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Default Celebrity vs Fan

“Welcome back to Season 2 of the hit new wrestling game show:

Celebrity vs Fan

After a successful first season in which the celebrities won with a record of 5-4, we are back with some more amazing matchups! Who can forget such amazing matches from season 2 such as Leonardo DiCaprio v John from Cleveland or Cardi B v Shawna from Detroit? But tonight, we have a special edition of Celebrity vs Fan, our first ever INTERGENDER SHOWDOWN”

“WHOOOOO” roared the crowd!

“First up, we have 19 year old Mike from Philadelphia. Coming in at 5’8 and 145 lbs, Mike recently graduated high school where he was the captain his baseball team.”

“And his fierce competitor, you know her as the queen of tik tok. Coming in at 5’7 and 120 lbs, is Charli D’amelio”

“Now let’s hear from our contestants. Mike, anything to say?”

“Yeah” began Mike. “Charli, I’m a big fan and all, so I’ll try not to hurt you. At the end of the day, you’re a girl, and you aren’t meant to wrestle guys. I’m sorry that your agent signed you up for this, I’ll try to make it quick and painless.”

“Ooooohh” responded the crowd.

“And Charli, do you have anything to add?”

“As a matter of fact, I do” said Charli fiercely and confidently. “Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t beat you. Girls can do all sorts of amazing things, just like guys can!”

“WOOOO!” responded most of the females in the crowd.

Mike was wearing a traditional red wrestling singlet that showed off his wiry build and hugged his crotch a little tight. Charli, on the other hand, wore an tight black body suit covered in sequins and what looked like a tutu. Her long brunette hair was in a tight bun at the bottom of her head. The wrestlers walked to the middle of the mat.

“Now, I’ll remind you guys of the rules. The match will consist of three rounds, first wrestler to make the other tap out twice wins.”

Charli and Mike both nodded.

The wrestlers lined up. Mike outstretched his hand to shake Charli’s and she accepted. He noticed that she looked timid but determined.

“3…2…1… WRESTLE!”

Mike wasted no time and dived shoulder first into Charli’s waist, like a football tackle. Mike did not have a lot of wrestling experience but figured that his strength alone would give him the victory. Charli was somewhat ready for this, and got her legs around Mike’s waist, holding him off. They were strong legs, and Mike had trouble mounting her. They hand-fought for a while, and Mike began to realize that Charli had a little bit more strength than expected in her arms. After reaching a stalemate for a while, Mike made his first mistake. He attempted to stand up and reset the position. Charli took this opportunity to grab the backs of his ankles with her hands and kick his midsection. It worked to perfection, and Mike hit the ground hard on his back. Charli wasted no time laying on top of him. She made sure to quickly wrap her long legs around Mike’s to ensure a grapevine. Even though Mike’s arms were free, his upper body was being pinned by Charli’s. Her boobs pressed against his chest, her face against his, pinning him down to the mat. All his free arms could do is hopelessly pry at her legs. Mike could feel himself getting hard. “Ew, why do you have a boner” said Charli. Mike was silent. No matter how much he tried to bring his legs together, Charli kept them apart. She got him in a headlock as well with her free arm, and now he was really trapped. To finish off the round, Charli flexed her legs with all of her might and smothered Mike with her torso. He got a face full of boobs and sequins. The pain and lack of oxygen was too much, and he began to tap out. Charli leaned her torso off of his face, and said to him “see, girls can do anything that boys can” before releasing the painful grapevine. Mike heard the crowd roar and laugh at him. He stood up hunched over to try and hide his boner, but it was no use. He pitched his singlet like a tent.

They lined up for round 2


This time, it was Charli that was the aggressor. She did a cartwheel to quickly get behind Mike, and Mike, who was out of focus due to the humiliation, did not turn around quick enough. Charli got him in a rear naked choke and fell onto her back, bringing Mike down with her. Mike felt her small boobs on the back of his head, and Charli wrapped her legs tight around his waist so he couldn’t move. He kicked frantically, but it was no use. Worst of all, this position showed off his boner to the whole crowd. Charli said in his ear “sorry little boy, I guess this girl is just a better wrestler than you.” She flexed her arm to increase the choke and wrapped her legs even tighter around Mike like an anaconda. Mike didn’t want to tap, but he knew he was finished, and tapped the mat frantically to end the pain. Charli pushed him off of her and stood up. She waved to the crowd that was cheering her name and blew them kisses. Mike tried to get up but Charli kicked him down again, and put a foot on his chest and flexed her muscles to the crowd.

After a while, both lined up in the center of the mat, Mike’s erection still in full force.


“Join us next week on Celebrity vs Fan for another intergender special”
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