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Default College hook up

-first crack at this based on an experience I had.

She was in a sorority and every year when we were in college we would have a cat and mouse kind of game across campus in the fall. We would pick a name and go after that person on campus with a water gun. The idea being that the more you soak of their team the more points you get. Earlier that year I had seen her walking around campus before any of this competition had started. I was a freshman and I had started to notice her. She was different, this was a private school so a lot of the girls I saw were blondes and had many similar body types. She was a few inches shorter than me, but stocky like I was. I mean that in a positive way, she was Asian and had these features where everything compacted on her. Her legs had definition and her ass was thick, her breasts were round, and her arms had some meat on them. Everything had a little extra on it.

I picked her name out to go after during the competition. I hadn’t seen her in my classes but she left from the same building as I did at the same time. She didn’t know I had her name, so I could be sneaky about it. I didn’t’ think she had my name, so I knew I could wait to strike. I watched her as she ran around, the extra parts of her body were juggling as she ran, and I could sit back and appreciate it. One day when I saw her stalking someone else to strike, I approached from behind her and her group of friends and struck her water. She squealed as she turned around, and saw what had happened. She couldn’t do anything about it as I had bested her at the game she was much more passionate about. I gave her some banter about how she couldn’t get away and that her sorority would be paying for the party that we’d have together. She was slightly mad but reluctantly admitted that I got her good.

I was getting ready for our party together because then I knew I had the chance to talk to her a little more and have something easy to talk about. Being young as we were, we loved an excuse to have a party so everyone was drinking and mingling. I came over to her and started jokingly bragging about how I got her and playing with her a little bit. She was having fun with me and laughing and we ordered some more drinks and started touching each other a little more. She started grabbing me a little further and suggested that I might’ve got my way out there but that she was going to have her way with me.

I started getting excited but I told her about my dominant streak too, and that I can put her in her place. We kept it going for a little bit and wanted to leave the party. She goes back with me to my dorm and she starts taking off her clothes. She say’s now you think you can have her way with me. Her juicy Asian body in front of me, I could her cleanly shaved in between her juicy thighs. “what are you going to do now” she asked as she pushed me down onto the couch and got on top. She put her breasts in my face and started smothering me with them until it was hard to breathe. She was heavy and I couldn’t get her off me. So, I started to tap, as she playfully lifted herself up and started to question if she was too much women for me. I started to look her up and down as her voluptuous ass was sitting on my crotch and her meaty soles were facing me. I took off my shirt and pushed her down on the couch. I climb on top of her and start sucking on her big nipples as she moans and starts playing with my belt. She pushes me off and takes off my pants and grabs my erect member.

She is happy about the size and girth of it, but thinks she can have her way with me first. She puts her feet on my chest and pushes me down. Now she starts to climb with her naked body on top of me, as she puts her pussy on my face. She pushes my arms down with her bare feet and commands me now to start licking. I smelled her juices and I didn’t feel like protesting. I raise my tongue into her and hear her breaths get shorter as I dig deeper. We are both starting to lose our breaths, her from the pleasure me from the weight of her on me. She orgasms and wants more. I now want to regain control, so I slide out and tell her that only I can make her feel that well. I push her down on her back, and tell her it’s her turn. She recoils but accepts my assertiveness as I grab her head and guide her to pleasure me. I tell her to grab my balls firmly and massage them as she sucks on me. I play with her pussy again and smack it a little harder each time being more controlling. Now she frees her mouth and tells me she wants me inside her. I scoot down her body making sure her face could feel my hard cock slide down her.

I spread her legs and start to penetrate her. She has a tight pussy that is now soaking, so I can slide into her but feel a good tug inside. I push slowly into her to let her feel me filling her up slowly. As I progress she starts to roll her eyes back uncontrollably and regain her assertiveness. She takes her legs that were laying on the bed and wraps them around me. She starts to squeeze on them and bring me deeper into her. But now she is starting to squeeze on them hard, and I start to feel breath heavier. She yells ‘don’t fucking stop’ as I continue to pound her. She won’t give up control now and I am submitting to her demands. We start to share our breathing as my sweats begins to drop on her face as we are so close to each other. We cum at about the same time, as I collapse into her after.

She smiles as my head rests on her, and playfully asks me if I had enough of her. I grab us some water and rest up, as we start touching on each other again. I tell her I have a slight Asian fetish but I also especially love feet. She gets excited and starts wrapping them around my cock. Before I know it, I am already hard and ready to go again.
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