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Default Great Roleplay with Miss Lina

This an actual account of a session with Miss Lina ([Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register])

I've been an admirer of Miss Lina since I first saw her in 'Cheerleader Crush- Fb0016' on facesitting bitches in 2005. Since then I've avidly followed her exploits on FSB and Nikki's other sites as well as on SASJack's 'Sit & Smother' site. She is a great wrestler, and I've always considered her one of the best facesitters around, not just because of her amazing facesitting action, but also the way she gently verbally humiliates her seats and tells them in that lovely, lilting swedish accent that 'I am going to sit on your face', 'You are going to worship my bottom' , 'Tell me you are a loser' etc.

Finally, a year or so back, I decided to have the Easter Bank Holiday weekend in Bournemouth, and book two sessions with Lina- one on Saturday afternoon and the other on Monday morning. I sketched out some roleplay ideas with Lina via email and she responded with several ideas of how to improve them. I discussed them further with her on arrival. It seemed really strange sitting on a settee drinking coffee, planning the sessions and discussing my favourite fetish with one of my facesitting heroines. It was great listening to her ideas on improving the roleplay..and in fact much of the Monday session was based on her ideas. She was to play the role of a professional facesitter and my roleplay was as an unsuspecting macho male. I did put a version of this on MDFF a couple of years ago (with photos), so apologies if you have already seen it.

She left the room, changed into a mini-skirt, returned, I went into the porch, knocked on the door...and the roleplay began!

The Date Trap.

The plot was that I was visiting Lina via an internet dating agency with the idea of starting a longterm relationship. After several emails and telephone calls I was delighted when Lina invited me round to her place for coffee and 'some fun'. I didn't realise that Lina was actually a professional facesitter looking for more paying seats.

I entered her flat and met Lina dressed in an attractive white top and yellow miniskirt- she looked gorgeous and I congratulated myself on such a good choice of date. For a while she engaged me in small talk, but gradually brought the conversation round to her favourite hobby- wrestling and asked if I would like a few rounds with her. She suggested that if I could win via submissions or pins I would be rewarded later, but if she won three times then I would have to agree to let her sit on my face for as long as she wanted. I was not too keen on this as it seemed rather menial to my macho mind, but I assumed as I had the weight advantage would easily win anyway ..so I agreed to the deal. I helped her lay out the wrestling mats and position a video camera which she said wrestlers always used to provide feedback.

I changed into a T-shirt and wrestling shorts and started the first bout with Lina. Before I knew what had happened found myself thrown to the mat with my neck gripped firmly between her thighs .. as I could not breath I quickly submitted. I tried to be more prepared for the next bout, but Lina slammed into me and soon had me in a body scissors and armlock.. in pain I submitted again. In the final round I managed to keep on my feet longer, but finally Lina caught me off balance and I found myself flat on my back with Lina straddling me in a schoolgirl pin. She pinned my shoulders to the ground and on the count of 5 declared herself the winner and that now I had to let her sit on my face.

I decided that I would try to escape, grabbed my clothes and made a run for the door, but I felt her tackle me, push me to my knees and before I could recover she locked my head between her thighs. She knelt down and forced me facedown to the floor. At the same time I felt a firm grip on my wrists which were twisted painfully up my back. As I struggled to get out of the hold I was vaguely aware that Lina had looped a rope around my wrists. At this she released her thigh hold on my neck and used my head as seat while she completed securing my wrists behind my back.

Lina stood up, pushed me onto my back, placed her foot firmly on my chest, and told me what she thought of me for trying to renage on the deal. She informed me that I was going to be trained as a faceseat and that there was nothing I could do to stop it. Next she moved forward and stood astride my head.. I must admit I briefly admired her neat white panties stretched over her pert, shapely bottom, before I saw it descending towards my face. I turned my head to one side..it felt so humiliating to have my face used as a seat. She appeared very annoyed when she found she was sitting on the side of my head and told me to face up and keep my part of the bargain.. when I refused a strong pull on my hair and ears soon had me facing upwards and Lina's bottom quicky descended firmly onto my face. Initially I felt smothered, humiliated and overwhelmed by my first few minutes as Lina's faceseat, but no matter how hard I struggled there was no way I could get out of this menial position. I heard her say “Its no use struggling you pathetic little man.. I’m going to sit on your face as long as I want!”. The thought of a girl wanting to use a male face just as a seat seemed quite unreasonable to me. Lina began telling me that as the winner at wrestling she had the right to sit on my face. I tried to answer back but as she was sitting on my mouth I could hardly breath let alone speak. Next she told me that she was superior to me in everyway and that by sitting on my face she was emphasising my inferiority to her. Finally she pointed out that this was the only way I could have a long term relationship with a girl like her- as her faceseat. This oneway conversation continued for several minutes and as I lay there I had no choice but to listen to her. Gradually I realised there was some truth in what she was saying, and also found the feel of her bottom on my face increasingly pleasurable. As her rounded cheeks molded to my face my inner mind was telling me that it was good to be used by a pretty girl in this way, and that she was rightly superior to me. As I looked up between her thighs and saw her pretty face looking down at me something inside me flipped and I found myself agreeing that she had every right to sit on my face. She lifted off briefly and turned to face towards my feet. Her bottom hovered a few inches above my nose and she asked me if I accepted my new role. To my surprise I heard myself saying that I was proud to serve as her seat and that I agreed that a beautiful girl like Lina had the right to use a man's face as a seat. This time as she sat down I gladly lifted my face up to meet her bottom - it felt good as her weight forced my head back onto floor. I lay their for several minutes savouring this new wonderful experience. I heard Lina congratulating me on my conversion to a faceseat. I hardly noticed when she untied my wrists but I had no thought of escaping anyway. I heard her admit that she had selected me from the dating agency as she recognised my inner submissive nature... and that the combination of being defeated at wrestling and a few minutes facesitting usually converts most males to willing faceseats. At this stage I was past caring, I was just glad Lina had decided to sit on my face.

Suddenly Lina got off me, walked over to my clothes and handed them to me saying that it was time for me to go. I was dumbfounded as I was just beginning to enjoy facesitting. I begged Lina to carry on, but she told me that I have been very priviliged to have 15 minutes under her bottom and that she was still annoyed at me for trying to renage on the deal. When I continued to beg she informed me that she was a professional dominatrix and that she charges an hourly fee for facesitting. The fee sounded a lot at first, but as she ushered me towards the door I asked if I could pay her to facesit me. She agreed but informed me that I would need to pay her for todays session and then undergo a probation period before being accepted as one of her paying seats.

After I handed her the cash the training began. She informed me that the order 'Seat' meant I should instantly lie on my back and be prepared to be facesat. The other important order was 'Worship' which meant that I placed my face in her bottom and kissed it continually..often while she walked around. Finally she informed me that she expected her seats to be able to support her full weight on their faces for long periods and that her seats should be able hold their breath for at least two minutes whilst being facesat.

Lina stood in front of me, pointed to the floor, and said 'seat'. I instantly dropped to the floor face upwards between her feet. At the sight of her shapely bottom, framed by her yellow miniskirt, I knew I had made the right decision and desperately hoped she would accept me as a paying seat. She knelt down on my chest and placed her bottom a few inches above my nose and ordered me to 'worship'. I kissed her cheeks and panties enthusiastically as she gradually lowered her bottom onto my face. This time I positioned my nose carefully between her cheeks and as she gradually increased her weight I really savoured the humiliation of the position I was in. I felt her change from a kneeling to a sitting position and realised that she was sitting on me almost full weight and sealing both my mouth and nose. I heard her say that it was time to improve my breath control and that she was starting her wristwatch. This first sitting only lasted about 30 seconds before I felt a desperate need for air and began to struggle. She rode my bucking face expertly for a further 10 seconds, but eventually lifted up and told me I needed to considerably improve if I wanted to be accepted as her seat. I managed to breath deeply in and out several times before she sat on my face again. This time I managed almost a minute. This process was repeated several times, with her changing to a forward facing facesit half way through. In this position I could see Lina's pretty face looking down at me and had a strange feeling as I realised that this beauty had the power of life or death over me. At the end of the breath control sessions I managed over a minute, but Lina warned me that I would need to do better.

Lina stood up an and said 'worship'. I scrambled to my knees and pressed my face into her white panties and began kissing. She walked away and I just knelt there until I heard her say 'I didn't tell you to stop did I?' . I shuffled over to her and did my best to keep my head against her bottom for several minutes as she walked around the room. I heard her command 'Seat' and quickly dropped onto my back, while she resumed her place sitting on my face.

Over the next half hour she sat on my face in a variety of ways:- in both forward and reverse positions she stretched her legs out so that I experienced a full weight facesit. She tried me out in a sidesaddle position, sometimes she had her legs crossed. On several occasions she timed me but I only managed to achieve just over the minute. On one occassion she ordered me to fetch her a glass of water which she sipped while using my face as a seat. Between sips I had to hold the glass for her while she relaxed on me.

Eventually, after trying me out in a variety of facesitting positions she stood up and told me that it was time for this session to finish. She appeared to be moderately impressed by my performance, and I was relieved when she ordered me to appear as a paying faceseat for more training on Easter Monday.

As I left Lina handed me a video of the session and advised me to study it reinforce my feeling of inferiority to her and to improve my performance on Monday.
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Default Re: Great Roleplay with Miss Lina

Great role play! I had a few sessions with Lina years ago, great role player.
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