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Default Re: The Matrona Virus. Men are forced to stay home. Family fights begin

Part 5. Mom and son home alone

When Jordan woke up, a dim light reached his eyes but he couldn’t see anything clearly, his body was aching and he felt that his wrists were tied together. He sensed that his mouth was full of some kind of soft cloth. He was gagged and blindfolded on his bed but he felt no other bondages, so his hands removed the fabric that covered his eyes. It was a silky black bra under some pantyhose, probably his mother’s. He smelled her odor. Then he ripped the gag off his mouth that was tied behind his head with some stockings, so tight like reins of a horse. His mouth was stuffed with panties and thongs of his mother and sister, they smelled of perfume and female scent. The girls had gagged him with their used underwear, he thought in rage and anxious embarrassment. He was afraid to think about what had happened, how angry the women could be and how they had humiliated him and still would.
Then he realized that he was covered with a huge pile of dirty female underwear, his mother’s and sister’s panties, nylons, bras, socks, stockings and even leggings were all over him, on his head and hair, covering his body like a thick blanket. His hands were bound together with a black nylon stocking like with tight handcuffs and they had turned slightly blue. Next to his head and on his body were also many high heels that were quite dirty and smelly. Jordan smelled fine leather and the gentle scent of Sara’s and Cindy’s feet all around him. When he turned around, some heels pierced and hurt his back a bit. He cursed and threw all this mess off his bed with his arms and legs, kicking and shoving madly. The girls had just filled up his room with their clothes and shoes! He jumped up, ran to his door but it was locked. This made him feel weak, he started sweating, he didn’t want to be his mother’s and sister’s prisoner, this was enough, he couldn’t allow them to treat him like that!
His phone vibrated and he opened a message from Sara: “Good morning, baby! Your chores for today are to wash our underwear, clean our shoes and tidy up the house in general. A key to your door is somewhere beneath our dirty, girly underwear. Lol. Have fun searching for it, touching and smelling our soft stockings and panties. This will make you think about who is in charge here. Another attempt to get out of the house and you will be tied up more thoroughly and for a longer period of time. – Oh.. and your sister left you a message too, don’t dare to erase it!”
He couldn’t believe this was happening. His room was a big mess, it was like a girl’s room, smelled like it and was filled with smooth clothes and sharp heels, many of the clothes were in girly colors like baby blue, pink or purple which made him feel even more humiliated than he already was. Suddenly he saw into the mirror. On his forehead was written with pink lipstick: “Girls rule”. On his breast that was naked were pink letters also: “I’m your bitch”.
He wanted to wash it off immediately but was indeed afraid of further punishment, so he decided to do the other things first and free his hands, if he could. But he soon gave up that idea. The nylon was too strong for him. He started searching for the keys and got stuck inside all the sexy clothes he had to touch, all the smooth pantyhose, hot thongs, stockings, lingerie, spandex leggings, yoga pants and bras that surrounded him and almost covered him totally. He felt entangled and captured by them, by the feminine smell and fabric, like being sucked up and swallowed by a spider’s web or in engulfing sweet smelling quick sand. He felt a little bit helpless, overwhelmed and humbled. And he couldn’t help it being aroused by his sister’s and mother’s sensual underwear and heels which made him feel even more at their mercy. After what felt like an hour he found the key but it slipped from his bound hands and fell into the pile of clothes and he had to dig into them again. It was as if the masses of underwear had sucked it up and didn’t want to give him his freedom. He felt a bit like fighting against a female monster, a lamia or hydra with infinite heads, arms, legs and tentacles.

When he succeeded, he rushed to open the door and started the degrading chores, gathered it up and started washing the girl’s underwear in the bathroom. When he was almost finished, he paused while holding a girly smelling thong and some pantyhose in his hands. He couldn’t resist any longer and started kissing and sniffing them, he pressed the worn underwear against his face and rubbed it inside his pants. He felt so humiliated that all this used female clothes were touching him and that the women’s smell covered him. - After that he started cleaning their shoes. Here it happened also. Jordan couldn’t handle so sexy high heels and when he touched some of Cindy’s and Sara’s hottest shoes, he forgot all hygiene rules and pressed them against his naked crotch and even kissed and licked their dirty soles. They had so much power over him. They could even make him being that careless. Kissing his sister’s and mother’s heels made him feel so embarrassed that he hated himself, while he kept licking the dirty soles.

When the girls returned, he had done all his chores and was sitting on the sofa like a beaten, demoralized dog. They greeted him and Sara kissed him when she saw how docile he was and how well he had cleaned and tidied up their stuff. “You are such a good little boy!” She said petting his head. “Please remove those nylons from my wrists, they are hurting me a lot,” Jordan said, “and I want to wash this crap off my face and breast that Cindy wrote on me.” – “Well baby, this suits you just fine. It will teach you a lesson. We will think about it in some days, maybe we allow it,” Sara answered. He was devastated. He just stared at their nylon covered feet in heels that were in front of him and felt ashamed and aroused at the same time. “Did it hurt your male ego well that you had to clean our dirty underwear and heels all day? You can continue with these freshly worn.” Cindy giggled, took off her heels and pantyhose and threw them on Jordan. Sara did likewise. Nylons and heels were again all over him. He did what they told him to do.

For three days he had to endure the wrist pain and humiliation like a stigmatized prisoner, then they released his hands after they had taken his room’s key away from him again. Every evening he had to lie on the carpet under their legs while they were watching TV as a punishment for his past escape attempts. Sara placed her feet on his face most of the time and Cindy on his crotch, sometimes they hurt him when they were wearing heels. He didn’t know what hurt him more, his mother’s heels on his face while his sister’s were pressing down his crotch and stomach or the other way round, Cindy’s heels in his face and Sara’s heels hurting his manhood. He still felt too weak to react. Every night he was in bed they locked his door to his room and he had to knock early in the morning so that they would release him before they went to work. Sometimes they let him locked in his room the whole day or they just forgot him.

In the meantime he thought seriously about his condition again and about what his father could be doing. When he felt fitter he decided to make another escape attempt but he really was too afraid to fight his sister and his mother together. Although he knew, if he trained a bit he was stronger than both of them. They just had tricked him last times, and his hands had been already tied. Otherwise he would probably beat both of them. But he couldn’t fend off the feeling of being alone in the women’s hands, left at their mercy.

So he hesitated for many days until one evening his sister left to meet a friend and he was alone with his mother. If he had any chance to flee while maybe having to win a fight just against his mother, this was the day. He would do the same thing as before, sneak into her room, get the keys and try to get out of the house without fighting if possible. But he felt confident that he could beat his mother in a one on one struggle, if there was no other way. If both women would leave they would take the keys with them, so if one would stay home it was the best opportunity for him. He hated to admit it, but in his current condition against both girls together he hadn’t the slightest chance.

Alone with Sara it was a rather pleasant evening, she cooked for him and really wanted to set aside their anger. They also talked about Richard and she said that she was sure he would be found and brought back by the police. He would be punished one way or the other, but she would understand his rage and his irrational but natural decision to escape. She pointed out though, that he escaped out of pure luck and because the girls hadn’t taken the fight seriously enough. If they had, the men wouldn’t have had the slightest chance. Sara reminded Jordan of all the holds they had put them in, the beating they had given them and that even on their own the girls each had held both of them between their legs. Her words humbled him and made him feel quite a bit helpless.

After that they played chess again and some video games. His mother just kicked his ass as always and wiped the floor with him in every single game. He felt, as if she was kicking his mental manhood for hours. Sara hugged him afterwards, stroked his head and said compassionately: “Aww… Just accept that your mother is way smarter than you, baby. I’m a woman and women are superior to men. Mothers can always beat their sons, if they really want...” She whispered and licked his ear in a seductive and dominant way. He felt comforted and humiliated by her at the same time. Her gentle and superior attitude made his determination to fight and escape weaker with every minute. She had managed to make him feel like her weak and protected little boy again. “So just give up and let me play alone and break some more of your puny records. You must be tired, come here and lay down next to me on the couch.” She pointed her finger next to her right thigh assertively. He really felt mentally exhausted and on the other he wanted to do what she said, not to make her angry or suspicious. But it was also her tone and the fact that she was beating him in so many things that made him submit to her almost willingly.
He wanted to wait for the right moment until she would go the bathroom one last time. - Sara on the other hand knew every one of his thoughts and had decided to play with him… She was a bit concerned about having to fight him though, so she wanted to weaken and demoralize him even by comforting him the whole evening. She was wearing soft sporty leggings. Suddenly she raised her butt a bit, moved to the side and sat straight on her son’s face pressing his cheek down. She covered his whole head that disappeared totally under her fit, motherly butt, as if she had beheaded him or as if her ass had swallowed his head that had sunken deep into the pillow. He struggled with all the strength he had, his arms and legs flailed and kicked around but he couldn’t free himself. “That’s the punishment for losing to your mother again, baby.” Sara laughed. “Stop struggling and just take deep breaths every time I let you. How does it feel that my butt controls your breath, your life now?” She kept him there for a whole hour sitting on his face. He was really fighting and breathing for his life through the soft fabric that smothered him while he had to smell female scent and sexy perfume all the time. After that he felt so faint and dizzy that he almost had given up his plans to escape. Sara knew she had succeeded. She felt good having her own son all for herself.

Then she stood up, turned around and put her foot right in her son’s face: “This is where your place is, baby, under your mom’s butt and feet. Being under your mother is the safest place on earth. Just stay there, get used to it and relax. I will prepare myself to go have a hot night out. You should go to bed early.” Jordan had grabbed her strong calf but couldn’t move her foot an inch until she walked away. Although he had been used to it, it hurt his feelings every time Sara humbled him like that, but he couldn’t deny that she also made him feel safe and warm that way… She knew exactly how to handle him.

When he heard her closing the door to her room he also went to get dressed, pick some necessary things quickly and try to get the keys to get out. He would search in her purse and in her dressers, while she was in the bathroom. He even prepared some ropes he found in the kitchen for the worst case, if he’d have to fight her and tie her up before she could leave. “When I’m dressed, I want you to be in bed! I will lock your door from outside before I leave so if you need to go to the bathroom, do it now!” Sara yelled. Again he felt like a little child. Her words took all his confidence and will away as always. He almost wanted to do what she told him. He was shocked what power her words had over him.

After a while she entered the bathroom. Jordan put the rope into his small backpack along with a few clothes and sneaked into his mother’s bedroom. He looked everywhere, in her dressers and drawers. It took him a lot of time searching between her heels and underwear at first because he thought she would have hidden them the way his sister had, but secondly the smooth nylon of Sara’s underwear as well as her hot, sweet of perfume smelling heels had captured his brain. He forgot that he should hurry up and bewitched started to kiss his mother’s high heels, then one of her pantyhose. He even thought about cancelling his plans to be able to stay close to her and her arousing clothes. - He would have easily sold his freedom for the arousal that such an enormous amount of hypersexual femininity, which his mother and sister had embraced lately, did to him. Both girls knew of course what they were doing to him and how much power they had over him dressing that sexy. Jordan thought for a minute about sacrificing his freedom for Sara’s nylons. He wanted to take them to bed with him, being close to her heels all day when she wasn’t around. The girls would just take care of him for the rest of his life. His male ego would get used to it maybe. Sara had already captured him without moving a muscle as it seemed. He wanted to give up his freedom for a piece of nylon, for the daily view of some hot female legs! He sniffed the smooth fabric trying to think about other women but in his mind circulated only images of Sara and Cindy, of their gorgeous legs, feet, their butts and tits. He lost time until it was too late. Sara knew that she would trap him and catch him in her room that way.

When he lowered the nylon from his face his mother was standing in front of him at the door. She looked incredibly sexy, in a black and purple tight dress, black pantyhose and plateau high heels, stunning make up, ready for a great night out. She looked at him with pity in her eyes that pierced through him. “You love my nylons, don’t you? Are you addicted to them? Did I do that to you? Is it too much for you, having to wash them every day, baby? Your sister and I know how weak this makes you. We have made your mind muddy and foggy all that time on purpose. Don’t you prefer to stay here forever and never go out again? I hope you don’t want your keys anymore. Just keep my pantyhose for yourself. They will make sure that you are stuck with them and don’t go anywhere. They will make you feel good, baby, pacified and calm.”- “Sorry, mom, I…just forgot some of your panties, that I had washed, outside.” He mumbled. But she took her purse, pulled his keys out and held them up. “Or did you look for these at first? I take them with me of course.” She held up the keys and put them back into her purse again. “Would you love to be locked in my bedroom for tonight? With all my heels and stockings - all for yourself? You don’t need freedom, baby… Just keep sniffing my underwear and lick my shoes forever like a dumb little boy you are. Put your manhood inside my worn underwear every day, because there it belongs, it’s mine.”

After some enchanting seconds Jordan suddenly found his determination again and charged at her. “Never! You won’t take my freedom from me! I’ll show you what it means to be a man and to put the woman in her place! I will tie you up to show you how it is to be captured, as you have done to me! And then I will be free and fuckin’ leave!” With sudden power he pulled her inside and threw her on the bed, shut the door and took the rope out of his backpack. When he approached her though, she pulled back her legs and extended them forcefully so that her heels crushed into his stomach and chest. He fell on the floor and winced in pain. He wasn’t sure, whether he should first get the keys or try to immobilize her, maybe just lock her in the room. Jordan made an attempt to reach Sara’s purse and threw the ropes down. When she saw that she attacked him grabbing his arm. She had put him immediately into an arm lock. It felt as if she would break his left arm in seconds. Jordan screamed as fear rose up in him, but quickly made some steps back so that they fell on the bed and she lost her grip. He turned around, grabbed her hands and quickly pushed her down. Being on top of her he was almost pinning her arms now. “Your sneaky holds from behind won’t help you! I’m stronger and I’m the man!” Jordan hissed.

Now had come the time for revenge and finally for freedom. Right before Christmas he had made another attempt to escape the house, Sara and Cindy had finally overwhelmed him, although he had planned his fight and flight night well. He had done what he could and given everything but the girls had just been too much for him. Their two female bodies had wrestled him down and immobilized him with their bare hands and legs. They had tied him up for good in the end and left him that way for the whole Christmas season until New Year. He was placed in bondage under the Christmas tree while the girls were having fun, opening theirs as well as his presents, like Sara had promised they would, in case he’d misbehave. They were laughing, stroking his head and cheeks all day, feeding and washing him when they had to. He was being gagged every time he would raise his voice to complain. This had been a traumatically humiliating experience for him. And now he had the chance to turn the tables. If he, a grown-up man, wouldn’t be able to beat his own mother alone, what a man was he?

But Sara wasn’t really impressed. She smiled in his face waiting for him to decide what to do next. He struggled to think of something. Jordan could sense how much more intelligent his mother was than him by seeing her self-confidence in her eyes. If he tried to get the keys or the ropes she would catch him and he would lose his superior position. He knew she knew that. Although he was on top, it was as if she had still the upper hand. When he started threatening her, it sounded more like begging: “You see I’m stronger, I beat you, so just let me out, stop holding me like a captive, I’m not your prisoner! You can’t do that, you can’t humiliate me like that! You girls can’t treat me like that! I’m not your pet!” – “Oh baby, I’m sorry, but I guess we can.” She answered with a mild smile, “you don’t have to look at it that way, you’re not our pet, silly. Although it sounds so sweet and funny. I’m afraid you are our pet for now. We have to treat you like that. Sorry baby. And we can treat you like that, as you see. - How long do you think you can stay in that position you are? You know deep inside that you can’t handle me.”
Jordan was sitting on her pinning her hands down next to her head. Suddenly her fingers started pressing against his hands, her polished nails cut into his skin like knives. Jordan yelped, he couldn’t do anything to avoid this pain she caused him. “Aww, my long nails hurt you? Where is the strong man now? Let me give you a kiss, baby.” She lifted her head and reached his sighing mouth, kissed it passionately and immediately bit into his lower lip. He let out a suppressed scream. Her teeth were digging painfully into his flesh and skin, while her hands and fingers were crushing his hands even more ferociously. There was blood on his hands and lips. He squealed and his eyes filled with water but he didn’t let go of his hold yet, he really couldn’t, even if he wanted now.
Then Sara opened her mouth a bit and her teeth grabbed his desperate tongue too, which she bit and held captive along with his lip. He made a gargling sound and started breathing heavily. He was panicking. He felt like being caught by a wild lioness that was about to kill her prey with her claws and sharp teeth and eat it. Sara sank her teeth also into his upper lip now and held him there helplessly. It was as if she was starting to eat his face, eat him alive, her mouth dug into his, she bit into his cheek also and held on to it. Jordan let out a scream of horror. He wanted to grab her head and open her jaw but her hands and nails held him. She was the one in charge despite she was physically under him still. He tried to move his head and body but her painful bite didn’t let him move much. She also shook her head and applied more painful pressure with her teeth while in the meantime her legs had closed around his waist to keep him in place, squeezing him tightly and painfully, until he got motionless as if he had given up, a dying prey. He wept silently. His cheek was bleeding too now.
Then suddenly Sara let go of his face and forced her teeth into his throat, crushing his windpipe. Her son had never felt like that, like caught, helpless herd animals feel when they are being killed by predator snakes or cats. It was incredible how awe-stricken he was of his own mother who was showing her savage, feline nature to him. She let go of his hands and he tried to open her jaw but without success. Sara just continued to bite him in different parts of his body, she bit into the side of his neck for a while, scratching his face with her long nails viciously, then closed her mouth over his ear and almost tore it off with her teeth making wild growling noises. It bled and she was almost in a blood rage as her lips were even redder than before from the blood of her own son.
After that she took his right hand and bit into one of his fingers. Her own long fingers closed around his neck and started strangulating him. Jordan’s left hand tried to pull her hands away and force her jaw back, but it was useless. It was strong like a hyena’s. He gagged and his tongue came out, he turned blue, his eyes were pleading her to stop. He looked like a red and purple bloody mess. Sara giggled, released his finger and licked his face from top to bottom, kissing his lips and small wounds she had caused. “Oh I love you so much, baby, I could just eat you up and take you inside of me again! - Get me those ropes and just let me tie you up without resisting anymore now, so I don’t hurt you for real…” Her voice was cold and decisive but also comforting in a way. “Let me have my way with you and don’t resist ever again or I will hurt you so much you can’t comprehend. And after that you will thank me.” She gave him a hard push and threw him to the ground. For a moment she had demoralized him so much that he gladly wanted to do as she said, giving up completely, humiliating, submitting himself totally to her. Sara knew though that he would possibly attack her again: ‘I have hurt and scared him so much, it won’t be that difficult for me to beat him again. His upper body isn’t really much stronger than mine, as I felt. I really want to play with him, hurt and degrade him even further, so that he learns his lesson,’ she thought.
When he lifted up the ropes Sara had stood up. She looked at him as he came closer and suddenly kicked him in the guts, her leg in black nylons and her hard heel crashed into him, he went into fetal position and Sara’s heel pressed his hurt face to the ground, giving it even more marks to remember. Then her shin lowered onto his neck while she grabbed the ropes herself now.
“Out there you could die, you know that?! Either you’ll starve or the Matrona virus will kill you. I am your mother, so I won’t let that happen. I am the matron inside these walls and I will protect my son even if I have to hurt him. You want the mother-virus outside to torment and kill you, or your real mother to protect you, even if she has to hurt, to punish and to restrain you? You have no say here. Embrace your mother and submit to her. Just let me tie you up, baby, so I won’t have to hurt you a lot.”
But Jordan didn’t let go. He felt her leg in the soft pantyhose kneeling on him and didn’t want to be tied up by his own mother, not again. With a surge of strength he pulled her to the side so that she lost balance and he could get on all fours. Now the ropes were in his hands and she next to him on the floor.

He gathered his senses and charged. He could push her down, get her wrist under his knee and pull the rope completely out of her hand. But Sara grabbed his throat and choked him again until he released her hand to free himself. She caught his wrists, pulled her one leg to her chest and extended it, pressing her heel into his stomach while holding him close to her. He screamed once again, Sara’s heel was crushing his guts painfully and even his crotch with the incredible strength of her leg. “You had enough?” She hissed. But he could free his hands eventually, when she started kicking him as they both were on the ground, having him captured in the corner next to the bed. He did everything to protect himself from her heels with his arms, crying desperately. He felt like being under the hooves of a wild, kicking horse, a strong mare. Some kicks hit his face also. Her hot plateau heels were real weapons. They caught his head and made him feel dizzy. “Mom…please! Your legs are so strong. Your heels could kill me!” He winced. Soon he could be knocked out, he thought, or even die by a head injury. She would kick him to a pulp, tie him up and then just go having a fun girly night out. This imagination made him feel sick and angry deep inside, angry at nature for making him weaker than his mother and angry at her for hurting and humiliating him, her own son, so much. Sara sensed that and forced one of her heels onto his throat, holding him there immobilized, strangling him with just one foot. He grabbed her soft but tightening nylon calf and ankle but couldn’t do anything. She smiled, watched him squirm and his struggles cease as she pushed her other heel against his manhood. “Don’t make your mother torture your testicles, baby,” her expression became more serious, “there are levels of pain and fear you have never experienced... You would beg me to take your life. You would detest the day I gave birth to you, the day you came out of my pink, wet pussy, baby.” Slowly the pain in his manhood rose, he got sweaty, trembled, screamed and finally gave up. “Please, mom, I do anything you want…” – “Hold your wrists up, so I can bind them together!” She took the rope while nailing him with her eyes - which pierced into him even more powerfully than her heels. Obediently he raised his hands. She had made him let her tie him up voluntarily. This was deeply humiliating.

But when she reached forward to do so, he reacted in the split of a second changing his mind. He grabbed her wrists, jumped towards her and landed surprisingly on top of her again. In blind anxiety and rage he started tying her hands together over her head, although she was still holding an end of the rope, and he even succeeded! The women of his family really had made him underestimate his strength all that time. But it was mostly fear that drove him now, fear of his own mother. Sara was a bit shocked that the tables had turned so fast. When Jordan tried to tie up her legs, her knee hit his chin and made him shy away from them. He bound her arms quickly to her body thinking it was enough and went to get the house keys to get out as fast as possible. But when he got up, Sara used her legs to make Jordan trip and fall down again.
As he wanted to continue, her feet clung to his ankles and legs and held him back. He had to use his hands and his whole body now to break free, but as he bended down, Sara’s feet swung around his neck crosswise and brought him choking to the floor. He felt her heels and the nylons on her feet squeezing his neck and throat. Her feet basically controlled his whole free body now. He knew this was dangerous. If she could get his head between her legs it was over, even like that it seemed to be over soon... He pulled with all his strength but Sara’s grip was too tight, he felt light headed and fell to the floor. She quickly moved forward and put his neck into a tight leg scissor between her thighs. – He was desperate, it was over! He had no chance now, especially if she would find a way to free her hands. This was so humiliating, even with tied hands she was overpowering him easily… Sara squeezed and immediately he went out.
When he woke up after some seconds he saw her in front of him. Her legs were around his lower chest, she was waiting for him to open his eyes. Then she started crushing his ribs... He wanted to die. His ribcage seemed to give in any second, his lungs burned and he screamed. For about five minutes she tortured him with her legs, compressed his midsection again and again, she kept high pressure up for most of the time. Her leg muscles felt like a garbage crushing machine that slowly but steadily was grinding him to pieces. He moved and tried everything but got weaker and weaker. – “Free my hands now, or, I swear, I’ll send you to hospital for a long time with broken bones and damaged organs that will cause you pain for months and problems for the rest of your life.” Sara’s calm but evil voice raped his ears and soul. He was incredibly afraid of her at that point. She had already caused him so much pain and was able to overwhelm him even with bound arms. The silky nylons of her legs were squeezing his midsection and didn’t allow him to breathe anymore. He quickly freed his mother’s arms and watched how she started to tie his own hands up. ‘No!’ He thought and panicked, ‘it can’t be over!’ She tied the rope at first around one of his wrists and before she could immobilize it together with the other one, he started twisting and struggling between her legs, flailing with his arms. He surprised her when his hand pulled her hair forcefully backwards that she released the pressure of her legs for some seconds. Jordan could escape, he crawled away and both stood up.

They faced each other while Sara was towering over him in her high heels. Then Jordan did something crazy and so risky that she hadn’t seen that coming. He charged at her feet, embraced them, while she fell down, and he got the other rope that was next to them. In seconds he had tied her dangerous legs together. ‘That’s it,’ he thought, ‘I got the most dangerous part of her body immobilized!’ But he had underestimated her as always. She swung her bound legs over him, over his neck and grabbed his one arm, pulling it painfully towards her, applying a leg bar. After she had inflicted him a huge amount of pain she released her hold to continue tying up his wrists while holding him down with her legs.
Her hot legs in black pantyhose were over his chest and their weight alone was too much for him to get up. “Let’s see whose arms are stronger finally,” Sara said. Jordan couldn’t believe it that he wasn’t able to beat her in a direct test of strength, he felt fatigued and weak after all that had happened. His arms pushed and fought against hers. But her arms seemed to be stronger. She slowly forced his hands together while he couldn’t do anything and she started tying them up again while even holding both of his wrists in one hand for some seconds. His own mother’s arms were stronger than his.

In desperation he hit her head brutally with his forehead so that she let go with a sigh. She recovered fast while Jordan seemed to have been hurt more by this blow, which made her smile. As he had turned half way around and out of her hold, she climbed on top of his back, forced him down and again began binding his hands together behind his back pushing his head down with her heels and feet. He squirmed but it was of no use. Now she had him. But as she was over him he felt her long hair and quickly grabbed a hand full of it. He pulled so hard she screamed and he made her release his hands after a while again.
As he didn’t stop pulling, she grabbed his wrist with one hand, piercing her nails into it while her other pulled his head back from the ground forcing her nails into his eyes until he let go, crying in pain. Instead of attacking him then, she sat on his head, pressing his face down and tried to free her feet, which was quite easy for her strong and quick fingers. Immediately she put his head in a figure four hold and his senses faded away, he just felt her crushing, tender nyloned legs cutting off every hope he had to be free again. Having his arm there in between he still could breathe a bit and some drops of blood still reached his brain, so he struggled a bit. He kept moving weakly between his mother’s legs while she was squeezing and shaking him relentlessly. She wanted to squeeze all of his strength and determination out of him once and for all. She wanted to break him slowly but thoroughly. It was much worse than a quick knock out, her legs gradually demoralized him, forced his life out of him, and she knew that. It was as if she was slowly ripping his head off. She looked into his weak, broken eyes with a smile.

Sara released him and he went limp. She stood up and looked down.
After a minute Jordan seemed to regain some power again. Still dizzy he grabbed her ankles to throw her down but she giggled, stepped on his face with her heel, forced his cheek down and said: “You don’t know how strong the forces under a woman’s high heels are. It’s physics. I could break your skull, baby, I could force this thin, sexy heel into your eyes or just anywhere through your head into your brain. Would you like that? Always fear a woman’s heels. Would you like to be killed by your own mother’s feet and high heels? Or would it be too humiliating for you? I could do it by stepping on you by accident! What an embarrassing, degrading death for a man! I really would prefer to end your life myself that letting this virus kill you painfully, baby. You belong to me, you are my child, my property. I will protect you and decide what to do with you. No one else will. So beware, I might have to kill you, rather than letting this bitch virus get you. Don’t make me having to kill you, my own son, out of mercy with my bare hands. Or would you prefer my legs, my feet, my heels taking your poor life? Well, if that moment comes, you can decide how you’d want it.” At that moment he began fearing for his life. If she hadn’t another way to prevent him from getting out or if this virus would become too dangerous, his own mother could try to kill him out of mercy. Sara giggled and slipped her feet around his neck, strangulating him standing, while still looking down at him amused, with her hands at her hips. Only her feet were holding him in check now, there was nothing he could do. Before he blacked out he started kissing them and begged her to stop. Sara’s feet in those sexy heels and her legs in those black sheer pantyhose were so incredibly beautiful, strong and hot, that he felt a rush of humiliation realizing that he was weaker than them. “Please, don’t kill me, mom, I’d rather live under yours and Cindy’s supervision forever, even if you keep me tied and locked up for the rest of my whole life. You can hurt and humiliate me every day, but please, don’t kill me.” He begged. She put the dirty soles of her heels on his mouth and he kissed them also. Then she stepped back.

Sara made the mistake though not to tie him up now that she could, but just enjoyed the moment of breaking her son, wanting to make him feel and accept his inferiority, to make him obedient for the future. She turned to the mirror fixed her hair and makeup. Her phone rang and Jordan heard her saying: “Oh everything’s fine. I just had to kick your brother’s ass again. He is down. I beat him so much he kissed my heels. I will be done with him soon, I’ll break him a bit more, tie him up nice and tight, put him in my closet and come and join you girls. Oh no, I won’t hesitate sending him to the hospital, if he keeps resisting. But I think it won’t be necessary. I even threatened to kill him, if he continues to be annoying! The last way for a mommy to protect her weak child from suffering is to kill it mercifully, right? Hahah, yeah you should have seen the look in his face. I love it, when he is so afraid of me, like he was so often when he was a little child. - What? All right, I’ll give him a good beating from you and Jenna too! Haha! I’ll break him once and for all. Bye, darling.” Her words filled him with more fear and embarrassment. She turned around and made some photos of him lying there with his abused face while hers looked perfect and ready for a night out. Smilingly she sent the pics to Cindy and Jenna.

In the meantime Jordan cleaned his face from her lipstick that was everywhere and from his blood with her bedsheets. Then suddenly he jumped up and took her in a head lock from behind. She reacted quickly looking into the mirror, grabbing his head and sticking her red lipstick right into his eye. He screamed and relaxed his grip. - Was everything feminine, skillfully used by a woman, a weapon in her hands...? He couldn’t believe that even her lipstick could hurt him that much, his left eye was burning. He adjusted his hold to a bear hug, lifted her up and threw her on the bed, then he tried to get rid of the red, biting color in his eye. Sara grabbed a rope quickly, jumped up, wrapped it around his neck and pulled him back. Jordan stumbled backwards, fell to the floor but she dragged him with her and with all her strength pulled him onto the bed like a ragdoll. He grabbed her wrists behind him but to his shock couldn’t force Sara to release her grip. She laughed when she again sensed that her arms were stronger than his at that moment. She had him right between her thighs and locked her ankles around his chest. He saw her dark calves, her feet and heels being locked in front of him and felt the rising pressure of her soft, nyloned legs like stiffening concrete engulfing him. His midsection again got pressed like being in a machine that crushes cars and a squealing sound came out of his mouth, which turned silent after a while and stayed wide open for minutes. He couldn’t take the smallest breath having his lungs and his throat squeezed as if they were jelly.
After she had enough she released his neck and softened her leg hold to start tying him up but when he sensed that, his survival instincts kicked in. He turned around and forced her on her back, this time keeping his head in a safe distance from her mouth. He put her one arm under his knee and started slapping her brutally. Now she should pay! “I got you, bitch!” Now he was the one binding her hands together again, watching her straight in the eyes.
But she did something unexpected, seemingly insignificant. She spit in his face, in his eye that still burned from her lipstick. Jordan moved back for a second, wiped it off, but this was enough for Sara to catch his neck with her leg from behind and bring him down for good. Her thighs closed around his head and held him easily so that she had enough time to get her agile, female hands out of the sloppy knot.
With the same rope she started tying Jordan’s feet and legs together. He kicked around at first, but when she had both ankles in her hands he couldn’t do much. He was weakened by the head scissor his mom applied and even his legs weren’t able to resist Sara’s arms. It was as if her arms were stronger than his legs, she could easily keep them under control. He had to feel helplessly how she tied up his legs while he was getting dizzier with every minute. “Never call your mother ‘bitch’ again,” she hissed with a threatening but hot voice.
Then she released his head, turned to him and pinned his arms down. He took a deep breath and started to fight again but couldn’t raise her hands at all. “My little baby has a tantrum?” Sara mocked him. “Shall mommy give you her boobies to suck and put you to sleep?” She leaned forward and pressed her big firm breasts into his face denying him his right to breathe completely. He squealed into her breasts as if he was in terrible pain, his lungs burned, his head was shaking. Sara’s boobs slipped out of her tight dress and she pressed them even better onto his mouth, cheeks and nose. He didn’t want to die accidentally by his own mother’s tits! What an embarrassing death this would be. But his mother just put him to sleep at her breast, as she had done when he was a little baby.

She quickly got up and reached for the second rope but Jordan woke up again. Before he could move away, Sara had turned towards him. The fingers of her right hand slipped around his throat squeezing tightly while her other hand tried to shut his mouth and nose. He was determined and had also grabbed her neck with both hands. He was sure she would give up first as he thought that his grip was stronger. She couldn’t really shut both his mouth and nose all too well and felt her air and blood supply being reduced already. Then her fingers closed his nostrils tightly and she lowered her lips over her sons, kissing them, shutting them with her own big, fleshy and red painted lips. With her tongue she reached for his one and bit it, as she had done before, holding it tightly with her sharp teeth. He made some gurgling noises again and wasn’t able to breath anymore. Sara’s deadly kiss had shut his mouth for good. His trembling eyes looked into hers in horror. Her focused eyes looked into his in a dark, sexy and superior way. She was winning, Jordan’s arms got weaker and fell to the sides as she suffocated him and proved to be the stronger and more enduring one in a direct fight.

In his despair he remembered his survival trick though and played dead, fainted. It was so embarrassing for him to having to play the dead little animal, as if his mother was a huge, dangerous predator that was way superior, which was actually the case. When she turned away he grabbed her hair again and even locked her arm on her back. He made her free him from his bondages once again. But when he quickly tried to tie her arms on her back, her one hand slipped into his trousers and her fingers closed around his balls... She pressed with all of her strength and Jordan let out a scream that turned into a squealing and weeping very quickly. The immeasurable pain cut off his breath and made him fall to his knees. “Please, mom…! No…! Help…!” He was out of his mind. It was as if she had liquidated his manhood, he felt like being completely in her hand. And he was afraid he could die from the pain shock his brain had to endure. Sara knew she had caused him new levels of pain he had never experienced and wanted to watch him suffer and comprehend this new feeling of his male ego being crushed by a female hand. She let him fall down and sat back on the bed, smiling and witnessing his suffering and trembling for many minutes. He was on the floor in fetal position looking at her legs now and then. In his eyes were pure pain, fear and humiliation, while she smiled superior, giggled in a girly way and crossed her long, sexy legs. “Had enough?” She dangled her heel.

But the biggest amount of pain ceased eventually and with superhuman effort Jordan stood up again to face her. “Wow, that’s my strong little son!” Sara said with a degrading tone. He tried to fight the pain and fear and think only of his freedom. He had to win. He was the man. He would be ashamed for the rest of his life, if his mother would have beaten him. Stumbling forward he gathered his upper body strength and began striking Sara’s face with punches. She evaded the first one, the second one hit her with medium force and she yelled, made a step backwards. Responding quickly she kicked her son with her heel into his stomach twice. He bent over and managed to make some steps back. Her kicks were terribly strong as she continued kicking him to the sides, he almost fell down and winced. Finally, after he had defended some of her side kicks, she gave him a hard kick straight to his manhood that made him double over and fall to the floor, breathing fast and squealing like a child.
After a while he slowly got back up with wrath, because he started to feel weaker than her, even in a manly fist and kick boxing fight. His hands were lower now to defend his midsection and his crotch from her savage kicks. Sara recognized that and in a split of a second tried something she had never done. She knew she had to be quick, precise and strong. She leaned back a bit and her right leg swung high up. Jordan felt her hard foot with the heavy heel crushing his head from the side sending him down again immediately. The pain was excruciating, he lay motionlessly, seeing stars, almost fainting. Sara was laughing her ass off. “Well, my legs are stronger than your whole body, that’s for sure,” she giggled.

After couple of minutes Jordan was back up, although unstable on his feet but attacking again. He could land some punches at Sara’s shoulders and the side of her head which made her sigh and stumble backwards. Jordan thought he was gaining advantage but she hadn’t tried to punch back, not knowing exactly how and not trusting her strength and dexterity enough. She watched how her son was doing it, how he tried to get through her rather unskilled, but tough defense, and decided to try some fist fight herself. She couldn’t really do much with her legs because he had come too close and was curious if she could take him with her female fists. Sara knew it would take her arm’s entire strength and speed to strike at least somehow effectively, and because Jordan didn’t think about having to defend himself, she surprised him with two swift punches flying between his slower ones, a strike to his eye and a quasi-uppercut. Jordan immediately made a step back… and collapsed. He hadn’t seen that coming. His head was ringing and stinging and she smiled over him. “Where is the strong man now?” She giggled. “Does it take two blows from his mother to bring him down? How cute!”

He immediately stood up again, his pride hurt much more than his body now. “How tough you are! Look, baby, see our arms, compare them.” Sara held her right arm in front of him. Indeed it was a bit more toned and thicker than his, although still very womanly and creamy from outside. “My arms are stronger than yours. Look, yours are so thin! Didn’t your mommy feed you enough? Hahah.. But you work out, don’t you, to prepare for your escape? Seems that my aerobic and women’s fitness exercises have made me outperform you, have made me stronger than you.” Humiliated Jordan grabbed her hands to show her his strength but she forced him back after a while and even threw him to the ground! “Just accept it, baby.” She said sensually as he slowly got up again.
The rest of his blows that he tried on her, Sara could evade or fend off with her arms, although they hurt her quite a bit. She was fast, duck often and delivered many weaker punches to his face, because she still had less experience, but standing taller than him in her heels gave her an advantage. Her girly, untrained punches made him weaker though as time went by, his defense got worse and she started to hit harder again. It was, as if she was gaining strength and self-confidence while he lost more and more. Soon he was basically ducking as her fists hailed onto him mercilessly. Her lips were grinning widely, she giggled and the terrible feeling of being finally defeated and humiliated by his mother in a fistfight ran through Jordan’s mind.
She hurt him so much, her fists made his whole face burn and bleed, he was seeing stars. Then she gave him the final brutal punch to the side of his head that sent him down limp.
He was shaking and gurgling, spitting blood at her feet. She put her heel on his decimated face and asked: “Had enough, my little boy?” Under her heel now he felt degraded by her as he had never felt before. He saw her pulling back her foot slowly... It was the most beautiful sight of his life, her strong, delicate foot in those black nylons, in those heels, was perfect and superior. This pretty foot suddenly crushed with all the force of Sara’s leg into his face. She pulled it back couple of times and kicked his face and head as he was on the floor with basically all of her strength. He couldn’t even scream from so much pain, he thought his skull and jaw were going to break. He feared for his life. She even applied more strength and started kicking and stomping on his face with the sole of her heel while moaning in satisfaction of having won. Then she stepped on his head so brutally that he thought his skull would pop, she even put her shoe forcefully into his mouth, making him gag. She started kicking the rest of his body that was on the floor trembling until he was crying.
After a while she grabbed his hand, lifted him up on his shaking knees and held him there, looking into his eyes. “Look here, baby, look at me.” Sara held his hands high up and suddenly kneed him straight between his legs... She didn’t let him fall down and just started kicking him in the balls and as he sank down, every time she raised him up again giggling like a girl. He screamed and cried like a small child that couldn’t go anywhere. She let him fall down eventually and he crawled away like a beaten dog to the corner of the room to get away from her, wincing in pain.

With a wide smile she watched him searching for the exit door. She stepped near him. Jordan hadn’t a clear vision anymore. Sara spread her legs and he crawled between them, looking for a way out. Then she simply closed them and he was trapped, his head was between her calves and heels. She tightened her hold and he couldn’t move any further. He choked and his hands made feeble attempts to free himself. He even got up a bit but only so that his neck would be in a tighter hold between her strong thighs. “Aww.. wanting to escape from your mom? Wanting to run away, are you afraid of your own mommy? Come here baby.” She kneeled down next to him, keeping his head between her soft calves.
She took the ropes a final time and bound his feet and his hands together. As he felt that, he made his last attempt to fight back. His whole body was shaking and his arms and legs flailed about, until Sara had gotten and immobilized them for good. His arm had given an unexpected last fight. Before she could tie the knot tightly, Jordan’s right arm had escaped again, hitting her chest and grabbing her wrist, but not doing much more. “Let me squeeze you one more time,” Sara said, “I have to squeeze the last drop of manhood and power out of you.” She grabbed his torso, lifted it a bit and took her son between her legs, his midsection between her thighs. She looked him in the weak eyes and started squeezing him. He released her wrist and looked helplessly into her eyes. She saw how much pain, fear and humiliation were in his mind, how much his eyes begged her to stop, to finish him once and for all, to free him from the pain she was causing him so effortlessly. Without breaking eye contact she tied his arms tightly together, gave him some minutes of pure torment between her squeezing legs and left him there almost dead.

Sara saw him crawling to her feet trying to kiss them and to beg her not to torture him further. She didn’t like that he was still able to move. After she had let him lick her dirty soles, she went to her drawer and pulled out a hand full of stockings and pantyhose. Then she kneed down and started to wrap them around his body. She bound his feet and hands close together so he wasn’t even able to crawl anymore. His mouth was filled with some used panties and thongs of her and gagged with more nylons. His vision got black as she blindfolded him, completely covering up his head with her pantyhose. Around his neck he felt a tight stocking being tied, reducing his blood and air supply quite a bit. But after that he felt something even more strange and horrifying... Sara had pulled out some of her leggings and together with her tights she engulfed him entirely with her silky leg wear, she wrapped them many times around his whole body. She also picked a nylon sock and tied it around her son’s manhood to cause him permanent pain and humbling of his male ego. He panicked but couldn’t move whatsoever, just muffled something as he felt the soft fabric covering his whole body as if he was being eaten by a snake, that had crushed his body before that. His mother had mummified him. Jordan’s concealed body made strange waving movements in pure horror, as it felt being buried alive like a disobedient slave in ancient Egypt. He cried silently. “How does that feel? I’ve got you now.” She whispered in his covered ear. “Mommy…” He muffled. “Yeah, come to mommy, baby… Mommy has got you. Mommy is stronger than you.” Like a spider she had captured and cocooned his body in her nylon web and dragged him to her shoe closet.

Jordan had never imagined before that a pandemic would bring so drastic changes to his life, that he would find himself in such a place. He never dreamed that it could be possible to lose all of his freedom. How easy it had been for society, for government to take all liberties away just like that. How fast women could change into beasts of pure lust and domination. But he thought, this wasn’t because of their raw, primitive nature, on the contrary. It seemed now to him that women were the intellectually and physically superior, they were the truly free human beings and it was part of their libertinage to play with men and dominate them for their pleasure. If men wanted freedom they had to keep up and struggle, or they would be women’s playthings forever. But men seemed to be in all aspects the weaker sex. Jordan felt his self-confidence fading away. He panicked while having such thoughts. Was this really the girls' nature unleashed? The true nature of women’s empathy and protective altruism was control, covert selfishness. It had been so easy for women to just take power and make men their inferiors, their objects. It was so damn humiliating, how ridiculously easy it had been for women to beat und subdue men!

Sara took one of her high heels among dozens and put it over Jordan’s mouth and nose which she had uncovered and tied it to his head with some more stockings. Thus he had to smell and breathe her shoe and foot scent the entire time from now on. She placed his immobilized body into her closet right next to all of her sexy shoes and dresses. “I don’t know if I’ll ever let you out my nylons and my closet again, ever…” She whispered as she stroked his mummified head. Her motherly voice sent shivers down his spine.
But it didn’t feel only threatening and humiliating, it was as if he had finally come to peace with himself in those comforting, silky nylons, it was as if his mother was permanently embracing him, making him feel safe and warm. Sara’s hand stroked his enveloped body smoothly. She petted his head first, then his back and finally reached his hurt manhood and stroked his spot very gently. She even began rubbing her leg on it while hugging him. Jordan started breathing heavily. “Mommy had to hurt her little man a lot today.” She said. Her soft thigh still caused him some pain but it felt good at the same time. When she stood up, she stepped one last time with her hard heel onto his crotch and whispered: “I want you to think all the time about how I beat you up today and how it made you feel. Don’t think about anything else... The only image that should be in your brain shall be me overpowering, hurting and humiliating you. Then you will thank me. Thank me for punishing and protecting you.” The mummified boy nodded weakly.

He heard the door of his new prison close and the threatening sound of his mom’s high heels stepping away. He still smelled her foot though, her intoxicating perfume, and felt her soft nylons engulfing him completely. It was, as if femininity had captured, engulfed and swallowed him as a whole, as if he had returned into the warm, dark body of his own mother.

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