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Old 10-Mar-18, 02:28
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Default Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

Chapter 1 – Ethan vs. Mia

[Features: Mixed wrestling female domination, headscissors, other wrestling holds, humiliation]
[PM me if you’re interested in commissions!]

Ethan looked down at the black speedo that Wrestling High School provided to male students for their mandatory matches. Solid black apart from the white WHS logo on the hip. He wondered if they’d given him a size too small or something, he couldn’t imagine this providing much discretion if he got an erection.

To Ethan’s surprise, Katherine, his friend since they were kids, entered the otherwise empty locker room. She wore glasses with thick rims, a boring ponytail and a comfy looking sweatshirt. Ethan picked up a towel for additional coverage.

“Katherine? What are you doing here? Is this even allowed?”

Katherine gives the towel a skeptical look. “Dude, you realize that in like two minutes you have to wear that thing in front of whoever decides to watch your match, right?”

Ethan, defeated, puts down the towel, though he still feels awkward standing in front of Katherine in just this speedo which puts basically his entire pale, slim body on display.

“So how bad is it if I lose?” asks Ethan.

Katherine pulls out her phone. “Well, since this is your first match, you start out in F rank by default. Which means that the girl you’re wrestling is also in F rank. Right now she’s ranked… oh, huh, she’s unranked like you. She’s never had a match either, she must be a freshman as well.”

“That’s good,” says Ethan.

“It is. Just remember the basics from class and you should be fine. Then again, I’m ranked F-43, so who knows if you should take advice from me.”

“Gee, thanks.”

Katherine pockets her phone and gives him a thumbs up before leaving.

Soon enough Ms. Vincent, who was going to ref his match, came in and told him that it was time to start. Ethan left the locker room and stepped out into the light of the gym. A simple mat between two small stands that were, to Ethan’s horror, almost totally full. The crowd seemed excited, which confused Ethan until he saw that they were cheering for his opponent who was walking out at the same time from the opposite direction.

When Ethan saw Mia he instantly understood why the stands were full even though this was a match between two unranked students. Mia looked amazing in the girl’s version of the uniform – black spandex short shorts and a black sports bra with the same WHS logo. Her long blonde hair was back in a ponytail, and she had shocking blue eyes. She was athletic, with the beginnings of abs, visible muscle in her thick legs, and a very toned upper body.

Ms. Vincent explained the rules as per tradition even though all the students knew them. It was a best of five, and the only way to score was to make your opponent tap out or to knock them out. Ethan and Mia both got down onto their knees in the middle of the mat.

“Good luck,” Mia said in a German accent.

Ethan was taken off guard by the accent. An exchange student? Which meant…

The whistle interrupted Ethan’s thoughts and soon Mia was all over him. It was immediately clear that she was a lot stronger than him. He desperately tried to fend her off but the crowd cheered as she locked onto his back. Soon Ethan found himself in a very tight textbook rear naked choke. He could feel her breath in his ear and her firm breasts against his back as he was left staring up at the gym ceiling.

“I think you should tap…” Mia kindly recommended.

The mostly male crowd suggested the opposite, cheering for Mia to knock him out.

Ethan could barely breathe. Everything he knew he should do flew out of his head as he clutched at Mia’s toned arms, feeling her smooth skin. Fear finally brought him to tap frantically on his superior’s arm to the cheers and laughter of the crowd.

Ms. Vincent informed him that he was now losing 0 – 1.

Before Ethan could process what had just happened the second round had started and Mia had already taken control. He tried to push at her solid core or grab at her somehow but all he really managed to do was become slightly aroused.

Someone in the crowd shouted out ‘surfboard’.

“Ooh, a surfboard, how does that sound?” Mia asked Ethan in her thick German accent.

Ethan was almost out of breath, struggling hard. “N-No…”

“Oh, don’t say that! Let’s try!”

Mia effortlessly maneuvered him into the surfboard hold. Ethan couldn’t believe what was happening to him – Mia was so much stronger than he expected. He let out an involuntary cry as Mia pushed his body up off the mat and towards the ceiling, her bare feet against the back of his legs and her arms holding his wrists at a horrible angle. The crowd was loving it.

Ethan realized that he literally couldn’t tap. In his panic, he forgot that there was a rule for that, and instead started begging.

“Please, please! Stop! My back, fuck! Please!”

Ms. Vincent approached them while the crowd cheered and laughed. “Ethan, if you are physically unable to tap, you need to say ‘I forfeit the round’.” She said, sounding annoyed.

“I forfeit the round! I forfeit the round!”

“Once is fine, Ethan…” Ms. Vincent said, which got more laughs from the crowd.

Mia gently lowered Ethan down onto the mat. It felt like his back and shoulders were on fire from being easily bent at that angle by this girl. To make matters worse, Mia offered him a hand up and he accepted it.

Laughing, she said. “They don’t even allow that move back in Germany! I love it here.”

Ethan felt like he understood why it wasn’t allowed. 0 -2. This last round could, and he felt likely would be his last. His shoulders practically felt dislocated. Before he could think about seeing if Ms. Vincent would give him a break or something to see if he was okay, the whistle blew.

Mia easily overpowered the now noodle-limbed and back-pained Ethan even faster than before. She clearly had the choice of whatever hold she wanted. She went with a reverse headscissor. Mia’s strong, pale thighs picked up Ethan’s neck off the mat and locked it up tightly, his face centimeters from her spandex-clad ass. Now that he was up so close to it, he found that it was incredibly firm, all muscle. The crowd loved it. Ethan’s poor shoulders barely managed to get his arms up so that he could place them on the German girl’s hamstrings weakly.

“You Americans don’t know when to tap!” Mia told him, looking back at his trapped head over her shoulder.

Ethan couldn’t decide which was worse – tapping out and admitting defeat, or getting knocked out. While he thought about it, he saw Katherine in the stands shaking her head. Her disappointed look made him redouble his efforts. He really pulled at Mia’s thighs, although it was still useless. His mind wanted out, but somehow his body wanted in. He knew that it must be painfully obvious to the crowd that he had an erection in his small speedo.

“Well, if you want to get knocked out…” Mia squeezed even tighter. Ethan realized that she hadn’t even really been trying before, which totally demoralized him. He clung onto her legs for dear life and soon Katherine, and the crowd, and the gym faded to black.

Ethan awoke to Ms. Vincent slapping his cheek. She sighed as his eyes fluttered open. “Nice try, Ethan.”

Mia was chatting with the crowd that had gathered at the side of the mat. She took selfies with a few people.

Back in the locker room, Ethan was once again alone until Katherine entered.

“So, if you hadn’t already guessed, Mia is an exchange student,” said Katherine, “Meaning that while she’s unranked, she isn’t exactly unexperienced. I looked her up, and when she left her school in Germany she was actually ranked B – 31.”

“B-31? That’s practically A tier!”

Katherine shrugged. “Yeah… it’s kind of BS, dude.”

Ethan groaned.

Katherine took out her phone. “And it looks like you ended up ranked… F- 100. Which is last. In the whole school.”

Ethan groaned again. “I know, Katherine.”


Suddenly a third person entered the locker room. A girl with dark hair wearing yoga pants and a tank top.

“Ethan, I’m not going to lie, that was terrible.” The girl laughed.

Ethan didn’t look happy to see her. “Is anyone just allowed in here?”

“If friends are allowed,” the girl pointed to Katherine, “Then family is definitely allowed.”

“Great,” said Ethan.

“Mom is probably not going to be psyched that you’re last in the whole school.”

“Yeah, I know, Allison.”

Allison, Ethan’s sister, just laughed as she left the locker room. “I’ll be waiting by the parking lot whenever you’re ready to go home!”

Ethan sighed.

Katherine followed Allison out. “Sorry, dude.”
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Old 10-Mar-18, 06:12
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

Great story mate. I, and I'm sure many others would love to see this fleshed out into a long story with many characters, progression through the wrestling ranks and plenty of detailed wrestling.
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

Really well done!
Thanks for contributing.
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Old 10-Mar-18, 15:57
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

This is a super cool concept, I hope you stick with it!
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Old 18-Mar-18, 01:27
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

Wow! That was great!
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

Now we gotta see Ethan vs Katherine
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Old 26-Sep-23, 08:57
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

Amazing story!!
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Old 26-Sep-23, 16:59
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

Excellent start - keep going!
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Old 27-Sep-23, 05:25
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Default Re: Ethan vs. Wrestling High School

yes. please continue
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Old 28-Sep-23, 02:39
This message has been deleted by ether.

headscissors, humiliation, mixed wrestling, rear naked choke, surfboard

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