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Default The Iron Maidens Wrestling Club

Hi to everyone...this is not my stories, I fount it years ago in Diana T.V. Now is uncatalogued. Hope you like it...

The four of us stood nervously, close to the wall at the edge of the
mats. We awaited the women who would soon be entering the room. The
women who would be taking us on in a series of wrestling matches. The
phenomenal, undefeated women of the Iron Maidens Wrestling Club.
Originally started as a women's group dedicated to weight lifting and
body building, somewhere along the way one of the members got the idea
of testing her physical strength and development against a male. When
she discovered how superior she was and just how exhilarating a feeling
it was to exert that power and domination, well the rest, as they say,
was history.

The four of us represent the current pool of "opponents". Different men
have come and gone as the Iron Maidens have tired of one guy and decided
to replace him with somebody new. We know each other only by our first
names. The Iron Maidens don't want us fraternizing outside the club.

There's Bob, who's 27, stands 5'6" and weighs 132 pounds. Michael is
34, 5'9" and 145. Peter is 37, 5'11" and 168. And I'm Jim, 42, 6' and

So what compels us to show up each time and get soundly beaten? First,
there's the fear of what would happen if we didn't show up. The Iron
Maidens know where we live and work. They've threatened to go after
anyone who doesn't show, and believe me, they'd do it. Second, there's
the thrill of physical contact with such sensational physiques, such
astonishing strength. Like junkies lured to drugs, they may not be good
for our health, but we can't resist them.

Each session with the Iron Maidens is a unique experience. Since the
odds are so stacked in their favor there's real potential they'll get
bored, so they go out of their way to think of ways to interject
variety. Sessions can comprise of series of singles matches, tag
matches, and handicap matches. The Iron Maidens enjoy dressing up in a
variety of outfits, from bikinis to lingerie to costumes. (Our dress
for these matches is far more pedestrian. Jock straps and gym shorts,
only.) And then there are the times when they wear nothing at all. And
the times they use our bodies for their own sexual pleasures.

The door opened and we sprang to attention. Four Iron Maidens strolled
in. No extras coming as spectators. It looked like they were all
planning to wrestle. (There was memorable night when one Maiden took on
three of us, just by herself, an honor granted because of her birthday.
She beat us so soundly one on one that she then handily won a free for
all finale.)

This quartet was comprised of Carrie, Mary, Sharon and Diane. "Okay,
boys," Carrie barked, "Off with the shorts, let's see those cute little
jock straps." We quickly complied. "There is nothing homelier looking
than jock straps," she chortled, "Especially when they're on inferior
bodies. Turn around and face the wall while we complete your

We all turned pretty quickly, but Michael turned last. He's a relative
newcomer to the group, so he probably didn't realize that the Iron
Maidens would be looking for things like that to discipline.

"What's the matter, Michael, got lead in your ass?" yelled Mary.
"Everyone turn around again so you can watch this." Without warning she
grabbed Michael by the throat, snapping his head against the wall. Her
big strong hand closed around his neck, cutting off his air. He grabbed
at her one arm with both hands, trying to pull it off, but she just
stared into his eyes, ignoring his desperate efforts. She watched him
weaken. Then she let go, picked him up between the legs and body
slammed him onto the mats. Carrie took over, taking three long strides
and diving on top of him, driving her shoulder and elbow into his chest.
Michael rolled up into a ball, groaning and asking for forgiveness.
They let him to recover a bit and then ordered him back into line and
ordered us all to turn around again.

"I hope you little boys are ready to wrestle," intoned Diane, "And that
you put up a better show than your usual pathetic efforts. Let me
remind you all, as we always do, that anyone who we suspect is not
trying their hardest will be punished more severely than any one of you
dares imagine. Tonight we're going to have a four on four tag team
match. The winner of each fall gets to decide who the next two
contestants will be. It could be two new wrestlers or either the winner
or loser could continue against each other or against a new opponent.
We'll draw names to decide on the first two wrestlers. Does everyone
understand?" We all answered yes. "Good. That wasn't hard was it?
Well my little twerps the games are about to begin. You may turn around

The four of us turned and were greeted by the sight of the four Iron
Maidens with their robes removed. The four of them were wearing tiny
thong bikinis. It was a breathtaking sight. Each one in turn flexed
and posed before us, showing off their incredible muscular development
and voluptuous bodies.

Carrie was first. Carrie is a natural blonde bombshell standing 5'7"
and weighing a solid 158 pounds. Her arms measure 16+ inches and her
vital stats are 44C-23-36.

Mary posed next. Mary is a brunette who's about five pounds heavier
than Carrie and the same height. She's an astounding 44DD-21-38.

Sharon came next. Sharon is also a brunette who is 5'11" and a hard
180. Her arms are over 17 inches and she measures 48B-25-39.

Last, and certainly not least, was Diane. Diane is a stunning blonde
who stands 5'10" and weighs 190 pounds. Her arms are a mind boggling 18
inches. Her thighs measure 26 inches. And she stretches the tape with
a fantastic 50C-24-40 figure.

I suppose I should point out that each girl's chest measurement is
increased by the fact that their backs are so broad. Nevertheless, they
are all well endowed with tits that simply defy gravity.

Warm ups completed, Sharon produced two piles of paper, one with the
Maidens names on them, the other with ours. Carrie chose for the
Maidens. It was Diane. She clapped her hands and moved to the center
of the mats. I was to choose her opponent. I pulled out Bob's name.
The biggest Iron Maiden against the smallest guy. She'd humiliate him.

He was in trouble in seconds. Diane spun behind him and lifted him off
the mats with a reverse bearhug. Her mammoth upper arms constricted his
breathing so much all he could manage was a wheezing sound. Then she
just dove forward, unwrapping her arms as she fell, belly flopping to
the mats with Bob right underneath her, crushed by the full impact of
her 190 pounds. He looked as flattened as a cartoon character.

Diane sat on his back and wrapped her hands around his chin. She just
pulled him up and back in a devastating camel clutch. Bob wiggled and
waved his arms like a man who feared his back would break. An easy,
annihilating submission. The first of many falls for the Iron Maidens.

She motioned for Peter to be her next opponent, now we'd have the
largest male and female contestants on the mats. Peter sports a beer
belly, which has become a verbal and physical target for the girls.
Diane locked up collar and elbow with Peter and manhandled him around
the mats. She maneuvered her right arm free and when she did it took
only a flash for her to plant her weight and deliver a short potent jab
to his belly. Peter winced and went "oof". He tried to protect his
stomach, but she swatted his hand away and followed with a pulverizing
hook to his belly, her fist sinking deep into his soft flab.

Peter doubled over and Diane grabbed him by the ears and wedged his head
between her immense thighs. One squeeze had Peter grunting in pain, his
hands pawing futilely at the twin pillars of steel. He could no sooner
have pried her legs apart to escape than he could lift a truck. Diane
rolled sideways to the mats, forcing Peter down along with her.

She was on her back. Peter was on his stomach. She let his head pop
out from between her thighs, but before he could do anything else, she
scissored his rib cage, right under his armpits. She locked her ankles
on top of him, at the base of his spine, holding him down firmly against
the mats. You could see the fear in his eyes as he realized he couldn't
move and his chest was encased with a pair of 26 inch killers. He
clasped his hands together and pounded on Diane's stomach, her stone abs
impervious to any damage.

"Good boy. Fighting back." she laughed. "That feels nice. How does
this feel Peter?" She jolted him with a forceful squeeze. He yelped
like a dog. Then she held the pressure, forcing the air from his lungs.
He wheezed and moaned just like Bob had. He grabbed at her thighs for
leverage, trying to push his body out from between her legs, but he
couldn't budge himself an inch.

"I've got a new hold to show you," Diane announced to the Iron Maidens.
"You start with this scissors hold. Then you place your hands down
beside your hips. Now here's the fun part." With that, Diane pushed
her torso up off the mats, bridging her body. As she did that she was
pulling Peter up with her and bending him back because her legs were
still holding his lower half against the mat. The result was that
Peter's back was arched backwards - to the extreme. He screamed with
pain and begged her to stop. She then made it worse by flexing her
thighs again. I thought Peter was on the verge of passing out form the

"I call it the bridge breaker." she announced, as the Maidens applauded
her new technique. She finally released the hold and stood over Peter.
Smiling devilishly she stood with her full weight on the small of his
back. He cried his submission again and again.

"You want to finish him off?" she asked Carrie who sprang onto the mats.
Even though Carrie was the smallest of the Maidens and was giving up ten
pounds to Peter, you'd hardly have known it by the way she handled him.
Carrie pulled Peter to his feet and immediately lifted him off the floor
with a bear hug, cinching her arms tightly around Peter's hurting back.
Since he had had no time to catch his breath from Diane's crushing
thighs, Carrie's bear hug was instant trouble. Peter went from grabbing
his aching back to trying to pry her arms loose to pleading with her to
stop to going limp in her arms - in hardly any time.

Carrie draped him over her shoulder, walked over to our side of the mats
and dumped him at our feet. "Shit, he's getting too easy to beat," she
complained, "I think we need to get somebody new. Let's find someone
bigger or in better shape." She looked at me and pointed. "Okay, Jim,
you're on next with Sharon."

Sharon and I were the two tallest wrestlers of the evening, which might
explain why Carrie chose to pair us. Sharon's 25 pound weight advantage
might as well have been 100 pounds. She is far stronger than I am and
may very well have the best endurance of any of the Iron Maidens. She
never stops. She never slows down. She likes to wrestle by
relentlessly wearing an opponent down until he is completely exhausted.
With some of the other girls, once you get over the pain of their
submission holds you're ready to wrestle some more. With Sharon you can
end up so wiped out you can hardly stand up the rest of the night, never
mind wrestle.

I'm a bit quicker than the other guys, so I tried to evade Sharon at the
beginning of our fall. I circled and spun and didn't let her get a good
grip on me. She seemed to enjoy the competition. Since I was on the
defensive, I thought a quick change of tactics might take her by
surprise. So I bolted forward and ducked low slamming my shoulder into
her stomach. I straightened up and had her off her feet, draped halfway
down my back.

Sharon was laughing, clearly not feeling afraid of my attack. Her arms
encircled my body and she held me tight. The next thing I knew she'd
swung one of her legs over my head, and now I had my head scissored
between her stupendous thighs. The view of her pubes and pussy lips
peeking out from the side of her thong was little consolation for the
pain I felt as she simultaneously squeezed with her arms and legs.
Suddenly she felt like a ton in my arms. I couldn't hold her up. I
dropped to my knees. Sharon rolled me sideways. That was the last
moment I enjoyed any advantage in our match.

For the next ten minutes Sharon outmuscled and outwrestled me. She
worked me over with both her arms and legs. She knows a lot of
different holds and she used a lot of them. It didn't matter whether I
submitted or not. She just kept going. Wicked headlocks pinned me
between her bulging 17 inch arms and her side. Airplane spins and body
slams. Surfboard holds. Head scissors. Neck scissors. Body scissors.
Totally lethal grapevine hold - her legs are so damned long she can
exert horrendous pressure. Full nelsons. Arm bars and hammer locks.
Clubbing, knock down blows from her forearms. Punching. And battering
ram kicks with her knees. Thank goodness she left my face alone, or
else I'd have been a black eyed, bloodied nosed, pulverized wreck.

I was woozy and out of breath. Sharon was glistening with sweat, but
not breathing hard. She looked like she could go on indefinitely. But
she also knew the other Iron Maidens would want more wrestling time, and
Mary hadn't wrestled at all. She walked over to the Maidens side of the
mats as I rested on all fours, trying to summon the strength to stand
up. She tagged Mary. The last thing I wanted to do was have to face a
fresh Iron Maiden so I crawled over to our side as quickly as I could.
I got there just before she caught me and I tagged Billy's outstretched

Apparently Mary wasn't interested in taking on Billy at that point. She
just scooped him off his feet, carried him over to our side and body
slammed him really hard. Billy groaned, writhing on the mat and Mary
told him to tag Michael. Billy wasn't about to disagree.

Mary was the Maiden who brought Michael into the group. As I mentioned
before, he's a relative newcomer. Mary had a mischievous look in her
eyes as she and Michael circled each other. Michael looked nervous.

"Shall we let everyone know why I recruited you, Michael?" Mary asked.

"No. Please. Not that." he answered. Now everyone on both sides of the
mats was curious. Mary and Michael locked up and Michael tried to push
her backwards. He couldn't. But one shove from Mary and Michael was
flat on his ass. Casually she untied and removed her top. She stood
with her hands on her hips flexing her pectorals, causing her bare
breasts to dance up and down. Mary had the largest breasts of the girls
assembled that evening. Her DD's are very round and full and awesomely
firm. She knows she has extraordinary tits and she loves to show them
off and tease us with them. Michael was probably unaware that the rest
of us guys have on one occasion or more been the victims of Mary's
infamous "knockout knockers" smother hold.

Michael was back on his feet, circling again and trying to avoid being
hypnotized by Mary's dancing breasts. They locked up and Mary got him
in a side headlock, making sure to mash his face into the side of her
boob. But judging by the massive expansion of her 16 1/2" upper arms
and the bulging veins on Michael's forehead, I knew he was being
squeezed quite painfully.

"C'mon Michael, what's the problem?" she teased, forcing him to follow
her around the ring as he was unable to get out of her headlock. "Your
fellow wimps will tell you from their past experience that what ever the
Iron Maidens want, the Iron Maidens get. And I think the ladies want to
know why you're here. It's certainly not because you're a good
wrestler." With that remark Mary flipped Michael over her hip to the

She let Michael get up again and they grabbed each others hands. "And
it's not because you're strong " she continued. The prodigious muscles
in Mary's upper body swelled with power as she casually overwhelmed
Michael's all out attempt at resistance. She stretched his arms out
over his head and then spread them out at his sides. She pressed her
massive chest against his. His looked so puny compared to hers. She
dragged her jutting breasts down his chest.

Suddenly she forced his arms down in front of his body, bending his
wrists back and forcing him down on his knees. He winced in pain. Mary
dropped down to her knees as well and let go of his hands. She got the
upper advantage and pushed his head down between her thighs. She leaned
over his back, pressing her weight against him. She stuck her hands
between his legs, but from my vantage point I couldn't see what she was

"Oh you can do better than that Michael," she scolded. "Much better.
Well girls, Michael is a little shy right now, but he's got a big
surprise for you to see." Mary's hands slid back around to the rear
waistband of Michael's jock strap. She peeled it down over his butt.
Michael was struggling to escape her and pull it back up, but Mary
hooked both of his arms behind his back. She slowly straightened the
two of them up pressing her hard physique tightly against his smaller
body. That was the only thing that was keeping the front of his jock
from slipping down. She maneuvered her hold into a kneeling bear hug,
wrapping her mammoth arms around his inferior torso. The huge balls of
muscle swelling beneath her skin, hardening into steel cables of power.

She planted one foot on the mats and summoning the incredible power of
her mighty thighs, got to her feet, carrying Michael along with her. In
the action, his jock had slid down and was now dangling around his
ankles. Mary giggled and shook Michael up and down until it fell off.
Still she kept him pressed tight against her magnificent body.

She carried him over to the Iron Maidens side of the mats. "Okay girls,
get a load of this," she exclaimed. She put Michael down on his feet
and in one swift move spun around behind him, applying a full nelson.
The trio of other Iron Maidens' eyes widened as they spied Michael's
cock - nearly eight inches long and it wasn't erect yet.

She glanced over at us. "I know you're thinking you don't measure up to
Michael in the cock department," she said, "So you'd better be thinking
how you're going to do your damnedest to please us. Or else we'll be
getting new Michaels and replacing you all. And when have no further
use for you, we might get carried away and break a few bones, just for
fun." Sometimes when a guy left the Iron Maidens group they just let
him go peacefully. But when they decided they really didn't like
somebody they were getting rid of, well then, that guy's last session
could get very rough.

"Holy shit, he's bigger now than these guys are when they're hard,"
purred Carrie. She reached out. Michael tried to jump back, but Mary
held him in place. She gave his cock a squeeze "So how big is he?"
asked Carrie.

"Oh I'll bet you want to see," laughed Mary. "On one side of the room
we've got the wannasees and the other side's got the wannabees." She
shoved Michael back towards the center of the mats. Foolishly, he tried
to cover his privates with his hands.

"You can't wrestle, you can't defend yourself like that, stupid," Mary
declared, slapping him hard across the face. He was almost knocked down
from the force of the blow. Reluctantly, he raised his hands back up.
"I'll give you a little wrestling tip, Michael," Mary continued, "Don't
watch an opponent's face when we're like this, looking for an opening.
It's too easy to get faked out by a head feint. You've got to
concentrate lower. Like here." She cupped her DD's in her hands in
squeezed them together. "Or do you think you might get lost in here?
You like them big, don't you Michael?"

"Please don't tease me," he asked.

"And he likes big muscles, too." she kept on. She slammed into him,
straightening his body up. She forced him to stay pressed against her
as she slid her immensely muscled thigh up between his legs and rubbed
against his crotch. Then she held him at arms length under his armpits
and lifted him up so high his crotch was even with her bust.

"He has been begging - begging - me to let him fuck my tits," Mary said.
"What do you say Michael, you want to try it in mid-air?" Michael
looked down at her perfect globes before shutting his eyes tight. I
could tell he was trying to keep from getting aroused, but his will was
no match for Mary's magnificent melons. She knew how to push his
buttons. Sure enough, his cock began to lengthen and thicken. Mary
brushed her tits against his cock once. Michael quivered.

But she had no intention of granting Michael's wishes. She tossed him
to the mats and pinned him down. His arms were stretched out above his
head. She entwined her powerful legs with his in a grapevine hold.
"Spread eagled and in full view," she declared proudly. "Open wide and
say ah, Michael." She began spreading his legs wide with her grapevine,
exerting excruciating pain on the insides of his thighs, his knees and
his shins.

"AAAhhh! Stop! Please!!" he cried, "I can't take it."

"What's the matter Michael? Am I too big and strong for you?"

"AAAhhh! Yes. Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"AAAAAhhh!! Yes. You're too big and strong for me."

"Good boy! Now, open your eyes and what do you see?" Mary's breasts
were poised above his face. Her nipples were large and pink and erect.
"Do you want to suck on these hooters? Think you can make me come just
doing my boobs? C'mon Michael don't you want to show the girls how
talented you are?"

"Shit. He is big." exclaimed Carrie. Michael was now fully erect,
sporting a hard on that was around eleven inches long.

"Smother him." Diane added. The three Iron Maidens watching Mary
started chanting "Knockout knockers. Knockout knockers." Mary smiled
down at Michael and said "Looks like they want me to put you to sleep.
Nighty night, Michael." She wrapped her arms around his head and pulled
him into her cleavage. His face was completely buried by her firm
abundant breasts. In less than a minute he was completely panicked,
pawing at the solid muscles in the arms that held him tight. His
muffled pleas became faint as his hands fell off her bulging biceps and
flopped to the mats.

Carrie peeled off her bottoms and brazenly rubbed her blond bush. "I've
got to feel that thing inside me," she declared as Mary got off the
unconscious but still erect Michael. Mary gestured with her hand as if
to say he's all yours and Carrie moved to the center of the mats. At
this point I had a hard on and, glancing at Bobby and Peter, I saw
bulges in their jocks too. I really wanted to grab my cock and pump it,
but I knew the Iron Maidens wouldn't allow it.

Carrie straddled Michael and rubbed her pussy with his big cockhead.
Bobby trembled and moaned and I realized he had just come in his jock.
Mary bolted across the floor and yanked his jock down to his knees,
revealing his spent cock, still oozing semen.

"How dare you!" she screamed, "You are here only for our pleasure! You
own pleasure is to be denied!" She scooped him up by his neck and
crotch and lifted him over her head. Bobby was begging for forgiveness
as Mary threw him across the floor. He landed at Sharon's feet. Sharon
grabbed his wrists and pulled his body partially off the mats. Then she
straddled him and began crushing his torso with a standing body

Meanwhile, Carrie had fully impaled herself on Michael's monster tool
and was riding him to an impending orgasm. Diane and Mary came over to
Peter and me. Diane pulled down Peter's jock strap and grabbed his
erection. "This is a weenie dick," she scoffed. She cupped his balls
in one hand and sneered cruelly and then squeezed. Peter passed out on
the spot.

That left Mary and me. "Please. Please don't hurt me." I begged,
dropping to my knees.

"Stand up," she ordered, "And strip." I did as she said and my cock
sprang out from its confinement. She studied me with amusement. "You
pathetic little wimp," she declared, "You're so weak any one of us can
break you in two with one hand. You should be ashamed. And yet look at
you. You see our bodies and you feel the strength of these muscles and
you get hopelessly aroused." I hung my head down.

"Look at me when I talk to you! Look at the size of these biceps.
You'll never have arms like these. They're big, aren't they? And look
at these legs. They're huge compared to yours. Look at Sharon
squeezing the shit out of Bobby. My thighs could crush your ribs. I'm
hard as a rock. You're soft and weak." Mary pulled me against her
massive solid physique. My erection was pressed against her taut
abdomen. I prayed I wouldn't accidentally ejaculate as she squeezed me
so tightly I could barely breathe.

My moans of pain were joined by Carrie's moans of pleasure as she
climaxed. Michael had come to and he was reaching up to fondle her
breasts. Carrie intercepted his hands before they got there and she
slapped his face hard several times. "Not without permission my little
slave," she told him.

"I'll bet you'd like to feel mine," Mary said to me as she added even
more force to her bearhug.

"Please I'll do anything. Stop squeezing me so hard. God you're so

"Of course you'll do anything. Anything to stay alive." She let me go
and I slumped to my knees. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up
straight. "This is how I like to see you. On your knees. A complete
slave." She squatted down a bit so that her breasts were even with my
face. "Now Michael never got around to sucking these and I want you to.
I want to see if you can make me come like he can. And I want you to
jerk yourself off while you're doing it. But you damned well better not
come before I do!" She rubbed her toes against my cock and I almost
lost it right then.

Hungrily I went for her breasts, sucking on her nipples, flicking them
with my tongue. I took as much tit as I could in my mouth, amazed that
there was so much more. Her breathing got heavy and she pressed her
melons against me tighter. I switched from one tit to the other and
sent her to a new level of arousal.

"Yes. Yes. Do that. A little harder. Yes. Just like that. Don't

My balls ached for release as I began to pump my shaft. I knew I'd come
quickly, such was the state of my arousal sucking on Mary's magnificent
breasts. She closed her eyes and flung her head back and groaned and
shook. My climax followed instantly.

She smiled and looked down at me and the pool of semen on the mats.
"Looks like we have some cleaning up to do. Wouldn't want anyone
slipping on that. Sharon, bring Bobby over here. Jim's going to be
busy for a little while." Mary pointed to her erect nipples. "Two
breasts. Only one orgasm. My breasts demand equal time."

And with that I started working her to another climax. What the other
Iron Maidens did with the other guys I don't know, lost as I was in
administering to her carnal needs. After I brought her to orgasm the
second time, they announced that our session was over for the evening.

I look forward to the next.

The End.
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