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Default Training with Agrias

This story is based on characters from an old PlayStation game called [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register], from the POV of the main character [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] up against older lady knight [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]. I don’t think you need to have played the game to enjoy it, but if you’re curious read the links over might be interesting. Enjoy!

* * *

I turned the heavy armor chestpiece over in my hands before placing it in the strongbox under my bed; another class mastered, and as I was changing from a Knight to a Monk, I wouldn't be able to wear plate anymore. I almost smacked my head on the bedpost as a knock at the door startled me.

"Enter!" I called over my shoulder.
The door opened and Agrias was standing there. "Am I disturbing you?"
"No, come in." I was happy to see her. The truth was I had a bit of a crush on her, even though she was at least ten years older than me; I didn't have the heart to approach her yet, and tried to quiet what sounded like my pounding heartbeat as I sheathed my longsword and stashed it under the bed.

"Ah, you're changing class?"
"Oh... yes. I've mastered Knight, so..."
"That was fast!" she took a step into the room, easing the door closed after her. "Seems like only a few days ago you were starting your Knight training."
"Well, I had a good teacher..." She waved my compliment away with an embarrassed thanks.
"So, have you decided what job is next?"

"Mmm." She eyed the karate gi I had laid out over my bed. "Of course. You know, I've already mastered Monk, if you want some tips; we could have a training bout. We're already stuck here for three days..." (We were waiting for some party members to finish salvaging a trade ship, and wouldn’t risk running into roving monsters until they’d returned.)
"Sure, that would be great."
"All right. The camp outside town at dawn."
"Monks rise early." She smiled and left me standing there wondering what I'd gotten myself into.

The next day at dawn I stood across from Agrias at the edge of a dirt training ring outside of town. It was late summer, but the day hadn't started heating up yet, and I was slightly chilly in my white karate top, thin pants and bare feet. Agrias had changed into her own monk attire, a matching karate gi and, it appeared, no underwear, a thought I tried to banish from my mind with little success; I swore I could see the outlines of her nipples through her top.

I shook the thought away as Agrias smiled at me and asked if I was ready. I nodded and we closed. I couldn't help but take a peek into the valley between her breasts; her baggy karate top was showing quite a bit of skin in that area. I suppose she didn’t notice, as she just told me to watch her hands and then came in throwing quick chops.

Now I know how to take a punch, but I was new at this style of strike, and Agrias hit me with several hard chops to the chest, driving me back. They stung, and I darted forward, grabbing her top in both hands, turning and tossing her over me. She hit the ground on her back and rolled up to her feet.

"Good. A little sloppy, but you have good reflexes. Come at me," she waved me on. I approached and started throwing chops, trying to imitate hers, but mine were slow and sloppy compared to the quick ones she's snapped off, and she held up a hand to stop me: "Ramza, your form is terrible. I know you can move faster than that. Pretend your arm is a sword and come at me, all right?"

I nodded and took a deep breath before attacking again; thinking of my arm as a short sword seemed to work, as she took my initial chop on her left forearm, but the followup hit her solidly in the chest. Too late I realized that this was not the best area of her body to attack as the edge of my hand slammed into her soft right breast. She winced as I took a step back, apologizing profusely.

“Agrias, I’m so sorry-”
"Fine, it's fine. I should have worn a chestguard."
"Are you sure you're alright?"
"I'm fine!" she snapped. She hated being patronized, I remembered too late. "Actually, this is a good lesson for you. You're not a Knight anymore; you aren’t wearing heavy armor, so you can’t trust that you can survive a hard hit. You need to be ready for your opponent to do anything in close combat. Prepare yourself."
"What- "

Before I could finish my question she launched a quick kick between my legs, her bare foot slashing up towards my crotch. At the last second I managed to close my thighs, stopping the top of her foot an inch from my balls.

"Good. You always need to protect yourself." She drew her foot back and took up a fighting stance. "Try and hit me again. NOT in my boobs, please."
"Sorry." I took up my own fighting stance and attacked, trying to draw her hands up with blows at her head. She took the bait, taking my hits on her forearms, and I unleashed my true attack, aiming a punch at her stomach. She saw my move too late and gasped as my fist hit her just below the belly button. "Are you all ri - " before I could finish my question she leapt forward, tackling me to the ground.

"Yes, I'm fine." She tucked one strand of blonde hair that had come loose behind her ear. "And stop asking me. Next time I'm not going to let you up." She rolled off me and helped me to my feet and we faced off again.

Agrias came at me in a flurry of punches and chops; I had to back up, covering myself with both arms, taking her blows on my hands and forearms. I couldn't relax my guard enough to try and hit or throw her, so I went low, trying to sweep her legs out. My move was a little sloppy, but it worked; I kicked her behind the right knee and her leg buckled. She went down into a kneel and I aimed a following kick at her face, but she ducked and I missed, my momentum carrying me past her.

"Overcommitted," she scolded me as I turned to face her. She hit me in the stomach, a hard blow that knocked the wind out of me. "What did I say about always protecting yourself?" She grabbed my gi and threw me over her back and I slammed into the dirt, winded. I felt her grabbing me, no doubt to apply one of the joint locks I'd seen her use when she was working on the Monk class herself; I knew how effective they were and rolled away from her before she could finish applying it, getting up to my knees.

Agrias stalked me as I attempted to get up; she circled me, crouched, and I had to keep turning to face her; she was too close for me to get up without giving her an opening to attack, but far enough away that I didn't think I could lunge at her from where I was. She darted forward a few times, launching quick side kicks; I just managed to block all of these, taking the hits on my forearms. She took a step back, and I recognized that she was preparing a special move.

"Earth's anger running through my arms! Earth Slash!" she screamed. I barely managed to throw myself out of the way as she punched the air, a shockwave erupting from her fist. I was so close I felt the rush of wind as I landed gracelessly on my chest. I rolled over and hopped back up to my feet, stopping short as I saw that her gi had been displaced by her Earth Slash; I could just barely make out the light pink edge of her areolas. I shook my head, hoping she hadn’t noticed me staring; she hadn’t, as her own eyes were fixed on my crotch. I looked down, mortified to see that my excitement was plainly visible through my thin white karate pants.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.
“It’s fine. It’s natural for a man to get excited during close combat; it’s just more noticeable when you don’t have armor over it. Now, you do need to be careful and make sure that you’re aware and adjusting for your condition at all times. Believe me, your opponent will notice, and if you’re not careful she’ll use that to get the upper hand on you. Right?”

I opened my mouth to agree, but before I could say a word she lunged at me, both hands aimed at my crotch. With a surprised yelp I faded back, launching a kick at her head; she saw this too late to do anything but widen her eyes in surprise before my foot swung up and smashed into her chin. Agrias went over on her back, moaning and rubbing her face. I came over to check on her, but she waved me away.

“That was good,” she told me as she got up. “Very good. Keep honing your instincts like that.” As we faced off, I noticed she kept glancing at the bulge in my pants; whenever she saw me looking at her she’d meet my eyes. I decided that she must have been preparing to try the same move again, hoping for more success this time. Sure enough, she lunged at me again, her hands high; a fakeout, I thought, ducking underneath her grasp.

It was a fakeout, but in the end I was the one tricked as she dropped her hands at the last second. I had ducked straight into her path, her hands descending at my shoulders; I made a panicked attempt to grab her wrists, but had no chance as she grabbed my shoulders, planted her foot in my stomach and rolled backwards, bringing me with her, flipping me over her.

I landed hard on my back with a grunt, laying there dazed for a second. I shook my head as Agrias stood over me, bending down and extending a hand to help me up. She yanked me to my feet, then surprised me by pulling me into a kneestrike. She landed the move perfectly, her hard kneecap smashing into my solar plexus, driving every last breath of air out of my body. I collapsed in slow motion, falling to my knees, then forward onto my face in the dirt.

“Ramza, you have to remember to protect yourself!” she scolded me as I held my stomach, drooling. “Now, I’m sorry if I tricked you just there, but you obviously need to work on your instincts. Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” I gasped, managing to roll over and sit up. “You’re really strong.”
“Thank you. Can you get up? Do you need to take a break?”
“I’m okay.” I hopped to my feet, wishing I’d learned Chakra to refresh myself; maybe that should be the first thing to spend my job points on. I had to put that thought aside as Agrias raised her fists and closed on me.

“What am I going to do?” she asked. “Watch my body. Watch my hands; watch my shoulders. What else?”
“Your feet!” I yelped as she jumped forward, aiming a low sweep kick at my right knee. I pulled my leg back and she missed; my opponent had left herself open and I came in quickly, powering my best right into her stomach. She had just enough time to see this coming and flexed; I did less damage than I’d hoped, but she still grunted with the impact as my fist hit her hard stomach. She came back with a fast left hook, which I ducked, then she aimed a straight kick between my legs. I faded backwards, letting her unbalance herself, and came back at her with a left hook to her head. My fist smacked into her jaw, turning her head with the hit; she took a stumbling step to the left, holding her hand up to stop me as she rubbed where I’d hit her.

“Good,” she panted. “You have great reflexes. I think we just need to work on your instincts a bit more. Ready?” I nodded and she reset her guard, coming forward again and shooting a left jab at my head. I raised my forearm and aimed to stop her punch short, but she’d tricked me, going low at the last moment; Agrias caught me completely by surprise, grabbing my right leg and pulling it out, dumping me on my back in the dirt. She quickly sat down on my upper thighs, trapping my legs; I sat up so we were face to face, but she roughly shoved me back down into the dirt. Then she pressed the palm of her left hand against my stomach as her right hand grabbed my shaft through my pants.

"Ramza, you really need to control your sword," she whispered. I moaned as she squeezed my hardness. “This is always a man’s weak point, you know. Next time,” she released my cock, “I’m not going to let go.” That certainly didn’t help me get any less excited as she climbed off me. She reached down to help me up again; I just started suspiciously at her outstretched hand.

“Oh, you remembered. I promise it’s not a trick this time, all right?” I slowly reached out and grabbed her hand; she pulled me up, without any ambush this time, and we separated, falling back into our fighting stances. Before either one of us could attack, I couldn’t help but notice that her gi top had come completely undone and was now hanging wide open, her beautiful breasts completely exposed, each snowy white globe topped with a large pink nipple. I just imagined myself stepping up to her, cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples with my mouth; what would they taste like between my lips? I banished the thoughts with difficulty. What was I doing?

“Uhhh, Agrias…”
“Umm, your gi.”
“My what?” She looked down with a dismissive snort. “Oh, is that all? Well, thank you for letting me know, but you’re going to have to get used to it. These things happen on the battlefield. Remember at Lionel Castle where that enemy Knight accidentally sliced the strap off my breastplate?” I did, trying not to flush at the memory.

If she was trying to distract me, it worked; the next thing I knew she had charged me and gotten both hands on my shoulders. I saw her starting a kneestrike into my stomach and dropped my hands, trying to intercept it; I was just too slow and her knee slammed into my tummy hard enough to bend me over. She locked on a strong headlock, keeping me bent over; the pain of her squeezing my head was washed away by the sensation of her forcing my face up against her bare right breast. She smelled wonderful, a vague flowery scent that must have come from tincturing her bathwater with lavender.

“Ramza! Are you paying attention?” she barked, working the hold roughly. “Try and escape!”
“I’m good here, thanks,” I mumbled into her arm.
“What?” She couldn’t hear me and released me. “What did you say?”
“Err, nothing.”
“Nothing, hmm? All right, well, I want you to see if you can dodge my finishing move. Get ready!” She took a deep breath as I watched her carefully, trying to figure out what she was up to.

“Fight for justice… fists of fury! Repeated Fist!" I’d never seen anyone move that quickly before as she unleashed an inhumanly fast flurry of punches. I had my hands in front of my face and managed to take all of her hits above the neck on my fists and forearms, but she hit me in the ribs and stomach what felt like twenty or thirty times; I crumpled under her assault, knocked over backwards as my training partner laid me out flat with her finishing move. I regarded the bright blue sky for a moment, struggling both to breathe and not vomit up my breakfast. Agrias came over to stand above me, leaning down, resting her hands on her knees.

“Well, what do you think? I’ll show you how to do that later.” She reached down and undid my gi, examining my stomach, clucking at the devastation she’d just caused. Her gaze went down my body, her head tilting as she saw that I was still at full extension.

“Ramza,” she scolded. “What did I tell you? I said next time I wouldn’t let go, didn’t I? How did you even stay erect through that?”
“I don’t know,” I admitted as she laid down on my left side, sliding both hands into my pants. I gasped as her hands gripped my most sensitive area roughly. She began squeezing, but it was easy to tell she wasn’t doing this as hard as she could; she was applying enough power that I couldn’t ignore what she was doing, but it wasn’t so much I was about to pass out or get soft. I ended up laying there for a bit, letting her manhandle me, trying to come up with an escape plan; nothing came to me. After all, this was my first fight as a Monk, let alone the first time I’d had this particular hold applied.

“Well, aren’t you going to try and get out?” Agrias prompted.
“Oh, yeah.” I reached for her wrists, but before I could try to pull her hands away she poured on enough pressure to incapacitate me; I lay back with a helpless moan, Agrias easing up as my hands fell away from her wrists.

“Hmm, looks like you can’t just power out of this one. Try something else.”
“Ummm…” I had no idea; this was completely out of my area of expertise. Nothing in my Squire or Knight training had covered this kind of combat.
“Well, are you stuck? Then how about this?” Her left hand dropped off my cock, reaching down to cup my balls. I moaned pitifully as she started teasing my sack with her fingers, jiggling it up and down. “Wow, you really are helpless, aren’t you?”
“It’s my first day as a Monk!” I pleaded.
“All right, all right. But it’s not your first day as a man…” Her right hand started moving up and down my shaft, achingly slowly; I stared into her deep blue eyes as she tortured me with just enough pleasure to drive me mad searching for more. “Well, you really can’t escape? Don’t tell me this is your first time.”
“The first time I’ve been in a fight where someone did this!” I pleaded.
“Mmm.” I could see her thinking this over. “Well, then do you want me to stop?”
“No,” I whispered.
“You’re sure? You want your first time to be this?”
“As long as it’s with you…”

At this her eyebrows shot up, but she didn’t say anything. Her hand started moving faster, and I moaned, writhing in the dirt. She shook her head: “You’d better make a move soon, or I’m going to ruin your pants.” I leaned up and her hands froze as she went on her guard to see what I’d do; I grabbed the back of her head and leaned into a kiss, my lips touching hers for the first time. This obviously hadn’t been how I had pictured it the hundreds of times I’d fantasized about it, but it was even more wonderful than I could have possibly imagined. When I pulled back, it was in fear; what if she was angry?

“Ramza,” she gasped. “That’s not the move I expected!” I opened my mouth to apologize, but she leaned in for another kiss; this time her tongue pressed between my lips. I’d kissed a few girls before, but never like this. Our tongues wrestled briefly, but Agrias was definitely more skilled in this kind of combat and quickly pinned my tongue to the bottom of my mouth.

Breaking the kiss, she leaned back with a gasp and we stared at each other for a second. Slowly, she took her left hand out of my pants and pushed gently on my chest, laying me back down in the dirt. I stared up at her as she slipped her hand back down below my waistband.
“Ramza,” she whispered. “Remember when I was a Samurai for a while?”
“Yes,” I moaned.
“Well, you know what I learned from that? Two Hands.” With that she wrapped both hands around my painfully erect penis, my tip still rubbing against the inside of my pants, and began administering my first handjob. I writhed on the ground, unused to the amazing sensation and not sure what to do; I’d done this to myself, but that was nothing compared to Agrias. It wasn’t just her technique, but the fact of someone else doing it, her unexpected movements, her low feminine panting, her deep blue eyes watching my reactions, her strong, soft, warm hands sliding up and down my shaft…

“Agrias,” I gasped. “I’m - I’m going to - I -”
“Go ahead. I want you to finish for me now, all right? Can you-”
Eyaaahhh!” I howled, my hips thrusting up as she took me over the edge. I spent, beyond the point of caring as I unloaded spurt after spurt straight into my pants, coating them, Agrias’ hands, and my rod. She slowed down, her milking motion becoming painfully intense as I rode down, until she stopped entirely, releasing me and pulling her hands out.

“Wow,” she murmured.
“Is that a lot?” I asked, leaning up on my elbows. “I’m sorry I made a mess-”
“It’s fine.” She started licking my seed off her hands as I watched entranced, wiping whatever she couldn’t get off this way on the leg of my pants. “That is a lot, though.”
“Is… that bad?”
“Oh, no,” she smiled. “It probably just means you enjoyed yourself.”
“Yeah,” I sighed happily, leaning back in the dirt. I was as tired as I could remember; that was even more exhausting than the battle at Mandalia Plains with the three yellow Chocobos who kept healing each other. After a second I opened my eyes to see Agrias staring down at me.

“Ramza, please tell me you’re not the kind of man who just wants to lay there and thinks he’s done after his partner finishes him.”
“Oh no!” I wailed, sitting back up. “I don’t know! I’ve never done this before!”
“Well,” she smiled, “then you’re about to learn a life lesson on top of your combat lessons. You need to always make sure your partner is satisfied. Can you do that?”
“Yes,” I nodded eagerly. “What do you want me to do?”
“Hmmmmm… actually, this time, I just want you to lay there.”
“But you just said -”
“I know,” she placed her index finger over my mouth. “Here’s one more life lesson for you - what the heart wants doesn’t always make sense.” I nodded again. “Now lay down and don’t move,” she ordered, a tone of command that brooked no argument creeping into her voice.

She slipped out of her pants, now clad only in the wide open top hanging off her shoulders; I’d never seen her naked from the waist down before and got an eyeful as she straddled my face. She slowly lowered herself, her scent filling my nostrils, until her naked crotch rested on my nose and mouth.

“Today’s final lesson - no man can keep fighting after spending himself. Here, watch. You couldn’t unseat me if you wanted to.” I tried to nod, finding I couldn’t move my head that way with her pressed against me like this. I felt her hands rest on the top of my head, steadying herself, as she slowly began to grind her lower lips against my face. My fingers dug into the dirt; I wanted to do something, but her fierce command to lay flat echoed in my mind as Agrias dominated me.

I didn’t know what would happen when she reached her climax; I’d never gone anywhere near this far before. It may seem comical now, but this wasn’t a subject that was covered in my education, and I genuinely didn’t know if she was going to spend the way I had when she finished. As it turns out, she didn’t, although I almost passed out as she bore down hard at her peak, rocking her hips back and forth over my face so heavily I was worried she might break my nose. I heard her howl in pleasure, then was almost blinded by the sun as she rolled off me with a happy sigh.

We both lay there on the bare ground; the sun was well up by now, and I laid my arm over my eyes. We were both coated in dirt and sweat, the crotch of my pants was a mess of congealing ejaculate, and my face was completely coated in her lubricant, but I was too tired to move even to clean myself. Instead, Agrias’ hand found my own, and for a comfortable few minutes we lay there breathing heavily and recovering, the hand holding coming to feel almost as intimate as the sexual acts we’d just performed.

Finally Agrias sat up, slowly standing and helping me to my feet. We got dressed in silence and hobbled back to town for a bath; I let her go first, and the day was half gone before we were both clean and towelled off. She found me in my room deep in thought.

“Ramza,” she called, knocking on the door as she pushed it open. “Do you have a minute?” I waved her on and she came in, easing the door closed behind her. “So… did you learn a lot today?”
“Yes,” I smiled. “I’m not sure when I’m going to get to practice some of those moves again, though.”
“Oh, I don’t know.” She was trying to keep her face impassive, but I knew her well enough that I could see the ghost of a smile tugging at her mouth. “Like any skill, you need to practice. Well… so you’ll let me know when you want another lesson, right? I’m sure I have some more… tips I can show you.” I nodded, a dazzling smile blossoming on her face for a second before she turned and strode out the door, leaving me there with my thoughts.
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Default Re: Training with Agrias

Agrias sounds fucking hot.

'nuff said.
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Default Re: Training with Agrias

usually stories with this kind of source material dont interest me for the most part but this was very well done.
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