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Old 17-Aug-12, 22:05
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Default Denise, The Wrestler - Round 1

Denise, The Wrestler

By [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register] – revised 8/17/2012

A short story about a fictional wrestling match that leads to an intense sexual encounter.

My interest in wrestling has spanned over many years. I was first intrigued with the sport when I was introduced to it in Junior High. My interest definitely rose when I first saw a female/female competition in college – “Sport” turned to fetish. This story is fictional, but based on my past experiences outlined in the Epilogue.

The story begins at a gym class which provides male/female wrestling classes.

Practice Match
Finally, after three weeks of instruction we had our first tournament. On Saturday I showed up in my singlet. Most of the women’s and men’s classes were there, including the brunette I’d been salivating over the past several weeks. Bob, the instructor, had us go around the room and introduce ourselves. I found out the brunette’s name was Denise. Bob gave us an introductory match line-up: each match will be one round with a two minute limit -- men starting first and then the women, alternating. Though not a real match, what each short round did was expose everyone to contest pressure and also showed how men and women wrestle differently.

Of course my focus was on Denise, the brunette. She had the usual warm-up suit on and was milling about with the rest of the girls. Denise was one of several women that were about the same stature, but she definitely stood out more than the other females with the way she carried herself. Most of the girls were in their wrestling singlets, but a few, like Denise, still had sweats on.

Coach Bob had provided two bowls with which to draw names of our opponents from. Each wrestler pulled from his or hers respective bowl to see who they would wrestle. After a short introduction the first male wrestlers were introduced. They shook hands and then took to the mats. Coach Bob blew the whistle and both guys were off and running. Not an excellent match, but both guys did get some moves in. Next were the girls. Pretty much the same thing happened. Again, this was the first match most people experienced.

After several rounds it was my turn. I had picked a guy that was a little shorter and stockier. I practiced with him before so I knew his moves. We went to the center of the mat. I looked over and saw Denise staring at me. She was both beautiful and a little intimidating - I definitely couldn’t lose this first match. My opponent and I moved to a wrestling stance. Bob blew the whistle and I quickly grabbed my opponent’s right wrist, pulled hard with my hips and rolled him to the ground. I quickly got a half nelson and leg lock to pin him. It was over in less than 20 seconds. The rest of the group around us were clapping and cheering. Bob pulled my hand up in triumph and congratulated me. What really threw me was seeing Denise. She was jumping up and down and seemed very excited that I won. This really turned me on.

There were a couple of more matches and then Denise was up. She had drawn an opponent that was similar in height but looked thinner and less buxomly - still great looking. At this point is where Denise shed her sweats. I couldn’t believe it, she had on a very tight wrestling singlet that showed every curve of her body. From my sideline view I would guestimate that she was 38DD-24-36 at 5’ 8”. Every bit of her looked ripped. I’m not sure where she got her singlet from, but it looked tailor made for her body. The rest of the guys were also taken aback with her looks. Denise was immense compared to her opponent, though the same height. Denise had wider shoulders, awesome biceps, and killer quads. Well, Bob blew his whistle and there wasn’t much of a contest. Denise literally picked up her opponent and threw her on the ground with Denise on top. She then grabbed her opponent’s legs, pulled them up to secure the pin. It took just over 10 seconds. Not the greatest match I’ve ever seen, but Denise got the job done very effectively.

Bob blew the whistle and the contest was over. Denise jumped up and threw her hands in the air. She was quite excited and happy. She also threw a quick smile to me standing on the sidelines. First of all, I was still gasping about her phenomenal physique. Secondly, I couldn’t believe she threw me that look. It was one of - yeah, I won and you’re next - all rolled into one look.

The rest of the introductory matches were pretty mundane. After the last match Bob called the group together and explained the next phase. More advanced training and another tournament in 3 weeks. I of course moved into the area closest to Denise. As Bob was explaining the next phase I whispered to Denise congratulating her on her first victory. She replied back congratulating me on mine and commented on how quickly I took care of my opponent. We listened to the rest of Bob’s talk and then the group broke for the day. As we started to walk out the door I asked Denise if she had previous wrestling experience. She replied that she did and asked the same question to me. At this point my attraction level went from 10 to stellar with Denise. I asked her if she were available that evening for coffee or drinks so that we could discuss our wrestling experience further - she agreed - for drinks!

At 7PM that evening Denise and I met at a bar around the corner from the gym. It was a little cool that evening so she was dressed in pants and a warm long sleeve shirt. I was pretty conservative with a sport coat. We met each other outside and walked in to get a small table close to the door. Denise, in the low light of the bar, looked incredible. She was more beautiful than the times I’d seen her at the gym. We order drinks - both vodka martinis. We chatted a little about where we lived, what we did and where we grew up. I found out that she’s: a career girl, never married, no kids, just turned 40, and she works out in the gym as much as possible - a passion of hers. My next question was about wrestling.

“How did you get started?” Denise replied that a boyfriend of hers, back when she was 20, was addicted to female and mixed wrestling. “All he had were some video tapes. One evening he and I were on the sofa and bored. A pro wrestling video came on TV and I was mildly interested. My boyfriend said that he had more ‘intense’ tapes on wrestling and thought I might like to watch. He popped in a female/female tape that was semi-nude. Seeing the girl’s head scissor each other did something to me and I’ve never been the same since. Later that night my boyfriend and I wrestled in his apartment. It was pretty intense! He showed me some of the finer points of submission wrestling. I’ve loved wrestling ever since.” I was amazed, flabbergasted and impressed all at the same moment. All my life I’ve been looking for a girl that had the same interest in wrestling that I did.

Denise then asked me how I got into wrestling. I told her that I was introduced to it in Junior High. “There were a couple of weeks where we did wrestling in PE. Not much happened with that until I got out of college. Like you, I saw a female/female wrestling tape and was immediately hooked. From there I found female wrestlers on the internet, and the rest is history.”

“Ahhh” Denise quipped, “So, do you find wrestling a woman sensual?” I was completely floored when she asked me that. We’d really only met an hour ago and already she’s talking about an extreme fetish that I have. I answered, rather sheepishly, “I am.” Denise’s eyes lit up and there was a smirk on her face. I could tell we were going to have a great time!

Round 1, The Pin
After a couple of drinks and lots of talk about wrestling, Denise and I wound up in my apartment. We decided at the bar that we would have a private match to see who the better wrestler was and see if taking classes at the gym improved our skills. I had a pretty large living room, but needed to rearrange the furniture. I also had mats, which was a big plus with Denise.

After moving furniture, it was time to get down to business. In the wrestling class we learned the standard holds and moves: leg takedowns, arm bars, cradles, etc. Since Denise and I were experienced in submission wrestling we decided to mix in a little of both. We decided on a submission and pins contest. Best two out of three pins and/or submissions wins. We went over a couple of ground rules: no hitting or punching, no choking, no kicking and no biting. Denise did ask for hair pulling by her only. She said that I was probably stronger and needed something of an equalizer. I agreed - also regretted this decision later on. Our next step was to decide wrestling attire. I asked the question, awkwardly, and Denise answered with “why not underwear?” Boy, talk about a green light!

Denise started off removing her shirt. Underneath was a red lacey bra that was just barely grasping her DD size breasts. I could see that she was either cold, or aroused, because there were definitely “high beams” in play. To underscore, her near 6 pack abs were accentuated by the lighting I had in the apartment. Denise then removed her pants to reveal matching red panties. Her long shapely legs were unbelievable. They led up to a perfectly sculpted ass that was the best I’ve seen in a long while. It’s very hard to describe the image I have in front of me: 5’ 8” tall beautiful amazon with incredible breasts, muscles and non-stop legs - ready to kick my ass!

Now, I’m no slouch either. I’m 5’11” and athletic. I pulled my shirt off to reveal a great looking chest and some abs, though not as defined as Denise’s. She gave me a wink and smiled. I dropped my pants to expose runner’s legs and black athletic underwear. Denise gave a short chuckle. I’m not sure what the snicker was about, but it could have been the bulge in my shorts. I wasn’t fully erect, but definitely getting there - especially after seeing Denise’s attire.

With the formalities out of the way we began the match I’ve been dreaming about for a while. We met at the center of the mat in my apartment. We circled each other, arms outstretched, looking for an opening. We weaved and bobbed, both of us wary of the others capabilities.

For the next couple of minutes we energetically grappled. Making and breaking holds on both sides, trying to size up each other’s abilities. What I noticed about Denise was her quickness and flexibility. Her strength, for a woman, was incredible. We continued to trade holds and work up a sweat. It’s obvious that both of us are very skilled and it’s going to take quite a bit to get either of us to submit or, more difficult, achieve a pin.

After some more back and forth we both ended up at a standing position. At this point sweat was glistening off of Denise’s entire body, she looked just like an amazon goddess. Her mild panting accentuated her magnificent breasts as they undulated with her every breath. I was sweaty too, partly due to me, but also mixing with Denise’s sweat. We decided to take a quick water break.

I pulled a couple of bottles of water out of the fridge and handed one to Denise. I made the comment “Your experience on the mats is impressive, it looks like your extensive practice really puts you at an advantage.” She replied “Thanks, as mentioned at the bar I usually wrestle a couple times of month. And now, with our wrestling class, it’s a couple of times a week.”

We started again. Denise made the next move. She lunged at me at and caught me in a bear hug, much like the match I saw her in a week earlier. She picked me up slightly and placed one foot behind mine. She then pushed forward and I toppled over backward with her on top. With Denise on me she snaked her legs around my mid-section. Not able to get a full scissors because she was on top, Denise grabbed one of my arms and forced it, along with my body, to one side. She rolled both of us onto our sides. At this point her left breast slipped out of her bra exposing the most perfect bosom I’ve ever seen. Her nipple was fully erect and definitely larger than the normal “pencil eraser” analogy everyone always uses. She was excited and it showed.

With some forceful adjusting, Denise was able to wrap her legs around my waist and she started to apply pressure. Though it hurt, Denise could not exert enough force on my sides to get me to submit. She realized this and started to inch her legs more toward my ribcage. Moving upwards increased my pain as well as restricted my breathing. She released my arms and grabbed the back of my head with both of her arms. From here, Denise aggressively applied a bear hug to my head pulling my face straight into her chest - the classic breast-smother! I’ve been in this situation a couple of times before. The woman, who’s properly endowed and knows the move, can weaken her opponent or get a submission through restricted breathing. Denise certainly had the technique and assets to pull this off.

With Denise constricting my lower rib cage in her leg lock, and my head engulfed within her ample chest, she definitely had the upper hand. The pressure of both her muscular arms wrapped completely around my head forcing me into her cleavage was both ecstasy and concern for me. She had wedged my face such that my mouth and nose were smashed against her exposed breast with her extremely hard nipple trying to pierce my clenched eye. What Denise had not counted on was the fact that she still had her bra in place. The material had bunched just where my mouth was and Denise couldn’t get a good seal to effectively block my air passage. She could feel my hot breath through the bra material and knew that this was not the hold she had hoped for.

I later found out that this is one of Denise’s signature moves and nearly all of her opponents have submitted to it. She said that the combination of her natural breasts and sweat during a wrestling competition provides a seal that usually leads to a submission in less than a minute.

With her bra in the way Denise knew she either had to apply more pressure or try to adjust my head to expose her raw flesh to my straining mouth and nose. I felt her tighten up even more, but now the added force on her breast was becoming really uncomfortable for her. She decided to ease up on the “head bear hug” in order to reposition my face for better smothering. I sensed what she was about to do and took action. Due to the sweat from my forehead and her chest I was able to slip out of the headlock as she loosened her grip. With my head free I threw my whole torso backwards to avoid another clench by her arms, as well as attempt to break her scissors hold. I was nearly successful. I loosened her scissor grip enough to force my left arm between her muscular legs and my mid-section. I now used leverage with my arm to apply pressure and attempt to separate her leg grip.

At this point I opted for somewhat of a dirty tactic. As I applied pressure to her legs I maneuvered my forearm into her crotch and pressed directly. Every inch of this girl is sinewy, ripped and hard, but what I felt while forcing my arm into her “Y” was soft and very feminine. It may have been sweat from our brief tussle, but I felt wonderful moistness as I applied pressure to her groin. I certainly hit a nerve with Denise because she released her ankles allowing me to scramble back to a standing position. Denise stood up and gave me a glare “Oh, so you want to get rough!” Our first ten minutes into the match was already pretty rough, so her statement gave me a twinge of concern.

As we stood facing each other for the next encounter Denise adjusted her bra so that her breasts were contained. Her face still had that pouty look of “how could you do that to me?” She then looked down and noticed that I had slipped out too. Now, I’m not the biggest guy, but there’s enough there to get Denise’s attention. I looked down and saw that I was peeking out of my athletic shorts. Somewhat embarrassed, I pushed my member back in to the confines of my tight shorts. At this point my emotions are running high. I’m extremely sexually excited, but I also want to kick this girl’s ass! It’s an interesting combination of feelings I hadn’t experienced before in any of my other matches.

After these first two lock ups, and seeing what Denise is capable of, I was really turned on. I knew that I was stronger, but she definitely had some advantages with her speed and agility. As we circled once again Denise went to grab my arm. I countered with grabbing hers, pulling her towards me, and then twisting her arm behind her. This turned her around so that I could snake my arms under her shoulders and get her into a standing full-nelson. I started to cinch up my full nelson which caused my groin to press into her muscular backside. With a swift change in her hips, Denise shifted forward and then slammed backward into my gut and straining crotch. Both of us went down to the mat with me still having her in a full nelson hold. The move certainly took me by surprise, but it also forced my cock into a most painful, unnatural position when we landed on the mat.

I pulled Denise up into a sitting position while still holding the full nelson from behind. I then swung both my legs over and crossed them around her mid-section. At this point Denise was completely in my control. I started to compress my legs and apply pressure to her arms and neck. I felt her resist, but from this position she was pretty much trapped. With me seated behind Denise in this very tight hold I noticed my cock had sprung out again and was rubbing against Denise’s lower back. She of course was aware of my condition. Denise said “I thought I broke that thing,” referring to my somewhat ailing protrusion. I whispered back into her ear “it’s going to take more than your bony ass to break this thing.” The bony ass comment was smack talk - she by far had the finest looking butt I’d ever seen. With that, I slightly moved my erection up and down the small of her back, while in my leg embrace, so that it underscored my intent. I heard her snort a quick chuckle.

My fascination with Denise’s breasts got the better of me. They were absolutely stunning. So round, firm and natural -- and they came with the “highlights” that all men dream about. I felt that my legs entrapping Denise were secure enough to get a little daring. I cautiously released my full nelson hold and proceeded to work on unlatching the back of her bra. As usual, there was some fumbling - should have been a simple task. I was squeezing Denise pretty tight with my legs from behind, so I didn’t think she would make a move. After all, I could have really poured on the pressure to make her submit.

Once unlatched, Denise moved her arms up to allow me to remove her bra. I still had her in a strong scissor hold, but I loosened up a bit to meet with her cooperation. I raised my hands to cup her breasts. Very gently, I lifted and caressed each. The sweat we developed during our short encounter worked as a great lubricant to massage the wonderful objects of my desire. Denise at this point was moaning ever so softly. She was almost purring like a cat. I slowly worked my fingers up to her immensely erect nipples. Though I couldn’t see them, they felt even larger than what I noticed earlier in the match - THE MATCH!!!

Talk about “sleeping at the switch”. Just as I was about to pinch her amazing marble sized nipples, Denise planted her feet into the mat and threw herself backwards crashing us backwards. Her action forced me on my back, her on top of me, and her ass on top of my really engorged sore cock. By loosening up on my scissor hold and losing my concentration on the match it gave her the opportunity to make a move.

Denise once again used her assets to gain an advantage. First her breasts as a smothering weapon...and then as a distraction. I was caught completely off-guard. With Denise free, and a wildcat, she quickly turned over and grabbed my left arm and forced it between her legs, locking my arm with a tight scissors hold. She then grabbed my other arm, with both of hers, and stretched it to complete a classic cross body pin, just like we learned in the wrestling class. I was in both pain and awe. Pain because she was stretching my arm until it was bending backwards. Awe in her ability to go from “passion to crash’n.”.

At this point I couldn’t do anything. I tried to bridge out but Denise was able to contort her flexible body to put more weight on my center of gravity. Denise gave a 5 count and it was done, she won the first round - and it was through a pin!

My loss only intensified my erotic desire for Denise and the competition that was transpiring. After all, it was more than a sporting competition where strength and ability were the determining factor. Mental skill and sexual desire were going to be major factors also.

Denise slowly got off and let me up. “Nice move on the bra action, slick” she quipped. OK, I felt stupid and totally taken on a ride by this gorgeous amazon - and more turned on than ever! I replied “Well, you seemed to like it.” She retorted “yeah, just like the 20 other guys I wrestled this year that made that same mistake!” Ooh, I do like the smack talk I said to myself. I also made a mental note that I was not going to fall for anymore of her tricks.

Round 2, The Drowning [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]

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Default Re: Denise, The Wrestler - Round 1

Excellent. Can't wait for more.
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Default Re: Denise, The Wrestler - Round 1

Fantastic! very excited for part 2.
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Default Re: Denise, The Wrestler - Round 1

Slappo and Zyzzyva,

Thanks for the kind words. I just posted round 2, The Drowning. Enjoy!
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