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Default The Matrona Virus. Men are forced to stay home. Family fights begin

The Matrona Virus

Part 1:
The Coronavirus has challenged traditional gender roles in society. Girls beat boys in games and small family fights. Corona mutates into the male-killing Matrona virus. Gender roles are therefore about to change radically to a female-led society. Women will have to force men to stay home to stop spreading this virus, to save the male gender as a whole. (In Part 2 real mixed fights and wrestling will take place in the family because men will try to resist, try to free themselves and fight back.)

It was a warm Friday evening in autumn when a happy, middle class family was sitting together in the living room, the father, Richard, a hard-working business man, 50 years old, the mother, Sara, 41, a high ranking civil servant and lawyer with a fit, tall body and a pretty face - though being a woman she was still a bit smaller built than her husband, who was of average physical shape - and their children, their son Jordan, 23 years old, and their daughter Cindy, a 21 year old hot looking, slender young woman. (Some rumors say that Sara was Jordan’s stepmother, and Cindy his stepsister, but this distinction isn’t of any interest, as the family bonds were very strong anyways.) While both girls had stunning blue eyes, Sara had brown hair and her daughter was blond, both had fair and healthy locking, summer-tanned skin, gorgeous, creamy, feminine legs, that they sunbathed and exercised a lot. The men locked quite a bit pale compared to them but they were of a good build too.

Although the family wasn’t overly conservative, the traditional roles had been more or less in place, until recently Richard had been the main bread winner and son Jordan was about to pursue a business career in his father’s company. As a boy he had been also the taller and stronger one of the siblings. Girly Cindy wanted to become a nurse or a social worker. But some coincidences changed this whole traditional family form and turned it upside down.

Nature or genetics simply had decided that Cindy should become two inches taller than her older brother, which had been obvious since last year. She couldn’t stop rubbing it in, while he hadn’t yet overcome this small but permanent humiliation and maybe never would. Nature was such a bitch sometimes. He still seemed to have the stronger body, although he didn’t train as much as his sister did lately and preferred to play video games. She must have gotten her height from her mother also, who was less than an inch smaller than their dad at 5’9’’ but wearing high heels almost every day, she was normally towering over him. Jordan was a bit taller than his parents, although his mother still looked down at him when being in her high heels and nowadays his sister was the tallest, at 6 feet, dwarfing both males, especially if she wore heels but also without.

“If I look at you, little brother, I can’t see that men are the stronger sex!” Cindy made fun of her brother, who answered annoyed: “You are just the exception, sis. You’re taller than me and probably always will, I have to accept that. But I am still stronger, as your older brother and as a man!” – “Let’s arm wrestle and see,” she giggled. “In a few years I will have surpassed you by far, brother. You would keep the first place in playing video games, that’s for sure though.” Her demeaning voice hurt his male ego quite a bit. He gladly accepted the challenge and they locked hands on the table in front of their parents who were amused. They started pushing and immediately Cindy’s eyes met with Jordan’s, who was suddenly frightened by her strength he hadn’t expected. She gave him a wide smile as she noticed that. It shocked the males of the family, that it was so hard for Jordan to beat his little sister. He soon was exhausted, he had given everything and until the end it wasn’t even sure who would win. – “Oh this was close!” their mom laughed satisfied, “never underestimate women! Now it’s our turn, Richard.” Smiling the parents locked their hands and again… it was quite even, the man had to struggle a lot to keep the upper hand and win. His face was dark red while Sara seemed to be relaxed. For Richard it was his authority as a husband and a father figure that was at stake. “Males have a hard time to keep their traditional role lately,” Sara said and smiled with compassion.

She was right. Some months ago the coronavirus pandemic had shattered many lives and the economy of the world and although the first wave had passed, many men, who worked in the private sector, had lost their job or their income had shrunk a lot. Women on the other, who on average were working in the public sector or in nursing, social and medical jobs had to work more and had often been promoted. Many traditional families had to face a change in classical gender roles.
In Richard’s family this happened also. Sara was now the main breadwinner, earning five times as much as her husband, who’s business had almost gone bankrupt due to the lockdown, that had lasted more than a month. Her smart savings actually had saved his business from drowning. But his financial contribution to the family was now almost insignificant and negligible compared to his wife’s, who marginalized his role completely. She had often thought about making him sell his business, transfer the money to her account, as she managed most of the family finances now, become completely dependent on her, her house-husband, her personal cook and housekeeper. But she never told him that because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings and she knew that this day would come as his business would go bankrupt sooner or later and she wouldn’t be helping him out again.
Men’s physical superiority was also challenged through this virus that seemed to harm men more than women, in an unfair, unequal way. Men were publicly considered to have a weaker immune system and inferior genetic material compared to women, because 65% of the dead were men. But the deaths were still just 5% of the cases, so it was no big deal. But the lockdown had somehow made men weaker, mentally and physically, while women seemed to keep their shape in a better way. Also women managed their jobs in the private sector or in politics better than men, who had a more macho attitude and were more careless towards the pandemic, they couldn’t adapt as well. Countries with female leaders did better in fighting the virus and women were trusted more so their businesses were more successful also. There was some kind of shift going on toward a more matriarchal society, no one could deny that. Women even managed to care for their children during the lockdown at home better than men, while keeping their job. Many men felt disposable, useless and that nature had played an unfair game, mistreating the male gender, but they hoped that everything would go back to normal as soon as the pandemic would be over.

Richard and his son Jordan felt exhausted after the tough arm wrestling against the females of their family, even though they had won in the end. “This was just a warmup for me,” Sara said, “let’s change partners now, I’ll challenge my sweet son and our daughter will take on her father! Women may be a bit weaker but science says we have more endurance than you men. Female muscles are smaller but of better quality than men’s!” She stroked her son’s cheek and grinned. The family did as she said. They arm-wrestled simultaneously, which was a lot of fun in the beginning. But soon the eye opening, breath taking event, that Sara had secretly predicted, took place. Both women slowly but steadily forced the arms of the men of the family down to the table. Silence was in the room while for the shocked men this had to sink in slowly. “Oh yeah!” Cindy shouted and laughed. “What’s the matter daddy, is your own daughter stronger than you…? What’s up bro? Did Mom and Sis kick your asses? Hahaha!” Sara tried to calm the situation down: “Well, this only shows our better endurance. Normally our men are a tiny bit stronger than we are – just to keep roles in place.” She giggled. Richard said: “Yeah you are right babe. And when corona is gone, we will hit the gym again, you can be sure. And you have become a strong little brat, Cindy.” He smiled a bit humiliated, still being the loving father of the house. Sara turned to Jordan: “Awww, is your mother stronger than you, baby? I thought you were a grown man!” – “No, come on, I’m just out of shape and exhausted, as you said. Revenge will come soon, mom!” He said a bit pissed off, having a red face both from embarrassment and his sore arms. Both men had still the images of the pretty but strong female hands in their mind, their sexy polished fingernails that cut into their skin and humiliated, emasculated them while their hands were forced down by women’s strength. They still saw the beautiful eyes that looked deeply into theirs with a superior female confidence while crushing the male one.

The beauty of the two women of the family, their femininity and that they often dressed in a hot, provoking way added to the constant feeling of humiliation of the males. Sara was wearing a short, tight dress and Cindy a short skirt and a tank top that showed the shape of her amazing boobs and both women had their extremely hot legs constantly on display. Sara didn’t want to fuck her husband so often since the day she was making more money than him and even had to save him financially, which had made her lose a lot of respect for him and was a turnoff. Although she loved him, she couldn’t help it. This lowered his self-esteem even more and had made him being easily and almost constantly aroused by his wife. It was incredibly frustrating and humbling but she couldn’t do more than pity him and try to make him accept this new reality of less sex and more female authority around the house, by constantly teasing and denying him, to make him feel his permanent dependency on her. Sometimes she helped him out with her beautiful nailpolished hands or feet, let him lay on the floor and jerked him with her high heels or let him hump her legs like a dog, when he begged her for sex, which embarrassed him and drove him crazy. If she wasn't in the mood at all, she just allowed him to please himself while watching her in private, desperately. He had to look up to her, without being able to have her most of the time. She also thought that dressing hot every day would be pleasurable for him, so he would touch himself more happily afterwards while thinking of her. It was more of a big distraction though and an every day torture for him, but she had no idea she was doing this to him. She was basically humiliating and emotionally torturing her husband night and day without knowing it! -

“Don’t be sad Jordan, you are still the man of the family in video games, no girl could beat you in that,” Sara said with a motherly but somehow mocking tone in her voice. “Oh, I wouldn’t be sure about that,” Cindy said arrogantly, “I have tried his games with my girlfriends and they were not very hard for us, after just a few times we were quite good. I could take you on, brother! - And you could get into this quickly, mom. Let’s play.”
This was family bliss. All of them took the controllers and started some games in multiplayer mode, racing, fighting or shoot ‘em up games. From the beginning Jordan was leading of course, the other family members were beginners, Cindy had a small advantage, so the parents were still struggling to avoid the last place but Richard soon admitted that this wasn’t his thing. He laughed being surpassed by the females of the family as well as by his talented son of course. He had no big ambition to win, rather having a good, fun time with his family. Sara, having to struggle at first, soon understood the techniques and started catching up, becoming a threat to her daughter, who for her part was slowly closing the gap with her brother. After about one hour the females had come dangerously close to Jordan in points and wins. They all had left the father of the family far behind. This made Richard feel somehow small and insignificant, although he tried to see it as fun, he couldn’t help feeling humiliated and shown up by women. Sara bragged and made fun of her husband, giggling: “Eat our dust, baby! You’ll never come close to us girls! Haha!” – “I am too old for such games,” he answered, trying to seem superior, although he couldn’t hide his embarrassment. “We are coming for you now, Jordan!” Cindy said, smiling viciously. “How does it feel to be shot and killed by your sister and your own mother?” They played a shout ’em up game and the girls had killed Jordan several times and were catching up in points, although he was still leading. It was the first time they had come so close to his victory points. For the father it was a pure massacre. The predatory women just hunted him for fun and killed him all the time like a weak animal, so they could collect many points from him, until he dropped out. Adding insult to injury the women had placed their gorgeous naked legs with their polished toenails on the table, so the males could always see that they both were getting their butts kicked by two extremely feminine girls.

“Show the women their place,” Richard told his son, cheering him on. “I will,” he answered, “they only got so many points from killing an inexperienced player like you.” – “We are basically inexperienced too, baby.” Sara was determined to beat her son also now. “And you be quiet, loser, you aren’t the man of the house anymore!” She giggled and mocked her husband in a loving way, raising her leg and pressing her one foot into his cheek beside her, almost pushing him off the couch. “Oh stop it, baby.” Richard laughed a bit annoyed and wanted to get up. “You aren’t going anywhere!” Suddenly she threw her leg around his neck and drew him down, still playing and hitting her son Jordan with her virtual machine gun, almost killing him. Then with one hand she grabbed Richard’s hair and pulled him it into her headscissors, he gagged. “You stay here and watch how we girls destroy your son right in front of your eyes! Just wait and see!” Sara said assertively and both women laughed in joy. “Very funny, Sara, now remove your sweaty legs from my neck!” Richard commanded and tried to pull them apart with his hands, but she smiled as she just killed Jordan once again with a few shots. “Can’t you free yourself from mom’s legs, dad?!” Jordan asked, feeling humiliated himself as a man, watching his dad struggling like this and finally accepting it. “No one can free himself from such a hold, it’s not fair,” Richard said. Then he started pulling Sara’s hair. She screamed and grabbed one of his hands after another and forced them under her butt, so that he was trapped and finally gave up struggling. “Don’t pull my hair like a little bitch you are! Just watch how the women of the family, after killing the father, now dismantle and slaughter the son!” Cindy said with a wide smile: “Yeah mom, we’ll show them their place.”

This was very demoralizing for Jordan and he saw that the girls had learned so fast and were now really almost outperforming him, they had become so smart and fast in their reactions, as if their brains were stronger, more adaptable and efficient than his! And his mother had just called his father a bitch! And he wasn’t able to respond or defend himself. Jordan felt weak. “Let them have their fun, Jordan, just destroy them, you’re the man here, son!” Richard had difficulties getting out the words but still he wasn’t in bad mood, this was all just family fun. “Oh shut up, beaten husband, broken man!” Sara hissed at him and started choking his throat with her thighs, so that she made sure he wouldn’t say a word until the game was over. He turned purple, got dizzy and started feeling really embarrassed by his wife now. Cindy added: “You should say, beaten father also. His daughter kicked his ass too.” Both women giggled as he muffled something through Sara’s legs, who petted his head.
Then came the moment. The girl’s encircled and forced Jordan’s character to a place he couldn’t escape nor hide anywhere, and then attacked him at once. He tried to shoot back first at his mother, because he thought she would be easier to kill, but he couldn’t aim properly because his sister was hitting him already from the other side, from quite a distance. When he turn toward her, to finish her firstly as being the bigger obstacle, changing his tactics, his mom started shooting at him and although she didn’t get him as often as his sister, she made it almost impossible for him to properly shoot back at Cindy, who was throwing her bullets at him mercilessly, without making any effort to hide anywhere. He tried to duck, to run like a wounded rabbit, but the girls, who hadn’t got hit at all yet, just hunted him down, humiliated and killed him. “Yeah! Got you, bro!” Cindy screamed, as she had surpassed her brother for the first time in points, Sara had about equal points now and laughed also. The girls high-fived. “How is that? To see your own son, the last man of the house being killed, massacred and humiliated by the females of the family?” Sara looked down and smiled at Richard, who was struggling to breath and who wasn’t in good shape at all. “You just got lucky and got me trapped in that corner,” Jordan said. But unfortunately his sister was leaving him far behind already and his mother was challenging him for the second place now. His hands were sweating. He felt that his sister was now better than him, she could kill him easily in a direct confrontation. When he came to confront Sara suddenly she was also the one hitting and after a while killing him! All by herself! And soon both girls were way ahead of Jordan in points, laughing and screaming in satisfaction and excitement. He had given up already and both girls were way ahead of him after a while. They hunted him down like they had done to his dad, it was a run the gauntlet, they played with him like two felines with a rabbit or a mouse. “Wow, how did you learn so fast?” Jordan asked silently, having become humble. “Well baby, maybe we girls are smarter and think faster than you. Women are as capable as men in winning. And, I’m afraid I have to break it down to you, those games just aren’t such a big intellectual challenge for us,” Sara said with a sweet pity in her caring voice. Cindy replied: “It’s a lot of fun kicking your macho ass. But now it is women’s turn to play seriously, we don’t need you men anymore!”

Suddenly Cindy copied her mom but instead of grabbing Jordan’s head, she wrapped her legs around his body, trapping his arms. The bodyscissor was too tough and Jordan had to let the player fall down, while his sister’s thighs squeezed the air out of his lungs. “This is just great!” Sara applauded her. And both women continued playing while having their male opponents trapped between their legs, struggling and cursing. “Shut up and watch us females play, so that you can learn how real gaming goes!” Cindy said. And the girls played for half an hour ignoring the men between their legs. It was a tight fight but finally Sara passed her daughter in points! This was hilarious. She released Richard and danced around the living room. “All right mom,” Cindy said amused, “you can have that! Good game. We destroyed the men of the house, that’s the important thing. We showed them their place!” Jordan was released too and shoved his sister away. “Yeah, that’s just one game,” he said, “I bet in the others I can kick your ass still.” – “Well all right, let’s play those too, so we can humiliate you thoroughly today!” Sara said seriously and grabbed the controller again, sitting down next to Richard.
They played one car racing game and one martial arts game and sadly both games went like the first but much faster. Richard got left behind from the beginning, Jordan was leading but already after the first round the women’s cars passed Jordan’s and he had to eat their dust. They even surpassed him a second and third time! Now Cindy was the first, Sara second and after a huge space came the boys. “You seem demoralized. Hate to tell you, women are the better drivers too! Hahaha!” Sara taunted her son.

Then they started the martial arts fighting game, where Sara was literally kicking ass now. She was leading from the beginning. She kicked and punched the characters of her husband and her son to a pulp, it was a relentless slaughter. Sara was so fast and fought with such ferocity, that both men felt sick. It felt almost like she was beating them up in reality. Even Cindy managed to beat Jordan quite fast although not with such an ease as her mother. “How does it feel to get beaten up and getting his ass kicked by your sister?” – “And by your mother.” Sara added. “What hurts more, boys, Cindy’s kicks or Sara’s punches and knees?” Both girls laughed while petting the men’s head. Jordan stuttered: “After you held me in your legs for such a long time, how am I supposed to play, my chest and arms still ache.” This excuse sounded so sad and pathetic. “Aww, did we squeeze you men too hard with our legs?” Sara giggled, “too bad!” Feeling physically and mentally bruised the men stood up without saying a word, while the girls kept nagging them the whole night.
They knew things like these wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t this stupid coronavirus. Men weren’t as motivated as before, and women could just come up on top in things which were supposed to be men’s domains, just through practicing out of boredom, being at home for such a long time. That women were often better at many things like video games would never have shown up and men would still be in peace and delusional, thinking they are the sole masters.

The next evening the guys had another bad idea to challenge the girls to make a family chess tournament. Originally Richard was known to be the chess brain of the family and Jordan was a very good player too, they mostly played against each other, while the females seldom played, because they found it a bit boring and useless. “Oh did you finally find something you are better at?” Sara giggled, “well, let’s have a big chess-evening then, so maybe you can get your big male victory here.” She kissed her husband on the cheek and they all went to prepare the table in the living room. “This is really unfair, you men played chess way more often than we did. But okay, it is just fun, you can have your win, I’m not a sore loser like you,” Cindy said. When they sat down she announced: “If you win this tournament, we will wash the dishes and clean the kitchen for two weeks. But if we girls win, you will get on the ground and kiss our feet and lay there for two hours while we keep playing or watching TV – and you’ll bring out the trash for two weeks!” But the men of the family were sure they would win with ease, so they laughingly accepted her bet. Sara and Cindy had way less experience in chess but they had watched many games their family men had played, noticing their strategy, their way of thinking and their mistakes sometimes, while thinking to themselves how they would have moved the pieces otherwise. But they hadn’t the passion the males had so they hadn’t played too often. They thought it would be a lot of fun, if they could beat them even in their own domain now, in something they really loved but which didn’t mean so much to the girls. It would be such a rush to beat the boys here and to embarrass them. So the girls decided to give everything… the boys on the other hand didn’t take this as seriously as they should have.

The first four games they played at the same time, males against females, were points for the males, which made them overconfident, while the girls were figuring out their opponent’s strategy and tactics. The next games lasted longer and were almost a draw, Richard and Jordan had to give everything to finally get their checkmate. Then suddenly the girls caught up and things were even! As if they were communicating all the time they simultaneously got the total score to be 8 – 8, while the last 8 victories all went to the women, Sara had beaten Richard and Jordan twice, the same time Cindy had. The last game was quite easy for them, they somehow had understood the men’s way of playing, which was more aggressive and risky and less sophisticated than they thought. “You got lucky and we underestimated you, we didn’t concentrate anymore, because we thought we have you anyway! But this makes it more interesting.” Richard bragged and tried to excuse their losses. “The next round will tell!” Sara said with a wide smile. So the next round the boys used their brains as powerfully as they never had, to avoid humiliation, and indeed it wasn’t an easy and fast victory - for the girls. But more or less… it was easy. After fifty to sixty moves both boys had lost to both girls again in a matter of minutes. “We got you!” said Cindy slowly and emphatically. “We beat you,” said Sara with a serious tone, which was deeply humbling. It was 12-8 for the girls. “It’s not over yet,” stammered her son, “we didn’t say when it would be over.” – “Well, we have time,” answered Sara, “until one side gives up, baby.” She smiled.

Then they all decided to play on one board two against two, were the teams could discuss their moves secretly. This was a huge mistake, because the women were experts in communicating and working together, while the men were used to compete and do things on their own. So the women just destroyed them in the next team games, they massacred their army, they slaughtered them game after game, it was beyond humiliation... Sara stroked her husband with her foot under the table, which made thing even worse, it distracted and humiliated him even more. Cindy placed her foot symbolically on Jordan’s the moments she killed one of their stronger pieces or when she checkmated them. He hadn’t the nerve to react anymore and just took the degradation. After some losses Richard and Jordan started panicking, doing even more mistakes, so the girls managed to beat them already after twenty or thirty moves, which is nothing, it is like when an expert plays against a beginner. After a while the girls didn’t need to communicate anymore, they just played with a wide, sexy smile, softly giggling, checkmating the males countless of times. The score now counted in rounds was 24–2 for the girls! – “Awww.. don’t be sad.” Sara petted both her men with compassion and a smile of superiority: “I think it’s time to give up.” Cindy added: “Yeah. You could start licking our feet, I would like to play against mom, and not waste my time against pathetic beginners like you.” – “I’m afraid she is right,” Sara nodded. “We are way better than you, we are basically out of your league.” Jordan stammered: “How are you such good players? You learned so fast. This is unfair, we played our whole lives and you beat us so easily. It is our favorite game and you beat us in something we love, although you don’t have any passion for it. This is simply humiliating! You humiliated us absolutely! How can nature be so unfair? Why did nature made you girls so much better than us men?” He was so frustrated, almost in tears. “Aww, we are just way smarter then you.” Cindy laughed. They decided to try one more time. The girls just squished them under their intellectual feet, after ten moves they checkmated them. The men felt sick, they felt so inferior and humbled that they were just drawn to the feet of the women of the family and started kissing them. The girls giggled and played for themselves. “Finally a real opponent,” Sara said and both girls laughed with their high pitched, feminine voices.

For half an hour the men kissed the feet of the two smarter women, then they wanted to get up and slowly sneak away, when they felt the feet and legs take their heads, pulling them back and pushing them down again. “Where are you going? You’re not going anywhere,” said Cindy, “two hours haven’t passed. We will watch TV now and you will lay under our feet!” So it happened. Never ever in their lives the males had felt emasculated and degraded like this, they never imagined that something like that could ever happen. “If this damn virus hadn’t come, we wouldn’t be here.” Richard said. “We men would be able to think more relaxed, or we just wouldn’t have played against you at all. There wouldn’t be a question of who wears the pants. No one would know that you are smarter.” – “Yes baby,” replied Sara from above, “this virus was beneficial for women and it brought up the truth! That women are superior to you men in every way. How do you feel being under my feet, husband?” –“Things will change again, when this virus, that makes us men so weak in society, will be gone. Everything will be as it was.” Richard tried to get these words out, while being smothered by his wives feet. “No it won’t,” said Sara calmly, “how do you feel, that your wife makes five times more money than you, baby? I actually saved your company, without me you wouldn’t have even this small income you have now.” – “You can’t socialize the whole private sector, it won’t last,” Richard replied. – “We won’t, that’s just temporarily. Many companies will be private again and reopened and many new, better ones will be opened, but most of them will be in women’s hands I’m afraid. We are better off, and many women who work for the state will get those companies they saved and managed with state money.” – “You can’t do that,” Richard almost pleaded, “this is theft, it’s unfair. All this only because of this damn pandemic! This virus, I hate it!” – “Aww baby, that’s the way things are going to be, I know it is hard. But maybe it will be better for society in the end. Women have done a better job running the country during this crisis and before that.”

After a while the girls changed the position of their feet and placed them around the necks of the men, squeezing them softly and choking them with their footscissors every now and then but allowing them to watch TV too. Now they couldn’t get away, even if they wanted. They were being strangulated by those girly feet with polished toenails whenever they tried to make the slightest move. They felt so bad being at the mercy of the feet of women.
As the family was watching TV and the women were establishing their dominance and superiority by having the men lay down at their feet, news about the coronavirus had come out and the young female speaker started announcing and explaining the new incidents and data related to the pandemic:

“Not only have those countries been more successful fighting the coronavirus that are led by women, so men have utterly failed in being good statesmen and politicians, but also men’s immune systems keep failing and proving female superiority also on a biological level. Men show much more bad social behavior too, acting irresponsible, not caring about social distancing and other measures to minimize the spreading of this disease, so that there are now three times as much men than women in critical conditions.”
– When Richard and Jordan, who were kept under Sara’s and Cindy’s feet, made an attempt to move and make a comment on what they just heard, the girls shut them up, pressing their legs around their neck tightly. “Hush!” Sara didn’t want to hear the boys’ opinion right now.
The speaker continued: “But most concerning is the death rate among males, even young, healthy men, who were infected. In the first wave we had a death rate about 65% among males, which showed, what was basically casual, that they simply have a weaker immune system than women due to their degenerated Y chromosome, also due to not having a second X chromosome like women, and because of testosterone and the lack of protecting estrogen.
But the new cases of this second wave we are in show, that the virus now kills almost all infected males, indiscriminately, not caring about age or pre-existing health conditions, while less and less females are dying or getting ill in general. Deaths of men per cases have risen to unbelievable 98%. Some scientists suggest already that the virus has mutated or that women’s immune system has adapted and that the virus has found a way to fool and crush men’s biological system. There are almost no new female deaths, while millions of men die in our country, even on the whole planet this natural gendercide is documented.
The mutated virus also kills males in an awful, almost sadistic way, much worse than before, causing them a lot of agony, incredible pain, fear and despair. There are almost only women around those dying men and they look up those women as to goddesses now, as to their last and only hopes. But they can’t help them anymore, they just witness their suffering and dying, holding their hands without any safety measures, because they have nothing to fear for themselves, being immune even to infection. They stand over the weak males like supreme beings. They don’t wear masks anymore, which shows their superior biology to the males in a direct way. Nature is just awfully unfair. But women have to do all the hard work also now. So no one can blame them if they relax, if they laugh and dance a bit sometimes while being around the suffering, dying men!”

– The two helplessly stuck men of the family were in shock and wanted to protest but the women just shut them up with their feet. They just had to listen to this hot female speaker, saying those incredibly degrading things, while being in this humiliating position, held captive between the feet of women.

“Some call this cruel, that nurses and female doctors dress provocatively hot now, chitchatting and laughing, while their male patients scream and suffer, suffocate and die right under them, having to look at their legs, heels and cleavages of those healthy, strong women surrounding them, towering over them. Most women can’t do more than pet and stroke the men’s heads and cheeks while seeing them in agony, begging the females to help them. Painkillers are rare and expensive and most nurses decide to withhold them totally, because they feel like it’s useless to spend them on so many suffering men who would all die in some days or weeks. Some evil girls even made fun of the those men in pain, mocking them while they lie helpless in their beds, saying they would deserve it just for being weak and mentally inferior! Mother nature would take revenge now for all the mistreatment of women in the past. Many women just can’t help it and feel empowered and superior, while seeing men being exterminated like this by nature. They say: They feel bad about having those thoughts, but there’s nothing they can do. Some female doctors suggested even to kill every man that catches this disease in the first place to relieve him from his suffering and to relieve women from their hard pointless labor and save money. Others then convinced the president, that we should let them suffer or prolong their suffering even if it gets worse, although there is absolutely no chance to find a cure, because most women scientists feel that they shouldn’t do any research to finding one, because it is men’s fault being so irresponsible and weak, and the only hope would be for them to develop a stronger immune system through this. Although everyone knows that's basically impossible, as men are genetically inferior. But who knows - and besides, it would be morally wrong and too brutal and dirty for us women to exterminate millions of men. We prefer watching them all die slowly before our eyes, suffering enormous pain and agony for weeks, while realizing every single second how superior the female sex really is. This would help spreading wokeness. Some girls, as reports say, can’t help it and just smile, when being at the bed of those men, looking them deep in the eyes, while they suffer and die, having to see as their last sight a biologically superior woman, who’s nature is simply beating theirs.
But of course most women in general are compassionate and agree that this is an awful disease, we all feel sorry for men! Poor babies! So we discovered a little something, a sort of natural painkiller for those suffering men, that gives their bodies a bit of the female substance, it is our saliva. It gives men some strength and nurtures them, when they swallow it, it is a pain relief but of course it doesn’t save them and just prolongs their now milder suffering for months, which some consider even more cruel because of that. Many men can’t stand the agony and beg the nurses to given them from their saliva, and the girls spit in their mouth and face every now and then. If the male patients aren’t respectful towards them or stare at their legs the girls just withhold their saliva and let them suffer until they are respectful towards women again, until they cry like babies and beg those girls to spit in their mouth. For men female saliva is now being considered a divine elixir that improves their immune system, their health and biology in general. Although many male patients find it extremely humiliating to get spit on by women and swallow their saliva, after a while of suffering their defensiveness and their male ego is broken and they beg the girls to do this to them. Some mean girls enjoy spitting on men to humiliate them and laugh at their faces, but we should encourage that because of the beneficial effects it has. We really shouldn’t care about men’s egos in this situation. Some lucky men get spit on and swallow women’s saliva the whole day long to reduce their suffering. There is nothing more cute and wonderful, when men show appreciation and thank women every day, every hour for doing this to them and giving them some relief through their own female substance.”
The sexy female reporter couldn’t help it either and giggled: “This male-killing virus is really an unfair treatment used by mother nature to degrade, punish and fight men, as it seems. It shows how absolutely inferior their biology is and how superior women’s nature is. Scientists insist that this must be said and that this isn’t just some feminist propaganda but hard facts that have to be taken under consideration, when future political decisions are being taken.
Our president has already released an executive order that says all males have to be quarantined at their homes immediately. She announced also that men’s lives matter and all women should take special care of the men in their homes from now on. All females should help to keep men at home at all costs even by physical force, while they should provide food and any other care for them, that‘s needed.
A total change of gender roles is necessary, to save our men’s and boy’s lives. Women must be in total charge from now on, to help fight this virus. Almost the entire workforce, the administration, the police and the military will be transitioned to 100% female overnight. For many men this will feel like a coup d'état, a women’s takeover at first. There will be many men that will try to escape, to take power again, or to hide from female supervision, brave masculine freedom fighters! But they really shouldn’t try that, because sooner or later they would be subdued and destroyed by the female forces, that will be many times stronger, more determined, much smarter and better organized. Such an egotistical male freedom will not be tolerated. Men’s true freedom and wellbeing will be guaranteed only under women’s supervision and by women’s decision-making.
She also said that we should prepare, that even after the virus our society wouldn’t return to normal ever again, because women will have become the new protectors and providers and the roles won’t be exchangeable in most cases. But at least men would be allowed to leave the house without female supervision after all this would be over. Most positions of power, most jobs will be transferred now to women’s hands immediately, if they aren’t already held by them. Only some men will keep lower ranking home-office jobs. Females are allowed to live their lives feely and go wherever they want, go on holiday, go to work, keep studying, shopping, partying, while all males must be kept locked at home for at least a year, for their own safety. If the women of the household can’t keep them inside, the police or other female citizens would bring them back and punish them accordingly. But we all assume that most men are reasonable and follow the new rules without back talking, without any hesitation or complaint.
All men’s lives are really in the hands of women, they are at the mercy of their female doctors and politicians, of all women basically. We could let them die, if we want, we already have enough frozen sperm, which men thankfully donated, without knowing that doing that they give women full control over their future existence on this planet, so we can reproduce forever without them. Women can even manipulate the sperm cells genetically to create men as they like them to be, small, hard-working, caring, docile, compliant. So men’s lives belong to women, they should thank us for letting them live, for letting them exist as a gender. We brought them into existence and we get to decide if we take them back, so that’s only fair.
Also after the pandemic they estimate that only 20% of all humans will be males, 80% will be females, the world will be run by women and belong to them. We know that these are very, very tough times for our boys, for our men, we love. They must be very strong and take this, accept this, accept their new place in society, their new role in existence, accept also that this is an emergency situation, created by a force of nature that threatens their existence and will change everything we knew.
Social scientists suggest, that we call this new mutation the ‘Matrona virus’, because of it’s androcidal behavior, it proves the fundamental genetic inferiority of men compared to women and it necessarily reverses gender roles in society completely, it establishes gynarchy, matriarchy so to say, while eliminating male privilege once and for all. They suggest also, that maybe all this isn’t a bad thing, despite it causes so much suffering and humiliation to males, but ‘bad girl’ nature – isn’t she just a bad girl? – seems to be wise here. Women are already being more successful than men in society, while being biologically superior they seem to be smarter too, proving to be better leaders through this crisis. So cruel mom nature seems to have done, what had to be done, what was good and fair in this world, to put men in their place and let girls prevail.” - The young female speaker ended her statement with a wide smile as if she had reported something wonderful that gave her joy.

Richard and Jordan had listened to all of her speech but towards the end they couldn’t catch a single breath anymore. Sara and Cindy were so shocked and excited by the speech that they had forgotten them and were both squeezing their feet around the necks of the two males, scissoring them so hard that they had cut off their blood circulation too. Mother and daughter had actually almost killed father and son with their feet. They hadn’t heard their gagging and begging and couldn’t care less about their struggling under them. Just a few seconds more and they'd have been dead. But to their luck, the girls started to discuss the big news and released the pressure, so that the men just fell unconscious between the girl’s feet as those kept talking about this new male-killing virus, about the changing of society and how to keep their men captive and secure at home. The girls knew there would be a lot of physical fights and it wouldn’t be easy for anybody. But they had already started getting used to keeping their men in line. Sara and Cindy looked down at them lying unconscious under their legs, between their pretty feet.

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