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Default A Stepbrother and Stepsister, Both Home From College, Get into a Fight


Brian sat down on the couch, picking up the remote and flipping through the channels. He was back home from his first year of college on spring break. His parents had left earlier on a business trip, and would be out of town until tomorrow at the earliest. He brought a half-eaten box of pizza with him which he placed on the coffee table, and stopped his channel surfing only long enough to pick up another slice and take a bite out of it. He wore boxers and a t-shirt, clearly ready to relax.

“Brian! Turn off the TV! I’m trying to study!” Brian heard Jenny, his step-sister, yell from her bedroom upstairs.

Brian sighed. He turned the volume down so he could barely hear it. “I turned it down,” he told her.

Jenny was also a college freshman, but at a different university. Her spring break wasn’t for another week, and she was studying for finals. She was on the school’s volleyball team, and her practice and workout schedule didn’t give her much time to study, Brian knew.

“It’s still too loud,” Jenny yelled. “Please turn it off!”

“I can barely hear it,” Brian yelled back at her. He heard her chair move from her desk followed by her footsteps coming down the stairs.

Jenny stood in front of him, her hands on her hips. She was still wearing her black volleyball spandex shorts she wore at practice earlier, and a white t-shirt with her team’s mascot on it. Her athletic 6’0” frame completely blocked his view of the television. “Are you going to turn it off?” she asked, sounding irritated.

Brian sat up on the couch. He was getting annoyed at Jenny. “Look,” he told her, “I turned it down. I can barely hear it. There’s no way you can hear it upstairs. Now leave me alone. I just want to relax.” Brian sat back down on the couch, but leaned to the side to see around her.

Jenny scowled. “Fine,” she said. She reached for the remote on the coffee table. Brian went for it too, but was too slow. Jenny pressed the power button on the remote, turning the television off. She walked back toward the stairs, carrying the remote.

Who did she think she was, Brian thought. She doesn’t get to tell me what to do! Brian got up off the couch and ran after her. “Hey, give me that!” he shouted at her. Jenny turned around and Brian stopped. They stared at each other at eye level for a few seconds, as they were the same height.

Jenny broke the silence. “I’m taking this and there’s nothing you can do about it, Brian,” she said.

“How about I just take it from you,” Brian replied.

Jenny laughed. “You couldn’t if you tried,” she said. “You haven’t played sports since high school, I’ve been playing college volleyball for the past year and doing all the strength and conditioning that goes with it.”

“So?” Brian asked.

Jenny laughed again. “So, you’re not stronger than me anymore.”

“Do you really think being on the women’s college volleyball team is even close to being as intense as when I played varsity boys basketball last year in high school?”

Jenny became serious. “Brian, we do volleyball workouts all the time. And we lift weights. Heavy weights. More than most of you boys lifted in high school.”

“No way!” Brian replied. “You’re just a girl!”

“Oh really?! Jenny said aggressively. “Want to make something of it?”

“What?” Brian asked her. He was losing his patience.

Jenny held the remote up high over her head. “Come and get it,” she challenged.

“Just give it to me,” Brian said.

“Are you afraid of me?” Jenny asked, smiling. “Are you afraid of getting beat up by a girl? You know I could…”

“Oh please,” Brian said.

“Fine, if you’re not man enough to take it from me then you don’t get to have it.” Jenny turned around and started walking upstairs, still holding the remote.

Brian followed after her up the stairs. He grabbed her wrist with the remote in it, trying to pry if from her hand. “Give it!” He grabbed the bottom half of the remote with both hands. He expected to quickly snatch it from her without much difficulty. Jenny turned and held on firmly to the top half with both of her hands. She and Brian pulled back and forth, neither able to pull it away from the other. Brian pulled as hard as he could, but he couldn’t pull it from Jenny. How was she so strong? he thought to himself. How come I can’t pull it away from her? She’s just a girl! Brian saw Jenny’s forearms and biceps muscles flex. Her muscles became pumped as she struggled to hold onto the remote, as if she had just finished a set of heavy barbell curls. Her muscles were bigger than he remembered.

Much bigger.

Maybe all of her volleyball workouts and strength training were making her stronger, Brian thought. Could she really be stronger than me now?

Jenny let go of the remote with one hand and smacked him across the face, then raised her leg up high and kicked him in the chest. Brian let go of the remote. He grabbed her leg and tried to hold on. He felt her smooth skin and her strong leg muscles below. She kicked with her same leg several more times, breaking Brian’s grip and causing him to fall to the bottom of the stairs on his butt.

“You bitch!” Brian shouted out in pain. His adrenaline surged, and he charged up the stairs at her.

Jenny, still holding the remote, threw it at him. Brian felt it hit his forehead and bounce down the stairs, shattering into several pieces. Jenny ran down the stairs at him. The two met in the middle of the stairway, both punching at each other furiously. Brian felt his head, shoulders, and the sides of his torso being struck, and Jenny wasn’t letting up. Brian landed as many hits on the sides of her hips and torso as he could, but he couldn’t reach much higher than that because Jenny was above him on the stairs.

Brian felt himself tiring quickly, his punches slowing down and becoming less hard. Jenny didn’t let up. If anything she was punching faster and harder, and never seemed to get tired. Brian cried out in pain at several of her punches, and began retreating backward down the stairs. Jenny screamed at the top of her lungs as she followed after him, still punching him hard.

Brian felt his back hit the wall at the bottom of the stairs. He was exhausted and out of breath. He put his arms up motioning for Jenny to stop. She swatted his arms away and punched him hard in his abdomen three times with an uppercut motion. Brian felt his lower back slam into the wall with every punch. He doubled over in pain, and fell to the ground.

Jenny knelt down beside him, with her hamstrings resting against her calves, making her already athletic-looking legs appear even bigger.

“I told you I was stronger than you now,” she said.

“You just got lucky because you were higher than me on the stairs!” Brian snarled, his eyes tearing up due to the pain.

Jenny didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she got up, and walked to the middle of the living room. Brian watched her as she walked away, saw her athletic looking butt move up and down in her spandex shorts with every step. The shorts were so short the bottom of her butt cheeks were visible. She turned around. “Then let’s settle this here,” she said. “It’s totally flat.”

“I’m not going to fight you again,” Brian said.

Jenny raised her eyebrows. “Is that because you’re afraid? Because I just beat you up and I’m a girl?”

Brian stood up, and took a few steps toward her. “You didn’t beat me up!” he said. The truth was, he wasn’t sure what just happened. He had never seen Jenny like that.

“Yes I did,” Jenny replied. “You were even crying. Just accept it— I’m stronger and more athletic than you now.”

“The gloves are coming off, bitch!” Brian said angrily. “I’m not going to go easy on you because you’re a girl!”

Jenny’s eyes widened and she laughed. “Ohhhh, I’m scared!” she said, getting into a fighting stance. “Come at me!”

Brian lunged at her, grabbing the outsides of her upper arms. He tried to take her down, but he couldn’t. She was too strong. How is this possible?! he thought. She’s just a girl! How can she be so strong?!

Jenny quickly reached down between his legs, and grabbed the outside of his boxers, and his soft cock and balls underneath the fabric. She squeezed hard once for a split second and then pulled her hand back. Brian was too slow to react to stop her. He screamed loudly and bent over in pain. He took a few steps back from her. Jenny followed after him. Brian punched at her. She blocked it, and quickly reached down and squeezed his cock and balls again from outside his boxers. He fell to the ground this time, both hands covering his groin. “You bitch!” he screamed. “Stop it! It’s not fair!

Jenny bent down beside him. “What’s not fair?” she asked. “That I’m a girl and I’m stronger and faster than you? That all my college volleyball training and workouts have surpassed the natural strength ‘advantage’ over me your balls gave you? And now your balls are nothing more than an easy target for me?” she paused for a moment. “I warned you.”

“Stop grabbing my balls!” Brian shouted. He rolled onto his stomach and started to get up.

Jenny was too quick. She got behind him, and put him in a chokehold. She rolled onto her back, taking Brian with her. Brian desperately grabbed at her arm, trying to pry it away from his neck.

He couldn’t.

Jenny wrapped her long legs around his, and then inserted her feet against the insides of his calves. She flexed her leg muscles, and began forcing Brian’s legs to open wider. Brian tried as hard as he could to resist her and keep his legs together, but he was unable to. Jenny’s legs were too strong. He felt helpless. He couldn’t pull her arm away from his neck, and her legs had overpowered his and pulled them apart.

“Give up?” Jenny asked.

“No!” Brian said. He could barely breathe. He tugged at her wrist. He would never give up to her. Not only was she his step-sister, but she was a girl. Just a girl. He had to beat her.

Jenny flexed her arm muscles, making it even harder for Brian to breathe. “Then I’ll just have to force you to give up,” she said. She reached her free hand down and slipped her hand into Brian’s boxers. All of a sudden she stopped, and let out a loud laugh. “Is that for me?!” she asked loudly.

Brian knew she was talking about his erection. He couldn’t help it.

Jenny smiled. “Are you attracted to me?”

“No!” Brian shot back. With a burst of energy he thrust his hips forward, trying to break free from her hold. Jenny held him in place. He tried again, using all his strength, but Jenny still held him.

Jenny reached down into his boxers again, and gently wrapped her hand around his balls. “What’s the matter?” she asked. “Your balls are big, and hard. I’m just a girl— do you think my hand is strong enough to crush them?”

“You bitch!” Brian shouted. “Don’t you dare!”

She squeezed hard for half a second but then let go. Brian screamed. She wrapped her hand around his hard cock. “No, you’re the bitch,” Jenny whispered femininely into his ear, and began stroking him.

Brian let go of her arm around his neck, and grabbed her other wrist with both hands. He tried as hard as he could, but couldn’t pull her arm away. She continued stroking him.

Jenny moved her mouth closer to his ear. “This must be humiliating for you,” she whispered. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. All those years of us playing sports growing up, and I took a back seat to you because I was just on the girl’s teams. Then you weren’t good enough to play in college— but I was. And now I’m bigger, faster, and stronger than you. So, how does it feel to be humiliated by a girl?”

Brian was speechless. All he could think about was the physical pain he was in, and the helplessness he felt at not being able to break free from Jenny’s hold. And now Jenny was stroking him, totally humiliating him. And there was nothing he could do about it. He was beaten. By a girl.

He cummed.

He felt his body go limp. He let his head fall back, and he just lay there.

Jenny relaxed her arm around his neck. “Now,” she began, “Can you please be quiet so I can study?”

Brian heard her.

He said nothing.

There was absolute silence for the rest of the night.

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