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Default The Wretched Woman

Two young travellers are stalked by a dangerous skinny old Indian woman
By Jimp from an idea by SK
(c)Jim P 2021

“James, look at this!” Nigel exclaimed shining his torch upon the walls of the cave.
We had come to India on a backpacking adventure during the summer recess at Uni. Avoiding the noisy over-congested cities, we made our way into the north-eastern state of Meghalaya. In largely unexplored territory far from the tourist trail we found a caver’s paradise. Many of the caves here were unexplored and I’m sure some we came across were previously undiscovered. That’s where we made an amazing discovery.

Inside what we thought was just another large cave system, it suddenly opened up into a vast and echoey cavern. It was so tall that we could not even make out the ceiling despite several large holes that let in natural light that did little to improve the poor light levels. As we swung our torches around we realised in astonishment that an ancient temple had been built inside. It was so inaccessible and well-hidden, we were probably the first people to see it for millennia!
“That woman is sitting on a guy’s face!” Nigel’s exclamation echoed around the chamber.
I swung my torch beam to join with his to see a sculpture carved into the walls above of an extremely buxom woman who was virtually naked with an unfeasibly tiny waist and big hips depicted sitting on the face of a man whose large member was sticking up.
“Well he’s enjoying it.”
“So’s she by the look on her face!”

There was another sculpture close by of another unlikely proportioned woman lying on top of another guy facing his feet.
“Lucky sod’s getting a blow job!” Nigel remarked.
“Look at the size of her thighs!” I exclaim.
The man’s face was right up her big backside with huge legs stretched out on either side of his neck with ankles locked together.
“By the blissful expression on her face I say she’s forcing him to lick her custard pie to avoid getting his skull crushed between those big thighs.”
It was just an ancient carving but it was so well done that I was embarrassed to feel my manhood stiffening.
“They didn’t do that in those days, did they? Are you sure these are ancient?”
“Positive. No-one’s been down here for years, centuries probably.”
“So why are these sculpture's so clean? Where’s all the cobwebs and stuff?” he asked. “It’s like someone comes down here cleaning.”
“Don’t be silly,” I replied, but he had a point.

Panning our torches around we saw that there were loads of such sculptures set in elaborately decorated alcoves high upon the walls. And yes, they seemed remarkably clean and free from dust.
“They must have a pretty fit cleaning lady to get right up there,” Nigel said as we moved to the next one.
“What the actual Eff!” He exclaimed. “Is that in the Karma Sutra?”
“I don’t know.”
It was another of those phenomenally figured women standing with a look of orgasmic pleasure on her face. On his knees before her is another phallically-endowed guy facing her with his head trapped between her huge thighs with his face buried in her crotch.
“Standing face-scissors,” I remark. “I never expected to see that in an ancient piece of art."
“Is he?”
“Licking her pussy. Yes.”

Shining our torches across the walls, we stared in amazement for they were covered with beautifully sculpted depictions of exceptionally dimensioned women in poses of physical domination over aroused men who performed acts of sexual devotion to their female conquerors.
“I don’t know for sure but I don’t think the Karma Sutra contains much female dominance. This is something else,” I tell Nigel as we explore, enthralled by the carvings which were becoming more erotic with every alcove.
“Like something out of a Jim Priest story,”
“The more historically based ones, yes.”
“Jeez! What’s that!” Nigel exclaimed suddenly flashing his torch around at ground level. “Something moved over there. I swear.”
“Stop trying to scare me,” I told him.

I swung my torch to join his and made out a pile of old rags that had been thrown into the corner. We both screamed like little girls as the rags moved followed by a kind of throaty husky laugh at our reaction.
“Wh..who’s there?” I asked nervously panning my torch towards the sound.
To our astonishment we saw that the heap of cloth was in fact an ancient wrinkly-faced woman squatting in the gloom eating a bowl of lentils with her hands. By her side is a container containing cleaning materials.
“Well there's the cleaner,“ Nigel said as we lowered our torches to stop dazzling her. “So much us being the first people here in centuries.”
“Maybe she comes here to look after the place,” I said. “Look how old she is. She couldn’t climb up there to clean.”
For she was a grey-haired wretch with deep wrinkles on a face that looked like tanned leather. Wearing a shabby choli so dirty and washed out that it was almost grey, she was so skinny she looked anorexic or more likely severely malnourished.
“Don’t keep staring,” I told him. “She’s just some poor old woman eating her food. Let her be.”
“She’s pointing at something.”

We aim our torches to where she indicates and see more sculptures except this time much more explicit showing a range of sexual positions with outlandishly figured woman demonstrating extraordinary flexibility as they ride the men.
“Some of those don’t seem humanly possible,” Nigel gasped.
“The women are clearly in charge dominating the men physically and sexually.”

The old crone made that throaty chuckling sound again.
“She’s giving us a funny smile.”
“Don’t look at her then, ignore her.”
A thought hit me.
“You know, this place and the old crone remind me of a the old Indian woman the Victorian explorers encountered in a Jim Priest story [JIMP#044],” I told him. “You know the cleaning woman everyone ignores until she suddenly attacks and takes out a whole load of soldiers.”
“You do know those crappy stories aren’t real?” he asked. “Does she have to sit like that?”
We’d seen this a lot. Women would squat down to clean or do other menial tasks in a manner that to our eyes was quite degrading and shameful. Now that he’d mentioned it, my eyes were drawn to the wrinkly old hag who squatted to eat her meal with her filthy dress tucked between her painfully thin legs like a pair of bloomers.

Now it was me who couldn’t stop staring. Slightly hunched, with a deeply wrinkled face and unkempt grey hair indicating a great age. She must be well into her 80’s at least! Her choli was so soiled, shabby, threadbare and thin, she might as well not wear anything! I couldn’t help noticing that her breasts were visible through the worn material and although small, they were beautifully rounded and firm. I quickly averted my gaze but not before she gave another throaty chuckle as if amused by us.

The skinny old woman hadn’t taken her eyes off us and now began to slowly rise from her squatting position. She was barely 5 foot tall whereas we were around 5’8. Still staring, she raised her right hand to her mouth then slowly began sucking the fingers she’d used to eat dinner clean one by one. Loud wet slurps echoed around the cavern and were actually quite provocative even if performed by a scrawny old hag!
“I bet she gives a great blow job,” Nigel joked.
“Sssh! she might understand you,” I urged.
With her eyes never leaving us, and no indication that she knew what we were saying, she continued to slowly suck each finger clean in a way that would be quite erotic if she were younger and better looking.

Standing up in an area of better light I was stunned by how wiry her painfully thin arms and legs were.
“Christ, she’s ripped!” Nigel exclaims.
Indeed at first glance she looks all skin and bone but that was deceiving. Her scrawny body was covered with dense taut toned sinew that resembled a human anatomy chart! Her ankles are super skinny and lead up to small hard slabs of solid jutting calve muscles with sharp crisp lower edges like spades and vertically running tendons along the outside joining it to the ankles. There were even clearly defined vertical grooves between her shins and calves. My eyes follow the lines of her lithe legs upwards to be stunned by the level of tone and definition. Although exceptionally skinny, her thighs are long, lean and shredded. I never expected to see such outstanding definition of quads on such thin legs. Likewise her arms were very taut, corded and veiny as hell. You could see every cut and there were also very prominent biceps veins running down her upper arms. As she continued cleaning her fingers, every movement of her arm caused small hard rippling muscles to pop out in constant motion including quite jaw-dropping small hard biceps and very vascular formidable looking forearms.
“She’s skinny, probably malnourished with zero body-fat,” I told Nigel.

I had to admit the sight was mesmerizing for a female-muscle fan like me, even though the old hag’s face was quite repulsive. I’m not overly keen on such extreme levels of vascularity but with her natural skin tan it highlighted her muscularity and looked quite intimidating.
“She’s probably spent her whole live scrubbing floors on her knees and other bits of back-breaking manual labour just to survive.”
“Jeez! She’s got an effing six pack!” Nigel exclaimed.
The old wretch’s ribs show through the worn short-sleeved blouse with a bare mid-riff. I’m staggered by the sight of a taut shredded belly that looks like brickwork carved with every cut showing in shiny toned brown stone! In mesmerised awe I watched those abs become less raised, but still highly visible, as she inhaled then rise gently as she exhaled becoming amazingly deep-cut again.

The wizened old crone gave another throaty chuckle looking right at me with a wide gappy smile. I was praying that she hadn’t spotted the stiffness forming at the front of my trousers in response to her remarkable body in this gloom. Well it wouldn’t have been for her face! Extending a long slender bony finger towards me the hag pointed up at the erotic sculptures. Not breaking eye-contact, she closed the fingers of her right hand into a tunnel then began vigorously thrusting the index finger of her other hand in and out in a very suggestive action.
“I think she likes you,” Nigel sniggers.
She stopped the pumping action and then pointed along the rows of sculptures.
“Jeez! she wants to do all those positions to you. You lucky sod, she’s probably hasn’t had any for decades,” he sniggered. “Be careful you don’t kill the frail old dear.”
“You can see how ripped she is. She’s more likely to kill me sexually!”

As if I hadn’t got the message, she lifted up her shabby choli with her other hand to expose a hairy pussy and her vagina. The finger that was pointing at the sculptures now pointed at me and then to her old twat.
“Christ! What a sight!” Nigel groaned in disgust.
It wasn’t pleasant but I can’t help staring, as she’s holding up her skirt, at her lean skinny legs. Amazingly ripped and vascular they have extremely slender but perfect muscle definition.
“The old bag wants to have dominant sex with you, mate,” he sniggers.
To be honest, the sight of her taut ropey sinewy toned well-defined muscle was actually very arousing. However, I have morals and self-control and do not go around porking every ugly old wrinkled crone that shows me her twat, not that they ever do.

Her smile becomes wider and I notice with repugnance, missing teeth and badly stained yellowing ones.
“Let’s move elsewhere” I whisper to Nigel.
“Can your girlfriend come with us?” he joked.
Maybe she understood a bit of English, or maybe it was his tone and attitude, but her expression made it clear that she was annoyed by Nigel. A skinny taut toned arm rippled with an eye-catching movement of moving muscle to point at him with disdain then slashed across her throat. The signal was very clear.
“I don’t think she likes you. I think you’ve upset her,” I said.
“Ur, maybe we should move on, like you said.”
With her taut rugged belly rising and falling slowly she gave him a glowering look.

Before we could turn to go, the spindly old woman took off like an Olympic sprinter. With her skinny shredded arms and legs pumping up and down, she was closing the gap between us at an incredible rate with a look of malice on her wizened face. We stood there frozen to the spot by the sight of an incredibly skinny old woman rapidly covering the rocky cavern floor in bare feet and a scary amount of wiry veiny muscles. We decide to run, but it’s too late.

Effortlessly leaping onto a large carved rock that may have been some kind of alter set in the temple floor, there was a hard flex in her skinny defined thighs then to our surprise the old crone leapt high into the air with shocking agility that belied her advanced age. In an instant her scrawny legs spread wide, extending one leg and folding the other beneath her. It was a terrifying surprise to see the lean taut bodied old bag hurtling towards us through the air like a kung-fu master. I caught a glimpse of a brazenly exposed hairy crotch and long bulges of stringy hamstrings at the back of her slim well-defined thighs.
“HUR!” her crackly aged voice let out this unsettling almost orgasmic shout with a terrifying ferocious look upon her dried-prune like face.
It seemed surreal until the sole of her leading foot pounded against Nigel’s chest with a dreadfully loud sound which reverberated around the cavern. Shockingly for such skinny legs her foot struck with such force I heard several of his ribs crack. His cry of pain is chilling as the power of the unexpected kick sends him flying backwards across the temple before crashing onto his back upon the floor.

Landing on her feet, the old hag she walks over to poor Nigel and stands over him sneering down at him. Suddenly her thin legs spread in opposite directions as she dropped into a perfectly-executed side-splits landing with her bare pussy right onto his face! She gave a throaty chuckle that was almost a purr of delight at Nigel’s muffled shocked cry of protest against her pussy. However, even he felt the eroticism of the situation of finding his face buried in a woman’s bare snatch whilst she did the splits and a stiff tent began to grow at the front of his trousers.
“Get off him please,” I begged.
I don’t know whether she understood but she slid her crotch back until she was doing the splits across the top of his chest. He looked up in terror at the crazy old woman pinning his shoulders with her wide-spread legs while she looked down at him with gap-toothed smugness.

Now that she was closer, the level of rocky lean definition and writhing vascularity on her scrawny body was shocking. Every square inch seemed to be covered with highly-defined muscle. Even the top of her chest was ripped with cuts and striated pecs! Fixing Nigel with a firm-lipped smugness, she raised her right arm out to the side, level with her striated shoulders. With a forearm writhing with vine-like creepers of veins, she clenched her fist causing thick cords of stringy muscle to swell in the middle of her upper arm crossed with more thick veins. Even though self-consciously I knew what she was going to do, my brain struggled to accept it, although the prominent biceps vein running vertically over a rugged swell on her left upper arm indicated otherwise. The rugged right forearm slowly bent her in towards her head and we both gasped as the thick cord of muscle along the top of her upper arm expanded growing thicker and harder with another very prominent biceps vein running along the top. Small hard biceps kept growing from the top of her upper arm swelling into a very definite hard mound until they reached a size that probably exceeded my own! I was astonished by how deep her biceps in were proportion with the rest of her lithe toned arms. In particular there was clear and defined separation between the muscle heads. The old wretch had split-biceps that body-builders would die for! I feel my dick stiffening in excitement as I realise her whole scrawny body looks as hard as steel. There was no body fat, it was all muscle and bone!

The old hag gave a throaty chuckle at our reaction, for Nigel looked just as stunned as I was.
“Please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any of that,” he begged, looking up with an expression of awe and a noticeable boner at the small hard biceps of the old woman sitting high upon his chest doing the splits with her bare pussy inches from his face.
She chuckled again then purposely glanced at her flexed biceps then back at his face and then let rip.
“HUR!” with a loud sharp orgasmic cry, her small bony fist was a blur as it streaked down to smash against his jaw.
The loud reverberations of the impact bounced back and forth while Nigel’s face slumped to one side with his eyes closed. One punch from the scrawny old hag and he’s knocked out! I’m stunned, a little aroused and a little afraid.

The aged woman lets out another throaty chuckle that sounded amused yet aroused. I was alarmed as she drew back her fist with meaningful intent.
“HUR!” an even more passionate shout.
Even though Nigel’s clearly out, her lean ripped right arm ripples with muscle as her fist flashes down to punch his face again.
“No! Stop!” I cry in alarm rushing towards the crazed old woman before she batters him to death with her very capable sounding fists.

Closing her eyes as she made a more blissful throaty chuckle. They opened again with a look of yearning on her face as she drew back her fist for another punch at poor unconscious Nigel. With no time to think I grab her from behind, wrapping my arms around her middle and bodily lifting her off him. I’m surprised by how little she weighs. As I lift the struggling wretch to haul her up,
I get a close-up view of her back which is narrow but covered top to bottom with toned rippling sheets of muscle. Resembling a tanned contour map even her bony shoulder blades are layered in cords of muscle and I clearly make out pincer-shaped triceps beneath her brawny slender shoulder caps at the back of upper arms.

No sooner had I got her to her feet when she grabbed my right arm and a small tight backside thrust back into my groin while she bent sharply forward. A surge of stiffness went through my dick as my groin rode her tiny bubble-butt then I felt alarm as I flew right over her slim shoulders. Flipping through the air while she kept a tight grip on my wrist, I felt fear and helplessness then cried out as my back slammed into the rocky temple floor. It was one of those moments when I realised that this had been a bad idea.

The tooth-gapped crone knelt over me, looking down with a smug look as if to tell me ‘what were you thinking?’. I cried out as she knelt on the side of my neck with one leg then pulled back my right arm, trying to press it the wrong way over the top of her thigh. It felt like as if my arm was going to break at my elbow and squealing in pain, I slapped the floor frantically with my free arm, while she just made that throaty chuckle like she enjoyed it. I was shocked to be totally controlled by a scrawny old cleaning woman old enough to be my great grandma. Yet my sheer helplessness in the face of her dominance had my dick absolutely rigid despite the pain. She pulled back hard on my arm while pressing her bony knee into the side of my neck. Jeez it was painful and then I began to feel woozy. I realised in alarm that the old hag was trying to knock me out and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop her! My eyelids became so heavy I couldn’t keep them open.

I became aware of a weight rubbing violently upon my face. Something meaty, damp and smelly is moving back and forth over my nose and mouth vigorously. It’s hard to grab snatches of breath in between. There is a loud noise of a woman climaxing, a crackly voice suggesting great age. The old Indian hag! She is riding my face and there is nothing I can do to stop her. Bearing down hard, my nose and mouth are deep within her slot rubbing against her clit furiously while the old woman moans orgasmically, sliming me with her juices as she cums all over my face. Orgasm complete she just sits there on my face resting while smothering me beneath her pussy.

I hear stones skittering close by.
“Get off him!” I heard Nigel shout.
With a low chuckle the old crone leapt off my face and disappears into the darkness.
“James, are you alright?” Nigel appears at my side, clutching his chest.
“Fine,” I gasp. “She must have knocked me out then,” I felt embarrassed and muttered. “Used me. What about you?”.
“Bust a rib or two.”
“Where’d she go?”
“Skittered up the walls like a spider, I swear.”
We look around nervously but the wretch is nowhere in sight. Yet we know she’s out there somewhere in the temple because we can hear her scurrying around the walls like a monkey, sure-footed in her bare feet and hands on what looked to us to be precarious near-vertical walls. However it is so dark we can’t see far.

We found our ruck-sacks where’d we left them and used our medical kit to clean my face of her slime then helped Nigel bandage up his chest. In the echoes of the temple, we can hear deep excited breathing but can’t pinpoint the noise. The sound of it is quite erotic yet it is spooking us out knowing the crazy old woman is still out there.
“Let’s get the hell out of here,” I suggested and Nigel agreed.
Not knowing what lay ahead, we decided to back-track but kept getting freaked by soft throaty chuckles which seem to come from different directions but were definitely getting closer.

Suddenly Nigel cried out in alarm as the old hag jumped out from nowhere right in front of him. His hands dart out to push her away but the skinny woman struck like a snake. The palm of her hand slammed into his face pushing it back with her fingers pushing into his eyes. His cry was cut short when she went onto her toes, making the toned calve muscles flex into sexy hard-edge spade shapes.
“HUR!” the cry was almost orgasmic.
Her bony right knee pistoned straight into his groin. Despite the leg being so skinny, the knee struck with such power that he was sent onto his toes with his face creased in agony as her bony knee met his balls. As he began to crease over in agony her thin leg drove that knee up again.
“HUR!” it sounded even more ecstatic.
Impressively limber for her age, her knee rocketed to chest height and pounded solidly against his sternum. He gasped loudly while creasing right over with a face of agony.
“HUR!” it sounded like she was having an orgasm.
The bony knee shot upward again to meet his face in a brutal hard crunch of bone. His head snaps back in a spray of blood as he goes over backwards to hit the floor again.

Scared she is going to beat him while he was unconscious again I rushed forwards to grab her hands to stop her. A smile touches her craggy features, as she rips my arms wide apart forcing me right against her taut skinny body. I watch in awe and arousal at the long thin ropey muscle on the top of her upper arms swell into small hard biceps then continue to flex into significant rocky peaks of pure power. The strength flowing through her skinny arms is shocking and she gives that throaty laugh right in my face with an arrogant smirk as her small biceps totally immobilise my arms. Now right up against her, I stare in amazement at her remarkable toned muscularity. Everything about her lithe body is ripped and well defined. She pushes back my arms, overwhelming me with surprising strength. Our bodies press together, so close I can smell her bad body odour! I now notice a thin necklace with a pendant of a multi-limbed goddess dancing in a circle of flames and am stunned. No! it can’t be true!

Much shorter than me, the stringy wiry arms hold mine in a trial of strength but I am left in no doubt who is stronger. Strong wrists bend on surprisingly sturdy looking forearms covered with a network of veins. Angling her hands, they push my hands back painfully over my wrists forcing me to bend my knees. Crouching down to her level she straightens her wrists easing off the pressure but still keeping my arms at a stand-still no matter how hard I push back. Keeping my chest pressed against hers, the wrinkled crone looks straight into my eyes with a look of amusement. I’m amazed by the substantial peaks of her small biceps which on her skinny arms make them look very powerful and intimidating. Fully flexed, I’m sure that they look bigger than mine! The thought of her superior strength goes straight to my dick. She notices and laughs in a way indicating this makes her aroused.

With a look of lust in her eyes, the old hag angles her hands once more. The skinny old woman is overwhelming me with shockingly superior muscular force. I push back with all my might but it is no use, those scrawny ripped biceps are far too strong for me. Although my arms are much thicker, I am being forced down her body. Sinking down, my face is between her breasts. Her top is so worn, she may as well be naked. Up close, I see horizontal shredded lines and cuts across her breast-bone. On either side her well-defined shoulder caps are equally shredded as are her small bulging biceps with their incredible peaks and thick intimidating biceps veins as they shame me. Normally I don’t like such extreme vascularity and ripped shredded look on a female bodybuilder but on this petite sleight dark skinned body it looked sensational and was really arousing.

A light sheen of perspiration from the humidity and her exertions give her body an alluring glow. Her small breasts are perfectly rounded and firm with jutting nipples fully erect in arousal. They are beautiful and I am so turned on by her muscular dominance that despite her gnarled face, my face moves towards one of her breasts to lick and suck the nipple in a fit of wild abandon. The hag stops my downward descent and lets out a loud moan of pleasure. Enjoying my attention for a few moments, her strong slender brawny arms exert more pressure on my wrists continuing my journey of defeat down her remarkable aged lithe muscular body.

My face sinks down to her belly and I can’t believe how hard and rugged it is. Six large irregular blocks of rugged hardness stacked in two columns either side of a groove running vertically from her belly button with ribbed lateral lines angling upwards from the central columns of muscle. I’d never seen anything so sexy before outside of a website in my life and my dick was aching hard. A deep chuckle made me look up to see the old crone looking down at me, with biceps taut as they continued to exert their dominance over me, with a stern-faced look that seemed to say ‘go on then’. So I did. Pressing my lips against the top row of deeply cut hard blocks I feverishly kissed those remarkable rock-hard slabs of glistening well-defined abs with rising lust. Another moan signalled her appreciation as she slowly powered me down her ribbed belly allowing me enough time to worship each and every muscular bump while they rose and fell beneath my lips.

A surge of power through those small peaked ripped power-houses sent me tumbling to my knees while a low guttural chuckle mocked me. It was utterly humiliating to be totally outmuscled by a short scrawny old woman. However before I could dwell on it the old hag leapt upon me. Pouncing astride my waist, she leant forward to grab my wrists to pin my hands above my head. Again I felt her insanely strong skinny biceps overcoming any futile resistance I could muster. I even tried bucking my hips to throw her off but she rode me like a rodeo rider while her peaks of power on thin arms completely dominated me.

With my hands pinned by her insanely strong thin arms, the crone sprang forward to sit high upon my chest while pinning my arms with her knees. Trapped between her slender thighs and looking up past her sexy taut washboard abs to her shrivelled face, I saw her looking down at me. Her tongue flickered out and ran over her remaining teeth and thin dry lips with an eager sexual hunger. Grabbing her ragged clothes with her hands, she eagerly ripped them from her slim body like shedding a second skin, then slid back to sit on her knees over my waist. Despite her haggard face and bad body odour, her incredibly muscled body on such a skinny frame now completely naked arouses me greatly. Even though her worn clothing barely concealed anything, the sight of it completely nude was a whole order of magnitude more sexy. Glistening with perspiration in the humid conditions, the hag’s body is sensationally fit and sexy for guys who liked a bit of female muscle. It’s no wonder how my manhood responded to the sight. Her eyes glanced down to find a rigid erection formed in my trousers. Staring at my face with a wide knowing grin, she smacks her lips several times like a sexual predator about to feast.

“No!” I gasp as she felt my lunch-box through my jeans, the sudden thought of sex with an old skinny lady with a face like a shrivelled prune, bad teeth and BO became repulsive. I tried to lean forward to stop her.
A skinny right arm flashes towards me like a striking cobra. The hard edge of a bony hand chops the side of my neck in a solid crushing blow. An intense pain seared throughout my nervous system and I collapse back with my head spinning, feeling nauseous and clinging on the edge of consciousness.

I was too badly gone to stop the hag tearing away my trouser belt then ripping apart the front of my jeans with fingers that felt like steel. I could only watch in horror as she shredded my pants like it was made of paper! Freed, my member sprang up fully erect. The old bag gripped my erection then grossed me out by slobbering spittle all over it. However the next moment I was moaning in ecstasy as her mouth fully envelops it like a sword-swallower. The aged woman then proceeded to deep-throat me up and down vigorously giving me full brain salad surgery, with moments where she fully based my shaft for her agile tongue to flick around the base which had me moaning like crazy. However if I hoped she was going to suck me off, I was badly mistaken.

With that sensationally muscled body crouching over me, the old woman’s pussy drove me wild as it lightly brushed the head of my throbbing dick. Taking a hold of an ankle in each hand, she bent my legs toward my chest, compressing my lungs and restricting my breathing, while plunging herself onto my shaft. Riding me vigorously like a cowgirl in the aptly named Amazon position, the old skinny hag was strong, dominant and in control as she used me for her pleasure. Her abs were in constant sensual motion and highly arousing to watch as strange strong taut shapes flex and writhe beneath her thin glistening skin. She may be old enough to be my great-granny but she’s too energetic for me and I blast my load inside her while she carries on pumping away at me until finally reaching a very loud noisy climax that echoes throughout the cavern.

Dismounting, the little old naked Amazon leans forward as I lie there trying to get my breath back and waiting for my galloping heart to slow down. She kisses me passionately on the lips, grossing me out as her tongue slips inside although that too becomes stimulating.
“HUR!” an unexpected lust-filled cry of attack.
A thin arm folded at the elbow with a brawny vascular forearm vertical with fist clenched is brought sharply down slamming the point hard into my belly. I wailed as it sunk deep ripping all of the air from my lungs. Cupping her other hand over her fist she added her bodyweight behind it while looking down into my eyes chuckling orgasmically as she kept the elbow buried deep inside. I was frantic to breathe, not wanting to die after such great sex but paralysed to stop her.

From out of nowhere, the hag is tackled by Nigel from behind in an attempt to save me. Big mistake! he should have played dead! He manages to pull her away but the skinny old wretch writhes like a serpent and he finds himself facing her with a hand in each of his.
With a flex of small hard-edge slabs of calve muscle, she went onto her left toes, a shredded thin leg kicks straight up like a lightning bolt, with extraordinary flexibility. Flashing right through the tight space between their linked arms, Nigel cries out as the bare sole of her foot pounds his jaw solidly blasting his head right back over his shoulders, sending him crashing to the floor.

The old crone leapt upon Nigel as he lay there stunned and chuckling in pleasure, began grappling with him. He looked shocked to be chest to chest with a completely naked old woman who pressed her sensationally muscled although scrawny fit body against him while trying to get a ripped muscled arm around his neck. It was like wrestling with a wildcat and everything he tried to restrain her failed. He’d managed to get to his knees holding her off at arm’s length by holding each of her hands in his, but wasn’t faring any better than I had. He looked shocked and kept staring at those bulging hard biceps on ripped lithe arms as she overpowered him and forced him flat on his back. Leaping on top, she slid an arm beneath the back of his neck and locked the other forearm across his throat and pressed, throttling him between her skinny but ripped arms. Her wrinkled face was set in concentration while the corners of her mouth pushed up in pleasure. He frantically tugged at her thin rippling arms as they choked his throat like a sandwich press while chuckling in his face. My dick lurched at the sight of her bare chest gleaming and absolutely rugged with striated cushions of muscle and deep horizontal striations. It was absolutely ripped to shreds and incredibly sexy.

Nigel tried to strangle the murderous hag in return but she just chuckled even more as though enjoying him fighting back. Choking in the grip of her steely fingers, he bucked his hips furiously and managed to break her as he nearly unseated her.
Thick cords of muscle ripple in her thin right arm as it slashes down to deliver a hard chop to the side of his neck.
Her right arm is just a blur as it flashes out again and a small bony fist pounds the side of Nigel’s cheek. His face whips hard to the left trailing a spray of blood before he crashes flat on his back again.

Leaning across him, the ripped nude old woman pressed the back of a slim but brawny forearm across Nigel’s throat then interlocked her other forearm behind it, gripping her biceps as she put her upper body behind her arms pressing the forearm like a steel bar into his throat. He began to choke and I knew I needed to do something to save him from the crazy old skinny muscle woman before she killed him. However I was still badly winded and could barely move. Fortunately Nigel was a more able fighter than me and manages to kick one of his legs against her side while rolling his lower body. It’s enough to roll her off and onto her back with his greater bodyweight.

Coming up between her lean muscled legs, Nigel stretched out his arms along her lithe naked body with his hands reaching for her throat. However he surprised me when his hands lowered to slide over her taut deeply-defined stomach, running his fingers over her chiselled abs in appreciation.
“Wow! You might be an ugly old cow but you have a really incredibly sexy body,” he moaned in lust.
She chuckled deeply, even if she didn’t understand his words she certainly understood his arousal. He then slid his hands to her small perfectly formed rounded breasts and began to give them a good feel.
“Jeez, they maybe on the small side but you’ve got a great pair,” he groaned.
Again she chuckled in an aroused sounding manner.
“Nigel, careful. She’s crazy and dangerous,” I gasped, still trying to get my breath back as he enjoyed massaging her breasts.
“Why should you have all the fun, banging her?” he snapped back.

The old hag struck like a rattlesnake, her skinny legs whipped around the sides of his middle then crossed ankles in a front-facing body-scissors!
“Arggh!” he cried, clenching his eyes. “Can’t breathe, legs too strong,” He gasped.
I was stunned as her thin legs flexed into incredibly defined shredded muscularity. Her quads were very prominent, resembling a thick downward pointing steel cord sandwiched between a thick steel plate on the outside of her thighs that shone with sheer toned power and a smaller steely slab on the inside above her knee. There was also a thick cord of muscle running from the back of each knee towards her hips and thick pincer-like cords spreading from her crotch. Those legs may have looked too scrawny to be a threat but like the rest of her body they were shredded like crazy with well-developed dangerous looking muscle. No wonder Nigel was gasping and turning red in the face with clenched eyes and gritted teeth as he desperately pushed and slammed his hands against her thighs that held like a steel man-trap. She chuckled with arousal as a much bigger and younger man struggled helplessly between her lithe thighs.

Nigel’s hands reached out for her neck and began throttling her, using his superior weight to get to his knees providing a better position to choke her. With a wide smile of pleasure the old crone‘s hands flashed out to grab his throat and began choking him in return!
“James!” he gasped.
Those legs of her must really be hurting as he suddenly let go of her throat to rear up and frantically press down upon the skinny thighs that looked like they were cutting into his middle.
“Stop it!” I cried rushing over intending to try and break them apart although I didn’t know how.

I never got the chance. This old lady knew how to handle herself. Releasing Nigel’s throat while still chuckling and keeping him immobilised in her lean muscular legs, her hands darted out towards me. Small slim hands grabbed my right hand in a grip like steel that made me cry out as the small bones were painfully crushed. Whipping my arm into the air then in a forward arc I found myself flipping in the air like a cartwheel before crashing painfully on my back against the temple floor. I yelped as she bent my hand right back at the wrist using both hands and then held it in that agonising position. Tucking the top of my arm beneath her armpit she intertwined a slim brawny vascular forearm beneath it while maintaining her steely grip around my fingers keeping my hand painfully bent back. The old hag’s chuckle sounded nearly orgasmic as she restrained me with just one arm! In shock I realised that the skinny naked old Indian woman effortlessly restrained two fit young Western guys with her lean spidery limbs and by the sound of her sexually charged heavy breathing she enjoyed it too.

While I squealed in pain in a wrist-lock, the old crone made noises showing her heavy arousal as she continued to dominate both of us together. Seizing Nigel’s right wrist she opened her legs from around his waist. He made an attempt to escape but the wrinkled old woman laughed and wrapped an arm around his. Applying tension against his elbow by bending her forearm he yelped as she subdued him. Now restraining us both with armlocks, her spindly legs whipped around the sides of Nigel’s neck as she pulled him close. Those thin but well-defined thighs slid pass on either side of his neck until his throat was wedged right up against her bare pussy. When she closed her legs and locked her ankles she looked at me helpless in her wrist lock while Nigel clutched in vain at the steely skinny muscled thighs around his neck. Controlling me using my bent hand the naked ancient Amazon forced me to move beside her incredibly ripped lithe legs just behind Nigel.

Suddenly her lean legs opened wide and quickly ensnared me, pulling me right behind Nigel before quickly closing. I sensed her lock her ankles together behind my head then an unbelievable surge of power through those skinny thighs sent my senses whirling. I was trapped close to her knees, looking at the back of his head while he had a great view of her abs and tits. Nigel’s throat was against her crotch while I was rammed uncomfortably right up against him with my chin pressing against the top of his head. Her legs were painfully tight despite their lack of girth. I clutched at her knees either side of my head but could not prise them apart to ease the dreadful pressure. No! her legs were like a steel vice! She kept laughing at our embarrassment. A woman old enough to be my great-grandmother was absolutely destroying two fit guys barely a quarter of her age at the same time! This was so humiliating! A scrawny little old woman was head scissoring the both of us together. I could feel hard plates like flesh-covered steel bulging powerfully beneath my palms while the cords of steely muscle I saw earlier cut into the sides of my neck with a crushing vice-like grip. In front of me Nigel made horrid choking sounds and I realised that her pubis bone was pressing into his throat.

The old hag was laughing loudly now as she effortlessly dominated the two of us with her legs. Then I felt her raise herself up on her spindly arms and my head span out of control as the pressure soared. Eff! Her thighs were really biting into my neck now, cutting the blood from my brain making me feel faint with my heart beating loudly in my ears over a loud buzzing. I felt so woozy and realised this skinny old lady had whipped us both soundly and we never stood a chance. The thought made my cock stiffen even more as I felt myself slip away.

I opened my eyes feeling confused until a soft groan drew my attention to a remarkable sight. A very old Indian wretch, totally nude, was doing a perfect inverted vertical handstand. I was lying close looking up at her back as she soared upside down right in front of me. Even more astonishing was that she was doing it right over Nigel as he lay before me with his shoes close to my face. The petite scrawny old hag held the handstand as steady as a rock. Although she was thin and bony, her body was layered head to toe with incredibly shredded well-defined muscle which rippled and twitched in the most mesmerising beautiful motion. It was really something quite arousing to behold. From the back her skinny arms show remarkably defined shoulder caps, deeply ripped and corded, with very prominent triceps looking like rugged inverted horseshoes. The sides of her forearms, as they supported her weight, were absolutely covered with thick cords and cuts and writhing thick veins like creepers. Her physical musculature is all the more astonishing given her advanced years and skinny physique.

I could see the old hag looking down at Nigel as she held the handstand. Her face was hungry with sexual anticipation yet fixed with a glowering anger. It was actually quite a turn on seeing such a lean shredded muscle woman totally naked and up close for real. The fierceness and the tightening of her whole body was exciting as she kept that fully inverted handstand steady with perfect control while glaring at poor Nigel. As I stared up at her back I was stunned by the amazing muscled landscape. Her slender back was layered with dense shredded slabs and shredded beyond belief. Her natural dark skin colouring glistened with a sheen of perspiration that made the highly defined musculature really stand out. This old woman was an absolute muscle goddess and my dick stiffened at the sight.
“Please don’t hurt me,” Nigel whimpered as the sensationally ripped naked old hag bent her elbows slowly steadily lowering her vertical taut lean body until her wrinkly face hovered over the front of his groin area of his trousers.

With her eyes glaring hard at him her small mouth opened and her tongue licked around her parted lips in a suggestive manner. As if by magic a stiffness began to form at the front of his trousers. Then her tongue flickered out, tantalising and teasing his groin area with light fleeting glances that had him gasping and squirming. I felt jealous that the lucky bastard was getting a blow job from an obviously highly experienced and extremely fit old woman. However he was freaking out by the forced intrusion by the unattractive wrinkly smelly old hag.
“No!” he gasped trying to sit up to stop her.
Showing amazing balance maintaining the handstand, her left arm flashed forward and her hand closed around his throat. Horrible croaking noises come from his mouth as she throttles him. His hands fly up desperately tugging at her tiny wrists to no avail. It looked like her fingers had closed around his windpipe and was trying to rip it out!
“Please stop!” I beg, tugging at her arm.
The ripped vascular arm is like a steel pillar that a mere mortal like me can’t budge. Giving me a look of irritation, there is a slight tension in the amazing musculature of her back making those ripped planes ripple and writhe.
Upside down in a handstand while choking Nigel with one hand, the naked old woman’s right leg, already vertical beside the left, bends slightly at the knee then pumps out horizontally. Her foot is moving so fast I barely see it until the sole slams into my face like a mallet blasting it clean over my shoulders. The kick sends me hurtling backward with blood running from my nose and mouth to crash upon the floor with my head spinning like crazy.

The taut-bodied old crone ignored me to resume licking and sucking the bulge in Nigel’s trousers. Lucky bastard! I thought until I realised that while she delivered pleasure she also delivered pain as his face turned red with her deadly fingers around his windpipe. Under the highly stimulating flicks of her tongue and ministrations of her mouth, a stiff tent rose which she then engulfed with her mouth. Nigel went crazy, thrashing his arms and legs about before a loud strangulated groan left his lips. The little old nude hag straightened her arms raising herself back up in the handstand, revealing a glistening wet patch at the front of his trousers where she’d made him cream himself!

With a mix of triumph and sneering derision on her well-worn face, the old bag continued to choke Nigel while maintaining a steady one armed handstand. He is going frantic, desperate for air, grabbing at her face and her small beautifully rounded breasts. Again I couldn’t help noticing how remarkably striated and defined her chest was with a thick diagonal cross of cords centred on her sternal notch. She was like a living anatomy model! Her fully erect nipples set in large areoles signalled her arousal as she tightens the grip of her fingers around his windpipe. Nigel was no longer moving or making a sound. I was sure she had knocked him out and was now killing him. I need to stop her but knew I couldn’t match her lithe muscular strength or handle her fast flexible unarmed combat skills.

I ran to our backpacks to grab any weapon I can find and came across a bush knife. It’s a bit small and doubted I could get close enough to use it but maybe it might scare the crazy old woman off. Turning around, there is no sign of her but I could hear the sound of her breathing excitedly in the shadows. I look across to Nigel, who is flat on his back and was relieved to see his chest slowly rising and falling. A light pattering of grit and pebbles fell near by spooking me. Panicking, I stab wildly into the dark corners and towards the walls but there’s nothing there. Hearing a quick scrabbling on the cave walls above me, I look up but see only darkness. More scuttling in the dark by the old spider-woman, I shine my torch in that direction and curse as the light begins to fade. Reluctantly I switch it off to conserve what energy there was. Luckily there are some spare batteries in the rucksacks but I don’t fancy kneeling down to change them with the murderous old woman around. Besides we need to save those for trying to get out of here.

There’s more deep hard breathing and husky giggling but with the echoes in this place I can never pinpoint the position of the small deadly aged woman. She must be moving fast upon near-vertical walls as it sounds like she is all around me. She is toying with me, trying to scare me in the dark.
“I’m not playing your silly games!” I shout, my voice echoing. “Keep away from us,” I waved the knife unsure I could really stab someone.
A scrabble on rocks sounding close by scared me and I backed up towards the nearest corner. Walking slowly backwards I kept my eyes on Nigel in case she popped out of nowhere to kill him. As I got closer to the corner my blood turned to ice as I felt a hot breath on my ear. Unknowingly I’ve backed up right into her!

Before I can run a thin well-developed bare arm whips over my right shoulder and wraps around my neck like a python. She is so fast! Hooking my throat into the crook of her arm, a vascular forearm clamped across the front of my neck. Small biceps swelled against the side of my neck as she brought up the other arm over my other shoulder then tucked her right hand into the crook of her left arm and slapped the left hand on the back of my head. The old crazy had me in a sleeper hold! I feel panic as the rocky muscular mound of her amazing split biceps bulge against my neck. The small hard peak presses painfully into my neck, squeezing the carotid arteries, reducing the blood carrying oxygen to my brain! At the same time, that rugged corded vascular forearm, which was significantly thicker around the base than the wrist giving it a sort of sail shape, was pushing like a steel bar into my throat. I can barely make croaking noises let alone breathe and tug frantically at it with both hands but unable to budge it a millimetre. That small hard peak on her biceps is growing larger pushing deeper into the side of my neck, completely stopping the blood flow to my head. She let out a mighty cry like she was about to cum! Moaning noisily a wet tongue dives into my right ear and licks all around frantically. I can’t help getting aroused by the erogenous stimulation yet terrified because my head is fuzzy and I’m feeling drowsy and know I’m going to pass out soon. Will she will release me or keep choking the blood from my brain until I’m brain damaged or dead? Yet her sheer dominance over me with my life in her strong scrawny arms starts my dick stiffening once more.

My eyelids began to flicker. I must have blacked out for a few seconds for I opened my eyes to find myself face up draped over the old woman’s slim shoulders like a rolled up rug. My legs were dangling down her back while my back was drooped down her front with my face looking out over the dim cavern. I was stunned that such a little skinny woman could lift me so easily. She began to walk casually around the temple as if I weighed nothing. She chuckled as if to say ‘pretty strong, huh?’

Reaching for my left thigh, the old hag grabbed it and used it to pull my legs towards her other shoulder until she had me lying across the back of her shoulders like a strange sort of scarf. It was stimulating being lifted by the smaller woman until she pressed down just above my left knee with one hand and against my chin with the other. I cried out as the naked woman bent my spine back like a pretzel around her skinny shoulders sending nerve-searing flames of agony through my back. Jeez she was strong for her size! She walked around the cavern temple parading me before the erotic carvings bent like a U pin in excruciating agony across her bare shoulders, showing how strong she was. Maybe you know what it feels like to be lifted and carried around in a back-breaker by a naked woman a fraction of your size and probably four times your age but I didn’t. Once again I was completely powerless to prevent it. Needless to say, such a first-hand experience of female domination had my dick point rigidly towards the cavern roof sticking out the front of my ruined jeans.

Maybe she got bored with me, who knows but suddenly she unceremoniously dumped me. I was in even more agony as my badly stressed back hit the unforgiving temple floor. By the time I’d stop crying in pain enough to look around, the crazy dangerous old hag had gone but Nigel was standing guard in front of me with the knife in his hand, nervously looking around.
“You OK mate?” he asked without making eye contact, looking out in case she returned.
“Yeah apart from my back which hurts a bit. This floor is hard to be thrown against and you?”
“Been better. We need to get out of here.”
“No shit, Sherlock,” I replied getting to my feet.
“Except she’s out there somewhere between us and the way we came in. I can hear her breathing.”
“There are two of us. We can take her together and get past her.”
“Yeah, that didn’t work out too good the last time we tried did it?”

We had no choice. Ensuring we had fresh batteries in our torches and with our rucksacks on our backs we cautiously headed through the temple towards where we had first entered. We could hear the old woman’s heavy breathing echoing around us and the occasional noise of dislodged grit and gravel as she scrabbled around. A chuckle close by at floor level made us jump. Thinking he had pinpointed where it was coming from Nigel ran over to a corner and stabbed, but found nothing. He kept stabbing in to the darkness by the temple wall at waist level at the slightest noise.
“Leave it, she’s toying with us. Let’s go,” I told him.

He turned to return when wiry, veiny forearms sprang out of the darkness at floor level and a pair of hands grabbed his ankles. Crying out in fright he found that he wasn’t able to move his feet. It’s as if his ankles are gripped by steel man-trap. The thin vascular arms gave the ankles a hard tug and he is literally swept off his feet and onto his back, knocking the wind out of him. With a chuckle from the darkness, the strong hands release his ankles and in terror Nigel forced himself to slowly shuffle back in his winded state. All the while he kept his eyes glued on the arms barely visible in the poor light. We watched in horror as something pulled itself slowly out of the floor before the more familiar form of the crazy naked old hag took shape. I then realised that there must be some kind of channel system cut into the cave floor for water drainage in the monsoon season and the limber old woman had used these to get the drop on us.

The petite lithe naked old woman slowly emerged from the channel and into the gloom of the temple like the dark form of a panther crawling slowly on all fours approaching it’s prey.
“ohshitohshitohshit!” Nigel gasped.
The old woman stared straight at him, eyeing him with a gapped tooth smile in her creased face. A long red wet tongue licked sensuously around her lips evoking a primal response in us both as our dicks stiffened in response!

Nigel has built up a good distance from the crawling old woman as he shuffled back. Supporting herself on her palms and with bent toes, the wretch crouched very low to the floor scrabbled forwards like a 4-legged spider very fast indeed. Her strong thin brawny well-defined arms flexed as she moved and her astonishingly developed back rippled in a sensual mesmerising dance of constantly flowing muscle in motion. Panicking, Nigel tried to speed up his backwards shuffle. Her smile is wide and her eyes locked onto him as she rushed towards him in that ungainly position resembling some kind of thin-limbed insect. Her boobs small but nicely rounded and firm due to her thin athleticism dangle and wobble in an alluring manner and supported by heavily striated pecs with fully erect nipples showing her arousal.

Moving forwards with astonishing speed, the lithe naked spider woman soon out-paces him and is positioned over him on her hands and toes, caging him in beneath her. The spider-woman has trapped her prey. By the expression on his face I know he can smell her stinky hot breath, as she brings her face down close to his. He is terrified.
“Get away from him,” I cry striding towards her, brandishing the bush-knife that Nigel had dropped.

Her hands move like lightning, seizing my wrist in a strong crushing grip with a surprisingly small slender hand that pulls my arm straight.
“HUR!” she shouts, making me jump.
Her other arm was just a blur arcing around. I cried out as the side of her hand chopped across my sternum and lower ribcage feeling like an iron axe, winding me. Her taut ripped thin arms rippled as she twisted my wrist and pressed on the back of my elbow forcing to bend over.
Now crouching on the toes of one foot while keeping me bent over, the old crone’s right leg blasted skyward with a brief eyeful of her hairy pussy before her bare foot pounds my face like a sledgehammer. Releasing my wrist, my body straightened upright as my head flew skyward trailing blood.

From a crouching position over Nigel, her sleek toned thighs bulge with lean muscular power then she literally sprang up from the floor reaching a tremendous height before me. In mid-air her spindly legs opened up, with her hairy pussy level with my astonished eyes. In a split-second the stone-hard sole of a foot high kicked me in the face!

My head whipped back over my shoulders and I staggered back with the taste of blood in my mouth. The limber old crow glared me at me angrily for interfering in whatever she had in mind for Nigel.
Her right leg pulsed out again to hammer my face with the sole of her foot. Then another and another in a lightning-fast barrage of kicks from her insanely flexible and well-defined skinny legs. She let out a shout each time that seemed to get more and more highly aroused. I threw up my arms to protect any more hitting my face but she kicked the back of my arms so hard they slammed into my face! The kicks from her long skinny legs were like whiplashes that now began to sting my sides as well as pummelling kicks to my face. Being kicked helpless by a totally naked woman much shorter and much skinnier than myself felt so emasculating and shameful. That she was old enough to be my great-grandmother just made it ten times worse.

Nigel jumped up to help only to get a very limber back-kick that pounded his face. The wrinkly old crone then began to give us both a good kicking that pummelled our features with the rock-hard soles of her bare feet. Although her legs were skinny it was like being kicked by a mule plus she was incredibly fast and flexible. Unable to stop her, she would move in real close to me then a wiry leg would whip high right around me and kick the back of my head! Nigel managed to grab her from behind to restrain her only for a leg to whip right up vertically with the top of her thigh against her chest while kicking the foot right over her shoulder to blast his face.

The naked little old woman was a whirlwind of leggy destruction. Moving too fast for either of us to stop, she kept pummelling us with her hard feet into a punch-drunk state. It was soul-destroying, two fit strong men having their faces bloodied and battered from the lightning-fast unstoppable pounding of her feet. Alternating high kicks between the two of us, incredibly fast kicks cracked around our heads, pounded our faces, chests and sides that left us too battered and dazed to be able to defend ourselves. Several times I found myself staring numbly as the naked old crone stood before me kicking a leg straight up exposing her hairy pussy and gaping gash that I couldn’t stop staring at in the split-second before the hard sole of her foot blasted my face once more.

The lean old woman’s stamina was incredible, she just didn’t tire or stop. Her kicks were becoming more dangerous, striking our throats leaving us coughing and choking. The power of her kicks also got stronger with hard kicks to the gut that caused us to double right over leaving us wide open to a hard knee that brutalised our faces without mercy. Her speed increased phenomenally, her skinny legs just blurs as they lashed out to pulverise our bodies while she cried out in a long orgasmic manner. I couldn’t take any more and collapsed absolutely ruined. A spinning back kick put Nigel down a second later. On our backs on the rocky temple floor two fit young men totally destroyed by the insanely flexible legs and deadly feet of a skinny old hag.

Don’t let anyone tell you getting beaten up for real by a woman is erotic. I effing well hurt and ached all over. The hard soles of her feet had battered and bruised my body and left my face bloodied and badly aching. A chuckle drew my gaze, through my swollen eyes to the lithe naked old hag victoriously standing over us, flexing her hard biceps. Drawn pass her lean muscled legs and bare bush, her tight ripped deeply-cut washboard stomach was a sight to behold. A carpet of slow continuously moving carpet of sensual female muscle breathing deep in and out as she stood over us smiling and chuckling in victory. Despite the pain of the brutal beating she’d had given us, this was the body of a super-woman. Lithe and perfectly muscled, our position lying bruised and battered at her feet was testament to her superior combat skills. Yes it damn well hurt at the time but now in retrospect my cock began to stiffen. By the grin on her face that was exactly what she wanted and by the way she was looking at Nigel’s crotch he must have had the same reaction.

Looking up at the fit body of the nude old hag made me feel small and inferior. Giving us an imperious cold stare, she chuckled at our reaction to her short perfectly muscled body. Raising her scrawny arms on either side of her body she bent each arm at the elbow to angle the forearms with clenched fists in towards the sides of her head. She smiled at our reactions as her small peaked biceps rose and nodded to Nigel and then to her soaring peaks of power making it quite clear what she wanted. Without hesitation Nigel is on his feet pausing to kiss that taut ripped paved belly before feeling then kissing those skinny but remarkably peaked biceps.

Intending to do the same I start to get up but am surprised when her hands reach down and forces my face upwards between the insides of her thin but well-defined legs. Shoving my nose and mouth against her hairy pussy her inner thighs close around the sides of my lower jaw then squeeze hard. I scream into her pussy at the shocking power of her thin wiry legs, feeling the swell of her lean hard outer thighs beneath my palms. I hear her let out a moan of pleasure. Her skinny legs are so strong, I’m nearly in tears as they crush the sides of my face with an unbearable painful pressure. Looking up over the bare crotch of my captor I tug frantically at her thin muscle-bound thighs but can’t find any relief. Then I remembered the sculpture we saw earlier on the walls and knew what she wanted me to do.

Nigel looked stunned clearly debating whether to risk helping me and incur another beating. The old crone grabbed his chin in the strong fingers of one hand and forced his mouth back to the top of the tall slender peaks of one set of biceps and mashes his mouth against it before releasing it. He resumed kissing it with passion.

The smell is bad but with the sides of my jaw threatening to break, I had no choice. Trying not to think too much about it, I worked my tongue through her hairy bush to her pussy and began to lick her old twat at first tentatively then increasing in passion as she began moaning loudly. The scrawny had began flexing her biceps even harder, the sight of such superior muscularity made me want to satisfy her in earnest and I really went for it. Meanwhile Nigel was worshipping every inch of the taut toned shredded upper body of the old muscle goddess. As she demonstrated her physical superiority and dominance by flexing her skinny strong muscles we worshipped her naked body together knowing we were no match for this crazy old woman.

Suddenly the old hag drops down to her knees taking me with her. I cry out with the jolt as I come to an abrupt halt after free-fall. My face is still trapped looking upwards up her sensational lean muscled body with my lips and nose against her pussy with my head still raised off the floor by her strong lithe legs as she now crouched over me. A tight squeeze around the sides of my jaw warned me to continue my devotions so I continued to lick her twat. She moans orgasmically and I reach up to fondle those writhing abs and those small but perfect breasts as I service her with my mouth.

Nigel’s zip and belt are no match for the old crone’s strong fingers as she rips his trousers open. Taking out his erection, she proceeds to pump it with one hand while looking into his eyes as he resumes kissing her right flexed biceps literally with rising passion. She then takes his dick and starts rubbing it against her amazing flexed split-biceps clearly showing both muscle heads in the small but hard defined mounds on her arms. When she rubs Nigel’s dick against the back of her arm he is moaning so much and panting heavily I know he is struggling not to blast his load! For it is so shredded that it makes those peaks look even more impressive among the thick slabs of muscle next to the thick ripped cords that adorn her formidable forearm. She was so excited she was thrusting her hips to rub herself on my face and sliming it with her juices. Nigel gasped as the lithe bodied old hag puts his stiff cock into the crook of her bent arm, right up against the side of that formidably vascular forearm and the side of that amazing peak.
“Oh my ….!” his gasps got a lot louder and yearning with desire as the wrinkled old crone began repeatedly flexing then relaxing her small but peaked highly defined biceps against his cock.
I cried out myself as those very long and slim highly-defined thighs of steel squeezed tighter around the sides of my head and hurt like hell.

Chuckling between moans of pleasure, the old hag kept pumping Nigel’s cock in the crook of her arm while pumping her own biceps. He was delirious with muscle lust as the old woman’s biceps got him absolutely throbbing in a short amount of time, moaning ecstatically and telling her how much he loved her while begging her to go faster. Soon beads of pre-cum began to leak as he kept moaning loudly and exclaiming in a voice full of yearning that he was about to cum. At that precise moment, the little old woman with a face like worn leather and a skinny lean muscled body like an angel, stopped flexing. Before he could protest the arm flew level with his neck and flung a brawny forearm around the side of his neck and the back while the top edge of her upper arm and biceps pressed across his throat. The wizened old woman wickedly bent his head right back so he was looking out, upside-down, beyond her back with her scrawny shredded arm and biceps tight across his straining throat. She was so ruthlessly dominant as she choked him with slim arms that looked extraordinary tight that my own erection was absolutely aching. The crow chuckled as he bucked the lower part of his body as though he were humping the air with his dick lurching back and forth wildly on its own, even though she was choking him out. His erection thrashed about stiffly with big jerking motions then suddenly erupted, blasting copious amount of spunk into the air. The old crow gurgled with delight as it kept lurching and cumming whilst her lean ripped muscles tightened the grip around his neck and throat until he suddenly arched back stiffly before collapsing. She had cruelly edged him then knocked his lights out as he came!

Letting Nigel flop to the floor, the old hag opened her thighs. I fell the short distance to land on my back and looked up at her sensationally ripped body crouched over me. Astonishing me yet again with her insane levels of fitness and flexibility for someone so aged, her legs went in opposite directions and she came down into the side splits onto my groin. At the last micro-second she grabbed my shaft and with perfect precision, positioned it so that it plunged straight into her pussy! I groaned loudly at the blissful sensation of sliding into her twat, feeling the damp sticky heat of her love box. I expected it to be loose and saggy and so was surprised at just how tight it was for someone her age. I couldn’t believe I was going to eff a little old granny! Although she had a repulsive wrinkly and smelt, her skinny almost anorexic-looking body was hotter and more muscled than any girl that I knew.

Oddly, instead of riding my dick, the old crone sat there for a while in concentration leaving me frustrated. Taking a deep breath then exhaling, my jaw dropped as she sucked in her belly then blew out the rest of her breath. Her stomach suddenly went very flat and vacuumed out leaving her bony ribcage very prominent. She held that remarkable but disturbing pose for a good minute or so. I groaned softly as I felt the inside of her pussy gently move against my shaft or did I imagine it? Somehow she sucks in the sides of her stomach leaving a thin central column of blocky muscle with a vertical groove running from her belly button. I groan loudly as muscular walls inside her vagina contract around my dick and squeeze it in a pulsing living motion that sends me out of my brain with pure lust.

She was just like one of those Amazons from Jim Priest’s stories. I was stunned that it was true! I’d never experienced anything like it before. I’m mesmerised as the old woman makes her amazing washboard stomach balloon out and roll from bottom to top in a muscular wave that then repeats over and over. At the same time that motion is matched by the strong muscles inside her pussy around my dick making me cry out in ecstatic pleasure. I am overawed by her toned belly that is in continual motion of writhing muscle as it performs remarkable feats of physical control that is both freaky and highly erotic while pulsing her pussy muscles around my erection in such a way that it felt like a ring of muscle. I’d never felt a woman do anything like that before and it was mind-blowing. Once more she formed that thin central column of ribbed muscle then started a wave of muscle that this time appeared to roll from left to right over and over quite fast. Her control over her stomach muscles was remarkable but what was even more remarkable was how she matched it inside her pussy which felt like the ring of muscle was rotating around my dick in time with her abs belly. I just can’t stop blasting inside her as she continues to contort her ripped belly into the most amazing moving shapes that danced erotically. The scrawny muscular unattractive old hag was a sexual goddess and I was struggling to keep up.

I was surprised by how hard her love muscles kept my dick yet she did and it wasn’t all just for my pleasure either. In total control of my cock while flexing her belly she got me into positions deep inside her that stimulated her G spot making her climax loudly and frequently with amazing stamina. I might not be the world’s most physical guy but knew that this old hag could probably kill me sexually. Her love muscles were mind-blowing keeping me absolute rock hard and raging to pump her. I knew that I would never find another woman who could give me such incredible sex like this again.

As she vacuumed her thin belly again to a narrow column of ripped muscle the old crone began crying out with increasing volume clearly approaching climax. Her naked body glistened with perspiration highlighting her lithe shredded physique. Suddenly she moaned very loudly while every muscle in that amazing body, including the ones in her pussy, flexed hard. The old crone became a skinny shredded she-beast that was quite scary and intimidating while extremely stimulating as she sat on my dick. She even brought her tensed arms in a most-muscular pose. Everything was so shredded, rippling and bulging while her pussy muscles spasmed like crazy around my dick. The sight and sensations were too much for me to handle and I began blasting heavily while moaning over and over in ecstasy. I realise I’m having the most intense orgasm that I’d ever experienced, a full body one from the top of my head down to my toes. Her climax was going on for ages and I found myself unable to stop ejaculating as her powerful pussy muscles milk me like a cow! It feels like she is draining the life-force from me with my heart pounding loudly in my ears from the incredible exertion. Although this was the most intense sexual experience I’d probably ever experience, I feared for my life as my heart raced to extreme levels. As her climax ends the ancient and wrinkly faced scrawny old succubus has drained me completely and I could no longer perform.

Shockingly, after unplugging herself from my limp dick, the naked muscled old hag glares angrily at me clearly not done yet. Her stamina and sexual appetite seemingly having no bounds.
“Please, I need to rest first,” I try to explain.
Whether she understood me or nor, she is unhappy that I am not ready to satisfy her again. She darts behind me and whips her brawny forearms through the crooks of my arms from behind. I feel the great physical strength in her wiry arms as she hauls me to my feet. Spinning me around, the little old hag wrapped her skinny arms around my middle then pulled me tight against her scrawny naked body in a bear-hug that crushed the air from me while rubbing her crotch against my limp dick while licking the sides of my neck and ear. Even that couldn’t arouse me and she angrily hurled my body to the temple floor.
I looked up in horror to see the sole of the naked old crone’s foot hurtling towards me to stomp-kick my throat, leaving me gasping and choking.

The old hag’s eyes caught sight of Nigel who I think caught the climatic ending!
“No, no more please,” he begged.
Suddenly she was sprinting towards him. Seizing the collar of his shirt she raised her right knee to slam the foot in the pit of his stomach, then fell back quickly. Chuckling, her back hit the floor as her right leg swung to vertical and effortlessly sent him hurtling overhead, flipping right over in the air until his back slammed against the floor several feet away. The scrawny tiny hag had done a fast-executed stomach throw that had sent him flying. That just made the naked petite woman an unbeatable martial arts goddess in my eyes!

Springing nimbly to her feet without using her hands, the old nude woman was on him before he could recover. Rolling him onto his belly, she sat down across the small of his back with her legs pointing in a forward V shape bent at the knees with feet flat on the floor. Her hands reached around both sides to seize his arms and pull them back behind him then hooked them over her upper thighs. He found to his alarm that his upper arms were useless in this position and he couldn’t release them. Reaching around again, she grabbed his chin with cupped hands and interlocked fingers. Thin straight toned arms begin to strain as she began to pull back on his chin. Trying to pull his head off in a camel clutch with her scrawny vascular arms with prominent biceps veins, he was weeping in agony as she reared right back bending his spine.
“Please no more,” he wept “Please don’t kill me. I’ll do whatever you want.”
Chuckling, she held his chin back with just one hand while slipping her other down to his groin and began stroking his dick hard.

Releasing his chin and then unhooking his arms she let him flop back to the floor before rolling him over onto his side. She lay facing him, then pulled him on top as she rolled onto her back with her legs open. He gasped as she slipped his dick inside her then gasped again as her skinny muscular legs wrapped around his waist with her calves folded across his lower back and ankles locked. To my surprise Nigel began passionately kissing the ugly old hag with tongues. She controlled his hips and the rate of their love making with her strong lean legs scissoring his waist and forcing them to pump back and forth inside her. He cried out as she wrapped her wiry lean arms around the back of his chest and they went taut as they squeezed him against her. It was like she was giving him a bear-hug while scissoring his hips and forcing him to bang her. She was licking his face and neck while kissing his mouth to stimulate him while his blissful crazed moans indicated he was experiencing the pleasure of her powerful love muscles.

I don’t need to give you all the messy details needless to say she once again experienced multiple orgasms while he came so much she absolutely drained him. Still the old woman wanted more and gave us both a beating with brutally hard kicks from her skinny flexible legs for not being to get it up any more.

They found us unconscious, beaten and battered on a hillside in the general vicinity of the cave we had found. They dismissed our story of an elderly wretched woman living in a hidden temple within a cavern as delusion and our talk of how she physically and sexually abused us as sexual fantasy. The doctors didn’t believe us and put it down to heat exhaustion but the knowing looks that the cleaning women gave us squatting low to the floor with their ragged choli dresses wrapped between their skinny thighs as they scrubbed the floors, virtually unseen by the professional classes. They knew.

We both had a desire to go back to the cave back to the amazing lean muscled body and sexual powers of the temple wretch. However we were in no condition to deal with her and feared she might kill us for not being able to perform. The looks the cleaning ladies at the hospital gave us suggested that they were willing for us to try them but they were so wretched looking neither of us had the courage to try. So we left India and its deadly old cleaning women knowing that the wretch had spoiled sex for us for we were unlikely to meet a woman that came anywhere close to her ability. So if you see an old cleaning woman squatting close to the floor scrubbing away giving you a funny look. Don’t piss her off or you might regret it.
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Amazing that it is creepy befitting the season yet single sexy too. Awesome as always!
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Love this story. Great job.
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You are simply the best!
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Hi Jimp, I sent you a PM on a possible future story about Mariam ...I hope u like it.
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