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Old 17-Sep-13, 13:02
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Default Dominated by my older sister

My older sister was always wrestling me to the ground and sitting on my face when I was in my early teens. She really loved rubbing her tight knickers into my nose and mouth and smothering me until I was begging for air. Then she would move back a little and tell me to open my mouth wide and let her spit into it, if I refused she would just sit right back on my nose and mouth and smother me until I agreed to let let do this to me. As I couldn't say yes with my mouth smothered under her crotch, I had to let her know I agreed by licking her wet knicker crotch ten times. She would often pretend not to notice me frantically licking away at her crotch and just sit there with a superior smile on her face, while I licked harder and harder until she eventually deigned to notice I had agreed. She would then have a really huge, dirty grin on her face as she slowly dribbled and spat into my open mouth. When she had finished she would move forward to cover my mouth with her wet bulging crotch and hold my nose, so I was forced to swallow the mouthful of her spit. Tis all left a lasting impression on my young mind as you can imagine. Anyone interested in discussing this further, please get in touch.
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Old 17-Sep-13, 18:44
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Default Re: Dominated by my older sister

That story is extremely interesting to me. I was an only living with a single mother until my mom got remarried to a Mexican guy named Tony. He turned out to be a fantastic stepdad however his daughter Sandra was the worst thing that ever happened to me. To this day I do not believe I have ever come across a crueler female, I mean she was absolutely brutal from day one and to make matters MUCH worse she was very heavy and built like a tank. Even though I was nearly three years older I was skinny as a rail and completely helpless to stop her constant abuse.
Sandra had a lot of pent up anger over her mother's death several years earlier and I ended up becoming her personal punching bag. I was just about to start high school when she arrived and the very first time we were home alone she kicked the living crap out of me and made it very clear that she did not like me and that she was going to be 100% in charge of everything that went on around the house.
I tried to fight it at first but eventually Sandra broke my spirit and imposed her will on me at every turn. She was very calculating too. Whenever I would appear all bruised up from her beatings I was punished for fights I never had with other boys because Sandra would force me to lie about how everything happened. Then I would be grounded and yes, forced to spend even more time at home with her. Besides my level of absolute fear of her, I wouldn't dare do anything to jeopardize my mother's happiness with Tony by ever displaying that there was anything but love between us.
This girl's abuses were too many to list. If anyone wants more specifics they will have to message me but I was a definitely a battered child although it was never anyone but Sandra who administered the beatings and yes, she did sexually abuse me constantly. I am a submissive male today largely and probably only because of my stepsister. I got so used to being abused by her it carried over to my adult everyday life in which I have been constantly abused by females in the workplace and in private because that is what I expect and I am able to take it in stride if not actually embrace it.
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