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Default European Vacation takes an Unexpected Turn

European Vacation: Part 1

I met Mia on Museum Island in Berlin. I was 22, having just graduated from college, and was enjoying the summer off before I had to go on to being a responsible adult. To that end I was going on a European tour, quite an adventure for someone who’d never left the states before.

It was a completely chance encounter. I was looking through the exhibits and so was she with a friend. They were talking about one artifact and Mia had a question about it that wasn’t answered by the little placard. I happened to be next to them at the time when she asked, and overhearing it, answered her.

It turns out that being a complete history nerd was, for once in my life, actually useful. We struck up a conversation and ending up spending the rest of the afternoon together going through the museums. Her friend had to split after that but that meant it was just Mia and I at dinner.

The conversation varied widely in topic, from what we liked to read to religious opinions to physical activities; in the last topic she had much more to say than I did. Being rather shy throughout high school and college, having such a long extended conversation with someone was a new experience in and of itself, and rather exciting. She also had that sexy German accent. That said, looking at Mia was quite exciting too. She was tall; I guessed she was about 6 feet, three inches taller than me. Her brown hair just went to the base of her neck but was starting to curl, just like my hair did when it got long although mine was cut short at the time. Her eyes were a deep ocean blue.

She was well covered, Berlin being surprisingly cool that week, so I didn’t get a good look at her body. But her body did show some ample curves, her legs were long, and she moved in a way that I’d describe as lean, graceful, and somehow predatory at the same time. She did mention that she was an avid gymnast.

She had to catch a train after dinner but before she left we made arrangements to meet in Vienna in a week. She lived there and I was headed there soon in my travels so she offered to let me stay at her place and show me around.

I was quite excited when I got off at Vienna Hauptmann and she was there to greet me. I felt like the luckiest man alive when she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek there in the station. She then apologized. Her apartment complex was undergoing some maintenance due to plumbing failure. She said though that we could stay at her sister’s place outside of town. It’d be a bit more inconvenient for touring but I wasn’t about to complain. We went out for dinner and she got both of us some drinks at the end before we got in her car to drive to her sister’s. I must have been really tired because I dozed off, not remembering anything between getting in the car and then Mia shaking my shoulder to wake me up. When I came to we were parked in a small garage.

“Come on, sleepyhead,” she said. “Let’s find you a spot to lie down.” I gathered my things and she led me upstairs, through a couple of rooms and a hallway to a small bedroom. The door was in the middle, the bed taking up most of the left quarter of the room, a small dresser at its base. There was a small desk with a chair in the top right corner, a bookshelf with some books set above it, and a closet next to it. The middle of the room was wide open. The carpet felt very thick and soft against my feet; we were both wearing socks.

“Why don’t you put your bag there?” Mia said, pointing at the dresser.

I did and then turned to look at her. “Where are you going to be staying?” I asked.

She looked at me, licked her lips, and said “Right here.” Before I could process that she shoved me onto the bed and sat on my stomach, straddling me. “Specifically right here. This is quite comfortable.” She lifted up a bit, grabbed my legs, and yanked them up and to the side so that now I was completely on the bed. I put my hands on her thighs. She smiled. “You’d better get comfortable too. You’ll be here a while.” I had absolutely no problem with that. “Two years minimum, I think,” she continued. “Although I can definitely see you as a five-year.”

“Wait, what?”

She fell forward on top of me, her breasts enveloping my face, while simultaneously her legs shot back, snaking around mine and snaring them in a tight grapevine. I winced in pain as she spread them a bit. I grabbed at her shoulders, pushing her upper body up, but then she grabbed my hands, yanking them up above my head and pinning them to the mattress. I pushed up against her, lifting my arms up a few inches before she halted me, trying to push them back down. We struggled back and forth for about fifteen seconds and while we were she cinched her grapevine tighter and wider, further draining me. Finally I collapsed and she pinned my arms down again. I might have seen a brief bit of strain on her face, but more likely it was just my imagination trying to salve my ego.

“Mia, what’s going on?”

“It’s simple. I’ve accepted your application.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I was in the market for another boy toy plaything; I’d worn out my old one.” I gulped. I still wasn’t sure what she talking about but that sounded ominous. “I wasn’t in Berlin for that but then you came out of nowhere and just seemed so perfect that I decided to keep you.”

“Well, I’m flattered. I can stay a few weeks if you want.” I’d miss out on some of my planned sightseeing stops but Venice wasn’t going anywhere. I looked up at her. The sight, the feel of her powerful beautiful form looming over me, holding me down, was oddly exciting, although the pain in my legs from her taut grapevine killed any physical arousal. “Maybe a month.” If nothing else I would have to be heading back home.

She shook her head. “No, you don’t understand. You see, I’m rather particular in how I like my men. It complicates things, I know, but that’s how it is. So when I find one I really like I keep him for a while, a long while.”

“The two-years, five-years thing you were talking about?”

She smiled. “Now you’re getting it.”

“Ok, this isn’t funny anymore,” I protested, heaving upward. The brief rest had given me some strength back so I was able to push my hands up a few inches. But only some strength. After only four seconds she shoved my hands back down onto the mattress. I wasn’t going anywhere. My lower body was immobilized by her grapevine and my tired upper body, especially pushing against a soft mattress, was just too weak against her.

She cooed at me, leaning down to nip at my nose. “Nice try, Andy. But I knew what I was doing when I picked you. I’m stronger than you to start with and you’ve got no endurance. And you don’t know how to fight either.” I couldn’t argue with that. At 5 foot 9 inches I weighed 150 pounds. I was a history nerd; gym was definitely not my thing. “So you’re not going anywhere until I say so.” I didn’t say anything. What was there to say? She had me completely immobilized. She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy a lot of it.”

She got up, me sighing in relief as she uncurled that grapevine. Blood flowed back into my numb legs as she went and stood by the door. Winking at me she started unpeeling her clothes, not taking very long to get down just a white bra and panties. All I could do was stare dumbly in awe.

Her legs were long and as soon as they were bare I knew why her grapevine had had me so helpless. Her calves swelled, firm and muscled, but the real surprise was her thighs. They were like tree trunks in thickness, but yet somehow had a smooth and lean, rather than chunky, look to them. She rubbed a hand up and down her right thigh, looking at me and licking her lips. “I’m going to cut you in half with these,” she said. I nodded, swallowing in nervousness. Her abs didn’t exude power like her legs but there was a bit of a six-pack showing. Above her breasts were still covered. I’d seen bigger but they were still decent in size; I wasn’t about to complain. She flexed her biceps, kissing each one in turn. It was as if a baseball had suddenly materialized inside her arms. “I thought you should have a good look at the body that is going to own you.”

She reached down, picking up her clothes, and started heading over to the closet on the opposite side of the room, leaving the door exposed. I hesitated, unsure of what to do. The thought of that beautiful powerful body atop of me was arousing just by itself, but…the talk of years and wearing out her boy toys was rather alarming to say the least. She opened the closet, the door creaking a bit, and…I bolted for the door.

My right hand was grasping the doorknob when she grabbed my left arm, yanking it behind my back, while her right arm snaked around my neck in a choke hold. She flexed her bicep, the muscle digging into my throat as she dragged me back from the door. I tried to resist, pulling at her right arm with my own, trying to go forward, but I don’t think I even slowed her down.

She let go suddenly, spinning me around so that my back was to the bed, and shoved me backwards. I fell onto the bed, but bounced back up so instead Mia grabbed me and judo-flipped me over her left shoulder. I fell crashing down onto the floor on my back, suddenly realizing the reason for the thick soft carpet. Then Mia jumped on me, her round butt slamming into my stomach, pulverizing my midsection and slamming the air out of my lungs. She scooted forward while I was dazed till she was sitting on my throat, my chin on her crotch, in a schoolgirl pin. She took my arms, situating my biceps so that they were squashed between her thighs and calves, then put my hands under her knees. I really wasn’t going anywhere.

“Out of curiosity, what were you going to do once you got out of the room?” she asked.

“I don’t know; I hadn’t gotten that far yet. But have to start somewhere.”

“Fair enough. But let me give you some information before you get any more bright ideas. We aren’t on the outskirts of Vienna. I gave you a little something in that drink to put you to sleep. I drove for over five hours from Vienna to get here.”

“Five hours? I don’t even know what country I’m in then.”

“Exactly. So there’s no escape for you.” She moved forward, smothering my mouth and nose with her pussy, but I could still look up and see her face. “So I suggest you learn to accept it.”

Right now it was easy to accept it. Her pussy on my face was warm and smooth, almost intoxicatingly so, like when you wake up and are all snuggled up and cozy in your blanket. She shifted it a bit, pressing down her weight further. It felt oh so good…but I needed air. I squirmed, trying to get some, but her thighs had my head locked tightly into place. I tried moving my arms but she dug her knees into my palms while her leg muscles crushed my biceps flat between them. I tried pleading for her to let me go, but all that could come out was a mumble.

I looked up at her, our eyes meeting, mine pleading desperately. She shook her head, not saying anything, cocking her head to the sight and smiling. She looked incredibly sexy up there, looming over me pleased with her handiwork of making me completely helpless…it was my last sight before I went into darkness.

I woke up to find myself still lying on my back but Mia was now lying on top of me, facing the opposite direction. “Ah, you’re awake,” she said while her legs scooped my head up into a reverse headscissor, mashing my face into her round muscular ass, my nose poking into her crack. My arms were free so I pulled on her thighs. A lot of good that did me. She snickered.

She reached down, unzipping my pants. I flailed, kicking a bit but just hitting air. She sent a pulse of power through her legs, her thighs compressing my neck. It felt like my neck was going to crack. Either that or my head would explode. She held it for five seconds and then relaxed. “I suggest you hold still otherwise I’ll do a lot worse.” She bent back down and pulled off my pants; I kept very still.

She looked back at me. “So how do you feel right now?”


She smiled. “That’s right. You are helpless. You don’t stand a chance against me. I can do anything I want with you and right now I feel like having some fun.” She looked forward. “Now kiss my ass.” I hesitated. Big mistake. She slammed another pulse of power, crushing my neck, even more than before, and then held it. Five seconds, ten seconds, fifteen…I lost count. How could her thighs possess such power? How could she keep this up? I didn’t know. I did know that my frantic pulling, even pounding on her thighs, wasn’t doing one bit to help me. Finally she relented, my head sagging back as far as her still coiled thighs would allow, moaning in relief. “This is what happens when you don’t obey me, Andy. Now kiss my ass.”

I didn’t hesitate, kissing her left cheek. “Both cheeks,” she ordered. “Everywhere. You’d better not stop until I tell you to stop.” I did, wanting to please her, to not anger her again. She tightened her thighs a bit as I did so, which stopped me from turning my head so I couldn’t reach much of her ass but I made sure to lather the part I could reach. She accepted that as appropriate compensation.

I kept that up for a while. It’s hard to keep track of time. I flagged a couple of times but a short sharp squeeze from my Amazon captor put me back to work. Then she tightened her grip a bit more. “Well done. I’m proud of you. Now stick your tongue in my asshole. Don’t worry. It’s clean.” Scared of her power I would’ve obeyed anyway but I appreciated her comment.

I did but before I did anything else she leaned back, switched her legs into a figure-four, and grabbed her left ankle to cinch the hold tight. My face was now mashed tight into her ass, my mouth and nose enveloped by her crack. I could look over the curve of her ass, up her long muscled back, to see her looking back at me, again with the cocked head and the pleased smile. And again I couldn’t breathe. “Keep your tongue there, Andy,” she ordered. “Or things will go really bad for you.”

I obeyed but still tried to get air. I pulled at her thighs, pounding at those powerful muscles that held me ensnared, but it did me no good. Pleading just sounded like an incoherent muffle, not helped by my tongue still in her asshole. Even though I was desperate I kept it where she ordered, even as I again plunged into darkness.

I woke up, completely confused as to where I was, and then I looked up to see my conqueror standing over me. Then my only confusion was how I could’ve forgotten, even for a moment, the beautiful powerful body that had overwhelmed me.

“Get up,” she ordered. I staggered up slowly, feeling rather out of it, too slowly for her liking. She grabbed me in a bearhug and then tossed me onto the bed. Climbing up onto the bed herself, she ordered me to sit up and hold still. I obeyed and she climbed into my lap facing me, pulling my shirt off of me and then wrapping her legs loosely around my midsection. “You aren’t going to try to resist or escape?”

“Would it do me any good?”

She smiled. “Not one bit.” She wrapped her arms around my head, pulling it forward into her cleavage until her breasts were smothering me. They felt so warm and soft but again I couldn’t breathe. I struggled. Her legs weren’t squeezing me but they held me firmly in place and I couldn’t budge her arms. Of course I couldn’t budge. How could I budge her? How could I even think that I had a chance of budging her? And once again Mia carried me into the darkness.

I woke up to find myself still on the bed but lying on my back, Mia lying on top of me, her face nuzzled next to mine. She kissed me on the cheek. “Welcome back, sleepyhead. I’ve been having fun. How about you?”

“Yes.” I was a bit surprised to hear myself say that. But the feel of her body pressed up against mine was intoxicating, the feel of her powerful beautiful form overwhelming me, dominating me. Despite the pain, here in the afterglow fun seemed a poor inadequately description. Euphoria maybe, perhaps even epiphany.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it. I do want you to be happy. I told you that you look like a keeper. I’m going to have so much fun with you. There’s so much more I can do to you.” I held my breath, half in trepidation, half in anticipation. “But that’s enough for the first night, I think. It’s really late, we should get some sleep.”

She rolled off of me up against the wall, ordering me to lie down on my stomach facing the head of the bed. Then she climbed up there, lying down as if she were the only one on the bed, draping her legs over my shoulder, moving so that my face was pressed up against her pussy, not so tightly that I couldn’t breathe, but with her legs crossed I was held firmly in place. I looked at her in confusion.

“We’re going to get some sleep. You’re just going to be spending the night there so you don’t forget your place. You’d better get used to it; you’ll be spending most nights there. Just to be clear though you’d better not wake me up in the middle of the night, otherwise I’ll have to punish you.” With that, she turned off the lights from a switch behind her on the wall and laid down.

She seemed to fall asleep almost immediately. Not so me. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I looked over the form of my Amazonian captor, so peaceful now and yet so deadly. Her chest rose and fell lightly and regularly, her legs holding me captive even while she slept. How could I resist that? I didn’t try to escape; I didn’t want to risk waking her. It wasn’t just the fear of punishment, although that was a large part. The thought of waking her seemed…sacrilegious of all things.

Eventually I dozed off but I woke up a couple more times only to drift off again. I awoke, I think for the third time, and then Mia shifted her legs slightly, pulling my face in deeper. Now I couldn’t breathe. I tried to pull away. Her legs tightened in response. My heart beat frantically as I tried to figure out what to do. If she didn’t let me go, she was going to suffocate me to death. With that thought I really had no choice. If I wanted to live I had to take the punishment. Wincing even as I struggled futilely for air, I smacked her thigh hard.
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Default Re: European Vacation takes an Unexpected Turn

I love the dominant sleeping positions stuff. Reminds me of Mick Sloan's work.
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Default Re: European Vacation takes an Unexpected Turn

Wow! Nicely done Alexios. Wherever the hell he is, I want to go too!
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Default Re: European Vacation takes an Unexpected Turn

Part 2:

The first smack made her jolt but not enough to wake her. I hit her thigh some more, getting a little frantic. She really was a heavy sleeper. I almost resorted to clawing her leg, but the part of my mind that was still rational decided that would probably end really badly for me. Finally she stirred, shifting her legs enough. I gasped, sucking in air greedily.

She propped herself up on her elbows and glowered down on me. “I was having a really good dream and you woke me up. I warned that I’d make you suffer if you did.”

“Please…don’t, Mia,” I said, still panting a bit. “You moved so that I couldn’t breathe. I had to wake you up.”

“Hmmm, that’s as good of a reason as can be expected.”

“Does that mean no punishment?” I asked hopefully.

“No, I’m still going to punish you, although not quite so harshly.”

“Please, Mia,” I said, sitting up and backing away from her.

She sat up too. Now we were both on our knees, facing each other from opposite ends of the bed. “If you don’t want to be punished, all you have to do is stop me, if you can.”

That didn’t reassure me. Her long legs had a lot of reach and if she got those around me I was completely screwed. I thought about running for the door but realized she’d tackle me before I made it. At best I might get out to the hallway, at which point her slamming me to the floor would hurt a lot more than on this carpet. There was only one thing I could do; I attacked.

I lunged at her, shoving her back up against the wall with my hands gripping her wrists pinned up by her ears. She looked at me and smirked. “Nice. Now what?” That was a good question; I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. I let go of her wrist with my right hand, trying to go for a headlock with that arm.

She heaved against the wall, pushing me back while twisting her other arm free from my grip, and then shoving me backward. I fell on my back on the bed. She jumped on my stomach, slamming the air out of me. She raised herself up a bit…and then dropped herself on me again. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

I moaned as she settled down on top of me, driving her weight into my abdomen. So much for my glorious offensive. She smirked down on me, rolling to the side so that she was now on her right side facing me, sliding her right leg under my abdomen whilst the other glided over the top. She crossed her ankles. I moaned again, half from the pain I already felt and the one half in fear of the pain I knew was coming.

She brushed a strand of hair from my forehead and gently turned my head so that I was facing her. “You’re to look on me the whole time for what’s to come. If you turn away you’ll suffer for it. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Good. Now put your hands on my thighs.”

I did. Her skin was soft and smooth but I could feel the swelling granite underneath. “This is the beast,” she said. “This is the predator that’s going to devour you over and over again. Do you think you can fight it, do you think you can resist its hunger?”

“No,” I whispered. Looking up at her beautiful form, feeling her breath on my face, her warm legs pressed up and around my body…

She glanced down at my stirring crotch and smirked. “Not tonight, my toy.” She started to squeeze, a slow swell of her titanic thighs against my midsection. My abdominal muscles fought back. They’d been flattened badly by her butt drops so I was quite surprised that I was able to put up a decent bit of resistance. Mia raised an eyebrow. “I’m impressed, Andy. Too bad for you though that I’m only at 8% or so.”

She upped the pressure; it was as if the jaws of a vice were compressing my body between them. My abs were quivering under the strain. She yawned. Mia was upping the pressure a bit every time I exhaled, her thighs digging into my still-resisting but weakening body. I breathed in, but every time less air could enter my squashed body. After just a minute or too, I could only sip air. I tapped.

To my amazement Mia relaxed her grip. I sighed in relief, took in a deep breath, exhaled…and her thighs crashed down upon me like a tsunami. My practically-spent abdominal muscles completely gave way like a hopelessly outmatched levee. Now it was just my insides against her indomitable legs; I didn’t have a prayer.

She pulsed, pulsed, pulsed her inner thighs, and stretched her legs and gave a hard squeeze. Pulse, pulse, pulse, stretch, squeeeeze. She continued the cycle, each time the power of the pulses, the power and duration of the squeezes intensified. I squeaked and whimpered in pain, my body jolting as her legs pulverized me. I didn’t have the air to scream. Finally after the sixth or so cycle (I was too addled to keep track for sure) she relaxed again for a moment, then slammed down her legs even harder.

My mouth opened in a silent scream as she just kept squeezing, squeezing, squeezing, her legs drawing ever tighter. Any sense of arousal was completely gone. Any sense of anything was completely gone; I couldn’t feel anything below Mia’s coils. And yet she kept squeezing, for how long I couldn’t say. All that existed was the squeeze. My head spun from lack of oxygen and I felt myself slipping into darkness yet again.

She relaxed, my lungs sucking in air desperately. I didn’t pass out although my head was still spinning as air flowed into my lungs and blood into my legs. Mia gave me a respite for a little bit and then flexed her legs again. “Oh no,” I moaned, whimpering again. She squeezed even tighter. My insides were jello, incapable of offering even token resistance. “Please Mia.” Tighter.

It was too much. I started sobbing from the pain. “There, there,” Mia cooed, pulling my head in to her, her arms wrapping around the back of my head to keep me in place. My mouth was in her cleavage, smothered by her breasts, my nose just above them, pressed tight against her body, but with enough space from the angle to still breathe. Every tortured sip of air was filled with the scent of Mia. She stroked my forehead gently, cooing soothingly in my ear. “Just let it out. Let it all out. It’s alright. Everything is going to be alright.”

And yet her legs were still tightening, my liquefied guts folding around her thighs as she cut into me. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t plead. All I could was sob as her thighs ravaged my midsection. When I felt myself fading again she relaxed, letting me draw in air for a few moments, and again to the long steady crush. Again to the edge, and then back again. One more time to the edge. Mia whispered in my ear. “I just want you to know that I never squeezed more than fifty percent.” Then she slammed her thighs into me with more force than I’d ever felt before. A silent scream, a mouthful of her breasts, and then again into darkness.

I came to and found myself in the exact same position I’d been in for who knows how long, still in Mia’s coils, half-smothered in her cleavage. “Welcome back,” she whispered. “Shall we do some more?”

“No, please Mia.”

She pulsed her thighs, making me squeak in terror and pain. “Oh, alright. We can stop there. We’ll go back to sleep but you’re staying right here.”

She fell asleep pretty quickly; it seemed only a few minutes had passed before she was breathing shallowly. Her grip on me relaxed when she did but my insides were so tenderized that the weight of her thigh on me was enough to hurt. I finally fell asleep though, wondering what the morning would bring.
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Default Re: European Vacation takes an Unexpected Turn

Seems like this story is ripe for a part 3 I hope you come back around to it soon.
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Default Re: European Vacation takes an Unexpected Turn

This was definitely one of my favorite stories in the forum and would love to see a continuation as well.
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