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Exclamation Mush Cat's Melee: You Vs Lizzy

Long time no see! Been really busy recently, but this is one of my longer and more weirder stories I've written.

It's winter break from college for both you and your childhood friend, Lizzy. You had so many plans to go out with other friends, but you woke up this morning shocked to find that you're are snowed in at home with Lizzy, who frequently stays the night over. Always helps being the childhood friend role when your parents know each other. As it just happens your parents are away on their own vacation get away. Lizzy of course gets bored rather quickly and decides to mess with you instead. She had a crush on you and already had your parents' permission to pursue you romantically. Any who, one thing leads to another and Lizzy rounds up challenging you to a one versus one in Mush Cat's Melee.

A couple matches of having her butt kicked by you starts to tick Lizzy off, so she decides to add an extra... spicy element to the showdown. The next match starts soon enough and as soon as you're about to win, Lizzy begins her phycological, physical, and seductive assault.

Lizzy kicks the controller out of your hands before you can perform the last move to KO her.

"Hey! That's cheating, why'd you kick the controller out of my hand."

"I didn't do anything!" She says defensively. "Just watch. I'll show you how it's done!"

She starts smashing random buttons on the controller. Her body gets closer and closer to yours, as you start to easily beat her in Mush Cat's Melee again. It's obvious Lizzy doesn't know how to play, but just before you send her character off the screen to win again, she rests her foot against your crotch with a light tap against your balls. You groan and she laughs. You look down at her foot on your lap and try to remove it while also trying to continue playing your game, but Lizzy holds onto it firmly, preventing you from moving your leg. She then places a hand on your face.

"If I'm not going to win, then neither are you," she tells you. "So let me show you what winning looks like."

Lizzy kisses you gently, then more insistently. Her lips linger on yours, tasting faintly of chocolate and vanilla ice cream as she continues kissing you blocking the tv from your sight, while she continues to play the game and has free rein to mercilessly kick your ass in the game. Her foot slides up your inner thigh and with one hand on the controller, she uses her other hand to find its' way between your legs and into your shorts. Lizzy teases your sensitive penis, massaging it softly. The sensation is too much for you to handle and you grab hold of her leg to try to push off her one last time expecting her to resist, but instead she pulls away, smiling mischievously. The damage was already done, she had won during the time she had distracted you. She takes her foot off your crotch and stands up.

"That's enough for today," she purrs, "I knew you would lose eventually if you were distracted."

"I wouldn't have lost if you hadn't been such a cheater."

"Oh? Then maybe next time, you shouldn't let your childhood friend wrap your limp dick around my fingers," she says teasingly.

You stare at her in shock and still are in shock over the fact she kissed you so forcefully and manhandled you, just so she could beat you in Mush Cat's Melee. Your mind wanders as she turns around with sensual grace, grabs something from the kitchen and heads back into her room. You can't help but stare at her cheeks hanging loose from her pink short shorts. A moment later she comes back into the living room wearing only her pink panties, bra, and a cute beanie, holding two large bags of ice. With a smile she walks slowly towards you with a naughty glint in her eye, stopping just a few inches away from your face.

"What are you doing! Walking out here naked like that in front of me?"

She shrugs and jokes, "It's a hot summer day. Just look at all that beach sand that holed us in this house. And I just wanted to feel comfortable while I beat your ass in Mush Cat's Melee."

She plops down next to you and grins knowingly as you can't but stare at her breasts jiggle with her every movement and then proceeds to drop a ice pack directly on top of your erection, causing you to gasp, as she giggles "Now then, I'll give you one last chance for a rematch against me. Let's see whether girls or boys are better at Mush Cat's Melee or not. Also, if you lose, you have to sleep in my room tonight and let me do whatever I want with you".

"What if I win though? What do I get out of this?"

She leans closer to you, her breasts almost touching your chest as she says "Then you can do whatever you want with me instead."

You gulp and look at the gamepad in your hand which she has dropped next to you, still frozen from her surprise attack earlier. You pick it up and hold it to the side so that she won't be able to kick it out your hand like last time.

Lizzy says "Good luck" and starts to pick her character. You're shocked when she chooses Legumin as her character and changes her character's outfit to a bikini with the special skill, "seduction explosion"!

"I thought you said no more distractions," you say, staring at the character select screen in disbelief.

"Well," she giggles, "this isn't really a distraction, it's more like a special power!"

She presses start and her character appears on the screen in a low cut bikini that does nothing to hide Legumin's sensual body, along with a red text that reads "Seduction Explosion": "A seductive aura emanates from your body, drawing everyone within a 100 radius to your direction. If you catch your enemy staring at her cleavage or butt too long, you earn the right to distract him in real life".

"Wait! What? I've never heard of such a skill before! That can't be real. How would the game know I'm staring at her body like that, and why do you get to distract me in real life as punishment? Your character is already distracting enough!"

She giggles. "The game knows I am attractive and you are a perv because I caught you looking at my ass earlier. It's all in good fun, so don't worry about it."

"How does it work?" you ask, pressing A and B and trying to make sure you doesn't get distracted by her character.

She laughs and performs a series of combos that make her character activate the "Seduction Explosion" skill. She looks at you with a smirk and says "You better not look at her boobs or it's game over for you".

Your heart beats fast and you try not to look at Legumin's bouncing breasts and her sexy butt whenever she moves, even though you know that she probably can't see you, but you can't yourself but gawk at her open mouthed, as she grabs your character's face and smothers him between her breasts. You smash all the buttons in an attempt to break your character free from Legumin's breast smother.

"Hey! Stop it!" you shout, but as soon as Legumin pulls your character into her chest once again, you are unable to think clearly anymore as your character feel the softness of her breasts against their cheeks and moans deeply into her cleavage, which in turn makes you sport an erection, that Lizzy easily notices it.

As soon as this happens, Legumin instantly KO's your character between her breasts and lets him fall limply to the ground and stands up, saying "I caught player 2 staring at my boobies! Now you get the distraction penalty!" She then points at you through the TV in your hand and sticks her tongue at you while cupping her boobies at you to hypnotize you.

Your eyes follow the movement of her breasts mesmerized to the TV until suddenly Lizzy whispers in your ear, "you were suppose to avoid looking at her boobs or I get to distract you in real life as well, remember? Now I get to activate the final phase of "Seduction Explosion" on you"

"But I didn't-" You start but she cuts you off by whispering in your ear once again, "It's okay, don't worry. Just let go of the controller and I'll take care of everything"

While your eyes are still glued to Lizzy's character Legumin's hypnotic boobs on the TV, you don't realize Lizzy remove the controller from your hand and then put a special glove around your hand. This glove makes the skin numb so that you are unable to move or resist. Then, while the screen shows the final scene of Legumin smothering your character to death, Lizzy also puts one hand under your chin and forces you to look directly at her cleavage, then the other arm wraps itself around your neck and shoves your face into her bosom.

From within the tv screen, you think you hear Legumin starts giggling, "finish him off player 1, and then I'll take over from here" as you struggle to breathe between Lizzy's tits.

"well you heard her bro. Night night" you hear her whisper as she slowly squeezes you to sleep with her breasts. You lose consciousness.

You slowly wake to see a cute girl with crimson eyes in a brown bikini towering over you with a foot on your crotch. "No, this can't be. Am I dreaming?" You think to yourself as you realize your now inside the video game.

"Ah, I see you've finally come to. Welcome to my dimension. My name is Legumin and I'm about to sexually and mentally dominate you for falling under my seduction when I used my special skill "Seduction Explosion". Now Lizzy is going to get to control me to do whatever she wants to you".

"I don't believe you, this has to be a dream. Last thing I remember I was just playing against my childhood friend and then -"

Legumin interrupts you, "And then I hypnotized you with my boobies through the tv, and Lizzy then gained the power to knock you out and send you into my world. You're now stuck in my video game, and Lizzy is about to gain control of me, since I was her character and then she'll be able to do whatever she wants with you. Just look over there and you'll see her." She points to the sky, and sure enough you can see Lizzy in her pink bra and panties sitting on the floor in your living room.

"How do I get back to my world?" You ask Legumin as you try to get up but she pushes her bare foot harder against your crotch.

"The only way you can return to your world is if you defeat me while Lizzy controls me. Until then, it looks like your body in the real world is Lizzy's cushion for her ass" Legumin points again to the sky. Sure enough I see my lifeless body pinned underneath my childhood friend's butt! You start screaming at Lizzy in the sky.

"There's no point in yelling at Lizzy. If I were her, it'd only make me want to smother your lifeless body with my crotch even more. Which, she can still use me to do to you right now! So, I wouldn't upset her too much more. If you want to get back and free yourself from Lizzy's ass, you have to beat me and she controls me." Legumin responds to your angry yell.

Lizzy grins at your situation through the other-side of the TV, "Oh man, you should see your face Mars. You know I'm gonna enjoy using your body as a cushion in real life while smothering you with Legumin's tits in the video game. If you surrender now, I'll let you beat Legumin and come back to your body in real life, but you have to promise to allow me to sit on you the rest of the night." She laughs hysterically.

"Shove it Lizzy! I'm not surrendering. I'm going to beat you controlling Legumin. Wake back up in real life, throw your ass off my face, and make you cook me home made lasagna as an apologize for what you're making me go through!"

Legumin whispers to you "You better hope Lizzy doesn't know how to use all my special combo skills. Otherwise, I'll be having sexually dominating you and making you pass out match after match and you'll never be able to escape this game and get back to your world. If I were you I'd apologize to her and take the surrender deal quick".

You ignore Legumin's advice and stare defiantly at Lizzy through the tv waiting for her response. Suddenly, Lizzy grins evilly at you through the tv, gets up off the ground, removes her panties, and sits back down on your lifeless body's face, "Oh wow. I love seeing your cute face buried deep between my butt cheeks. If only you would of surrendered to my nicely. Instead I'll get to dominate your lifeless body with my naked ass in real life, and dominate you with Legumin's cute butt in the video game for the rest of your life. Unless of course, you stand a chance of beating me, but we shall see. For now, let's start with match 1. Legumin, are you ready for me to take control of you and start the match, so I can kick Mars's ass?"

Legumin looks at you with pity, "I tried to warn you to surrender to Lizzy. Good luck beating me and escaping. I won't be able to talk to you or stop her once the match starts. It'll be her controlling my body with the controller. The only hint I can give you is to avoid my skill "Seduction Explosion" and to avoid letting me seduce you". Legumin removes her foot off your crotch allowing you to get into combat position, as she turns towards the sky to look at Lizzy through the tv, "Sure, I'm ready. Match begins in 3. 2. 1. Fight!"

Legumin disappears in a puff of smoke as soon as the match starts and suddenly your feel something rub against your crotch. "No way, Lizzy does know all of Legumin's special combo moves!" I begin to panic think in my head as my erection stiffens from the now Invisible Legumin rubbing against me.

"Ha! I knew you weren't expecting me to know all of Legumin's special moves!" Lizzy giggles with glee as continues to input more combos through the controller for Legumin to attack you with, "You're shocked huh. I saw your internet browser history one night and discovered that you love jacking off to lewd fan-art of Legumin online, so I thought, what better way to mentally and sexually dominate you, than beating you with the character you jack off to".

You start yelling at Lizzy, "You're insane! Why'd you even go through my browser history! You're supposed to be my childhood friend! Why did you trap me in the game and are smothering my real life body? You better hope I don't beat Legumin and escape, because I'm going to get revenge against you"!

You hear the invisible Legumin, start to cast another spell, but before you could react, you hear a loud click from Lizzy quickly inputting in the special combo and then your eyes roll back in your head as Lizzy makes Legumin knocks you out instantly by casting an explosion spell on your balls sending your HP pass zero and into the negative territory. Your video game's face falls comically into Legumin's breasts as the option appears for Lizzy to execute an "Erotic Fatality" on you. She wastes no time entering in the combo to activate it. You can almost see her licking her lips as she enters in all the commands.

"Oh my god, oh my god. This is sooo amazing! How does it feel to watch me smother your lifeless body with my nude ass at the same time that you're trapped in a game and about to get sexually dominated by the anime girl you jack off to?" Lizzy laughs as she finishes entering the combo to have Legumin perform the "Erotic Fatality" on you.

You can't believe she's actually doing this. The only thing you can do is lay there helpless and limp with your face between Legumin's boobs as you hear her start to chant her final spell that's a part of her "Erotic Fatality" combo. The next thing you know your vision goes white and you feel a tingly sensation throughout your body.

When your vision returns you find yourself shrunken and laying between Legumin's huge tits that now look like mountains to either side of you.

"What type of "Erotic Fatality" is this?! I've never seen this move before! What have you done to me?!"

Lizzy laughs hysterically, "I may have installed a mod to change Legumin's moves and combos just a bit in preparation for fighting and trapping you in the game. Never underestimate a cute tomboy childhood friend who wants to dominate and claim you as her crush."

She puts the controller down and lifts her nude ass off your real body, "And speaking of which", she says while looking down at her hand which is holding her bikini she had taken off earlier, "I'm going to take the opportunity to jack you off with these while your unconscious and trapped in the game. Enjoy Legumin's "Erotic Fatality". it doesn't look like you're going to be escaping the game this round" she teases.

For once, you're grateful your trapped in the game, because at least your trapped and shrunk between Legumin's boobies instead of being force to feel the pleasure of being milked by a pair of Lizzy's bikini bottoms. What did she even mean by 'claim you as her crush' anyway? Did she like you and if so why didn't she just tell you straight up instead of giving you a panic attack by trapping you in a video game?! Just how much of this and how long ago did Lizzy plan all of this? Did she control the weather too?

Speaking of which, you guess since Lizzy put down the controller that Legumin won't finish the "Erotic Fatality" on you, at least for now.

You realize that you might be able to free yourself from the game if you can figure out how to beat Legumin while Lizzy arrogantly put down the controller and is busy trying to milk you real body. You're still lying shrunk and helpless between Legumin's massive breasts, but you make your way up her left mountain towards her nipple in hopes of performing a string of your own character's combos in order to do enough damage against Legumin to win the game, escape the game, and then get revenge against Lizzy.

As you work your way up the mountain you notice that Lizzy is quickening her pace of strokes. You have to hurry and damage Legumin, before Lizzy realizes what you're doing and picks back up the controller to finish the "Erotic Fatality". As you reach her nipple, you use your "Limit Breaker: Ultimate Bonk Bonk" skill to slam your character's club into Legumin's nipple, scoring a critical hit against her. You see Legumin's health bar go down rapidly and then suddenly Legumin picks you back up between two of her fingers and mushes your entire body back between her cleavage.

"Shit, Lizzy must of noticed my plan" you think in anger to yourself as you look back at the sky to see what she doing in the real world. Sure enough she was sitting her ass back on your real body's face, but now with a sticky bikini bottom smooshed against your face now instead. Lizzy must of milked you off with her bikini bottom just to put back on her butt and sit on your face! She also had the controller in her hand with a big smirk on her face.

"Tsk tsk, I can't let you escape the game so easily Mars. It looks like you need a punishment not only from me," she emphasizes while grinding her bikini bottom against your real face, "but also from Legumin".

Then your game character starts shrinking again even smaller. You look back to see Lizzy smiling wickedly at you through the sky, with her ass still mashed down onto your face, as Legumin picks your tiny body out from her cleavage and then sets you on a large target circle before getting into a position that looks like she's about to jump and slam her ass into you.

"Wait wait wait wait wait. Please, MERCY. Not this!"

Legumin smiles at you while Lizzy controlling her character makes her say, "Oh, sorry little Mars. I thought you wanted me to crush you with my ass since you know, you jack off to fan art of me online all the time".

Lizzy giggles at this and teases you in your dire situation by pretending to eat a bag of popcorn. Then she mouths at you, 'Game Over', with a wink as she then presses the last few buttons needed to cause Legumin to defeat you via 'Erotic Fatality'.

You watch Legumin's ass fly towards your shrinking body. The last thing you remember is the soft and warm sensation of Legumin's ass cheeks smooshing your entire body like an insect being stepped on, as your video game body dissipates into mist.

"You Died. Game Over. Via 'Erotic Fatality' flashes across your vision as you groggily wake up again and notice a familiar sight and feeling on your groin. Legumin's foot is pressed against your crotch again pinning you to the ground. It appears your still stuck in the video game world.

You look up at Lizzy in the sky smirking down at you from the real world, "I guess it's a good thing I finished the 'Erotic Fatality' on your game body before you could get out of the game world and come try to beat me up. Now I can continue experimenting with different ways to pleasure you by doing whatever I want to your real body," she says as she presses her smooth soft tummy against your throbbing member.

She continues, "In the meantime, I guess I should give you a second chance to escape the video game. That is. unless you are willing to surrender to me finally and admit that me,a girl and your childhood friend, just got done dominating you sexually and mentally" smirking at you.

"Please don't do this to me! I'll admit that you won, but please stop this teasing and torture! Let me out of the game, I can't take this anymore" you plead as Lizzy rubs your real life dick between her tummy. She giggles at this as she presses down harder with her belly and then in one quick swoosh of her tummy to the right: you watch your real body shoot another load off.

Staring into your eyes through the tv, she bends over and seductively licks up your mess, "Now where were we, ahh yes, you were surrendering Mars?". Then she leans in closer to the controller mic and whispers at you through Legumin's voice in the video game, "Or should I say. You were going to beg me for release after I smothered you to death in the video game and then use my sexy ass to finish you off in real life? If you really think you can escape the video game and come here and save your precious cock from me." She laughs wickedly, "Then you better hope there is enough energy left in it after I am done milking you for everything I can get."

"I thought you said if I surrendered to you, you would let me escape the game!"

She grins at this as she puts her hand over the controller mic, "Oh right! That's true. But then what kind of fun would that be? I'd have to end up finishing you off anyway. Plus, seeing how turned on you get when killing you in a sexual way with Legumin, who's really being controlled by me, your childhood friend, is the hottest experience I've ever had. Like, imagine sporting an erection and cumming as your killed by a video game character being controlled by me. Hehe, this is like one of those erotic manga you keep underneath your bed - you're such a pervert. So no, your surrender only served humiliating yourself even further; however, you can still win if you defeat Legumin without her sexually finishing you off first" she winks.

Legumin looks at you with sadness, "I suggest you get in fighting position, Lizzy seems to know all my erotic combos and finishing moves. All I can do again is wish you luck".

Legumin stands over you with a serious expression on her face as Lizzy takes over her character. Before she backs up for the match to start, Lizzy makes Legumin grind her foot into your balls, before turning around and swaying her hips at you sensuously as she walks to the other corner of the game stage, turns around, and blows you kiss while bending over, giving you a sexy view of her chest.

The two of you look into each others eyes and lock gazes. You stare at Legumin, being controlled by Lizzy, with determination as you prepare yourself for another fight for your life. You take a deep breath. Legumin's boobies jiggle as she pounds her fist into the air and announces, "Match 2 begins in 3. 2. 1. Fight!"

The both of you charge forward at each other, Legumin moves faster than you. In mid-air, Legumin performs a 'Sexy Jumping Attack' that first distracts you with her knockers bouncing up and down and then while your gaze is locked to her hypnotic budding boobs, she grabs your crotch and throws you into the ground.

She follows up with a 'Reverse Aerial Attack' which sends you flying into the sky with wind magic where she does a spin kick into your groin that sends you back towards the ground with so much speed that you bounce back off the ground and towards Legumin.

That gives Lizzy the option to make Legumin execute another special sexy combo move: An 'Aerial Titty Slap' that sends your head and body flying backwards in slow motion, since the 'Aerial Titty Slap' charms your opponent with your breasts making them weakened and slower. As you fall, Lizzy makes Legumin perform another combo move: A 'Backwards Spinning Double Foot Kick' that sends you into a tailspin with enough force opening the option for her to input another special combo move for Legumin to perform on you, which is: A 'Side View Flying Double Foot Kick', sending you spiraling outwards from the attack in the same direction as the last "Backwards Spinning Double Foot Kick".

As you spin helplessly towards the ground unable to hit Legumin even once, Legumin performs yet another special combo move on you: A 'Frontward Spinning Triple Foot Kick' which sends you back and forth in mid-air until your head hits the ground. This combo ends with a final 'Atomic Butt Bomb Explosion', where Legumin jumps up and kicks her feet together so that her ass flies into your erection.

With that your health bar falls into the red territory. One more hit from Legumin and you'd lose the second match, but Lizzy knows this and wants to finish you off in as humiliating a way as possible, so she opts in for another 'Erotic Fatality' combo.

This time Lizzy makes Legumin executes an 'Erotic Fatality' combo called the 'Spinning Butt Blast Explosion', where her butt spins around her with such momentum that it slams into your crotch repeatedly, making you groan uncontrollably and writhe around in agony.

"Looks like it's another Game Over for you Mars!", says Lizzy through Legumin's soothing voice. "But wait..." She makes Legumin grin mischievously as she stands up over you with your character's cum dripping off her butt from the 'Erotic Fatality' combo, "there's still one more thing that I have prepared for you to teach you who's better at Mush Cat's Melee Fighters. Have you ever heard of 'Triple Erotic Fatality'? No? Well, allow me to demonstrate Mars."

Lizzy makes Legumin summon an ally from the shadows, it's none other than Lam and Lem, the cute maid sisters from the anime Le: Lero. They rush over and stand by their mistress' side, clad in matching pink and aqua silky lingerie.

"Now that Legumin has her helpers by her side, let me demonstrate dear crush, the reason why you'll never escape the game. The real reason I'll continue dominating your lifeless body under my ass your entire winter vacation!", she giggles hysterically as your shocked face as she performs the 21 button input to activate the never before seen 'Triple Erotic Fatality', where Legumin summons Lam and Lem to her side and makes her two cute servants sit on top of each of your arms, pinning your hands to their sides.

While Lam pins down one of your wrists, she leans forward so her breast presses against your arm and smiles innocently at you as she whispers to you, "I hope you're ready for what's next because it's going to be one hell of a ride!"

Legumin then orders Lem to do the same on the other hand and she nods obediently, pressing down on your other arm with her ample bosom.

You try to struggle against Lam and Lem. Their breasts feel so good on your hands that you moan softly, unable to move your arms or shake them off. Your struggles are futile.

Lizzy smirks mischievously, "You think that these three girls will give up if they see you struggling?", she asks as she inputs more 'Triple Erotic Fatality' combos for Legumin to do to you, now that Lem and Lam have you immobilized and hands occupied.

As Legumin's feet kick up into your cock, her breasts sway seductively, "Not a chance bro! Just take it like a man!", she laughs as her hips thrust into your cock while the rest of her body moves in synchrony with her breasts, sending pleasurable shivers throughout your entire body as the combination of her movements and her boobs rubbing against you make you groan loudly.

"That was just the warm up, let me show you what you get when you try to fight back.", she says as she commands Lam and Lem to lean back, lifting their asses up and out of your arms, leaving your hands free. Legumin then places her foot on top of your chest and slowly starts moving back and forth in circles, making her huge breasts bounce hypnotically.

Meanwhile, Lam leans forward over your head and pushes you backwards so that she is sitting above you.

"I surrender!" you scream.

Lam smirks, "Don't worry, I'm sure you're getting pretty close to cumming again already."

Lem giggles, "Yeah right! Don't count on us giving you any mercy."

Since they refused to let you surrender, you try to throw your body around to knock them off.

Legumin's large breasts are so distracting that you can't concentrate on knocking Legumin off and accidentally push Lem's face in between her breasts instead, making her gasp in surprise.

"Haha, how does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine." Now that Lem and Legumin are distracted with each other in the chaos. You attack Lam with your now free arm that Lem released.

Lam catches your fist mid-air in both of her hands. She looks down at you and sighs, "So clumsy and slow. You really aren't very good at this are you? This is your last chance to escape your fate of the 'Triple Erotic Fatality' and you can't even fight me off. How pathetic."

You gasp in pain as she pushes your other wrist up against her chest, pressing it firmly against her cleavage and begins to tighten her thighs and crotch against your arm in an armbar. As she speaks she presses down harder on your arm with her body and your face begins to go numb under her heavy breasts.

You look up at her with tears in your eyes and beg for mercy, "Please. Please just stop."

She pats your cheek gently, "Time for me to KO you. Sweet dreams~" Lam purrs.

She increases the pressure of her titties against your face and your vision goes black.

As your consciousness fades away you hear Lizzy say, "Goodnight loser~ Better luck next time!"


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