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Post Christina's Plaything

Christina's Plaything.

Once again I found myself distracted in class. I was entranced by Christina who was sitting two desks across from me. I watched her chest bounce up and down as she casually adjusted her seating position. Her body looked so soft and cute. I daydreamed what it might feel like to touch.

“Sam!” the teacher yelled at me from the front of class.

I snapped out of my daze and scrambled to bring my attention back to the lesson.

“Since you would rather doze off than pay attention, how about you volunteer for today's after class cleaning?”

“Y- Yes sir!” I stammered.

“Excellent!” He continued. “Would anyone else like to volunteer before class ends?”

Again my eyes wandered to where Christina was seated. She stared in my direction as well and our gazes met. A sly smirk formed on her soft lips. She raised her hand into the air.

“I’ll volunteer.” She said.

I felt my ears get hot. This means Christina and I will be alone after school together.

“Thank you Miss Christina.” The teacher said. “Two volunteers should be enough for today. Now back to the lesson.”

She and I haven’t interacted much outside of group assignments. The most I know about her is that she has an interest in biology. When we did interact she came off as kind and gentle. She was really pretty and the thought of being alone with her excited me. But knowing my own shyness I’ll probably rush through the cleaning and get home as fast as possible. She gave me a wink before turning her head to face the front. My face blushed red and I quickly turned as well.

Once class ended Christina and I were left alone with instructions to lock up when finished. We both reached for the same broom and our hands touched. She looked up at me and smiled, her hand felt soft and gentle.

“H-here you use this one. I’ll use the other one.” I stuttered.

I handed her the broom and went to grab the other one. She remained in the same spot watching me as I walked away. Soon we were both sweeping in our corners. I stole another look at her. She was sixteen with the body of a young woman. Her thighs looked squishy and inviting. Though I had a feeling there was some muscle hiding underneath. They led up to a firm thin waist. Her shy belly button was barely visible between her mini skirt and button up. She wore a long braided pony tail that led down to her backside. It casually bounced side to side against her body as she turned. She was blonde and tan with a warm complexion. Though we were the same height, the size of her breast and hips gave her a clear weight advantage.

After about five minutes of cleaning I heard a broom bounce against the floor, I turned to see Christina moving towards me. Without hesitating she reached out and grabbed my bicep, using her thumb to draw circles around its indentations.

“Oh I see,” she said in a quiet voice, fingering small circles around my muscle. “Is this the normal size of boys your age or do you still have some growing to do?”

Both surprised and confused I tried to shake my arm away. Her grip suddenly hardened with intense pressure before relaxing letting me go. I backed up finding myself at the window with her in front blocking my path. She moved in a step closer putting an inch between us.

“So I’ve noticed you’ve been checking out my body.” She gently stuck her chest out, squishing her breast into me. “How do you like it up close?”

Totally dumbstruck, I struggled to get words out.

“H-hold on Christina you have it all wrong.” I stuttered, overwhelmed by the soft touch of her breast.

“Hmm, are you sure about that?” She said, keeping her body pressed against me. “You’re a growing boy aren’t you? Isn’t it natural to be curious?”

I felt like a trapped animal, her soft body kept a firm hold on me against the window. I wasn’t sure if I could get away if I tried.

“Aww, look how shy you are. It must be so scary being this close to a cute girl.” She stuck a leg out wrapping me up in her thigh. I was speechless from embarrassment.

“I’m bored of cleaning so I was thinking we play a game instead.”

“A-a game, what do you mean?” I forced out.

”If you can beat me in an arm wrestle I’ll let you play with my boobs.”

My face flushed red as I was caught off guard by her sudden forwardness.

“I-I’m not sure if I could—“

“Not sure if you could what? Win?” she pulled her ponytail back and wrapped her arms around my neck. “You’re a man aren’t you? it should be easy for you." Her arms forced my head to face hers maintaining eye contact.
"This way you it won’t be weird for you to touch me since you earned it fair and square.”

Her legs began to excitedly shimmy in place gently grinding against me. My mind went blank.

“I’m curious too Sam, I know I’m being sudden but this is a rare opportunity for us to experiment with each other.” She laid her head on my shoulder pouting. I finally decided to act.

“O-Ok, I’ll do the arm wrestle, but what if you win?”

“That’s a surprise.” She cooed, smirking.

While I didn’t completely hate my current situation the thought of being able to freely touch her boobs sounded awesome. Her body seemed to hold an advantage over me but I was sure my arms were stronger than hers. Up close however, I noticed a significant difference between us in muscle mass. Her arms had a soft layer of fat but were shaped up. If she flexed I imagine a well-defined bicep would pop out. I began to sweat, compared to her my arms were practically skin and bone. I began to worry that she may actually be stronger than me. Then I reminded myself that she was just a girl, there’s no way she could beat me in something as simple as an arm wrestle. I should win by natural strength alone right?

“Ok, you’re on.” I agreed.

“Yay!” she backed up finally freeing me from her chest’s hold. “Pull up a chair in front of the desk and we can get started.”

I obeyed and pulled up a chair so we were parallel at the desk. Her arm was already up in the ready position inviting me to join. She gave me a wink and flexed her arm, revealing a firm bicep before relaxing again. I was momentarily stunned and felt a stab of jealousy for my own lacking arms. I shook it off and followed her lead, propping my own elbow on the desk and grabbing her hand.

She remained silent, holding on to me and smiling warmly. I decide to take the lead and start the match.

“Well begin on three ok?” I said.

“Ok sweetie.” She replied.

I gulped and counted down. “Three, two, one, go!”

Closing my eyes I began to push on her hand with a burst of force hoping to catch her off guard. This tactic usually works in a normal match. My bicep strained under my skin forming a tight bulge. Even if my arms were small this should be enough to take down a girl. Not feeling any progress I opened my eyes, utterly dismayed to see her arm still remaining in the upright position on the desk not budging an inch. Her own bicep was soft and relaxed.

“Keep going, don’t give up!” she cheered.

My face began to grow red at my own struggle. I knew I was skinny for my age but was certain a girl wouldn’t stand a chance in an arm wrestle. I straightened my posture and used my free hand to support myself on the desk. I put my whole body into the next push.

“Oh dear, this is all you have isn’t it?” She taunted, unfazed by my poor attempts at moving her arm. My bicep began to strain under my skin. Small veins were popping out running up and down my forearm. She giggled at me.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. I didn’t really expect you to win…” Suddenly my own arm, despite my efforts, was slowly being forced towards my side of the desk.

“Just look how small you are, you should have gotten a clue when I was bullying you at the window.” She stuck her leg under the desk wrapping up my own again. I then felt her calf muscle bunch up, completely dwarfing my own. “I was teasing you into my trap and you fell for it.”

This comment alarmed me. What did she mean by trap? I fought back against her arm in desperation. The pressure of her attack was overwhelming. With every push I was greeted with a wall of immovable force. She now held me a few inches from the desk.

“And don’t think of trying to escape after our game.” She said. “I plan on keeping you in this room until I’m satisfied.”

With her other hand she produced a key from her shirt pocket, winking at me she slipped it back down and gave it a few pats. I immediately understood, whatever she had planned I would have no choice but to agree. For a brief moment the thought excited me, until I was snapped out of it by a firm squeeze to my hand.

“But thanks for trying your best sweetie, the more you struggle for me the better.”

Feeling red hot from shame and embarrassment, I gave one last futile push at her arm to no avail. This seemed to amuse her as she then leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. Blood rushed back to my ears and my arm softened from shock.

“Oh did that surprise you? Your arm feels even more lacking now” She straightened up and flipped back her ponytail. “Should I count it down so you know how long you have left to fight?”

Without letting me reply she began a small countdown. My hand inched closer and closer to the desk. I strained with all my might utterly dismayed that a girl could be this much stronger than me. Her bicep bunched up at every push I made.

"Five, four…” She started. I was beginning to grow tired from my straining. She blew kisses at me between each number.

“Three, two…” One more inch and I was done, her brown eyes gazed at me, delighted by my pointless fighting. She leaned in a second time, giving me another kiss on the cheek. I wasn’t used to being touched like this by a girl. It made putting strength into my attacks impossible.

“One…” She whispered.

My hand made sharp contact with the desk declaring me the loser. I didn’t know what to feel. Even if she was bigger than me there’s no way a boy should lose to a girl in an arm wrestle. I looked down at the desk suddenly unable to meet her eyes.

“Alright, get up little one.”

Before I could realize what was happening Christina was up and behind me. She gently grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to my feet, I felt my fight or flight instinct kick in but my curiosity kept me from acting on it. She led me to a spacious carpeted area in the back of the classroom. Still shamed from my defeat I tried to push it to the back of my mind and ask Christina what I have to do for her, at this point I just wanted to go home.

“S-so what are we—“

With a sudden flash of force I felt the air forced from my lungs as Christina’s fist rammed into my stomach. My knees buckled from the pain and I fell to the carpet. I looked up to see her standing over me, eyes wide with surprise.

“Oh gosh are you ok!” she put her hands over her mouth in worry. “If I were you I would try to escape”

My body strained as I attempted to get up. Before I could make it to my feet I felt another piercing stab of pain, this time to my chest. Christina’s foot hovered in the air from the sharp kick it had just delivered. I felt tears begin to well in my eyes.

“C-Christina wait—“

I was cut off from Christina’s hand being placed over my mouth, she slowly knelt down in front of me.

“Shhh….” She ordered. “You are now playing the role of a wounded animal at my mercy.” She patted my cheek a few times. “You’re struggling for your life, hoping the big scary lady makes it quick.”

She removed her hand from my mouth and lifted her foot once more. I flinched with tears still welling in my eyes. This time she softly laid it on my chest and pushed me down so I was on my back. She lifted her hands and began undoing her shoe and sock dropping them on the floor. She then hovered her now bare foot over my face wiggling her toes.

“Go on, beg me to stop.” She ordered.

Instinctively I raised my head to attempt to satisfy her foot, having never done it before I had no idea what I was doing. All I could think of was putting an end to this pain and escaping. Suddenly my skull was knocked back into the carpet as my nose received a painful smack from Christina’s foot. Tears were now flowing from my eyes as I began to cry.

“Woops!” she exclaimed hiding a smile. “Please don’t cry. My foot just got excited.”

She stood up once more and removed her other shoe and sock. Then to my utter shock she began undoing her skirt. Winking at me, she let it slide down her legs revealing frilly pink panties wedged snugly into her bottom. She stepped over me and dropped down, straddling my chest and trapping my arms. I felt the weight of her bare thighs and pantied crotch press down on top of me. They felt soft and warm, but that didn’t distract me from their crushing force. I struggled to get loose but found it only made breathing more difficult.

“Good boy, keep fighting.” She shimmed to my chin and pulled on her panties so they were tighter on her crotch. “This move is called a school girl pin. It works best with a heavy attacker and a small, helpless, pathetic, weakened victim.”
She began to softly bounce up and down on my neck. My breathing began to grow labored with every bob of her soft wedgied bottom. I struggled to free my arms from her thighs, she purred at this.

“Aww, are you afraid?” She bounced harder. “Having trouble breathing?” even harder this time. “Feeling light headed?” With each taunt her bounces became more vicious. My vision began going dark from lack of oxygen as she ravaged my neck with her crotch.

“Do you want to go to sleep? Do you want mercy?” she pulled her ponytail back and leaned down planting another soft kiss on my cheek.

“Hang in there for me ok.” She held her face close to mine still bouncing up and down. “Let this serve as a lesson for you.” She kissed me again. “This is what it means to be on the bottom of the food chain.”

Suddenly she stopped bouncing and scooted back on my chest. With my arms still trapped I began gasping for air, the strain she put on my neck caused me to moan in pain.

“Christina please no more, I’ve learned my place—“

“Shhh…” she stuck a sock in my mouth gagging me and began unbuttoning her shirt, letting her chest burst from underneath. It was contained in a matching frilly bra that appeared one size too small. Winking at me she grabbed a breast in each hand and began to squeeze them. Through my daze I felt myself get turned on. She was toying with my masculinity and there was nothing I could do about it.

“This next one is called a breast smother.” She paused and smiled, removing the sock. “While not very conventional in a real fight its perfect on an already dazed victim” she patted my cheek.

Still trapped in her thigh prison I squinted through my tears to see Christina’s large chest slowly descend over me. I attempted once more to wriggle free, desperate to not be suffocated again. My attempts were in vain as I felt the pressure of her breast press into my face, sealing off my access to air. Panicking, I strained to open my mouth in search for breath receiving a mouth full of pink frill instead. Her hands gently ran through my hair.

“So small, so helpless, I feel bad for you.” Her weight began to bare down on me even harder as she spoke. My chest felt like it was going to explode from the strain she was putting on my lungs.

“To be at a girl’s absolute mercy, will you be able to look others in the eye after this?” the pressure increased once more. She squeezed her chest closed with her hands completely plugging my nose and mouth. I began to thrash under her out of fear, she purred loudly at this.

“Aww are my wittle breast too much for you?” She spread her legs over my body to contain my fighting. “I thought you wanted to touch them? Don’t pout just because it’s not the way you imagined.”

With the full weight of her body pressed on top of me I soon tired out from my thrashing and submitted to her torment. Just as I began to drift away she sat up releasing my face, I gasped for air, greedily taking in as much as I could.

“My chest, my thighs, my feet, any part of me could bully you. Even a finger.”

She stuck up both of her index fingers and placed them on either side of my neck. Winking once more, she began applying pressure. My heart began to race. With the blood source to my brain being denied I quickly began blacking out. She casually removed them and sat back up. The pain in my head was overwhelming thanks to her repeated strangling’s.

“Am I being too mean? It must hurt to constantly be denied your knockout.”

I knew she was right. Being held and released at her whim like this had to be worse than just being knocked out. I convinced myself that it was my only escape left. I was too weak to push her off and if I tried she would just hit me again. Every part of her bare body was stronger than me and I had no choice but to accept it. I began sob once more at my own feebleness.

“Beg me then little one, beg me to knock you out.” She smiled, wiping my tears with hand. I had no choice, she was too strong and I knew it. My only way out was to do what she said.

“Please Christina.” I groaned though labored breaths. “Please knock me out.”

Suddenly my arms were released from Christina’s thighs and she stood upright. I waited for her next move. When nothing happened I looked to see her standing over me smiling. She was daring me to run. Fear suddenly over took me. I knew she would torture me again if I tired anything. I bowed my head to the side and looked down in submission.

“Aww, are you really that scared? Did I have that much of an effect on you?” Her hips casually swayed side to side as she spoke. “Alright since it’s getting late I’ll have mercy on my prey, turn on your stomach for me.”

As quickly as my body would let me I did what she said and turned my body over. I then gasped in pain as her full body weight smashed on top of me. In a few swift motions she stretched herself out fully covering me. I then felt her arms creep around my neck, locking me between them.

“Fast or slow?” she asked.

“Uh, Fast—“

She quickly squeezed her arms applying powerful pressure to my neck, after holding for a second she let go before starting up again.

“Sing for me little boy.” she giggled.

With each pulse of her arms I gagged in pain. Tears flowed freely as my torture continued. She worked my neck for two minutes before stopping. She then relaxed her body and sandwiched me on the carpet again.

“Fast or slow?” she repeated, resting her cheek on my face blowing at my tears.

“Slow!” I gasped out, knowing full well more torture awaited me.

This time she slowly tightened the pressure around my neck. My breathing was strained from exhaustion as I tried to suck in as much air as I could. Christina laughed at this.

“Are those breaths I hear? Do you think it will help?” The pressure began to tighten more and more, my heart was beating like an engine.

“You know I’m squeezing you carotid artery right. You can’t out breathe the direct blood source to your brain, didn't my fingers teach you that? Your struggling is adorable though.” She added another inch of pressure to my neck. “Remember, you begged for this, you begged to be knocked out. I’m drawing it out so you can enjoy it so be grateful.”

Her grip became rock solid, the drawn out pressure was working my head to its last moments. I could feel my knockout was finally in reach, anything to end the sadistic battering to my neck. Then, to my horror, her grip loosened and she released my head to the floor. Blood rushed into my brain causing another searing stab of pain. I cried out in agony.


In one swift motion she reapplied her choke hold and squeezed with intense pressure. My vision sparkled with dancing white dots before going to complete black.

“Just kidding, you can rest now. I’ll think of more games we can play next time. Until then, sweet dreams…”

It was dark out when I finally came too. My head was throbbing in pain. When I attempted to get up a ting of fear held me for a moment, as if any movement I made would be punished. I shook it off and slowly got to my feet. After looking around I found a lonely key sitting on a desk, when I picked it up the full force of this afternoon’s events came flooding into my mind. My emotions were jumbled. I felt fear, anger, shame, and most jarringly, desire. I tried to remember what her touch was like. The bruises I found on my chest quickly reminded me. I then wondered if it was all just a dream. And if it was, a part deep down inside me wished I hadn’t of woken from it. Shaken by this thought I locked the classroom up behind me and made my way home.


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Default Re: Christina's Plaything

Thread approved.
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Default Re: Christina's Plaything

Well done...
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Default Re: Christina's Plaything

Hell of a story. Super well-written!

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Default Re: Christina's Plaything

Love it. Looking forward to more.
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Default Re: Christina's Plaything

The story is awsome! Do you think about to continue it?
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Default Re: Christina's Plaything

Hope you return to writing. Your stories are amazing
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Default Re: Christina's Plaything

Loved this story. Christina is as mysterious as she is cruel. Really hope you continue this.
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