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Default The Summer Job

This is a great group! I'm glad I found it. Here's a story I just read:


By Lemon Sugar Sting

Two young men learn not to underestimate female martial artists.

Robert and Martin were two high school students, 19 and 20 years old, sitting on a Tuesday afternoon in an almost empty Starbucks cafe. Summer had just begun and there were no classes. The young men were planning to work a bit during the summer, in order to earn some much needed extra cash. However so far, neither of them had managed to find a job that he considered worth the trouble. So they now sat at their table complaining about the lack of good jobs. As expected from a conversation between two young men, hot girls were also a main topic. Both Robert and Martin were single and eager to meet new girls. Suddenly a woman who had been sitting at a table right next to the boys stood up, walked over to them and introduced herself.

"Hi, my name is Linda, I hope you don't mind but I couldn't help but overhearing your conversation. I believe I may have the perfect job offer for you guys".

"Oh yeah?" said Martin, and looked curiously on the woman. She looked to be in her early 30's and wore high boots, a black skirt and a tight, thin sweater that accentuated her big, round natural looking boobs. Her clothes all looked very exclusive.

"Well", said the woman named Linda, and smiled mysteriously. "It is a rather unusual job. Some men like it and some men don't. But I have a feeling you two are going to love it. I will give you a job description in just a moment, but I tell you this though, if you accept, you will find the payment extremely generous".

Linda also told the two young men that secrecy and privacy was of the essence, and she asked them not to tell anyone about the job, in case they would accept it. She had a small black Armani shoulder bag with her, out of which she pulled a purple envelope. Linda told them that the envelope contained information on everything they'd need to know to make a decision about weather or not they would accept the offer or not. Before she left the two now very curious boys to think about the proposal, she made one last peculiar remark:

"Neither of you has any martial arts training, do you?"

"No", said Martin and Robert almost simultaneously.

"Good then" said Linda. "I hope to hear from you soon".

As soon as the woman who called herself Linda had left, Martin opened the envelope and found a small four paged pamphlet in it. It had a gray text which said "Sensei Linda's academy of female self-defense", in rather large gray letters over a pink background. Behind the text was a silhouette picture in shades of pink, resembling a naked female body. Martin immediately opened the pamphlet and the two boys started reading.

Apparently, according to the pamphlet, Linda was a 39 years old martial arts sensei with black belts in hapkido, aikido and taekwondo, who was teaching a small group of students - all specially selected young females of which there were small photos at the bottom of the second page - what she claimed was a unique mix of martial arts, especially adapted to suit the strengths and capabilities of the female body. The goal of sensei Linda's classes was apparently not only to teach her female students how to defend themselves with the help of martial arts techniques, but also for the students to enhance their inner calm and strength and their self confidence. By learning how to master sensei Linda's unique martial arts techniques, the young women would be able to use the full potential of the female body. If learned to perfection, the principles of Asian martial arts, which focus on technique, flexibility, skill and fast reactions rather than brute strength, will inevitably neutralize the last big advantage that men have over women in today's society: their greater physical strength. This knowledge would come to help the students in all aspects of their lives, from family life, careers, and every day shores. It was the ultimate empowerment of women.

Martin and Robert looked at each other and smiled in the face of, as they saw it, such obvious hyperbole, from this sensei Linda. Their smiles grew wider as they continued reading. The proposed role of the boys in all this was to act as sparring partners to the girls in the class! There were apparently only six girls in the class, and judging by the photos, they were all gorgeous and in their late teens or early 20's. Then they saw what their proposed payment was: 2000 dollars each for a 2 hour introduction session. Now they had already made up their minds. They were definitely taking this job! A lavishly paid wrestling session with a couple of beautiful girls was a simply irresistible offer for them. It seemed almost too good to be true. But it was to get even better! The folder also informed that as a step in the way to make the girls learn to feel comfortable and feel confidence in their own bodies as well as to lose their unhealthy and unmotivated fear of the male body, the training sessions that included male sparring partners would be performed completely naked! The boys laughed with joy as they read this. This Linda woman was obviously completely nuts. But nevertheless, she seemed to have a lot of money and was prepared to enact one of their – and every young man's dream: a wrestling session with six beautiful young women. They left the Starbucks cafe in a hurry and as soon as they got home, rang the number of Linda as indicated in folder, and assured her that they'd be more than happy to offer her their service.

Over the phone sensei Linda had informed the two boys that their extraordinary martial arts training session would take place the following Sunday, at 2 PM, in Linda's own house, where apparently the cellar floor had been transformed into her own private dojo. It would all be over before 5 PM, they were told. On the Saturday before the session, Linda even called to make absolutely sure that the boys hadn't changed their minds, which of course they hadn't.. In fact they couldn't wait for Sunday to come. The mere thought of wrestling with a bunch of gorgeous babes made their cocks stand right up. The fact that they would also get paid 2000 dollars for the "trouble" was a fantastic bonus.

About 20 minutes before the appointed time at 2 PM on Sunday, Martin and Robert arrived at Linda's house. It was bigger and more luxurious than they had expected. In fact, it was more of a mansion than a house. The two boys were greeted and let in by Linda herself, smiling apparently in a great mood. She was even a bit relieved that the boys hadn't changed their minds in the last minute, even though she had been certain that the two would show up. Ever since she first saw and heard Martin and Robert at the Starbucks cafe, she knew she had found the perfect recruits. After all her years in the business, she had developed quite a sense for which kind of men that made the perfect recruits for her.

As Linda showed the two boys into her house, or mansion as it were, they got a good look at her clothes and figure. She wore a slim fit black satin dress with silver details, which also allowed the boys to admire her ample cleavage. On her feet the boys saw what looked like some kind of Japanese sandals. First the boys received a very brief tour around the bottom floor of the house. There was a large living room there, with a big wooden table in the middle, where Linda told them they would be offered dinner, together with the girls, after the session. After the tour, the boys got a chance to meet Linda's six students. The boys could hardly contain their excitement at this moment, as the girls were even hotter and more gorgeous in real life, than their photos had suggested.

First Martin and Robert introduced themselves with a couple of brief words. Then it was the girls turn. There was a slight blush on the boys' cheeks as they listen to the girls presenting themselves, as they knew that within a an hour, they'd all be involved in some kind one on one naked wrestling with each of them. The first girl to present herself was a tall, 21 year old blond named Jenny. She was slim, with rather small but firm and perky boobs and could very well have been a model. The second girl was 19 year old Sarah, another beautiful blond, but she was not as tall and slim, and had very big, soft looking boobs. The third girl was 21 year old Alycia. She had perfect, silk smooth brown skin and black, slightly curly hair. She was almost as thin as Jenny, but not as tall and her boobs were much bigger. The fourth girl was 19 year old Synthia, a brunette who in comparison with the other girls looked more "ordinary" but was nevertheless a hot looking female. The fifth girl was 24 year old Sophie, who looked to be of Indian origin and was rather short and had shining black straight hair and big, natural looking sexy boobs. The sixth and last girl was a 20 year old beauty called Lara, of average height and with long, dark brown hair. Listening to the girls talking had left the boys with spectacular, almost aching hard-ons and it came almost as a relief when Linda said that it was time to go down to the dojo locker rooms to prepare for the session.

The girls, who seamed very happy and eager to start the session, obviously all knew where to go, and disappeared down the stairs to the dojo. When they were left alone sensei Linda had a last chat with the boys. She assured them that both she and the girls had the highest respect for them and that although the martial arts techniques that the girls were going to use may cause momentary pain, she guaranteed that no serious or permanent injury would be inflicted on the boys. As Linda explained this, the boys again looked at each other in disbelief, as they couldn't imagine how the young feminine beauties they had just come to know could ever inflict any pain on two strong, fit boys like them. However they both decided it was best not to say anything and go along. Sensei Linda went on to explain that all the girls had reached high levels of martial arts abilities already at a young age, and had therefore caught her attention. Because of their extraordinary talent for the Asian martial arts and their suitability for her special program, she had offered them to come and study with her and the girls had accepted the offer. They had all gone through one year of intense training and were ready for their first exam - which with the help of Robert and Martin would be realized today.

The boys were showed into the locker room and started changing. Even though they simply couldn't be scared of the girls they had just seen, their lack of knowledge about exactly what would happen in the dojo and Linda's serious talk about the pain that they might come to feel, made Martin and Robert a bit nervous and this caused their penises to get soft. Neither of them was an athlete, but they were both very strong and fit young men who regularly worked out at the gym to keep in shape. Robert was 6' and weighed 175 lbs . Martin was an inch shorter but weighed about the same. They both undressed and replaced their clothes with two dark blue gis, which reached down to their knee region, which had been prepared for them. They didn't say much to each other, but commented on how beautiful the girls were and that even sensei Linda was hot and fit - especially for a woman practically twice their age. A few minutes later Linda knocked on the locker room door and said that everything was ready for the boys to step out in the dojo.

The dojo room was bigger than the boys had expected and the floor was all covered by a thick, surprisingly soft, light blue mattress. The six girls all sat on the floor in the middle of the room and they were all wearing gis that were identical to their own, except for the fact that they were pink. Linda then proceeded to explain the last details of the session for the boys. She gave each of them a fake knife and told them that each of them would have to take on three girls in three one on one fights. The objective of the boys would be to either wrestle the girl to the floor or stab her with the fake knife. If he succeeded with this, he would be declared the winner. The primary goal of the girls, who would not be armed with any fake knife, was to disarm, take down and immobilize their male opponent as elegantly as possible. As Linda uttered the words "as elegantly as possible" the boys again looked at each other in total disbelief. To them, just disarming and disabling a strong, young man would be quite an achievement for any of the girls present in the room - even if they had martial arts training. But it was what Linda said next that almost made both Robert and Martin to freak out. She said that as an extra incentive to the boys, each one of them would be awarded 500 extra dollars if they won a fight with one of the girls. The girls, for their part, would gain extra points if they, after having disabled and immobilized their opponent, while keeping him down managed to jerk him off. This would be the ultimate proof of their total superiority and control over their male opponent.

Linda asked the boys if they had understood and felt ready and, as they said yes, asked them to stand up and take of their gis. Again the boys couldn't help but blushing a bit as they stood completely naked in front of the beautiful girls and their beautiful sensei. The girls smiled as they noticed that Roberts penis was clearly bigger than most.. They also smiled because they knew exactly what would happen next. As a kind of warm-up for the boys and, as sensei Linda put it, in order for the boys to be at the absolute top of their game in their first duels with the girls, they would first go a match with her! The rules would be the same as in the duels with her students, but there would be no fake knives involved and the boys would take her on both at the same time. Having said this, she let her gi slide off her body and entered a martial arts stance right in front of the boys.

"When you are ready, you can attack me in any way you want", she said. The boys, for a moment just stared at the beautiful naked lady in front of them, not knowing how to react. Their cocks, however, in the space of just a couple of seconds, grew hard and stood right up as a reaction to the beautiful woman before them. Linda really had a fantastic body, even though it was not quite as firm as it probably once was. Her boobs were just as spectacular as the glimpse the boys had gotten through her clothes and her cleavage had suggested. Her rounded hips, wobbled just a little as she took the martial arts stance, which also allowed the young men to get a full frontal view of the dark brown hair on her pussy. As they both looked down on their big, hard cocks they felt even more uncertain and embarrassed.

"Don't feel embarrassed or shy", Linda said, "your stiff penises are a perfectly natural reaction and it happens to all men who participate in our sessions. And remember, you do not have to be afraid, we'll all take very good care so that none of you will be seriously injured". These last words from Linda worked as kind of alarm clock for the boys. They were NOT worried about being injured. If Linda wanted to fight them, then so be it. It was two strong young men against one 39 year old woman - let be unusually hot and apparently with a lot of martial arts training. Martin, feeling almost offended by Linda's remarks, took a step forward and grabbed one of Linda's arms. His aim was to force her swiftly down on the floor, and thus put a fast end to the woman's cocky talk about her taking it easy not to hurt them. Hardly a second later however, he found himself flying through the air, as Linda had perfected a perfect aikido throw on him. He landed heavily on his back and for a moment felt nothing but relief that the floor was so soft. Before he had got up he saw Robert charge sensei Linda, only to end up right beside him on the floor with another heavy thud the second later.

"Okay boys, don't disappoint me, you must have much more in you than that" Linda said tauntingly.

Martin was the first to get up and decided that this time he would charge the hot sensei with all his male muscle power. With a determined masculine roar he charged her, only to be met with yet another swift aikido throw that made him land a couple of feet away on the other side of room.

"You see how easy it is to use the brute force of the male attacker to your advantage", the beautiful naked sensei remarked.

Robert was not stupid, and when he heard this he decided he would try a new tactic. Although his instincts told him to use all his strength and charge the woman, he had learned the lesson that this was a risky strategy. Instead he would try to use all his strength to draw Linda towards him and then throw her to the ground. That way he wouldn't suffer the risk of another humiliating aikido throw. Robert grabbed Linda's arm, but before he had the chance to start drawing her towards him, she effortlessly twisted his wrist and then his right arm around and behind his back in a very unnatural position, forcing him to bend down and forward, so that he almost got his still big, half erect penis in his own face.

"And what's the name of this technique?", sensei Linda asked out loudly.

"Shumizu rendei", chanted the girls, who were now laughing.

With this Linda eased the pressure on Robert’s arm, only to instantly apply another hold, flipping him over her back and then face down to the ground.

"Argh", the helpless Robert blurted out, as Linda increased the pressure on his arm.

"I think your friend needs help" Linda said with a taunting smile, and looked in the direction of Martin.

Martin couldn't believe what he had just been through and seen. This woman really knew how to fight. He slowly went closer to Linda, who continued to hold Robert down with the immobilizing grip.

"Maybe if you grab my free arm and try to yank me away, you can free your friend from the pain he is in right now", Linda said with another smile and a little quick wink with her left eye. Still shocked and not knowing what to do, Martin did as the sensei had suggested and grabbed her free arm. Which a nanosecond later proved to be a very bad choice of action, as Linda immediately twisted his wrist and fingers while at the same time manipulating a pressure point in the palm of his hand , causing a sharp burst of pain that forced him down on his knees. The two boys now found themselves completely caught and helpless in sensei Linda's unbreakable joint locks - Robert with his face to the floor and Martin with his face a few inches away from Linda's hairy pussy. "Do you give up?" she said, while at the same time increasing the pressure on both the young men's now tender arms.

"Yes", Robert shouted.

"Yes, yes!! Please let go!!! Martin shouted.

With this Linda let go of Roberts arm and let up the pressure on Martin, but maintained his arm in a grip for one more second, which was enough to do yet another perfect aikido throw on him.

As the one-sided "warm-up" contest was over, Sensei Linda put on her gi and told the boys to rest for a few moments, before the first combat involving one of sensei Linda's students, which was to be between Robert and the beautiful, big breasted blond Sarah - a 6' 175 lbs young man against a 5'6'' 125 lbs curvy young woman. After having suffered the complete humiliation of being totally dominated by sensei Linda, Robert was dying to get his revenge. This time around, all he needed to do to win was to stab his sexy opponent with the fake knife. He felt there was no chance in hell that he would lose this. The pain he had suffered from sensei Linda's joint locks and throws, as well as the feeling of anger after the humiliation, had caused his penis to temporarily get soft again, but the mere look at Sarah's long blond hair and beautiful naked female body made his big cock stand up again - much to the girls amusement and his own embarrassment.

Linda gave the signal for the fight to start. Sarah took a typical martial arts stance and Robert immediately went after her with the fake knife. One little stab, and it would all be over. Robert thought he saw an opening right at the side of Linda's soft, smooth and rounded hips and made a fast, hard thrust with the fake knife. But Sarah's reactions was just too fast, as she caught Robert's arm with her right hand and effortlessly twisted it around, which caused such a sharp pain that Robert had to drop the weapon, which Sarah then swept away out of his reach with her foot. The rest of the contests were simply a series of frustrated attacks from Robert, which Sarah easily ducked or deflected away. On a few occasions the girl with the big bouncing boobs took the opportunity to execute a very elegant aikido throw on Robert, who was completely powerless to stop her. It was obvious that Sarah was toying with him. When she decided that Robert had had enough, she flipped him decisively and hard to the floor and immobilized him with a joint lock and one of her knees pressed against his throat. Robert was completely helpless.

"I think you'll like this part", Sarah said with a big smile. With these words she grabbed Robert's half erect penis with her free hand and started jerking him off. After a few seconds he was cumming. As a final humiliation Robert was forced to dry his own cum off the floor, before the next one on one combat, which would be between Martin and Jenny.

After having seen his friend being totally outclassed by the big boobed, blond Sarah, Martin was even more fired up and determined to win the encounter with Jenny. The dainty Jenny was almost as tall as Martin, but he was of course much heavier and stronger. Yet after having seen and experienced first hand what these girls were capable of thanks to their martial arts training, Martin knew that his best chance of winning was to get a straight hit with the fake knife. He had no such luck though. Jenny immediately disarmed him in the same elegant manner as Sarah had disarmed Robert. The rest of the game was nothing but an exhibition by the tall, model-like girl. But instead of using aikido throws and joint locks, as Sarah had done, Jenny used her long legs to perfect taekwondo kicks all over her poor opponent. The kicks in themselves were not hard enough to be decisive, but in the end they were simply too many and hard enough to make Martin wince and finally fall heavily to the floor. Jenny could obviously hit Martin with a kick anywhere she wanted and Martin was never close to catching her or getting her under control. When Martin was on the ground, Jenny grabbed one of his arms and put him in a wrist lock. Martin could do nothing but to stay on the ground, beg the girl for mercy and admire her beautiful body. While still standing and holding Martin down, Jenny moved one of her delicate smooth feet towards Martin's erect penis and used her toes to jerk him off. A few seconds later he was wiping his cum off the floor.

After the first round of matches, the boys got the opportunity of taking a cold shower, before the next one on one combats. Robert was to face 5'4'' Sophie and 5'7'' Synthia, while Martin faced 5'6'' Alycia and 5'6'' Lara. Although the boys were absolutely desperate to save their male pride by winning at least one of the fights, they inevitably had to face the fact that their big cocks and brute strength were no match at all for the girls' far superior fighting skills. Needless to say, the boys were completely outclassed in all fights and could only admire the girls' sexy bodies, round firm boobs, smooth legs and hairy pussies. The girls actually tried to outshine each other in demonstrating their complete superiority over the boys, by really showing off the ease with which they could defeat and dominate their male opponents. The short Sophie, for example, at one point forced Robert to kiss her belly and Alycia made Martin kiss her feet and, by pressing a finger against a special pressure point that vastly enhanced a males reaction to sexual stimulation and thus made Martin's penis remain rock hard even after she had jerked him off the first time, made him cum a second time from the mere sight of her incredible body after she executed one last perfect hip throw on him. The girls had passed their first exam.

After that the session was over and both boys and girls went to the locker room to put on their clothes again. When Robert and Martin came out of the locker room, they were met by sensei Linda, who made sure that they were okay. She also said she apologized for having taunted them, and said it was a way for her to get them as fired up as possible, to make sure that they would give absolutely 100% to try to beat the girls. Linda also told the boys that each girl, like any taekwondo black belt, could kick and strike through wooden boards, and of course could easily knock an untrained man unconscious with one singe strike or kick. The objective in this session, however, as the boys had learned, was for each girl to show that she could dominate a strong male opponent, without really hurting him. Linda also said that she hoped that the session had taught the boys a lesson about the powers and potential of a female martial artist and that being defeated by a female with far superior fighting skills is nothing to be ashamed of.

As promised, Martin and Robert were invited to dinner with the girls and Linda, and the prospect of hooking up with the beautiful girls soon eclipsed the boys' lingering embarrassment. The dinner also turned out to be quite fruitful, as Martin got Alycia's number and Robert got Sarah's. Before they went home, the two boys were invited to participate in future training sessions, which after a few seconds thought, they both accepted. Martin and Robert went home happily, though with sore bodies and exhausted cocks.
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Default Re: The Summer Job

Welcome, wannawrestle! Thanks for the story.
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Default Re: The Summer Job

I agree with Zweig. This is a very good story built on an awesome idea.
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Default Re: The Summer Job

Outstanding story, @[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
I enjoyed reading it. You are a very talented writer.
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