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Default Lara Croft: The tomb of Ebonique

The cruel fist nearly caved Lara's cheek in and left her kneeling, trying to catch her breath. Her assailant offered no reprieve. Another punch to her chin shifted her gaze to the skies but she managed to catch his shin inches from her face. Lara rolled back, drawing her pistols and ready to fire. The tall brute she faced had the same idea.

He reached for the shotgun on his back and fired. Lara rolled to the side and the pellets chewed through dirt and grass at the spot she was in a split second before. He fired again and Lara ducked behind a tree, popping out and firing a few shots of her own.

The man ducked and swerved to avoid her bullets and then lodged himself to the other side of the tree.

"Give it up, Luv!" He growled. Lara heard the empty shell eject and fall to the ground as he cocked his shotgun.

"You ain't got what it takes!"

"Says the man who missed me point blank with a shotgun," Lara quipped, ejecting the pistol magazines and inserting new ones.

"Well, why don't you pop your pretty little head out again, and we'll see who is lying dead on the ground!"

Lara rolled to her side, letting loose with her twin pistols. The man swerved to the other side of the tree as her bullets ricocheted off the wood and jumped out with a shotgun blast. Lara ducked and evaded, letting the pellets embedd harmlessly into the ground.

As she whipped around and stood up to fire another volley of shots, the man rushed in. The shotgun's chamber lodged itself just below her chin and Lara's pistols were at either side of his head.

"How Interesting!" smiled Lara. "I suppose two bullets in the brain wouldn't do you much good!"

"Maybe!" said the brute with a smile of his own. "I wouldn't call a loose jaw a victory either!"

Lara smiled. He had a point.

"Then we seem to be at a stalemate. What do you say, we make this interesting?"

"This ought to be good," he snarled. "What do you have in mind?"

"Before we begin, do you have a name that I can use?"


"I wouldn't pester, but I would like to know whose ass I am going to kick?"

He laughed at Lara's audacity. He was beginning to understand why they called her the best in the business.

"Max Rage!" He said with a snarl.

"Sorry, is that your name or..." Lara looked visibly confused.

"You should talk! Lara Croft isn't any better as far as I am concerned!"

"It does have a nice ring to it, don't you think?" Lara raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry, Luv!" Max cocked his shotgun. "If all you are doing is looking to buy some time, I would rather get this over with now!"

"Calm down, big boy!" Lara removed her pistols from the side of his bald head.

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Max looked confused.

"Why don't we settle this the old way?" Lara holstered her pistols. "You're fists against mine?"

Max's laugh echoed through the jungle. He hung his shotgun on his back and took bought his fists up, ready for battle. Lara followed suit.

"You sure you would rather not take a shotgun blast to the face?" He growled in his deep voice.

Lara studied him from head to toe. The big brute was as tall as she was but much, much wider. His khaki shirt was bursting at the seams trying to contain his broad chest as were the suspenders from his brown pants. His arms ripped with muscle. A scar covered Max's left eye and there was a huge gap in his dentures.

"Having second thoughts?," He quipped. "I can still just end you with a shotgun!"

"Quite full of yourself aren't you?" Lara slowly circled around and Max matched her movement.

They rushed at each other, throwing light jabs. One of Lara's landed on Max's chin and one of his caught her in the rib. They both winced and backed away, beginning to circle again for an opening.

"So what brings you to the Amazon, Max?" said Lara rushing in and nearly catching him with a punch to the jaw. He blocked and threw one of his own which Lara ducked and backed up.

"The same thing as you..." Max grunted and rushed in, catching Lara with a hard fist to her stomach. As she bent over, he tried an elbow to her back but she turned around and caught his arm. Lara flipped Max to the ground and put him in an armbar.

"You mean the tomb of Ebonique?" Max groaned as Lara poured more pressure in her armbar. "You do realise that its a myth"

"Then..." Max kipped up to his feet, still stuck in Lara's armbar and lifted her body off the ground showcasing immense power.

"Why are you here?"

He threw Lara into the tree, grinning as he watched her body hit the trunk sideways. Her back bore the brunt of the impact and then her cheek hit the dirt. Max wasted no time in straddling her back and putting Lara in a camel clutch, pulling at her chin to bend her back.

"Ufff...impressive...Max!" grunted Lara as Max poured more pressure into the hold.

"Tell me..." Max lowered his head to meet Lara's.

"Where is the entrance?"

To his shock, Lara began to stand bearing his weight on her back. He quickly shifted to a choke and body scissors but Lara just backpedalled into the tree. Max's back hit the trunk with a sickening thud and he fell to his ass. Wasting no time, Lara flipped around and kneed him hard in the nose, bloodying his nostrils.

Max caught Lara's leg as she attempted to kick him on the cheek and pushed her away. He expected her to stumble as he got up for his strike but Lara gracefully spun on one leg and kicked him on the cheek. Max fell to the ground and rolled away to avoid a stomp.

He grabbed Lara's leg and tried to trip her but she flipped in the air and recovered, landing on her feet. Max got up slowly, wiping the blood from his nostrils. He gave her a silent nod of acknowledgment. Lara smiled and nodded back.

"Indulge my curiosity Max, why do you seek the tomb?" Lara evaded his outstretched fist as she spoke, rolling along gracefully along the length of his arm and clocking him to the side of the head with a fierce elbow. The brute staggered back with a cry of pain.

Lara rushed in aiming a kick at his sides but Max caught her leg and pulled her in. Lara's head whipped left and right in accordance with the punches that bruised her cheeks.

"Same reason as you," Max flipped her around and picked her up overhead.


He flung her to the ground and Lara's chest hit the dirt with a dreary thud. She screamed as Max stomped her hard in the back and then her pain echoed through the forest as Max jumped up and rammed his elbow into her tailbone. Max got up and slammed his boot into the back of her head, burying her face into the wet soil. Max smiled as her limbs struck the ground in protest.

"Had enough?" He asked digging her face deeper into the dirt.

Lara's leg shot out behind her, catching the big brute on his chest and pushing him away. She rolled forward to avoid a stomp and got to her feet in time to block a fist aimed at her face. Lara struck with heavy strikes on his ribs and then pushed him away with a kick to the centre of his chest.

She smiled as she wiped the blood from the side of her lips and nodded. Max nodded back.

With a loud cry that filled the forest, the two rushed at each other, locking up in a test of strength.

Out of nowhere, a wooden spear landed between them, embedding itself in the soil.

"What the..." Max cried out, Lara was just as confused.

They looked up to see a tribal warrior on the tree branch. His ebony skin was covered in white tattoos from head to toe. He wore a mask that seemed to be made out of an tiger's head. He let out a call and soon more warriors emerged from the clearing, rushing at Max and Lara.

"Temporary truce?" smiled Lara and Max nodded. They pulled out their guns and stood back to back, preparing for the onslaught.
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Default Re: Lara Croft: The tomb of Ebonique

They came like waves crashing on the shore, out of every clearing and from behind every tree. Lara and Max gunned them down.

Gunfire rang out through the jungle and bullets chewed through flesh and bone. The tribal men and women fell at their feet. Lara and Max stood back to back, covering each other's reloads and moving around in a circle to cover their periphery. They reloaded their guns one last time and the last wave fell.

"Not bad," quipped Lara. "But I do think I got more"

"You wish," replied Max. "You can't count the bodies laying by my feet!"

"What do you suppose we should do with him?"

Lara pointed to the man on the tree branch. Max studied him carefully. His ebony skin was covered with ash-coloured tattoos from head to toe. A skull was painted over his face and he wore the snout of a tiger on his bald head. He stood eerily still and that's when they noticed his eyes.

They were deathly white and cold. A tiger's claw pierced his lips shut.

"I think asking for directions is out of the question!" Max cocked his shotgun. Lara readied her pistols.

The tribal began banging the base of his spear in the tree branch. He did it in a peculiar rhythm, loud enough for the sound to echo.

Lara and Max felt the ground tremble.

"I have a bad feeling about this!" said Max and fired his shotgun. The pellets tore the tribal' s skin apart and he fell from the tree branch. The minute his body hit the ground, the entire jungle shook.

"Earthquake?" enquired Max.

"No," said Lara looking dead straight. "Something much worse!"

She saw the trees start to fall in the distance, toppling over like dominoes. It was a herd of elephants and they were going to be in the middle of a stampede very soon.

"Run!" said Lara. Max did not hesitate.

Lara clambered up a tree as quickly as she could and swung from one branch to the next. Max ran below.

The elephants tore through the jungle, their grey skin was covered in tattoos much like the men and women who rode them. Ornaments adorned their hooves and tusks.

Lara moved quickly, jumping from one tree to the next, using the branches like bars to vault herself from one to the other. Max wasn't quite as graceful, he ran like a bull in a China shop, preferring to power his way through forest.

Eventually, he stumbled and fell, right in the path of an oncoming elephant.

Every last nerve flared up on Lara's body, her brain sending her clear signals to just leave him there and move on. Then she remembered she was the one who called the truce and cursed herself. She dove towards him, taking a leap of faith off a branch and catching one inches above her target.

Max looked up to see her standing above him with an outstretched arm. He took her hand and Lara threw him into the clearing. Unfortunately, she had wasted too much time getting to him. The elephant was nearly upon her, there was nothing that she could do now.

Thinking fast, Max fired his shotgun in the air and frightened the animal. In it's confusion and fear, it threw the tribal perched atop his head to his death and grabbed Lara by the trunk. Max jumped out with a knife and stabbed him in the head and the elephant threw Lara halfway across the jungle.

She landed next to a tree some distance away, hitting her head on the rocks and passing out. With his knife embedded into the animal's skull, Max anchored himself and jumped to a nearby branch, almost falling in the process but clambering up and jumping forward before the elephant destroyed the branch.

He jumped to the ground and ran towards Lara, grabbing her leg and pulling her into the clearing before the tribe saw her unconscious body.

A few hours later...

The flame from the bonfire swayed in the soft breeze flowing through the dark cave. The light lit up Max's face as he cooked. He was making a stew from a collection of herbs and plants he had gathered through the jungle.

He smiled as he heard a familiar 'click'. It was Lara turning the safety off on her pistols.

"Up at last," He grumbled. Max poured his concoction into a bowl made from a coconut husk. He looked back to see Lara sitting up on the straw bed he had made, her bare body covered by a blanket strewn from plant and cloth he had salvaged. Lara's arm was outstretched, her pistol at the ready and her fingers eager to fire. Her other hand was busy holding the blanket close to her chest.

"Where are my clothes?" She asked.

Max pointed to a wooden stick in the distance, a makeshift stand that housed her wet clothes.

"Had to drag you through water and mud, this was the only way to ensure you didn't catch anything!"

Max walked closer, holding out the concoction in front of Lara's face.

"Drink up, It will make you feel better..."

Lara hesitated, she did not bring the gun down. She kept it aimed at his head.

"Trust me..." said Max, handing the concoction over to Lara. She took it timidly and looked down at the mixture of herbs and plants for brief second. That was all the time Max needed. He whipped the pistol out of her hand and put his knife to her throat.

"If I wanted you dead, you'd already be!"

Lara's eyes went wide as he smiled. Max removed the knife from her throat and walked back to the bonfire.

"How long was I out?" Lara inquired. She smelled the concoction, it had a foul scent.

"And what is in this god forsaken mixture? It smells positively fetid"

Max laughed. He saw her take a sip of the concoction and nearly belch.

"The usual stuff...blueberry, lemons, comfrey...bat piss..."

Lara spat the mixture out of her mouth and Max's laughter echoed through the dark cave.

"Relax and just drink it, I promise it will be good for the headache"

That's when Lara remembered her horrible fall, she felt the makeshift bandage on her forehead made of old cloth and yarrow. Despite her initial resistance, she had to admit that the concoction was working in making the pain go away.

"Why didn't you just leave me there?," asked Lara. "It would have been much easier to find what you are looking for without me hounding you"

"Don't mistake my hospitality for friendship miss Croft!" barked Max.

"After this is over, we go our separate ways. You saved my life and I saved yours, I guess we can call it even now!"

Max walked towards Lara and held out his hand. Lara took it and was pulled to her feet. The blanket that draped her bare body fell to the ground and Max ogled every part of it.

"Enjoying the view?" Lara smirked.

"You do keep yourself in shape," Max retorted.

"Comes with the job, best gym plan ever!"

Both of them laughed.

Lara picked up her clothes from the makeshift rack and got dressed.

"I say we keep our truce till we find the prize" Lara checked the magazine on her pistols and holstered them.

"Then what?" Max cocked his shotgun and hung it on his back.

"Then..." Lara walked towards him till they stood chest to chest.

"Your fists against mine!"

Max smiled.

"Sounds like a plan!"
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Default Re: Lara Croft: The tomb of Ebonique

Lara had found a worthy foe. I wait they clobber each other in the worse way and Lara take a serious beating before the lady beat senseles the rascal and take him as trophy to screw him.
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Default Re: Lara Croft: The tomb of Ebonique

The drums echoed like a steady heartbeat and the spears joined them in a cacophony of rhythmic percussion that filled the cave. The Shaman stood in the centre, basking in the glow of the torches that lit up his face. Around him, men and women kneeled and let loose a throaty chant that bounced around the walls.

Soon the elders of the tribe joined in. Slowly walking towards the Shaman as men and women banged the base of their spears into the ground. The drums increased in intensity, the rhythm of the heartbeat now faster as one of the elders broke away and walked towards the Shaman.

He carried a bowl in one hand and a headdress made of a tiger snout in the other. The Shaman bowed to the elder as he placed the snout on his head. He painted a skull on his face and asked him to stand up. The spears and drums increased in intensity once again as the elder took out a tiger claw from the bowl and in one swift motion pierced the Shaman's lips shut.

His eyes went wide as pain racked his body and a scream died in his throat.

Lara studied Max as he carved through the vines using his knife. She took note of his bull headedness and his singular focus on the task. His hands worked like a machine chopping away at their targets with no emotion, just precise, minimal movements. Despite his strength, he took care in what he did and even a menial task like cutting vines was done with just the right amount of power required.

Lara followed silently and thought about the inevitable fight that she would have to indulge in to procure her prize. It would be best if she found a way to get rid of him before they ever got to that stage.

Much like Lara, Max studied her too. He had watched her athleticism and deceptive power in the way she swooped down to rescue him, grabbing a man of his size was no easy task and yet she had held her own in the little fight that they had.

He too thought it best to dispose of her before they got to the relic.

The uneasy truce was marred with silence. The two of them barely spoke. Max wasn't much of a talker anyway, his life as a mercenary had been an unforgiving one and he had a scar on his eye to remind him to be wary of trust. He had made that mistake once.

Lara was a loner, chasing relics for sport and her collection. Nothing else in the world seemed to matter, not friends, not enemies and definitely not the consequences of her actions. She was at peace in old tombs and discarded ruins. Humans didn't interest her as much.

Soon, they arrived at the spot where the tribe had ambushed them. The elephant stampede had left destruction in its wake, trees broken and bent, and the soil covered in hoof marks. The beasts had trampled everything in their path.

"I really don't understand why we needed to come back here," grumbled Max, keeping his shotgun at the ready just in case there were any nasty surprises. Lara's hand hovered over her pistols.

"Simple..." Lara quipped with a smile. "Whatever lies beyond this path, they saw fit to protect with a herd of elephants. Which must mean it is something worth keeping a secret"

Max nodded but his eyes were fixed on the lone spider that slowly made its way down above Lara's head. He recognised it immediately.

The Brazilian wandering spider, small, venomous and untraceable. His hand reached for his knife but his mind stayed his motion. For a moment, he wondered if he should let it bite. Max remembered the books he had read, 14 people had died because of the small animal's deadly bite. It was a cruel death, inflammation, extreme pain and loss of muscle control. He would also have one less problem to deal with when he found the tomb.

"Max?" said Lara. He snapped out of it. As much as he wanted her dead, he had to admit that they would reach the relic faster if they worked together. With a heavy heart and a sigh, he rushed towards Lara with knife in hand.

Startled, Lara pulled out her guns training them on his head as his Knife nearly plunged into the top of her head. She almost fired but then saw Max's grin. She looked at the knife to see the spider taking its last breath on his blade.

"Wandering Spider..." smiled Max as Lara put away her guns.

"Potent bite and extremely..."

"Venomous," Lara continued to his surprise. "Slow, painful death. Guess I owe you an apology!"

"None required, I would rather beat you with my own hands than rely on small things!"

"We'll see about that when the time comes..." Lara retorted with a smile. Max shook the spider away and continued ahead.

In the distance, a faint sound rose from behind the trees. Lara and Max followed it. As they got closer, an unmissable rhythm accompanied it and it grew louder and louder till it was clear that it was some sort of percussion, drums echoing with a steady beat.

The trail led them to a cave, a crude structure made from stone and wood.

"How much do you want to bet that the whole place is rigged with booby traps?," Max blurted out and grabbed the shotgun hanging on his back.

"I agree," said Lara, checking her pistols. "No one roles out a welcome mat unless they think you will fall for it"

They wandered in, weapons at the ready. Lara headed out in front, cracking open a blue glowstick and tying it to her waist. A cool breeze drifted across the old ruin and on the walls were crude paintings and old statues littered the ground.

"What is this place?" said Max in awe of what surrounded him.

"We are close to the tomb of Ebonique, the goddess that sacrificed herself for the universe"

"Say what?" blurted out Max.

"It's an old legend," Lara pointed to one of the old paintings on the wall.

"When the world was born, the sun and the moon were chosen as its guardians. The moon kept an eye to skies and the sun warded off darkness on the world below."

"Umm..okay! So another creation myth"

"Not exactly, this legend assumes that the earth was already created. Anyway, a threat emerged from across the stars and tried to swallow the planet whole..."

"You mean like a black hole?" said Max and quickly quietened down when Lara sighed and nodded her head.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted..." Lara sighed and looked at Max who shrugged.

"The sun and The moon combined their powers to create the goddess Ebonique and she agreed to let herself be eaten in exchange of the earth's survival. Yada...yada...she dies but the power she leaves behind is turned into an amulet that falls on earth..."

"The amulet of Kanhun?"

Lara nodded in the affirmative.

"Since then the amulet has been guarded over by a tribe called the eyes of judgement. The legend says they will do anything in their power to protect it from others"

"So the tribe we ran into before, they are these judgement blokes?"

"Hard to say but they do bear all the markings. The white tattoos, the skull on the face, even the tiger claw that seals their lips shut so they can't tell anyone about what they protect!"

"Grim if you ask me," Max shrugged. "I would rather just keep a cyanide pill or something!"

"Says the man with a large scar across his eye"

Max's expression changed and it was clear to Lara that she had struck a nerve. She had deduced earlier that the scar he carried was a reminder of something, especially in age of cosmetic enhancements. She probed further.

"What's the deal with that anyway?" She inquired as they made their way through a long passageway.

"Rather not talk about it, thank you..." The way he dismissed the notion only made her want to poke it further. Given his strength, she would need every advantage she could get, even a mental one if it meant his swift downfall.

"Come on, at least give me the cliff notes."

Max groaned but gave in.

"If you must know, it was a woman. A woman I knew intimately for a little while before she turned yellow and tried to kill me...this scar is a reminder that I cannot trust anyone," He said fuming.

"And what did you do to this...woman?"

"What do you think?"

Lara and Max exchanged a cold stare.

They proceeded down the passageway till a flickering torch caught their eye. Two tribal's guarded a large arch and they stood at either side with a torch in hand.

"Take the one on the left?" Lara asked Max and he nodded.

Before the guards knew what hit them, Lara and Max rushed out from their hiding spot. Max stabbed his target in the throat and Lara jumped up and cracked the man's neck between her thighs. They smiled at a job well done.
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Default Re: Lara Croft: The tomb of Ebonique

The entrance gave way to a vast interconnected labyrinth of caverns brimming with life. Men and women of the tribe had made it their home. Small chambers and big stretched out as far as Lara and Max could see. Angular rocks with sharp edges jutted out from the ceilings like a dragon's teeth. The entire space was lit by torches and the jagged walls housed intricate paintings and murals with the history of Ebonique.

"It seems we have stumbled onto an organised society of troglodytes!" said Lara.

"Trola-what now?" said Max bewildered.

"Cave people," smiled Lara and readied her pistols.

They sneaked their way around the cavern, observing the people as they went about their daily lives. What struck Max and Lara's curiosity was not all of them appeared to be hostile. There seemed to be clear divide between the warriors and the rest of the society. Not everyone seemed to be fond of The Eyes of Judgement.

Max and Lara witnessed a young couple being dragged into the centre of cavern.

"They don't seem to have their lips pierced or those weird tattoos," said Max, pointing towards them.

"Maybe not all of them are warriors, some just want to live their lives normally"

"You call this normal?" shrugged Max. Lara hushed him.

The young couple was dragged screaming and hissing to an elder who sat on a wooden throne. The rest of the tribe had assembled to witness the proceedings. The young woman screamed as her lover was pried from her and taken to the elder. She cried as he was made to kneel.

"What is going in?" asked Max.

"Looks like punishment as far as I can tell. Maybe they committed a crime?" replied Lara.

The man hissed and screamed his discontent at being made to kneel. He was beaten down when he attempted to jump at the throne, the large guards taking pleasure in inflicting a cruel pummelling. He was left battered and bloodied at the Elder's feet, his body broken but his eyes still filled with rage.

He clawed at the Elder's feet as he walked towards him.

The Elder smiled and held out his hand, only for the man to spit on his palm. Enraged, the Elder pulled out a knife tucked away within his ceremonial robe and stabbed him in the throat.

The young girl cried and cursed him as she watched his lover die but her cries fell on deaf ears and the tribe that was gathered around them lowered their heads in shame. One of the guards grabbed her hair and threw her at the Elder's feet.

He pointed to a circular sand pit some feet away and the young girl was led by her long hair and thrown in. The Elder then signalled for her opponent. His large shadow loomed over her body and the other tribes folk looked away as he pulled her up.

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Lara and Max watched as the large male had fun throwing the young girl around in the pit, mocking her strength. She remained defiant but that could only get her so far. Eventually, she succumbed to a telling blow that floored her to the ground and her conqueror raised his arms in victory.

"What happened exactly...just now?"

"Hard to say but judging by the way the Elder is ordering his men to take the girl towards a chamber makes me think she was a claimed as a prize," Lara replied to a confused Max.

"So they make the women fight their potential suitors?"

"Not just the women," Lara pointed to a man who was now thrown into the pit and a woman now eyed him with salivating eyes.

"So the people are sex slaves?" enquired Max.

"Seems that way, they are used to satiate the judgement's needs and if you go against the grain...well..." Lara pointed to the man lying dead on the floor.

"What's the plan then?"

Lara smiled and pointed to the unconscious woman being taken to her victor's chambers.


The young girl cried as she was tied to the bed. The guards stripped off what little she wore, leaving her bare body in sight for their lust filled eyes. It was tradition among the warriors to sample a portion of the offering made to the victor and they licked their lips, ready to indulge in the fruit.

The girl closed her eyes. Her mind was blank, still reeling from the death of her lover and now she cursed the men that would have their way with her. She gave in to her fate.

For moments, it seemed like nothing happened. She opened her eyes and nearly screamed in shock when she saw a blade sticking out from one of the guards throat. The other one lay on the floor, already dead. Lara rushed and quietened her scream with a hand over her mouth, shushing her down.

Max cut off the young woman's binds and she cowered in fear, placing her back to the wall. Lara calmed her down with a gentle grasp of her shoulder and she relaxed.

"B-Bala Koon?" She asked.

"What did she say?" asked Max.

"Beats me!" Lara shrugged.

"Bala Koon..." She pointed to her wardrobe on the floor. Lara picked it up.

The young girl grabbed her hand when Lara attempted to give her back the wardrobe.

"I think she wants me to wear it?"

The young girl nodded when Lara pointed towards herself.

"Huh?" said Max. "Why?"

Lara looked at the wardrobe. The small thong and shoes were different from the others, they appeared more elegantly made, so did the shoes and armbands.

"Bala Koon" She said again and Lara nodded.

"It appears to be some sort of traditional battle outfit, one that was made for a princess or other higher ranking females in the tribe," Max just looked at Lara, confused.

"So what she wants you to be their saviour?"

"No, she wants me to fight the brute to save her from this fate," Lara spoke calmly.

"That's rich!," Max laughed. "We barely even know her and she wants to put us in danger!"

"Perhaps..." said Lara with a raised eyebrow. "If I were to play along, it would give you time to look around and see if you could find the tomb?"

"You do realise that if you loose, it will be you in place of this failed warrior here right? To be entertainment for the men?"

"Not something I am comfortable with but a risk I am willing to take!" Lara disrobed and soon she stood topless, the rest of her bare muscular body encased only in a tiny thong and some shoes. Max threw his hands up in the air as Lara put the armbands on.

Lara looked at the young girl again.

"If I do this for you," Lara pointed to herself. "Will you show us where she is?"

The young girl traced Lara's finger that pointed to a painting on the wall. The image of the tomb of Ebonique. The girl nodded.

"Unbelievable!" said Max. "And what I going to do?"

Lara smiled. She pointed at one of the dead guards and the small loin cloth that he wore.

"No way!" Max shook his head.

"I am the one who has her breasts out for everyone to see," Lara quipped with crossed arms. "You are going to fit right in!"

Max and Lara stashed their weapons and headed outside with the young girl.


The tribe gasped, shocked to see the return of their princess and with a new girl at her side.

"Bala Koon!" She shouted as the other tribe members tried to quiet her down. It did not work. It did not take long for the Elder to take notice of the commotion and he headed in Lara's direction with a kip in his feet. He raised his arm to slap her but Lara held his hand, drawing shocked gasps from the tribe gathered around them.

"I have a bad feeling about this!" whispered Max to himself as he watched Lara and the Elder engage in a stare down.

Now beside himself with rage, he order for his champion in the pit to step forward. A large brute named Chaksa stepped forth into the pit. It was the same man that had faced the young princess before.

Lara looked to the princess and pointed at Max. She nodded and led him by the hand somewhere within the caves.

"Right..." said Lara taking a deep breath and looking at her large opponent.

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"This shouldn't be too hard!" said Lara giving herself a pep talk, she looked back to see the princess and Max disappearing within one of the chambers. Unfortunately, their movements had caught the gaze of a female shaman who now followed them.

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Lara thought about warning Max but decided against it. If the woman could get rid of him, it would be one less thing to worry about. The princess would still be around and all she would need to do would be to asked to guide her again.

Lara's thoughts were cut short by a punch that landed on her cheek. Time slowed down for Lara as she felt her body float through the air. She saw Max and the princess make their way into the chamber. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a the female shaman thread through the crowd and follow them in.

Lara felt Chaksa's foot stomp her hard on her stomach and sat up from the impact. He followed up with a hard knee to her face, knocking her head back. Lara felt a small trail of blood sprout from her lips as she fell to her back.

Lara shook her head and slowly got up to her feet in an unsteady fighting stance. Unsteady enough for Chaksa to nail her with a hard kick to her stomach.

"Ungh!," She winced and went down to her knees, holding her abs.

Chaksa nailed her with another hard kick that flipped her over and a hard stomp that left his footmarks over her six-pack. In her mind, Lara ran through the possibility of the female Shaman losing to Max, spoiling her plans and didn't want to think about it.

Max followed the princess into the chamber that led to a series of Catacombs. He watched the princess glide gracefully as she showed him the way but then his mind began to wander. He wondered if he should simply kill her once she showed him the tomb. It would be an easy solution, kill her, take the amulet and leave Lara to get fucked by the large warrior.

Unknown to him, the female Shaman followed behind them. Max stood still, startling the young princess. He reached for his shotgun before remembering that he had stashed it back in the princess' chamber. He cursed himself and listened.

He could hear the rustling as light as day, the shuffle of someone's feet behind them. He pretended to bend down to pick something up and that's when she leapt out of the shadows with a spear in hand. The princess screamed as the Shaman pinned Max to the ground. Her spear hovering above his eye.

At the pit, Chaksa straddled Lara's stomach and picked her head up towards him by her hair, smashing a hard fist into her jaw. He punched her hard in the stomach and as Lara instinctively sat up, punched her face again. She felt a small trail of blood running down her nostrils. He sat her topless form up and kicked Lara hard in her toned back.

She winced and rolled over to her knees only to eat a kick at the side of her stomach.

Lara shook her head and slowly got to her feet but Chaksa was relentless. He gave her no reprieve and buried a fist deep into her stomach, bending her over. Chaksa wrapped his arms around Lara's waist, lifting her up to a sitting position.

Her feet dangled over Chaksa's muscular back a second before he power bombed her to the floor. Her body sat up on impact, only to be met with a hard knee to the chest that knocked her back down again. Lara lay there coughing, the wind knocked out her chest and stinging pain in her back.

Lara wobbled to her knees. The Elder that sat on the throne laughed as Chaksa picked her up and began compressing her spine with a bearhug. As pain shot through her body, her thoughts drifted to the Shaman warrior. Lara hoped Max would be dead by now. She just needed to get back into the fight with Chaksa and the amulet would be her's for the taking.

At the Catacombs, Max fought hard to keep the spear from piercing his eye, he punched the Shaman hard in her sides and threw her off him. As he tried to rush her, A kick to the side of the head sent him flying into the wall, colliding sideways and falling on his face.

As he got to his knees, the Shaman kicked him hard in his sides, flipping him over to his back.

The princess jumped on her back, attempting to hold her down but the large woman simply grabbed her hair and flung her into wall, knocking her out.

She stomped Max hard in the stomach and growled like an animal as he sat on his knees, hunched over. The Shaman plonked herself down next to his head and wrapped her thighs around over his cranium. Max's hands clawed at her thighs, as she squeezed him.

The Shaman held her legs straight as an arrow, her ankles hovering over Max's chest. Her thighs squeezed him hard as Max fruitlessly pried at her legs.

"Ungh!...No!...Ungh!..." Max groaned as he felt his noggin compress like a melon.

Back in the pit, Chaksa smashed his large forehead into Lara's chest, as she wheezed and slumped over his shoulder. He squeezed her hard in the bear hug, putting pressure on her waist.

"Unghh...!" She winced after a particularly nasty crank.

With a nasty smile, he slammed her crotch first on the tip of his knee.

"Ungh...fu...!" Lara grunted holding on to her jewels.

Slipping his knee out from under her, Chaksa laughed as Lara held her pose for a while before a push from his finger sent her face first to the floor.Lara lay there ass up and face down as Cage kicked her hard between the legs again.

"Awww...Fuck!..." Lara winced as she jumped to her back, jamming her hands between her legs, hoping it will soothe some of the discomfort.

He smiled as he grabbed Lara's ponytail and pulled her up to her feet. He punched her hard in the back and watched as she fell to her knees again.

The Shaman let go of Max and motioned for him to be on his feet, she had decided she would have some fun with her prey before she drove a spear through his heart. Max got up unsteady and with his noggin ringing.

The female Shaman stood there with her hands on her hips, smiling, waiting for him to make the first move. Max realized he didn't have a choice. Letting out a war cry, he rushed towards her swinging wild punches that she easily ducked or avoided.

She caught one of his arms midway through a punch, jumping up and wrapping her ankles around his socket. With her hands, The Shaman pulled his towards her chest as her thighs settled in just above the elbow.

She fell to the ground with him in tow, locked in a arm scissor.

Max screamed as pain seared through his arm.

"What the hell!...Lady!..." He whimpered.

"Don't make me mad!," Max shouted to at least show a hint of defiance.

The Shaman grabbed his hair and pulled him closer. She removed her thighs from his arm and wrapped it around his waist. The Shaman squeezed hard as Max growled in pain, the noise dulling his screams.

"Benta Puku (Cry bitch!)" She whispered in his ear as she locked her legs around his waist from behind him. Resting her palms on the floor, she planked her body up on the strength of her toned arms as she squeezed hard.

"Uggggh!..." Max growled as his vision faded. He felt her strong bicep curl around his throat, wrapping in a sleeper hold. The pain from his waist shot up and mixed with the pain in his neck as Max felt the dark envelop him.

Chaksa smiled at the sight of Lara on her knees. His mind already racing to the bed, imagining the things he was going to do to her. He drove a hard fist into her sides, flipping her over.

"Ungh!" grunted Lara as a stomp found its mark.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her up to seating position, kneeling down next to her, Chaksa directed Lara's eyes to the chamber with the big bed and raised her up to her feet.

He punched her hard again and again on her stomach, forcing Lara to stare at the bed.

Lara's mind raced, had she really bitten off more than she could chew with Chaksa? Would she really be his entertainment for the night? and most importantly, was the amulet already in Max's possession?

Lara dug deep within her heart, absorbing the blows to her stomach, concentrating, gathering strength.

Letting out a war cry, she blocked one of Chaksa's punches and smashed him in the jaw with one of her own. She fell to her knees, winded by the assault on her belly and watched as Chaksa stood there angry, shaking his cobwebs off.

He rushed at her with an electric combination of punches and watched in disbelief as Lara ducked and weaved under all of them.

Her legs moved with grace as she sidestepped and then replied with a hard punch to Chaksa's nose, bloodying it more. Another punch above his eye, cut a small gash open and yet another bruised his cheek.

Chaksa watched as Lara's hands turn into a blur, striking at every part of his body. She had conserved some strength to use in a pinch and boy was this a good time. She began smashing Chaksa's body with punches and kicks all over.

Lara was shocked to see him still standing, his body a mess of cuts and bruises, somehow still holding on.

At the Catacombs, The Shaman let go of a hapless Max and stood up. She flipped him over to his back and placed her foot on his throat. His limbs thrashed against the ground as The Shaman squeezed his wind-pipe. The darkness called out to Max and he could feel his life fade. Then he heard the princess' cry.

The Shaman's spear pierced her heart and she looked back to see the princess holding on to it. She pushed her away and attempted to take the spear out but Max got up grabbed the tip. He pushed her into the wall and plunged it deep within her heart. She took sharp quick breaths before her rhythm slowed down and she faded away. Max fell to the ground, exhausted. He looked up to see the Princess smile and hold out her hand, the girl he had looked to kill had just saved his life.

Back at the Pit, Chaksa fell to his knees and The Elder got up on his feet. Lara's knee crashed into his nose and broke it and he finally fell unconscious. The Elder screamed in rage and ordered his men to grab Lara but the rest of the tribe jumped into the pit to protect her. The people now saw her as their saviour.

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Default Re: Lara Croft: The tomb of Ebonique

A large brawl erupted in the pit. It was the slaves against the warriors of judgement and it was chaos. Bodies were battered and flung, the slaves had the numbers but the warriors had the skills. After the dust settled down from the intense scrimmage, it was Lara standing alone. She faced four of the warriors left.

"Kek Too Murada! (Beat the shit out of her!)," screamed the elder and the four tribal men rushed her position. Lara moved with grace, jumping over an attempted tackle and then kicking another man as he ran towards her. He fell with a busted nose and his friend didn't do any better. Lara swiveled on the balls of her feet, her leg crashing into the side of his face with thunderous impact.

Lara's outstretched leg immediately curved backwards to catch the man moving behind her but she couldn't defend against the attack from her front. A hard fist crashed into her cheek. Dazed, she stumbled into the arms of the man behind her and he gave her a matching bruise on the opposite cheek.

"Ungh!" She cried as a knee collided into the small of her back and then screamed as a fist crashed into her stomach from the front. Lara bent over and an elbow to her back sent her down to one knee. The heel of a tribal smashed into her chin and sprang her head up sending spit and blood through the air.

Lara blocked another attempted kick to her face and rammed her fist into the tribal's hamstring. He cried in pain and she hung on to his leg, pulling him closer. Lara punched him in the stomach and quickly turned around with him in tow to block a kick from behind her using the back of his head. She then smashed it into the face of the startled man who had just knocked his friend out.

Two of the four now fell and the remaining men rushed Lara together. She ducked and weaved under a flurry of strikes, until one punch got through and smashed into her left breast.

"AAAHHHHH!" She yelled as his friend punched the other breast.

A trail of blood flew from her mouth and her head waltzed left and right from the impact of hard fists to her face.

She blocked a knee to her abs and instead changed its trajectory to head in the direction of his friend. The tip of his knee crashed into the tribal's nose and knocked him out cold. Lara's leg shot straight up and her feet smacked into his chin and on the way down, the back of her foot slammed into the back of his head, knocking him out.

The four warriors had fallen, now all that was left was to take care of the elder.

He sat cold and still on his throne, with a deathly stare aimed straight at Lara. Their eyes met and spoke in a language that did not need words to infer its meaning. Lara's eyes drifted to his neck, it was as clear as day. She had first laid eyes on it, the moment she saw him. He was wearing the amulet of Kanhun.

Her plan was simple, get close to the elder by any means necessary. The princess had provided the perfect opportunity to send Max on a wild goose chase and the wardrobe had been the perfect distraction to get close to the old man. The female Shaman had been the bonus, even if Max survived, he was likely deep into the catacombs. She had not factored in the slave uprising but now that his warriors were out cold, the only thing that stood in her way was an old man.

"Tera No Ka Zul," muttered Lara, surprising the old man.

"So you do speak out tongue," He replied in the ancient language.

"I speak many tongues, your dialect isn't any harder than other I have come across!" She smiled.

"Secrets upon secrets, you are a Pandora's box aren't you?" quipped the old man as he stood up.

"I would love to see what your friend thinks of this"

"He is probably dead or very deep into the catacombs by now, that...is where you are keeping her tomb right?" Lara crossed her arms on her chest.

"My, my what a sly little fox you are! The kind that betrays its own to seek power" The elder's eyes gleamed red.

"He is not my friend or one of my own, the amulet you wear on the other hand..."

The Elder's laugh echoed through the cave. In one smooth motion, he ripped his robe off and Lara's jaw dropped to the floor. Beneath his robes, his body was ripped from head to toe. His ebony skin glistened under the dim light of the torches and his muscles were tensed. His chest was broad and his biceps huge.

"Come, try and take it..." He motioned towards Lara. "And let me show you the meaning of pain!"

Deep within the catacombs, Max Rage was living up to his name. He was livid.

"EMPTY! HOW THE FUCK IS IT EMPTY?" He screamed, sending the young princess cowering in the corner.

He rushed towards her with a fist and she covered up.

"WHERE IS IT? WHERE THE FUCK IS THE AMULET?" He pointed towards the empty stone casket. The one that supposedly held Ebonique. It was a barren stone husk.

The princess wept and cowered as Max's fist headed towards her face. Then he remembered. He remembered the spear that struck that heart of his would be killer and slammed it into the wall instead.

Max calmed himself and bent down to look at the princess. He pointed at the mural on the walls, showing her the amulet.

"The amulet do you know where it is?" He asked as calmly as possible. She nodded and his eyes perked up.

The Elder's eyes studied Lara's topless form. He studied her muscular body from head to toe and licked his lips. Lara rushed at him with a punch aimed at his face. He caught her fist in mid-air. Undeterred, she unleashed another punch, only for it to be caught again.

The elder grabbed both her arms and pulled her close, headbutting her nose as she stumbled forward. Blood ran down her nostrils as he sent a violent knee into her stomach and pushed her away. She stumbled back, unsteady on her feet and he rushed her down with a shoulder charge.

Lara's feet left the ground as The Elder picked her up and slammed her back into the sand. He straddled her chest, undoing his briefs and letting his long, thick member rest between her breasts. The next few moments were a blur of pain. He pounded her face with hard fists.

The strikes opened up a gash on her forehead, then gave her a black eye proceeded by a swollen cheek and a busted lip. The Elder grabbed Lara's hair and picked her head up.

"Do you even know of the power I wield?" He asked with a devious smile. Lara spit on his face.

"Enjoy it while it lasts scum!," She scowled. "I am going to take that amulet from you one way or the other"

The Elder laughed and pulled Lara to her feet. He began raining down agonizing blows on her stomach, bending her over again and again. Each fist bruised her skin, leaving its mark on her hard abs as Lara's muscles strained to absorb the blows.

Desperate, Lara pulled at his amulet, hoping that parting him with the mystical artifact will rid him of his strength. Unfortunately, it had embedded itself into the center of his chest, like a core.

"You know nothing of Ebonique!" screamed the Elder and whipped Lara's head to one side with a ferocious punch. She fell to her knees and the old man stomped her hard in the back. Lara's face hit the sand and the Elder placed his foot on her cheek.

"The amulet only chooses the worthy, you are barely fit to wear the bracelets you have on"

He stripped Lara completely nude and proceeded to beat her black and blue.

"I am going to kill that...BITCH!" growled Max as he rushed back towards the pit. He was furious and the princess did her best to keep up with him. He ran like a mad man till he reached his destination.

"LARA!" He screamed. "Where the FUCK..."

That's when Max heard it and turned around. Lara's back slammed into the sand, throwing up a whiff of dust. She was out cold. Her body looked like it had been put through hell.

Max saw the elder standing there, Lara's blood dripping from his knuckles and smiling. Then he saw the amulet. He rushed toward the Elder with a loud war cry. The old man knocked him out with a single punch to his face.
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