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Default Redlands College Fight Season

Redlands College Fight Season

It’s time for the beginning of Redlands College first ever annual Male Vs Female fight season, the side with the most wins at the end will win the whole competition, with full bragging rights on the line with no shying away from humiliation of the loser.

With the first match of the season about to get underway, it was a loud packed gym with both sexes ready to cheer on their representative. The format for this match will be submission wrestling, best 2 out 3.

Max couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous as he stretched on his side of the mats with the pressure of starting this off for the men, many of whom were assuming the girls had no chance at winning this. He couldn’t let his boys down. And his opponent didn’t help matters.

Across the mats from Max, as the girls first representative, was the stunning gymnast Alexa. She was popular for obvious reasons. Her lower body was perfection and she knew it, well aware that most guys and even some girls couldn’t resist ogling her thick thighs and perfect ample ass.

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Taking extra advantage of her preparation, she was putting on a show for both the crowd and her opponent, purposely exaggerating her stretches giving her opponent a good view with her pink and white outfit that perfectly showed off her body.

Max tried to ignore her little pre match show, but even he couldn’t help but be a bit mesmerized with his eyes locking on to her bubble butt and soft thighs, and quickly found himself with a bulge that his wrestling outfit did little to hide.

As they began to approach each other with the referee ready to signal the start, the stunning dark blonde sized him up one more time. Max stood 5’8 with brown hair and a pretty average build. Certainly not out of shape or overweight, but not a clearly muscular athlete or routine gym goer either. He didn’t expect to be among the best of his side, but he figured he could handle many girls.

Her lower body was built, but her upper body didn’t seem to be anything special at all. If he could keep his focus, he’d be ok.

Her eyes roaming down to his crotch, she instantly noticed his ‘excitement’ from her pre match routine.

‘Oh you want to roll around with me bad don’t you cutie, how about you just be a good boy for me, imagine these legs wrapped you’ she teased in a flirty tone.

Max was left a bit speechless, her confidence and straight forward flirty attitude even face to face had thrown him off only making his bulge bigger.

As he began to stammer out a reply, he was snapped back to the match by the referee signaling the start. As they were about to lock up, Max tried to focus himself after she had already turned his arousal up to a 10 before their bodies even touched. He couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed with how visible it was to those watching as well.

Max won a first test of strength, managing to push her back a few steps before she held her ground with her strong gymnast legs and core.
Digging in with her legs, she managed to push him back a step or two, before hooking one leg behind his and tripping him to the mat.

As she began to climb on top he captured of her legs between his own keeping her from advancing to a full mount for now. After a few seconds of trying to pull her leg free, she began to grind her thigh up and down over his groin.

‘Does that feel good baby? I can feel how much you like it. My creamy thigh rubbing all over your-‘

Feeling a bit of his strength fading from the pleasure of her grinding, he released her leg unwrapping his from her’s. He knew he wouldn’t have lasted long in that position without ‘losing control’, especially with that commentary.

She slung her now free leg over his body taking control in a full mount leading to a chorus of cheers from the women in the crowd. He started to actually fear losing to her now as this cute gymnast had taken control on top of him.

Instead of advancing up towards his neck as he expected, she rolled to the side pulling his body into her legs for a bodyscissor. She didn’t apply full pressure immediately, she knew he wasn’t getting out of legs and wasn’t in a rush to force a tap. Alexa wanted to have a little fun.

He quickly started groaning under the pressure, grabbing at her legs feeling the muscle flexing. He tried prying her leg off but quickly realized they weren’t budging. As he was in obvious pain pulling at her thighs, she was casually resting an an elbow with a smile, showing no signs of straining as she slowly squeezed the life out of Max.

As the boys in the crowd began to quiet, the girls were only getting more and more excited with both Alexa and Max able to make out a shout of ‘Yesss crush him girl!’

‘And this isn’t even my full power squeeze, you know that Maxy?’ She teased. ‘I know it hurts, just tap when it’s too much for you’.

She reached down, gliding her hand over his bulging crotch keeping him fully turned on. Then she turned up the pressure, ready to end the round. Max quickly tapped on her thigh, feeling like his ribs were about to crack if he didn’t.

Max gasped for air, relieved to be free of the crushing pressure around his midsection. While he looked already worn down as he lay on the mat recovering, she sprung up pretty fresh, giggling at his reaction to being free from her scissor.

After taking as much time as he could to recover, he had to rise to his feet, a bit unsteady still feeling the effects of her body scissor, to prepare to start a crucial round 2.

Seeing the way Max got up and approached her, Alexa teased ‘I hope I didn’t crush you too bad, we still have another round to play!’

Trying to sound as confident as he could, Max replied ‘You got lucky surprising me with that one but now I know how to fight you, I won’t get caught like that again’

‘You’re cute, how about you just come back between my thighs so we can end this easy and I don’t have to hurt you? You know you want to’ she said with a wink.

As the 2nd fall was signaled to begin, this time Max knew he HAD to avoid her legs and any sort of scissor holds to have a chance of making a comeback.

As they were about to lock up again, Alexa did something unexpected as Max was ready to take it slow and cautious, lunging forwards to tackle him to the mat. Knowing her opponent was weakened and even a bit intimidated, she was ready to aggressively conquer her prey.

As they crashed to the mats, the back and forth wrestling started ending with Max getting on top narrowly avoiding her legs clamping around his waist again which surely would’ve finished him. Max advanced up, sitting on her chest and managing to overpower her arms, forcing them to the mat above her head.

Finally in a dominant position, Max taunted ‘See? Got you now. Your legs are strong but that’s it, and I know how to avoid your scissors now.’

‘Too bad this isn’t a pins match baby, what now?’

Max didn’t immediately have a comeback to that. He had to admit to himself, she was right. This position wasn’t going to get a submission.

‘Say goodnight cutie’ she suddenly said smiling, giving him a very brief look of confusion before with a flip up from her lower half, her athletic and very flexible gymnast legs flew up from behind catching him around the neck ripping him off of her.

With a quick small adjustment, it became a reverse side headscissor, with both of them on their sides, his back to her chest, and face facing her knees.

‘No!’ He grunted, frustrated with himself for finally taking control and letting it slip away just like that.

Hugging his waist to hold him tight to her, ‘Shhh don’t fight it sweetie, I have you now....just go to sleep.

Max’s hands had immediately gone to her legs, desperately pulling or trying to wedge his hands in trying to create any kind of room to breathe. Deep down he knew he would never escape Alexa’s thighs, but he couldn’t go down like this. He had to keep fighting.

Soon, his struggles faded as his desperate fighting turned to weak pawing at the deadly thighs putting him to sleep, as his vision grew dizzy.....until his arms went limp as he met darkness. As he went out he felt her hand start rubbing over his groin.

Releasing him from her lethal squeeze, the male portion of the crowd pretty headed out as the now nearly all female crowd roared and cheered seeing Max slumped on his back as he lay knocked out.

It was announced, “the winner of this match by headscissor KO, and scoring the first win for the girls, ALEXA!!!!!” to more cheers.

As Max’s eyes began to flutter and the noise began to clear, the past events came back to him. He lost. Crushed between the thighs of the beautiful Alexa. As his vision cleared, he awoke to see Alexa standing over him. Seeing him finally waking up, she sat down on his chest to straddle him.

‘Hello? Are you awake now Maxy? My thighs have done a number on you haven’t they. Sorry about choking you out but you really should’ve tapped out that time.’

Still a bit groggy Max replied ‘I know......but I couldn’t give up and let my team down. You won Alexa, why don’t you get off me?

Tired and also embarrassed at being the girls first victory, Max was just ready to get changed and leave.

‘But Maxy it’s time for your post match reward!’ She teased.

‘R-reward? What do you mean?’

His question was answered as Alexa spun around, now hovering her pink clad ass over his face.

‘W-wait Alexa, please not in front of a crowd!’ He pleaded.

‘Aw come on, we both know how bad you’ve wanted this from the start’ she cooed, reaching down to glide her hand over his bulge. ‘Don’t feel bad, there’s girls in the crowd who would love that view’ she giggled.

Then she sat down to a roar of cheers and laughter from the audience, plunging him into darkness, as the ass he ogled before the match became his world.

The thin pink fabric exposed a lot of cheeks, giving Max a lot of skin to skin contact. Despite the female laughter and shouting in the background, Max knew he was too weak now to stop her anyway, so he didn’t further embarrass himself by trying to resist.

Alexa sat atop him with a beaming smile, taking in the excitement of the crowd, and enjoying the feeling of Max trying to suck in air beneath her.

She was able to make out a few shouts from the female crowd, of ‘Take your throne girl!’ And ‘show him his place! That’s where all the boys are gonna be when we win this’

Once he began to run low on air, she mercifully raised up, doing a little shake on his face to more feminine laughter, before bending forwards and reaching down to rub his bulge once again. This time she wasn’t stopping, she was ready to make this boy her’s.

Between her amazing ass still in his face, and the feeling of her hand sensually rubbing his groin, a little moan escaped him from the pleasure.

‘If you want me to finish you Maxy and not stop, get up, and leave the mats right now, how about you start giving my cute ass some kisses, you know you want to.’

The girls watching flashed across his mind, but he couldn’t have her just stop and leave him now. As the overpowering pleasure and arousal took over, Max submitted to Alexa’s command and began planting kiss after kiss on that amazing ass.

‘Now, between kisses of course cutie’ she giggled, ‘tell me who’s the better fighter, and say my name’

Lost in the arousal, Max gasped out ‘Alexa’

‘Good boy’ she cooed, ‘and.....who’s superior?’

Once again, Max groaned out ‘Alexa’.

‘And who’s perfect ass do you worship’ She asked with a giggle.

About to burst, Max breathed out ‘Alexa’s!’

Then he finally lost control as he went over the edge, climaxing with more power then he had in a while, his hips bucking a little as he came.

As he started coming down from the high, panting in the aftermath, she asked him one more question.

‘Who owns you cutie?’

Yet again he gasped out.........


End Of Part 1.


-Well, here’s the other story I mentioned in the other thread, for those following that story too. No fancy setup here, just a brief cut to the chase beginning. Part of the goal starting this was making something that can run longer and where it’s pretty free and open to mix in different things part to part. This theme has obviously been done before, but hopefully this take is a bit unique. Most likely going back to the other story before continuing this.

- Others have used a picture in their stories to represent characters, think I’m going to do that too. ‘Borrowed’ a picture for ‘Alexa’ to be based off of from a picture thread from the Mixed Wrestling Pictures Section, assumed that’s okay and the normal thing to do. So I didn’t find the picture, someone else contributed it here.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Luv how she used her feminine wiles to gain the upper hand throughout the match. Not to mention cementing her win by sitting on his face and finishing him off in the end in front of the whole crowd. Hopefully her teammates will follow her lead and "finish off" their opponents in other humiliating ways as well
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 2: Summer And Skylar

‘Alexa you can’t just do this every time- awgh’ Max complained as another pulse from her body scissor cut him off, as they lay on her bed in her room.

‘Every time what?’ She playfully pouted. ‘I just thought it’d be fun to go watch one of these matches together and you just shut it down, so I thought some ‘cuddle time’ might change your mind that it would be fun to do together’ she giggled.

Of course her ‘cuddling’ now involved her hugging him tightly into her with her strong legs clamped around him squeezing his midsection.

‘Why can’t we just go see a movie or something instead like most couples’ he groaned through the discomfort.

‘You’re so boring’ Alexa said rolling her eyes, ‘this will be way more fun then some movie. Look, I know you probably won’t enjoy being in the crowd as much as you enjoyed being on the mat losing to me’ she teased, ‘but we’ll have a good time’

‘Besides, I’m not letting you go until you agree’ she smiled.

Knowing she probably meant it and finally getting a bit desperate to be released from her thigh jail, Max gave in and just let her have her way on this little thing.

‘Aww I’m so happy you changed your mind Maxy, I guess my legs can be pretty convincing huh?’

‘Yeah, for sure.’ He replied, a bit distracted as her joke brought his attention to the soreness he now felt from her squeeze. ‘You know I love them Lex, but your scissors can be a nightmare’ He joked back.

‘Well, if they weren’t we probably wouldn’t be here together’ she said with a wink. ‘It’s nice that having ‘thunder thighs’ finally really comes in handy’ she added playfully.

Since their match which ended in a dominating first victory for Alexa and the Girls side, things had quickly gone very well between Max and Alexa. Captured by her ‘assets’ from the start, her flirty and sexually charged performance had only left him totally falling for her. Luckily for Max, it wasn’t all just a mind game to get an advantage. She had ended up liking him as well. Without a crowd watching, Max mostly found himself really enjoying her mostly playful dominance.....well except when she used it for things like this.

The next day had arrived, as Max and Alexa found themselves on their way to the gym where the match would be held that evening. Arriving early, they made their way through the halls together.

‘So Lex, who are we gonna be watching anyway? Do you know either of them?’ Max finally asked, not bothering to check it out for himself after being pushed by Alexa to go to this with her.

‘No I don’t actually, but wait you never found out for yourself? Wow, we go to watch one of these match’s together and you don’t even look into anything about it on your own?’ She said clearly just pretending to be offended.

‘Hey! This was all your idea, I’m just going to this for you remember’ he said playing back with her.

‘Fineeeee, if you had bothered checking it out at all you’d know it’s a 2v2, that’s part of why I wanted to come! I guess stuff like this will be mixed in to spice it up a bit. The girls names are Summer and Skylar, the guys team is Damien and Alex.’

‘A 2v2......hmm that actually does sound kind of interesting’.

‘See!’ Alexa said. ‘You’re already warming up to this.

Now curious, Max asked ‘Do you know how their doing it? Is it like a tag team or-‘

Max was cut off there as they ran into someone in the halls, unknowingly bumping into none other then Skylar herself, one half of the night’s female duo.

‘Hey- oh wait’ she began to greet them as they crossed paths before her eyes caught on Alexa making her think for a moment.

‘Your Alexa right!? The girl from the first match who got us our first win?’ She smiled

Giggling a little at being greeted like some sort of celebrity, Alexa warmly replied ‘yep that’s me, I don’t think we’ve met before?’

‘Oh no we haven’t, I’m Skylar. So cool to meet you, you really put on a show in that fight!’

‘Hold up’ Max interjected, ‘are you THE Skylar? One of the girls in tonight’s match?’

‘Yep, ‘THE Skylar’ she said with a laugh. ‘My teammate Summer is actually my best friend, she’ll be along in a few minutes. Wait you’re the boy from that match with Alexa aren’t you?’ Skylar finally noticed after having her attention focused on Alexa.

‘Yeah.....that was me, Max.’ He confirmed a bit awkwardly as his face went a little red.

‘Wow are you friends now or are you like a thing’ Skylar asked. ‘Sorry I just have to ask!’

‘Yes girl me and Max are official!’ Alexa said happily, throwing an arm around his shoulders.

‘Wow, congrats you guys. Not to be rude but I just wouldn’t have expected that after.....you know....’ she giggled. ‘Well I better get moving and get ready.....even if my partner is slacking’ she joked. ‘See you two around!’

‘Goodluck!’ Alexa said, and even Max found himself chiming in with a goodluck to the girls team.

As Skylar started walking away she paused and turned back to them.

‘Oh and Max? Don’t be embarrassed about your loss, just look who’s next to you. It’s obvious you were the real winner’ She told him with a warm smile as she turned back around and went on her way to prepare.

As they began making their way to the gym again Alexa commented ‘She seems nice. AND she’s right you know, you’re pretty lucky’ she said teasing him.

‘Yeah yeah, I know’ he said with a grin back at her.

They had finally made it, taking their seats as the gym began to fill up. Alexa had lead him to an area mostly filled with girls, there were a few looks followed by whispering and light giggles, but no one tried to bother him beyond that. Meanwhile, Skylar and Summer were in the girls lockeroom about to head to the mats.

‘Oh and Summer, guess who I ran in to earlier before you got here? Alexa!’

‘Alexa? The girl from the first match?’ Summer said.

‘Yes, that Alexa! She seems pretty cool, can’t believe you missed it.’

‘Ugh you’re always the lucky one’ Summer laughed. ‘Maybe another time’.

‘Oh and you won’t believe this, but guess who she was with?! Max, the guy she beat! Crazy right?’ Skylar excitedly shared with her.

‘Are you messing with me? You mean she’s dating the one she made kiss her-‘ that sentence making them both crack up.

‘Oh stop, he seemed nice too, don’t be mean’ Skylar laughed. Good for them and all, it was just so surprising to me that I had to tell you’.

‘I know, I’m just kidding’ Summer replied smiling. ‘It turned out better for him then it will for anyone else who loses a match, that’s for sure’.

And went with that, they headed out to the mats.

As the girls walked to their end of the mats, they were met with plenty of female cheers. Skylar, in a dark Maroon athletic tank top with black short shorts. Summer, wearing a orange athletic tank top with her own matching black short shorts. Both blondes.

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Then, the opposing male team came out as well, Alex and Damien. Alex had a similar average build like Max, but slightly taller at 5’9 with black hair. Damien a bit taller and more muscular then either of them at 6’1, also with black hair.

The boys didn’t have a close friendship and strong connection like the two girls, but they were teamed up and knew they could get the job done against some girls.

Sizing up their competition, at least Alex found himself impressed with Skylar and Summer’s physiques. Neither of them was a thin girly girl, each of them appeared to put real time into working out, and they did enjoy doing fitness together.

With a hint of doubt showing in his voice, Alex spoke to his teammate ‘Hey Damien, look, do you think we might have more trouble winning this then we were saying? They don’t look like some pair of delicate girls’

Turning to Alex, Damien replied ‘Come on man, are you actually getting worried about being taken down by two girls? Sure, they do look a little tough....for girls. But we still got it.

Okay dude. I just don’t think we should be overconfident against them you know?’ Alex said back, a bit unsure.

‘What are you worried about? Are you thinking about that first match with that Alexa girl people have been hyped about? That guy she wrestled was just pathetic, but even he had a decent moment. We can handle two girls.’

With his questioning dismissed, Alex let it be as the time arrived for the match to begin.

As both teams began to step forwards waiting for the signal, Skylar and Summer got in a last bit of hushed talking.

‘I want Damien!’ Summer quickly told her friend.

‘Are you sure about that? He looks like the stronger one.’ Skylar commented.

‘Yes Sky, I am! What, are you trying to say you’re the stronger one here?’ She shot back with a smile.

‘No, no, but you called it, so I’m taking Alex then.’ Skylar backed down deciding to just let her friend have this one, plus she did call it first.

With the signal from the referee, the match was on, each girl engaging their boy as they went to the mats.

As they wrestled around for control, Damien had begun to overpower Summer in pure strength, slowly making progress in taking control on top of her.

Meanwhile, Skylar and Alex had been going at it, with Alex fighting for a way to pass her guard and begin taking control on top of her as well. Skylar had taken a bit of martial arts when she was younger, she was no expert, but she still remembered a few holds.

As Alex made an aggressive attempt to pass over her legs, she was able to whip her legs up snaring him in a triangle choke with an arm locked in. As she cranked the triangle, he began to flail realizing his situation.

Summer wasn’t faring quite as well, as Damien now sat high on her chest letting her wear herself out as he fought for control over arms. To his surprise, she was a handful to get under control. That is, until Alex called out from off to the side.

‘Help.....over here, her legs are killing....me’ Alex gurgled out with her triangle now at its tightest.

‘Already dude? Come on stop playing games, you’re fighting a girl just get out of that. I can’t just let her up, you’re on your own!’ Damien yelled back annoyed with his teammate.

Now realizing he had no backup, Alex got more desperate but the one arm he had free was mostly useless to him now. He was getting lightheaded fast. It was only seconds later that his vision darkened and his eyes closed. He went limp in her triangle as his free hand slipped from her thigh to the mat.

‘Wow’ Max commented to Alexa, what she did to him with that leg choke reminds me of you.’

‘Aw thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment’.

The girls around them had screamed with excitement as they watched Skylar’s thighs strangle Alex, with an extra loud cheer as he went out.

Releasing the now KO’d Alex from her triangle, Skylar went to the aid of her friend.

By this time, Damien had mostly secured Summer, now working on isolating one of her tired arms for a joint lock. That is until Skylar jumped onto his back, toppling him off her friend and quickly slapping on an RNC and combining it with a body scissor.

Quickly getting up to help her friend, Summer sheepishly said ‘thanks for the save Skylar!’

‘Uhhhhhg your welcome!’ She grunted, ‘now get his arms’

Damien had wisely focused on the choke rather then the squeezing around his midsection, and was successfully delaying her from fully locking it on, he lay on his back with Skylar wrapped around him.

Summer managed to pull one of his arms away from Skylar’s flexed arms, almost leaning back with it into a position similar to an armbar. With her legs, she was able to tie up his other arm over his and Skylars bodies.

Now he couldn’t protect his neck or ribs, as Skylar used her full strength knowing this was the opening. He desperately tried to pull his arms free, but with that being Summer’s only focus, she had them.

‘No.....you lay there and.....go to sleep for Sky’ she said with strain in her voice.

‘Seeeee, the teamwork part of this is interesting isn’t it?’ Alexa said to Max. ‘But these boys are dumb, no teamwork.’

As Damien ‘went to sleep for Skylar’, the girls cheered.

‘Put him out girls!’

‘He can only lay there and go to sleep!’

His struggles slowed and ceased, as they felt the guy tied up in their arms and legs pass out. They stood up, basking in the female cheers.

‘We did it Skylar!’ Summer shouted.

‘There’s still another fall to win, don’t get too confident’ Skylar warned her. ‘But let’s finish them!’

As the boys woke up, remembering what had happened, they were still groggy from their KO’s as the second fall began. On the girls side, they knew the guys were weakened now and they were ready to be aggressive now as they were filled with confidence.

‘Switch opponents?’ Skylar asked Summer.

‘Yeah....that might be best.’ Summer admitted with a small smile.

Skylar started off by surprising a slightly dazed Damien making the first move, barreling him over as she climbed onto his back.

Meanwhile, Summer went for Alex, forcing his head and upper body down as she pushed herself forwards onto his back, locking her thighs around his head and neck as she rolled them to the side.

As the pressure from Summer’s thighs intensified, Alex didn’t waste his breath calling for backup this time, and trying to pry her legs apart proved useless.

‘Just tap out!’ Summer told him. ‘Unless you want to go to sleep between MY thighs this time!

As his head started to swim and he realized he was done, he tapped, deciding it wasn’t worth being knocked out for a selfish teammate.

As Summer turned to help Skylar, she was surprised to see Skylar already had Damien completely under her control, having taken position on his back and wrenching his arms back over her legs, hands under his chin stretching him back into a camel clutch.

‘Just submit Damien.....you guys lost’ she said straining to stretch him back.

With pain shooting through his back, he still found it in him to yell over full of anger at Alex ‘You tapped already?! Come on your pathetic!’

‘You should focus less on him and tap!’ Skylar yelled.

‘I’m not submitting to a.....girl’ he defiantly said through the pain.

‘Fine, have it your way.’ Skylar firmly said.

‘Summer, get in position under his head!’

Summer quickly got down on the mat, sliding feet forwards opening her legs under his neck.

‘I got him!’ Summer said with a smirk, ‘stuff him in!’

As Skylar mostly released the camel clutch, he went face first into Summer’s waiting thighs and crotch, deep into a front head scissor, as Skylar still held his arms wrenched behind his back with her own.

A tired Damien could do little but kick his legs as Summer’s crushed his neck.

‘Shhhh go to sleep’ Summer cooed as he desperately tried to fight it.

Soon he was out again, limp deep between Summer’s legs as they then got up releasing the unconscious Damien.

‘WINNERS OF THIS 2V2 MATCH, WITH HEADSCISSOR KO’S, SKYLAR AND SUMMER!’ An announcement boomed as the girls in the crowd screamed with excitement.

‘Damn. They took those two guys apart’ Max said turning to Alexa.

‘I need another girl to do that last move with me on you’ she joked.

Skylar and Summer were ready to celebrate their victory, with Skylar taking her place atop a just now stirring Damien, and Summer dragging Alex back over to them and pushing him down to the mat as well.

‘Ready to take our thrones Sky?’ Summer giggled.

‘Let’s do it Summer’ she replied

Sitting atop each guy side by side, facing their feet, both Skylar and Summer slid back into reverse facesits giving the crowd a flex with their arms, beaming with smiles and laughing to each other.

Alex accepted their well earned victory poses, knowing better then to fight, as Damien began to resist weakly trying to push Skylar’s ass off his face, only making her giggle.

‘He’s trying to push you off, but I think he secretly likes it’ Summer laughed pointing to the bulge that had formed in his shorts, making Skylar laugh as well.

As Damien and Alex begun to run out of air, the girls rose, walking off the mats smiling and laughing together to many loud cheers, Skylar happening to briefly lock eyes with Alexa in the crowd for a moment as they went, leaving behind two defeated and humiliated boys gasping in air.

End Of Part 2.

- Here’s the next part to this one, finally. Thank you for all the ‘thanks’ on the first part, 18 thanks is a lot to live up to but I think this is a worthy part to follow that. I’ll be bold and say this might be the best part of a story I’ve done yet, as far as from start to end of the chapter, hopefully most of you who enjoyed Part 1 will agree.

-Lastly, the picture for Skylar and Summer is also borrowed from a pictures thread on here. I’m not the one who originally posted it to this forum. You can imagine the characters exactly how the girls in the images look, or just think of the images as more of a base and picture them a bit differently.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

great stories so far! hope there is a part 3
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Originally Posted by peacefulc [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
great stories so far! hope there is a part 3
Thank you, glad you’re enjoying it so far. Yeah there will be a part 3, and more . The idea is that this is gonna be one of those stories like what people like batman4life have going in the other story section, where the story just keeps going with new updates. As long as people are enjoying it, I’ll keep doing more parts.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 3: Alexa Does Skylar A Favor

‘Bye babe, I’ll be back in a bit!’ Alexa called out, about to head out the door.

‘See ya in a bit Lex, who’d you say your meeting up with for lunch?’

‘Max I already told you, Skylar. The girl we met and who’s match we were at days ago? She DM’d me on Instagram and wants to meet up, we only got to talk to her for like a minute remember? You’re welcome to come if you want.’

‘Ohhh that’s right, nah I think I’m good here. You two probably want your girls time anyway.’

‘Okay, well I’ll see you later then, bye!’

‘Have fun!’ He called out as the door closed behind her.

As she arrived, Alexa walked in finding Skylar already waiting for her at a table, who happily waved her over. After the two girls excitedly greeted each other.

‘It’s nice to finally meet you without a match to worry about’ Skylar smiled.

‘I’m glad you hit me up, I haven’t talked to any of the other girls yet. So it’s just us then I see, Summer didn’t want to come?’

‘Well, it’s not that......she just-‘

Noticing Skylar fumble a bit for an excuse for her, Alexa jumped in ‘uhhhg don’t worry, Max was too lazy to come today too’ she giggled.

‘She did want to meet you too, but yeah’ Skylar laughed. ‘I’m sure all four of us will meet each other soon.’

Alexa and Skylar enjoyed a light lunch, chitchatting about different things as they got to know each other better. As they finished and began to wrap things up, Skylar began to say ‘okay so I hate to ask, I know we’re only just becoming friends, but do you think you can help me out with something?’

‘Of course, what do you need?’

‘I was hoping maybe if you have time in the next few days, that you could help out a friend of mine before her first match? I think a little practice session with you could really help her. Both of us would really appreciate it!’

‘Yeah sure, that actually sounds fun. I’m happy to do it, but you don’t really need my help you know’ Alexa began to joke, ‘I mean you and Summer took care of those guys pretty well in your match. You two would be great showing her some things.’

‘Thanks’ Skylar laughed, ‘we did didn’t we, their probably still dizzy from our scissors! But no it’s not that, I was just thinking your kind of style might be a better fit her.’

‘Ah okay, I get what you mean. I’m free today if she’s up for it.’

‘Maybe Max could help too? As more of a practice dummy?’ Skylar grinned.

‘Oh I’m sure he’ll be happy to. Even if he’s not excited about it at first, let’s just say I have a way or two of being pretty convincing’ Alexa said making both of them laugh.

As the girls exchanged numbers before heading out, Skylar thanked her one more time ‘thank you so much Alexa, I appreciate it a lot. I’ll send her over! Talk to you later!’

‘Of course, and I’m excited to meet her! Bye!’

‘Hey Maxy! I’m back!’ Alexa called out walking in, finding Max settled into some video games while she was gone.

Taking off his headset, he asked ‘So how was your little meetup?’

‘It went pretty great, you should’ve came with me! Skylar is really nice, I think we’re friends now.’

‘Next time’ he told her, ‘that’s cool you made a new friend.’

‘Oh and she asked if we could help out a friend of her’s? She hasn’t had her first match yet, and Skylar thought a little training with me would help. I already said yes sooooo.’

He groaned, ‘are you going to try and crush me with your legs again if I say I don’t want to?’

Alexa giggled ‘Maybe. If I have too.’ Walking over, she sat down next to him putting an arm around him as she pulled herself against him.

‘Come on, please? For me? I bet she’ll be cute, and no one will be watching. Plus you’ll get to see me in my wrestling outfit you drooled over’ she giggled.

‘Oh okaaay, I’ll help’ he conceded. Turns out she didn’t always need to scissor him to get what she wanted. She was pretty irresistible. ‘Plus I really do wanna see you in your outfit again’ he admitted with a grin.

‘And I bet you want to reenact the ending of our match too, don’t you?’ Alexa smirked. Max’s face went a little red from her teasing, making her laugh. Feeling her phone buzz in her pocket, Alexa pulled it out seeing a text from Skaylar.

‘Well I’m gonna get ready, Skylar just texted me that she should be on her way.’

As Alexa got up to go change, Max decided to do the same taking off his red T-shirt and changing into the shorts he was using for matches. Max of course was the first one ready, as he sat down waiting on Alexa.

After a few minutes, Alexa walked out looking just as stunning in her tight revealing pink and white fighting outfit as she did before. ‘Like what you see Maxy?’ She asked in a flirty tone, turning around and doing a little shake showing off the backside of herself as well.

Max couldn’t help but already start stiffening in his shorts. ‘You look......a-amazing’ he stammered.

‘Thanks baby’ she said sitting next to him pulling him in for a kiss. ‘I like what this outfit does for my legs and ass too’ she giggled, especially the effect it has on you.’

‘Would you mind helping me warmup before she gets here?’

‘Uh yeah sure Lex.’ Max didn’t really think through what that might entail, he probably would’ve said yes to anything she asked in that moment.

‘Thank you you’re so sweet, now all you have to do is sit down on the floor in front of me’.

He realized what she had meant when she then grabbed his head with a hand and her thick thighs closed around his head and neck, as she began squeezing with varying levels of pressure. It didn’t take long for his hands to go to her legs trying to pry them apart.

‘Wow you really love my thighs don’t you Maxy, you’re really feeling them up now’ she giggled.

After a few minutes, they suddenly heard a knock on the door.

‘Alright Alexa quick let me up before-‘ he began to say nervously before she cut him off with a pulsing squeeze.

‘Shh, stay right there babe. It’ll be okay.’ Before he could complain she then shouted ‘come in!’
Max decided to play it as cool as possible, letting his arms rest casually at his sides. Maybe it was silly after he had kissed her ass in a public match, but with no arousal and lust to fog his brain he was still nervous about a stranger walking in seeing him in this position.

As the door opened and she walked in, it wasn’t the slim fit girl they would’ve expected, but a bigger girl with red hair.

‘Hellooo I’m Colleen, Skylar told me your Alexa, right?’

‘Yep that’s me, and this is my boyfriend, or our practice toy......’ she said halting her squeezing for a second to let him speak, ‘Max’ he groaned out.

Colleen just now took note of the guy clamped between her thighs, ‘Um is he alright in there?’ She laughed.

‘He’s fiiiiine, he volunteered to help get my leg muscles warmed up. Right Max?’ She asked.

‘Yeah......I’m good’ he pushed out, clearly strained.

‘Well....if he says so’ Colleen laughed again at the scene she’d walked into. ‘Thank you so much for agreeing to practice with me, Skylar said you’d be the best to get me ready for my first match.

‘It’s no problem at all, we girls gotta help each other if we’re gonna put the boys in their place right?’ Alexa smiled.

‘I guess you’re right’ she smiled back, quickly becoming comfortable with Alexa.

‘You want to go get changed into your outfit, and then we’ll get started?’ Alexa asked, pointing towards the bathroom.

Oh yes, sure, I’ll be right back.’ Colleen replied, hurrying off to change.

‘I guess I’ll give you a break for a few minutes’ Alexa said fully releasing her headscissor on Max.

‘Thank you......your legs are killer’ he gasped, feeling relief free from her squeezes.

‘I know’ she giggled.

Colleen came back into the room, now wearing a black bra an bottoms. The bra almost seemed to be struggling to contain her large chest.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

‘So um.....how do I look?’ She asked with a bit of shyness in her voice.

‘You look great’ Alexa reassured her. ‘Girlie guess what? You have the perfect body type to smother boys senseless!’

‘Really? Um thank you I guess’ Colleen giggled.

‘That’s going to be a big part of your strategy, okay? They can’t fight well if they can’t breathe.

‘What positions can I use that though?’ She asked, not familiar with any of this.

‘One of your go to holds is gonna be a breast smother. Max lay flat on your back. Colleen, your going to climb on top and from there it’s of obvious I think’ Alexa laughed. Her large chest over his face was almost a bit intimidating.

‘Max, once she locks you in you’re going to fight to break free with all you got okay. Now....go!’ Alexa shouted. ‘Sorry’ Colleen giggled as she plunged him deep into her cleavage.

‘Your weight will work against most opponents as well in this position. It’s only going to get more uncomfortable and harder to breathe the longer they have you on top of them. He won’t be able to roll you over.’

Max desperately struggled, pulling at her arms and shoulders hugging his head in, pushing at her sides, nothing he did worked. He was able to move his head a little, but her breasts were so overwhelming it didn’t matter. There was no escape from the soft warm feminine prison he found himself in.

‘Um should I let him go? I think I feel him trying to suck in air against my skin’ she giggled.

‘Keep him in there a liiiiiitle longer’ Alexa instructed.

As Max’s struggles slowed and turned into weak pawing at her upper body, Colleen released his head letting him drop free from her suffocating breasts to heave in air.

‘Poor guy, really got sealed in my boobs didn’t you’ Colleen laughed looking down at the red faced and disheveled looking guy below her, and starting to enjoy herself.

‘See, your breast smothers are death traps!’ Alexa exclaimed.

Starting to catch his breath Max gasped ‘Please.....don’t.....shove me back in there.’

‘I think that’s the first time I’ve heard a guy beg to NOT have a girls tits in their face’ Colleen joked making both girls laugh.

‘And against some opponents you can lock their legs with yours in a grapevine too at the same if you really need to make them helpless, but just your boobs are too much for Maxy’ Alexa giggled. ‘I’m almost jealous I don’t have the chest for breast smothers!’

‘Now let’s try a few scissors where you can mix in some smothering!’ Alexa said cheerily. ‘Let’s start with a bodyscissor, you should know that one’.

Colleen rolled to the side off of him before she pulled him into her between her thighs, her legs around his ribs.

‘Just start by squeezing for now, let’s see what you got!’

Colleen definitely didn’t have the pure squeezing power of Alexa, but her thicker thighs and wider hips still made for an effective hold, causing some discomfort and making it harder for him to breathe.

‘Hmm I don’t think you’ll be able to force taps with that hold by itself like some girls, but this is where the smother comes in’ Alex winked.

Knowing now what Alexa meant, Colleen teased him ‘Come on back to my girls Maxy’ as she wrenched his face back into her deep chest.

Now Max was stuck trying to pry his face out of her airtight smother once again. Only now his movement and breathing were already limited by a body scissor. It was the same result as last time as Max began to grow weak with his mouth and nose helplessly sealed tight against her.

‘Okay now let him go before your boobs kill him’ Alexa laughed.

As Colleen ripped his head from her chest, he began to gasp for air again.

‘Aw do you want me to put you back in honey’ she playfully asked pretending to grab the back of his head. He desperately forced out a ‘no’ between big breathes and began shaking his head making them both laugh.

‘I guess I don’t have to worry about him looking at other girls tits now, I think you might’ve traumatized him with yours’ Alexa joked as Colleen giggled.

‘Okay now let’s try a unique head scissor for you’ Alexa suggested as she thought for a second. ‘So lay on top of him with your head facing his feet, and reach back to scoop his head into your thighs like a reverse headscissor.....but you’re going to do a figure four.

Watching as she figured that out, Alexa then instructed her ‘now reach back and grab your foot to really crank the figure four. Max groaned as the pressure increased and his face was pulled against her ass.

‘See now you can smother and squeeze!’ Alexa smiled. ‘Now this makes for the perfect transition tooooo facesitting’ she exclaimed. ‘Just release his head, sit up, slide back, and take a seat!’

‘Are you ready for my other ‘asset’ Max?’ Colleen laughed as her voluptuous ass and wide hips filled his vision.

‘Come on guys do we have to do this one?’ Max pleaded. ‘I think it’s pretty self explana-‘ he attempted to continue before Colleen settled down on his face leaving him in darkness.

He immediately started to push at her hips and ass trying to throw her off but she was too heavy and he was too weak from previous smothering to shift or lift her.

‘Girl your booty is made to put boys to sleep, I wish I was that hard to move off.’ Alexa laughed as Max continued flailing underneath Colleen, her weight on his face getting more and more uncomfortable.

‘Um Alexa......is he getting a little.....excited?’ Colleen cracked up noticing a bulge in his shorts.

Alexa giggled ‘I guess we can call that.....the girl power affect. So many of them can’t help it, when a girl dominates and defeats them they’ll just get hard. Even if they seem like they hate losing, their bodies don’t. I usually like to keep them turned on as much as possible the whole time though, they don’t fight as well.’

‘Boys really can’t control themselves can they’ Colleen laughed. I like it, the natural way they can’t help but salute the girl who defeated them’ she joked.

‘Exactly!’ Alexa joked back.

By this time, Max’s struggles had turned to more like him groping her ass he was getting so weak and dizzy.

She lifted up letting Max get some air as he looked more of a mess then ever.

‘Some opponents you’ll have to at least pin their arms with your thighs or if you really want to be mean.......grapevine their arms with your legs. Try it, you’ll see helpless that makes them’ Alexa smirked.

As she secured his arms, Max groaned out ‘no more......smothering.....enough.’

‘Babe we decide when this practice session is over, I know it’s rough but we’re almost done.’ Alexa promised.

‘Thereeee we are, back in you go’ Colleen said easing back onto his face as he now couldn’t even try to defend himself. He knew it was useless but he couldn’t help but continue trying to struggle out of embarrassment of being helplessly suffocated by a girl’s ass in front of his girlfriend......even if she was encouraging it.

Soon he grew lightheaded and dizzy again, followed by Colleen shifting off of him. ‘I think he’s had enough’ she grinned.

‘Me too’ Alexa laughed. ‘See how perfect smothers are for you? There’s gonna be plenty more victims!’ she joked.

‘I love them’ Colleen giggled. ‘Thank you Alexa, you’ve been such a big help’. ‘And thanks for being the practice victim Max’ she added.

‘You’re welcome, this has been fun for me too’ Alexa smiled. Meanwhile, still trying to recover from the little smother gauntlet he was put through, Max groaned out a ‘your welcome Colleen’.

‘Maxy I think maybe you should go lay down and rest for a bit, you seem exhausted.’

‘Yeah.......that’s probably a good idea.’ He replied.

As Colleen and Alexa helped him to his feet, Alexa then walked with him to the bedroom.

‘Ugh, thanks Lex.....really need it after that.

‘Just rest up in here for a bit, okay babe? I’m gonna finish up with Colleen, and then I’ll be back to........see you.’ Alexa ended playfully, leaving him alone to rest.

Now.....I think you’re ready, but how about we end off with one quick round against me? As a last tune up......if you’re up for it that is’ Alexa challenged her with a grin.

‘Okay.....you’re on!’ Colleen accepted her challenge smiling back.

‘Let’s start on our knees though, we don’t want to break anything’ Alexa laughed.

They were a bit slowed and limited by the lack of mats and true open space as they began to wrestle for control, which actually favored Colleen a bit over the more agile and athletic Alexa. Taking on a significantly heavier opponent was also a new challenge for Alexa.

Deciding to be aggressive as she had no plans of letting Colleen get on top of her, Alexa quickly set her sights on her killer body scissor. Grunting as she used her full strength to force Colleen off balance knocking her onto her side, latching onto her as she did and wrapping her legs around her waist with Colleen now on her back.

‘Ha, got you already’ Alexa teased. ‘Time to finish this’ Alexa found it wasn’t quite as effective and easy to lock in on the bigger girl as it was on Max’s build, instead abandoning the attempt and quickly diving on top of Colleen with her head towards her feet.

Colleen managed to delay Alexa by a few seconds holding off her legs with her arms, until Alexa reached back pulling Colleen’s head up deep into a devastating reverse headscissor.

‘Noooow I got you!’ Alexa laughed. Wanna just tap now or should I really start squeezing? You aren’t escaping these thighs, just ask Max’ Alexa giggled.

‘No way!’ Colleen grunted back defiantly.

‘Fine girlie, just make sure you tap when you have too, I don’t want to put you out’ She giggled.

Grimacing as her hands went to Alexa’s thighs as she was trapped staring straight at Alexa’s amazing ass, Colleen still managed to joke in a strained voice ‘Now I see why Max gave in and.....kissed your butt......can’t......blame......him’. making Alexa giggle.

‘Are you volunteering?’ Alexa asked teasingly in a flirty tone.

‘No.’ Colleen choked out. In a last desperate attempt before she’d have to submit, Colleen grabbed Alexa’s sides and used all her strength in a burst of power to roll them over leaving an unprepared Alexa on the bottom. The sudden sharp movement was enough to loosen Alexa’s scissor grip as Colleen tried to sit up while grabbing Alexa’s legs with her arms.......and she was able to slip her head out!

As Colleen lifted herself scooting back to plant herself on Alexa’s face, the more agile Alexa was able to collect herself just in time sliding herself down and past Colleen’s hovering ass, avoiding a fight ending reverse facesit. Colleen was quick enough though, to fall forwards catching Alexa’s head and upper body upside down under her own upper body.

After a few seconds of just focusing on maintaining their current position as Alexa struggled, an idea hit Colleen. Shifting a bit, she quickly lifted and then mashed her large chest down on Alexa’s face hugging her head into something of an upside down breast smother.

It didn’t work as well from this awkward position, as Colleen couldn’t quite form an airtight seal over her nose and mouth like that, but it was enough to make it much harder for Alexa to breathe and get her a bit panicked knowing how deadly Colleen’s smothers could be.

She let Alexa burn some of her remaining energy squirming to escape her smothering embrace before she made her move with a burst of speed, letting go of Alexa’s head and crawling over her on top of her, pulling her arms out of the way as she quickly sat on Alexa’s chest and neck before she could do much to defend herself.

Alexa groaned as Colleen’s weight settled down on her. Now she was exactly where she DIDN’T want to be.

Do you want to tap now or should I park this big booty of mine on your face?’ Colleen teased. ‘Your face is going stay sealed in there, just ask Max!’ She finished, playfully mirroring Alexa’s earlier taunt.

Tired but too competitive to not even try, Alexa fired back with Colleen’s own response ‘no.....way!’ as she turned her head firmly to the side in defiance.

‘Okaaay’ Colleen said, ‘just make sure you tap, I don’t want you passing out in my butt!’ Colleen giggled purposefully still somewhat mirroring Alexa’s earlier teasing.

Pinning Alexa’s arms under her legs, Colleen teased ‘come here pretty I need that face straight up’ grabbing Alexa’s head forcing her face up again.

‘No-‘ Alexa squeaked as Colleen’s large ass settled on her face. Now she knew how Max had felt. She knew she was probably done, but she gave it her best try fighting under Colleen with all she had left, though her face stayed buried. It didn’t help that most of her strength was in her lower body. As her lungs started to burn for air, she realized she had one last trick up her sleeve as the little maneuver she’d used on Max came back to her.

‘Good. Night.’ Alexa forced out though Colleen’s cheeks silenced it, though she would soon be glad it couldn’t be heard as it saved her the embarrassment.

Unlike against Max, Colleen was facing her feet and sitting higher. She was able to see it coming and react in time as Alexa whipped up her legs with her flexibility hoping to catch her neck and wrench her off for a final scissor......and it was a huge failure.

Colleen was not only able to fend off Alexa’s desperate leggy attack, but capture each of her legs under an arm leaving Alexa helplessly suffocating and bent in half, though luckily she flexible enough to withstand it.

Accepting it was over, Alexa finally conceded tapping out on the ass that took her breath away.

‘I can’t believe I won’ Colleen said with excitement as released Alexa’s legs and rolled off of her.

‘Con......grats’ a tired Alexa gasped taking much needed deep breathes. ‘You’re already pretty tough.’

‘Thank you’ she smiled, ‘but it’s really thanks to you. And I kind of got lucky, any longer and I think I would’ve been sleeping in your reverse headscissor! Those thighs are no joke!’

‘I knew your smothers would be lethal but experiencing it myself....wow’ Alexa said starting to recover. ‘But yeah......I guess I already taught you too well’ she laughed.

‘You mind if I go change out of this now? I mean you look like we’re done’ Colleen joked.

‘Sure go ahead, yep.....I don’t think you need any more practice right now’ Alexa laughed.

As Colleen left the room, Alexa took another minute on the floor to recover before getting up.

As she came back in she said ‘thank you so much for everything Alexa, this was soooo helpful. I feel way more ready and confident now.

‘I’m happy I could help, you’ll be great trust me! Definitely let me know when your first match is, me and Max will be there for sure!’ As she then gave Colleen her number before walking her to the door.

‘Oh and make sure you tell Max thank you for me too, he really helped too’ Colleen giggled.

As they exchanged goodbyes, Alexa closed the door and went to the bedroom to join her boyfriend. Max was still laying on the bed, but now scrolling on his phone.

Okay so Colleen’s gone, but she says thank you again for your help.’

So what have you two girls been up to out there? You take over as her practice toy? He asked putting his phone down.

‘Nope, I actually gave her a practice match with me. I had control and I was only a few seconds away from beating her! But-‘

‘But then you found out some of what I went through for you two?’ He teased her with a grin.

Yes. Yes I did.’ She admitted not able to help but smile back.

I really appreciate you helping us Maxy, I think you deserve a......reward’ Alexa finished suggestively with a smirk, as she joined him on the bed climbing over him seductively, laying herself straight down on top of him leaving him with a facefull of her perfect ass in his favorite outfit of hers. She could already notice him getting pretty ‘excited’.

‘Ughhh but I’m kind of tired from wrestling with Colleen’ she playfully said being dramatic as she snaked a hand under his waistband. ‘I might need some extra......motivation.....to give me the energy for this. Maybe.....some kisses?’ She said giving her hips a little shake.

Alexa did not need to ask twice.

End Of Part 3.

-Finally here it is, part 3. Something a bit different from the first 2 parts with more of a light practice theme to this one that also introduces another new character. Even some F/F action mixed into this one. I think I was able to work out Colleen taking the practice win in a way that made sense and doesn’t knock down Alexa’s character.....she came very close to winning and had good moments.

-Might try a return to my other story before the next part to this, we’ll see. For a possible hint at part 4.....it could be a chance to catch up with Summer. She’ll need her own part soon either way I think, right now she’s just a lesser and overshadowed part time sidekick to Skylar.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Glad I took the time to read this story. 3 parts and I'm hooked! I really enjoy reading the tournament matches and this practice session. I think Max and Alexa make a great couple and Skylar and Summer work great together as teammates. I hope to read more about all 4 of them. Also, Colleen definitely surprised me in her practice match against Alexa, but she definitely has the body for it. I don't think this match knocks down Alexa's character since Colleen is a bigger girl. I just think Colleen was a quick learner and she surprised Alexa as well as myself with how well she has done. I think anyone would have trouble with Colleen on top of them! Makes me feel sorry for the guy she faces in the tournament! I wonder if Skylar will be surprised when she hears about how well Colleen has done. I look forward to her tournament match as well more from Alexa and Max and more about Summer and Skylar. Thanks for this story! Has been a 10 out of 10 for me so far!
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 4: Addison (This part runs alongside the previous part in time)

‘Wrestling and representing the Female team in this match, Addison! An announcement over the speaker boomed as Addison walked to her side of the mats in the packed gym, in the final minutes before their match would begin.

The dark blonde Addison is what you may call, the perfect blend of feminine beauty and strength. A flex of her arms that wouldn’t only embarrass most women, but many men as well. Not only does she have the upper body strength to at least go head to head with anyone, but her lower body and thick thighs were just as formidable as Redlands more ‘Lower body reliant’ female competitors.

Addison also has the curves to go with her strength and muscles. From chokes, scissors, and pins, to more feminine moves and poses like breast smothers and facesitting, there’s not much her physique will limit her from doing well if given the opportunity.

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

On the male side for this match.......was Damien, one of the first competitors on either side to already get a second fight. Rather then adjust his attitude, his and Alex’s defeat at the hands and thighs of Skylar and Summer had mostly just left him angry, though it hadn’t taken Damien long to shift 100% of the blame to Alex and dismiss it.

As Addison put on a bit of a show for the crowd with some flexes and stretch’s showing off her body in her revealing blue bikini that wowed as many girls as it did guys, Damien ended up turning away from it talking with a friend.

‘You really think you can take her dude? She’s gotta be one of the toughest looking girls I’ve seen!’

Scoffing at his friend’s questioning, he dismissively replied ‘yeah sure she looks pretty strong.....for a girl. You really think she could overpower most guys or something?’

A bit embarrassed at being called on implying that and not wanting to admit to that being possible either, his friend awkwardly replied ‘well-, no-, I didn’t say THAT. I just mean she ain’t no fragile looking girly girl you’re just gonna outmuscle all over the mats, that’s all.’

‘You’re talking like that pathetic teammate I got stuck with last time, just stop. Come on, you know how this ends’ Damien assured him with a smirk.

‘Bro you did lose that last time though-‘

‘Because my teammate was useless!’ He shot back, his voice rising a bit. ‘I was basically in a 2 on 1! I had that Summer girl from the start until that loser got crushed and left me fighting both of them!’

‘Yeah I know dude, but that girl-, Skylar, was it, actually had you fairly 1 on 1 remember’

‘After they already had their chance to double team me! And it took another lame double team for them to end it!’ His voice rising a bit more.

‘It was part of the rules, just take this girl real serious an-‘

‘Just shut it!’ He spit back with venom, not in the mood for anymore doubt.

‘Okay okay man, all I was meanin from the start is I ain’t jealous of your matchup, she’s-‘

‘No more about her, I said shut it!’ He replied with his temper really starting to flare. ‘She’s a girl, without cheap advantages like double teaming they have no chance unless you’re a wimp! No second girl is going to save her!’

‘You’re awfully confident for a boy who’s first match ended with a girl’s ass on his face, the best part was when you were weakly trying and failing to push her off.’ A female voice cooly taunted from behind him.

Damien sharply turned around almost ready to take whatever random girl who dared to but in with such a comment’s head off.........only to find himself face to face with his well built opponent. Cursing himself afterwards in his head, he did stagger back a bit in surprise, making her smile.

‘Get back over on your own end, bitch’ he spat back quickly asserting himself after his poor first reaction. ‘But I guess look at your arms, you look like you belong over here anyway’ he snickered.

Addison was more then used to insults and mocking by now from both sexes for her uncommon strength for a girl, but she was also now above letting her anger and annoyance show giving them the satisfaction of a reaction. She worked for her physique and she was proud of it. In this case, she would soon shut him up on the mats.

Keeping her same demeanor and appearing completely unfazed, she continued with a warm smile ‘Sorry to sneak up and scare you like that, I just couldn’t help but overhear how sure you are that you’re going to win, and-‘

‘Of course I’m going to win’ he rudely interrupted her. ‘You really think your strength can compete with men’s? Sure you could probably toss around some losers, but those girly muscles are for show compared to a guy’s’.

Ignoring his interruption and going right back to her point, again appearing unfazed by his words, she continued ‘Yes, as I was saying I was thinking with all your......confidence.....that you might be interested in a little forfeit bet?’ She suggested warmly with an innocent smile.

‘As long as you don’t try to slip out of it when you get crushed, maybe.’ He replied with a smirk.

‘Oh don’t worry about that. So how about......loser serves the winner for a week?

He stared back as he thought about it for a second. ‘What’s the catch?’

‘There is none. When you win, you can have me do anything you want. As long as it’s not dangerous......I do mean anything......for you......or whoever you want.’ She said suggestively. ‘Whatever you want....I’m yours for the week.’

He thought about it for a minute. On one hand, she wasn’t exactly his type, on the other hand this was probably a one time chance. Who else but this chick would be crazy enough to offer this? He assumed she’d have some sort of limits as part of it, probably against anything sexual, but she was leaving almost anything on the table. ‘Favors’ from her whenever he wanted for a whole week. It would put this bitch in her place even more then just beating her in their match.

‘Okay. Let’s do it.’ He finally answered firmly. ‘Just don’t be a bitch when it’s time to pay up.’ As he then turned and took some steps away from her without waiting for a reply, clearly ending their little talk.

Addison then turned herself and went back to her side of the mat, with a light smile on her face. She was very pleased with herself, it had gone just as she hoped. Now it was about time to take care of the part she was certain about.

A few minutes later, as the two of them approached each other, they got the signal to begin.

Being aggressive and ready to show her some real strength, Damien quickly lunged at Addison, grabbing her and looking to just wrench her off her feet and throw her to the mat. She readily locked up with him, grabbing onto him as well.

With a burst of strength he attempted to force her off her feet and throw her down, but to his surprise, he had only moved and dragged her several steps as she maintained her footing and wasn’t lifted up at all. Frustrated with her resistance, he immediately tried once again with another sudden burst of force.

His second attempt was a little weaker then the first and she was extra prepared, as she only budged a step or two. With some of his strength and energy starting this fall gone at the moment after back to back failed full strength takedown attempts, she returned the favor.

With a sudden burst of her own strength, she ripped him up off his feet, quickly slamming him down to the mat crashing down on his back.

Caught off guard by the sudden power she was able to use, he was left dazed for a moment on his back. He certainly hadn’t felt this before. Trying to get his bearings again, he forced himself to roll to his stomach. Pushing himself up with his arms and getting his knees under him, he rushed himself to get back to his feet the best he could in a still disoriented state.

Before he could rise the rest of the way to his feet again, he suddenly felt her step right in front of him. Taking another step forwards and grabbing his head, leaving it right between her legs.

Addison clamped her legs beginning to squeeze, leaving him trapped on his knees in a standing headscissor.

‘Ah, there we are. Are my muscles still for show?’ She asked sweetly.

His response was a gurgle as he grabbed at her legs desperately trying to pull them apart and get her off balance. Her squeeze was unrelenting as he was stuck staring down at the back of her tanned calves, heels, and the blue mat.

Some female cheers of ‘knock him out!’ Began to ring out.

Having no other choice, he was about to tap out on her leg feeling dizziness start to set in, when the pressure stopped as she unexpectedly separated her legs leaving him to drop to the mat on his face with a groan as she stepped back.

‘Oops, you don’t look so good tough guy’ she said with mock concern. ‘Did I squeeze too hard?’

He let out another groan, slowly starting to move again. As he began to push himself back to his knees, she slid a foot forward under his face.

Now looking down at her black polished toes as he struggled to get up, Addison said ‘Get a good look, you’ll be kissing them later. Among other things.’ Rather then in a flirty teasing tone, she said this in a more matter-of-factly way.

‘Fuck......you.’ He spit out in an angry but strained voice.

Pulling her foot back, Addison bent over and gave him a forceful shove, knocking him over rolling onto his back. He just lay there groaning as she slowly walked over and got down to her knees, joining him down on the mat.

Crawling over him and straddling him, she slid her hips and legs down hooking her feet around his ankles, before suddenly snapping his legs out into a painful grapevine.

‘Ahhhhh!’ He couldn’t contain letting out a small yell as his hands went to her hips.

‘Oh does that hurt? You should work on your flexibility’ She commented. ‘Here, I have something that will make it better.’ She said, wrapping her arms around his head and pulling him face first into her ample breasts.

‘There, every guy loves tits. Is that better?’ She asked, only getting a muffled sound into her cleavage as a response. Legs and groin over stretched and burning, plus now unable to even breathe, she received a tap on her side......signaling the end of the 1st fall.

‘1-0 Addison, By Grapevine-Breast Smother Combo’ an announcement boomed, as cheers from the female portion of the audience roared.

Releasing his head to drop out of her pillowy embrace and to the mat, she then released his legs from her powerful grapevine. She walked away to her side for their brief rest between rounds while he just lay there breathing heavy, in pain and already exhausted.

By time the second fall was about to begin, the crowd was almost entirely female dominated. The only group that wasn’t embarrassed or disgusted by the first round.

Addison was as fresh as when they started. Meanwhile, Damien was only finally getting up now out of necessity. A few minutes hadn’t done much for him. After only 1 round, he felt like he’d been through a war- already, scissored, smothered, slammed, and pushed to the mat.

He rose to his feet, a bit shaky now after her grapevine.

‘You’ve kind of let me down so far, I was expecting to have to really earn my bitch for the week, but you’ve been sort of easy.’ She cooly taunted as they approached each other to start the second and likely final round.

Her taunt only received cold silence, but he was seething under the fatigue and soreness.

He made the first move again, but this time it was a shocking punch to her stomach, knocking some air out of her as she stumbled back.

The crowd went quiet as gasps rung out.

Her calm and collected demeanor, unbothered by any of his words and confident throughout the match........fell for a moment.

Rage flashed in Addison’s eyes.

As she immediately stormed back forwards, he met her with another punch......this time aimed at her face. This punch was very telegraphed, and moving and reacting faster then he could in this state, she easily avoided it.

Before a ref could think and do something about this mess- throwing their self in between her and Damien or grabbing one of them seemed like a bad idea right now, she was already getting even.

Stepping forwards right after his missed swing, she grabbed his shoulders and promptly slammed her knee up between his legs, sending a shockwave of pain through his body as he collapsed to the mat almost with a yelp.

As he lay there almost whimpering and holding his groin, she stepped over and launched a hard kick into his side making him yell out.

There were no taunts or comments during this, she was coldly quiet and still seeing red.

Stepping towards his head, she placed a foot firmly on his throat. The crowd was still mostly quiet. He didn’t know whether to grab his crotch, side, or her foot.

Closing her eyes for a second taking a deep breath, her usual demeanor and attitude returned as she looked down at the beaten male beneath her.

‘You’re disgusting, punching a girl in a wrestling match?’ As she pressed down a bit more with her foot cutting off his breathing for a few seconds, before removing it so he could gasp for air and clutch his neck.

As he lay there, racked with pain and exhaustion, Addison stepped over his neck as she lightly lowered down into a split on his throat, the pressure making it hard for him to breathe as he stared up at his superior opponent.

The crowd had livened up again now, in full support of Addison.

‘Enjoy your nap Damien, because when you wake up........you’ll be mine.’

As Damien’s vision soon began to dim, Addison meanwhile played to the audience giving them a double flex of her arms and a bright smile, receiving a loud cheer. It all faded away for Damien as one of the last sounds he clearly heard was a girl yelling from the crowd ‘choke him out with your pussy!’, and he was out.

The crowd chanted her name as she got off him and stood up, soon followed by the PA speaker coming to life again with a booming announcement of ‘Your Winner For The Female Team, Addison! 2-0, By KO Via.....’ as there was a small pause, probably out of confusion- ‘Throat Split!’

When Damien woke up, it took him a few seconds to recall what had happened and where he was as the effects of their fight hit him again. Someone was standing over him. As his vision came back into focus, he saw it was Addison, making him remember their bet causing him to groan.

And.....he felt something around his neck. A collar? With something like a leash attached to it? It couldn’t be! It was......

‘Wake up! Time to start paying up. No slipping out of it now that you got crushed.’ She smiled down at him, borrowing words of his from earlier.

The remaining female crowd had thinned a bit, with some not having the patience to stick around until he woke up for the post match humiliation.

‘Now, you can start your forfeit by worshipping the strong feminine body that dominated yours, right in front of my new fans!’ She commanded.

Not having the strength or energy left to resist her, he gave into her demand. Right now he definitely couldn’t take what would surely follow him refusing. Even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he almost feared her a little now too.

Crouching down to his level and pulling him up to a seated position, she flexed an arm in front of his face. ‘Now kiss the arms that threw you around. I tell you when to stop.’ He began kissing her biceps as a deep feeling of humiliation set in.

Shifting herself and angling his face right in front of her chest. ‘Now, kiss the boobs that sealed your mouth and nose.’ He felt even more submissive as he kissed her soft cushiony chest. He couldn’t help but have a stirring in his trunks from this.

Standing up and putting her hips in his face, she ordered ‘Now, kiss my ass, and you better do a good job. You probably got us both suspended for a bit from this competition with your punching. Nice going.’

With a sharpness in her tone she clearly wasn’t happy about that. He desperately began kissing, trying to satisfy her, puckering up to the mostly bare skin over and over to female laughter in the background.

‘Now, kiss the thighs that almost knocked you out.’ As he kissed her soft and warm, but powerful thigh, he realized that unlike his first loss..........this was one he could never live down.

‘Now, get your head down and kiss my feet.’ Lowering his head, he planted kiss after kiss on her feet to more girlish laughter in the crowd. As he kissed her black polished toes, Addison teased ‘I told you you’d be kissing them, didn’t I?’

Finally satisfied, she stepped back.

‘Now bitch, we’re leaving. You can stumble along behind me or crawl, your choice. This is going to be an amazing week.’ she smiled.

She waved and smiled to the crowd as she walked off pulling a weak and tired broken Damien behind her as he stumbled finding the energy to keep pace with her.

End Of Part 4.

-As promised in the other story thread, the next part to this part is here. A bit more ‘heavy’ domination with another new character, this time completely separated from the others for now. Might be a break from new characters for a bit, have multiple ideas all focused on characters brought in before this part now.

- How does everyone feel about more F/F action mixed in going forwards? I think it’s a good way to add some fights where there’s more ‘doubt’ and uncertainty of the end result. This is the Femdom story section, so no one’s here to see guys winning right? F/F action would be perfect then, if no one’s against it.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Of course MvF is my favorite type of match, but I enjoyed reading the round between Alexa and Colleen, so I think some FvF is a good idea too. I'm definitely uncertain and curious of how matches would go between some of these female characters. I bet Max would also enjoy watching when he isn't trapped between Alexa's thighs.
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Default Re: Redlands College Fight Season

Part 5: Summer Has A Surprise Teammate

‘That was brutal’, Summer thought to herself as she sat on a bench in the girls locker room area, watching a clip of the previous night’s match, the new girl Addison’s domination, on her phone.

Summer was hungry for her first win, fully earned by only her herself, but she had apparently gotten off to an unlucky beginning as she was now matched into another fight where’d she’d be teaming up with another girl. Only now, it was part of a different fight type being debuted into the competition, 2 vs 1’s. It may sound like an instant win for whichever side gets the duo, but there’s still some room for upsets depending on the matchup. Either way it entertains.

In the end, each gender will have equal chances with 2 fighters taking on 1 of the opposite gender, so no unfair advantage is gained.

Summer had arrived extra early this time knowing she wouldn’t have her preferred partner, her best friend Skylar.

A catch of the 2v1 match type, at least for now. Taking away a little edge from the duo, the system for this fight type is designed to usually prevent the duo from being directly familiar with each other’s styles and already having chemistry with each other.

So, Summer was going in blind at the moment.

‘I guess I can at least rule out Addison now’ she thought to herself, seeing a headline on Redlands website that now both Addison and Damien had already been suspended from the competition after violating the rules several times last night. Damien was simply suspended indefinitely for starting the chaos, while Addison met a much softer punishment of 1-2 weeks for retaliation.

‘That’s too bad, she’s pretty badass. And a little scary.’ Summer thought, scrolling away.

A little while later, hearing someone approaching her, Summer looked up.

‘Surprise!’ A cheerful and energetic voice shouted. Walking up to her in her signature pink and white wrestling outfit that showed off her amazing lower body in the best way, was Alexa.

‘Oh my gosh, Alexa!’ Summer exclaimed in surprise. ‘You’re my teammate?!

‘Well duh, this isn’t exactly a casual look is it?’ She giggled, gesturing down at her body as Summer laughed back.

‘This is so perfect!’ Summer said happily. ‘I thought it’d be someone totally new but like, you already met Sky a few times, so I already feel more comfortable!’

‘I know! It’s nice to finally meet you.’ Alexa said, giving her a hug.

‘Hey, what’s that over there?’ Alexa asked, noticing a sheet on the wall in the background that Summer hadn’t.

As the girls walked up to it, Summer recognized it. ‘Oh it looks like a sign up sheet for that new Girls branch of this we’re doing now.’

‘Wait what?’ Alexa asked looking a bit confused.

‘Oh you didn’t see it on the website? Apparently we’re going to have Girls matches too now. It’s separate from this though. I don’t know if it’s going to count to anything yet. They might just be testing it for now. There’s a sign up online too. This must’ve just been put up like yesterday.’ Summer explained.

‘Oh wow, that sounds interesting actually. I think I might like wrestling guys better though.’ Alexa laughed.

‘It did get you a boyfriend the first time, so I don’t blame you.’ Summer joked.

As their eyes roamed the paper, they saw their was only one name on the sheet already.

‘Who’s Addison?’ Alexa asked reading the name.

‘You haven’t been on the website the past day or two have you?’ Summer smirked.

‘Hey, I was a little busy yesterday! Me and Max helped one of Skylar’s friends practice a bit. We had fun.’

‘You gotta check her out later, she’s legit.’ Summer told her. ‘She already got herself suspended for a bit though, her opponent started it and he’s probably gone for a while. It’s a whole big thing.’

‘Sounds like I will have to check that out later.’ Alexa smiled.

‘Oh, and this is just gossip, like I have no idea if it’s just a dumb rumor someone made up, but apparently they had some sort of bet between them.’ Summer eagerly shared with her.

‘Sounds wild, maybe that set it off? Anyways, I’ll hold off on signing up for that for now.’

‘No idea, all I know is she’s pretty badass. Yeah that’s probably a good idea.’ Summer laughed.

‘So Max isn’t with you?’

‘Oh he’s here with me, he’s grabbing an early seat probably. And Skylar?’

‘I’m pretty sure she’s coming. Should we text them, maybe they’d want to sit with each other?’

‘Hmm......let’s leave it as a surprise. Maybe they’ll find each other.’


Max had entered the still mostly empty gym and found a seat. It was a bit boring, not much to do but sit and wait looking at his phone, but the gym slowly began to fill up and get louder. He noticed, it was basically all girls. Thinking about it for a second, it made sense. Why show up a to a 2v1 match if the other gender has the advantage? It was a bit lonely, being here as part of the audience alone for the first time.

As he sat, he suddenly heard a female voice shout from off to the side ‘Hey! Max! Max!’. She sounded a bit familiar, but he couldn’t quite spot her. As she came closer giving a wave, he realized it was Skylar.

‘Max! Hi! what are you doing here by yourself?’ She greeted him with a bright smile.

‘Oh hey Skylar, I’m just here to support Alexa, what about you?’

‘Good to see you again! I’m here because Summer’s in this-. Wait......that means.....’

It took him a second, but it clicked for him too what she meant.

‘Their teammates?!’ They exclaimed at the same time.

‘Oh this is great!’ We get to support both of them, AND neither of us has to sit alone!’ Skylar smiled.

Catching herself, Skylar paused with a laugh. Oops, sorry. May I?’ She asked gesturing at the seat next to him.

‘Sure, go ahead. Could use the company’ he grinned as she happily sat down next to him.

‘And if I said no Alexa would probably kill me with one of her headscissors when she found out.’ He joked, making Skylar burst into laughter.

‘Awww now I don’t know about that’ she said turning to him with a sly smile coming across her face. ‘I think she would rather smother you.’

Soon, it was match time.
Announcing the Males team first, the PA speaker boomed “Wrestling For The Male team, Wyatt!!!” As you would expect, there wasn’t much of a reaction from the female dominated crowd.

Wyatt had light brown hair, and 6’0 tall. Being more level headed and lacking the ego of some of the other guys, even he didn’t really expect to win this one. He had just caught a bit of bad luck being the first one on his side to be drawn into this type of match, that’s all. Fully realizing and accepting the reality of his situation certainly doesn’t mean he’s going to just roll over and give the match away, though.

“And the surprise duo he’ll be facing from the female team, Alexa and Summer!” The announcement stated to loud cheers.

As they came out to the mats, Alexa began her usual pre match routine style of ‘warming up’, which also doubled as showing herself off and catching her opponent’s attention, in more ways then one. Preparing herself in a more standard way, Summer glanced over at Alexa a few times, taking in bits of her show for herself. Like most, Wyatt couldn’t help but have his eyes drawn to her as well.

Scanning over the crowd a bit throughout her routine, Alexa eventually spotted Max and Skylar, smiling and giving them a wave with Summer. A moment later, with her face facing away from them, Alexa gave one of her exaggerated stretches in their direction, bending over to touch her toes, before turning back around and blowing a kiss.

“Um I think that was aimed at you” Skylar laughed. “She really isn’t shy to flaunt it is she?”

“Nope.....I learned that the hard way.” Replying a bit slowly after being ‘distracted’. That had been enough to cause him a little ‘excitement’.

“Literally, right?” Skylar replied with a small grin.

Max went a little red realizing she was referencing his choice of words. “Shut up Skylar” he playfully replied.

“Oh, you can just call me Sky.”

Catching one of Summer’s glances over, Alexa cheerfully told her “You know you want to Summer, loosen up a little! Plus the point of a 2 vs 1 is for us to entertain isn’t it?”

Summer easily gave in to her encouragement, cracking a smile as she began mirroring some of Alexa’s poses and stretches. “And it’s not just fun, you can get in their head before you even touch them. You know how easy it was when I kept my Maxy excited.” Alexa giggled.

“Speaking of Max, you have a boyfriend now you know.” Summer laughed. “Max doesn’t mind you still fighting like this?”

“He knows he’s the only one who gets all this off the mats” Alexa said suggestively with a smirk. “Besides, he gets to watch.”

As it came time to begin, Wyatt and the two girls approached each other, with a lot of hushed whispers between Alexa and Summer. He was already starting to regret his choice of a dark blue classic lycra wrestling singlet, that didn’t do much to hide the decent bulge he was already sporting in his crotch. From their pre match routine, to the thought of all the physical contact to come, the two beautiful girls were already having an effect on him.

At the signal, the match began.

“Everyone here knows how this is going to end, why fight it?” Alexa purred, seductively swaying her hips as her and Summer came closer, like two lionesses ready to pounce.

“Just imagine having two beautiful girls like us on top of you, does that sound so bad?” Summer added, doing her best to match Alexa.

“Sorry girls, I’m not here to just give away the match.” He rejected their advances. “But I would take you up on that later!” Wyatt finished with a grin. Despite his outward demeanor, his arousal was certainly growing.

Facing two girls who had both already won their first matches, he started out cautious allowing them to make the first move. Summer engaged first as Alexa lingered behind. He had expected to be immediately jumped by both of them together.

Summer did the one thing Wyatt wasn’t at all ready to defend. Instead of trying to wrestle him down, she went for the back of his head and neck, pulling him to her for a kiss as he grabbed her.

He froze for a moment, caught completely off guard and unsure how to react. With their lips locked, she slid a leg forward, grinding her thigh against his hardening crotch. He gave in, feeling a burst of pleasure as her smooth soft thigh rubbed against his Lycra clad groin, kissing her back and relaxing his arms.

He mind clouded in lust for a few seconds before he came back to his senses, lightly shoving Summer away.

“You know you loved it” Summer teased, glancing at the tent in his singlet.

“Alexa put her up to that didn’t she?” Skylar asked with a smile.

“Oh for sure.” Max replied. He was kind of grateful she hadn’t gone that far herself.

A bit embarrassed and trying to refocus, Wyatt realized Alexa was no longer behind her. Alexa sprung off her feet from behind him, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, making him stumbled forward a few steps as Summer backed away.

“You don’t mind carrying me, do you cutie?” Alexa said sweetly, latched around him. He grimaced as her legs dug into his side’s beginning to squeeze, while her arms tightened around his neck starting to choke him.

Reaching up to rip her arms off of his neck and destabilize her grip on him, his hands were intercepted halfway and yanked away by Summer’s.

“Aw do you want to hold hands?” Summer smiled, stepping forwards and resuming rubbing her thigh against his package again. His resistance faded as the pleasurable feeling returned.

His legs soon began to tremble as Alexa slowly squeezed the life out of him as he also supported her weight, while Summer’s leg worked over his hard on. He didn’t last much longer, slowly sinking to the mat with Alexa wrapped tight around him.

Now on the ground, Alexa adjusted her position into a normal bodyscissor, still hugging her arms around his neck. “What’s wrong? You don’t like cuddling with me?” Alexa pouted. The best he could do as he desperately slapped at her thighs was choke out a “not like this-“

“You guys look so cute together!” Summer joked, now standing over them.

“Oh he’s screwed” Max commented, “you don’t even know how bad her bodyscissors can be.”

“I don’t think I want to find out” Skylar laughed.

“Hands off baby” Alexa playfully ordered as he was still desperately trying and failing to pry her leg off of him. Wyatt did as he was told, hoping she’d relent before he had to tap out and concede the fall. She gave one more thrusting squeeze that made him yell out before she released him. He groaned, holding his midsection. “Ahhhgg I thought you were gonna break my ribs.”

Before he could collect himself, his arms were being pulled away up above his head. Summer laid on her side right above his head, hugging one of his arms into her chest while locking the other tight between her legs, securing him into a Crucifix pin. She shimmied forwards a bit while pushing his head up so it was now propped up against her stomach, he was now looking straight ahead instead of up at the ceiling.

“Did I squeeze you too much?” Alexa teased. “It’s okay, I know how to make you feel better” she said, sitting on the mat next to his hips as she began to rub his groin with her hand.

Wyatt tried to squirm free as the pleasure shot through him, but Summer had his arms wrapped up tight. “No escaping, just let her take care of you” Summer whispered.

“Can you open your mouth for me Wyatt?” Alexa asked nicely. He immediately obeyed, consumed by his arousal. Alexa responded by sliding a foot into his mouth and pinching his nose shut with the pink nail polished toes of the other. All while rubbing her hand over his hard on.

“Such a good boy” Summer whispered in his ear.

Surprise filled his eyes as he realized she was smothering him, but the pleasure overtook him again as he let out a moan muffled by Alexa’s foot.

“Your foot must taste good, look how turned on he is!” Summer laughed, knowing that wasn’t the reason.

With his arms trapped, he was helpless to tap out. All he could do was lightly shake his head, though not hard enough to dislodge Alexa’s feet. “Goodnight” Alexa smiled as his vision began to swim.

The crowd was going crazy, seeing possibly the most humiliating and ridiculous knockout yet. “Suck on her toes!” One female voice shouted, while another called out “Look how hard he is with her foot in his mouth!”

Moments later, Wyatt went out.

‘WINNING The First Fall By Foot Smother KO, Alexa and Summer!’ The speaker announced.

Alexa pulled her now shining clean spit soaked foot from his mouth while Summer released his arms and stood up.

“That was amazing! You literally smothered him out with your feet” Summer laughed.

Alexa giggled. “Thanks to you keeping those arms wrapped up. His mouth really cleaned my foot.”

Wyatt soon woke up, realizing what had happened. He could still taste her foot in mouth. He got up, wishing this was the end of the match. He knew victory was a long shot, but he never expected to go down 1-0 in that fashion. He headed back over to his side for a few minutes of rest, not having much hope that he could even manage a decent fight against them anymore.

“That HAS to be the craziest knockout that’s happened yet!” Skylar exclaimed.

“That’s one position I’m not jealous of at all.” Max laughed.

They then heard some giggles and whispers coming from a pair of girls behind them. “Isn’t that the guy Alexa dominated in her first match?” one said, not quite as quietly.

Max went a little red, realizing they had noticed him and recognized who he was. Just his girlfriend’s first victim. He was too embarrassed to turn and confront them, deciding to ignore them hoping their attention would soon drift from him. The first public teasing he’d run into.

Instead, Skylar turned, shooting them a glare that quieted their teasing whispers and laughs.

“I figured you weren’t going to take care of that.” She cooly said.

“I was just......gonna ignore them. .......Thanks Sky.” He sheepishly added. He was appreciative, but also a bit embarrassed to have Skylar intervene for him.

“You’re welcome!” She smiled.

As the 2nd fall started, the girls had no tricks this time. Instead, they quickly approached and wrestled him to the ground together despite his best efforts. Wyatt now had Summer mounted on top of him trying to force his arms to the mat.

Getting sucked into their individual battle, he attempted to power Summer off of him. Giving it his all, he was able to force Summer’s arms back, his head and shoulders lifting off the mat. Until.....one of Alexa’s legs slid into that spot under his neck, as she pulled his head back down and clamped the other over his throat.

“That’s enough of that” Alexa said, “Back between my thighs where you belong.” He immediately abandoned the battle of strength with Summer, now pulling at the deadly legs crushing his neck

Summer slid back now, sitting on his groin, as she began to grind her hips around slowly. “I feel someone getting excited again!” She laughed.

Wyatt’s struggles soon slowed, as he felt himself fading away again. “Getting sleepy yet?” Alexa asked with a smirk, releasing him before he passed out.

There was some hushed whispers between the girls, as they rolled him over. Summer took a seat on his back, tucking his arms over her legs, and pulling his head up into a camel clutch. Wyatt was too out of it from Alexa’s squeeze to fight her. In front of them, Alexa got down on her stomach, sliding back.

As the effects of her headscissor faded, Wyatt found his arms bent in an uncomfortable position, and himself face to face with Alexa’s best asset......and then shoved face first into it.

“In you go” Summer smiled, pressing his face into Alexa’s ass and rubbing it in.

“He’s really squirming like he’s not loving this.” Alexa said with mock annoyance.

He kicked his legs, not able to do much else as Summer held him face down in Alexa’s ass to their laughter. He soon tapped Summer’s leg out of humiliation, ending the match.

“Winners Of This Match, 2-0, Summer and Alexa!!” It was announced.

“Stay right there!” Summer said, releasing his arms as she stood up and turned around. His arms were weakened from being locked in that position, but he had enough strength left to hold himself up.

Enjoying the view?” Alexa teased, giving her hips a wiggle under his face.

Just then, a large weight pressed onto the back of Wyatt’s head, forcing his face back into Alexa’s ass to cheers from the crowd. Summer had sat on the back of his head, forcing him into a ‘facesit sandwich’.

“That’s so much more comfy, isn’t it? Summer teased.

Alexa and Summer posed, giving some flexes of their arms and wiggles against his head until he began to struggle, running out of air.

As they got off of him, he shoved himself over onto his back gasping for air. He had a raging hard on again, sticking up in his singlet now in plain view.

Alexa struck one more pose, stepping her foot on his groin, and giving a flex of her arms. “Please don’t-“ he groaned. After all the stimulation and now, arousing smothering, the contact with her foot pushed him over the edge as she removed it. About to walk off, the two girls stopped and giggled as his hips weakly bucked on the mat, followed by a wet spot appearing through the singlet.

“Oops” Alexa laughed.

As they headed to their lockeroom, Alexa found Max in the crowd again, blowing him another kiss.

“They were amazing weren’t they?” Skylar said.

Refocusing after being a bit turned on by the action himself, he replied “Yeah they really became a good team quick.”

Skylar’s mood suddenly dipped. “You don’t think Summer would rather team with Alexa now instead of me, do you?” He turned to look at her, and she seemed genuine.

“Of course not, you’re still her best friend.” Max reassured her.

“You’re right, thank you Max.” She said, giving him a light smile as they both stood up. Everyone else had started to file out already. “I’m glad we ran into each other, soooo much better then sitting alone right?”

“Yeah for sure.” He laughed. “I had a good time.”

“Me too. Well, I’ll see you later Max!” Skylar said happily, giving him a quick hug before she went off to find Summer.

He waited a moment longer, before heading out himself to go meet back up with Alexa.

A while later, after picking up some food, they were home. Just relaxing on their bed as they ended the night, Alexa asked “Oh and I forgot, how’d it go with Skylar? Sorry, I’ve still been distracted with my own night.”

“Oh it went pretty well, had a nice time. It’s a lot better having someone to sit with.”

“Aw see we both made new friends tonight, I knew you’d like her. But.....it didn’t go too well.....did it?” She asked.

Max nervously began to stumble over his words before she giggled “It’s ok Maxy I’m just messing with you. You’d do anything for me, I’m not worried.” She said snuggling herself against him.

Relieved that she was only kidding, Max lay content against Alexa until they went to sleep.

End Of Part 5.

- Well here it is, I finally got this part finished. It’s been a bit longer since the last part then I realized. August 8th. Got a chunk of it done, then just stalled out for a while. The first frustrating story writing time yet, with how long it took to get back into it and complete it. No promises on how soon the next update will come. Let’s hope for the best, but it could end up being a little while again.

- Now story related.
I think 1v2 and 2v2 (not tag team) are under explored themes for a story. You can really get creative with combination holds in 2v1’s, and there’s just something about multiple women dominating multiple guys together at the same time. Kind of changed the original idea of giving Summer her own part. Thought it’d be fun to pair her and Alexa together at some point either way.
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