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Default Amanda Part 5 - Amanda in Italy

Amanda Part Five
Amanda in Italy

To be safe Amanda was paying her cop friend Megan to help cover up the crimes. Since Ryan was someone from their social circles she felt it wise to have an expert take care of any loose ends.

Megan was also getting into bodybuilding, and after always hearing about how amazing and life-changing Amanda’s hobby was—she tried it. He was a seedy, lowlife drug dealer from Brooklyn. His body was found floating in the Hudson River. Ribs broken, swollen black eyes, crushd larynx. Megan was hooked…

Megan had red hair and like Amanda had white creamy skin and dressed in artsy, hipster clothes when off duty. She was 5’ 10’’, a little shorter than Amanda and not quite as muscular, but she was very strong and a very capable fighter. When the two worked out Amanda judged her own physique as being about twice as muscular as that of Megan, but Amanda was very encourgaing and proud of how far Megan had come in just over a year of lifting weights.

Amanda and Megan were hanging out one day in Amanda’s Williamsburg loft watching the Discovery Channel when a program came on about gladiators in Ancient Rome. Apparently there were emperors who demanded that some of the gladiators were females. Very large, strong gladiators that could kill men with their bare hands. As soon as the show ended Amanda and Megan looked at each other and smiled.

“I haven’t had a art exhibition in awhile…” said Amanda.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Why not?” Amanda began flexing her 22-inch biceps.

“I like it! I like it!” said a gleeful Megan clapping her hands.

That night they began to plan Amanda’s next “exhibition”. For the authenticity they knew it had to be in Italy and it had to be in front of people. Amanda made illustrations and vigorously trained while Megan inquired about renting a house, finding help and travel plans. Soon invitations with plane tickets were sent out to all their close friends that read: “You are invited to a take a trip back in time and witness history. Sincerely, Amanda and Megan.”

A week later they were decorating a 6-million dollar villa on Lake Como with statues of Nero, Caligula, Augustus, statues of legendary Amazons. Flowers and garlands covered antique couches, divans, silver and bronze tables. An emperor’s golden throne on a white marble podium looked out over the veranda which served as the “arena”. Before Lake Como they had been in Milan where they hired servants and collected supplies. With Amanda’s millions and Megan’s connections with the FBI she was able to get in touch with the Italian government and “obtain” a convicted killer and rapist.

The night of the event arrived. To Megan and Amanda’s delight they had a clear evening sky with stars shining high and bright above the dark Alps. In all 12 of their friends made the trip. Some finding it quite mysterious, while others assumed it was another one of Amanda’s art installations.

They were all picked up at the airport in a limo and driven to the villa. A short man dressed as cupid with curly blonde hair, an orange toga and a small, decorative bow and arrow around his shoulder greeted the guests at the door and showed them to their seats around the podium.

A golden food cart decked out in diamonds and jewels was brought out with world-class cuisine made by top Italian chefs. Thousand dollar champagnes and wines. Versace plates and cutlery. A stuffed pig with an apple in it’s mouth. Amanda had spared no expense.

Megan, dressed as the Emperor with her red hair cut boyishly short, walked up from the lake with the cupid greeter holding the long train of her purple robe. Another small cupid man threw red and pink petals in her wake. She walked up to the throne and smiled at all of the guests.

Amanda then stepped out in the arena wearing a simple brown tunic that covered her upper body but could not hide her muscular thighs and legs. Her black hair was in a very loose coiffure bun. She wore no makeup, as she wanted to come off as a wild and natural Amazon woman. However, with her pure alabaster complexion she really didn’t need any cosmetics and really didn’t look all that wild….She considered not shaving her armpits or legs, but at the last minute decided to shave as it would be distracting to a modern audience.

Next, out stepped the prisoner. He looked to be the only element in this “production” that wasn’t theatrical or artful. He looked to be a total brute. A big man with nasty scars, tattoos, gross body hair. He had been serving time in prison for raping and killing a woman. This was his first time out of prison in six years.

Amanda’s cupid boy servants with big, creepy shit-eating grins had explained to him that this was a real Gladiatorial fight without weapons and if he won he would get two million Euros and his freedom. The prisoner thought it all quite strange, but anything was better than being in prison.

When the prisoner saw whom he was fighting he laughed and thought all of this was a joke.

Amanda took off her tunic. She wore a historically accurate beige chest band and loin cloth. The breast band was stretched to its limit containing her large breasts. Amanda had increased her training regiment for this event and her body had never been more muscular, more defined, more beautiful in its symmetry. Biceps that rose like the Italian Alps behind her. Biceps bigger than any man who lived in Ancient Rome. Biceps and muscles bigger than any man who lived fifty years ago…the prisoner was not laughing now.

Emperor Megan looked around the crowd and began, “I want to thank everyone for coming. I hope everyone has enjoyed the food?”

The audience cheered.

Megan continued, “This has turned out more glorious and more beautiful than what we had dreamed of. Now, my friends—prepare to witness history.”

Megan sat down on her burnished throne and yelled “Et pugna incipere!”

The gladiators, both six feet, circled each other. They were lit up by the striking moonlight and the burning torches that surrounded the arena. Amanda looked dead serious. She was confident in her strength and fighting abilities, but she had never really faced a man as big and muscular as this prisoner.

The prisoner threw out a punch aimed at Amanda’s face. She ducked and retaliated with a fast and powerful punch to his side. They stepped back from each other while the prisoner tried his best to hide some discomfort. From her punch and by her calm fighting stance with arms held high up in confidence he knew Amanda could fight.

He stepped close and punched her stomach. It did little given her six-pack. He concentrated and punched again and again it didn’t seem to affect her.

The prisoner attempted moves he had seen on MMA Cage Fighting, moves to either put her off balance, get her in a choke hold or to force her to tap out. None of this worked. She anticipated and avoided most of his attacks because she was too quick and too well trained as a fighter.

Frustrated, the prisoner spit on the ground and then wrapped his arms around Amanda in a bear hug. The simplicity of the move surprised her and she was caught off guard.

Once his arms were around her Amanda screamed and quickly broke free. She then did the same thing to him.

The prisoner struggled and yelled but unlike Amanda he could not break free. Amanda squeezed and their bodies mashed together and the audience could see that every muscle of Amanda’s was larger than the mans.

After a few seconds the crowd was shocked to hear the man’s ribs break. What had started off as strange and theatrical had now become real.

Amanda let go of the man and he fell down to the ground holding his stomach and coughing up blood. She then kneed him in the face.

In rage the Italian prisoner got up and tackled Amanda to the ground. He wildly threw punches as they wrestled for control and one of them hit Amanda in the head making her feel dizzy. The prisoner took advantage of this and seemed to have Amanda in some kind of pin with his arms wrapped around her stomach.

“E adesso! E adesso puttana!” shouted the prisoner.

A few moments later Amanda regained her senses, yelled and broke out of his hold and flipped her body around so she was on top of him. She looked him in the eyes, “You’re fucked. You’re so fucked and you don’t even know it.” After having dominated men so easily, she forgot that some might pose a threat. As serious as she was going into the fight a part of her wanted a challenge and a part of her was not trying her best to make sure she got a challenge, but that all changed now…

Two devastating punches to his head and the prisoner started to feel woozy and dizzy. Within a minute Amanda had him in a headlock and had wrapped her legs around his pelvis. To some in the audience it was like watching a nature video where a dominant animal due to evolution, its size, its strength soon overpowers and takes control of its prey. A giant boa-constrictor wrapped around a pig, a lion with a dying zebra in its mouth.

Amanda whispers in his ear “How does it feel? How does it feel huh? To not have control, to be weak and helpless. I know you’ve raped women fucker. You ready to be raped?”

She tightened her legs and more ribs cracked. She then untangled herself from the man and stood up.

Amanda then turned him over on his stomach, held him down with her foot and grabbed his right arm. She pulled up his arm until there was a crack and the prisoner shouted out.

She had just dislocated his shoulder. Some of the audience members were now feeling uneasy and wondering if they should intervene. She repeated the move with his other arm.

Smiling for the first time Amanda turned towards the audience and flexed her enormous biceps. Slowly, she reached behind and removed the strap holding up her chest band revealing her breasts.

Amanda looked back at the moaning and cursing prisoner, the fiery torches and moonlight illuminating her lats, her delts, her wide brawny shoulders. She flipped him so he was lying on his back, face up, and then sat down on his chest. Her 250 pounds easily kept him immobile.

Amanda threw fast and powerful punches all over his face—giving him black eyes, a broken nose, a dislocated jaw, fractured cheeks.

One of the audience member’s was a doctor and knew that the man desperately needed medical treatment. He went up and tapped Megan on the shoulder who was completely transfixed by what was happening.

“Should I call an ambulance?”

“I don’t think that will be necessary.” Megan winked at the Doctor.

Amanda got off the beaten man. She then dead lifted his body above her and held him there with ease. She looked at Megan and smiled. Slowly Megan stood up and looked around at the guests. Besides the doctor some of the guests were smiling and amused, a few of the woman were in shock—their eyes and mouths wide open. At first they were amazed and impressed with Amanda’s physique and dedication, but now they sensed something dark and foreboding, they could see it in Amanda’s eyes. A lusty, sadistic joy at physically destroying this man.

Megan looked back at Amanda and turned her thumb down.

Amanda dropped his body onto her knee—breaking the man’s back.

Megan had never been so turned on in her life…Amanda was this sexy, monstrous creature. Someone who transcended what she thought a woman could be, what a human could be. Not just with the muscular physique, but with Amanda’s indifference to morals, to right and wrong. Amanda was a true aesthete.

There was a great silence at the villa. The only sounds—the lapping waters of Lake Como and the moaning of the beaten man.

The doctor stood up, “I think the fight is over Amanda. That man really needs some medical attention.”

The wife of the doctor sitting next to him concurred “This has gone far enough.”

Megan looked at the doctor and his wife, “The fight is not over…and please be courteous and do not interrupt again.”

Amanda took off her bottom and was now completely nude. She walked over to the side of the arena and strapped on a massive foot-long dildo.

She went over to the prisoner and pulled off his shorts so they were both nude. She flipped him over and began humping, penetrating with great force. With her muscular back and thick massive thighs raised up in excitement close to her elbows she was like some freakish human turtle hybrid with a large shell that was mauling and devouring prey. Soon blood started coming out of his anus, lubricating her dildo…

After ten minutes Amanda was spent and laid down for a moment to breath. She then got back on top of him and began feeling around his disfigured face. She felt around the eyes and started pushing in with her thumbs. The man woke up from his pain-induced stupor and cried out.

A few of the women had to look away and some of the spectators headed for the bathroom. The doctor stepped in the arena while his wife puked right next to her seat. Before he got far Megan grabbed him by the shoulder and knocked him out with one punch to his face.

She looked down at the unconscious man “I told you not to interrupt.”

When the prisoner’s eyes had oozed out, Amanda stopped pushing in his eye socket for a moment and swallowed both of them in one gulp. The eyes themselves tasted fine, but what made them hard to swallow was the iron taste in all of the blood that they were covered in.

Amanda touched the back of his eye sockets and knew the end was near. She brought up his face and kissed him on the lips, then smothered his face over her breasts.

She got up and looked at the audience. Her chest completely covered in blood. She picked up the dying man by the neck and held him in front of her.

Amanda brought his head back towards her and set it against her breasts. She then wrapped her biceps around his neck and snapped it—killing the man.

Megan and a few other of the audience members stood up and clapped.

The show was over.

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Default Re: Amanda Part 5 - Amanda in Italy

Any comments or suggestions?
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Default Re: Amanda Part 5 - Amanda in Italy

Originally Posted by davidwatts [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]
Any comments or suggestions?
Let her fight and kill the strongest men,even Superman.
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Default Re: Amanda Part 5 - Amanda in Italy

Freaking awesome;d
hard to improve on that.
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Default Re: Amanda Part 5 - Amanda in Italy

That was great
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