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Default Marquis gets humiliated

First story, let me know what you think!

While marquis was the average nerdy 18 year old boy, his younger sister Eileen was a 16 year old beauty, with a huge plump ass that made her the most popular sophomore in her high school. Marquis was an 5’8, unathletic, skinny kid, while Eileen was 5’3 and absolutely beautiful.

One night, Marquis and Eileen were both at school at around 7pm due to marquis’s chorus club and eileen’s volleyball. Marquis was very good at chorus and had a deep voice that made him win many chorus competitions in singing. The only people left in the school were marquis’s female chorus friends and one female janitor.

After marquis left chorus/singing-club, he noticed a girl with a big juicy ass in tight yoga pants across the hall that had marquis drooling. The girl had a hoodie on, so marquis had NO idea it was Eileen. Marquis stared at her for 10 minutes, wide eyed. Eventually, Unable to control his horny self, marquis went up to the girl and slapped her ass as hard as he could.


The girl suddenly put her hands on her butt in reaction to being slapped so hard.

Without hesitation, and without realizing who grabbed her ass, the girl whipped around and bitch slapped marquis in the face, leaving a red imprint of humiliation across marquis’s face. As Marquis looked up, he realized it was Eileen! Marquis realized that he had just touched his own sister, and Eileen realized she has been harassed by her own brother. Eileens eyes opened with shock, and then her expression transformed into rage

“What the FUCK is wrong with you, you pervert!” Eileen screamed at Marquis.

The attention from eileen’s scream attracted the attention of a few of the leftover girls from marquis’s chorus club and the female janitor.

“Oh, Eileen, umm.. I thought u were someone else! Don’t make a scene, it’s not a big deal” Marquis replied.

“not a big deal? You touched my ass! You are a fucking creep! Probably why you still wet your bed and never had a girlfriend!” Eileen said

Marquis heard The crowd of girls watching Giggling. Marquis felt enraged that his sister embarrassed her in front of these girls.

“You sure know how to make a scene bitch. Just like when you got dumped by peter and cried for 3 days straight!” Marquis replied

The crowd laughed at Eileen now.

EIeen’s was enraged by marquis’s words. Peter was eileen’s ex who had just dumped Eileen two weeks ago.

Eileen first stood motionless for a few seconds.

“Gonna cry Eileen? Peter’s prolly smacking his new girl’s ass as we speak! Not yours! Yours isn’t that big!” Marquis said to Eileen. Marquis knew deep down that he was lying and that eileen’s ass was very big

then, all of a suddenly Eileen smirked and turned around, showing her nice big fat ass to Marquis.

“So you don’t think this ass is big?” Eileen asked Marquis.

Marquis was confused, and was too distracted by eileens huge buttocks to answer eileen’s question. He knew it was wrong to lust after one’s own sister, but Marquis couldn’t seem to help it.

“By the way you’re drooling over it, I’d say it’s the nicest butt in the world!” Eileen exclaimed.

Marquis tried coming up with a come back, but before he could say anything, Marquis felt a sharp pain in his testicles. Eileen’s had punted his balls with her Nike sneakers at full force! Marquis’s lower back instinctively arched back, making his butt stick out, and his knees caved in. He grabbed his balls in agony and let out a high pitched squeak like a little bitch. Eventually Marquis fell to his knees.

“My balls, my balls, oh my balls!!” Marquis repeatedly exclaimed in pain.

Marquis heard laughs from all the girls watching.

“Say goodbye to that deep voice, he’s gonna be singing soprano for a while! Never seen him sing that high of a note before!” one of Marquis’s chorus friends mockingly said.

“Well I guess I won’t be having any nieces and nephews! I just kicked your baby makers! Have fun singing soprano bitch!” Eileen exclaimed with a smile.

Eileen then put her foot on marquis’s head while he was kneeling in front of her and pushed marquis’s head down to the floor. Eileen then made a flexing victory pose. Marquis was on the floor, clutching his balls, back arched, ass up, face down, with eileen’s foot on his head. Marquis’s chorus club friends took pictures and videos and laughed at Marquis.

Feeling absolutely humiliated by his own little sister, Marquis eye’s began to swell up with tears as he was at the mercy of his sister.

“Awww...are you crying?” Eileen asked Marquis in a sarcastic manner.

“I’m not crying! I have allergies”

The crowd laughed at Marquis again.

Eileen then mocked Marquis by placing her hands on her own crotch and making a crying face. Then, Eileen kneeled down and slapped his wimpy ass while Marquis was on the floor.

“Do you need to rest? Must be tough getting your ass handed to you by a girl!”
Eileen mocked.

In his newly high voice Marquis replied with “just a lucky shot, bitch”

“Oh. So haven’t learned your lesson? should I kick you in the balls again bitch? It seems like a good day for your future kids funeral I’m in the mood to deliver a foot based vasectomy !” Eileen said

“NO!!!! PLEASE!!! I’m SO sorry! Don’t beat me up anymore! I want kids!” Marquis pleaded to Eileen.

The surrounding girls and even the janitor laughed at marquis’s pathetic attempt to get mercy

“Gee, it’s bad enough to be a complete creep, but to make it even worse, he’s a pussy who gets bullied by a girl!” The female janitor said.

“Hmm..maybe I’ll consider taking it easy on you if you kneel down in front of me and kiss my feet like the little bitch you are”

Marquis followed eileen’s instructions, feeling emasculated and humiliated.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Your ass is amazing and I’m sorry for saying it isn’t! I’m sorry for slapping it! “ Marquis said while kissing eileens feet

“Yeah.. that’s right, bitch. Funny how it just took one swift kick to the nuts to take all that tough guy out of you” Eileen said while Eileen looked down on him

Eileen then grabbed Marquis by the collar and pressed him against the locker

“So listen bitch, since you’re so into my ass, how bout we see yours?”

Eileen slapped Marquis in the face causing him to spin around and then pulled his pants down to his ankles, revealing his tightly wighty underwear. Again, Marquis was laughed at. Marquis has never felt more humiliated in his life.

“No, please-“ Marquis said, but was interrupted by the intense pain he received in his asscrack because Eileen had just gave him a massive wedgie in front of everyone. Eileen then kicked Marquis straight in the ass, causing Marquis to trip over his pants which were around his ankles and fall face first on the floor while being in his underwear.

“you want this ass? You’ll get this ass” Eileen said

Confused, Marquis rolled over on his back. To see what Eileen was talking about. To his surprise, Eileen took off her yoga pants and was in a sexy thong. Eileen then sat right on marquis’s face. Marquis enjoyed this at first, but then realized that he couldn’t breathe. He panicked, but in response Eileen punched Marquis in the balls while sitting on his face, and said “no babies for you! Pervert!”

Everyone laughed.

“he just got wedgied by a girl! What a loser.” one of the marquis’s chorus friends said.

While Eileen was still sitting on marquis’s face with her huge, nice, round, ass, he felt a foot on top of his balls. The female janitor applied pressure with her foot on to his balls.

“This is what you get for touching a girls ass!” The janitor said.

Eileen then shifted to a schoolgirl pin, and looked straight into marquis’s eyes.

Eileen then slapped him in the face and laughed.

“Bitch!” She exclaimed.

Part 2 coming soon.
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Default Re: Marquis gets humiliated

thread approved
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Default Re: Marquis gets humiliated

amazing story! maybe include a knockout in part 2
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Default Re: Marquis gets humiliated

Eagerly waiting for part 2
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Default Re: Marquis gets humiliated

Nice waiting for pt 2
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