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Old 15-Feb-21, 10:12
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Default An Office Headscissor

“Don’t you dare rip my dress!”

“Let go of my belt!”

Greg couldn’t believe the behavior of his coworker. Jenny had actually grabbed him by his belt and yanked him backwards.

“I got here first,” Greg said reasonably. “I know you need to print your final report, but so do I.”

“I need to print my report now,” Jenny said desperately. “I can’t stay late tonight.”

It was already late, past 6pm on a Friday night. All of the underwriters needed to hand in their final reports on JS Corporate S.D. before they left for the weekend.

Greg and Jenny were the last two underwriters still at the office. They had finished their reports at nearly the same time, Greg just ahead of her. But as he stepped into the printing room to print, then hand in his report, he heard loud running footsteps. Then, amazingly, he felt a strong hand grab him by the belt.

“Lisa told me there’s only enough paper left for one report,” Jenny exclaimed. “Sorry, I can’t stay late, I have a thing tonight.”

“That’s too bad,” Greg said amusingly. “I got here first.” He then tried to take a step closer towards the printer, but surprisingly, Jenny yanked him backwards again.

“I’m sorry,” Jenny apologized. “But I have a thing tonight. You’re going to have to make a trip to OfficeMart for more paper.”

Greg frowned, hie eyebrows scrunching. Did Jenny really expect him to just bend over backwards for her. Why should he?

“No,” Greg said firmly. “Let go.”

Greg then took another step into the room, pressing his legs firmly into the ground.

Jenny was pulled into the room, but kept a strong grip on his belt.

“Let go of me!” Greg snapped. He was starting to lose his cool.

“I really can’t stay late tonight,” Jenny said pleadingly. “Just let me have the paper. Be a gentleman.”

“Gentlemen?” Greg snorted. “Fine, be a lady. Go and felt me a drink” Greg then grabbed Jenny by her dress and yanked her towards the door.

“Don’t you dare rip my dress!”

“Let go of my belt!”

Jenny let out a quick sigh. “I’m not going to ask you again.”

“Is that a threat?” Greg asked, not bothering to hide his mocking smile.

“Yes.” Jenny said flatly.

“It’s your funeral,” Greg said casually. Then he turned and stormed over towards the printer, dragging Jenny with him.

Halfway into the room Jenny stopped pulling her weight backwards. Instead, she lunged forwards, pressing her body into his back while wrapping one leg around his. He crashed to the ground with her on top of him.

“Are you fucking crazy!” Greg called out incredulously.

Jenny climbed onto Gregs back, pressing the palms of her hands into him to keep him down.

“I warned you, asshole,” Jenny said as she maneuvered herself into a better position.

Greg tried to throw Jenny off of him, but found it surprisingly difficult. When he put a hand on the ground to push himself up, she grabbed his wrist and pulled it out from under him.

“You’re a fucking lunatic,” Greg half screamed. But then what Jenny did next silenced him. She gripped his chin with both of her hands and pulled up. Greg choked in pain as his neck was pulled at an uncomfortable angle.

“I warned you,” Jenny said with finality. Then she slid her body forwards, keeping Gregs head bent painfully upwards. Then, when her crotch was pressed against the back of his head, she fell sideways. As she did this she twisted his head, forcing him to turn and face her. As she landed on the ground she stretched out her legs and wrapped them around his head. Still gripping his chin in her hands, she pulled his head into her crotch.

It had only taken a few seconds, but Greg was completely trapped.

“Let go of me,” Greg snarled as he pulled with all his strength on Jenny’s legs.

“Quiet,” Jenny barked back. Then she snapped her legs straight and squeezed hard. Greg was immediately silenced. “I told you,” Jenny squeezed even harder. “That I need to use the printer.”

Again Jenny squeezed her legs. Greg let out a whimper of pain, but Jenny ignored him.

“Are you going to be a good boy and let me print my report,” Jenny asked in a low, hard voice. “Or do I need to...” Jenny pressed her thighs together, crushing Gregs head between her legs. His hands were on her thighs, but he couldn’t pry them open.

“Who’s going to print their report?” Jenny asked.

“You,” Greg whimpered pathetically. “Please, just let go.”

“Good,” Jenny said with finality. “Now get out of my sight.”

Jenny then opened her legs and let Greg roll onto his side. He was still gasping for breath when Jenny pulled him to his feet. With a hard nudge she forced him out of the room. Then she slammed the door in his face, turned, and smiled.

“That was fun,” Jenny said to herself. “I’ll have to do that again sometime.”
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Old 15-Feb-21, 11:50
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Default Re: An Office Headscissor

Thanks, I liked that story!
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Default Re: An Office Headscissor

“That was fun,” Jenny said to herself. “I’ll have to do that again sometime.”
And again...and again... and again! Thank you that was a fun read.
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