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Old 09-May-21, 11:29
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Default the morning intruder..

a private killer was enrolled by an Hong-Kong gang to eliminate the agent Chun-li .

He received no instructions but to kill her at all cost with no questions. He was warned on a potential risk and that all cautions have to be set on maximum .. the private killer didn't receive any further information... he was just secretly told by the gang member driving him back that he couldn't possibly not double check his gun before entering her perimeter .. the killer was confused , she probably knows how to use a gun ..

Chun-li was finishing her morning exercise and 30 mins of yoga. She knew she's on a list, a contract is on her.. and it will happen today.. a man will try to enter her room and kill her..
She could have hidden behind the door and shoot him in his back ... but it will put the whole hotel in alert .. it's the early morning, children are sleeping . She will work in silence and she always preferred to have some intimacy in those moments. She put some nice music and even start to dance a little bit .. she couldn't hide her excitement

The killer, didn't took long to unlock the door, with his hear glued to the door, he could hear Chun-li singing some traditional Chinese songs in the bathroom. Chun-li already knew he was at her door and she sang loud so he could understand that she was unaware .. but she wasn't, it was an invitation. With only her head emerging from the bath, like those predator, she was displaying something pretty, her beautiful face , carefully hiding her deadly weapon under water : her body

The guy saw the night dress on the bed and the clothes hanging on a chair. Her gun was on the table .. He though the situation was under perfect control and that some fun would be possible .. he was a bit surprised by the size of her nightgowns .. did she borrowed this to a sumo ? He was himself not that tall . 5feet7

When he entered the bathroom with his gun pointed and her, she faked fear and horror .. she did it so well she made him believe that she will do anything if he spares her life ..

" Hu, so get out of the bath woman , you will show me what you are ready to do to please me" he said while playing with his gun around his crotch

" Oh no sir, i'm naked " said Chun-li with a voice she tried to make innocent " Come in the bath with me " she said almost overplaying a little girl with a smile and eyes wide open ..

" You seem playing a game with me girl .. show me your hands , want to be sure you are not hiding a gun or something "

Chun- li put her hands up without revealing her thick and strong arms .. The guy smirked and start to get undress , he hesitated 5 secs.. then put his gun on the pill of his clothes .. he seemt very excited but very nervous in the same time. But hell, he was the man of the situation . So he walked like a boss completely naked towards the bath

" Haha, now i can see if you are the fat cow that wear xxxxl clothes "

Chun-li was a bit upset

" That's not nice sir, it's true i'm a bit big but .. "

and as he was discovering completely stunned all the mass and body surface was idling under water ..

" AAhh !!! you are so big !!! " he screamed in terror

He realized how much she was the embodiment of a super-predator ... and then she add with an open smile

" yes little man, i'm 6feet4 but ... don't worry, there's still enough place in this bath for me to drown you "

The man couldn't believe this was real.. but she get out of the bath like a rocket, made a first connection in his back that make his fall as he was already running to his gun , and like in the same jump motion, she land back towards him with a kick that smashed him against the wall.. she could have keep playing soccer with his body until he dies , but even if it wouldn't had been long, it would had create some disturbance . So she just grab his head , 1 hand pulling his hair, the other hand covering his mouth . She just drags his head like a ball to the bath completely disregarding his desperate punches and body twists .. she danced with him a little bit, both completely naked , positioning her massive body above him while keeping his head firmly between her hands .

There was a little eye contact when his head was against her chest , that made her say " im sorry" , with her 110 kg weight, she bend her body over him and then she easily dive his head under the water but staying face to face .. he could just see a blurred image of that woman he just met 2 minutes before .. his head was completely immobilized while his lower legs were nervously debating while his legs were firmly tighten together by her thighs.

She holds his head under water the time she didn't felt his fingers randomly scratching different parts in desperation to find a weak point. When he was done, she pulled his body out of the bath and put it in a suitcase. She's so strong she would be able to check out and grab a taxi without having anyone noticing the real weight of it.

She pick a look on his papers in his pocket to check out his ID and made a call ..
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