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Default English lessons

This is a nice and very old russian story. It was widely multiplied in the russian web the last 5 years, so nobody knows it's author. Nobody even knows, when it was created.
There are a lot of people who translate tons of english stories into russian, and Ι decided to translate this into english "in return"

My english is not very good, so don't be too exacting, please.
You should correct some mistakes if you want, though.

***** ***** *****

English lessons

It happened in my Graduating Class. In my English lessons, I sat at the desk with a girl named Oxana. She was petite, 152cm tall (5 feet). Once, at the end of the academic year, in Early May, we had a test in English. Oxana asked me to help her and to do her test. However, I didn’t have enough time even for my task, so I couldn’t help her, and didn’t really want. After the lesson had finished, I left a classroom and entered a hall. I heard someone called me. I looked around and saw Oxana sitting on the windowsill. I approached her. She jumped to the floor, took my hand and led me downstairs. English was our last lesson in Saturday, so we shouldn’t go to the next.

- Where are you pulling me? – I demanded.

Oxana didn’t answer. She ogled and led me by the hand through the 3rd floor to the opposite wing. We came upstairs to the 4th floor to an old gymnasium, which wasn’t in use at the time. We came to the corridor between empty locker rooms. Oxana turned around to face me, took my wrists with her hands, and suddenly her tiny knee bumped me in the balls. I gasped in unbearable pain. My eyes blurred, my head was dizzied. I squatted, nursing my balls; my forehead touched her bare knees. Oxana pressed her knee close to my face. I could see only her elegant dollish knees and white socks.

- Now you’ll kiss my legs, wimp! – She said.

Barely overpowering the pain in my balls, covering them with my hands, I hardly stood up and tried to escape.

- Where are you going? – She shouted, and pushed me to the wall. So I stood closely back to the wall, and the girl stood in front of me.

She pressed me to the wall with her body, and wrapped her hands around my neck. Oxana’s bare shiny knee pressed to my balls, squeezing hardly. I tried to lower her knee down with my hands, but Oxana’s thigh pressed so strong, so I couldn’t. Then I stretched my hands in her breasts and pushed her off me. The petite knee continued to press my balls painfully. Suddenly Oxana put her knee down, and once again kneed me in the balls. I grabbed them with my hands. Oxana pressed me to the wall with her body, so I couldn’t to bend forward or to squat. Then she kneed me in the balls once again, but my covering hands blocked her kick. So Oxana punched me in the nose with her fist, and I covered the face with my hands, moving them away from my balls. At the same moment, girl’s knee flew up, and kicked me in the groin. After this, Oxana apparently decided, I was emasculated enough to obey her. She finally let me go. I squatted along the wall, nursing my sore balls.

- Well, what about to kiss my legs? I’m waiting! – Oxana rubbed her thighs against each other, enjoying her position.

I realized, she could knee me in my face and break my nose or lips. I wasn’t longer able to resist. I stood on my knees and started to kiss her legs through her school dress.

- No, kiss my knees! – laughed Oxana.
I was forced to kiss her bare knees, which had just broken my balls. (There was a pink spot on my tormentress’ striking knee).
- Upward, upward! – ordered Oxana, continuing to laugh.

I started to kiss her legs upper, until I touched her dress somewhere in the middle of her thighs. She took her hemline and lifted it up. I kissed her bare thighs, and her crotch through the panties. I suffered from terrible, unbearable pain in my balls, which paralyzed my mind totally. I wasn’t able to do anything with it. I fulfilled all her orders instantly, hoping, she would let me go. Suddenly, her dress dropped on my head. She pulled her pants down, took hold on my occiput, pressed my face into her crotch and ordered to kiss. I felt some urine smells, but I was forced to kiss there. Then she put her knee, and then her foot on my shoulder. She still continued to laugh, enjoying her superior position. I have never had so terrible shame and humiliation before this and after this. Sometimes before, girls had kicked me in the balls, but no one humiliated me like this.

Finally, Oxana pushed me in my chest with her knee, and I dropped to the floor on my back. She put on her panties, and touched up her dress.

The girl put her sneakered foot on my neck and pressed slightly.
- Do you want, entire school reveal this? – She asked.
- No, please, don’t tell them! – I whimpered.
- You’ll do all my English tests and all home tasks, OR ELSE!
- Or what?
- Or I’ll crash your balls and humiliate you in the sight of all students. – Oxana turned up and left the corridor.

20 minutes after this I was sitting on the floor in the corridor, squatting, trying to recover. After the pain had become weaker, I went home. It was difficult to go, because of my sore nuts. Fortunately, the next day was Sunday, and then a holiday. I shouldn’t go to school for a several days. My balls were red and flown. They were in pain for a 2 or 3 days. I couldn’t sleep for a 2 nights, sobbing in my bed in shame and humiliation.
I don’t know, if Oxana told anybody about her victory over the guy. After this, I did Oxana’s English tests and homeworks, translated her articles. Sometimes, sitting at the same desk with me, she showed me her bare knees, smirking teasingly. It was enough to daunt me and make me do what she wants. It was impossible to imagine, these graceful petite knees could crash male’s balls, causing 2-days distress. However, it happened with me.

If we got individual tasks in the English lessons, Oxana half-turned to me at the desk, and put her leg over leg, demonstrating her small victorious knees. I was so shamefully intimidated by this petite girl! So, I did her tasks at first, and then my own. She obviously enjoyed her girl power.

Fortunately, there was a Graduating Class, and I have never met her after school years. If Oxana read this story, she’ll maybe know herself. Maybe she would be ashamed for bullying me this humiliating way.

So, it is a good example of a fragile Thumbelina 152cm tall, who can crash 178cm tall big guy’s balls. No matter, how big and strong he is and how petite and graceful she is. She could make him totally powerless and then force him to fulfill her whims.

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Default Re: English lessons

Hallo guys!
Now I'll translate for you another Russian story, it is very old. It was written by unknown author around 2005 or 2006. It was the time when Russian fetish literature just started. I first read this story about 2007 and I was really shocked because it was ever possible to find a story like this. Maybe it seems mediocre now, but it was a masterpiece at the time It's a classic now.

Added after 1 13 minutes:

The story is called "Дача", or "The Dacha" or "The country house"

I should clarify here. In Russia most of people who live in cities, live in flats in big buildings, and they also have a small (sometimes big or very big but mostly small) summer house outside the city. These houses form big villages around the city, they are used mostly in summer, and they could be absolutely empty in winter. Unlike ordinary villages or cottage neighborhoods, there are no schools/hospitals/postal service/etc, because these are just seasonal summer houses with gardens. This house with garden is called "dacha" in Russian


Natasha was a beautiful 17-year-old girl, already quite matured, long strong legs, chest rising beautifully under the dress, long dark hair. That day she was in a short summer dress, only emphasizing her figure. So, everyone was ready to go to the lake, when suddenly Natasha asked me to help get her a book from a heavy bag in the barn. She wanted to take this book with her to the lake. I told my parents that we would come later and went after Natasha into the barn. To my surprise, she did not go for any book; she just sat down on a haystack and asked me:

- Do you have a girlfriend?
“No,” I replied in surprise.
- And why are you asking?
“I just wanted to know,” Natasha answered.
So we sat in the shade for a while, when suddenly the girl asked:

- Do you want me to arrange a surprise for you?
- Which one? Can we finally go swimming ?! I grumble impatiently.
- Now, now, but first a surprise!
With these words, Natasha said me to lay on my back and closed my eyes.
“Just don’t spy, otherwise there will be no surprise,” she asked slyly.

Unaware of any trick, I lay down on my back and obediently closed my eyes. Around me, a movement began, a slight movement of air on my face. Suddenly it became hard for me to breathe, heaviness on my chest. I opened my eyes. At first I did not understand what was happening! Then I slowly began to realize events. Natasha sat tightly and firmly on my chest, moving to my chin. Her hips firmly hugged my head, preventing me from turning it, her knees pressed my hands to the ground, so I was not able to resist! Of course, I read stories on the subject of male submission to women, but I never believed that a woman could overcome a man so much that he would not be able to resist. But it was really so !!

Natasha was sitting on my neck, I was in her captivity.
- What are you doing! Get off me! I cried out.
“You are not in a position to dictate terms,” the girl answered calmly.
“You are under my power, in the near future you will be my chair, horse, dog, toy,” the girl smiled at these words.

Of course, I tried desperately to free myself. In my dreams before, I literally prayed that something like this happened to me. But these were only dreams! Even more important was to keep it a secret! And now it is Natasha, the daughter of our friends, what a shame !! I tried to throw the girl off myself. But after 2 minutes I was tired. Natasha, as it seemed to me, was sitting on top of me without any tension. Moreover! She moved forward and covered my face with her crotch and moved her hips even tighter.

- Well, how do you like my dungeon? she laughed.
And it was really a dungeon! My head was pinched between the girls' hips, my mouth was pinched by her flesh, only my nose and eyes were visible between her legs. I could not speak, only uttered a dull moo.
- Well, how do you like it, my chair, my doormat? - the girl was having fun.
With her hands she pulled the hem of the dress over my eyes, all I could see now were her hips, her face and the edge of the dress.
“Now you are literally under my skirt, now I determine what you are allowed to see from the outside world,” with these words she completely covered my face with a dress.

My eyes saw only twilight, the light that pierced through light matter. My nose was tightly pressed into the girl's crotch, I was forced to inhale her smell, this mixed smell of a woman's body, sweat, secretions.
- How do you like a smell? - the girl did not relent. “From now on, you are my slave!” You will fulfill all my wishes, otherwise your parents and your friends at school will know about everything . Of course, they won’t believe everything, but you know that only hearing is enough and your reputation is perished!
In response, I made only a weak moo and made weak attempts to free myself, which Natasha did not even notice.
- This is called the absolute power of a woman over a man, from now on this is my place, on your face, and your place is between my legs, under my skirt!

She was sitting on me like this about an hour, I lost track of time. I was forced to lie under her skirt, under her panties, face in her girlish crotch, while she was reading a book, not even noticing me. I realized with annoyance, her female crotch was enough to subdue me and keep me firmly in place. I was in the trap of her pussy and I could do nothing with this. Sometimes she moved rhythmically, I guess, she listened to music in headphones. I could see only her panties and her thighs under her skirt. It was a very girlish way to win, I thought. I had a lot of time to think my sad thoughts during that hour.

Sometimes she pressed her crotch firmly into my face, just to remind me it was a girl who put me in this position. I thought it was completely wrong. She was just a girl my age, with a slender graceful figure, 7cm smaller than me and much thinner. Her arms were thinner than mine, but she didn’t even use them to defeat me. After 15 minutes I started to beg her to let me go, but she flexed her thighs around my head, and giggled. When I tried to free my hands from her knees she just flattened my nose with her pussy menacingly. Finally I stopped my weak resisting, and started to cry. She broke my fight spirit completely. I cried from my powerlessness and helplessness under her skirt. She kept my face under her panties, until she saw I was broken psychologically. The girl made me feel so much inferior of her, her figure, her femininity, so I just couldn’t attack her.

“Well, my horse, take me to the house,” the girl sat on top of me, not on my back, but on my neck, squeezing my head between her knees.
“This is an unconventional way of riding on horses when a rider wants to show her power over a horse,” she laughed.
I rolled her around the house, she tried on various sarafans in front of the mirror, half-sitting on me, not letting my head out of her legs. Finally, the girl chose the outfit and we moved to the lake.
"Tonight I'm waiting for you in my room, my little dog," Natasha said, smiling.

All day I was impressed by the event in the morning. Natasha behaved as usual. When swimming on the lake, I involuntarily admired her figure, slender strong legs, mouth-watering ass, fully developed breasts. Unexpectedly for myself I felt envy of her, as if she was better than me now, though I tried not to think about this. The day ended with a delicious dinner prepared by our mothers and sitting by the fire. I gradually relaxed and began to forget what had happened, when, suddenly, Natasha yawned and said: “I'm going to sleep” and at the same time looked at me meaningfully. I was struck by electric shock, I wanted to tell my parents everything and throw this load from my heart, but I imagined myself stumbling, telling how my face was immersed in woman's panties, and sandwiched between girls' hips.
What a shame! Then I realized that, of course, I would not tell anything.

Soon I went to bed too. I waited until all the sounds in the house died down, quietly opened the door, and went to Natasha’s bedroom. She was already waiting for me, sitting on the bed and reading a book. She was dressed very sexy, with a short white skirt and a tight-fitting T-shirt.
"Ah ... my slave has come," the girl smiled.
I did not know how to behave and stood silently in the middle of the room.
“Get on your knees and crawl towards me,” the girl said in an ordering tone. I got on all fours and crawled to Natasha. She spread her legs slightly, and out of the corner of my eye I saw panties to match the color of her body.

“Kiss me on the lips,” the girl suddenly said. Not believing my ears, I wanted to rise from my knees. Natasha sharply pulled my hair down: "Fool, schmuck! You are my slave! You forgot - where is your place, slave? I have another lips! Between my legs!"
With these words, she grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled my face to her crotch with force. Again a feeling of powerlessness, again the familiar scent of a female body. The girl moved her hips, connecting her knees behind my neck. Her voice only dulled down to my ears, clenched in woman's hips.

"Sit a bit here, slave! You should slowly get used to my body, to my smell."
Probably about 10 minutes passed, all this time Natasha tightly held my head between her legs. Finally, she released me from her captivity, got up, walked around the room. She removed a dense green cover from the bed and spread it on the floor.
“Lie down on the bedspread, on your back,” she ordered. Without understanding anything, I obeyed the order. Natasha came up to me and quickly wrap me first one, then the other side of the bedspread. “Now I’m wrapping you up so you don’t spoil my pleasure,” she laughed. The girl took out belts from the cabinet, which upon closer inspection turned out to be packing belts, with which we fastened luggage on the roof of the car on the way to the cottage. They were long and durable. Natasha bound my legs on her ankles, then around my knees. Then she stood over my head and quickly sat with her back to my face, and my nose was exactly between the halves of her ass, whom I admired so much in the morning, and it went with panties deep into her crotch. I felt that Natasha was swaddling my arms in the upper half of my body. I tried all the time to free my nose from her ass, girls did not humiliate me so much even in my wildest fantasies. The girl noticed my attempts and, having finished tying me, stood over me. I could not move, was under her full power. I had no fear, I had already thought up for myself that in extreme cases I would call my parents loudly, despite the shame of my situation.

"You didn’t like to be in my ass? And what exactly didn’t you like, a smell?"
Natasha mocked me. She bent down to get a pair of white socks from under the bed.
"I have been wearing them for 3 days. So, they smell, slave."
While I figured out what is happening, the girl stuck a pair of her dirty socks into my mouth and laughed.
"How long I dreamed to subjugate a guy!"
With my tongue, I tried to push the gag out of my mouth, but the girl put her foot on my face.
"Lie quietly slave!"

Then something happened that finally broke my pride. Natasha took off her panties and put them on my face, trying to keep the crotch place in contact with my face! They were narrow white panties that fit tightly on my face, which could not be thrown off even if you turn your head. They smelled pretty strong despite the socks in my mouth. The girl stood above me, "I think these panties are the right size for you, I’ll always buy such a fashion now, they’re just right for you ... Haha," Natasha continued to laugh. I was humiliated and crushed, was in her slavery, my face was wrapped in girlish panties, unable to free myself. "And now we will perpetuate this for history, I’m going to keep you in my captivity for a long time, don’t think that everything will end when we arrive from the country house to the city." I saw a flash and realized that the girl photographed me several times in my humiliating position, through panties I could see only obscure silhouettes and light. So I am finished, now I'm definitely her slave, if I twitch, she'll just show these pictures. Suddenly I heard footsteps at the door to the room, a knock on the door and the voice of Natasha’s mother: "Natasha, is everything all right? Are you awake? I just heard your voice."

Here it is my moment! I opened my mouth, to call for help. But the girl anticipated the situation again, I suddenly felt how she sank onto my head. The girl sat tightly on my face, squeezed my head between her hips, completely depriving me of the opportunity to do anything. Stupid situation, next to the door is Natasha’s mother, who can save me, and my head is trapped in her daughter’s crotch. All I could do was faint mooing sounds that most likely did not go beyond the female legs. I heard Natasha’s voice deafly: "No, mom, I’m sleeping, everything is fine, I’m reluctant to get up to open the door for you. Good night."
Mom left, and I continued to lie under Natasha.

"Now you are convinced that you are in my total power, I can sit on you until the morning, I can urinate on your face, I can use you like a tampon, haaaaa ... You see, slave, I’m your mistress, I’m the supreme being, your place is between my legs, and if you try again to resist, I will strangle you with my crotch ...

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Default Re: English lessons

Great story
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Default Re: English lessons

Yet another old Russian story by unknown author written around 2000, or even earlier.

It is the 1st scissors story I read in my life long ago. Maybe it's the 1st Russian scissors story ever!

Ballerina's steel thighs

This story happened to me in a regular high school. I was in graduation class then. I was tall and strong enough and not everyone could dare to fight with me.

Once returning home after school, I saw two girls fighting in a nook in the schoolyard. Actually, only one of them fought, and the second was a rather miserable sight: disheveled hair, arms and legs bruised and scratched. Her opponent was clearly stronger. She carried out some inconceivable throws and captures, which you could not see in action movies! Involuntarily interested in an unprecedented spectacle, I walked closer. The one that was stronger was already sitting on her defeated rival and clutching her neck with her hands. Suddenly, I felt sorry for that girl lying on the cold ground, who was soiled and scratched, and I shouted:

—Hey, stop, you'll strangle her!
The girl who won raised her eyes to me without opening her hands on the throat of her opponent:
—Get out from here! This is our affair with her!

—But she is suffocating, — I continued to insist. — You will kill her!
—Hey, didn't you understand? — was the answer. — If you don’t get out of here now, you will be in her place.

Her answer infuriated me. I grabbed the offender by the scruff of her neck and tried to knock her to the ground. But the girl knocked me down with a deft movement and immediately fell on top. I was not ready for such a turn of events and lost a few seconds because of this. While we were rolling on the ground, the girl I stood up for disappeared. I was left alone with my opponent, who was physically very strong. With great difficulty, I managed to turn her on her back and lean on top. And when I attributed the victory to myself, something happened that I will remember for life. Suddenly, the girl's legs entwined behind me. At first, I did not attach any importance to this, but after a few seconds ... It felt like I was in a vice. I glanced at her legs and realized that I had no chance.

The girl’s short skirt lifted up, revealing beautiful and incredibly muscular hips for her age (and she was about 14). Despite all their muscularity, I involuntarily admired her swarthy and seemingly innocuous legs. But then my opponent strained her steel muscles again, making me moan. My hands desperately tried to unclench the girl’s legs, squeezing my body, but all to no avail. A playful smile appeared on the girl's face. She enjoyed my helplessness. I tried to lift her, but I had already not enough strength. My tormentor leaned back with her hands behind her head and straining the mighty muscles of her buttocks and hips even harder. I have never experienced such pressure. My breath caught in, and I began to choke. Her strong legs of athlete, like a python, then squeezed my already almost limp body, then weakened her grip a little, to squeeze me again with a vengeance.

Now I was really scared. This strong girl could easily crush me with her monstrous strength of her hips and break my ribs. There was almost no air in the lungs. I could no longer even speak, but only wheezed and desperately clasped my hands over her legs, hips, and a muscular belly. All this time, a sinister smile did not leave the girl’s face. She was saying something to me, probably curses, but I did not hear her. There was only one thought in my head — “Is this really the end?” Hardly anyone could help me. People almost didn't walk this way, and I vividly imagined myself as a lifeless body crushed by the steel hips of this sadist ...

When I woke up, the girl had already gone. I was unconscious for a while! I was lying on the grass, exhausted and almost crushed. The whole body responded with severe pain, probably the girl broke a couple of my ribs. I could not get up for some time, but then, overcoming the pain; I somehow dragged myself to the house, fortunately, that was not far away. I told my parents I fell from the roof of the barn. It was a shame to admit that I, a healthy and already adult guy, was almost crushed by some little girl's thighs. Later I found out that this girl was really 14 years old, she studied at a nearby school and has been seriously engaged in ballet for ten years. That's why she had such incredibly strong legs.

And she just fought for the boy with that girl for whom I stood up.

I have not met any of these girls since then. And I still bypass the place where the incident occurred.
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