergasted as he saw Darrius grab the back of Staci's head with both gloves as the black boxer fucked his girlfriend's face. Staci gagged and coughed as saliva dribbled down her chin onto the mat however before he could finish Darrius let go of Staci's head and told the blonde to finish him off.

Scott's eyes went wide when he saw Staci slide forward on her knees, both gloves on Darrius's ass, as she pulled him into her mouth deeper. The black boxer finally groaned aloud as he erupted, shooting the first wad down Staci's throat until it was too much for the blonde and she had to back off to catch her breath; allowing Darrius to finish painting his opponent's face with his DNA.

Scott reasoned now that she had weakened her opponent, Staci would surely go for the K.O. but before she could enact said plan, Darrius swung a right hook; smashing into the side of Staci's cum-drenched face. She was sprawled out naked on the mat as Carol could've counted to a hundred before the blonde ever moved.

Darrius had his glove raised as the winner while Scott had to watch the black man, his dick still stiff and waggling in front of him like an ebony divining rod, crawl on top of his girlfriend. Darrius aimed his rod, which was still glistening with Staci's spit, against the blonde's asshole. He gently pushed the head past her puckered hole as her head shot up off the mat with a loud groan.

Darrius pinned Staci's arms to the mat, telling her just breathe, as he gently worked his meat in and out of the blonde's butt. At first she had her eyes shut, just trying not to focus on the discomfort, until the pleasure began shooting through her body. Staci found herself shuddering unconsciously as Darrius ass fucked her on the mat.

When Staci opened her mouth, at first nothing came out; she couldn't breathe or scream, until a high pitch gasp escaped followed by long, shivering moan as she experienced her first anal orgasm. Darrius pace had increased and feeling the blonde's sphincter clamp down on his pole brought him close to the edge.

Glancing up at Carol who was holding the video camera to record the festivities, Darrius whispered in Staci's ear. Scott couldn't hear what was being said but at first Staci shook her head until Darrius reached around; grasping her breasts through his gloves while he continued to hump her like a dog. Scott could only see from behind and had a front row seat to Darrius's ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as he fucked his girlfriend.

"Please cum in my ass, daddy," Staci said with a little girl whine as Darrius was finally able to finish; throwing his head back with a delighted grunt.

When Scott asked her about it later, a humiliated--through thoroughly fucked--Staci said Darrius had told her to say those words or else he'd pound her tits flat. Though she did apologize to Scott she agreed they should stick to tag boxing for now. Fortunately she wasn't too badly hurt and their next match was just a few days away.

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Default Re: Staci Goes Single (mixed boxing)

Have been searching for years to find a female wrestling partner for fun or a good workout in Massachusetts. Can you help? Thanks
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