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Exclamation Dirty Santa - Chaos - A Fight for the VR Console

- Part 1 -

It was Christmas Eve and I was so excited to see my crush and cousin's best friend Crimsontear after it being a whole month since your family's Thanksgiving gathering - the last time you had seen her. Today was a day for festivities and joyfulness and you were looking forward to participating in your family's annual Christmas event of Dirty Santa. This is an event you always looked forward to every year and participated in eagerly. It worked like this: Every person who attended your family's annual Dirty Santa event got a chance to select a present from the pool. In order to participate in the Christmas game, you had to bring a contribution to the present pool of value equal to or more than a set pre-determined dollar amount. This year it was $300! The more expensive and rare the item, the higher the likelihood that it would be stolen though, another infamous quirk of the Dirty Santa game. At the beginning of your turn in Dirty Santa, you have the ability to steal a present from someone who had already taken a turn and opened a gift up, which means the stakes were high! The order of which the participants went were random and drawn from a hat before hand.

While you knew the chances of another family member putting up an expensive VR Gaming Console as a potential gift in Dirty Santa were low, you were secretly hoping to get your hands on one for Christmas. With the $300 set amount though, the possibility did exist and that was enough to excite you! However, little did you know, the sexy looking tomboy and childhood crush sitting crisscross apple sauce beside you, Crimsontear, also had her hopes up for the chance of getting one as well.

A couple minutes of cheerful mingling and catching up, it was time for Dirty Santa to finally begin. You drew the number 8 and Crimsontear drew the number 7, giving you the advantage for easily stealing whatever gift she got! While the remaining family members were picking their number from the hat, you decided to do some light reconnaissance and walked up to the pile of presents with anticipation and excitement in your step. If there was a VR Gaming Console, the wrapped present would have to be big to include the haptic feedback suit as well. You quickly began mentally eliminating the potential gifts from the pool in an attempt to narrow it down. Crimsontear, noticing your concentrated face and body language, decided to tease you about it and giggled, "I sure hope you're not trying to narrow down the gifts to gaming consoles ~cheater. Even if you do get one, I'll beat you up in your sleep and steal it from you at night! You probably wouldn't resist me either in this outfit, based off the glances you gave me earlier" she finished with a wink at you.

You blushed slightly and sighed in annoyance while you walked back to plop back down next to Crimsontear. You wanted to do more reconnaissance, but you didn't want to pick up any extra heat, otherwise they would target you for gift stealing when it was their turn! Besides, you already had a pretty good felling about the last gift you peaked at. It had to be the one, but you didn't know for sure since Crimsontear interrupted you just as you started to get a look at it.

Some time passed and it was finally Crimsontear's turn and then yours. Crimsontear hopped up besides you with an sexy jiggle of her body and gave you a little smirk before strutting over to the wrapped box you last looked at! That's the one you thought for sure was possibly a VR Gaming Console! Crimsontear looked around the room to see if anyone besides you was paying attention to her. Satisfied you were the only one gawking at her with a flushed angry face, she quickly bent over - flashing you a quick view of her black soft panties from underneath her Christmas themed short skirt as she reached down to grab the present. You were so dumfounded and distracted burning the image of her her panty clad bubble butt in your mind that it took a moment to realize that she had clandestinely picked up the gift and relocated to behind the couch to open it up! Then no one would know what gift she opened up and then wouldn't steal it from her. You shook your head as if to dispel a paralyzing spell Crimsontear had cast on you with her butt and marched over to behind the couch as your turn began for Dirty Santa.

The scene behind the couch caused you to squeal with excitement as you found Crimsontear hugging the now unwrapped gift closely to her chest with closed eyes and a big smile on her face. Upon further examination as you kneeled down in front of her undetected, it was none other than the brand new VR Gaming Console! The brat! She let me do all of the work of determining what wrapped gift had the highest possibility of being the VR console and then she tried sneaking it from right under my eyes! Who did Crimsontear think she was, trying to distract me by flashing me her cute, sexy, round bubble butt - aww enough! The after image burned in my head is still distracting me! Crimsontear is a formidable foe indeed. I respect her gallant effort, but it is naught for waste, because as fate has it. It's now my turn, muhahaha!

I cleared my throat and announced loudly with a smirk on face, "I, Mars, hereby embody Dirty Santa and steal Crimsontear's present!"

"What?!" Crimsontear's eyes shot open with shock, clearly not expecting you to overcome her distraction tactics like that. She hugged the VR console closer to her chest in fear as she stared daggers at you with fury in her crimson eyes and lifted her foot up defensively from her position on the ground to keep you away.

I smirked at her attempts to keep me from my precious and played my trump card, "Fine, guess I'll have to make a scene then. Aunt Mar-" but before I could finish Crimsontear lowered her foot from the defensive position and handed me over the VR Gaming Console with a look of acceptance.

Of course, that look of acceptance was feigned. For you see, Crimsontear rationalized that it would be advantageous to her to comply for now with as little to no attention as well. She could still come out on top of this situation with the VR Gaming Console in her passenger seat as she drove back to college dorm tonight. She just needed to use her feminine charms again with a better defined plan this time. She knew Mars better than anyone - how much he liked her and how easily distracted he was. She would just have to exploit that. She would be going home with that VR Gaming Console no matter how low she had to go.

"Okay, fine. I guess rules are rules. But I want to at least try it out you know! That's the least you could is let me since you stole it from me. While everyone else is finishing up Dirty Santa, let's go down to the basement gym and open it up together~!" Crimsontear said with her best pouty face - while crossing her arms together underneath her chest to amplify her cleavage as well. Crimsontear plotted evilly in her conscious, 'I'll throw every female seduction trick I've learned at Mars tonight until he begs me to accept the VR Gaming Console from him!'.

You turn away flustered from her cleavage in hopes that she didn't catch you staring, and mumble out an agreement. It wouldn't hurt letting her try it out first, plus with us and the gift gone from the room, then no one would think to steal it on their turn! I didn't have a crush on Crimsontear for no reason, she was equal parts genesis and sexy. I took her raised hand and lifted her up with a stupid grin on my face and we began our walk to the basement gym. The best part, I thought to myself, would be getting to look at her body move around in VR without her or anyone else judging! I better clear some room in my brain for more mental pictures.

As if reading your dirty thoughts, Crimsontear made sure to keep up her mental game with you by continuing to hit you with subtle passive attacks. She purposely walked in front of you. Making slight longer steps that raised her short skirt just enough to tease you with the curve of her round ass cheeks and black panties. But it didn't stop there, Crimsontear threw some curveballs at your mental health bar as well! The key to the downstairs basement door was kept under a rug in front the basement door. 'A perfect opportunity to complete my seduction trap' Crimsontear thought to herself as she suddenly hopped backwards off the rug, as if forgetting the key was under the rug last minute, and bent over to retrieve the key.

With this one action, you were completely snared by her seductive trap and a mush of horny emotions, which make for illogical decision making. In that swift moment, not only did you get a full extended view of Crimsontear's black panties as her short skirt swished up and down from her hips as she bent over, but she hopped back right into your groin - taking you off guard with quick sexual pleasure before taking away the heavenly sensation as fast as it had come.

You didn't know it at the time, but that same butt that delivered the most pleasurable 3 seconds of your life, was going to deliver the most humiliating minute of your life later that night!


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