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Default Amanda's regular

Amanda had a troublesome past. Born to a drug addicted mother and a father whom she hadn't even met, she grew up bouncing between foster homes. At the young age of 18, she sadly turned to prostitution in order to earn a living. It has been 6 years since and she has since given up on having any other means of living. On one such morning, when she was standing at her usual place of business dressed in a black jeans and a white crop top, waiting for some customers, a white sedan rolls up to her. She approaches the car as the windows roll down.

Amanda: Hey sweety, would you like to have some fun with me?
The guy in the car: Sure. How much do you charge for an hour?
Amanda: 500.
The guy in the car: Sure! Do you know a place?
Amanda: I know a motel nearby where we can go.
The guy in the car: Cool! Hop in.

They get to a motel, Amanda leads him in, gives a heads up to the receptionist and straight to a room on the 3rd floor. They get in and Amanda starts undressing.

The guy from the car: Hey, you can keep your clothes on.
Amanda: Oh, so you wanna just cuddle.
The guy : No. I want you to dominate me.
Amanda: Oh, I have never done that before.
The guy: Are you uncomfortable with that? I just want you to smother me with your ass and pussy. I'll pay you a thousand bucks an hour. If I desperately need a breather, I'll tap out and you can let me breathe for a second before you continue. You don't have to let me go immediately though. For every tap out, I'll pay an extra 50. You can do whatever you want to make me tap as long as you have your ass in my face and I can't breathe. You decide the position you want me in before you smother me. You can do anything you want, punch me, kick me, drown me, Squeeze my head between your legs, choke me, anything. For the next one hour, you are in charge and I am just a slave.
Amanda: Are you sure I can keep my pants on?
The guy: Yes. It's upto you. Whatever you think will give you the advantage.
Amanda: Ok then, slave.. Lie down on the bed.

As he lay on the bed, Amanda got up on the bed, straddled his face and sat down lightly, still afraid to put her full weight on him.
The guy: I can still breathe you know. You are supposed to be mean to me.
Amanda: Are you really really sure?
The guy: Yes.
Amanda: Ok.

Saying so, she shifted her whole weight on to his face. She had her crotch on his nose and her ass covering his face. It was her first time doing this, so she obviously had qualms about hurting the guy. Usually, her johns would be the ones who'd try to hurt her. This was the first time, she met some one, who wanted to be hurt by her. This new sensation was exciting to her.

Amanda: Do you like that? Huh? Do you like having a girl sit on your face? Being smothered by her ass and pussy?

He tried to answer, but only a muffled voice came out, so he gave her a thumbs up. His voice however was ticklish to her and she started giggling. The vibration from his attempts at speaking and the thought of dominating him had started to arouse her in a way she had never had before. But, as she was getting more and more into it, he tapped out. She immediately got up.

The guy: You don't have to get up immediately.
Amanda(Noticing that he had a boner): Oh, you really did enjoy it didn't you? You are sure that I am allowed to do whatever I want while I smother you, right?
The guy: Yes goddess. By the way, what's your name goddess?
Amanda: Oooh! Goddess! I like that. My name's Amanda. What's your name slave?
Aaron: My name's Aaron Goddess Amanda.
Amanda: Why don't you take off all your clothes Aaron? I've got an idea. I think I like this dominating business.

Aaron stripped and laid back down.
This time, Amanda straddled his face with her ass in his face.

Amanda: Do you like that slave? Do you like smelling my ass?
Aaron: Yes Goddess.

Amanda then plopped down on his face, putting her whole weight on to him.
Amanda: I like how comfortable your face is. Wait a sec.

Saying so, she got up and took off her jeans and top, revealing a black lacy top and a pink lacy panties. With that, she dropped back on to his face.

Amanda: Oooh. This is better. I love how I can feel your nose right in my ass crack. You know, you could have fucked me for 2 whole hours for $1000, and yet, you chose to be be a seat.

She soon diverted her attention to his erection and decided to give a hand. She slowly wrapped her right hand around his erection and traced the veins on it with her left. She could feel him moan under her which elicited a giggle from her. She was starting to get aroused in a way she never thought before. In her past 6 years of pursuing this line of work, she had essentially become desensitized to the act. She would act as if she enjoyed it just to please her Johns. But, for the first time in 6 years, something awoke in her.

It might not have been longer than 15-20 seconds when she was woken from reverie by Aaron's tap on her thighs. But, Amanda was starting to enjoy it a bit and decided to ignore it. Aaron continued to tap with greater urgency and started to try to twist and turn in order to get a breathe of fresh air, but Amanda had other plans. She started shifting her weight, repositioning it so that his face was trapped under under her. Aaron however was getting more and more desperate and resorted to pushing her off. He could only grab half a breath before she managed to pull his face back underneath her, but then she got concerned and got up instead.

Amanda: I'm sorry, I got a little bit carried away.
Aaron: No. It was good. That was incredibly hot. You can hurt me all you want, just make sure to stop if I pass out.
Amanda: You sure we should continue?
Aaron: Please? I beg you.
Amanda: Ok.

With that cheerful response, Amanda dropped back onto his face without a warning. Aaron, barely managed to grab a breath before she came down.

Amanda: Are you really enjoying this? Do you really enjoy being a woman's seat?

Aaron tried to respond with what sounded like a muffled yes accompanied by a thumbs up. In response, Amanda tickled by this started giggling while moving her hips from side to side.

Amanda: You said you'll do anything I said, right? Then, breathe out.
Aaron heard her but did not respond.
Amanda: I know you heard me. Be a good boy and breathe out. You said you'll do anything I said.
Saying so, Amanda started to gyrate her hips while pulling his hair.
Aaron was too aroused and unable to bear the pressure in his lungs and had relented by breathing out. His face was sweaty and covered with her ass, he was out of breath and feeling really hot, in addition, he had the full weight of around 70kgs crushing his face. All in all, a dream scenario for him. In addition, the moment he breathed out, he could hear her sweet voice giggling interspersed with moans.

Amanda: Good boy. Now, stay still.

Saying so, Amanda continued gyrating on his face, moaning with pleasure. For Aaron, it was a scene he'd dreamt of when he discovered femdom porn for the first time 2 year ago. Her compliment made him feel incredibly better. But, his lack of breath made it quite difficult for him to hold on. He did his best to hold on for as long as he could. It could not have been longer than 10-15 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity to him. He was soon tapping out desperately.

In response, Amanda raised herself for a second, her hand still firmly holding onto his hair. As Aaron found himself grateful to the breath of fresh air that he greedily gulped in, he found his world engulfed in darkness ones more as Amanda's ass came crashing down on to his face before he could fill his lungs.

His arousal combined with is desperation to breathe and her control over his ability to do so was an incredibly power trip for her as she laughed uncontrollably at his pathetic state. Aaron found her sweet laughter even more arousing as he found his dick twitching. He so desperately wanted to jerk himself off. But, at the same time, that would put an end to this state and so, he wanted to endure. Again, the lack of oxygen caught up in around 25-30 seconds and he tapped on her thighs. Amanda responded with a quick second of fresh air for him by raising and dropping back on his face almost immediately. Unfortunately for Aaron however, he hadn't managed to catch his breath.

Amanda: Aww. Couldn't breathe? I don't caaaare.

Saying so in her sweet melodious voice, almost singing it like a carefree child, she started bouncing up and down on her throne. This time, Aaron found himself tapping out even faster. In response, Amanda started repeatedly bouncing a bit higher, separating her ass from his face for half and inch and coming down with her full weight down on his face, all the while giggling at the sensation of his face being squished under her bottom. Aaron was now able to catch some gulps of fresh air if he managed to time it right. Even though his face was in extreme pain, this was fortuitous for him. He could hold out longer. He had made it to the 1 minute mark, when she stopped bouncing high and started just bobbing up and down on his face. It took him only 20 seconds of that before he had to tap out.

Perhaps Amanda was feeling generous, or perhaps she had something in store for him, but this time, Amanda moved slightly forward, sitting on his mouth, so that his nose was just slightly touching her ass crack.

Amanda: Go ahead and sniff my butt like you wanted to.

Feeling grateful, Aaron responded with a muffled "Thank you goddess" as he took in deep breaths of her scent, filled with the stench of her sweat and her ass. While giggling, she started to slowly and firmly run her hand along his erect penis. After a few strokes, as she noticed Aaron's moans, she stopped prompting him to touch himself. But in response, she moved his hands away.

Amanda: Noo. You are supposed to obey me and I did not say you could touch yourself yet.

To this Aaron responded with a muffled "I'm sorry goddess" which prompted another fit of giggles from her. She then repositioned herself so that her feet were under his head. She then moved back so that his nose was in touch with her lacy lingerie which was now riding up her ass crack. The only thing he could see was her glorious bottom about to cover his face. She then held his hair firmly with her right hand and placed her left hand on his chest.

Amanda: Go ahead. Kiss my ass and continue sniffing while you are at it.

Aaron knew something was coming, yet, he obeyed. He was trying to get in as many breaths as he could before she sat down fully. Unexpected to him, she farted right on his face and dropped down, pulling his face in by his hair and holding his chest down with her other. She swayed her hips from side to side to settle down completely as he struggled beneath her due to the unexpected punishment. He tapped out almost immediately, but it was a good 10 seconds before she finally let him go. All the while, he could hear her laughter.

Amanda: Did you like that?
Aaron: Yes goddess. Thank you goddess.
Amanda: Alright. I have an idea for the next one. I want you to hold my ass cheeks apart and put your face in as deep as possible.

Saying that, she planted her feet firmly on his stomach, her hands on the bed post and pushed herself off the bed, hovering just a centimetre above his face. He tried to breathe in, but her weight on his stomach prevented him from doing so, as he obeyed and held her cheeks apart and buried himself inside. Her full weight came crashing down the next instant and he was buried in darkness once again. She then rested her legs up on either side of his crotch and started to slowly caress his penis with her legs. She then gave a light tap to his balls with her heels. This elicited a groan from him which she seemed to enjoy. So, she followed up with a few more light taps before he tapped out. In response, she planted her feet onto his crotch, her hands above his head and pushed up like before, but not completely. She made sure that his face was still in contact with her ass as he continued to groan in pain while responding with a "thank you goddess" before she dropped back down.

Amanda: This is sooo much fun!
She then started swaying her hips from side to side, her feet still on his crotch. He tried to massage his nutsack which was in pain.
Amanda: Put your hands away! I did not say you could touch yourself.
She then started pulling at his hair with both hands as she started grinding herself on his face. He soon tapped her thigh, but she ignored him and continued to ride his face. As each second passed, the taps became more urgent, but she continued until, he tried to push her off his face. She immediately put her legs back, cupping his head in between the soles of her feet and dropped back down on his face. He moaned and groaned under her ass, trying to fight her off, but he was too tired by now and weak. And every noise he made was ticklish to her. The vibrations of his voice arousing her. It was a good 45-50 seconds before she finally got up.

Glad to be able to breathe finally, he gasped for air. The rush of cold air to his face felt so relieving.
Aaron: Thank you goddess.

Amanda: That was so much fun! We should do it again! Did I overdo it?
Aaron: No. You were perfect. It was so hot. But, was it actually fun for you? Aren't you just saying it to retain a client.
Amanda: Oh. Good. It was my first time doing it. It was really hot. I actually enjoyed it. We should do it again.
Aaron: When can I see you again?
Amanda: Whenever you want. We still have some time left.
Aaron: Then, can I see you tomorrow? I don't think I can take anymore punishment today.
Amanda: Same place? Call me before you get there though. Here's my card.
Aaron: Ummm. Would it be okay if we do this every day? At my place? I'll pay you twice today's rate. You get to decide how you want to dominate me. If you need any equipment or costumes, I'll arrange it. I wanna try anything femdom.
Amanda: You sure?
Aaron: Yes. Here's my card. Send me a text about whatever you plan for tomorrow. I may requests once in a while.
Amanda: Cool. Wait, you are the Aaron Rickstone? The real estate guy? I did not expect that. You could have hired a professional to do this. Hell, you could have hired a lot of professionals to do this. Why me?
Aaron: Because you are hot? This was my first time doing it too. I saw you standing there and thought you'd be perfect for this. So, I decided to hire you.
Amanda: Any last requests for tonight?

Aaron repositioned himself so his head lay at the edge of the bed.
Aaron: Could you squeeze my head between your thighs while pulling my face into your pussy? No matter how much I tap, don't let me go for a full minute. You can add some punishments too.
Amanda: Ok.
She stood just above his head, pulling him a bit off the bed. Then she straddled his face, and started pulling him into her. She then locked her legs on either side of his head. His ears were smooshed between her thighs before she let her full weight go onto his face and he was stuck. He could see her humongous underboobs bouncing as she laughed at his state. He tapped out, but she ignored him per request. Instead, she laid back and started squeezing his balls. As his muffled groans turned into louder screams and his hands tried to free his balls from her captivity, she got up for a second and said something he couldn't hear. The next second, a nasty smell invaded his trapped nose assailing his sense. Tears came out of his eyes that were burning. All the while, he could see her laugh and feel her wetness. She soon let go. Through her laughter she started asking him.

Amanda: Was that too much?
Aaron: No. It was really hot. Thank you goddess.
Amanda: Then, see you tomorrow.

Saying so, they got up, got dressed and settled their accounts. Aaron dropped her off at the same junction as he picked her up, both excited for tomorrow.
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Default Re: Amanda's regular

Very well written story. I can see it being continued in many different directions. Thank you.
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Default Re: Amanda's regular

loved the farts.
i hope for more in the future
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facesitting, facesitting smother, fart, femdom

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