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Question Question about moderation + suggestion

Hello there!

I have a question about the way this forum is moderated. When browsing older stories in the story section, I always find banned profiles. In 99% of all cases, the reason for the ban is "Multiple accounts".

I have a question regarding this.

If you, as a forum member, make a second account on this forum, does that mean that only the second account gets permanently banned (since it's one account each) ? Or does this mean that your second AND your initial account get permanently banned?

Judging from the number of banned profiles due to this very reason, I strongly suspect that the latter is the case. If that is true, then my suggestion would be to stop banning the initial account for this reason. By banning both accounts, I completely lose my ability to contact that user with questions, suggestions or proposals. This is a shame, because some banned users have posted content that I want to compliment them for, ask them permission to write the continuation myself or reach out to them with other questions (like: is there a continuation of this story?).

If the first thing is the case (only the second account gets banned), then my proposal is to link to the original account of the banned profile. For example, I find a story or a post that makes me want to contact the poster (user B). Upon clicking on his profile, his profile states: "Permanently banned for multiple accounts. Original account: user A". I see that and think: "Aha! So, I can contact him through that account!" I search for user A and send him my question(s), compliments or suggestion.

This mechanism would be more desirable, because then I retain the ability to contact that user.

But, even though "Multiple accounts" is by far the most popular ban reason on this forum, I have also found accounts that were banned for other reasons (like trolling).

It would be nice if this forum had a mechanism to contact those banned users. For example, providing a contact button that would send the said user an e-mail saying: "User Bir Domuz tries to contact you. If you want to reply to him, send him an e-mail to my e-mail address".

Then, I might not be able to communicate with that user on this forum (since he is banned), but at least I can continue talking to him outside of this forum (private e-mail) through a mechanism that is provided by this forum.

As of now, I have absolutely no way of reaching out to users that are banned. The only way would be to post something under a thread that they started, but this also has drawbacks, namely:
1) The user in question does not get notified of my post, so the probability of him seeing my comment is slim. Only if the banned user has the habit of regularly checking his threads on this forum after being banned, there is a chance of him seeing my post.
2) Even if the banned user has seen my post under his thread, he has no way of responding to it. He cannot interact with me. If it's a compliment that I wanted to give him, it's enough for me if he simply sees it, but what if I want to ask him something? Then I am guaranteed not to receive any response.
3) Even if the banned user has seen my post under his thread and even if he has somehow managed to find a way to contact me: my post is public and can be seen by other users. This is not a problem in most cases, but what if my question to the banned user is meant to be private?
4) What if the banned user has not started any threads at all (but has only commented under existing ones) ? Then even this method fails.

In short: my request is to provide a mechanism on this forum that allows me to contact users that are (permanently) banned. I would greatly appreciate it if this mechanism could be implemented.
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