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Default Denise, The Wrestler - Round 2

This is a continuation of Denise, The Wrestler

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In Round 1, I lost to Denise through a pin.

Round 2, The Drowning

We took a quick break and got some water. There was a little bit of chit chat, but I could tell Denise really wanted to get back to the match. I also did. Seeing Denise without her bra and just panties on really drove me wild. We got back to the center of the mat to begin round two. I was extremely excited and it showed. I swear my shorts were stretched out to the point that they probably were not usable after this. Denise noticed me sporting wood and made the comment “Ah, you look uncomfortable down there? Maybe getting rid of the shorts will help you win?” as she gave a little laugh. I certainly knew what she meant. My hard-on was chafing me a lot. I’ve wrestled other women in an excited condition before, but not like this. I said to Denise that I’d go nude if she would. Her immediate response was “sure!” Little did I know that this was just another trick of hers.

I gladly removed my underwear exposing my fully engorged presence. Denise made the comment that “wrestling suits my profile” referring to my raging hard-on. She then, very seductively, shimmied out of her red panties to expose a very close cropped “landing strip” complementing her sleek body. I’m not sure where blood was rushing in me at this point, but it certainly couldn’t go to my dick anymore. I’m reeling in this beautiful sight before me.

We set up for round two starting at the mat level referee’s position. Denise agreed to be in the bottom position. I knelt next to her. I’m so excited I can’t get as close to her as I wanted because my rock hard cock kept getting in the way. I counted to three and we both moved for position. Since I’m more experienced in Greco wrestling I had the advantage. I went for a half nelson in order to get Denise on her back. She was quick and fended off the attack. I then went for a reverse cradle, but she also defeated this maneuver. At this point Denise grabbed me in a headlock and secured her position. Though tough, I broke the hold, spun her 180 degrees and leapt on top of her with my full weight while wrapping my arms around her waist. Denise gave a grunt as I strongly squeezed her midsection.

Locked in my grasp, Denise was not going anywhere. I had her pinned on her back and me on top with my legs stretched wide apart so that she couldn’t roll us over. I was facing her feet while she was facing mine. My stomach pressed on the side of her face as I pressed it to the mat. My goal was to get her shoulders pinned to the mat using the weight of my body and compressing her midsection.

With Denise’s great strength she placed her hands just below my armpits and started to push my hold further down her torso. She squirmed at the same time to help the process. Little by little she worked me further down her body while I had her in the tightest hold I could. Though only a few inches of movement, it gave Denise the opportunity to go on the offensive. With my head close to her pelvic region Denise swung both her legs up to capture my head. I moved quickly to avoid her attack. She missed and then tried again, this time grabbing my hair and forcing my head lower toward her crotch. I released one arm around her waist and grabbed one of her flying legs. I pulled back on the captured leg, just above her knee, and forced it towards Denise’s body. I then used my other arm around her waist to clasp the leg lock and secure the hold.

Now, I don’t know what you’d call this position, but I’m sure it would have been a sight for an audience to see. I had Denise on her back with one leg bent backwards, almost touching her chest, while I was on top with my arms repositioned around her leg and waist, as I’m straddling her head. Her other leg was extended so that I had her in an open scissor position. Though Denise was really flexible, I knew slowly applying more pressure would make her submit. With her in this leg split position it gave me the first real look at Denise’s womanhood. She was definitely excited!

Again? I thought to myself, I’m losing site of the match and not concentrating. Seeing her female assets increased my desire to win the match and negotiate the terms of my prize. With that, I started to pull harder around Denise’s waist and trapped leg, but still no submission. In my current position I couldn’t bend Denise’s leg any further, I needed to reposition myself to get more leverage. I figured that if I moved to a more prone position, with me kneeling slightly in this hold, I would get the control I needed. I was still pinning Denise’s head on the mat, but now it was with my pelvis. My cock had gotten squished on the side of her head during her previous attempt at trapping my head between her legs. Having my cock in this situation was not too pleasant. I slowly contracted my legs using the sweat on the mat to move into a more squatting position with my knees. This did two things: afforded me more leverage; and also relieved the pressure on my crotch.

As I started to apply another round of leg bending pressure I felt Denise fighting back. She was trying to pry my arms apart, but I had too tight a hold. In the position we were in she had no leverage to break my grasp. Both of us knew it was just a matter of seconds before the force was too great and she would have to concede. Just then, I felt Denise shift her head and maneuver it so that her mouth enveloped my cockhead into a warm, slippery suckle.

My new kneeling position had released Denise’s head from the crush of my pelvis, but it also exposed my cock. In Denise’s desperation she took advantage of the situation to make a last ditch effort to distract me. Slowly, with me slightly penetrating her mouth, she started to pump just the tip of my cock. I still had her in a very tight grasp looking for the pin. I let up just a little bit on my hold in order to enjoy the moment. It was a wonderful sensation!

At this point I wasn’t thinking too clearly. I could finish the match immediately, but lose this magnificent feeling. Or, I could switch up my tactics and force a submission under less conventional means: smother by cock. I decided for the latter, it sounded like too much fun.

I released a little more on my hold to position myself better over Denise’s face. Then, I slowly spread my knees apart again to lower myself further into her mouth. I bounced up and down slightly to see if there was any resistance on her part. She was using just a little bit of teeth to give that added sensation and was ever so slightly bobbing her head due to my constriction.

Now, let me paint this picture: I’ve got total control; I’m on top; I have her wrapped up in a hold with one leg pinned totally backwards; and my cock is halfway down her throat - how can I lose this round? As I slowly pressed further into her mouth and throat I began to wonder, is this another trap?

I’ve never had a woman submit to a cock gag before so this position was really turning me on. As mentioned previously, I’m not the largest guy in the world, but I have some girth. I’m wondering how far I can force my cock down her throat before she submits. At this point I’m guessing I’m two-thirds in. Denise was thrashing a bit, but she hadn’t tapped out yet. I continued to press my shaft further into my opponent looking for her submission.

Forcing my pipe down Denise’s throat was phenomenal, but I was concerned for her safety. On second thought, as usual, I’m probably thinking too much and not running on instincts. After all, Denise hasn’t tapped out so she’s taking it like a professional. If she was in trouble she would have submitted and stopped the match.

At this point I doubt Denise can take much more. My guess is that I need to push just a little further and I’ll have my victory!

Well, I finally felt my scrotum hit her nose - bottomed out and no submission! Hmmm, I’m trying to figure out what to do next when, all of the sudden, I feel this remarkable sensation. Denise started to move her tongue along the bottom of my embedded shaft. It’s truly amazing!

I can’t help but start to pump to match her rhythm. I moved in and out just slightly so that I didn’t hurt her. Her lips were stretched and adding to the friction at the base of my penis - all the while her tongue continued to massage the underside of my shaft. I wanted to go down on her in “69” fashion, but I couldn’t with the leg hold I had her in.

[In later discussion, Denise said that her intent was to entice me enough so that I would release her leg and go down on her, from there, she would have wrapped her legs around my head for the submission.]

After a very short minute, or so, her oral suction and tongue massage were too great - I was already a victim to extreme arousal prior to getting into this position. I had to release. And release I did!

I had a massive convulsion. Because I held out for so long, and I was so excited, my orgasm resulted in a “fire hose with no one to hang on.” Denise was not ready for such an explosion and immediately reacted. She tapped my thigh for her submission. I had loosened my grip around her waist and leg, but I was too busy with my next wave of climax to pull out. At this point Denise grabbed my hips, and with her strong arms, lifted my lower body off her head and threw me to the side. I continued to spasm and writhe in ecstasy next to her.

When I was all done I looked over at Denise, who was sitting on the mat next to me. She was still coughing and somewhat gagging. Her face and breasts were drenched in cum. I looked down at the mat where we were just lying and saw my fluid spread across the mat. Based on the episode, I’m guessing that at least half went down her throat and the balance on her and the wrestling mat. I’m not sure how she took it without drowning!

After composing ourselves Denise gave a little laugh and said “Haven’t had it in a while, have you?” She was right, the last time I had an orgasm was probably two weeks earlier. I replied that “I was trying to get you to submit rather than having an orgasm, just lucky I got both!” Though not a planned execution, I did get her to submit, but she also accomplished one of her tasks - to get me off.

I got several towels soaked in warm water and brought them over to clean Denise up. She was still coughing a little. I also brought another couple of bottles of water. Denise gladly drank hers to wash away the remains of my victory. I gently rubbed the warm towels over her and just kept admiring her beautiful body.

[Denise stated after our match that many of the guys she’s wrestled will result in her sucking them off at some point. It reduces her opponent’s motivation and definitely gives her the advantage. Her ability and practice has been honed to be able to fully deep throat without submission. Had I known that early on I would have stayed on course and simply gained a submission through the leg lock hold I had on her. ]

Round 3 - The Smother to follow

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Default Re: Denise, The Wrestler - Round 2

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Default Re: Denise, The Wrestler - Round 2

Damn. You are good.
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